31 January 2013

Those murdering “robbers” in the Media Psyops again

By Mike Smith
31st of January 2013

Here is another example of how Naspers’ News24 exercises subtle psyops and downplays the extent of murders in South Africa.

Firstly...Nowhere do they refer to the races of the perpertrators or the victims, but from the names of the victims it is easy to see that they were white.

And then the MSM constantly refers to these murders as “robberies gone bad” (I am still at a loss as to what exactly a robbery gone good looks like).

Throughout this report below, one can see how the murderers are constantly refered to as “robbers”…as if they are not that bad…

Now, I am not an expert on what the INTENT of the criminals were, but how can the MSM be so sure that it was robbery?

Here you have two bastards breaking into the elderly couple’s home and stabbing the man (75) to death in his sleep right next to his wife (67). Was that really necessary if you just wanted to “ROB”?? What resistance can an elderly man of 75 give the armed “robbers”?

To me this looks like murder and terror was the intent and that robbing some cell phones and money was just the reward or the spoils for their effort.

Read the report and judge for yourself.
Wife watches as husband murdered

Here is another example of a house owner who died in a gunfight with two “suspected robbers”, who also died after he shot them:
Robbers, House owner killed in shootout

Look at how the headline calls them “Robbers” as if it is a forgone conclusion, but in the article they are called “suspected” robbers.

Nothing was stolen. No attempt to steal anything was made. Two guys eneterd the house and pointed a firearm at the owner after which he drew his own firearm and a gunfight ensued. How can the media call them “Robbers”???

This is total dishonest reporting. It is propaganda and psyops of the worst order. The South African MSM is complicit in a cover up of mass murder and dare I say, Genocide.

Viva Affirmative Action! Trains collide in Pretoria

By Mike Smith
31st of January 2013

As long as you are going to have racist policies for job selection such as Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment, instead of selecting people on qualifications and merit, you will have accidents like these and people will die.

Those who support and implement these policies have the deaths of others on their conscience.

This report from Sapa

Trains collide in Pretoria

Pretoria - Several people were injured when two trains collided on the railway line between Cor Delfos and Saulsville, near Pretoria, on Thursday morning,

Tshwane emergency services said. Spokesman Johan Pieterse said one of the trains was stationary on the track when it was hit by the other.

“A few people were seriously injured, and the driver of the one of the trains was critically injured. He is still trapped inside the train,” Pieterse said.

“People should be advised that the line between Cor Delfos and Saulsville has been completely closed due to the accident,” he said.

He could not say how many people were injured and said more information would be available later in the day. - Sapa

30 January 2013

The mind and culture of the African: Muti protects against the Tokoloshe

By Mike Smith
30th of January 2013

Liberals in Europe and the US don’t believe us when we tell them this.

They reckon we are all the same.

They simplistically think we had Apartheid because we do not like “Blacks”. The skin pigment had very little if anything to do with it. It is the entire culture and belief system that we wanted nothing to do with.

These liberals have never heard of the Tokoloshe…An imaginary, hairy, leprechaun-like creature with a huge sexual organ feared to death by blacks to the point where they put their beds on bricks.

Muti is voodoo-like black magic “medicine” made from plants, animal and/or human body parts harvested mostly from children when they are still alive. Just Google “Muti murders” and see the thousands of entries.

A black union official told the Farlam commission in Rustenburg on Wednesday…”Muti protects against "creatures like the tokoloshe",

Apparently the only muti he was aware of was used to attract women.

Post mortem examinations of the people killed at Marikana last year had revealed fresh incisions on their bodies, Semenya said, and he asked why these were made. "Sometimes, to protect people against creatures like the tokoloshe [an evil spirit]," Gegeleza said. Muti protects against Tokoloshes

Zuma donates $10 million to fight crime in Mali

By Mike Smith
30th of January 2013

Sometimes you have to wonder what goes on in the heads of these ANC idiots.

South Africa is one of the countries with the highest crime rates in the world where 18,000 people are murdered and 150,000 women are raped every year, where the police do not have petrol for their limited amount of vehicles, where the vehicles fall apart, where police corruption and incompetence is the order of the day…yet our illustrious president Jacob Zuma thought it wise to donate more than R90 million of OUR tax money to Mali…for the capacitation of police forces and to curb violence.

Hey? Are they pulling the piss or what? SA donates over R90 mil to Mali

The part I found most amusing was when the useless Defence Minister, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula piped up and had the following to say:

"It is hoped that this is the materialisation of Africa's aspiration to stand up against the grave acts of those who opt for blood shedding and political turmoil in trying to satisfy their needs and sometimes, wants,"

Say what?....”Those who opt for blood shedding”???....”political turmoil”??? “To satisfy their needs and wants”??? Sounds like a perfect description of the Marxist terrorist ANC

29 January 2013

The myth of racial reconciliation in South Africa

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2013

According to a report in the Cape Times about the South African Reconciliation Barometer released by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) in Cape Town on Thursday, South Africans are now more divided than ever.

This must come as a severe shock to the La-la-land liberals.

They must be traumatized now to hear that their childish Rainbow Land unrealistic crap has never worked and will never work…well, not as long as the ANC is at the helm anyway.

Now didn’t we tell them so?

IJR executive director Fanie du Toit said: “We didn’t think that 2011 was a good year for reconciliation, but 2012 was even worse.”

Here are some of the findings:

• Research over the past nine years shows that nearly half, or 43.5 percent, of South Africans rarely or never speak to someone of another race.
• More than 60 percent of the country’s residents don’t socialise with people of other races.
• Between 2003 and this year the levels of interaction between races have rarely changed, except in 2004 and 2009 when they sharply DECLINED compared to the previous year. These were both election years.
• Not everyone approves of racial integration. An increasing number of people compared to last year disapprove of inter-racial marriages.

Altogether 3 565 people were interviewed during April and May this year across all provinces. The interviews were done face-to-face in six different languages and were representative of the country’s gender, age and racial demographics.

Not a good year for reconciliation

Yes the country is now racially MORE divided than under Apartheid. Just look at the comments section of that article to see why. The biggest reason is the corrupt Marxist ANC government and their racist, discriminatory, anti-white legislation and quotas.

Apartheid laws come in handy for the ANC

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2013

The ANC would only scrap or change Apartheid era laws that worked against them, but when they could benefit from such laws, they would make full use (or abuse) of them. Bunch of hypocrites.

To suppress the Nkandla (Zuma’s Palace) report and keep it from the public they invoked an old Apartheid era law called “The National Key Points Act” that stems from the time the Marxist terrorist ANC planted bombs all over the country and blew up innocent people.

The act applies to “any place or area” so important that its loss, damage, disruption or immobilisation may “prejudice the Republic”, or whenever a minister of police or defence considers it “necessary or expedient for the safety of the Republic or in the public interest”.

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa has until the end of next month to explain why the law has again been used to block access to information, after an application by civil society coalition the Right2Know campaign for a full list of all declared key points was denied.

The question is, "What do they have to hide?"

The issue of the national key points arose last year when City Press revealed that hundreds of millions of rand had been spent on upgrading President Jacob Zuma’s private Nkandla residence – raising concerns that public money had been used to foot the bill.

Jane Duncan, Highway Africa Chair of Media and Information Society in the Rhodes University journalism department and a member of R2K, said the refusal was indicative of national security trumping transparency.

“The… act is an apartheid-era piece of legislation that remains in force,” she said. “There is no clear and present danger to national key points, yet the government still sees fit to misuse the act.”

Use of apartheid law has to be explained

Marikana update: New video footage proves us right. It WAS a Police Turkey Shoot.

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2013

Do you still remember how I first reported on the Marikana Massacre on the 16th of August last year?

Three minutes, 18 bodies

And how I called it The ANC’s Sharpeville and a “Police Turkey Shoot”…??

Marikana: The ANC’s Sharpeville
The run up to the Lonmin Police Turkey Shoot

To me it was clear from the start, that the official version of events in the mains stream media was bullshit.

They could not even get the satellite pictures right. Putting the miners totally on the wrong side of the kraal, etc. I followed it up with some more reports after consultation with some former special forces and police connections who all immediately spotted and agreed that the tactics that were used by the Police Task Force at Marikana were old COIN (Counter Insurgency) tactics used by SADF forces on the Namibian/Angolan border.

Maricana Massacre: A preliminary report

It also surfaced then, that a massive police cover up was in the making and evidence was being tampered with and being destroyed along with a MSM psyops to pull the wool over our eyes.

You can read more of my reports on the subject here:

Marikana massacre an interim report
BBC psyops about the lonmin massacre
Marikana: It is because they killed Bugs Bunny
Why the Lonmin Massacre is only the start of the violence to come and why Africa will never have peace

Now it has surfaced that we on this blog were right all along. It was indeed nothing but a police Turkey Shoot.

Police took cell phone clips of what they were doing, calling the one miner a “Mothafucka” and bragging about shooting him ten times (evidence later showed he was shot twelve times). I wonder how his family must feel about that.
Damning new footage of Marikana shooting
Channel4 video on the Marikana Police Turkey Shoot

Nevertheless, we should not lose focus and concentrate too much about what the police did. The police were just pawns in this game. They are now being blamed and accused, exactly as planned.

As I have pointed out before. A cover up and psyops operation is in progress to lead the attention away from the REAL culprits and pigs in this fable, namely LONMIN…The British owners of the mining company, formerly known as Lonrho (London Rhodesia Company) that belonged to Cecil John Rhodes.

Lonmin were the ones who pulled the ANC government’s strings and ordered the police to Marikana. Watch this space as the truth will be revealed.

28 January 2013

Communist author of the ANC’S Freedom Charter kicks the bucket

By Mike Smith
28th of January 2013

It must be terrible to have a passion for something, study it, spend your entire life on it just to conclude that it is all shit and you wasted your life.

But this was the person Alan Lipman was.

He studied architecture, was an architect his entire life, lectured the subject and even wrote critical articles about it. In the end he concluded that architecture was all “damnable shit”. He ended up cynical and bitter and could hardly see any beauty in any architecture anymore.

And so it was with his political beliefs as well.

In 1948 he joined the Communist Party and from plagiarizing Communist anarchist beliefs from the Zabalaza magazine he drew up the most unrealistic Communist Utopia rubbish to ever grace the earth, namely the ANC’s “Freedom Charter” which was adopted in 1955.

Read it over here and witness SA around you and see how far removed we are from this Utopian bollocks.

Actually Apartheid was nearer to it!

When the Rivonia trial broke out he fled with wifey Beate to England and only returned in 1990. Since then he saw his beloved Marxist ANC come to power in SA complete with his “Freedom Charter” and all, implement their racist policies…and destroy the country through corruption and nepotism.

In the end he became totally bitter and disillusioned with the ANC. Terrible when you only realize at the end of your life that it was all wasted and bullshit, hey? Father of the Freedom Charter dies

Steve Biko’s squeeze to start new political party

By Mike Smith
28th of January 2013

Now this is one auntie I have quite a bit of respect for. She is not stupid. A medical doctor, an academic and she have no time for the corrupt ANC scum.

I am of course talking about Mamphela Ramphele, Steve Biko’s old girlfriend with whom he had two children of which only the son is alive today.

At least she has a thread of honesty in her to admit that Apartheid Education was far better than the crap the ANC is dishing up to the “Peepol”. Struggle hero exonerates Apartheid Education

Apparently she has been touring the US of A to collect money to start a new political party to “save her country”…

Whether she will be successful will have to be seen. At least she is trying to do something…I will give her that much. Now wouldn’t it be nice if more blacks could be like her? Ramphele to start new political Party

I believe that if we all do our bit, we can kick this disgusting ANC flee circus into touch.

Zuma’s Nkandla Palace and the ANC lies

By Mike Smith
28th of January 2013

“We did NOT use public money to build a palace for President Zuma, his five wives, their 20 odd children, his brothers, their wives, etc…And you should all believe us, because WE SAY SO”…

This was basically the words of Thulas Nxesi, Minister of ANC Palace Building Public Works.

An internal investigation found that no public money was used to build Zuma’s palace…they just installed some very expensive alarms and bulletproof windows with public money. Something to the tune of R206 million rands worth of “security shit”…All justifiable of course…

And the best part is that the report will not be made public

”The main opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) party called the report, which will not be made public, a “whitewash”. Nxesi’s bullshit report will not be made public

Who the hell do they think they are bullshitting here?

They steal our money, then tell bullshit lies that they did not, then do a bullshit investigation by a bullshit task team that came up with a bullshit report that we are not allowed to read.

We must just believe the bullshit? Hey?

What I cannot understand is that the opposition parties just accept this crap!!

What happened to the Freedom of Information Act?? What happened to holding politicians accountable to the people??

Further…Jeff Radebe, The minister of JUSTICE…said: “Zuma did not know the details of the security arrangements at his home…”

What utter BULLSHIT and blatant lie.

Zuma received detailed reports about every step of the development of his palace. Here is the proof. Nkandla: The letter that shows Zuma was aware of the upgrades
The actual letter in PDF

And don’t forget the cowardly, lying and hypocritical bastards at FNB who used children in an add campaign to complain about how poor the people are, but the president is building himself a palace at Nkandla, blah, blah…

Hang on a minute…let us ask who gave President Zuma a R900,000 bond for the Palace? The very FNB!!!

“This decision was taken despite Zuma repeatedly defaulting on his debt on a scale that would have left any other South African foul of any financial institution in South Africa, without a penny to their name.”

read the report below to see how FNB admitted to "bending the rules" to score political favour with Zuma down the line. They are all corrupt! The whole bloody lot! This is the stuff that REVOLUTIONS are made of!

Mail & Guardian report: FNB’s role in Nkandla

27 January 2013

Spineless FNB cowards!

By Mike Smith
27th of January 2013

Six years ago when I started blogging for SA Sucks, there was a counter blog called The Homecoming Revolution who tried to convince the expats who fled South Africa’s criminality and racist Anti White laws such as Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment to come back to SA.

They said it was not so bad…that we are all imagining that it is so bad.

What was interesting is that this website was and is still sponsored by First National Bank.

Despite this, The Homecoming Revolution died a silent death and is for all intents and purposes defunct, whilst blogs like mine and SA Sucks went from strength to strength.

Why? Because we tell the TRUTH about SA…without sponsors or funding.

Back then FNB decided to spread their own distorted version of the truth (outright lies) and embarked on an anti crime campaign against the ANC misrule.

This was akin to treason, because this very FNB sponsored the ANC during “their struggle” (terrorist campaign) of the 1980’s So FNB was bullied into submission by the very Frankenstein monster they helped to sustain and nursed into adulthood.

How ironic, that this very bank lately embarked on another campaign against their New Masters using children to tell the truth on the utter corruption of the ANC Marxist filth in charge of SA. …

...Just to be bullied into submission again, apologize and grovel at feet of criminal terrorist trash such as the ANC.

Shows you the hypocrisy and greed of these Mammon-worshippers.

They know the truth. They know how corrupt the ANC is and how they misgovern the country, yet they still encourage people to return to South Africa and bend over a barrel for the ANC when they were threatened to lose billions of Rands worth of investment. Yellow bellied cowards. Backlash hits cowardly FNB after apology

25 January 2013

Mugabe’s Mahala Helicopters courtesy of the Marxist ANC

25th of January 2013
By Mike Smith

How ironic to think about it. Our tax money bought the Allouette helicopters to defend us against these Marxist scumbags in Rhodesia and on the Angolan border. We shot the Marxists to pieces with them, won just about every battle…yet today they are dividing our weapons up amongst themselves.

Today they are the victors.

Today they are propping each other up and tapping each other on the shoulder as the heroes…

How did it ever get so absurd? Were we totally CRAZY and stuffed in our heads to give our country away like that?

It is a totally unnatural situation. Where in the history of mankind have the victors of war surrendered their country and their weapons to the enemy??

Can only be South Africa. It can only be the good and pious idiot South Africans who turn the other cheek and love their enemies who are hell bent on their destruction. I want to puke when I read crap like this.

South Africa’s helicopter gift to Mugabe

How is it that this Marxist Brotherhood and their despotic leaders can stand together and prop each other up, but we can’t? What is wrong with us? Please…enlighten me.

24 January 2013

The practical results of Affirmative Action- ANC government spent R33.5 billion on consultants

By Mike Smith
24th of January 2013

Here we see the results of the ANC’s racist policies of Affirmitive Action and Black Economic Empowerment.

They fired all the competent and efficient whites in the civil service and replaced them with incompetent and useless blacks simply for the colour of their skin, not on merit.

The blacks were then unable to do their jobs. After 18 years in power and training course after training course, they still cannot do their jobs.

The whites who were fired, then set up their own consultancy companies and are now being hired by the wasteful and useless ANC as consultants to come and do the work they used to do anyway…just this time, they have to pay them five times more!

And so the wastage of taxpayer’s money continues, day after day, after day.

Now they complain that there is a “Skills Crisis” and “departments lacked skilled staff”…all created by the ANC and their useless racist policies, mind you.

The AG’s report showed that consultants were being appointed in areas where permanent employees were both needed and would have been more cost effective. Government spends billions on consultants

Zille, the Guptas and the New Age Information Scandal

By Mike Smith
24th of January 2013

Sometimes the political charades and hypocrisies in South Africa just become ridiculous and it stinks to high heaven.

Take Auntie Helen (Botox) Zille for instance.

The other day, she was invited to a breakfast in benefit of “The New Age”, the newspaper and propaganda voice of the ANC owned by the powerful Gupta family (Indians) who are personal friends of President Jacob Zuma and who quite openly fund the ANC..

She somehow magically discovered that the breakfast would be paid for by various state owned enterprises such as Telkom, Eskom, and Transnet to the tune of millions, and the state owned public broadcaster SABC, would televise it for free for over an hour. All free exposure for a privately owned Newspaper. A normal 30 second advertisement on SABC costs R12,000.

So Zille decided to climb on her moral high horse and withdrew from the breakfast.

This is blatant channeling of public funds for party political benefit and to enrich the already stinking rich friends of the President.

Zille said, ““It is a way of using state funds to subsidise a newspaper. The last time that happened, a government fell.”

Zille referred to the Information scandal of the 1970’s in which Dr. Eschel Rhoodie was scapegoated for channeling defence force money (R70 million) to buy a newspaper to defend South Africa at a time of a total worldwide propaganda onslaught against us. The Prime Minister (B.J. Vorster) and the Information Minister (Connie Mulder) lost their jobs.

The “scandal” was revealed by amongst others, Zille’s former boss at the Rand Daily Mail, Allister Sparks.

Helen Zille's claim to fame was that she was one of the journalists who revealed the police cover-up of the death of the racist and Marxists Black Conciousness Movement leader, Steve Biko.

Hellen Zille was also a member of the Marxist sympathizer Black Sash Movement and the End Conscription Campaign that sought to undermine the SA Defence Force during the Communist onslaught of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s.

Make no mistake, there is not much difference between her believes and that of the SACP/ANC.

Her husband, Prof Johan Maree is a well known and outspoken Socialist.

But then the newspaper released a video clip in which Zille thanks New Age chairman Atul Gupta and Telkom for sponsoring a New Age business breakfast in Cape Town last year.

She then claimed she only followed protocol. Yeah right… Zille in New Age row

So, hypocritical and lying politicians aside, this is still a highly corrupt and illegal act of theft of state funds…taxpayer’s money.

Where are all the Rand Daily Mails now? Why are the newspapers and media not calling for the resignation and imprisonment of the entire ANC government like they did back in the ‘70’s with the NP government?

The “Information Scandal”, which wasn’t really a scandal, was probably the biggest “corruption scandal” of the NP Apartheid days. R70 million to fight a propaganda war that came off the defence budget with the full knowledge and approval of the Minister of Information and the Minister of Defence (P.W. Botha, who became Prime minister after Vorster resigned).

Pity Eschel Rhoodie didn’t succeed and it was dubbed a “scandal” to fight a vicious propaganda war against SA. Go figure.

Nevertheless…Compare R70 million to R70 BILLION that was stolen in Arms Deal by the ANC. Not to mention the billions since. The ANC is a thousand times more corrupt than the NP ever was. It is the worst government SA ever had.

Welcome to Anarchy and the “Wild” West Coast in South Africa

By Mike Smith
24th of January 2013

Hot on the heels of the Sasolburg Noble Savage chimpout and free for all plundering of the CBD shops of whites and foreigners, followed the North West town of Hebron where the New South Africans from Kgabalatsane burnt tyres, blocked the roads, threw rocks at police and private vehicles and generally just enjoyed what comes naturally to them-namely savage behavior.

Twenty-eight people were arrested for public violence Protests erupt in North West

Apparently they are upset that there is no electricity. Probably because they stole all the copper cables.

Pupils at the Michakgatsi High School were forced out of their classes to join in the protest.

As if that is not enough organized gangs of criminals are now terrorizing and robbing farmers in the Atlantis district…on horseback! Gunmen on horseback rob Atlantis farms

I am telling you. This country has degenerated into total anarchy and the Wild West.

Armed men on horses are terrorising Atlantis farmers by raiding their properties.

A farm owner …said her home had been invaded twice a week since the beginning of the year. She said the horsemen sometimes raided twice a day, during the day and at night.

And as usual, the police are USELESS!!

“The police are trying their best but they don’t have enough resources to deal with the problem,” she said.

Yes, right. I am sure.!!!

“I’m not scared any more. I’m angry and I’m ready to fight back. This is not how I should be living,” said the 47- year-old Belgian-born woman.

But it was this part that interested me the most…

The councillor for the area, Barbara Rass, said there were about 355 smallholdings in Atlantis. Whoever was behind “terrorising the community” was probably someone who had worked on the farms and knows them like the “palm of his hand”.
“They are very strategic, they know exactly who lives alone and what they have in their homes.

My,my…I wonder how the crooks got THAT information?? Maybe from the maids who work in the kitchens???

Hey?? Cowboys and crooks on the Wild West Coast.

Now where did I see the solution to the problem…? I am sure it was a Clint Eastwood movie called “High Plains Drifter” or something.

Anyway…I like this suggestion of one of the commentators on the IOL forum...

Super Vundu says: Easy as - let's get some guys together, gooi a couple of bakkies, some walkie talkies, and wait for the bastards to come back. Shoot them, bury then, and forget about them. This sort of kak is tiresome and pathetic, lets sort it out.

23 January 2013

F.W. (Fuck Wit) de Klerk: SA will prove pessimists wrong

By Mike Smith

23 January 2012

This guy reminds me of a bad cook who burnt some special and top ingredients to stuff up the meal completely and then insists on eating it and trying to convince everyone that it all tastes nice…

He must be living in a parallel universe on a different planet. He has completely lost it. The guy belongs in a straight jacket.

Apparently, Sasolburg, Marikana, De Doorns, Massive corruption, collapse of infrastructure, destruction of the education and health systems, etc are all…wait for it…perception problems created by the media…

This is what years and years of alcohol abuse does to your brain.

De Klerk: SA will prove pessimists wrong

“Worrying about the future is - and always has been - a central aspect of being a South African. Since 1652 visitors to our country have generally concluded that ’it is a lovely place - but cannot possibly last for another five years’. However‚ time and time again‚ experience has proved that the pessimists were wrong‚” he told the Swiss Chamber South Africa in Zurich on Tuesday.

“At the moment‚ South Africa is once again experiencing serious international perception problems. They arise from the news coverage of a number of recent and current developments in the country‚” he added.

Tell the country this is WAR

By Mike Smith
23 January 2012

There was never any doubt in my mind to what this really is. Judge for yourself.

“For the third consecutive day, protesters tore through the Free State industrial town's streets, setting fire to buildings, cars and schools, and looting warehouses, spaza shops and bottle stores in an alcohol-fuelled frenzy.”

Tell the country this is WAR

"This is war ... you must tell the country this is war which will not end today or tomorrow ... it will not end until we get what we ask for ... our human rights, our dignity." – Sosolburg protestor Jakes Mahlangu – 23 January 2013

Slighted mobs then waged battles in the township's streets, besieging a police station, which they pelted with stones, overturning a police van and opening fire on officers trying to rescue stranded colleagues along with journalists, women and children who had sought shelter in the police station.

For nearly an hour, gun battles - with protesters erecting burning barricades to mask their movements - were waged on the streets as residents vented their anger. They soon extended the expression of their anger and turned on journalists, paramedics, fire-fighters and anyone who had not joined them. Those who could not be reached by ambulance crews were rushed in open bakkies to ambulances outside the township.

21 January 2013

Behind the Chimpout in Sasolburg

By Mike Smith
21st of January 2013

If you for one moment believe that the recent chimpout in Sasolburg is about the Lumpenproletariat feeling unhappy about plans to merge Sasolburg into the Ngwathe local municipality, under which Parys falls, then you are probably a liberal twat.

If you even for one moment believe it is even a “Protest” then you should seriously get yourself checked for a bad case of Liberalitis.

This is blatant criminal behavior of uncivilized creatures looting and ransacking businesses in town for no apparent reason.

Watch the video for yourself. Looting scum

I say “no apparent reason”, for that is how it will be perceived by the masses slurping up the liberal junk portrayed in the MSM every day.

Sasolburg is a test run of what is coming to a town near YOU…very soon.

All those little towns like Paulpietersburg, Piet Retief, Klerksdorp, etc with three sleeping policemen, should take note how the police in Sasolburg did NOTHING and allowed the Noble Savages to run amok and loot to their hearts content.

Please tell me…what are three policemen going to do against three thousand blacks on a rampage? How did we get to this situation? How did we get into this position?

Those squatter camps next to our towns are ticking time bombs and those few whites living in the towns and employing these uncivilized looters in their houses should take note of what they have created. Sure, the ANC bussed them in since 1994 to win the elections in the towns, but the whites who live there employed them…Gave them work, food and clothes… now we have a problem. How do we solve it?

That is if some people are willing to acknowledge that there is a problem at all, because I bet you that if you go into Sasolburg and you speak to the whites there, everyone of them will assure you that HIS garden boy and HIS maid were not one of the looters…oh no…They are “the good ones”.

So if every maid and garden boy is “a good one”, then where the hell do all these uncivilized looters come from?

Like the Uhuru Guru used to say…”White South Africans will rather get killed in their own beds than make it themselves”.

That is the reality of South Africa. People are living in denial of the coming catastrophe. They see Sasolburg, Marikana and De Doorns as unconnected and isolated incidents and refuse to see the bigger strategy of the Marxist scum in control of the country.

Apart from a few people, how many whites have even two weeks of food and water stocked up? How many have studied a map of their town and planned escape routes when the main arteries are closed off?

In Sasolburg now, they called the parents to come and collect their children from school, because these violent creatures were climbing over the fences. What when the cell phone masts are cut down, mother and father at their respective jobs, children at school and the attack comes during the day?

Where and how are you going to get your family together?

I have always said that everyone is waiting for “The night of the long knives”…when from a strategic point of view it is better to launch the attack during the day…As Sasolburg has turned out…Exactly at the time of the morning, on a Sunday, when the whites were all in church.

Let me cut the bullshit. Let me tell you what exactly Sasolburg was.

It was a successful military training maneuver organized by the Communists and to be studied by the Communists so they could learn the lessons and implement it in other towns in the future. It is called “People’s War”. Read Dr Andrea Jeffrey’s book on it.

Like Dr Crane Brinton pointed out in “Anatomy of a revolution”…no revolution starts spontaneously by the masses. That is bollocks. Every single revolution in the history of man was carefully and meticulously planned by intelligentsia not by prolls.

The prolls are just the cannon fodder knowing no better than to get hit on the head by a police baton every now and again.

Revolutions come from the top down, not from the bottom up. In conclusion, if I have to make an objective military analysis of Sasolburg, I have to conclude that it was a fully successful training exercise for the commies. They won. Caught the whiteys with their pants down on a Sunday morning whilst they were all in church. That is what happens when you start following routines. You become predictable and your enemies study it and use it against you.

18 January 2013

Behind the De Doorns strikes

By Mike Smith
18th of January 2013

So the N1 near De Doorns in the Western Cape remains shut due to the “farm workers” apparently protesting for higher wages.

Looking at the picture of the “farm workers” above and the report that said Thousands of farm workers on N1 I had to chuckle.

My goodness. I never knew that de Doorns had so many farms and “farm workers”.

To tell you the truth, I don’t even think if you put all the REAL farm workers in the Western Cape together, they will amount to this lot of ANC shit-stirring, rent-a-crowders.

Meanwhile, the Deciduous Fruit Development Chamber said Black farmers will stop farming if they have to implement the R150 minimum wage that Cosatu is demanding.

Black farmers: R150 a day unaffordable

"I am confident that almost all of the black fruit farmers in the Western Cape will stop farming if the wage increases to R150 per day," chairperson Walter Williams said in a statement on Monday.

Land Grabbing…that is the agenda! It has nothing to do with wages for workers.

These farms are worth millions and if the ANC wants to expropriate (read steal) the land through the willing buyer willing seller process, it will cost them a fortune.

Most of these fruit and wine farmers lend money from the banks to pay the workers for picking and packaging the fruit. They repay the loans once the harvests are in and sold. If the harvests are not in they have to forfeit on the loans and the banks will take their farms and sell it to the government at a fraction of the cost.

There. That is what is behind the farm wage strikes. The ANC wanting to steal legitimate land from white farmers. Just like Mugabe did in Zimbabwe.

ANC Cronyism and theft whilst the poor gets poorer

By Mike Smith
18th of January 2013

Just the other day, President Jacob Zuma, quite blatantly said that businesses which support the ANC will prosper.

Zuma: Business which backs ANC will prosper

Zuma was speaking at the ANC's 101st anniversary gala dinner in Durban.

"We're not forcing people... you can support and be a supporter, but if you go beyond that and become a member, [and] if you're a businessman, your business will multiply," the Sunday Times quoted him as saying.

"Everything you touch will multiply. I've always said that a wise businessperson will support the ANC... because supporting the ANC means you're investing very well in your business."

And how!!

It has now emerged that his buddy, Durban businessman Vivian Reddy scored a R1,25 Billion deal to supply electricity meters to Johannesburg.
Questions over Zuma ally's R1bn tender

No wonder they call him a political whore and “kept politician”.

Zuma a “Kept Politician”, report reveals

In there you can read how Vivian Reddy was one of a long list of benefactors who kept Jacob Zuma out of bankruptcy through donations and “loans” despite his terrible credit rating and regular defaulting on loans.

We still don’t know where Zuma got the money from to build his Nakandla Palace…or what happened to the more than 700 charges of corruption that the NPA somehow magically dropped against him. Oh well, STEAL…it is just taxpayer’s money. Who cares?

Some good advice: Why it is NOT cute to feed the monkeys

By Mike Smith
18th of January 2013
Sometimes we South Africans take certain things we grew up with for granted and do not think too much about lessons that were taught to us, because it is common sense. But sometimes people ask me “why” and then it forces me to think a little.
Take the Cape Baboons around the mountains of Simons Town for instance or the Baboons and Samango monkeys of the Kruger Park. They are a nuisance and pests.

Us locals do not feed them, we learned from a very young age NOT to feed the monkeys, so how did they become like that?
It all started with some idiot from Europe who thought it was cute to feed the monkeys.
In the Kruger Park you will get a R1500 spot fine if they catch you feeding monkeys. The reasons are actually simple and posted all over camps and picnic sites.
You see…First of all when you, the ignorant European tourist, feed a monkey, he loses his ability and his will to look for food himself. So by feeding him, you sign his death warrant, because when you are long gone and back in Europe, he will starve to death.
Further, monkeys who have lost the ability to forage for their own food become a nuisance and attack people.
Long after you, the ignorant European tourist, is gone WE sit with the problems YOU have created.
Why do they attack humans who feed them? Well…monkeys have an eating hierarchy. First the Alpha male will eat, then the other ones then the little ones. By giving a monkey YOUR food, you are showing him weakness and inferiority and he WILL attack you.
So the best thing to do, when you are in South Africa, is to NEVER feed the monkeys. It is the best for you and for the monkey. Stay the hell away from them. They are wild and dangerous animals. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Socialist Semantic Gymnastics by the ANC

By Mike Smith
18th of January 2013

Over the years I have pointed out many times the hypocrisy of the ANC and how Commies use words and semantics meaning totally the opposite of what it stands for. George Orwell called it “Newspeak” and “Doublespeak”.

War is peace, Freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength…

So what would you call the ANC’s “Freedom Charter” then? Obviously “The master enslavement plan”.

That is all it is.

For instance. Communists have called their seizure of power “liberation” when in fact it was always only the enslavement of the masses under a totalitarian and mass-murdering yoke.

Read the Black book of Communism for the truth on what Communist “liberation means. 100 million dead in the last century.

Another excellent example is how Communist countries always call themselves “democracies”, like the German Democratic Republic, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea, etc…All, virtually one party totalitarian dictatorships.

In fact, there is a book on these semantics, called the KGB Lexicon: The Soviet Intelligence Officers Handbook by Vasili Mitrokin.

Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Hermann called it “The theory of 'dichotomization' in their propaganda model for the US media named “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media”.

Herman and Chomsky incidently also denied the Communist genocides in Cambodia, Srebrenica, Rwanda, etc and called it all western propaganda to advance a capitalist economic agenda.

So when the ANC talks about “Economic Freedom”, you can be sure that it means the destruction of all free market economy sections. When they talk about “Land redistribution” they mean stealing the land for the ANC elite.

When they talk about “Service delivery for the poor” it means the destruction of all services in all areas for everybody.

When they talk about nationalizing the mines and banks or as it says in their “Enslavement Charter”, “... the mineral wealth beneath the soil, the banks and monopoly industry should be transferred to the people as a whole...” , then it means stealing the mineral wealth, banks and economy for the ANC elite.

The ANC Youth League, Malema, Cosatu, the SACP, et al, all called for the nationalization of the Economy, mines and banks many times in the past and as I have mentioned, it is stated so in the ANC’s own “Freedom Charter”.

Now…They deny that it means stealing the wealth and destroying the economy.

You can read these outright lies, denials and distortions over here:
No nationalization in Freedom Charter
No plans to nationalize mines: ANC

As usual there will be a few naïve liberals who will lap up every drop of Marxist bullshit as gospel truth. They are not fooling me.

17 January 2013

Our top fit Spietkop recruits

By Mike Smith
17th of January 2012

Gone are the days where spietkop (traffic officer) was a low paying job. In the new SA it is one of the highest paying jobs and your official salary is of little importance, because you can earn ten times that by extorting bribes from the public.

Traffic cops make the list of most corrupt in SA

So it is of little surprise then that 34,000 applicants made the “short list” for the 90 available positions of Rookie Traffic Cops.

I am not sure what the selection criteria were, but looking at spietkops, I would say that extreme fitness and a high IQ were not part of them.

Be that as it may, they had to pitch up at a sport stadium and were subjected to a “fitness test”.

Probably had to do a few sit-ups, pushups and jog around the track a few times…with the result that six of them died from exhaustion and one committed suicide.

Six die after traffic post fitness test
Job fitness tests suspended after deaths

I wonder what they are going to do for selection now? Play musical chairs?

Follow up article: Racism: Learned or inherent?

By Mike Smith
17th of January 2012

You will remember that after the 17 year old white teenager Johan Nel went into the Skierlik squatter camp and shot four blacks, the liberals were quick to ask where he got his “racist” streak from and also to provide the answer…he must have learned it from his parents. They must be ”racists” too.

The fact that it came out in his trail that Johan Nel first considered shooting whites in a caravan park and standing at a street crossing shooting anyone regardless of race…never popped up in their skulls and did not matter either.

He is still branded a “Racist Killer” today.

You can read more about this story over here in a previous article of mine called Racism: Inherent or inherited?

In there I used some examples of siblings and twins in SA who were raised in the same houses, schools and churches, but grew to be two completely different characters. My conclusion at the end was that “racism” is inherent.

It has turned out that research from last year proved me correct.

Babies develop racist traits aged nine months, before coming into contact with other races

I quote from the article…

White babies aged just nine-months-old show signs of racial bias, according to a study in facial recognition. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst found that by the young age the babies were already discriminating against those of different races in their ability to recognise faces and emotional expressions. They analysed 48 Caucasian babies with little to no experience of African-American or black individuals.
End of quote

You see? Preverbal babies who cannot even talk or understand a language yet show “racist” tendencies.

Like the one commenter said. It is perfectly natural and no amount of Marxist liberal indoctrination is going to change it. But it won’t deter the looney liberals who are hell bent on eradicating this perfectly normal human trait. They will want to start the indoctrination in the womb now...or do what they normally do...ignore facts and research contradicting their bullshit beliefs.

The chronic shortage of medical staff due to ANC misrule

By Mike Smith
17th of January 2012

Oh where are the days when South Africa had top class doctors and nursing staff…and enough of them!

Since the ANC came in they drove almost all our medical staff away with BEE, AA and instituted racial quotas at university entry so that less qualified “previously disadvantaged” students could be trained to become doctors. They further axed budgets of hospitals with the result… … There is a 86% vacancy rate of doctors in Limpopo

It was followed by the Northern Cape at 57 percent and the Eastern Cape at 48 percent, with the lowest vacancy rate in North West, at 26 percent. Limpopo also had the highest nurse vacancy rate at 68 percent, followed by the Eastern Cape, 67 percent, and the Free State, 47 percent. North West had the lowest rate at 12 percent.

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi attributed the shortage of health professionals to a stagnation in their training and production, inequitable distribution between the public and private sectors, and emigration. It had also entered into bilateral agreements with Cuba to train South African students in medicine, and was hiring retired health professionals to fill the vacancy gaps in the short-term.

In fact the education standards are so low and the shortage of mentor medical doctors so big that trainee doctors fear that they might kill patients.

Trainee doctors fear they may kill patients

One of the interns, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there was not one qualified surgeon in the surgery department. “I have never seen anything like it. What is happening at Cecilia Makiwane Hospital is illegal,” said the doctor.

Elsewhere in Port Elizabeth… A SHORTAGE of doctors forced the Dora Nginza Hospital casualty unit to shut its doors this week, the second time in a month that it has done so. Doctor shortage forces hospital to close casualty ward

Now, the nurses want government to fix the problem

That may not be such a good idea. The problem was created by the very ANC terrorist regime…they won’t fix anything. To them it is not a problem. The AIDS epidemic is also not a problem. They simply deny that it exists and people with symptoms are advised to eat beetroot and garlic.

I tell you what the results are, because I have witnessed it for myself a few weeks ago. Just take a drive through the back roads of KZN and the Eastern Cape, like I did recently, and watch the thousands of fresh graves in the cemeteries…Rows upon rows of them. The people are dying like flies I tell you.

The ANC scum in government should be tried for crimes against humanity. These deaths are to a large extent directly due to their misrule and rubbish policies. What I cannot understand is how these very people losing their loved ones due to ANC misrule can keep on voting for them year after year. Election after election. They must have Nonqwause syndrome.

16 January 2013

ATM Bombers’, magical MSM transformation from White to Black

By Mike Smith
16th of January 2013

The Main Stream Media just keep on shooting themselves in the foot and losing all credibility. No wonder truth telling blogs like mine are seeing increased numbers of supporters.

Now readers of my blog will know that I frequently expose the MSM psyops and bullshit such as The bullshit vilification of white South Africans

These instances are becoming more and more frequent with no apologies by the newspapers afterwards. It is a total mud and shit flinging fest at white South Africans.

Look at this bullshit article from three days ago ATM gang heavily armed WHITE men

Look at this bollocks speculative reporting: “A gang of heavily armed men, possibly with military training, is thought to be behind a spate of ATM bombings in small towns in KwaZulu-Natal, it was reported on Sunday.”

Hey? “Possibly”…”Thought to be” ???

It gets better…

The Sunday Tribune reported that the gang was believed to be responsible for at least four ATM bombings in recent weeks. CCTV footage had revealed that its members were WHITE MEN.

Say WHAT???

Never does the MSM ever mention race when blacks kill, rape and rob whites!

But let a gang be WHITE then it is front page news.

But it gets even better… "It would appear that the type of crimes perpetrated by whites has changed and this is a very high profile turn," criminologist Nirmala Gopal told the newspaper. Perhaps white people are getting more desperate, considering that they are turning to such violent means."

Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks…all of it.

The very next day, the Hawks, (SA’s FBI equivalent) nabbed ten men for the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) bombings. Hawks nab 10 men for KZN ATM blasts

Now it has emerged that these guys were not WHITE, but in fact…well they do not mention the race anymore do they?

They just said…

1) Ten men have been arrested for a spate of ATM bombings in Mtubatuba, KwaZulu-Natal
2) they took the men, aged between 20 and 40, into custody on Sunday
3) They are staying in some hostel in Soweto, but they are originally from KwaZulu-Natal
4) Hawks spokesperson Paul Ramaloko said: "And this thing that they are white it is not true."
5) Amongst those arrested was the son of a taxi owner in Gauteng.

Can you see what I mean? The moment it turned out that the perpetrators were indeed black, the race was magically omitted. But that is how black propaganda works. The damage has been done. The mud has been flung and some of it will stick.

Anglo American pushed to divest from and quit South Africa

By Mike Smith
16th of January 2013

You will remember that late last year I commented on the firing from Anglo-American Corporation of Cynthia Carroll and how Cyanide Cynthia wanted to blame Marikana and all the mining woes on Apartheid

Well, she has been replaced with an Australian Mark Cutifani now. Hardly has he taken over or he was pressured by international investors to cut South Africa out of Anglo American.

Anglo American pushed to quit SA

About 15% of Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) mines are unprofitable. All its mines in Rustenburg and some in Limpopo were hit by illegal, violent strikes in recent months. Anglo owns 77.3% of Amplats, which has about 55,000 workers.

Some believe that cutting their losses and running will be the best option and it would free some spare cash, but others believe that the new CEO will “turn around” the company.

Now what exactly they mean by that I do not know, because apparently “Cutifani is said to have good relations with the government, nurtured during his five years as head of AngloGold Ashanti. Cutifani is also president of the SA Chamber of Mines.”

So one can only speculate on what he is going to try and do with his buddy-buddy relationship with the ANC scum.

Nevertheless, They have already announced that 14,000 people will lose their jobs.

Minister rebukes Amplats about possible retrenchments

Amplats announced on Tuesday morning that it was putting four shafts at its Rustenburg complex into care and maintenance, and that it had earmarked its Union mine for sale, which affects the employment of at least 14,000 people.

Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu launched a scathing attack against Anglo American Platinum (Amplats), accusing the mine of undermining the department by taking decisions without proper consultation.

Ms Shabangu said the department was not consulted at all by the company about its plans.

It has come up with its own plan, finalised the plan and told us of its decision ... (which) has major implications for our country."

Personally I could not care a flying hoot for any of these mining companies who have raped the mineral resources of SA for the past 150 odd years, neither do I care for their beloved little noble savages in the ANC and the SACP that they were in cahoots with.

The sooner these corrupt Randlords leave the country the better. I always said the day will still come where they will admit their mistake and will say that the Apartheid government was far better.

They were the bastards who were directly responsible for the Anglo Boer War and the killing of 34,000 Boer women and children in concentration camps, the burning down of their farms and the destruction of their animals.

They schemed with Marxist scum against the Apartheid government and thought they could buy off a few blacks with a few bottles of Whiskey so they could carry on raping the country’s mineral wealth…

To tell you the truth. The other day I went to the Big Hole in Kimberley. Did a small tour there that started off with a 20 minute propaganda movie…you guessed it…nailing the Boers again. Who else.

The movie started off by saying that the movie and events were portrayed by two FICTIONAL characters, one from England and one local Black dude who came to Kimberley after he was mistreated on a Boer farm up north somewhere…

Then they tell the story of Barney Barnato and Cecil John Rhodes and how Rhodes bought out Barnato to establish De Beers Consolidated mines with the backing of Lord Nathan Mayer Rothschild…quite unashamedly. Quite proud of it actually. Even on display in the diamond museum. You can even read it on Wikipedia.

And I was sitting there listening to how they demonized the “Bad Boers” who mistreated the poor Black dudes…all fictional of course…and I was thinking how many tourists came through there every day.

How many parents with their children from all over the world have heared this bollocks propaganda against the Boers every day? How many has ever written to the Kimberley museum and complained about it? Probably none.

It just made me realize again at what level we are fighting this propaganda war. That it is everywhere around us. That we must speak up and speak the truth. We should not be taking this in our stride or take this lying down. We should fight them every step of the way.

Anyway...now they are forced to leave South Africa. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch. Good riddance.

As for the Boers...They are still here.

SAPS - Should we praise incompetence, corruption and inefficiency?

By Mike Smith
16th of January 2013

I read the other day that new Japanese research shows that compliments not cash make people try harder.

They often tell me I do not give enough credit when it is due, like with the ANC government or the police, etc when they do something right. So let us explore that for a moment.

First of all, it will be a cold day in hell when I praise a corrupt Marxist ANC regime for ANYTHING, because they NEVER do anything right. Let us look at the police for instance.

During the festive season, I was quite impressed to see the police presence in the Cape in general and throughout SA on the roads.

On the Cape beaches I saw them on quad bikes patrolling up and down (apparently going to be changed to golf carts after some people complained about the noise), police vans driving through the streets everywhere and traffic cops behind a bush about every 100 meters on the National roads.

You now have double the amount of police personel than during Apartheid and people are living in virtual prisons behind electrified and razor fences where private security guards who outnumber the police by three to one protect the inhabitants… Oh how the irony… And then the brainless have the audacity to call the Apartheid government “A Police State”.

So why should we not credit the police for their presence in any case? Because that is all it is; a presence. They do nothing; they are just there.

Should Rugby players be credited for their presence on the field or for what they actually accomplish?

Now let us look at what they have actually accomplished and claimed to have accomplished.

A senior crime researcher at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) has called for the probe into police inefficiency in Khayelitsha to be extended to include the police service nationally. Useless, corrupt and inefficient SA Police Force to be probed

Dr Johan Burger, a senior researcher in the ISS’s crime and justice programme, said, “The high levels of alleged corruption, criminality and inefficiencies in the South African Police Service have to be investigated nationally. We are renewing our call for the president to institute a national commission of inquiry into police inefficiency.”

This is a typical example of how the ANC Marxist trash usually operates and creates their own misery. First of all they did nothing and let things slide down a little. Let crime get worse a little. Then they disbanded specialized crime units like Brixton murder and robbery and the child protection unit and let crime get even worse. Then they disbanded the commando system that protected farmers and let crime and murder on farms escalate to its worse levels in SA history. Then when that was not enough, presidents Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma respectively released thousands dangerous prisoners onto the SA public…but when the police still managed to do their jobs to a certain extent, The ANC dumbed down the police training

27000 police officers declared incompetent to handle firearms

After the ANC stuffed up the SA police service, the Police Commissioner had the audacity to say that Police being killed is a tragedy

She and her corrupt masters are responsible for any dead police men. And to crown it all, the tax payer must now pay for an enquiry into police uselessness. The entire SAPS should be declared criminal. The whole lot!

I see someone has actually started documenting The crimes of the SA police on a blog.

Now according to the Police minister “A total of 67 000 people were arrested in the country's nine provinces during the festive season”…. Thousands arrested over festive period …Which sounds OK until you read through the propaganda.

Look how the media states it: “The crimes committed included murder, robberies, rape, kidnapping, burglary, fraud and shoplifting, he told reporters in Pretoria.”

How many exactly were arrested for murder, rape, robbery? Oh I see…The word association of “thousands” should make us believe “thousands” were arrested for rape robbery and murder. Media Psyops on a high level again.

Cut the propaganda bullshit. Where are the official statistics, Minister Mthwethwa?

Why are you and your corrupt ANC government maintaining a moratorium on crime statistics?

“About 51 191 fines were issued during this period for various offences from traffic violations to illegally operating liquor outlets, he said.”

See? That they can do well. Harass motorists and shebeen operators, but murderers, robbers and rapists they cannot stop or catch, and in fact aid criminals and take part in criminal acts themselves. Here are a few examples from the last few days showing how useless and corrupt are police force is.

Another elderly white couple killed on a farm

“The husband was found on the floor of the tuck shop, with his feet tied and head covered with a material sack.” The body of the woman, aged between 70 and 75 years-old, was found tucked into a freezer. And as usual…”

Police said no arrests had been made. Mbambo said the motive for the killing could be robbery.”

Double murder in sleepy Cape village shakes community

The body of 51-year-old Antonet Hestermann, was found on a bed in the bedroom, with gunshot wounds on the right side of her head and chest. Her husband, 52-year-old Martin Hestermann, was found on the couch with a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

As usual, the police have no clue. Do they ever?

Police captain arrested for robbing business - while in uniform

Police Station Commander in court on robbery charges

Captain Anna Phorotlho, 42, was arrested in connection with several robberies at foreign-owned shops in the Wrenchville area last year. She was allegedly identified by the robbers as the one who transported them to the shops and apparently also supplied them with a firearm for a robbery on January 3, 2012.

They are so useless and incompetent that they shoot themselves Cops shoot cops in case of mistaken identity

The top cops just assault the public like they want to Top cop in assault row

Or they extort bribes from the public … Motorists urged to bust corrupt cops

Hey? How can one have respect for them? How can one praise the SA Police or the Metro police for that matter when it is going like that? Corrupt and useless to the core. From the top to the bottom. The whole bloody lot of them.