28 April 2013

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box-Part 38-Black Balled by the Maple Leaf

By Mike Smith
28th of April 2013

It was a chilly morning of 17th March 1961 when Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker returned to Ottawa from the tenth Commonwealth Prime Minister’s Conference in London where South Africa was “Black Balled” and made to withdraw from the Commonwealth because of her Apartheid policies on 16th of March 1961.

South Africa was re-applying for membership after voting to become a republic which it did on the 31st of May 1961.

Diefenbaker, a conservative, who was instrumental in South Africa being kicked off the Commonwealth, was received as a hero. When he stepped off the plane, he said that the Commonwealth was stronger than ever before after South Africa was basically kicked to the curb.

To South Africans it was a bit of a shock at the time.

A year earlier on 21 March 1960 Sharpeville took place and a few days later Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd survived an assassination attempt on 9 April 1960, when he was wounded by two .22 shots from an English business man David Pratt.

At the time the UN wanted to kick SA out, but Canadian Prime Minister Diefenbaker or “Dief” as he was affectionately known by the Canadian media stood by South Africa in 1960.

I always wondered if he ever knew what “Dief” meant in South Africa.

So here you had the Canadian Conservative Prime Minister in 1960 standing by South Africa and a year later he was instrumental in kicking South Africa out of the Commonwealth…what happened?

Enters Canadian hypocrisy… Les De Villiers, in his book “South Africa, A skunk amongst nations” (1975) in chapter two page 51 states that in 1960:

“He (Diefenbaker) hinted that someone in the commonwealth might equally dislike Canada’s restriction of coloured immigrants and its treatment of the Indians”.

For an entire year Diefenbaker was ruthlessly bombarded by the press and MSM.

He wanted to get re-elected. Eventually he caved in and sold out South Africa.

South African Foreign Minister Eric Louw said that Diefenbaker was in trouble at home and he was simply pandering to the ultru-liberalistic Anti South African circles in Canada at the time.

On page 47, De Villiers writes:

"On the day of Diefenbakers’s departure from Ottawa to attend that fateful Commonwealth meeting in March 1961 a three column photograph of the doyen of the press corps in Canada, Charles Lynch, appeared in the local press. In his hand he held a black ball. The caption read: “Black Ball Ends Crystal Balling”. Students planned to hand the black ball to Diefenbaker at Ottawa airport, it was stated, so that he could drop it in the lap of the South African delegation at the Commonwealth conference. They were prevented from doing so by Royal Canadian Air Force Guards, and Charles Lynch took over the mission.”

Operation Black Ball succeeded. South Africa withdrew to be spared the humiliation of being kicked off from an organisation they helped to find.

Boer General Jan Smuts, a lawyer, with his philosophy of holism was instrumental in the founding of the Union of South Africa, the Commonwealth, then the League of Nations and virtually singlehandedly drew up the charter of the United Nations as we know it today.

Nevertheless, the Afro-Asian block also applauded Diefenbaker. But how did they perform at home?

India with a rigid cast system and millions of third-class citizens called “untouchables”, Ceylon (SriLanka) with her stateless Tamils, Ghana, a dictatorship and Nigeria on the verge of the Biafran civil war between her major tribes all condemned South Africa because of Apartheid.

Said South African Premier Hendrik Verwoerd to the Indian Prime Minister during deliberations:

“Within ten years we will stamp out illiteracy on the part of our Blacks, but you won’t do so in fifty years.”

Winged words by a great and visionary man.

But Karma came knocking two years later when John Diefenbaker lost the general election in Canada.

The Commonwealth lost its last “model” Black democracy in a night of terror which left the Nigerian Prime Minister, Tafewa Balewa, and his cronies in shallow graves near Lagos.

Then followed the Biafran War in which two million blacks died –blacks killing blacks.

Kenya and Uganda forced tens of thousands of Indians to leave.

India and Pakistan fought over borders.

Then came Bangladesh and another few hundred thousand victims died.

None of these nations were kicked off the Commonwealth or out of the United Nations.

Early in 1966, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd won another election and was in charge of an economically prosperous and buoyant South Africa.

In Canada in the House the debate centered on the newly independent Rhodesia and the need to crush “White Supremacy” there.

Diefenbaker, now in the opposition seat rose laboriously from his seat. This question of Rhodesia, he argued, was an internal matter for Britain to solve. The Commonwealth should not interfere.

When someone started asking uncomfortable questions about if he was not the one in 1961 who opposed Apartheid and instrumental in getting SA kicked off the Commonwealth due to Apartheid, he replied:

“At no time did I indirectly or at all support the removal of South Africa. At no time was such a stand taken.”

That was the kind of snake John Diefenbaker was.

Always twisting and wriggling himself out of difficult situations. But remember how Diefenbaker stated in 1961:

“…someone in the commonwealth might equally dislike Canada’s restriction of coloured immigrants and its treatment of the Indians…”

Why, whatever did he mean?

How many of you know that currently in 2013 a Truth and Reconciliation Commission is being conducted in Canada?

That is right, Canada is a few years behind South Africa.

It has emerged that for more than 150 years Canadian liberals have kidnapped Indian children and put them in white communities and forced them into white schools to force them to become white people with red skins.

They called it the “Kill the Indian in the child” program that lasted from the 1870’s to 1996. “Ashantai Hatheway, Press TV, Montreal, video 02:08 minutes into the video. 26th of April 2013) Canada aborigines were abused at school

This is the psychotic extremes liberals will go to, to prove their racial egalitarianism and cultural relativism theories.

An estimated 150,000 aboriginal children have been uprooted from their families and culture and sent away to government-funded boarding schools where many of them were subjected to emotional, physical and sexual mistreatment.

There were reportedly over 130 residential schools across Canada.

The first schools opened in the 1870’s and the last one was closed in 1996.

Another victim said,

“Our traditional, spiritual way of life was pulled away from us, taken out of us, kicked out of us, punched out of us.”

The First Nations children in schools were not allowed to speak their native language.

They also had to deal with difficult conditions including overcrowding, unhealthy food and poor sanitation.

Now contrast that with the former National Party Government of South Africa and its Apartheid policy who granted every aboriginal tribe in South Africa its own governance, complete with its own police force and army, who built schools and universities for every single tribe in South Africa and always fanatically stressed mother tongue education for all the tribes at least up to primary school level.

For that, Apartheid was declared “A Crime against Humanity”, whilst the real criminals against humanity like Canadian liberals go unpunished today.

Zuma, the Corruption Buster

By Mike Smith
28th of April 2013

According to this report, Zuma and the ANC scum are busting corruption better than anywhere else in the world.

Zuma: We are corruption busters

I quote:

“Fellow South Africans, I must underline here that of all the countries that I know of, very few compare to South Africa in the effort to fight corruption,” Zuma said. “In other countries nobody talks about (fighting) corruption. We fight corruption here. We are more in the media because we fight corruption. We declared war against corruption and we are making progress.” He said corruption will not be allowed to steal the fruits of freedom.

End of quote.

Now let me translate the Commie-Speak for you.

This is what Zuma REALLY said:

Dear South Africans

We are greedy pigs and we are the most corrupt government South Africa has ever seen and we are trying our best to be the most corrupt in the world. Unfortunately there are some people…white journalist and white political commentators…”Racists”…who see through our corruption scam and we do not like them exposing our shenanigans, because they do not like to see a black man do well, by cheating and stealing from taxpayers.

So we will dumb down every sector of the police and the judiciary, even bring in laws against the media, so that these racists will never discover or expose how much we have stolen and still steal from you the citizens of South Africa, our loyal milk cows.

We will deny all allegations against us. We will falsify police dockets and bribe and coerce the judiciary to drop hundreds of charges against us. In fact we will do everything in our power to sweep allegations of corruption under the carpet.

What the public does not see they will not complain about. That is how we fight corruption.

Corruption? There is NO corruption in South Africa, and if there is any, the ANC is not involved. We cannot allow these "Racist" journalists and political commentators to jeopardize our prime position at the feeding trough.

Please Vote ANC again next year. Viva, my people!

Mike and Philemon on a mission to Mars

By Mike Smith
28th of April 2013

Mr. Bas Lansdorp
CEO of Mars One

Mike Smith
Farm: Paardevyekraal
Putsonderwater, Richtersveld
Northern Cape
South Africa
28th of April 2013

Application to be included for first Mars Mission 2022

Dear Mr. Lansdorp

My name is Mike Smith, but you can just call me Mike. I am a South African farmer from the Northern Cape and farm between Putsonderwater and Badsonderseep together with my trusted BEE partner, Philemon.

Philemon is a learned Zulu man, who looks on the internets a lot and brought to my attention your plan to colonize Mars by 2022.

Mars One’s plan

I have seen on your website that you are “calling upon experts from space agencies and private aerospace corporations around the world” and that you have already received many letters of application to join the first mission.”

Philemon and I are very interested to be part of this first group and we have a great deal of experience to contribute to your mission, seeing that here where we stay in Namaqualand/Richtersveld area it looks very similar to how it looks on Mars, but I can foresee some troubles and therefore have a few questions…

It was with great interest that I have noticed that already FIVE South Africans have applied to be part of the first group to establish a halfway station there. Presuming that is the objective…to replenish your spaceships for trading missions to other planets further away, similar to the half-way station Jan van Riebeeck (also a great Dutch explorer like yourself) established at the Cape of Good Hope for ships trading to the Far East in 1652.

Five South Africans apply to go to Mars

First things first. Where is the black township going to be?

... because those five South Africans will definitely not leave Earth without their black ousie (maid) and gardner, and as you know, here by us we work together, farm together, but we live apart. They have their place and we have ours.

Further, Philemon and I are not stadsjapies so we will need a farm we can grow our produce on and sell it to you city dwellers in Marsdorp.

From what I have seen is that Mars is a bietjie skraal on surface water and that most of its water is under the surface in a permafrost state.

This is where Philemon and I are experts and can contribute the most, because we have sunk hundreds of boreholes from the Knersvlakte to the Richtersveld and all over Namaqualand and certainly we can sink a few more in the dry riverbeds on Mars.

We have not figured out how to melt the ice yet, but we are concidering using geothermal energy or burning shale gas we will get through the process of fracking similar to what your Royal Dutch Shell wants to do in the Karoo and Namaqualand South Africa where I stay. The water will be a bit poisonous, but I am sure you won’t mind seeing that you Dutch do not seem to mind what Shell wants to do in the Karoo

However this brings us to another problem, because the atmosphere on Mars is about 100 times thinner than on earth, so where are we going to get all the wind from to turn the wind-pumps?

The Dutch are well known to be experts on windmills and wind technology so your expert input here will be highly valued.

Further, I have made some calculations and with so little wind, it will mean that my biltong will take two years to dry and I do not know if I can last two years without biltong. I believe you will only send a new group every two years.

The atmosphere further consists of mostly carbon dioxide and Philemon said that it will be a bit difficult in the beginning, because we will probably have to live in oxygen tents, but I want to assure you that it will not be a problem for us; we like camping.

The CO2 is good for plants, but we humans will need air to breath if we are going to be there for a while. So in order to change the CO2 into Oxygen we will need a hell of a lot of plants.

For that our fully BEE compliant company, Kameeldoorn Aerospace, already has a solution.

We will take all the Port Jackson trees from South Africa cultivate them on our Martian farm and sell it to your mission to Mars. We will give you a special first-time-buyer discount.

Port Jackson grows very fast and has a high invasion potential and will therefore spread even faster. It will bind the soil on Mars and also get rid of all those dust storms that Mars is so famous for.

I suggest you also buy some African kikuyu grass from us, which is very drought resistant and also has a high invasion potential which means it will spread very quickly and in no time the planet will not be red anymore, but green.

Originally I think we will have to cultivate the grass by centre-pivot irrigation, but once it takes off, you will see how quickly it grows. It is obviously another business opportunity for us, namely Roll-On Lawn, because we will need a lot of it for all the suburbs of Mars colonisers and the Soccer fields in the townships. Besides the sheep will also need something to eat.

We will need the sheep to get wool to nit some wooly jumpers from, because from what I believe it is very cold on Mars, about -60 °C, which is as cold as a winter’s morning in the Namaqualand. Besides you cannot have a proper Braai without a few lamb chops on the coals.

Speaking of which, the Port Jacksons are not good for coals, they just make ash, so I suggest we sell you some Black Wattle or Rooikrans trees as well and the Port Jackson wood we use for the Potjiekos.

As a farmer there are also some labour issues to consider. From what I believe, a day on Mars is longer than on earth, about 24hours 37min and 22 seconds, which means I will probably have to pay Philemon overtime. If I don’t, he will run to his union and next thing we know we will have a strike on our hands. Have you ever seen these guys when they toi-toi?

Nevertheless, I am glad to notice that the surface gravity on Mars is only 37% percent of Earth, which means I will weigh three times less on Mars and can now cancel my diet.

It also means that we will have some sports problems because we will be able to jump three times higher on Mars, so I guess the netball posts will have to be three times higher than on earth otherwise it will just be too easy for the girls. Pole-vaulters will have to take care that they don’t go into orbit.

There will also be some political and religious issues you have not considered yet, but I would advise you do so, because if you are taking five South Africans with, you will find that in no time they will have started 8 different political parties and 7 different churches.

Further…as you know a year on Mars takes 668 Mars days, but 687 Earth days, so which one will we be using to determine days in office for political parties? I don’t want these thieves to stay in office 1,88 times longer than on earth.

Another problem at the moment is that I don’t know where we will find spares for five Toyota Hilux bakkies yet, but Philemon and I are working on that. Sorry no offence to your Mars-rovers, but South Africans prefer their Hilux bakkies.

Nevertheless it is another business opportunity as is the chain of clothing shops we intend to open.

Philemon says that when we go outside of our oxygen tents we will have to wear Mars suits which I believe is similar to a Safari suit, just with long legs and sleaves and a bit thicker, but we are not happy with the regular eggshell white colour (it is just not what South Africans wear) and besides it will get dirty very quickly so we were thinking more in the direction of two-tone khaki Mars-suits.

Obviously we will have to change the two-tone shirts from Khaki and Blue to Red and Blue to make it more appropriate to local conditions.

Apparently we will also be required to wear tinfoil hats to deflect signals from possible local aliens…

Hang on…will they still be called aliens when we are on their planet? Who will then be the locals and who the aliens?

Nevertheless, we South Africans do not wear tinfoil hats, but Philemon and I are working on a prototype hat-band made from tinfoil and looking just like leopard skin or zebra skin that is mounted at such an angle that all Martian rays will be deflected.

So as you can see, there are many problems ahead, but we are pro-active and working on them and always willing to be of assistance to you. So please do not hesitate to call us anytime you need help.

As you know, 2022 is only 9 years away and I wish you lots of luck with your endeavor.

Yours Faithfully
Mike Smith

26 April 2013

How the ANC funds revolution with taxpayer’s money

By Mike Smith
27th of April 2013

Who funded the Farm Worker’s revolution in the Cape last year?

A few months ago the “farm workers” in the Western Cape went on a violent strike in places like Worcester and De Doorns.

We saw how police were sent in to control the violence.

Here it must be made clear that the emphasis is on “control” not “stop” the violence.

Further, during the strike, so-called “farm workers” were bussed in by the ANC from the townships on free bus rides.

Then it emerged that Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Tina Joemat-Peterson, diverted R10-million from her food security budget for food parcels to strike leaders including Reverend Nosey Pieterse , the president of the Black Association of the Wine and Spirit Industry Bawsi and general secretary of Bawusa, the Agricultural Workers Union of South Africa.

Pieterse, “a self-supporting parish pastor” serving the communities of Vredenburg, Saldanha and Atlantis was the central figure in the farm worker strike.

A former unionist, who spoke to the Daily Maverick on condition of anonymity, said of Pieterse: “He is words like ‘opportunism’, ‘charlatan’ and ‘Stalinism’ made flesh”.

Pieterse is a man of the church who has used his sermons to rage against the “brutal capitalist system”.

It turned out that Nosey Pieterse also owns an 18 Hectare farm at Hopefield on the West Coast, where he lives in a gabled manor house complete with swimming pool. He only has two “farm workers”, his son and a drug addicted cousin.

Apart from that he is also a shareholder of leading SA liquor producer, KWV. According to a deed search conducted by Weekend Argus, Pieterse is listed as a director of no fewer than 15 companies, including a rooibos tea co-operative, a tracksuit and clothing design company, an operational management company, a logistics company, and a trading and investment company.

But in Pieterse’s eyes there’s no conflict of interest.

The many hats of Nosey Pieterse

Sounds more like a Champagne Communist to me.

Further, just before the Farm Worker strike, on on 8 October 2012, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Tina Joemat-Peterson, paid R4,1 million to BAWSI. Did the Dept. of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries fund the Farm Worker Strike?

In an article in “Die Burger”, Afrikaans newspaper from the Cape, Helen Zille said it is scandalous that the ANC used taxpayer’s money to fund a strike aimed at making the Western Cape “ungovernable”, and “bringing Marikana to the Western Cape” as they have shouted for.

Farm Worker strikers were paid

According to Minister Joemat-Peterson she did nothing wrong.

BAWSI was identified as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) supplying essential services to vulnerable workers. The DAFF published advertisements for such NGO’s to register on their database and BAWSI was identified as a “human rights organisation” and that is how they qualified for the R4,1-million donation.

The minister said that the DA can make noise and huff and puff as much as they want, the DAFF will continue to “support workers”.

the department spent a total of R13m on NGOs last year and budgeted R16m for this year

That dear reader is how the ANC funds and fuels revolution through front companies and NGO’s…all with taxpayer’s money.

ANC puts Hawkers out of business…and moves a step closer to a revolution

By Mike Smith
26th of April 2013

Remember how Jacob Zuma promised his proletariat that he would create half a million jobs, admitted he failed and blamed whites, but then promised another 4 million by 2014? All empty promises like his R250 million hospital he was going to build.

He even set aside a R9-billion job creation fund for this still born baby of his. Zuma admitted the ANC failed to create jobs, blamed whites

So far no jobs have been created, in fact in the agricultural section alone there has been massive job losses that can grow to 200,000 job losses since Zuma raised the minimum wage of farm workers. Platinum and gold mines are closing one after the other laying off thousands of people.

A few months ago I warned how it is going to lead to a revolution in South Africa, all the signs are there… Job Creation the ANC way and the coming revolt

Those few blacks who could not find jobs and who did not want to become criminals have become street hawkers, selling anything from plastic bags to teddy bears and sunglasses on the street.

Now the ANC has clamped down on them with the Registration of businesses bill, which will kill thousands more jobs. Licensing bill is a job killer

As quoted in Beeld too, Dr Anthea Jeffrey (author of People’s War) said that the ANC’s Hawker’s Law is worse than during Apartheid

On top of robbing thousands of blacks out of an income, this law is now going to increase crime and open another police corruption playfield, where you will see policemen harassing hawkers and extorting money from them.

It should be obvious to anyone that the ANC is NOT interested in creating any jobs for blacks or uplifting the living conditions of blacks.

The ANC do not want the blacks rich, they want the blacks depended on THEM.

The Marxist ANC scum wants to stay in power forever, so they need a scapegoat that they can blame for all their deliberate failures, namely the Whites.

They can then fire up the emotions of the simple blacks who are 90% in the majority and blame their poor living conditions on the Whites (colonialism, Apartheid, etc) so the blacks keep supporting them and voting for them…Not only that, the blacks start to hate the whites…Hatred fuelled by ANC’s rhetoric about the evil whites and their outright calling to kill the whites.

It is a tried and tested Marxist recipe seen in every Communist country to date. The name of the game is “Power Forever”.

The Info-bill steamrolled through parliament

By Mike Smith
26th of April 2013

Ironic that two days before the ANC’s Freedom Day they took away the last vestige of South African’s Freedom by passing the Protection of State Information Bill in parliament.

All it needs now to become law is uNumzaan Zuma’s grimy paw print underneath.

Fury as Secrecy Bill gets nod

Together with that the last of Pink Frikkie’s “Checks and Balances” that he promised us in 1993, also disappeared.

The country is now in freefall down the abyss.

As I said before...It is a license to genocide.

With the passing of this bill, it now means that the ANC can steal to their heart’s content, they can take as many bribes as they want to and when they get caught out or someone blows the whistle and reports it to the media, that person as well as the journalists who print it can be thrown in the slammer for 25 years.

In fact they do not even need proof. Someone can be arrested on the mere suspicion of violating the bill.

The ANC can now classify ANY information as a state secret. That includes assassinations of political dissenters or opposition.

Crime statistics, especially the ongoing killing of white farmers in SA can now carry on and even increase exponentially and when the ANC decides to declare it a state secret, nobody will be allowed to report on it.

Maybe the blacks in SA do not care much about it, but they should just ask the families of 20,000 murdered Matabeles what Mugabe did.

Today it is the whites, tomorrow it will be the Vendas, Tsongas, Pedi’s, etc…

Two years ago I said this: “The ANC will be able to starve millions to death if they so please and no picture will be taken and no report will be written about it. The people inside South Africa won’t even know anything, let alone the outside world.”

What Mike said two years ago about the Secrecy Bill

Also read here how the Bill was drafted by (Arch Communist) Ronnie Kasrils who now seems to be its biggest opponent.

When corruption and stupidity become a state secret

I had to laugh when I saw that the opposition “hoped” that Zuma would send the bill back to the National Assembly and then to the Constitutional Court to ensure its constitutionality…HAHAHAHA…why would he. He has 700 cases of corruption against him. He stands to benefit the most from this Bill.

Opposition hopes for secrecy Bill court review

So for you who are celebrating Freedom Day tomorrow…Have a good one. Think back and remember the times in South Africa when you still had a bit of Freedom.

From now on there will be NONE.

If you thought the corruption, murder, misrule and downright theft of the ANC up until now was spectacular, then I have news for you…You aint seen nothing yet!

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong - Voltaire

24 April 2013

There is something fishy in the Department of Fisheries

By Mike Smith
24th of April 2013

When you see the ANC complain that the normally Liberal Main Stream Media is nailing them, then you must know there is something BIG wrong, because normally all the ANC’s sins are downplayed or simply swept under the carpet by the MSM.

So it was with great interest that I took note of the Media and the DA’s objections to the appointment of Fisheries Department Deputy Director General, Greta Apelgren-Narkedien,

DA wants DG’s appointment probed Fisheries harassed by media

As the DA pointed out, no proper procedures were followed in the appointment of the Deputy Director General, Greta Apelgren-Narkedien, and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Tina Joemat Petersen said the appointment was directly from President Jacob Zuma…

The only credentials Greta Apelgren- Narkedien has, is that she was an MK terrorist, because she has ZERO experience in the fishing industry.

Which obviously means that it was Cadre deployment as usual.

Greta Apelgren-Narkedien has another credential that of being convicted terrorist and weapons smuggler, Robert McBride’s girlfriend and partner in the Magoos Bar car bombing (14th of June 1986) on the crowded Durban Beachfront.

Three people died in the bombing and 69 were injured.

She also helped fellow terrorist Gordon Webster escape from the Edenvale hospital in Pietermaritzburg, an attack in which McBride and Gordon’s brother, Trever Webster killed an innocent bystander and two policemen were wounded.

She was charged with 15 counts of terrorism and convicted on five for which she later received Amnesty from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

You can read her confession at the TRC here

Convicted terrorist Greta Apelgren-Narkedien’s confession

You can read more about what Robert Mcbride, Gordon Webster, Greta Apelgren-Narkedien, et al did here.

What Robert McBride did, and who was harmed
Other ANC terrorist attacks during 1986
Gordon Webster the hardcore terrorist who took up knitting on Robben Island

Nice people these ANC terrorist Cadres hey? And to think the Freedom Front Plus' boss, Dr Pieter Mulder is the Deputy Minister in the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. These are his friends and his colleagues.

Selling babies online – the new trend

By Mike Smith
24th of April 2013

What a sick world we are living in.

Here is an article about a woman who is two months pregnant and wanted to sell her baby on Gumtree.

Baby for sale on Gumtree

In the advert she describes herself as “beautiful black woman aged 24 and two months pregnant” who would like to give the baby up for adoption due to “financial reasons” and “school commitment”.

That is not all...How is this man from India...??

He kidnapped his own grandson and sold him on Facebook

Man held for selling grandson on Facebook

I mean, come-on...What is wrong with these people?

How absolutely stuffed in your head must you be to sell your own children or grandchildren on Gumtree or Facebook...?? ...That is what E-Bay is for!

21 April 2013

Half-wit Stephen Hawking and his Dark Bullshit

By Mike Smith
21st of April 2013

When it comes to geniuses and idiots I prefer a smart idiot over a stupid genius any day.

One such a stupid genius is Prof Stephen Hawking, who is known as the father of the “Big Bang Theory” with his book, “A brief history of time”.

Last week, Hawking mesmerized his audience again in a packed auditorium at Caltech when he said that The Big Bang did not need God

He mocked God and scoffed religious theories about the beginning of the Universe, caricaturing the religious position with the myth of an African tribe whose god vomited the Sun, Moon and stars.

He also had time for a few jokes, one of which paraphrased Martin Luther's response to a young man who dared to ask what God was doing before he made the world. 'If one believed that the universe had a beginning, the obvious question was what happened before the beginning?'

He asked. 'What was God doing before He made the world? Was He preparing Hell for people who asked such questions?' …


Funny guy this Stephen Hawking.

I almost sense a sort of nervous humour here, like a criminal in the dock about to be exposed by the prosecution’s cross-questioning.

Let me try to explain the utter bollocks of stupid intellectuals like Stephen Hawking to you in simplified terms.

The problem with most people

Like with this blog, I always just wanted people to think a bit further. Think a problem through to its logical conclusion.

In my life I have observed many problems and many people trying to solve those problems, only to give up half way and conclude that there is no solution.

This is obviously rubbish. They are most of the time just too lazy to think and too lazy to go and read the bloody manual.

Every problem has a solution.

And so it is with Astro-physics. Most people ignore the subject altogether. They think they will never be clever enough to debate the likes of Hawking, et al.

So they never read his books, they never read articles about it. They stick their heads in the sand so as to pretend Hawking is not there, because they do not like to acknowledge that they are too stupid to understand what he has to say.

I want to go as far as to say that 99,99% of people avoid Hawking, never read him and never debate him.

Every now and again a guy like me comes along who is willing to debate the devil himself, but we are few and far between.

People like Hawking, thrive on this. If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.

It is an old trick he learned from the Church.

It is actually very simple…if you read further, you will see the simple stupidity of the Big-Bang-Theory.

With his claim that the Big Bang did not need God, Hawking actually dethroned God and told people to rather believe in him and his hogwash big-bang clap-trap theory of Creation than in God’s Creation.

As can be seen in the article above, Hawking used other great scientists to back up his “Big-Bang-Did-Not-Need-God-Theory”, like Edwin Hubble and Albert Einstein.

Hawking said that Hubble’s observations of an expanding universe and Einstein’s theory of relativity proves that there was no beginning and no end, “existence in fact had no beginning”…

And so the learned professor contradicted himself, because he said everything started with the big bang.

Let us analyze…

The Big Bang Theory for Dummies

OK…Take a sheet of tin foil and crush it up in your hands to the smallest possible ball that you can get. I think you will agree that it takes quite a lot of energy to try and squash it to the size of a pin head.

Now, take a car and try to crush that to the size of a pin head…all the time still maintaining all the mass.

Done? Now try to crush Mount Everest to the size of a pin head maintaining its entire mass.

Now try to crush the entire earth to the size of a pin head, and at the same time add all the other planets and the sun in our solar system to the crush and everything else out there in our galaxy and the universe and crush it all together to the size of a pin head, still maintaining all the mass.

I think you get the picture.

It will take a lot of effort. A lot of energy to do this. Sounds almost impossible, right? Well, if you go and spend seven years at University they will show you how to do the maths to achieve all of this.

Then it all just got too much and the whole lot exploded in what Hawking calls, the Big Bang Theory…and this is exactly where his problem starts.

Dark Matter, Dark energy and Dark Bullshit.

In the article above you will see that Hawking is quoted by the LA Times as saying… 'The missing link in cosmology is the nature of dark matter and dark energy,'

What is Dark Matter?

If you know something about Newton’s Laws then it should be obvious that bodies in a spiral galaxy traveling around the centre should take up certain characteristics. The solar systems, planets and stars closer to the centre should have a higher velocity than those further away from the centre as normal rotational curves shows.

However this is NOT the case.

We see that the rotation curve of spiral galaxies shows that bodies on the outskirts of the Galaxy travel at the same velocity as the ones closer to the centre.

This can only be possible if there is a massive gravitational pull on them, but for gravity you need MASS, and the mass in the entire galaxy just does not exist to explain this peculiar phenomenon.

So what did the people with the white jackets, thick glasses and many pens in the top pocket aka “Scientists” do? They simply invented it…sucked it out of thin air…and called it “Dark Matter”.

That people, is how simple it is. “Dark Matter” is total BULLSHIT theoretical nonsense that star gazers use to explain gravitational phenomena they do not understand. But it does not stop there…

Dark Energy for Dummies

Think about a bomb exploding and shrapnel flying all over the place…

Now think Big Bang…

Think about someone blowing up a balloon and on the balloon you have some polka dots painted…

So as the balloon expands the dots on the balloon also expands… This is the basic vision of what goes on in the limited mind of Stephen Hawking.

However, when a bomb explodes you have irregular distributions of temperature from the start to the end of the explosion.

How do you explain the almost uniform and homogeneous temperature throughout our universe that varies with less than point one of a degree??

Dark Flow?

Dark this dark that…dark crap.

Now according to known physics these particles shot out from the original explosion will slow down after a while the further they get from the origin of the explosion, yet in reality we see a totally different situation in our universe.

Edwin Hubble’s expanding universe does not slow down on the outskirts of the universe instead they SPEED-UP… The universe is accelerating all the time with no intention to slow down… How can this be?

I will tell you…

The energy to accelerate the heavenly bodies must come from somewhere but there is no spare energy driving them forward in the entire universe…

So what did the people with the white jackets, thick glasses and many pens in the top pockets aka “Scientists” do?

As usual they invented some bullshit called “Dark Energy”… Dark Energy, just like Dark Matter does not exist.

It is total hypothetical and theoretical hogwash invented by the scientific community to explain phenomena they cannot explain and to prevent us from asking questions.

The Scientific Theory VS the Religious Theory

So as you can see…religious people argue amongst each other to a fair degree about the existence of God and creation....and the perception is that Science has ALL the answers.

No my friend. Scientists argue more amongst each other than religious people do.

Why did Stephen Hawking never win a Nobel Prize for his Big Bang theory?

Basically because everyone with half a brain in the scientific community knows that it is bollocks.

The Swedish Royal Academy demands that an award-winning discovery must be supported by verifiable experimental or observational evidence. …

Put to the test of the scientific method, Hawking’s theories simply remain that…theories without any verifiable proof.

So why does the world elevate this moron to Demi-God Status or even tolerate him?

He is in a wheel chair so automatically the sympathy starts to flow…So we are going to tolerate bullshit that drivels out of the mouth of a retard.

Stephen Hawking is living proof that you can be as useless as fuck and still collect billions every year…The formula is simple…Scientifically prove to the ignorant masses that God does not exist and that HE is totally redundant and you will heap millions.

Renounce God, go to the next teller to collect your thirty silver coins and eventually end up in hell for eternity. Who is the real genius here? Certainly not Stephen Hawking.

He is close to meeting his maker soon when he will eventually realise that he was not as clever as he thought he was.

Psalms 1:1

 "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of scoffers"

19 April 2013

DA propaganda likens ANC to NATS

By Mike Smith
19th of April 2013

The DA’s propaganda campaign has kicked off and as theme they are trying to liken the ANC to the NP government. The ANC is just like the NATS

They carefully handpicked a few instances to highlight apparent parallels between the NP and the ANC,

1. The Sharpeville and Marikana massacres
2. The use of police violence to suppress critics
3. Cronyism in the civil service
4. Using legislation to suppress constitutional freedoms such as freedom of speech and information
5. Hector Peterson killed by police and Andries Tatane killed by the police.

…And that is about as far as it goes…

ANC national spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said: "There is a world of difference between the ANC and the NP … and people will see through what the DA is doing."

For once I have to agree with the ANC, 100%. They do not even come close to what the old NP was, did or stood for.

I wish it was true though, that the ANC would indeed be like the NP…but alas, the DA is just talking crap.

If the ANC was truly anything like the NP they would:

1. Give the Afrikaners their own homeland
2. Use black taxpayer’s money to built schools, hospitals and universities for whites.
3. Have world class education and training standards
4. Have a nuclear and space program
5. Have a military that can at least defeat a few uppity rebels in Central Africa.
6. Be at the forefront of mining technology and not close hundreds of mines and put thousands of blacks out of work.
7. Have world class doctors and nurses instead of Dr Beetroot trying to cure AIDS with garlic and lemons.
8. Have a police force that can seriously keep crime down and protect people not commit crimes against the people.
9. Have enough electricity to spare and no blackouts.
10. Have competent people in government.

…The list is almost endless.

The more I think about it, the more I wish for the ANC to be more like the NP. In fact if they were anything near to what the NP was and started doing to us exactly what the NP did to the blacks, I might even vote for the ANC.

I would fully support the ANC if they told us that we have our own beaches and the blacks theirs. Same for separate buses, toilets, restaurants, park benches, etc. I have no problem with it if the ANC reintroduced all those NP policies…in fact they can bring it back yesterday!

They can also re-introduce the pass system and issue us with passes if we want to visit a black area. I will willingly carry my pass if ever I feel the need to go into a township, which is not something on my agenda for the rest of my life.

As you can see, The DA is wrong on this one.The ANC still has a long way to go before they come close to being even a shadow of the NATS.

18 April 2013

Propping up the Marxist Brotherhood

By Mike Smith
18th of April 2013

The ANC is giving their big terrorist buddy, Robert Mugabe R900 million (US$100 million)…

Apparently it is “a loan”…like he has ever repaid any of the other “loans” that the ANC granted him.

Apparently Mugabe needs the money to hold “free and fair elections” later this year…elections I can tell you now he WILL win again, just like he did every other election for the past 33 years.

He crooks and cheats until he wins.

So the R900million will end up straight in Mugabe’s pocket.

Repayment from the ANC Marxist terrorists for Mugabe’s support during the 1980’s.

That is how it works. That is how this Marxist Brotherhood operates. Like viruses they spread from one country to the next, stealing it into bankruptcy, propping up the next bunch to take over the next country and bankrupt it. Whilst receiving repayments for past support. It is a mafia-like racket really.

What irks me is that the R900 million is our money. It is our taxpayer’s money that the ANC throws around like that. What happened to all those poor people in Diepsloot and Alex who do not have water, toilets, electricity, etc??

Black dudes, really…Are you so dumb and so simple that you cannot see how the Marxist Brotherhood is only enriching themselves and shafting the rest of the taxpayers? They are living in luxury and building themselves palaces whilst you lot suffer in shacks and hardly have anything to eat.

Come on man…Nobody can be so stupid. How can you lot still vote for them? SA approves R900 million Zim loan

Don’t you just love it how the MSM says that “SA” approved it…In reality it was the “ANC” who approved it. I do not know many South Africans (black or white) who would voluntarily give Mugabe as much as 10 cents.

But here is the bottom line… R900 million of our money is laying in Mugabe’s Virgin Island account tonight.

The ANC Education update - REAL Bantu Education

By Mike Smith
18th of April 2013

Back in the Apartheid era we had schools and universities on par with the best in the world. It is a lie and a myth that “Bantu Education” was inferior education.

You can read the truth about education under Apartheid here:

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 11 – Bantu Education under Apartheid

In there you will see how the whites in South Africa built ten universities for blacks, whilst the Afrikaners only built five for themselves.

Today, under the ANC, we see REAL Bantu Education…A fraction of what it was under Apartheid...

The education system in South Africa has been dumbed down, destroyed, raped, you name it…it is simply Phuqed with a capital “F”.

The proof is in the pudding. The Mail & Guardian ran an article today: SA's maths and science ranks second last in the world

That is right. Our children today are piss-poor at sums. Only Yemen beats us for the last place.

South Africa's maths and science education has been ranked second last in the world, ahead of Yemen, according to a World Economic Forum report.

The quality of the country's general education system ranked 140 out of 144 countries, while internet access in schools is ranked at 111 out of 143 countries.

"Forty-three percent of South African grade five learners failed to reach the lowest international benchmark, in contrast to 5% of grade four learners internationally. This means that they have not yet mastered the basic reading skills required to access and retrieve information for reading comprehension purposes," the Pirls (Progress in International Reading Literature Study) report stated.

Now bear in mind that after this immense dumbing down of the education system, lowering the pass mark to 30% and Umalusi marking the matric results up, they still cannot pass. The truth about the Matric results surfaces

Last year…End of 2012, Matrics failed mathematics in large numbers. Blacks fail at mathematics yet again

So what is the ANC’s latest stint?

Pupils who had repeatedly failed Grade 10 by the end of 2012 have been moved to Grade 11.

Failed Grade 10s ‘pushed through’

So basically, you can sit on your arse, never do your homework, never study for tests or exams, fail repeatedly and still pass!!!

Can only be in an ANC run world.

I mean…why even bother going to school at all? Just give up your name at the beginning of the school year and bunk the rest of the year you will pass anyway.

Why even bother with that. Let us cut the bullshit and just dish out the matric certificates to any and all who want one.

Stuff school altogether. It is just wasting everyone’s time and money.

In fact, to make it a bit more interesting we can have a “Scratch-&-Win” competition…”Scratch and Win a Matric Certificate”. How's that? Imagine how much money we can make…If you hit the jackpot you win a university degree.

The useless, criminal police of South Africa

By Mike Smith
18th of April 2013

Two years ago, in full view of television cameras, Andries Tatane a Ficksburg protester, was kicked, beaten with a police baton and shot twice in the chest with rubber bullets after which he collapsed and died.

The seven policemen accused of his murder were all acquitted last month, simply because the prosecution bungled the case.

Where is the justice for his family and his wife Rose?

Just before Tatane’s death, police on a hunt for an escaped prisoner, shot and killed a 15yo boy called Kwasi Ndlovu and planted a gun on him. Ndlovu never had a gun

On 16th of August 2012 SA police trapped and slaughtered 34 miners at the Lonmin Marikana mine.

About two month ago nine police officers were charged after dragging a Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia behind a police van and he later died of his injuries.
South African police suspended over death of man 'dragged behind van'

These four incidents are just the tips of a massive “excessive force” iceberg of what the SAPS has degenerated into.

The annual report of Amnesty international documented allegations against the SA police of excessive force, torture, rape and "extrajudicial executions". It said the IPID received 720 new cases for investigation of suspicious deaths in custody or in other policing contexts from April 2011 to March 2012.

About 932 people died in police custody in South Africa in 2011-12, a report by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) revealed. Source: Over 900 die in South African police custody

Dragging people behind cars or alongside them seems to be the SAPS’s favourite trick. Weeks after Mido Macia’s death more incidents of cops dragging people with vehicles emerged.

In their off time, our criminal police rob Chinese owned businesses…in police uniform and use police cars as getaway vehicles Police duo linked to robbery

Or they go out and rape members of the public as this senior police officer has done. Senior Superintendent Mahlatse Thobakgale was found guilty of three counts of rape, one of pointing a firearm and one of negligent discharge of a firearmRapist Freestate cop jailed for 18 years

Or this one where a police reservist raped a member of the public and the police captain covered for him. Thankfully the police captain was fired. Captain axed for inaction over rape cop

And when the cops are not raping women, they torture people like these six awaiting trial prisoners who are now suing the Police Minister. ‘Police attached wires to my penis’

Charges include being hung upside down in broad daylight from a first-floor balcony of the Bloemfontein Tourist Centre (BTC), electric shock torture, suffocation with pepper-spray filled plastic bags, head-bashing, assaults and beatings.

William Dube described being cuffed to a chair in an unmarked suite of the tourism centre offices, wires attached to his penis, and shocked. “It was very, very painful. I even wet myself... They covered my head with a plastic bag, filled it with pepper spray and sealed it with duct tape.”

Two weeks later he was taken to the centre for a second round where ten police officers shocked him repeatedly for almost four hours in front of a woman officer.

Or in their off duty time these cowardly creatures go about hitting and kicking women from behind as can be seen in this shocking report and video. Note how two on-duty policemen do not arrest him and do not help the woman Probe after cop assault on woman

In the next example of police brutality in South Africa, two coloured guys found an intruder in their yard at 01h00 in the morning (probably a policeman) and chased him off. Two days later, the police picked them up, handcuffed them and drove them to the police station where they were whipped with sjamboks, suffocated with a plastic bag, threatened that they would be framed with drugs and driven back home. No charges were laid against them. ‘Officers whipped us with sjamboks’

What they also do, is to raid drug dealer’s homes and then sell the drugs on the side. Five cops in Eastern Cape arrested for drug dealing

To crown it all…40% of SA cops do not have a driver’s license

That’s right…They are driving around without licenses endangering the lives of the public.

These were just some example of recent daily reports that made it into the MSM headlines. Can you imagine the thousands of cases that never make it into the media?

Now if the police themselves are heavy criminals, then how do they foresee to ever make a dent in the crime in the country? Police are civil servants.

They ultimately answer to us, who pay their salaries. They are not a law unto themselves. Therefore we need to hold them accountable and responsible for their criminality. And that goes for Police Commissioner Phiyega and Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa as well.

17 April 2013

Black journalist puts Satan out of business

By Mike Smith

16th of April 2013

The Devil must be out of business, because a Black journalist finaly woke up to his Marxist terrorist leaders and admitted that he wasted his vote on the ANC.

I am not just talking back, so you better listen

Maybe it is just a case of “He who pays the piper calls the tune”. The Liberal MSM pays the journalist to write what they want him to write.

Whether the freelance journalist Sbu Shongwe is really discontented with the ANC and whether he really won’t vote for them ever again, is debatable.

Of further interest is how all the comments from blacks and whites on the forum agree with him.

Let us see if the follow through at the next election and dump the ANC.

What I liked about his article is how he gives us a glimpse into how the ANC buys and wins votes in black townships like Diepsloot…Not that we don’t know it already, but he just confirms it.

1) The ANC tar a few main roads in the townships just before election time
2) The ANC dishes out free T-shirts
3) The ANC gives them free bus rides to speeches, rallys and voting stations
4) The ANC dishes out free food and groceries like soup, rice and mealie-meal
5) The ANC shows them old brutal films about apartheid to manipulate their feelings.

Sbu Shongwe says he is not falling for it anymore.

16 April 2013

The Boston Blasts, a preliminary report

By Mike Smith
16th of April 2013

Interesting, isn't it?

16th of April 2013 some bombs are exploded by terrorists in Boston killing 3 innocent civilian people and injuring about a 100.

It is on every television in the world and a massive outcry rises from all over the world.

Almost exactly 30 years ago on the 20th of May 1983 a bomb exploded in Church Street in Pretoria, planted by the Marxist ANC terrorists, killing 19 innocent civilian people and injuring 217.

The bombs were authorized by Communist scum Oliver Tambo and Joe Slovo and had the blessing of Nelson Mandela himself.

There were applause and cheers of joy and support from all around the world for the ANC.

Sorry but the hypocrisy is sickening.

At first in this report it states that the FBI and other agencies have no clue to who planted the bombs, but they are suspecting “Rightwingers” or “Islamists”.
FBI suspects “Rightwing or Islamists”

Then later it came out they were looking for a “Dark skinned or Black Male” Boston Marathon Bombing: Hunt for ‘Dark-Skinned or Black Male’ and Yellow Van

Hey? I tell you, the Leftist media, just cannot let any opportunity go by to smear the Right.

The savage nature of the Noble Beast

By Mike Smith
16th of April 2013

Theft accused assault caught on camera

How many times have we said it?

How many times have we told the absolute truth about these savages? And they called us “racists”.

What laughable junk. Their predisposition to cruelty is so real, but just so unfathomable for liberal idiots.

Now the newspapers cannot hide the truth anymore.

They have to acknowledge the elephant is in the room, they have to admit that the emperor is indeed naked. When you watch the video below you will see how these two Noble Savage security guards beat up this old lady with belts, a mallet and a mop handle.

Hitting her through her face with the belt, stepping on her face and throat and choking her. Where are the liberals now? In fact where are the blacks? Let them explain this behaviour to us.

Where is the outcry? If you want it translated what this granny has to say, send it to Helen Zille…she speaks fluent Xhosa.

Like I always say, “If they do this to their own kind, imagine what they will do to us if they get the chance”.

Those Murdering “Robbers” and “Intruders” again

By Mike Smith
16th of April 2013

Since I started a campaign to expose the psyops and extenuating of black on white murders in South Africa by the Main Stream Media, they tend to choose their words carefully.

Remember how I have pointed out several times how the MSM euphemistically calls murderers “robbers”…even when so often nothing was stolen?

See examples below…

Those Killer "Robbers" and the liberal politics of greed
Those magnificent MSM psy-ops “robbers”
Those murdering “robbers” in the Media Psyops again

I see now they have wised up a little…When nothing was stolen they reverted back to euphemistically calling the killers simply “intruders”…like in the example below, where a 59 yo man was shot dead in front of his family and nothing was stolen and obviously no mention of the races of the killers or the victim was made. Intruders kill man in front of family

Or this one of a rapist and murderer, who raped an 89 yo woman, stabbed her to death and then stabbed her five year old granddaughter to death. Simply an intruder…No mention of race of perpetrators or victims.
Also notice how they do not even mention the rape and double murder in the headline, almost hoping people will skip the article about an intruder who simply kicked a door down. Intruder kicked down elderly woman’s door

Here is another example of how they call a white murder victim, Jacques Oosthuizen, who was stabbed and shot several times by this low life trash, a “robbery victim”… Waterfall robbery victim dies Hey?

The man was a MURDER victim not a “Robbery victim”. If he was a victim of a robbery he would have been only robbed not killed. Take note how nowhere in the article do they actually mention WHAT was stolen.

14 April 2013

Bishop Tutu…South Africa was safer under Apartheid

By Mike Smith
14th of April 2013

Arch Bishop Emeritus, Desmond Tutu stated that South Africa is fast becoming one of the most violent states in the world…the arch even dared to go as far as to say that the country was safer under Apartheid.

On Thursday 11th of April 2013 speaking at a ceremony in Cape Town to celebrate winning the Templeton prize, he was asked where exactly the country was failing and in his answer Tutu focused on violence and inequality.

"Very simply, we are aware we've become one of the most violent societies. It's not what we were, even under apartheid," he said at the time.

How did the ANC government respond?

SA 'is safer now' says Cabinet

What an utter load of bollocks!

Just as we thought there was no possible way that the anally-contortionist ANC could possibly get their heads that extra millimeter further up their arses, they surprised us.

As proof they used their own manipulated and crooked crime statistics.

Cabinet spokesperson Phumla Williams on Saturday said that according to police statistics, the level of violent crimes in the country has dropped significantly.

I am sure…after I exposed many times how the police crook crime statistics…

How Mike exposed the SA police crooking crime statistics

Maybe someone should explain the meaning of “credibility” to the ANC.

This weeks’ MAN award goes to John Lydon of the Sex Pistols

By Mike Smith
14th of April 2013

You know that feeling…being constantly interrupted by an obnoxious yapping LWB who simply cannot keep her gob shut for five seconds so you can get a word in edgewise…and when you eventually do get your five seconds, she dares to intterupt you...

Well…John Lydon of the Sex Pistols is not a man who takes this kind of feminazi crap, as can be seen from the article below.

When a man is talking do not interupt

Good on you mate...should have told her what her mouth was really made for.

Now here is a MAN quote for all those Feminazis out there.

"When a woman becomes a scholar there is usually something wrong with her sexual organs." Friedrich Nietzsche

How the ANC plans to rob us more efficiently

By Mike Smith
14th of April 2013

Dr. Frene Ginwala the former speaker of parliament and lately the ANC’s newly found integrity committee member has said that Fighting ANC corruption will be a huge battle.
'Fighting ANC corruption a battle’

That is right…The ANC has formed an “Integrity comittee” to fight corruption in their ranks…the members read like a “Wo’s,who?” of the educated criminally corrupt and convicted terrorists.

It is like a bunch of parasites…leeches in fact, who form a committee to establish how they can leech without the host realizing he is being drained of his lifeblood.

The ANC has no interest to ever stop their corruption or parasitic behavior. They just don’t like it when they get caught out.

The only thing that bother’s them is that their own members are so stupid and dumb that they steal too openly, end up in court and the newspapers.

They realize that the people woke up to their criminal behavior and they stand there knowing that this is not good PR for their Xhosa Nostra gang.

So what they have done is to form a committee to investigate and establish where they can close the gaps so that they can carry on stealing without the public ever finding out about it. Simple as that.

11 April 2013

Foreigners attacked in SA

By Mike Smith
11th of April 2013

I don’t know what it is with foreign tourists in SA.

They are so terribly naïve it is unbelievable and thus it is hard to sympathise with them when something happens to them. Look at the Norwegians who were attacked on Signal Hill in Cape Town…at 01h00 am… Foreign student raped on Signal Hill

I mean…who in his right mind goes up Signal Hill at one’o’clock in the morning? You are looking for shit!

The other example is this one: Italian businessmen flee SA after robbery

They were with a South African associate at a restaurant in Durban when the restaurant was robbed. Now they vowed never to come back again.

It is what happens in SA, so no surprises there. They rob entire shopping centres and even police stations in SA.

What did they think? South Africa was safe?

If you choose to come to South Africa, you are taking a massive risk. Your life is in danger every minute. The country has some of the highest violent crime statistics in the world. In SA you have rapes, murders, car-jackings, etc just about every minute.

Even for us locals, just to comute to work and back everyday is like running a gauntlet of violent criminals.

What the local criminals do not realise is that these tourists who suffer crime in SA will go back to their countries and tell their stories at every braai, at every function and in every pub they ever go to for the rest of their lives. So thousands of people will not come to SA, which means a loss of revenue to the locals.

I will never deter a foreigner to come to South Africa. In fact the more the better...I will tell you why...

My advice to foreigners who want to come to SA is this…Come, by all means. You are the decoys...At least when the local savages rob, rape and kill you, they leave us alone.

Johannesburg FFWD to 10 years from now

By Mike Smith
11th of April 2013

This is how Johannesburg SA is going to look like a few years from now if it stays under ANC rule.

The pictures are from Johannesburg USA in the Mojave dessert and sent in by regular reader Adrem.

Apparently. All that remains is a Filling station, a Post Office, a big Ad for a gun shop nearby and, well the JOBURG JUNQUE Knife Shop.

10 April 2013

20 years after Chris Hani’s death...his ghost is still walking

By Mike Smith
10th of April 2013

Personally I care as much about a dead piece of Communist trash like Chris Hani as I would about a dead mangy rat.

I actually feel disgusted that I allocated a few minutes of my life to this useless piece of garbage...a few minutes I will never ever get back again.

It sickens me to read crap like this by a MSM journalist… Interpreting Chris Hani’s values

This must have been the most one-sided garbage article I have read in a long time.

I can understand how a daughter like Lindiwe Hani can praise her dad, but this journalist?? What is wrong with the thing?

Look at how this idiot tries to paint a Marxist terrorist piece of trash like Hani as a Demi God

“…Hani dying “young” has meant we mostly remember him as a heroic figure. For he died still in the midst of battle, with victory in sight. Inevitably, the narrative about his life, especially because he was a military commander that led from the front, is dominated by episodes of valour and compassion for the soldiers under his command.”

“Chris has become frozen in our consciousness as an epitome of innocence, the most pure of freedom fighters.“


Honestly Mcebisi…Where do you get this junk from?

He was a cowardly terrorist commander of a cowardly terrorist outfit named MK that could only plant bombs in shopping centres and bars blowing up innocent women and children.

He was no “innocent heroic freedom fighter”.

Chris Hani was a cowardly scumbag terrorist. Finish and klaar.

He even tortured his fellow terrorists in Angolan training camps...and by the way, while we are at it…You have been lied to about Santa, the Tokoloshe and the Tooth Fairy as well.

It is what Communists do…they lie to you. Get your head out your arse mate!

Nevertheless, the Young Communist League of SA (YCLSA) at least called for the reopening of the case on the death of Chris Hani like they do every year.

I fully agree with them…It is long overdue. Let us open ANOTHER Pandora's Box.

YCL: Reopen inquest to Hani’s death

I am sure we would all like to know who were the bastards really behind the assassination of Chris Hani and how deap the rabbit hole really goes.

For years now we have been told that two rightwingers, an Englishmen named Clive Derby-Lewis and a Polish immigrant named Januz Wallus in an amateuristic boy scout conspiracy killed Communist Party Leader Chris Hani.

The official story goes that Derby-Lewis borrowed Wallus his revolver and Wallus then went to Chris Hani’s house in Boksburg on exactly the day after Hani usually was with his mistress and sent his body-guard home…all purely by chance of course.

Wallus then went and shot Hani on his front lawn in full view of a mysterious “White Afrikaner woman” who somehow magically disappeared straight after the assassination, but who informed the police about Wallus driving in his own car, a red Ford Laser complete with his own registration numbers.

Wallus was apprehended by the police ten minutes after the assassination almost as if they were waiting for him.

They even found the murder weapon in his possession.

Either Januz Wallus was an extremely stupid assassin or we are extremely stupid and naive puppets.

I mean if you are going to commit such a murder, at least use a stolen car with stolen number plates and a stolen gun you bought off a guy in Gugulethu and at least chuck the murder weapon away after the assasination.

I am sorry but I simply cannot believe that junk.

The most accurate exposé about Hani’s assassination that I have ever read was in the book “South Africa’s brave new world; The beloved country since the end of Apartheid” by veteran journalist R.W. Johnson...who is a liberal by the by...

From pages 17-51 you can read all about who was really behind the Chris Hani assassination, namely ex President Thabo Mbeki and Defence Minister Joe Modise.

At the time, Chris Hani, whose real name was Martin (he stole his brother’s name to get a false passport…as you know they all look alike), was very popular amongst the masses as the leader of MK and the SACP.

He was going to become either the Vice President under Mandela instead of Mbeki and then succeed Mandela or he was going to become the Minister of Defence, snatching all the Arms Deal contracts to replace the Navy and Air Force’s old equipment to the tune of R70 Billion after years of sanctions.

Joe Modise, a ganster (The Spoilers) ran a stolen car racket between SA and Zambia at the time. He was also involved with diamond and money smuggling (arrested in Botswana) and drug smuggling (Cocaine, Mandrax and Ecstasy together with the Shariff Khan family of Johannesburg) and weapons smuggling ( 1985/6 he sold an ANC arms cache near Saurimo in Angola to Apartheid ally Dr. Jonas Savimbi who was also a sworn enemy of the ANC).

Joe Modise was also a feared double agent.

If you were from the ANC and you crossed him he would set the NIS agents on you.

If you were from the Police or National Intelligence Service and you crossed him, he would get the ANC terrorists or his township gansters to assassinate you.

Modise and Hani crossed swords long ago back in 1967 at the ill fated Wankie campaign in former Rhodesia when the ANC’s MK tried to set up a Ho-Chi-Min trail to South Africa through Rhodesia.

Chris Hani wrote a scathing attack to the ANC leadership, naming Modise by name as non-caring and an agent of the Apartheid regime.

Modise responded by trying to get Hani executed.

Hani survived only because Oliver Tambo saved his life.

So he already tried to execute Hani once.

There is an old saying that one always meets a rival twice in life, and so it was with Modise and Hani.

They met again in 1993 when Modise sold off another ANC arms cache to the tune of $2.5 million to criminals, pocketing the money himself and not telling the ANC.

Chris Hani found out about it, confronted Modise and said that if he was not going to inform the ANC, he (Hani) would. Two weeks later Hani was dead. Derby-Lewis and Januz Wallus were small cogs in this big machine.

They were first time amateurs and totally out of their depth in a time when the Stasi, the KGB, the ANC’s intelligence, the former NIS from SA and major Arm’s companies moved into South Africa and wanted to do business at the expense of us, the white taxpayers of South Africa.

Today, 20 years later we are still paying off this arms deal debt whilst our Grippen Fighters, Meko Class Frigates and 209 Class Submarines rust away under the corrupt ANC regime. Out of their indulgence, the ANC president Zuma has built himself a palace and an entire village for his five wives and 20 odd children, whilst we barely eek out a living and battle to keep our children in school.

Twenty years later, the echo of the shots that downed Chris Hani has not died away…

The President still has more than 700 cases of corruption against him about that arms deal, that was swept under the NPA carpet.

The clock is ticking and I can tell you one thing…the ghost of Chris Hani is still walking today and he will not rest until he has exposed his real assassins.

And today’s Darwin Award goes to…

Nothing much to add here except for the picture, which I think explains what probably happened here...

Horrific scene after scrap yard blast

Horrific scene after scrap yard blast
2013-04-09 08:21

Johannesburg - A man has died in an explosion at a scrap yard near Tembisa on the East Rand, leaving body parts strewn across the ground.

The man was believed to have been the owner of the scrap yard, reported The Sowetan.

A police officer said the explosion happened at about 16:00 on Monday and that it was unclear what caused it. “It’s a mess,” said the police officer on the scene. “I don’t think I will be able to eat tonight. That was a horrible sight,” said another police officer.

Reporters saw the remains of the man lying about from 100 metres from where the explosion took place, with body parts spread across the scene.

The scrap yard is close to the training base of the soccer team Mamelodi Sundowns. An inquest docket has been opened.

09 April 2013

In Africa, liberal dreams are shattered daily by Noble Savage behavior

By Mike Smith
9th of April 2013

During the Apartheid years we whites of South Africa were often criticized for being intolerant of the Noble Savages in our country and on the continent of Africa who incidentally were also the darlings of the Liberal Hippie, La-la-world.

Racial egalitarians and cultural relativists from around the world told us that there were no differences between our western medicine and the witchcraft muti of the savages.

They tried to convince us that the mud huts of the spear chuckers were the same architectural masterpieces as the union buildings in Pretoria or the Voortrekker monument.

Apparently the animal skins the bushmen wear are just as sophisticated as our woven cloth and leather shoes and just as beautiful.

In fact I can write an entire book and the bullshit theories of cultural relativism and racial egalitarianism.

However it is 2013 and nothing much has changed in South Africa or on the Dark Continent.

Let me show you some examples of the sophisticated Noble Savage behaviour and culture that they want me to tollerate, respect and treat as equal to my own.

Last Saturday "Shoppers at a... shop in Makhado were shocked when a man stormed into a shop, reached for a freezer where he took out a human arm and started waving with it," said Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi.

The man told police the woman was allegedly killed on Wednesday. The 38-year-old man from Thengwe village then led the police to a nearby mountainous area where a mutilated body of a woman was found. The woman's arm, eyes and private parts were missing. Man waves human arm around in shop

A few weeks ago there was this report from Tanzania where the locals hacked the hands off a seven year old Albino boy for making Muti Medicine.

Yes liberals...Blacks consume human flesh in the form of “medicine” to get rich, become invisible, or grow large penises, to mention a few, and as the article states, this is not an isolated incident, but the latests in a series of bloody assaults.

The oh so Noble and tolerant towards women creatures of Uganda want to bring in legislation banning miniskirts, bikinis, etc, saying it causes traffic accidents…and Madonna as well as Beyoncé videos will have to be taken off TV. If a woman wears a miniskirt, we will arrest her

I wonder what these two liberal women have to say about the Ugandan’s decisions.

Or how about the Swazi King who’s wives (13 off) fled one after the other citing years of physical and mental abuse and living like virtual prisoners in the palace.
Swaziland sixth queen flees to South Africa
Swaziland’s twelve queen kicked out for pepper spraying a guard who assaulted her when she wanted to leave

Two days ago a woman from Soweto, Johannesburg was fined R10,000 for being in possession of counterfeit money, illegal medicine and posters promoting penis enlargements. Woman fined R10K for penis posters

Today there was the case of Cindy Ngomane (28) whose family has been robbed five times, but they heard nothing, because THEIR MUTHI PUT HER WHOLE FAMILY INTO A DEEP SLEEP. They didn't need guns or knives to take food, cash and anything else they could carry. Family members heard nothing. And then the thoughtful thugs made sure they didn't sleep too long. They woke the family by peeing at the gate before leaving. Mum of three Cindy Ngomane (28) said the thieves forgot only once to pee. And then the family slept until the afternoon of the next day! I sleep when they rob me

You can understand this behavior to some extent, because Cindy is a simple woman, but when the president of the country goes and tells tradional leaders to wipe their arses with the constitution…not to buy into the legal practices of whites like having a judiciary and a prison system…Then you have to ask yourself where is this country heading?

"Prisons are done by people who cannot resolve problems. Let us solve African problems the African way, not the white man's way," Zuma told a cheering House of Traditional Leaders.

He ploughed blithely on: "Let us not be influenced by other cultures and try to think the lawyers are going to help . . . They tell you they are dealing with cold facts. They will never tell you that these cold facts have warm bodies."

Zuma: Let us solve African problems the African way, not the white man's way

Traditionally blacks did not have prisons. Punishment normally resulted in death or beating the offender to within an inch of his life.

So much for the liberal dreams of “Human rights” for Africa, right?