28 March 2013

Totalitarian tip-toeing has just become an “In your face” Totalitarian goose-step

By Mike Smith
28th of March 2013

Phuq the Constitution. Big Brother is now officially in charge of South Africa.

They can now hack your emails and cell phones without the approval of a judge.

Spy bill paves way for agency merger

The State Security Agency (SSA), the country’s main spy agency, is to be prohibited from collecting intelligence on lawful political activity and dissent within South Africa.

But the country’s spies will not need to get authorisation from a judge before they bug e-mails and phone calls between people in South Africa and those in other countries.

A law onto themselves.

What is “lawful political activity and dissent”?

It is fully open to interpretation.

Whenever the powers in charge (currently the ANC Marxist terrorist regime) decide that you are their enemy, they can now legally hack your emails, hack your bank accounts, hack just about anything about you…so that they can stay in charge forever.

Welcome, Big Brother. What George Orwell warned us against is now here.

And let me tell you what. Nobody in South Africa will be on the streets to protest this.

Let me remind you that the powers of government are limited by our Constitution.

Our Constitution is what we as the citizens of South Africa tell our government what our freedoms are and our mandate to them is to protect those freedoms.

That is their job. Nothing else.

The ANC is not there to build roads or schools or whatever…The only job of the ANC terrorist regime is to protect our freedoms.

If they cannot do that, and in fact systematically starts to erode or take our freedoms away, then they have become redundant.

That is exactly what they have been doing since they came to power in 1994. They have gone to war with us, the South African citizens, but then again they have always been at war with us.

That is why we have to get rid of them as soon as possible.

What these bastards are driving at the moment is fully unconstitutional.

In our Bill of rights section 14 it clearly states;

14. Privacy

Everyone has the right to privacy, which includes the right not to have ¬

a. their person or home searched;
b. their property searched;
c. their possessions seized; or
d. the privacy of their communications infringed

The Bill of rights of South Africa

What about item “d” is it that our government does not understand?

They forget that they are Civil Servants. All these government spies are in our employ. We pay their salaries. They are there to protect our civil liberties as outlined in our constitution.

They are not in the service of the ANC government. They are in the service of the people of South Africa.

I think sometimes they forget that.

Under Affirmative Action criminals always win

By Mike Smith
28th of March 2013

There is no more justice in South Africa.

A criminal…a drunk driver a weapons smuggler and a cowardly terrorist bomber walked free today.

Robert McBride wins drunk driving appeal

And he was a police chief on the East Rand once…

Well, what do you expect when you have Affirmative Action appointees as state prosecutors and judges or as police investigators bungling case after case?

Fact is the state will NEVER be able to prove any of its cases and the hardcore criminals will all walk free. Perfect if you are an ANC politician.

The seven policemen who have shot and beaten Andries Tatane to death all walked free today. Despite the video footage shown on televisions all over the world.

Opposition parties bemoan acquittal of Tatane cops

As we have seen in case after case…”Regional Magistrate Hein van Niekerk found the State could not prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.“

How? Please tell me how the state will ever be able to prove its case when you have thousands of cops as gangsters?

And the rest all corrupt to the core? Thousands of gangster cops not dismissed

How is the Affirmative Action appointed State Prosecutor going to present his evidence gathered from Affirmative Action cops and AA investigators who have sent their “evidence” to laboratories where AA appointed laboratory rats and hamsters are running the show...?

How are we ever to expect to get a positive result and a bit of justice out of this Fucked up Affirmative Action system?

This is the real reason behind Affirmative Action. It is a system to appoint the idiots in positions that matter…like state prosecutor or judge, so that no important questions ever gets asked and the criminal scum in the ANC can steal to their heart’s content and if ever prosecuted, can walk free.

It is not brilliant, it is obvious! It is called "Power for ever".

Why are we on this blog the only ones to pick this up?

There are “Experts” on Affirmative Action in South Africa. The young Dr. Johan van Rensburg of the DA wrote his thesis on AA.

So did Dr. Dirk Hermann of Solidarity.

In fact Dirkie Hermann wrote a booklet on how to “fairly” introduce an abomination…an anathema of a racist system called Affirmative Action…a booklet freely distributed to all Afrikanerbond members.

What a bunch of naïve idiots who think that Affirmative Action has anything to do with “Redressing the injustices of the past”…

Please do not tell me that these so called “experts” cannot see what Affirmative Action is really about? Is there an English word for the term ”Fachidiot”?

Here is a quick rule of thumb for all those so called “Experts”…

Whenever the ANC introduces a new law or a new policy, be sure that it is not there to benefit the Lumpenproletariat that votes for them or any of South Africa’s minorities...

It is there to benefit and enrich the few ANC scumbags at the top...ONLY!

So you would think that there is a problem at the quality of people being recruited for the police...?

Right there is!

Even the police minister acknowledged it. Recruitment a problem for SAPS: Mthethwa

Disgusting I tell you. They will take anything that puts up its hand…even a trained killer squirrel.

Let me tell you how the SA police recruit their members…

They send some burly guys down from Caledon Square to the Grand Parade in Cape Town to go and shake those big palm trees and then you see the GOOD ones fall out…these ones will become the senior officers.

Then they proceed to the Gardens and shake a few oak trees and the NCO’s fall out…

The rest of the lot…the constables and parking ticket officers, they recruit amongst the Bergies in Long Street or the ghentoos on the docs.

Mandela in hospital again – lung infection

By Mike Smith
28th of March 2013

Is this it? Is this the big one? Is the old terrorist scumbag going to croak for real this time?

He has been dodging that coffin for far too long, because he knows what is waiting for him.

The same fate as all his commie buddies, like Stalin, Che, Mao, Chavez, Khadaffi and Ayatollah Khomeini, etc. At least he will feel right at home.

Just in case it is so…my special bottle of Moet et Chandon is waiting in the fridge.

Nelson Mandela in hospital with lung infection

27 March 2013

The Marikana update – March 2013- The Assassination of the Muti Man Alton Joja

By Mike Smith
27th of March 2013

Those of you who have been following the Marikana trial in the MSM will remember how I pointed out the lies and discrepancies in the videos of the events as well as the maps presented in the MSM back then.

They either had it all false by accident, incompetence or on purpose.

Nevertheless, from analyzing the evidence and discussing it with others, especially former special forces operatives in Angola, I drew up the simple map of how the Lonmin- Marikana massacre REALLY happened.

You can see it here The Battle of Marikana: A preliminary analysis

In fact if you read the report of the testimony of a miner testifying in front of the Farlam commission it strokes 100% with what we have said right here on this blog and our map. Marikana witness: Police encircled us

You can also read my summary to date and all the other links here: The Marikana summary

So far the video footage, the investigations and the testimonies in court has proved us 100% correct.

This was a premeditated massacre, orchestrated from high up in the ANC government from those who have mining interests and carried out by the police.

What has become disconcerting to me is how the miners have been smeared and attempts to discredit their testimonies have been made.

Make no mistake, these miners WERE armed and they HAVE killed two security guards. So they were not innocent, but neither was the police. They were not in direct threat, the miners did not attack them…in fact the Police were the aggressors.

But the police testified that the miners used a horrible concoction of human body parts known as “Muti” to aid them in their attack against the police.

South African miners ‘took potion made of murdered guard’s tongue and chin to make them invincible

The hardcore gang of ‘Makarapa’ had a ‘muti’ medicine made up of the dead guard’s tongue and chin poured into cuts on their bodies before storming towards armed police with spears and axes, police lawyer Vuyani Ngalwana told the Farlam Commission. He added that the miners thought the potion ‘would render them strong, invincible and invisible’. ‘Mr X would testify that the muti would prevent bullets from penetrating the skin, ‘ he said.

True or not??

When the police lawyer Mr Ngalwana suggested the tongue and chin of the security guard had been used in the potion, Mr Magidiwana replied: ‘I’m hearing about this for the first time.’

Was it true or not? Who knows?

That they used Muti is clear, but if it was made from human body parts is not, but the damage has been done. The miners have been thrown with shit and some of it stuck.

The man who could shed light on the ingredients of the Muti, the Sangoma Alton Joja, 69 aka Ndzabe, was gunned down a few days ago. He was going to testify in front of the Farlam commission. Just a coincidence? Revenge of vindictive miners? Or maybe the police?

In an interview with the Dispatch Newspaper, The Sangoma denied ever giving the miner’s any Muti whatsoever or even interacting with them.

Marikana Sangoma denied ever giving Muti to the miners

Ghmpf...So what the hell was he doing at Lonmin Mine near Marikana then? Visiting family?

Let us examine, because apparently it is a major riddle…

Riddle of Marikana muti man killing

Alton Joja was shot several times (13 times) on the upper body by unknown men who took his vehicle and left him for the dead. At the one moment the media says that "No words were spoken between him and the men who killed him."

...but then the next says that he came out wanting to know from them what they wanted.

They pretended to come in there and consult him at 22h00 on a Sunday evening “armed with pistols and rifles”…what caliber was unknown from the report…and then killed him.

There was apparently no motive. Nothing was taken except for the vehicle, which the men later abandoned and set alight in Ndela location, about 2km from Joja’s home.

But an earlier report actually did identify the caliber of firearms involved as well as the car and the amount of assassins… Marikana muti man killed

Area police spokesman Captain Mlungisi Matidane confirmed the killing, Dispatch Online reported on Monday.

According to the report, Matidane said five men driving a Polo went into Ndzabe’s homestead on Sunday morning under the pretence that they were there to consult the healer.

“He walked towards them to find out what they wanted.

As he was talking to them, one of the men drew a 9mm pistol and shot him. He fell on the ground and the rest of the men drew R5 rifles and started shooting,” said Matidane.

Now here is another discrepancy. The previous report said the assassination occurred at 22h00 on Sunday. The other report said it occurred on Sunday morning. So when was it exactly?

Ask the lying media. His daughter said it was during broad daylight.

Daughter sees healer’s murder

The Daily Dispatch has learned that after shooting Ndzabe in the chest the men turned him over and shot him in the back.

So obviously they wanted to make sure he was dead...from both sides. Definately a professional hit.

However, the most important thing was that these assassins were armed with 9mm pistols and R5 rifles. Standard police issue.

Nothing was stolen, so they were not “robbers”… Maybe it is just me…Maybe I am just taking a shot in the dark here (pun intended), but something tells me that the police did not want this Sangoma to testify against them at the Farlam commission and he was conveniently gunned down. By whom, is totally unknown.

26 March 2013

How BEE destroys your business 1time shoeshine

By Mike Smith
26th of March 2013

Liberals are the most paradoxical and hypocritical idiots you can come across.

Apparently they are against racism, but at the same time fully support racist policies such as Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment…especially when they can gain financially from it.

But every now and again it backfires on them. Like recently with the demise of low cost flight operation “1time”.

BEE team blamed for 1time demise

When will these liberal idiots realize that BEE has nothing to do with the “Empowerment” of Blacks?

It is Communist Newspeak for the “De-Empowerment of Whites”!!

It is all about the systematic theft and destruction of white businesses, especially the ones who are in competition with the ANC and their cronies.

1time was started by three white men, Rodney James, Glenn Orsmond and Michael Kaminsky in 2003 and for the next seven years were making a profit. 1time was the fastest-growing airline in the country for those seven years.

Then something happened. Their airplanes got old and it became time to renew the fleet of gas-guzzling McDonnell Douglas MD-80s with more fuel-efficient Boeing 737-300s.

The question was only where to get the funding from.

That is where they took a decision that would see them go out of business in less than two years …

They took on a Black investment group (25% share) who had no experience in aviation at all, but who was backed by funding from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

This would provide them with the money to buy the new planes…At least, so they thought.

Six months later, the CEO, Mr. Glenn Orsmond resigned. He could see the writing on the wall.

He was then replaced by BEE consortium leader Blacky Komani. Shareholders almost had a fit, because Komani had no experience, but their fears were put to rest when Mr James said he would stay on as CEO.

However, six months later James also quit , followed by Kaminsky.

Mr James claims they lost management control to a bunch of novices. “We were outnumbered on the board so it was not difficult for us to be outvoted on the board,” he says.

“The BEE guys” with no experience made “crazy” decisions that were “suicidal”, he says.

Their biggest blunder was cutting operations by 30%, thus killing cash flow, but maintaining their overheads.

“Our strategies and vision to move forward were completely different to the BEE guys and the rest of the board. None of our proposals went through. That’s why we all left. We couldn’t agree on anything, from the strategic things to operations. And they had zero experience.”

Second, the founders and executives of 1time didn’t think their new partners would snatch management control out of their hands quite so soon.

“We brought them into management, thinking they would come in and learn. We were quite happy for them to take over management one day in the future, once they’d learnt how. But they came in and I guess felt they didn’t need to learn, and that they could run the airline.”

In the following six months, the new controlling shareholders “purged” the rest of the executive team, says Mr James.

As the incumbent CEO, he was unceremoniously let go in March 2012. “I thought it was quite arrogant. I was having discussions with them and the next day I was gone. And they were extremely happy to see the back of me.”

Poor mindless liberals...Serves them right. I hope they now realize what BEE is all about. These creature are not taking over your business to invest and make a profit. They simply want to destroy your business.

The CAR update

By Mike Smith
26th of March 2013

Funny how these so called “Special Forces” of the SANDF could act anything but special.

According to the report below… “…senior officers were warned last week that circumstances in the country had deteriorated drastically.

There was also doubt about how the army would withdraw its soldiers should the situation get out of control.” CAR mission was suicide

See? They had no withdrawl plan, no contingency plans, no casevac plan…Nothing! Apparently, according to some reports, they were outnumbered by the rebels 15 to 1 (200 SANDF against 3000 rebels) and also had no support and kept bumming supplies from the French Forces.

Other reports say they were outnumbered 5 to 1 (200 against 1000)

Some reports say the fight lasted 9 hours, others say it was “more than 13 hours”… Who and what can you believe?

The SANDF “soldiers” apparently also ran out of ammunition and eventually ran away.

Due to a lack of money and air support, the army struggled to support its soldiers logistically. There was apparently only a single doctor with a backpack as medical support. The South Africans apparently had to keep calling the 150 French parabats for essential equipment, although these soldiers were meant to look after French interests. The officers’ concerns were ignored and an additional 200 soldiers were sent to Bangui on Friday night.

CAR rebels are angry because South African soldiers apparently helped President François Bozizé flee to the DRC over the weekend.

SA soldiers had now become a target.

SA Air Force aircraft were also put on standby on Monday night, though due to financial constraints the Gripens were not armed with weapons with an attack capacity.

Apparently Brigadier General Xolani Mabanga of the SANDF said that the rebels appologised for killing South African soldiers and according to General Solly Shoke, after the rebels kicked SANDF butt, the rebels eventually came with a white flag and negotiated surrender.

Bwahahahahaha!!! What utter bollocks and amateurish spin doctoring.

SANDF: Rebels regretted actions

Rubish 101: Rebels surrendered after winning battle against SANDF

This report from the Sowetan states that the SANDF “soldiers” were shot AFTER the rebels approached them with a white flag…Sucker punched them. So the “special forces” are stupid to boot if you can believe any of this junk.

Only the ANC can turn a bunch of cowardly, yellow belly losers into heroes. Just like Thabo Mbeki at the funeral of Sarah Baartman’s remains, turned a pennyless prostitute and freak show into a national heroine

But why where these soldiers appointed to CAR in the first place? It is not our fight? Francois Bozize was a brutal dictator that came to power through a coup in 2003. Why would President Zuma send troops to support him? What business does Zuma have propping up dictators in Africa other than personal interest and enrichment? ...As with the R200bn for the 40,000MW Grand Inga hydroelectric project, set to be built at the Inga Falls on the Congo River, about 300km from Kinshasa.

Nevertheless, I could not give a rats ass about the SANDF clowns that got massacred. I have no time for anybody serving the ANC terrorist regime. My only concern is that after the embarrassing hiding the SANDF got, we, the taxpayer’s will have to fork out the bucks for this show of amateur theatrics ordered by President Zuma himself. It has already cost us to the tune of  R600 million to prop this former dictator up.

 How the army was let down

25 March 2013

SANDF clowns slaughtered in CAR

By Mike Smith
25th of March 2013

Everytime I think about the current SANDF the word “Useless” drifts past my mind.

They are not a soldiers’ arse. Throwing down the rifle and running in the opposite direction when the bullets start to fly is their trademark.

These clowns couldn’t even hold back a few rag-tag rebels in the Central African Republic.

To put it in simple English; “They got their arses handed to them.

How many were exactly killed is unknown and reports differ, but this one reckons 13 died and 27 were wounded.

13 SANDF soldiers die

Rebels seized the riverside capital of Bangui in fierce fighting on Sunday, forcing President Francois Bozize to flee.

Already the bullshit excuses and commie lies are coming in…They had no arial support…They were outnumbered etc.
‘It was 200 of us against 3 000 rebels’

Firstly, the rebels also did not have arial support. Secondly I do not for one moment believe the lies of the ANC regime.

I won’t be surprised if this was just a handful of rebels against 200 SANDF clowns.

So the ANC regime has no other choice, but to lie, because if the truth comes out, Zuma’s head and that of Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula will roll.

This is what happens when you have an Affirmative Action military made up of grossly incompetent wannabe generals with Coke-top medals for proud service as cowardly MK terrorists.

The useless, ill disciplined and ill trained troops are even worse, but sending such clowns into battle is akin to murder. Who ordered it? President ZUMA himself. He ignored the advise of certain generals to withdraw and instead sent in an extra 200 troops.

Nevertheless...As these MK clowns now discovered...It is one thing to blow up innocent women and children in Wimpy Bars…quite a different story to fight determined African rebels. Red faces as mission to CAR unravels

These bunch of sissies retreated to their barracks to go and hide under their beds. They looked for safe passage to the airport and pleaded with the French to bail them out of the shit! How utterly embarrassing!

SA soldiers in CAR retreat to barracks, want out
SA Air Force 'on rescue mission to CAR'

24 March 2013

A thousand posts

By Mike Smith
25th of March 2013

If a picture says a thousand words, then how much does a thousand blog posts say?

Today is a special day for old Mike.

This is my one thousandth post on this blog.

That is right, five years, 1000 posts and 14,000 comments from you, my loyal supporters.

Over the last five years we have had a lot of ups and downs…even moved house a few times, but we are still here keeping the flame of truth burning.

And I can assure you…as long as old Mike’s asshole points downwards, he will NEVER give up the fight.

So to celebrate and commemorate this special occasion, I thought it good to write another chapter for my upcoming book, Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box.

At the moment the chapters are still a bit scrambled, but the end result will be all sorted out and a best seller and a reference for posterity. At the moment it is still a work in progress. So please be patient.

Thanks for your support over the last years.

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 37 – The effects of music and popular culture during Apartheid

By Mike Smith
25th of March 2013

As this series has proved over and over, the portrait of white South Africans being mindless racists oppressing blacks was mainly due to a relentless propaganda campaign launched in the 1950’s by foreign mining conglomerates their lapdog secret agencies and trumpeted out through their liberal main stream media newspapers, etc.

This propaganda and psyops campaign was so successful, that people across the world, as well as black South Africans, still hold that image of white South Africans today.

Part of the reason of this series is to shatter such myths and explain in simple language how it REALLY was under Apartheid.

One of these myth shattering examples was the white people’s taste in music during Apartheid.

If they were such racists, why did they make black artist so rich by buying all their music?

Let us take a case study from the recent Oscars as an example.

In 2013 the documentary film “Searching for Sugar Man” won several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

If you are white and grew up during the 70’s and 80’s in South Africa, you will probably know the American Rock/Blues musician simply known as “Rodriguez” who had hits like “I wonder (how many times you’ve had sex)” and “Sugarman”.

Sixto Rodriguez is basically a coloured…part Mexican, part Native American and part white from Detroit Michigan, who had a big fan base in South Africa.

A fan base that was almost exclusively WHITE.

What a lot of people do not know, is that Rodriguez was almost unheard of in his own country, the USA and back there he had virtually no following.

The same for the rest of the world, except for a small cult following in Australia. In reality he never made it anywhere in the world, except for South Africa.

Ironically Rodriguez himself was not even aware of his fame in South Africa…that his album “At His Best” went platinum and that white South Africans were basically the only people who bought his music.

But then suddenly his music stopped and Rodrigeuz disappeared. In South Africa rumours started to spread that he committed suicide… Then in the 1990’s two Cape Town fans Stephen Segerman and Craig Strydom decided to go and look for Rodriguez.

They eventually tracked him down working as a bricklayer in Detroit. Rodriguez holds a Bachelor in Philosophy from Wayne State University's Monteith College in 1981.

Because of their efforts, an Oscar winning documentary was made and Rodriguez’s music has seen a revival and he is currently touring the world and couldn’t be at the Baftas or Oscars, because he was throwing a concert in Cape Town at the time (Feb 2013).

Searching for Sugar Man wins best documentary Oscar

But Rodriguez was not the only one.

As far back as 1966, the year Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, the so called “Architect of Apartheid” was assassinated, the black American singer, Percy Sledge made it big in South Africa with his song, “When a man loves a women”, a song later desecrated by Michael Bolton.

Even my own mother is still until this day a big Percy Sledge fan and has almost every single album he ever brought out.

The 1970’s disco scene in South Africa was no different. You could hear the music of Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Boney M, The Goombay Dance Band and many more pumping in the white discos of South Africa.

Then the 1980’s came…Oh the 80’s… White school children and just about everyone else fell in love with Reggae.

A lot of the reggae lyrics, by greats like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh were hardcore anti white. Did the whites care? No.

Who can forget the Eddy Grant hit, “Give me hope Johanna” directly attacking South Africa and Apartheid at the time…whites were singing and dancing along, even buying the music that called for their destruction.

I can even remember older people like my own mother singing along to “Buffalo soldier” (Bob Marley) and “Give me hope Johanna” (Eddy Grant).

Many whites in South Africa at the time of the ‘80’s were seduced by the smooth R&b/Soul love songs of black artists like Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder and Dionne Warwick to name, but a few.

Cape Coloured Jonathan Butler emigrated to the UK, apparently, because of Apartheid, but made his wealth on the back of it. He perfected his guitar playing under the tutelage of George Benson and became a world star.

In the ‘80’s in the clubs and discos, whites were dancing and singing to the tune of a child molester like Michael Jackson and a drug addict like Whitney Houston.

The NG Kerk Dominees (Dutch Reformed Ministers) were warning the youngsters against so called “Satanic Bands” like AC/DC, KISS, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, etc…all white bands by the way…but I can never recall one moment that they ever warned us against Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder or Whitney Houston.

It seems like a makeshift Devil was held in our faces at the front door whilst the real Devil slipped in by the back door.

As a practicing martial artist for the last 30 years I must admit that I was inspired by the movies of Chinese actor Bruce Lee. I still hold him in high regard not so much as a movie actor, but as a martial arts philosopher. I have not only seen all his movies, but also own all the books he ever wrote. The Toa of Jeet Kune Do is a Martial arts classic that ranks up there with Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings.

Thousands of white South African martial artists were likewise inspired by Bruce Lee to take up Karate or Kung Fu as a self defence system. Where they racist? obviously not by far.

Today I am a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Vale Tudo and MMA.

Mixed Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do was the original philosophy of Bruce Lee. The Brazilians are not exactly white, but they have produced the best unarmed, no-holds-barred fighting system this world has ever seen and they have proved this over and over in no-holds barred competitions. Full respect to them.

As a 15yo child, my own mother cut my Jiu Jitsu suit that I bought with my own money that I worked for to pieces with a bread knife, asking me what I wanted with this “Hotnot Kak”.

She considered Orientals as coloureds…This while she was a Percy Sledge fan. Go Figure. Such was the dual mentality of whites at the time during Apartheid.

Nevertheless, during the 1980’s we have seen a lot of films where the heroes were either wise cracking American negroes like Beverley Hills Cop with Eddy Murphy…or morally superior to whites like in the Lethal Weapon series where Mel Gibson played an unstable veteran from Vietnam and black actor Danny Glover played the role of reserved family man.

Ask any social worker anywhere in the world where they have seen a stable black family, especially as portrayed in Lethal Weapon. Good luck with that.

White South Africans flocked to these movies…probably for entertainment value, yet supporting the bastards who were making them out as scum actually.

But the most deliberate and disgusting factor came during Lethal Weapon II when the WHITE South Africans were blatantly pointed out as the corrupt baddies…speaking Afrikaans , nogal. Again white South Africans…Afrikaners in their thousands…flocked to the cinemas to go and see what scum they were as portrayed by Hollywood.

During the same time we had television sitcoms like the Cosby Show and the Fresh Prince of Bell Air showing us that Blacks were the same as us…Educated, humorous, and just generally great people to hang around with.

Meanwhile the reality on the ground during the 1980’s in South Africa was that of blacks murdering other blacks with the necklace method in the townships. Blacks throwing other blacks off moving trains, etc.

On television news we were confronted with all this horror that was reality in the townships of South Africa on a daily basis…shortly to be followed by the Cosby Show showing us a Hollywood fabrication of a perfect funny black family just to sooth our minds...They are not all like that, right?

People swallowed the Cosby Show and ignored the reality of South Africa’s townships.

At school our setwork books for English and Afrikaans were written by LWB's like Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and Dalene Mathee’s “Fiela se kind” portraying blacks as morally superior and totally innocent and whites as biased, racist bigots.

These books were approved by the SA government at the time. The minister of education was one F.W. de Klerk.

Today South Africa has a princess in Monaco, who cares nothing about what is happening in SA at the moment.

Last year, our Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron adopted a black baby and named him “Jackson”.

The most corrupt President SA has ever seen, Jacob Zuma is in love with Charlize Theron We are proud of our Charlize; Zuma

From 1996 to 2008 she contributed R3.6 Million ($450000 US) to ANC election campaigns with a further R250000 ($30000 US) to the ANC woman’s league and ANC youth league.

Treasure General’s report of 2004

The released records end with 2009, however considering the Treasurer General’s report of 2004, wherein it was revealed that Theron’s Africa Outreach Project would, as part of its annual operations cost, include a R800000 ($60000 US) yearly donation to the Youth league It is safe to assume that she has continued with her contributions.

Charlize Theron fully supports the Black Panther Party and their ideology of killing all whites in South Africa. She regularly appears at their functions.

Considering the history of South Africa and the writings of maniacs like Franz Fanon, it is my opinion that the “Total Onslaught” against white South Africans has not stopped and will not stop until the last white baby has been brutally murdered and wiped off the face of the earth.

Nothing has changed in the mindsets of black South Africans since the massacre at Bloukrantz and very little has changed in the mindsets of Whites across the world in the way they view us white South Africans.

21 March 2013

On Human Rights and Hypocrites

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2013

Today is again one of those stupid and meaningless ANC Marxist holidays, namely Human Rights Day.

Basically it is the day this Communist trash hypocritically commemorate the Sharpeville “massacre” and forget all about their human rights abuses in camps like Quatro and their terrorist campaign against the citizens of SA blowing up innocent women and children with bombs in restaurants and landmines on farm roads.

You won’t hear them mention ANY human rights abuses from their Communist Masters in the USSR, former East Germany, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, etc…

Read the “Black Book of Communism”, Communism is the true Crime against Humanity.

They also conveniently forget about what happened at Cato Manor and what led up to Sharpeville. So every year I remind them about it.

Sharpeville revisited: The Avocado tree at Cato Manor

While we are on the subject of Human Rights and Hypocrites, let us also not forget some of our former fiercest enemies and militant anti-Apartheid campaigners namely Australia and the Catholic Church.

Today Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard apologised to Australian mothers for forced adoptions

That is right. Since the 1940’s until the 1980’s, The Australian government, in cahoots with the Roman Catholic Church stole the babies of unmarried mothers and gave them up for adoption to married couples.

Roman Catholic hospitals in Australia apologised in 2011 for forcing unmarried mothers to give up babies for adoption and urged state governments to accept financial responsibility.

Hey? Human trafficking is internationally illegal as far as I know. Why are these bastards not being tried in The Hague?

Also do not forget the Stolen Generations of how the Australian Federal and State governments removed 100,000 aboriginal children from their parents and put them with white families. Kevin Rudd apologized in 2007 for that.

It makes me sick to the stomach when I just think about the 1980’s, the sanctions, the sports boycotts and the Anti-Apartheid Movement’s demonstrations against us in Australia.

I wonder when the Australian government is going to issue an apology for their violent hate campaign against white South Africans during the 1960’s to 1980’s. Don’t hold your breath.

20 March 2013

More than half of all crimes in SA not reported…whilst the Police Minister misapplies highly skilled officers

By Mike Smith
20th of March 2013

In South Africa, 3.3 million crimes occur per year and half of them are not reported. A total of 1.7 million, or 52 percent, of crimes committed in South Africa went unreported in 2011.

This is according to the SA Institute of Race Relations, which released a report on Tuesday saying the figures included 82 000 unreported house robberies and 8 000 hijackings. It also noted that three murders went unreported every day. …it was estimated that around 60 percent of rapes were never reported.

More than half of SA’s crimes not reported

But according to our illustrious and useless Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, it is not unique to SA to under report crime.

This is actually a global problem.

Police Ministry spokesman Zweli Mnisi said, “the ministry was trying to reverse the trend”.

Oh really? Could have fooled me…

Mnisi said the ministry had emphasised that policing must not be seen as a favour to society, but rather a mandate.

“Based on this, society has legitimate expectations that police in their entirety will treat them with courtesy and respect and they must.”

See? The police thinks they are doing us a favour.

Bloody right we have expectations of the police, since we pay their damn salaries, including that of the minister.

It is our lives at stake here.

Apparently they are improving certain departments…Details are not clear.

At the same time the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld reported today that the police’s highly trained elite anti-terrorist unit, the Special Task Force is now being used to open gates at their offices in Pretoria-West.

Task Force members opening gates

Can you believe it? Highly trained officers, reduced to nothing but security guards guarding gates. What a disgrace. What does this do to their morale? What is next? Fighter pilots sweeping the parade ground?

It just goes to show that the ANC has no serious attitude to reduce crime. In fact everything they do undermines the task of the police.

It appears as if the criminal ANC scum is going out of their way to support the criminals, not the innocent and victimized public.

Hardcore criminals like murderers and rapists can vote. They can study for free and left out early on good behavior to rape and murder within 24 hrs of their release. IFP shocked at parolee rape charge

As long as the ANC is in power, crime will NEVER come down. The ANC is the root cause of the crime. They are creating the conditions in SA where crime thrives. It is no use we hack away at the branches…we have to kill the roots if we hope to ever make headway against crime in this country.

19 March 2013

That’s it. We are Fucked. Assembly approves Weapons Bill

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2013

We are fucked in SA…Assembly approves Weapons Bill

Or are we? Are we really fucked now that the ANC Marxist terrorist regime has introduced their new “Weapons Bill”?

Are we now dangerous criminals because we carry marshmallows around?

That is what it comes down to. You can kill someone with a toothbrush or no weapons at all. A trained martial artist will be locked up for the rest of his life simply because he used his body as a weapon to save his own life or that of his family.

Do we have to accept this authoritarian crap? If you have read Franz Kafka’s “The Castle”…then the short answer is NO!

You are only a prisoner of the system if you accept it and allow them to be your boss. You give them the power over you, because you do not rebel against it.

Jesus Christ help me, because every day I wander myself more and more into a revolutionary when I see injustice like this.

My gloves I have dusted off long ago. I am just about ready to go onto the streets and oust this scum from my country.

Daily I pray that I will not be the spark that will ignite SA into flames and will lead us getting rid of this Marxist filth that has defiled our beautiful country for too long.

I tell you, I am on the verge.

If you are a South African no matter where you are in the world…and you are not burning with righteous indignation like I am then there must be something wrong with you.

I say FUCK THEM! Fuck these Marxist terrorist ANC. Let’s get rid of them once and for all!

ANC clips South African Air force’s wings and clouts the Navy “deaf in one ear”

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2013

It is just unbelievable what these Marxist terrorist scum-bags have done with our once proud armed forces…and it is unimaginable what they are still going to do.

A week ago it has emerged that twelve of the 26 Swedish built Gripen fighter jets that we bought for the SAAF at a cost of R19 Billion have been mothballed…retired into “long term storage”.

A dozen SAAF Gripens in long-term storage

According to defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, the Air Force does not have the funding to fly them.

But they have funding to build a palace for Zuma and his five wives. They have “funding” to piss up against the wall to the tune of R25 Billion as the Auditor General has just discovered. R25 Billion down the drain; wasted on unauthorised, irregular, fruitless and wasteful spending

Defence analyst Helmoed-Römer Heitman noted the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) requires fighter pilots to log at least 20 flight hours per month (240 flight hours per year per fighter pilot) to remain qualified.

At present the SAAF can only muster six qualified Gripen pilots who only have 150 flying hours available across the whole Gripen squadron this year.

In the Navy it is not going much better. The SA Navy is “deaf in one ear” after copper thieves made off with more than 5km of cable from the naval command centre at Silvermine in Cape Town. Navy base hit by cable thefts

WTF? Can’t they guard their own equipment? What happened to armed “swerwerwagte” or perimeter guards?

Rhetorical question…I know…no budget, right? What a joke!!

The installation is a radio base for the navy that also serves maritime patrol aircraft and foreign communications services and helps with search-and-rescue operations.

The SA Navy has two communication centres, one at Silvermine in the Cape and a standby station in Durban, KZN.

At Silvermine, the 51 antennas against the mountain are all out of action.

That effectively makes the SA Navy “deaf in one ear”.

I have my own thoughts about these “cable thefts”…Now you tell me if this is simple theft, or deliberate terrorist sabotage?

In my opinion, the ANC scum are just doing what they have always done: Sabotage and terrorise South Africa’s infrastructure and its people.

DA spokesman on defence David Maynier said, “The fact that copper thieves breached the naval command centre at Silvermine is a national - and international - embarrassment that may compromise maritime safety and national security”.

Not only that, mate…lives are at stake here. Thousands of ships pass our dangerous coast every year and many land in distress. These distressed sailors rely on these communications. Do you think the ANC cares? Like phuq they do!

Canabalistic and horific farm murders and the media cover-up

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2013

Now let me show you how the media downplays and lies about the most brutal of farm murders in South Africa, simply because it is not politically correct to tell the TRUTH about these barbaric savages.

I don’t know what else to call them, because the word “Kaffir”, meaning “unbeliever” is way too mild and calling them animals will be insulting animals.

This is the lowest parasitic and murderous scum that you can ever imagine.

Below is a horific report of a self proclaimed „traditional healer“ or „witchdoctor“ aka a “Sangoma” from Lesotho Moeketsi Hopolong Mokoena (34) who killed an Afrikaner farmer and then fried the farmer’s bodyparts in a pan. Black Witchdoctor found cooking white farmer’s body parts

He started on the 30th of March 2009 when he beat a 65 yo farmer Basie Venter from the farm Biesiesvlei to death in front of his wife. He came to the farm asking for food. When Mary Venter (68) prepared food for him, she heard the dogs and saw how the bastard Mokoena killed her husband with a piece of iron. Farmworkers chased him, but he escaped in the dark.

He then went 5km further to the farm of Jan van Wyk (82) where he slit the old man’s throat and slaughtered him like an animal in the dining room. When a friend arrived with some farm guards of the Free State Agriculture's rural safety organisation, they found Mokoena sitting on the veranda dressed only in his underpants and a shirt. He fled into the house. They arrested him and he was sent to Bloemfontein for psychiatric evaluation.

The state says that he is now fit to stand trial. Take note of Mokoena’s age, 34.

Four year ago, the media said he was 25. Farmers' alleged killer in court

Also in that report, it said that Mokoena was found, sweeping the veranda and cooking “FOOD”

...They didn’t say this canabalistic bastard was cooking the farmer’s organs in a frying pan!

Nevertheless, the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld reported about another horrific farm attack and how Johan Stiglingh (67) was murdered and his wife Corra (64) raped just before they wanted to leave their Ventersdorp farm for church on Sunday morning.

They smashed her arm to pieces with a baseball bat and smashed her husbands head in when he entered the kitchen from outside.

They were then dragged to the bedroom. At one stage when she asked the one murderer if her husband was dead, he barked… ”Yes, he is already dead, you can hear he is not breathing anymore”

He then picked her up, threw her on the bed and raped her. She said he smelled of beer, called her ugly names and during the rape, kept asking her if it was nice and if she enjoyed it.

After the rape and murder they wanted money and she gave them some wallets.

Note how throughout this report, the newspaper refered to these murdering and raping bastards as “robbers”. The “robbers” did this; The “robbers” did that.

This english report said nothing about the rape. They simply said she was tied up and assaulted Second Ventersdorp murder suspect still on the run

This one mentioned at least the possibility of a rape and that the ANC Premier Thandi Modise condemned the attack. Premier condemns Ventersdorp farm murder

18 March 2013

A day in the life of South Africa’s useless scumbag cops

By Mike Smith
18th of March 2013

You would think that in a country known as the “Crime Capital of the World”, the cops would have better things to do than harass street vendors. Think again, because that is exactly what they can do very well apart from extorting bribes from the public.

But every now and again, one of them comes short, like the one who tried to rob Rugby player Bees Roux.

Now another useless Metro cop got “Beesed” after harassing a street vendor

Cop dies after being punched

In a clash with the police, the caravan owner (vendor) threw a punch which hit a metro police officer on the jaw. The officer fell backwards and hit his head hard on the ground. A while later, he was declared dead where he lay.

Check the worry in my eye.

In the same article they mention another incident where a taxidriver chased a cop with a knife and the cop ran away, receiving three stabs in his back. Only then did he think about shooting, but shot warning shots first. Useless, I tell you.

Just after the entire world took note of how nine Daveyton cops dragged Mido Macia behind a police van, another cop, this time from North West also assaulted and dragged a man from Setlopo Village alongside a police vehicle. Cop charged in new dragging case

In an incident in Knysna, an off duty police sergeant shot a motorist in a road rage incident. The motorist reversed his pick-up from a pavement into the road and in the way of the cop’s pick-up. The cop simply got out and shot the guy in the chest. The firearm used had been stolen earlier that evening from the Knysna police station. Cop arrested for shooting motorist in Knysna

But the best for the day was this one: Police captain arrested for selling guns to criminals

A Limpopo police captain has been arrested for allegedly illegally selling guns meant to be destroyed to the public. He was in charge of the storeroom. His wife, who is also a police captain, was in on the deal. An investigation found that at least three firearms went missing and were believed to be in criminals’ hands.

“This is where we store all those illegal firearms that we recover during operations and those that people volunteer to hand in. He then illegally sells them to the public, even before he registers them in our books,” said Limpopo police spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi.

17 March 2013

Homo bitch-fight in the Vatican and other scandals

By Mike Smith
17th of March 2013


Regular readers of my blog will know that I am not an atheist, but that I dislike organized religion (money making rackets) with a passion. I am as much anti-Calvinist as I am anti-Catholic. I will never forget or forgive the hand these institutions had in betraying my people and my country and hand it over to Marxist Terrorist scum on a silver platter.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil.” - 1 Timothy 6:10

Here goes:

Julias Malema, Lulu Xingwana, Jacob Zuma, Lassy Chiwayo, Adriaan Vlok…the list of idiots coming from South Africa is almost endless, but now, a supposedly respectable member of the cloth, Cardinal “Dimwit” Napier has added his voice to the clown chorus from South Africa.

According to Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier (don’t be fooled by his middle name), Paedophiles are not criminals

Apparently they are just very ill people.

So is the ANC, dear Cardinal, but…they are also criminals.

Now if the cardinal starts to defend such scum as paedophiles, it makes you wonder if he is not one himself.

On the one hand, the Cardinal IS right. These bastards ARE seriously disturbed psychopaths and the only cure for psychopathy is a bullet to the brain.

That is right. In my opinion all paedophiles should be put up against the nearest wall and shot. On my list of scumbags, they rank right up there with Marxist Trash and rabid, scabies infected dogs.

They should be put out of their misery to the benefit of society and the sooner the better for everyone.

On the one hand I am glad that Cardinal Napier opened his mouth, so that nobody can mistake him for an intelligent noble savage and that all can actually see him for what he really is, a clown…a drumbeating monkey in a fancy tunic and cap.

It is about high time that the world started taking notice of what we have said all along, namely that they cannot even run a bath, let alone a country or in the case of Cardinal Napier, a church.

However, some people in the Catholic Church would rather that he shut his trap.

If you are up to your neck in shit, stop digging and the last thing the RCC needs right now is an idiot from South Africa with foot in mouth disease and a shovel in his hands.

As one paedophile scandal after the other has been hitting the church, the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld ran an article summarizing several European newspaper reports of top Vatican officials and Cardinals being gay, and who regularly visited male prostitutes in the Quarto Miglio residential area.

Church on its knees over gays, backstabbing

Apparently the previous Pope was handed a 300 page secret report detailing the filth going on in the Vatican which he withheld from the cardinals in the conclave and only handed it to his successor.

In this damning report, it tells of organized homosexual orgies for high ranking Vatican officials. It also referred to various competing factions in the Vatican uniting around their sexual orientation and backstabbing each other to the extent of undermining the Pope himself.

One such a case was where the Pope’s “Valet de Chambre” or “Gentleman to His Holiness” aka “Lord of the Bedchamber”…(basically the guy who helps the Pope get dressed)…Angelo Balducci, in 2010 was caught out by the police ordering a male prostitute through a Nigerian chorister Thomas Chinedu Ehiem.

Balducci actually wanted to have sex with Ehiem, but the Nigerian said he was hetro-sexual.

The Vatican’s gay hooker scandal Vatican hit by gay sex scandal

The Pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, then stole some documents and leaked it to the media, detailing Vatican corruption and money laundering.

What the Pope's butler saw

For that he was tried and sent to prison for 18 months, but Pope Benedict XVI let him off the hook.

In the USA the Jesuits were hit by so many law suits against child molestation over decades that they filed for bankruptcy, the first time in 250 years.

Jesuits file for bankruptcy
Sexual abuse in the Society of Jesus
Northwest Jesuits file for bankruptcy

Remember that the previous Pope, Josef Ratzinger is a German from the south German province of Bavaria.

The north of Germany is mostly Protestant and the South is mostly Catholic.

It is here, in the back yard of the Pope Emeritus that government authorities in 2010 raided the Benedictine Abbey of Ettal where children have been sadistically beaten and sexually abused by the clergy over decades, going back at least until the 1950’s.

Investigator slams abuse cover-up at German Catholic school

Even the Emeritus Pope’s brother, Georg Ratzinger, was implicated at the Regensburger Domspatzen choir school which he once headed.

From 1964 to 1994 he was conductor of the choir boys in Regensburg Dom Cathedral. Sexual abuse took place there in the early 1960s.

Two former senior teachers at the school were jailed, in 1958 and 1971, for pedophile sex, according to the Regensburg diocese.

Likewise in Berlin at the Canisius College, run by Jesuit Priests, where the Jesuit Priests actually admitted molesting the kids.

Jesuit Priest Admits Molesting Youth: Germany Shaken By 'Systematic' Sexual Abuse at Berlin Catholic School

From Dublin to Belgium to Vienna you find the one child sex scandal worse than the next.

Tell you what…Why do you not read about Roman Catholic sex abuse cases by country

Pope Benidict XVI claimed that he knew nothing about what was going on in his back yard.

So why did Pope Bennedict XVI resign? He was not too weak. That is just bollocks.

The real reason why the previous Pope resigned was, because:

1) He shamed himself for the disgusting behavior of his cardinals and priests and was disillusioned about the organized religious society he served his entire life.

2) He was shit scared that he was going to spend Easter in prison.

No seriously, the evidence against the RCC is damning, but do not get distracted by looneys.

A Canadian narcissist looney called “Reverend” Kevin Annett (defrocked from the United Church of Canada) has set up a one man Kangaroo Court, complete with a blog called the “International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State or ITCCS” (There is not even a Wikipedia entry),.

Nevertheless he has been issuing arrest warrants for the previous and the current Pope and he is hell bent on bringing the Pope to justice. Good luck to him!

Kevin Annett Goes Off The Rails – Threatens Police & Government Employees!
Ex Priest, Kevin Annett Defrocked for Exposing Church and State Crimes

No. The Pope is above the law. He only answers to God….whilst serving the Devil.

His church around the globe is in deep shit at the moment, and in my opinion it could not happen to a better institution.

Let us never forget how the Roman Catholic Church with a reign of terror plunged Europe into what is officially known as “The Dark Ages” for a thousand years.

Let us not forget how they burned books, burned libraries and burned millions of people including scientists at the stake with their “Inquisition”.

Let us not forget how they committed genocide of entire nations in South America and later on supported the Communist forces of Satan through their “liberation theology” especially against us in South Africa.

In fact, it is my belief that if it was not for the Catholic Church, we would be exploring the stars today and South Africa would still be Communist free.

Never forget that Robert Mugabe was raised in a Jesuit school (Kutama College) headed by an Irish priest, Father Jerome O'Hea, who took him under his wing and that he still carries those values with him every day.

14 March 2013

There goes our name…Again!

By Mike Smith
14th of March 2013

As if it is not enough that we have drawn the world’s wrong attention to us through untold crime, corruption and idiotic ramblings by idiots such as Thabo Mbeki, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, Julias Malema, Ronald Lamola, Lulu Xingwana, Jacob Zuma, et el…

As if the Pistorius/Steenkamp murder case is not high profile enough and Anene Davids’ rape and murder not brutal enough…

Lassy Chiwayo, a South African diplomat (Consul-General) made world headlines after he was 'found wandering naked in streets' and was sent home from China after complaints over 'regular nude strolls'.

Lassy Chiwayo, a veteran politician who spent time in prison with Nelson Mandela, has had his contract in Shanghai terminated and is back in Pretoria.

South African diplomat 'found wandering naked in streets' is sent home from China after complaints over 'regular nude strolls'

• Lassy Chiwayo has had his contract in Shanghai terminated

• Nude walks reported to be a 'regular occurrence' in commercial capital

• Also claims he assaulted South African ambassador at function in Beijing

• Mr Chiwayo denies the claims and said his recall is 'general practice'

It is the latest in a series of misfortunes to hit Mr Chiwayo, an engaged father-of-three. Last month, a fire gutted his home in Nelspruit in a suspected arson attack which destroyed a Porsche, a quad bike and £22,000-worth of Persian rugs.

During his tenure as major of the Mbombela municipality in Mpumalanga he was hospitalised three times with stress and was constantly at war with the chairman of the African National Congress.

Seriously...Who breeds these idiots? Where do they come from? No...rather don't answer that. Let's just say a tree in Uganda is missing an ape.

The new Pope is a Jesuit

By Mike Smith
14th of March 2013

The Mail and Guardian says that Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina has been elected to be the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church, and would take the name Francis I.

According to that article, he is also the first Jesuit to become Pope.

Argentina's Bergoglio elected as new pope

What is the implications you ask?

Well, the Jesuits have in the past been accused of committing genocide of entire nations in South America.

They have also been accused of being hand in glove with the Communists and their liberation theology in South America and Africa as well as working together with the mafia.

May I suggest you read “Vatican Assassins” by Eric Jon Phelps to see what these diabolical creatures have been up to?

Also remember that Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati was a professor of law at a Jesuit school. Just a coincidence of course, nothing to worry about.

You can read more about the Jesuits here:

Jesuits and their oath

Also read the attempts to debunk the Jesuit oath

Jesuit Oath debunked

The Catholic Encyclopedia says that the oath is a forgery and cite various sources for it Monita Secreta a forgery none of which is very convincing.

Monita Secreta - WikipediaSecret instructions of the Jesuits – Forgery or Truth?

So nobody really knows for sure...Except Dan Brown of course. Y

ou can do your own research and decide for yourself. Whatever you believe, whether the oath is real or a forgery...the way the Jesuits operate, mimics what it states in the Monita Secreta.

Here is a small extract so that you can see what they apparently have in stall for us.

I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.

Nine hundred years ago, St. Malachy gave us The prophecy of the popes and according to him, the current Pope will also be the last one. Peter the Roman.

The Catholics also reckon that to be a forgery.

Apparently he will be the “False Prophet” that will lead in the kingdom of the Anti-Christ and the Apocalypse.

Time will tell. After Y2K and the Mayan calendar, I am not so sure… we are still here…so don’t cancel your insurances and retirement policies just yet.

13 March 2013

The Uhuru Update. Black Panthers on their way to SA.

By Mike Smith
13th of March 2013

A few days ago, arch Communist and president of the National Union of Mine Workers, Senzeni Zokwana gave a speech in KZN where he referred to the 100th commemoration of the 1913 Land Act in June 2013…the act that Zokwana said “laid the legislative framework that facilitated the disenfranchisement of the African people from their land.”

All typical Communist lies and black propaganda.

I exposed the truth about the Black Homelands and the Land Act of 1913 in my Pandora series. Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 32. Who does the land belong to?

You can read there amongst other things how the Feinberg and Horn study proved that the 1913 Land Act resulted in MORE land for Blacks, not less.

How the Zulu king Shaka was responsible for the creation of the homelands, etc.

But the truth is not what Communists are into. They are into lies and agitation of the masses for their own selfish needs.

According to Zokwana, They are “almost 20 years into their democracy” and as far as “Land Reform” is concerned, they are behind schedule.

He said: “The SACP will push for radical transformation in the resolution of the land question. The time of piecemeal reform and willing lover (sic) transactions is over. We need aggressive land redistribution and necessary state intervention and support to the beneficiaries.”

“Radical”… “aggressive”…what does he mean? Zimbabwe style land invasions?

Makes you wonder why the “Radical” and militant hate group, “The New Black Panther Party” of the USA is on their way to South Africa.

Apparently from the 19th to 27th March 2013 they will be in South Africa for the commemoration of Sharpeville and in their own words, “TO IGNITE THE CONTINENT IN SELF-DETERMINATION AND DRIVE OUT BLOOD SUCKING COLONISERS ROBBING OUR MOTHERLAND”.

There is currently a petition going on to try and stop them Stop Hate Group Black Panthers from visiting SA

In August last year 2012, in a radio message, this group publicly called for the killing of all whites in South Africa

I wonder how the liberals in SA feel about that?

The shocking audio featured the late Khalid Muhammad, a former spokesman for Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

"We give them 24 hours in South Africa to get out of town by sundown. I say, if they don’t get out of town, we kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children, we kill the babies, we kill the blind, we kill the cripple, we kill the crazy, we kill the fa**ots, we kill the lesbians, I say god d****t we kill them all," he said.

"If they are white, kill ‘em all," he added.

"Why kill the women? Why kill the babies? They are just innocent blue-eyed babies? Because god d****t they are going to grow up one day to rule your babies. Kill them now. Why kill the women in South Africa? I say kill the women because the women are the military manufacturing center. And every nine months they lay down on their backs and reinforcement rolls out from between their legs, so shut down the military manufacturing center by killing the white woman,” Muhammad said.

Muhammad explained that old "crackers" got that way by "oppressing and killing black people..." "Kill ‘em all," he added.

"Kill the f****t. Kill the lesbian. And after you’ve killed them all […] I say then you go to the god d**n grave, and dig ‘em up, and then kill ‘em a-god-d**n gain because they didn’t die hard enough."

Watch the video of Khalid Muhammed calling for the death of white South Africans here Khalid Muhammad - Call for White Genocide in SA!

Yesterday in SA, the draconian Dangerous Weapons Bill has been passed...With not much fanfare.

A few “Hoo’s” and “Haa’s” from the opposition DA and FF+, but apart from that, NOTHING…

Like lambs to the slaughter I tell you.

Sporting bodies and collectors complained they would be arrested while travelling to and from events, and could be prosecuted for having paintguns, airguns or antique rifles, guns, and swords in their possession.

Committee passes weapons bill

That is exactly what the Bill was designed to do. To disarm and be used against WHITE South Africans. Nobody else.

Couple all of the above with the fact that decrepit, 94 year old Nelson Mandela was admitted to hospital on Saturday and released on Sunday after checks was done and his old pal Advocate Bizos saying that Mandela’s memory was shot…Mandela's memory fading: Bizos …then you can see that there is a connection going on here.

They are busy preparing for Nelson Mandela’s funeral, and like Dr. Khalid Muhammed said, when Mandela dies, they will be generous and give us 24hrs to leave the country before the killing starts.

Lulu Xingwana, ANC's court jester, for the record…

By Mike Smith
13th of March 2013

Just the other day I exposed the Minister of “Evereything but men” Lulu Xingwana’s racist nature and recent corrupt exploits. Lulu Xingwana's latest corruption and theft exploits

At the time I didn’t even know about her verbal diarrhea concerning Afrikaners.

This woman who ordered herself a golden toilet to go on tour with, who do not fly “la-la-class”…went on Australian Television and told the world that, “Young Afrikaner men are brought up in the Calvinist religion believing that they own a woman, they own a child, they own everything and therefore they can take that life because they own it….”

She was forced to apologise shortly after that. Here is another exposé of this low IQ cretin.

Plenty fall foul of Lulu’s tongue

I like the anecdote about her going to London shortly after she became Minister of minerals and energy in 2004…

A gathering in Gloucester struggled to keep a stiff upper lip when Xingwana said that upon her appointment to higher office she had thought she would be redeployed to London so that she could “recover the diamonds the English stole during colonialism”, and went on to quip that she was going to retrieve the “stolen diamonds”, including “taking out those in the crown of the queen”.

She added that she wished that Joburg would one day be “the London of Africa”.

She said she was less interested in cities such as Washington or New York, because “we are not looking for the weapons of mass destruction”.

She then proceeded to pronounce: “South Africa is doing very well economically. We can tell the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to go to hell and to never come back.”

12 March 2013

The hypocrisy of SA's Cultural Egalitarianism

By Mike Smith
12th of March 2013

Sometimes the truth and the realities of everyday life in South Africa is just too ridiculous for words.

Culture wins case in court

So there you were, running a small business and employing a few blacks, when one day, the tea-girl comes to you with a “doctor’s certificate” and tells you that she will be gone for a month…

Concerned you asked her what the trouble was…just to have read that the “Doctor Certificate” was issued by a witch-doctor, a Sangoma, stating that your tea-girl was suffering from "premonitions of ancestors" and needed to attend a month-long ceremony or she would collapse and no one would be able to help her.

You tried to control your laughter, but being the understanding liberal you are, you tried to be reasonable and generous and instead offered her one week’s unpaid leave.

What did she do?

She wiped her fat black arse with your one week unpaid leave and took the month off as her Sangoma instructed her.

So you fired her, just to find out that she laid a case against you at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

The CCMA found that the employee's conduct was justified because she believed that she had to choose a course that would save her life.

You took the CCMA's decision on review to the Labour Court. The Labour Court dismissed the review application.

You then appealed to the Labour Appeal Court. The Labour Appeal Court held that the Constitution recognises traditional beliefs and practices and some of them are strongly held by those who subscribe to them and regard them as part of their lives. Those who do not subscribe to others' cultural beliefs should not trivialise them.

What is required is reasonable accommodation of each other to ensure harmony and to achieve a united society.

In short…Phuq you, your court case and your appeal. The Noble Savage wins.

The lesson to be learned from this case is that employers have to be sensitive to the religious and cultural beliefs of their employees. Employees' cultural and religious beliefs should not be trivialised merely because employers do not subscribe to them.

Employees also need to be sensitive that the primary objective of any business is to make a profit and therefore employees and employers must strive to reach a compromise in order to achieve and maintain peace in the workplace.

So what will the result be?

“Patients” will pay the Sangoma to give them “medical certificates” to stay off work for months, because they are being haunted by evil spirits and the employer will have to pay salary for months of no work. If you call it ridiculous you stand the chance of being labeled a racist, intolerant to other cultures, etc…

If you stop employing them, you are also a racist, because then you discriminate against their culture.

So, there is no way YOU can win. They win. You pay. That is how it works in SA today.

You can’t run a business like that. You will go under. Eventually you decide to emigrate…just to be labeled a “racist” again…Intolerant of black culture.

There is simply no way you can win. The case above shows and proves that the White Western Culture and our way of running a business are wrong and racist just like everything we believe in.

All other cultures and beliefs are right and tolerated, just ours not. We must bent over backwards to accommodate other cultures, but they never have to do the same.

We are not allowed to “trivialize” their culture, but they can trivialize ours. We have to be sensitive to their religious and cultural beliefs, they do not have to be sensitive to ours. You as the white employer must study and accommodate their beliefs, they do not have to study and accommodate yours.

You need to attend a course of “How to understand my Xhosa employee”, they never have to attend a course of “How to understand my White Anglo-Saxon boss”.

11 March 2013

10 Famous predictions gone wrong

By Mike Smith
11th of March 2013

10) Refering to the “Olympic” and the “Titanic", owners, White Star Line in 1912 promoted the safety of these two ships by saying, "as far as it is possible to do so, these two wonderful vessels are designed to be unsinkable"

9) "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.

8) “This Rock & Roll music will never last”, Mitch Miller, prominent American Music producer.

7) "This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us." Western Union internal memo, 1876.

6) "The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?" David Sarnoff's associates in response to his urgings for investment in the radio in the 1920s.

5) "Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible." Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895.

4) "The bomb will never go off. I speak as an expert in explosives." Admiral William Leahy, US Atomic Bomb Project.

3) "Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."-- Popular Mechanics, forecasting the relentless march of science, 1949.

2) “We do not negotiate with terrorists” P.W. Botha about talks with the ANC, 1984

1) “For as long as there is life on earth, there will be the ANC”, ANC Youth League treasurer general Pule Mabe, yesterday 10th of March 2013

ANC is set to exist for life, says Mabe

Rats now also overrunning Pretoria

By Mike Smith
11th of March 2013

I have previously reported on the rat problem in the Black township of Khayelitsha outside of Cape Town as well as in Soweto, where babies regularly get killed and munched to death by gigantic rats bigger than cats…up to three feet (1meter) is not uncommon.

Read more here:

Residents of Island in Khayelitsha TR section have been terrorised by rats for more than a decade

Giant rats eat two babies in South African townships in two separate attacks

But why? Can the Cape City council not remove the rubbish?

Of course they can and they do. But the problem is with the culture of the blacks as the next report clearly shows.

South Africa: Khayelitsha's Rat Problem - City's Dumps Rubbish Next to Shacks

Read that article and you will see how one black woman complained about a rubbish container near her “house”…and the culture of her own people.

Nosive Steli has lived in Khayelitsha SST Town II section since 2009.

According to Steli, in 2012 a city dumping container was placed outside their home.

Steli explained that the container is cleaned up on a daily basis by the municipality workers. They collect the rubbish dumped outside and around the container and place it inside, and then a big truck comes and collects the rubbish.

So obviously the municipality is trying their best to keep the place clean by removing the garbage on a daily basis…

Wow!!…Whites in white areas have to be content with their garbage being removed once a week!

Nevertheless, Nosive Steli said, “The problem is that as soon as the cleaners go people start to come and dump their rubbish around the container.”

Not inside… As the previous paragraph showed, the municipal workers have to pick up the rubbish around the container and put it inside.

She said that the rats invaded her home, ate her vegetables and destroyed her furniture and her curtains.

She said she wanted the container gone, because she has to fight daily with people that throw dead dogs, sanitary towels, dirty nappies and even rotten meat here that stinks up the whole place.

“One day the wind blew a dirty pad onto my doorstep and I caught my little baby niece sucking on it”, explained Steli.

She recalled the day when a man rolled his bin and dumped the insides of a cow (called binnegoed on the Cape Flats) on the site and how immediately the whole place was filled with an unbearable stench.

Where did the cow’s intestines come from? There was a funeral in the family so they slaughtered a cow in the back yard.

Don't frown...It is that superior black culture liberals fawn over and keep telling us about, remember?

Nomfaneleko Mangaliso, who stays not far from the container, told us how they constantly ask people not to dump their rubbish there and are met with retorts that they should get a brick house and move to the suburbs.

In the first link about the area called “Island” in Khayelitsha you can read how Ntombifikile Patricia Dywili said about when they go for a wee-wee in the canal: “We also pick up thrown away babies with their eyes and mouths eaten by the rats.”

Ward counsellor Luvuyo Hedes said that he had asked the government to meet with the community of Island and get them relocated.

Say what? Blacks asking to be relocated? Didn’t they complain about it when the Apartheid government did it in Sophia Town and District Six?

In Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 10 – District Six, A case study in forced removals I explained how the Cape Times newspaper largely created the myth of District Six having been a vibrant cosmopolitan paradise.

Reality was far removed from it. It was a rat and cockroach infested time bomb and the government health inspectors had to shut it down before it spread to the rest of Cape Town.

The houses in District Six had to be fumigated before they could be demolished…same thing…rats the size of cats.

Now the problem has spread to the Capital, Pretoria… Rats wreak havoc in Pretoria

Rats, mice, cockroaches and other pests run wild on city streets, through the sewer system and gutters. They live inside flats and offices and are a constant nuisance to residents…

Oh look…Another liberal clapping hands about her wonderful Rainbow Utopia she has created.

They can say what they want, but we never had this problem during Apartheid and when…then we did something drastic about it.