31 December 2012

Happy New Year!!

By Mike Smith
Oujaar 2012

So we all survived the "End of the World" according to some conspiracy nutters (although the Mayans never predicted it, they simply discontinued their calender, but that is another story...) and the madness of Christmas shopping, guests and family we don't really smaak.

Nevertheless, it is a beautiful day in Cape Town with a slight breeze on the sunny side of False Bay. Just returned from the beach, with the sand of Milk Bay still clinging to my feet and plakkies. My Braai has been lit and the pearls are dripping off my Bacardi Cuba Libre.

Just wanted to wish all my friends, readers and supporters a happy and prosperous New Year. Thanks for all your support without which this blog would not exist. Whatever we didn't do in 2012, we will do in 2013.

And as I always promise those idiots in the SA government, come hell or high water you can bank on it that in the New Year, I will give you even MORE hell, until you start governing properly at least. So be prepared for a Mike Smith Shit Storm Tsunami when I return in the New Year.

And to all of you who are going to go and watch the cacophony of the Cape Coon Minstrel Carnival on Tweede Nuwejaar, just spare a thought and think of where YOU come from. Having said that, I will play out with my usual and obligatory Radetzky March of Father Strauss, performed every year on New Years eve at the Vienna Philharmonic.

Und an meine deutschen Freunde und Kumpels...Ich wuenche ihnen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Prosit Neujahr!

20 December 2012

Mike’s last message

By Mike Smith

20th of December 2012

As the year 2012 draws to a close, the asteroids are nearing and the planets are lining themselves up. So Philemon and I are making our last preparations to head for safety.

As you know, the world will end tomorrow at noon.

According to the Mayan calendar and prophesies, my lizard alien masters will be either landing with their spaceships on the pyramids on the Yucatan peninsula or be coming out of them from the hollow earth.

Philemon said that he saw the movie 2012 and according to that film when the Tsunami comes, the only country that will survive is South Africa. So we are packing our bags, donning our tinfoil hats and heading for Mont-aux-Sources in the Drakensberg to see how the Tsunami washes away Durban.

So in the next few days if you hear nothing from me, then you know I am being sexually abused by aliens in a spaceship somewhere over the Drakensberg.

Just in case the Mayans had it all wrong and we manage to survive, have a nice Christmas.

Uncle Cracker out.

18 December 2012

The bomb plot: 1984 We are living it

By Mike Smith
18th of December 2012

I see the ANCs Ministry of Truth, also known as Naspers and Independ Online has been working overtime again.

A few days before the Mangaung conference and the re-election of Jacob Zuma as president, the Ministry of Peace, also known as the Security Police, etc discovered a so-called “Rightwing Plot” to “execute” Jacob Zuma and bomb a tent at Manguang with mortars, blah, blah, blah.

At first, the organs of the Ministry of Truth such as Beeld reported (on its front page) that seven “alleged” and “suspected” conspirators were arrested. Then they admitted it was only two, then again four. Then the story was moved from page one to page nine. You can read this laughable junk here:

Police raid building company for explosives

This bollocks also made international news where it was highlighted that “Four white suspected right-wing extremists have been arrested” and “Four white extremists have been arrested in South Africa over suspected acts of terrorism, police say.

” Notice how the Gaurdian in the UK omitted the “suspected” part. What happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”??
ANC Mangaung conference: South Africa foils 'bomb plot'
Four South Africans held over suspected rightwing terror plots

Notice also who the usual culprits are…White Afrikaners… “The Federal Freedom party (FFP), a fringe group which claims it is pushing for self-determination for the country's Afrikaner minority…”

Then they quote the leader of the party as follows:

“Francois Cloete, its national secretary, told Reuters: "We were not involved and do not associate ourselves with their actions." Cloete described the FFP, which was established two months ago, as a "party that promotes self-determination of the Afrikaner/Boer people in a confederal political model".

And then the lies and propaganda continues: “Most white South Africans accepted the ANC's victory in the 1994 election that ended decades of racial apartheid and brought Nelson Mandela to power. But a dwindling handful continue to oppose the historic settlement.”

Say what? A dwindling handful?? Why not put it to the test and have a referendum amongst Afrikaners?

But according to this report: "No, at this stage we are not linking any of the arrests with the conference at all," spokesman Brigadier Billy Jones said.

Bomb plot not linked to Mangaung

"We are a political party, not a military organisation," national secretary [of the FFP] Francois Cloete said. "They are innocent until proven guilty, but our party doesn't stand for acts of terrorism."

The FFP was officially launched on October 10.

So what has been happening here:

To me it is clear that in the run-up to the Manguang conference Zuma had some stiff opposition and the ANC as it is at the moment has lost a lot of support due to corruption and misrule.

The tactics of the Marxists is to create an enemy where none exists. It is an ideology of hatred towards a minority. Without a scapegoat to blame for all their self created mess, nobody will support them. So who else to blame than the usual villains. White Afrikaners.

This is how the ANC plays on the fears of blacks and create mistrust amongst racial groups in South Africa and the MSM plays heartily along.

Every time the ANC loses support, they scratch out some “White Afrikaner rightwing plot” and parade the “villains” in front of the Proles so they can again appear as the “saviours of the nation”.

Over and over we see the same thing. And the masses keep on falling for it. But it was mission accomplished. Today Zuma was the winner again.

I will let you decide after some of my favourite excerpts from George Orwell’s 1984, Chapter 13 dealing with Winston and his Girlfriend Julia.

Sometimes, too, they talked of engaging in active rebellion against the Party, but with no notion of how to take the first step.

Moreover she took it for granted that everyone, or nearly everyone, secretly hated the Party and would break the rules if he thought it safe to do so. But she refused to believe that widespread, organized opposition existed or could exist.

The tales about Goldstein and his underground army, she said, were simply a lot of rubbish which the Party had invented for its own purposes and which you had to pretend to believe in.

Such a thing as an independent political movement was outside her imagination: and in any case the Party was invincible. It would always exist, and it would always be the same. You could only rebel against it by secret disobedience or, at most, by isolated acts of violence such as killing somebody or blowing something up.

In some ways she was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once when he happened in some connexion to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, " just to keep people frightened ". This was an idea that had literally never occurred to him.

17 December 2012

Let’s have a Referendum. ANC rule or Apartheid Rule?

By Mike Smith
17th of December 2012

Typical Delusional Social Denialism of the ANC: Who are “Those who say”…?

I do not know who they are, but I would definitely like to meet them. They will be the only objective and truthful people in the whole of South Africa.


"Those who say South Africa was better under apartheid do not understand the history of the country, ANC secretary general [ and SA Communist Party Chairperson] Gwede Mantashe said on Sunday."

Apartheid wasn't better - Mantashe

You can always tell when a Communist has been driven into a corner and is losing an argument, because he gets violently upset and starts frothing at the mouth.

He barked: "You say 'this ANC' is worse. You are 25 and 30, which ANC do you know?"

See what I mean? The guy was foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog!

But hang on…let us give him some more rope. OK, here it comes, the customary and obligatory Communist LIE…

Mantashe said the party was criticised for the late delivery of textbooks.

"In apartheid there was one person with a book and he was a teacher," he said. "This is a different crisis, it is not the same [as under apartheid]."

BWHAHAHAHA!!! What utter bollocks. How did those so called Communist intellectuals like Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, or someone like Dr Mamphela Ramphele get their education? Did it fall out of the sky?

You can read here if you want to know the truth… The truth about education under Apartheid

Mantashe said intellectuals produced by the ANC should not see it fashionable to predict the demise of the party.

No, it is not fashionable, it is simply realistic, logical deductions made by people seeing the stinking rot in the ANC, especially now that their masks have been pulled off by websites such as this one...

The man sounds desperate, even a tad nervous…like a cornered rat.

His boss, President Jacob Zuma insisted that South Africa was not falling apart simply because of a few downgrades...

Moody downgrades South Africa
S&P downgrades South Africa
Zuma insists South Africa is not falling apart

So who are these people who say that South Africa was better under Apartheid?

Well, try anti-Apartheid LWB and self confessed Afrikaner hater Helen Suzman who said Apartheid was better for instance.

Or how about Moeletsi Mbeki Brother of former President Thabo Mbeki, who said Apartheid was better.

Even Julius Malema said Blacks were better off under Apartheid

Not authorative enough? How about a liberal writer and journalist quoting the UN Development Programme’s HDI or Human Development Index that shows that the ANC has taken the country backward to pre 1975 standards and that HDI figures show beyond dispute that South Africa's HDI figure was far higher in 1995, after nearly 50 years of apartheid, than it was in 2010 after 16 years of ANC rule.

Or how about Millions of blacks who say it was better under Apartheid

As far back as 2002 60% of South Africans said that Apartheid was better
Most South Africans, black and white believe that the country was better under Apartheid

Or let a conservative Black man with a real education Dr Walter Williams, tell it like it REALLY is in SA…

 “Each South African day sees an average of 59 murders, 145 rapes and 752 serious assaults out of its 42 million population. The new crime is the rape of babies; some AIDS-infected African men believe that having sex with a virgin is a cure. Twelve percent of South Africa's population is HIV-positive…the rand, has fallen about 70 percent since the African National Congress (ANC) came to power in 1994. Emigration from South Africa (mainly of skilled people) is now at its highest level ever." Source

Oh no Gwede Mantashe…The country is so much better now under your corrupt ANC rule. Your condition is called, “Delusional Social Denialism” and is just as stupid as Mbeki’s “AIDS Denialism”…but carry on. You and your President keep fooling yourselves with your stupid lies. Hold a referendum and let the people decide... or are you scared of the outcome?

16 December 2012

...Like rats from a sinking ship they jump

By Mike Smith
16th of December 2012

Some people just have no scruples or skaam. They will go to ridiculous extents and fork out hundreds of thousands of Rands just for a prime position next to Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer at the ANC’s feeding trough.

Like the ANC’s dedicated lapdog/ apparatchik, Renier Schoemann (Formerly NP & Broederbond lapdog and apparatchik) who has shamelessly, in fact, proudly organized and put the entire pigs banquet together. It gives a whole new reality to the term “Champagne Communists”. Moet Champagne for Mangaung gala guests

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Maybe they did not fall. Maybe they just stooped so low out of natural conviction or instinct.

R500k to sit at Zuma's table

Start of Quote

“PBF co-convener Renier Schoeman said he could not provide an exact figure of the price for an individual ticket at President Jacob Zuma's table. "It is at least R500 000 [collectively] to sit at the [president's] table," he told reporters in Bloemfontein. "The seats have been filled. We are not exactly sure whether the number [of seats] could be 10 or 12, because of demand for the venue." He said the price for tables for Zuma or his deputy Kgalema Motlanthe would be more expensive than regular tables."

End of Quote

So you are talking about on average R50,000 a seat?? I think some people just have too much money to waste and then claim to be “poor” and “disadvantaged”.

But not everybody is so keen on sitting next to Jacob Zuma or Kgalema Motlanthe. Those who can see the writing on the bulkhead is bailing out of the sinking ship. They know that there is only one way for the ANC and that is DOWN.

Take this top Communist froth of the ANC/Cosatu/ SACP troika for instance…

Trevor Manuel, Zwelinzima Vavi and Jeremy Cronin have declined nominations to serve on the party's national executive committee

The question is why? I can assure you it is not because they suddenly had a stroke of moral conviction and decided to disassociate themselves from their incestuous relationship with the ANC Marxist terrorist scum.

No, they are planning for the future. They want to ensure that after the ANC is gone, they are still frothing at the top of the stinking piss-pot that South Africa has become.

There are interesting forces at play in SA. The Mega Business contingent with their lapdogs in the form of the CIA/MI6 wants to create a new style ANC around Big Businessman and Mega Billionaire Cyril Ramaphosa. For that they are roping in and buying the Champagne Communists.

They are forming the hub of a new dispensation for when the ANC has finally flushed itself down the memory hole of history.

I have news for them. They will fail. Their last attempt, the pathetic COPE party flopped spectacularly. They are playing Monopoly whilst the Commies are playing Chess.

At the same time, the Commies are gathering their forces (Mantashe, Radebe, etc) around Zuma, sifting and purging the wheat from the chaff as the gloves come off at Manguang in the biggest Pig-elbowing fight of the year.

What a spectacle of idiots. Sometimes I have to slap myself to remind me that I am not dreaming and that this scum is in fact really running my beautiful country [into the ground].

Onthou Bloedrivier

By Mike Smith
16th of Dec 2012

Today, like every year, I will stand true to the vow of my forefathers and honour this day like a holy Sabbath day and also teach my children and their children NEVER to forget the Battle of Blood River of 16 December 1838.

here is the vow: For the sake of international readers I will put the English first and then the Afrikaans.


Here we stand before the holy God of heaven and earth, to make a vow to Him that, if He will protect us and give our enemy into our hand, we shall keep this day and date every year as a day of thanksgiving like a sabbath, and that we shall erect a house to His honour wherever it should please Him, and that we also will tell our children that they should share in that with us in memory for future generations. For the honour of His name will be glorified by giving Him the fame and honour for the victory.


Hier staan ons voor die Heilige God van hemel en aarde om ʼn gelofte aan Hom te doen, dat, as Hy ons sal beskerm en ons vyand in ons hand sal gee, ons die dag en datum elke jaar as ʼn dankdag soos ʼn Sabbat sal deurbring; en dat ons ʼn huis tot Sy eer sal oprig waar dit Hom behaag, en dat ons ook aan ons kinders sal sê dat hulle met ons daarin moet deel tot nagedagtenis ook vir die opkomende geslagte. Want die eer van Sy naam sal verheerlik word deur die roem en die eer van oorwinning aan Hom te gee.

Those enemies of our people who seek our demise and commit genocide against us should also take note that we shall Remember the Battle of Blood River for all eternity.

Also read:
A most holy day: 16th of December 2011

15 December 2012

Your friendly lying ANC government

By Mike Smith
15th of December 2012

How many times have we said it? “When their lips move, ANC politicians are lying.”

Communists are the world champions of liars. They just don’t like to be caught out, because then they lose credibility. They want you to believe their bullshit and take them seriously. When you see through them and confront them with their lies and hypocrisy, instead of praising them for their “goodness” and “superior morality” they turn aggressive and vindictive…Just like narcissistic psycho bitches.

In fact I have wanted to write about the narcissistic behavior of communists for a long time, especially after reading the Black Book of Communism. But I see fellow blogger, TIA MYSOA has actually beaten me to it.

I quote: The narcissistic types are extremely dangerous people to be in a relationship with. They are unpredictable and extremely manipulative… One day they’ll love you to bits and the next day they’ll be scheming on how to murder you …end of quote.

HAHAHA…so true and so brilliantly summed up. So true, because narcissists have only ONE emotion and that is Self Love. Nothing else matters.

Further, they refuse to accept that they have a problem and turn everything they are around and reflect it onto YOU. As if YOU are the one with the problem, not them. Fact is that Narcissistic types are extremely insecure.

They know they are nothing. They know they have never achieved anything in life themselves. Not in sport nor in a career, nor in politics, in nothing…They fear that others will see them for who and what they really are.

They are nothing but insecure little parasitic vampires sucking the lifeblood out of their victims. They are born losers…just with an attitude and a serious chip on their shoulders. Like five year old children they often overstep the borders and have to be disciplined back in line and shown the borders.

They do not know respect, common decency or any form of empathy. They only care about themselves, nobody else. So always think of them like you would think of petulant little children. One thing that normally neutralizes them is when you show them up for whom and what they really are.

When you do not take their childish shit seriously and pull their masks off. Ooooh they hate that…but then they normally leave you alone.

Oh, and have I mentioned how deceitful and hypocritical, they are? World champion league of liars, but then believe themselves and that they are right, everyone else is wrong and deceitful.

Oh yes…and world famous for paranoia…how could I forget? They see an enemy behind every bush. Everybody is taping them…watching them…out to get them and take advantage of them. Chemtrails, bugs, loose wheelnuts on the highway…hahaha. Laughable junk really, but to them extremely serious.

By now you would be able to see the average ANC politician in that looney bunch as well. Especially their paranoid fear of the “right-wing”… But it is their ability to lie, deceive and manipulate without empathy or scruple that the ANC has become famous for.

Like they are currently doing with the Mandela in Hospital episode.

They are lying to the public; they are lying to the media…like I said, “when their lips move they are lying.”

All smoke and mirrors. Why? Why are we not allowed to know where Mandela is vrekking or what the state of his health is? Are they scared that a civil war will break out before they are ready? All I know is that in my experience I developed a good rule of thumb.

When the ANC speaks, you should at all times believe 180 deg the opposite. Then you will be close to the truth.

When they say Mandela is in good health, then he is dying. When they say he is in for routine checks, then you can be assured that he is close to death. At least one media source The Mail and Guardian is exposing the government lies about Mandela’s health and treatment.

The government in return is unapologetic over their lies to the media and the public

14 December 2012

Dear Liberal Fucktards: Do you still think Mandela was a heroic Freedom Fighter?

By Mike Smith
14th of Dec 2012

There is only one thing Liberals hate more than being proven wrong and that is being proven wrong by what they call a “racist”…which is just anybody who differs with their absurd, childish reasoning and ideas.

So last week we saw that the ultra leftist Chief Justice Art Chaskalson was secretly a member of the Communist Party…according to their own claims that is. No real surprises there. But now it has surfaced that the darling of the liberals…Their God and Gentle Jesus…Nelson Mandela, was also a Communist.

For us it is no big surprise. It is a confirmed fact that we knew all along. A new book has proved it…And we go..."Told you so".

 Nelson Mandela 'proven' to be a member of the Communist Party after decades of denial

New Evidence Shows Mandela Was Senior Communist Party Member

Now dear Mr Mandela denied it his entire life. He denied that he was a Commie. This new evidence proved that apart from being a piece of Marxist terrorist trash who received training from Moscow, Beijing, the IRA and the East German Stasi, Mandela was a liar and a deceitful bastard who had no problem lying to his own people in South Africa and to others the world over.

But that does not stop the Liberals of thinking about Mandela as a “Hero not a saint” Nelson Mandela is a hero, but not a saint His own wife, Graca Machel told of his “grumpy moods, his foibles – pernickity habits with newspapers, in particular; fussy demands for the right brand of carbonated water – his spoiling of his grandchildren” and how infuriating it can be.

What she left out is that Mandela is also a vicious racist who cannot stand white people around him for longer than 15 minutes. He starts to get extremely irritable and aggressive if there are too many whites around him for too long.

Even the Red Bishop, Arch Desmond Tutu, critisized Mandela for not speaking out against despotic tyrant Mugabe and his failed state of Zimbabwe. Neither has Mandela spoken too loudly about AIDS that kills 800 people (mostly blacks) every day.

He loves to surround himself with celebrities and enjoy their adoration whilst constantly ogling any pretty woman walking by. There are many books telling of how Mandela was a compulsive womaniser who would sleep with secretary when his first wife Evelyn was in the house. She left him eventually claiming he was beating her.

...I suppose once a terrorist always a terrorist...

Womaniser, terrorist... a portrait of the young Mandela

Apart from that in 1998 Nelson Mandela released 9,000 criminals who had less than six months left of their sentence as his 80th Birthday present to the Nation. Many of these criminals were extremely dangerous…murderers, rapists, hi-jackers, armed robbers, etc.

Mandela’s birthday present to the innocent South Africans

One of the first things Mandela did when he came to power was to sell billions of Rands of surplus weapons to the DRC, Rwanda and other conflict countries. These weapons in the wrong hands have killed millions of Africans, caused torture and rape and found its way also to poachers who in turn have killed millions of animals. It is still going on to this day…

SA should place arms embargo on Rwanda

Mandela is also famous for his narcissistic “I-am-God-I-can-do-what-I-want” spur of the moment decisions, like in 1994 when he announced free health care to all children under six and for pregnant and breastfeeding women. This overloaded the health care system overnight and caused its virtual collapse with the result of thousands of people including babies dying.

The man is a mass murderer.

The list of atrocities committed by Nelson Mandela is almost endless. The bastard should be tried for crimes against humanity, instead the British honoured him with a statue on Trafalgar square and the South Africans named streets after him and placed a massive statue of him in Sandton.

Children, brainwashed by the ANC schooling system as well as liberals fawn and drool over Mandela. Why? What has he ever done that is so wonderful?

I just comfort myself in the thought that the world will soon be rid of his carcass and he will meet his maker. Apparently he is being treated somewhere in Pretoria. Nobody knows exactly where.

ANC Government spin doctors deceiving the public on Mandela’s treatment

Hopefully I will be able to pop that special bottle of Moet et Chandon before Christmas after all.

07 December 2012

Those Killer "Robbers" and the liberal politics of greed.

By Mike Smith
7th of Dec 2012
As readers of this blog know, I often point out the pathetic left leaning media and how they downplay crime in South Africa, especially the crimes against whites.
If you wonder why, then just follow the money and ask yourself: “Who benefits?”.
Firstly, newspapers are businesses. They are in it to make money. So if they report the truth about crime in South Africa, the blacks who are 80% of the population just won’t buy their newspapers when they feel offended.
Further. These newspapers are owned by mega banks and mega business conglomerates in whose interest it is to create a perception of stability and well-being to their shareholders so they can lure more investors.
Liberalism is an immoral profit making (at all cost) strategy…A strategy of greed. In the end, the truth is bad for business. The truth needs to be sacrificed to make profits at all cost. It doesn’t matter how many people die, profits matter.
The tactics they use is what we see in the newspapers every day. By downplaying crime, they are deliberately creating a false sense of security, luring locals and foreigners to their deaths. This makes these bastards complicit to murder.
Nevertheless. One of the things I have highlighted many times is how the newspapers call these murdering scum “robbers”.
Every time they murder somebody in cold blood, it suddenly becomes, a “Botched robbery” or a “Botched hi-jacking”.
I still do not know what a “successful robbery” looks like, or a “successful hi-jacking” for that matter.
Look at this classical example.
Man shot dead during robbery

Nowhere in that report do they even mention a single thing stolen. How can the reporter then state that it was a “robbery”?
Let me show you some more recent examples:
Like this one…Three men violently raped and murdered a black Pretoria North woman and also killed her two children (8months and 4 years old respectively) after breaking into their house. The baby was drowned in a bath tub and found floating face down. The 4yo toddler was found dead with a balaclava over her face in one of the bedrooms.
The mother was taken to Ga-rankuwa where she was raped and murdered. A group of hunters discovered her half-naked body in the bushes two days later. Her underwear and trousers had been pulled down to her knees, patches of her hair had been ripped out and she had visible injuries behind both ears, on her head, her back, and leg.
At least in this report they put the word “Robbers” in quotation marks.
‘Robbers’ deny killing mom, kids

In the next report, “intruders” broke into the house of a vintage car enthusiast (72) shoots and kills him for no apparent reason. Nowhere in the report does it say that the killers robbed anything, yet the headline is as follows…
Robbers kill Cape Town vintage car fan

So what do five robbers do when they conspire to rob? I would think that they would conspire to rob a bank or a jewelry store. I have never heard of five “robbers” who woke up one morning and decided to ambush two cops, gun them down with automatic military rifles in a hail of bullets and…rob them. Just doesn’t gel for me. Yet the reporter said:

The Bara rotten food scandal

By Mike Smith
7th of Dec 2012
In my series of Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box I mentioned how the Apartheid government built the largest hospital in the world, Baragwanath, for black patients and how it was a state of the art facility…I also mentioned how 90% of the blood donors to this hospital were whites.
From Part 9…
The biggest hospital in the world, Baragwanath with 3200 beds and at its peak almost 8000 staff had 23 operation theatres fitted out with the most modern medical equipment that existed in the world. Blacks were treated here, operated on...at full state costs to the white-taxpayers for unlimited periods. The budget of this hospital was and is higher than the yearly budget of most small member states of the United Nations.

Next door to Baragwanath is the St. John’s Eye Clinic. The clinic is world famous for the treatment of Glaucoma, Cataracts, traumatic eye injuries and rare tropical diseases. All built and maintained by white taxpayer’s money.

Baragwanath in 1978 employed 450 medical doctors in full-time service. It treated 112 000 in-patients and 1.62 million out-patients per year. The children and infant death rate with 34.8 per 1000 was lower than Harlem in New York.

In 1982 alone, this hospital performed 898 heart operations of world quality.
Ironically...90% of the blood donors for this hospital were whites, who donated blood free of charge, totally voluntarily...to save black lives. (Quoted from The Citizen, 2 April 1987).
Now under the ANC we can see how the standards have dropped through the bottom. Apparently they have budget constraints, which is a euphemism for:  “Management has stolen the money.”
Those who are lucky to get food at all are being fed rotten stuff not even fit for pigs. Rotten apples, rotten bananas, maize meal full of weevils…
Bara’s rotten food scandal

I quote:
“…one Bara kitchen staff member recounted how patients in the maternity ward were recently served pap cooked from maize meal that was infested with worms. “
“There were worms and weevils found in the 50kg of mealie meal in the maternity kitchen, and it was reported to the chief food services manager. She then gave instructions to the supervisors to go and buy a sieve at the Bara mall and to sieve the mealie meal. “
Another anonymous employee said that in one instance they were instructed to use fruit that has been placed in the kitchen waste.
“The bananas were rotten and had been discarded. The chief manager instructed a supervisor to use it for the patients and make banana bread.
“Another case was the apples. There was a problem with the temperature of the fridge, so everything rotted. She said they should peel them and get the bits and pieces where it is still okay and cook it for the patients. That was served to all 17 paediatric wards – that’s about 300 children,” the source said.
The staff member also claimed that meat fat was stored and used as cooking oil when preparing food, even for vegetarians.
“The chief food services manager instructed the cooks to keep the fat in the fridge to use it as a replacement for oil,” she said.
“When it comes to lunch, you will be lucky if you get two slices of brown bread. They don’t care if you are a diabetic or Muslim. Even when you request a halaal diet, you open your eyes, you’re all eating the same. There is never fruit. They will give you tea with one spoon of sugar. Everything they supply us with, they cut the quantity,” said the patient.
Oh, well…they thought Apartheid was bad. They didn’t like Apartheid. They wanted the ANC in charge, right? Now they see…This is what you get when you vote for the ANC. They should actually learn a good lesson here.
When faced with a difficult choice like between the white Apartheid government and the Black terrorist regime of the ANC…always choose the lesser of two weevils.

06 December 2012

In South Africa, liberalism will get you killed

By Mike Smith
6th of Dec 2012

Take a moment and imagine a LWB (feminist)… A squashed paper bag is a perfect metaphor for the head of a LWB. Have you ever had the urge to sleep with a squashed paper bag? I didn’t think so…

Look at this crap for instance Why Joanne Hichens chooses to stay in SA

I am not going to elaborate too much on who JH is. She has a blog where you can go read all about her story books and “works of art” that look like a 3 year old had painted them.

My personal favourite is the one of Mandela with little hearts around his face and the title “What a gentleman”… Joanne Hichens Blog

In her 10/90 article (10% truth; 90% liberal rubbish) she briefly mentions the crime and corruption in South Africa and then starts to wax lyrical on how colourful, vibrant and exhilarating South Africa is. How we have the power of “voice”, (whatever that is)…and that we should use it “to debate and ultimately to grow a more tolerant and robust society”.

Ah yes…the ever optimism of a La-la-land, Kumbaya singing, tree hugging, LWB with a mid-wife crisis.

Back at the Reality Ranch…the country is going to the dogs at a rate of knots.

Let me show you what happens to women with the mindset of people like Joanne Hichens.

A month ago, a white woman called Hester Koch (62) drove down the road near Cape Town and saw some blacks begging at a traffic light. It was a man a woman and their two children. The woman was pregnant. They told Hester a sad story that they lost everything in a fire. In reality they probably drank or smoked out all their money and belongings.

Nevertheless, Hester took them home to her farm and gave them a shack to stay in. She and her equally (I bet you by now formerly) liberal granddaughter clothed and fed the couple and the children and even helped the women to give birth.

Shortly after the black couple moved to the farm, the truth started to come out. The couple started smoking “Tik” (crystal methamphetamine) and became ”cheeky“.

When Hester asked them to leave, she was raped, strangled and viciously murdered. By now, two more bastards were involved and arrested. They also assaulted her partner and tied him up.

Now the granddaughter wishes that her granny never met the couple. Yes, hindsight is always 20/20. A little too late now, I would say.

Point is that in South Africa, a Goody Two-shoes liberal mindset will get you nowhere. In fact it will get you killed. Being conservative is not a choice. It is a survival strategy in South Africa.

Woman slaughtered by couple she helped

Was Arthur Chaskalson a Communist?

By Mike Smith
6th of Dec 2012

Once you have lived in South Africa for a while, you come to understand and rely on a few “Rules of thumb”. For instance, If you tell the hairdresser you just want a trim, be certain that it will be a royal stuff-up when she is finished. If you send your wife to the shop with a R100 note to buy a single loaf of bread she will come back with an entire bag full of stuff…and guaranteed…no change. Also if you tell a black dude not to break something, you can be almost a 100% certain that when you return in ten minutes it will be broken. Examples are legion.

In politics, when you see a liberal with his/her mouth open, be certain that it is just shit coming out. When you see an ANC politician with his mouth open, be certain that it is just lies coming forth. When a communist praises someone who died, that someone was a communist…

So it was with little surprise then that it surfaced this week that former Chief Justice… anointed appointed by St. Nelson Mandela, Judge Arthur Chaskalson was a Communist.

The South African Communist Party, bragged on their website that Arthur Chaskalson was one of them

The secret life of Chief Justice Arthur Chaskolson

Both the SACP and the Young Communist League (YCL) were saddened by the death of one of their comrades. Arthur Chaskalson belonged to SACP underground - SACP

So no, I was not really surprised about this news. This is the man who amongst other things defended the Marxist terrorist scum at the Rivonia trial along with fellow arch communist scum Bram Fischer leader of the Communist Party who was improsoned.

Chaskalson, whose claim to fame was the abolishment of the death penalty that saw crime rise exponentially, drew up both the Namibian and South African constitutions. Yes…the Namibian communist constitution as well…Don’t worry…before long the Windhoek Observer will report that there is now a sand shortage in the Namib and Kalahari deserts. Mark my words.

Under the SA constitution it is legal to racially discriminate against whites, where soldiers can belong to unions and strike and under which minorities have basically no rights. A Constitution of mob rule and a tyranny of the majority over the minority. The entire constitution places an obligation on the state to actively create a classless and raceless society in the mold of a Socialist Democracy. An absolute joke that makes a mockery of the terms, “Constitutional democracy” and the “impartiality of the judiciary” especially when you have a Communist drawing it up.

The ANC was so saddened by this arch communist’s death that they offered him a full state burial (which he refused) and flags country-wide were hanging at half mast. ANC offered Chaskalson a full state burial that he refused

But hardly did the news break that Arthur Chaskalson was a closet Communist or there was a mad scurry to exonerate him.

Advocate George Bizos, a personal friend of Chaskalson said that he never belonged to any political party. No party politics for Chaskalson

Another “friend” advocate Paul Hoffman, took offense at the allegations that Chief Justice Chaskelson was a Communist. He said based on Chaskalson's track record, he wasn’t one. He meant the fact that the Judge worked tirelessly to uphold the “Rule of Law” in a country where his ANC and SACP buddies were continuously trying to subvert it.

“It is certainly not correct to characterise Chaskalson as a communist for representing the SACP at Codesa. Advocates do not have to believe in the ideas of their clients, nor do they have any choice in the matter of whom they may represent. This is called the cab rank rule and it is a salutary one. An advocate who represents the interests of rail commuters is no more a rail commuter than one who represents the communists is a communist.” Paul Hoffman on the Communist status of Chaskalson

But if we take Paul Hoffman’s logic and we look at Arthur Chaskalson’s other track record then we see that he made a habit of representing communists and working passionately with communists to defend communists.

Further, it was not just the statement by spokesperson Malesela Maleka and arch Communist Jeff Radebe, the Minister of Justice, on the 1st of December that mentioned that Arthur Chaskalson was a Communist. Fellow arch Communist Jeremy Cronin, deputy Minister of Public Works, also said that Arthur Chaskalson was “an SACP delegate” at the CODESA negotiations when Chaskalson was still alive and when he could have denied that he was a Communist.

He never did. The puzzle concerning Arthur Chaskalson Paul Trewhela who wrote two of the articles above and who was a former Communist himself who exposed the atrocities of the communists in their hell camps like Qautro, seems to be thoroughly convinced that Arthur Chaskalson was indeed a Communist. So, was Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Arthur Chaskalson a Communist?

When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.

05 December 2012

Cyanide Cynthia spreading her poison on how Apartheid is to blame for everything

By Mike Smith

5th of Dec 2012

I just love that old cliché that says “Empty vessels make the loudest noise”, because it describes liberals and their brains so perfectly.

Take recently fired CEO of Anglo American Corporation Cynthia Carroll for instance. Apparently the mine violence and the Marikana Massacre is all the fault of…yes you have guessed it…APARTHEID.

Carroll: Apartheid behind mine violence

I think it was Bette Davis who said: ““When a man gives his opinion, he's a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she's a bitch.”

You know what? Cynthia Carroll is an ugly bitch. I am amazed that she doesn’t blame that on Apartheid too.

These kinds of ignorant statements is what one would expect from the average uninformed American, but Cynthia Carroll is supposed to be a smart cookie American seeing that she has a degree in Geology and all.

They must be giving these things away like raffle tickets nowadays, because if she had half a brain she would be able to read up on the history of the company she was heading and see how they helped to killed 34,000 Boer women and children in concentration camps in order to rape the country’s mineral resources.

She would also know that since her company and its forbearers started their mining activities in South Africa, millions of blacks have been lured out of their traditional way of life to the Anglo American mines where they had to work like virtual slaves and live in dismal conditions.

She would also know that it started at least a hundred years before Apartheid…under the British.

One of the things Apartheid did was to try and regulate this uncontrolled mass migration of Africans to the mines of South Africa. For instance carrying passbooks would ensure that SA blacks would have first preference for jobs on the mines. Otherwise how would you know a Zimbabwean, a Mozambiquen or a South African from each other?

But this regulation drove labour costs up and therefore the greedy mines ensured that Apartheid was vilified so they could increase their profit margins. Actually, Cynthia Carroll knows all this, because on her watch, nothing has changed from what Anglo American Corp. was doing back then and what they are doing right now. They just operate in different countries at the moment.

Whether it is the horrific conflicts in the DRC, Peru or the Pebble Mine in Alaska, Anglo American Corp. is still raping the mineral resources, polluting the environment and driving the locals off their land all over the world…all in the name of profits.

It is in Alaska where Cynthia Carroll earned the nickname “Cyanide Cynthia”, because of the Pebble Mine destroying the Sockeye Salmon environment. Alaskans weigh the cost of gold

The mining strikes and the Marikana massacre can be laid squarely at the door of one person and that is Cynthia Carroll.

Since she came to power, she has done absolutely sweet blue stuff-all to alleviate the atrocious conditions that Anglo keeps their virtual slaves under. The mining hostels are in worse condition now than they ever were under the Nats.

At least the Nats had health inspectors inspecting the hostels and ensuring the miners have decent living conditions…not like now where Anglo keeps them under conditions that a Vet won’t approve of. More than a month after Marikana, Miners still complained of low pay, bad food and overcrowded single sex hostels; where they say they are still treated like animals by their white (read Anglo American) bosses

In the five years that she was at the helm of Anglo American, profits fell, shares dropped and the company got a bad name from all the bad PR she was emanating. That is why the shareholders got rid of Cynthia Carroll

“Despite cost cuts, analysts at Macqaurie say that under Carroll, Anglo has lost one third of its value on a US dollar market capitalization basis and is now worth $25bn less.”

In short...She is useless. Even an embarrassment to LWB’s the world over. Scary part is that she has four children… …just the fact that people like Carroll is allowed to breed, boggles the mind. It is idiots like her that makes a good case for abortion or eugenics. Alaskans weigh the cost of gold

04 December 2012

When corruption and stupidity become a state secret

By Mike Smith
4th of Dec 2012

Ah yes…how wonderful to live in the Liberal La-la-land of the New South Africa, where we do not have that evil Apartheid system, that apparent “Crime against Humanity” system, anymore…right? Instead now we have that wonderful Communist system…the TRUE “crime against humanity” of the last century that left 100 million corpses in its wake.

In charge of our country is a corrupt Marxist terrorist kleptocracy stealing the country into bankruptcy and then trying to cover it all up by hiding their criminality under a blanket called “The protection of Information Bill”. They want to pass laws that will see media whistleblowers imprisoned for 25 years if they just dare report on government corruption.

Fortunately this has been met with stiff opposition, not least from a much unsuspected source, namely Communist Scumbag Extraordinaire, Ronnie Kasrils.

Kasrils used to be a member of the ANC’s National Executive Committee, a member of the SA Communist Party’s Central Committee and a founding member of that ANC terrorist organization called uMkhonto We Siswe (the spear of the nation) who heroically planted bombs in restaurants, bars and shopping centres, killing and maiming innocent women and children, to name but a few.

Kasrils was also South Africa’s Intelligence Minister (2004-2008) under Thabo Mbeki during a time when the Police Chief, Jackie Selebi was also head of Interpol and personal friends with the mafia. Singlehandedly Kasrils turned the Intelligence service into a farcical spy vs spy comic strip with hoax e-mails, disinformation, factional infighting, etc.

He is also the one who on 7 September 1982 marched 80,000 protestors to the doorstep of the Ciskei government in Bisho in an illegal and banned demonstration. When he and his lumpenproletariat tried to crash through the security force barriers the soldiers opened fire that left 28 people dead and 200 wounded.

Kasrils was also the main protagonist for the biggest corruption scandal to ever hit the country, namely the Arms Deal of the 1990’s, then later had the cheek to call the beneficiaries, “Wabenzis” because of their lavish banquets and expensive cars.

Together with the Arms Deal he also kicked South Africa down the path of a failed state with the GEAR strategy that he was the main architect of and then criticized the government for the way they implemented it. One moment he praised the despotic Mugabe and his murderous Zanu-PF regime, the next he praised the dockworkers who refused to offload Chinese weapons heading to Mugabe.

This contradictory behavior has become the trademark of Kasrils over the years. Like a drunken sailor doing the bulkhead shuffle in stormy weather, this moral schizophrenic falls from one side to the other. How great was my surprise (not) then to read that Ronnie Kasrils has become one of the most rambunctious opponents of the Protection of Information Bill…the very bill that he drafted.

Doublethink and Doublespeak in true Totalitarian and Orwellian Communist fashion. Kasrils slams Info Bill Here is a quote from the UK Tellegraph

“The Protection of Information Bill was initially introduced to parliament by Ronnie Kasrils, the former State Security Minister, in 2008. He has since resigned and become one of its staunchest opponents.” UK Tellegraph on Kasrils and the Info Bill


“It was reintroduced by current State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele, who faced calls to quit in May after his wife was convicted of running an international drug ring under his nose.”

Yes… these are the clowns in charge of our country. To put it into perspective, Cwele, as State Security Minister would be the South African equivalent of Erich Mielke, former Stasi Chief.

Nevertheless…Ronnie Kasrils was maybe the brains behind the Info Bill, but he had two helpers, Nhlanhla Nene and Lindiwe Sisulu… Kasrils’ cosponsors of the Info Bill

Lindiwe Sisulu is another NEC insider of the ANC, mainly because she was also the daughter of Walter Sisulu and a MK terrorist specializing in intelligence…or rather lack of... She is the one who forcibly relocated thousands of black squatters at the N2 Gateway project.

But where did I hear that name Nhlanhla Nene…? Ah yes… Nhlanhla Nene is the idiot who fell off his chair in front of live television Watch the video below

Yes. These are the very clowns who want to make it a state secret if you laugh at them and lock you up for 25 years.

 if you do.

03 December 2012

The South African Revolution – A Maoist “People’s War”?

By Mike Smith
3rd of Dec 2012 OK, so where was I before I took a recuperation session…quite a lot has happened in the mean time.

The ANC is still robbing us blind; there is still no end in sight to the Syrian conflict; Israel almost flattened Gaza (again) and the Americans voted for their son of a Kenyan goat herder (again).

Back in old SA, the ANC’s Communist “People’s War” or as they prefer to call it…The National Democratic Revolution (NDR) is going ahead…full steam. They are little fazed by the Farlam enquiry into Marikana and hell bent to spread their pathetic communist agitated revolution and poison across the whole of South Africa. They won’t stop until the country is destroyed and in ruins.

After The race riots in the apple orchards of Grabouw I once again mentioned the Scorched Earth policy of the ANC to burn down every single (white owned) farm in the country and drive the white farmers off their land just like Mugabe has done in Zimbabwe. After the Marikana riots the Western Cape farm riots and burnings hit the heart of the wine and deciduous fruit area near De Doorns.

According to the communist liars and swindlers it is all about getting a living wage for farm workers. workers set farms on fire Truth is that these were no “workers”. They were the ANC’s “Rent-a-mob” and Lumpenprolatariat who will burn down anything and throw stones for a few beers and a free T-shirt.

Even the main stream media reported how “workers” were bussed in by the ANC/Cosatu alliance ’Farm workers’ bussed in See? They just pretend to be farm workers, just like most of the “School children” rioting in school clothes in 1976 were not even school children. These ANC/Cosatu thugs are becoming more and more militant …Why? Because they are militarily trained.

In the past I have reported about how the ANC is preparing youths for war at places like Ficksburg in the eastern Free State.
The shocking Parallels between Mugabe’s ”NYS Green Bombers” and Zuma’s NARYSEC youth brigade What does NARYSEC stand for? National Rural Youth Service Corps.

The MSM reported how they would do service in rural areas. But lo and behold…suddenly three black youths attacked a British man (Chris Preece) and his wife who were farming in…Ficksburg! The dogs were also poisoned. British man and wife attacked with knives and pangas in Ficksburg And just in case you were wondering…No, the murderers did not ask the man and his wife if they were liberals or conservatives before they attacked them.

They were simply attacked because they were white. Within 72 hours Another four farms were attacked in the Freestate

Last Sunday the Afrikaans paper Rapport had an article titled Only our faith is keeping us here telling of how a wave of farm attacks are sweeping the Ficksburg area. 15 Farms have been abandoned by the farming families out of fear for this terror.

But let us get back to the Cape and the “workers” ruining the infrastructure and destroying the crops. This hatred towards white farmers started a few years ago with lies about how farmers mistreated their workers and how, in the Rawsonville area four white farmers raped a 22year old coloured woman (Anneline Davids) and how they have beaten her boyfriend so that he had permanent brain damage. It turned out to be all fabricated lies and the boyfriend got brain damage from falling off a truck.

How MSM psy-ops vilify South African whites on a daily basis You can read more of this kind of thing here: The bullshit vilification of whites in South Africa

Then came the “service delivery riots” of the Cape and I told you who was behind them…Who is behind the Cape Town protests and how the ANC is organising the Lumpenproletariat to make the Western Cape ungovernable as part of their Second Transition

As you can see, the ANC is not interested in democracy. They know they have no democratic chance in the Cape. They are only interested in Total Power. They will only practice Democracy as long as THEY can win…and if they lose, they want to make war.

Tomorrow, on the 4th of December they want to continue their war on the farmers in the Cape but they want to extend it country wide. Cosatu calls for nationwide farmworker strike

By now it should be clear that this is a Maoist “People’s War” starting in the rural areas and spreading countrywide. It has been long in the making. Several years in fact. But they will try to make it look like this is a spontaneous civil disobedience started by white farmers mistreating their black workers…At least that is how the MSM will sell it to the world.

Already we have seen how the Communist agitators lashed out at farmers trying to protect their families and infrastructure calling their behavior “barbaric far right”. No, the farmers should just die quietly and not defend themselves. Far right behavior of farmers will let the pot boil over

What bothered me was the fact that DA- Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille asked for the army to be deployed in the Cape. Does this woman have rocks for brains? Anybody who has studied revolutions and their development will tell you that there is a decisive point in any revolution and that is when the armed forces (police and army) join the revolutionaries. Does she think the army, that consists of MK terrorists, will shoot at their own cadres in the ANC?