31 January 2014

Political window dressing and the silent revolution in South Africa

By Mike Smith

31st of January 2014

I see the two Socialist Sisters eventually found each other. Helen Zille and Mamphela Ramphele, that is.

The DA swallowed up another insignificant party, Agang, just like they swallowed up the ID of Patricia de Lille in 2010, which it seems have now been relegated to stepsister status.

Zille and Ramphele are old friends who socialize at home and look after each other’s children.

DA-Agang to announce merger plans

How two women could transform South Africa

The DA even made Ramphele their presidential candidate.

Elsewhere, Malema and Buthelezi also found each other it seems.

No merger between IFP and EFF (yet)

Ramphele has a track record of being useless at everything she has tried. She was the shortest vice chancellor of UCT, useless as managing director of the World Bank and even worse as Chair Person of Gold Fields from which she resigned last year to become a full time political prostitute. Now she is a board member of Anglo-American Corporation.

Six months after its launch, Agang was rocked by political infighting and factionalism. Three weeks ago the media announced that Agang’s funds dried up.

Agang’s funds dry up

Agang wracked by rivalries

How can anybody take this party seriously? God help South Africa if Mamparra Ramphele ever becomes president.

Mamphela Ramphele to challenge Jacob Zuma for presidency

What to make of all of this?

I see there are a lot of people getting all excited about this political window dressing playing out to the run-up to the 2014 election farce.

So first of all there are the two forces at play here in SA as always…Big Business Capitalism’s agencies of the West VS Communists of the EAST.

As usual the Communists play chess and the West plays Monopoly.

Neither cares a damn about the people of South Africa, white or black. All they are interested in is raping our mineral wealth.

For those of you, who are familiar with my Pandora series, you will know that Gold Fields, of which Mamphela Ramphele was the chairperson, was the company who facilitated the talks between Apartheid Secret Agents and the ANC to steal our country away from us.

It was Lenin who said that to control the opposition you have to lead it yourself.

In fact the only opposition the communists tolerate is the one they have created themselves.

Knowing the dialectical way in which the Communists operate, it seems as if the ANC created both Agang and the EFF as the Thesis and Antithesis so that they (the ANC) can appear as the moderate Synthesis somewhere in the middle.

Further, they have allowed their agents (Ramphele & Malema) to infiltrate the real opposition (The DA and the IFP).

But Ramphele is a double agent. Just like Mbeki was. The West knows this so they treat her very well. Sun Tzu said in chapter 13 of “The Art of War” that you should always treat spies well, even double agents, because you can use them to your benefit. Feed them false info so they can spread it amongst the enemy etc.

But Ramphele has been groomed for greater things. The West has given her top positions and lots of money without her actually doing anything for it. The only things she has are struggle credentials and being Steve Biko’s girlfriend. Now they want something in return.

Big business/mining and agencies of the West want Ramphele as president and appease the masses so they can carry on raping and stealing the mineral wealth of South Africa.

The ANC has been getting a bit too greedy lately. Their strategy was always to use the striking masses (Cosatu) to intimidate the Randlords and mining bosses so they could extort more money from them.

But the West has got that base covered. Over the last few months we have seen them gear up to destroy Cosatu by buying over the biggest union affiliated to Cosatu namely Numsa and destroying leader Zwelinzima Vavi with allegations of sexual harassment in their Liberal media in a clasical “Strike-the-shepherd-and-the-sheep-will-scatter” move.

Numsa to split from Cosatu

Vavi free of rape accusations but sexual harassment lingers

To me it has become clear that the West has had it with the ANC. The ANC has overplayed its hand in becoming too greedy and unable to control the proletariat. Their days are numbered.

At the moment everything points to an active Western undermining of the ANC and its alliance partners (SACP and Cosatu). In fact what we are seeing is a silent revolution in SA. The West wants their agents Zille and Ramphele in charge.

The question is how long this revolution will stay quiet, because the ANC/SACP is aware of what is going on. They want to stay in power forever and there is no way they will take this sitting down.

If you study revolutions like Dr. Crane Brinton in “Anatomy of a revolution” you will see that no revolution starts spontaneously by disgruntled or hungry citizens. All revolutions start from outside of a country driven by powers that have loads of money. South Africa’s civil war is creeping nearer.

I do not have much hope for the DA-Agang merger. You cannot tie two cripples together and expect them to outrun a 100m sprinter.

A year ago I said “If you want to beat the ANC you have to be more brutal than them. You have to terrorise the terrorists into submission. The previous government hammered the ANC so hard, pursued and hunted them down overseas and blew their offices and terrorist operatives to smithereens, to the extent that the ANC by the 1980’s was nothing but an unmanned fax machine in Dar-es-Salaam. Anything weaker than that will fail against the ANC.“


Unless the Money Power behind the DA and Agang merger is willing to brutalize the ANC, the ANC will stay in power.

Every revolutionary idea seems to evoke three stages of reaction. They may be summed up by the phrases: 1- It's completely impossible. 2- It's possible, but it's not worth doing. 3- I said it was a good idea all along.

Arthur C. Clarke

27 January 2014

Nobody appreciates liberals who try to "help"

By Mike Smith

28th of January 2014

Many liberals come to South Africa to help blacks and eventually leave desponded, even as converted racists. The reasons are many, but basically the barbaric traditional or cultural practices of the blacks are what cause it. Another one is the way blacks respond to the “help” from these liberals. They don’t want it.

Take Dutch doctor, Dingeman Rijken for instance. He has worked amongst the Xhosas and has seen hundreds of botched circumcisions, willies rotting off and young boys dying from these horrific male genital mutilations.

He has set up a graphic website exposing these practices.

Graphic circumcision website irks critics


Be warned. It is not for the faint of heart.

The dear doctor just wants to help. He even offers “solutions”…all of which is not appreciated by the locals.

Traditional leaders and cultural commentators want the website shut down.

The doctor is making several mistakes. This practice of Ulwaluko is a secret ritual and Xhosa men do not take kindly to this being exposed, especially not to women.

The ANC got flak from their own supporters in Khayelitsha in the Cape, because they used the picture of a Xhosa boy initiate on an election poster. They see it as disrespectful and the ANC exploiting Xhosa culture.

ANC initiation poster stirs ire

Doctor Rijken might honestly believe that he is doing something good, but the people he is trying to “help” hates him for it and wants his “help” shut down.

His solution that medical practitioners should do the circumcision speaks of a lack of understanding of Xhosa culture. If the boy goes to a western style hospital, he won’t be considered initiated and therefore not a “man”.

No western trained doctor, even if he is black and circumcised himself, may perform a traditional circumcision. The boy will not be considered a “man”.

Liberals think their “superior” Western education could “help” blacks who believe in traditional medicine and practices. Blacks do not want their help. They do not want liberals to interfere.

The REAL solution is to let them be. Do not interfere with their culture. Do not try to “help”. Accept them for who and what they are. Leave them alone. Simply have nothing to do with them.

The dark side of that “beautiful” Noble Savage culture

By Mike Smith

27th of January 2014

Go on…Just Google “South Africa Muti murders” and see the thousands of posts that will come up. About 208,000 results.

Liberals always ignore this…pretending it is isolated incidents. No it is not. It happens daily in SA.

Muti killings is a way of life in rural areas

Here are two recent incidents from the last few days.

Women’s mutilated body found near Swartruggens

The body of a woman has been discovered behind a tavern in Swartruggens with her breasts cut off, North West police said on Monday.

“Her face was smashed with a stone... Her breasts were cut off and her private parts slightly cut with an unknown sharp instrument,” Makau said.

Her stomach had also been cut open.

In another incident… Killer cuts off woman’s hands

A woman was found dead, her hands cut off and her cellphone and keys inside her sliced open stomach on Friday.

And then you have that Ukuthwala practice of abducting and raping a 14 year old girl to force her into becoming your wife.

Man may get life for teen forced marriage

The ANC admitted that it is useless…and why I want Zuma to stay on

By Mike Smith

27th of January 2014

Eventually you just cannot hide the truth anymore. No matter how much bullshit propaganda the ANC has tried over the last 20 years, the record stands there for all to see and now finally the ANC has admitted how utterly useless they are as a government.

ANC report admits party has failed

There is no doubt that in the entire history of South Africa, the ANC has been the WORST government EVER!!

Year after year under ANC rule, corruption grows, education standards fall and the Rand plumbs new lows never seen before.

Concerns grow as Rand hits five year low

The sooner this terrorist trash goes the better.

However, what should happen to the ANC is what Scipio did to Carthage after he defeated Hanibal at Zama…Sow the land with salt so nothing will ever grow there again.

Just like Scipio destroyed Carthage forever, the ANC should be destroyed and relegated to the dustbin of terrorist organizations.

There are some people inside the ANC who know how this corrupt president and his family have destroyed the reputation of the ANC. I mean…not that they ever had a good reputation. They are terrorists after all, but even blacks in South Africa are starting to turn against their beloved ANC and stating that Apartheid was better.

Thabo Mbeki’s brother says Africa better in colonial times

Dr. Mamphela Ramphele - Apartheid education was better than now

These ANC insiders want Jacob Zuma to step down. Almost a desperate attempt to save the party from the path of total ruin it is on.

Stand down request for Zuma

That is why I want Zuma to stay on…Just a little bit longer. Msholozi Showerhead is personally responsible for the utter ruin and destruction of the ANC. Sometimes I wonder if he is not a brilliant genius working for foreign secret services or whether he is truly and honestly just STUPID.

I see one of his wives apparently also shagged her bodyguard and there is doubt if Zuma’s two children by her are his or not. Why doesn’t she go for a DNA test and prove if it is so or not. Simple…if she is so sure she must go and do it.

Zuma’s wife in Blackmail scandal

Following this revelation, several sources said MaNtuli was not allowed to go to Nkandla as she had offended the ancestors and the Zumas. She was eventually accepted back after a traditional ritual was performed months later.

Poor ANC…They are so paranoid about a “Rightwing-Threat” that they forget to notice that their biggest enemy is not from the white right, but from within their own ranks. In fact their very own leader is the one doing the most damage to the party.

24 January 2014

I support land invasions – in some cases

By Mike Smith

24th of January 2014

I never thought the day would come that I would support the illegal invasion of white owned land by blacks in South Africa, but in this case I do.

Bekkersdal land occupation legal says leader

Whites stole our land – Bekkersdal residents

According to spokesperson Mbulelo Koyana: "We are not apologetic for occupying the land. We believe it belongs to us. It was stolen by the whites,"

He said the government had failed to provide residents with houses.

So...Let me get this straight…The ANC regime failed to provide them with free houses that they have promised the blacks, so they blame the whites for “stealing” their land.

He fails to mention which whites and fails to produce any proof of his claim. Just a belief…I wonder where this “belief” comes from. Must be from that idiot Malema who goes around telling blacks that whites stole their land and that whites did not bring any land along when they came from Europe, etc

The thing that troubles me about this “belief” is that tomorrow they will “believe” that whites stole the houses, the cars and the jobs from blacks and will come to “rightfully” take it back. Genocide always starts with the slander of a demonised minority by a brainwashed majority.

Nevertheless, at first I was horrified to notice another Zimbabwe style invasion of mining land, but after discovering that Rand Uranium belongs to Gold1 International, an Australian company, I was not so horrified anymore. In fact I started to support the invasion. Australia along with their mining bosses actively sanctioned us during Apartheid and campaigned for the very ANC bastards who blew up innocent South African women and children in Wimpy restaurants and shopping centres. This scum is now stealing and occupying their land…let them have their just deserts.

Then I read that the municipality said the area had been rezoned for agricultural purposes, and was geologically unstable and prone to sinkholes…so my support shifted up a gear…

So…Please, let them invade ALL the sinkhole prone land areas…Don't try to stop them with court orders and things.

In fact, let’s identify all the sinkhole prone land areas, spread some vicious rumours that whites stole those lands from blacks and let these illegal land invaders invade those areas en masse. I will even build free houses for them on sinkhole prone areas.

Just imagine…one morning you wake up and Voila!...They’re all gone!

Hang on. There must be some other areas as well…where are all those chemical and atomic waste burial sites again?

I heard there was a lot of land stolen by whites in Australia too. Maybe we can send our land invaders over there. I am sure the Australians will be delighted to have such upstanding fellows over there, seeing that they loved and supported them so much during Apartheid.

21 January 2014

Does the rabbit in Mandela's ear have an occult meaning?

By Mike Smith

21st of January 2014

“Hoe help jy nou ‘n nasie met so ‘n volk?“

During Apartheid this is how we questioned the behaviour of liberals amongst us.

Originally an exclamation of amazement, but literally (basically) it means, “ How do you help a nation with people like this?”

I cannot tell you how sad I felt when I read that the sculptors of the 9m high larger than life Mandela statue that replaced J.B.M. Hertzog’s in front of the Union Buildings were Afrikaners.

Andre Prinsloo and Ruhan Janse van Vuuren, sculpted the nine metre bronze-plated statue of Mandela.

But somebody in the ANC who was paying for all this bronze casting did not want the Billions of African pilgrims for generations to come to know that two white Afrikaner dudes actually sculpted Saint Mandela. They were not even allowed to leave their signatures on the bottom of his trousers.

So they placed a miniature statue of a rabbit in his ear apparently because “rabbit” in Afrikaans means “Haas” and it is also a play on words, because “Haas” in Afrikaans also means haste…Apparently they were not given enough time to finish the statue.


When Barclays Bank withdrew from South Africa during Apartheid sanctions, FNB was formed in its place and in the spaces between the branches of its Logo could be seen clearly a map of Africa, an AK 47 and a picture of a rabbit. The rabbit was for a long period a symbol of Marxist Freedom movements in Africa.

The Logo has undergone many changes since then and the original is hard to find, but the newspapers at the time actually pointed it out and printed it. We who grew up during that time saw it.

However, we also know from Lewis Carroll’s book, “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” that she followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.

Were the sculptors trying to tell us something? Should we follow the journey down the Rabbit hole in Mandela’s ear to get to the truth? Were they really traitors as we thought or on a higher mission?

I will let you decide.

Rabit in Mandela statue to be removed

Who are the real Racists at our Universities?

By Mike Smith

21st of January 2014

The story that triggered my following comments is this one:

Varsity rage over racist add

Racist add sparks outrage at Free State University

The advertisement, written in Afrikaans, said: “Safe student accommodation for non-affirmative action female Kovsie students in secure student houses. Walking distance from UFS campus”.

The racist Affirmative Action appointed rector of the University of the Free State, Jonathan Jansen said that he has never seen such blatant racism…

“This is the first time I have come across such blatant racism from the private providers in the city or the suburbs.”

What a hypocrite this Rectum Rector turns out to be seeing that he knows that his own appointment was not on merit, but simply because of the racist BEE and Affirmative Action policies of the ANC. Further...it is not who you know, but who you blow...

Nevertheless the educated girls at that university are clever cookies. They are not stupid “racists”.

There is a reason why you place an add like that. That add speaks of a culture of sexual harassment of white female students by arrogant black males and a necessity to separate themselves as far away from them as possible...

Now, first of all this is totally private accommodation. It has jack all to do with the University. According to the South African Constitution people are (for the moment still) free to associate with whom they want.

Bill of rights section18: Freedom of Association

Jansen slammed the advert and the practice as racist.

Apparently the thousands of blatantly racist job adverts in newspapers and websites in SA specifically asking for “Affirmative Action” applicants is not racist, but let ONE advert appear offering accommodation for “Non-Affirmative Action” applicants and you see a shit storm breaking loose.

He never slammed the harassment of white female students by arrogant blacks as racist or sexist. In fact the only person here having total disregard for the freedoms in the Constitution is Jonathan Jansen himself with his “Forced Integration” policies at Kovsies.

I mean what part of Section 18 does he not understand? He is supposed to be a learned scholar. I think his Affirmative Action appointment is starting to show through. A fool should rather keep quiet and let people guess whether he is one or not, than to speak and remove all doubt.

Apparently a claim was launched at the South African Racial Inquisition...better known as the SA Human Rights Commission. I quote:

"While the SAHRC had not yet received a complaint by yesterday, spokesman Isaac Mangena encouraged those wronged to approach their Free State office."

“From what we have heard, it sounds like a racial profiling incident, which is strongly condemned by the constitution. It is upon all of us, collectively and individually as South Africans to rid the country of anything that's racist”.

I fully agree with the learned Isaac Mangena ( who also do not seem to know section 18 of the Bill of Rights). Let us get rid of BEE, AA, racial quotas in university entry, racial quotas in sport, etc…Let us get rid of the Black Managers Forum, The Black Lawyers Forum, etc who all exclude whites based on RACE and are all anti constitutional…But don’t get your knickers in a knot about a non racial incident that is in full compliance of the SA Constitution.

Addressing the root causes.

The root of this whole problem is Rector Jonathan Jansen himself. In his inaugarable speech as Vice Chancellor of UFS he had nothing else to talk about than RACE, RACISM, REITZ incident, Racial integration, etc…Makes you wonder who is really obsessed about race here.

You can read his boring racist speech here:

Johnathan Jansen’s inarguable speech as Vice Chancellor of UFS- full text What struck me about that speech back in 2009 was this line:

“In this respect let me be clear that the UFS will be unashamedly elitist in its drive to become an African university…”

That shows you Jonathan Jansen’s ultimate goal…He wants to transform this once prestigious university into an African Bush College.

On integrated residences, he said: “Our students will be prepared to learn and live together. Our residences will therefore be integrated on a 50/50 basis in January 2010…”

He continued…

“But I am under no illusion that, left to themselves, students will regroup by tribe and that is unacceptable 15 years into our non-racial democracy.”

Why Professor Jansen? Why would it be unacceptable if our supposedly wonderful constitution guarantees freedom of association?

He is fully aware of his policies at the UFS and the problems it causes.

Sorry but there I am a little bit more Clausewitzian in my approach to a solution…

Let the Master Speak..."We must select for our attack one point of the enemy's position (i.e., one section of his troops—a division, a corps) and attack it with great superiority…"<b>

Let's get rid of Jansen.

Blatant discrimination against white Golfers in SA

By Mike Smith

21st of January 2014

In South Africa, if you want to turn pro golfer and play in the Sunshine Tour you have to go to qualifying school and there the top 30 players goes through to play in category 13 of the Sunshine Tour.

To get into the Sunshine Tour Qaulifying school is hard work and it costs a lot of money.

Basically if you are “Previously Advantaged” (read white) then you pay R6000.

But if you are “Previously Disadvantaged” (read black) you go to the Vusi Ngubene Qaulifying School where the top 15 players go through to the Sunshine Tour…and you only have to pay R700.

This is what the ANC and liberals call “Positive Discrimination” or “Fair Discrimination”.

It is like saying you get “Positive Rape”.

Anyway…it’s only “positive” if Blacks discriminate against Whites and it is fully legal. It is incorporated in our junk constitution under Section 9 where you can also read the laughable gobbledygook of 9.5 which states…”(5) Discrimination on one or more of the grounds listed in subsection (3) is unfair unless it is established that the discrimination is fair.”

Hey? And this crap was a negotiated Constitution??

De Klerk condemns Positive Discrimination

I kid you not.

The densification of Diepsloot township

By Mike Smith

21st of January 2014

You will remember that in my series and upcoming book “Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box”, I have mentioned the phenomenon of the densification of Townships in South Africa and the problems arising from it. Read about it here

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 10 – District Six, A case study in forced removals

There you will read about the myths of what wonderful multiculty paradises District Six and Sophia Town were and how the “evil” Apartheid government forcefully displaced the people, etc, etc…All one-sided propaganda that was started by a series of articles in the Cape Times during the 1950’s.

In fact, the indiscriminate building in the back yards resulted in an overloaded infrastructure, an unsafe environment and a health hazard so bad that the authorities feared an outbreak of the Bubonic plague from the sheer amount of rats in District Six.

We South Africans know this phenomenon very well. As soon as a black or coloured person gets a township house, the extended family starts putting up corrugated iron and wooden shacks in the backyard or the owner puts up a few shacks himself and rents the shacks out. These shacks are illegally erected structures and no tax is paid on them. They call these shacks, “Wendy Houses”.

The Cape Colony for instance introduced official building regulations in 1861, but District 6 was started in 1833 already. The indiscriminate building and illegally erected structures continued to this present day in all townships in SA.

The laws are there, but the blacks ignore them and the government does not enforce them. Yet a white person in SA who wants to put up a car port or a boundary wall around his property needs to submit plans and will be taxed on the structures. This is the double standard for whites and blacks in SA. There is no such thing as equality before the law. One set of rules for whites and another for blacks.

Uneducated people do not understand that building rules are largely there for safety and health reasons. Windows need to be of a certain size to allow fresh air and natural light in. Rooms need to be a certain height...Every human being needs a certain amount of breathing space to prevent diseases such as Typhoid, Tuberculosis, etc from breaking out (as is the case in overcrowded concentration camps). Streets need to be a certain width so that ambulances and fire trucks can reach emergency situations, etc…

Below is evidence of this exact same phenomenon happening in Diepsloot Township.

It comes from the GISSA Ukubuzana magazine. General Paper 2012. The article is by Stuart Martin.

An online version is available here.

Seeing beyond the picture, unleashing the power of imagery

20 January 2014

Crony Capitalists and Communist Screwing over South Africans together

By Mike Smith

20th of January 2014

Let me show you how Capitalist Big Mining and the Communists hand-in-hand screw the mineworkers and ultimately EVERYONE in South Africa. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in true free market (Laissez Faire) Capitalism and despise Socialism. What I also despise is the crony capitalism and lobbyism of corrupt politicians by corrupt bankers, corrupt mining bosses and corrupt corporations as we see in South Africa.

Let me start off with a humorous article that I saw.

The Champagne Communist, BEE Billionaire and ANC deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa, who would never have made it if it was not for the ANC’s scandalously racist and illegal crony system of Black Economic Empowerment, is going to pack for Perth to woo South Africans living there so they would vote for the Marxist ANC.

All I can say to him is, “Good luck with that mate!”

Further, Times Live reported on it and ecstatically ran a poll to ask their readers if they thought Cyril would be successful…

ANC's Ramaphosa to woo South Africans living in Australia: report

I mean, were they really expecting a 50/50 vote on it? Has it not occurred to them that the Marxist ANC scum and their racist policies of BEE and Affirmative Action are the exact reasons why these people are in Australia in the first place?

Nevertheless, stupid jokes and useless clowns aside… This is where we start to see an apparent conflict of interests. Cyril Ramaphosa, the great businessman and apparent Capitalist fully supports the Communists and wants South Africans to vote for them.

Cyril Ramaphosa and his beloved Marxist trade union NUM (National Union of Mineworkers), the largest member of Cosatu (in a Troika with the ANC and the SACP), were one of the biggest reasons the ANC has lost so much support over the last few months. They were the ones responsible for the Marikana Massacre.

Cyril singlehandedly built up NUM to one of the biggest and most powerful trade unions in South Africa (inflated claims of 300,000 members; Most likely 150,000).

How NUM triggered the Marikana Massacre

There are a few facts that everyone overlooks in the Marikana Massacre. The “official sources” (Lonmin, NUM and the Police) all told the public that the workers went on a wild cat strike and killed two security guards that led to the eventual Massacre. Nothing is further from the truth.

NUM leadership subsequently added that the police was justified in shooting the (NUM) workers.

Hey?? NUM leaders turned against their own NUM members? Why?

Simple…Cyril pays them. Cyril Ramaphosa sits on the board of Lonmin. He is paid by Big Mining to control the slaves with an iron hand.

The NUM offices are also the offices of the ANC and SACP in Wonderkop. They are manned by the top five NUM branch leaders who get their normal worker’s salary plus a huge bonus of R14,000 per month from Lonmin. They are therefore accountable to Lonmin management.

What the MSM left out was that on the day before the two security guards were killed, the NUM workers marched on the NUM offices at Wonderkop. The “top five” of the NUM leadership, and other shop stewards, between 15 and 20 in all, came out of the office and began shooting at their own unarmed protesting strikers at the Wonderkop taxi rank (killing two). Only after that, the miners went home and armed themselves. The rest is Marikana history.

Marikana prequel: NUM and the murders that started it all

The result was that Communist scum NUM started bleeding to death and nobody could be happier than I, but Big Mining already has that base covered…

Currently…NUM members are deserting the trade union in droves. Num has lost about 50% of their members since Marikana

They are mainly defecting to Association of Mining Construction Workers (Amcu). The union sees itself as distinct from NUM in that it is "apolitical and noncommunist" and now represents 70% of Lonmin workers as opposed to NUM’s 20%.

Further, NUM’s president Senzeni Zokwana is also Chairperson of the South African Communist Party.

Not only that, Zokwana is an employee of AngloGold.

He was formerly a rockdrill operator (RDO), who became a union shop steward, then full-time vice-president of NUM in 1994 and the president in 2000…but he is still paid a wage by AngloGold, like all full-time union shop stewards are. There are apparently NUM national office-bearers earning the same salaries as a mine manager is paid by the mining group.

Ramaphosa can't stop exodus from the NUM

So…as you can see, all these Communist trade union leaders and their shop stewards are on the mines’ payrolls. The ones who control the mines control the Commies, who control the unions who control the enslaved proletariat.

That’s how it has always worked…until the Prolls got uppity at Marikana and had to be disciplined.

Cyril Ramaphosa basically gave the order to shoot the NUM workers at Marikana.

In a series of emails between Ramaphosa and Lonmin executives 24Hrs before the massacre, Ramaphosa had pressured and warned Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa to “come down hard on striking miners”.

Cyril Ramaphosa e-mails 24 hours before the massacre calling for ‘concomitant action’ against ‘criminals’

In his statement in May 2013 to the Farlam commission, Ramaphosa said his intervention just before the massacre was an attempt to call for "peace". He said he did not intend for the police to open fire on the miners the following day.

University of Pretoria professor and author Sakhela Buhlungu, pointed out how mortuary vans were ordered before the shooting took place and therefore it was premeditated murder not a tragic police mishap.

Ramaphosa must answer for 'premeditated' Marikana killings

Cyril Ramaphosa e-mails 24 hours before the massacre calling for ‘concomitant action’ against ‘criminals’

As the Daily Maverick Stated: “The Marikana operation can be seen as an action by a mercenary force at the behest of powerful people in and outside the ruling African National Congress.”

Does it matter if the Prolls are now at AMCU?

Not really. The AMCU leaders and shop stewards are paid by the mines in exactly the same way as the NUM leaders are.

AMCU president Joseph Mathunjwa is demanding wage increases for its gold mining members of up to 150%, a minimum entry-level wage of R11 500 for surface workers and R12 500 for underground workers, excluding accommodation, bonuses and other benefits.

AMCU’s demands

AMCU will probably get it. The mines will buy off the workers and keep them happy…AMCU will look like heroes to the Prolls who will now be flocking to them.

But where will this extra money come from to pay the Prolls’ salary increases?

Well we know that the Gold and Platinum prices won’t see any drastic increases on the world market, so the only other solution is to weaken the Rand by getting the Reserve Bank to flood the market with useless Randelas. The same people who control the mines control the Reserve Bank.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the Gold and Platinum are sold in Dollars and when you convert the dollars after you have weakened the Rand, you create money out of thin air.

Rand weakens to 5-year low

Nevertheless, the Prolls will be happy for a while and the raping of the country’s resources by the Anglo American mining fraternity will continue until the Prolls realize that the Rand’s buying power has diminished and they are just as poor after the salary increase as before it. Then comes the next Marikana.

It makes no difference to Big Mining if the Rand weakens or how many miners are shot by the police. As long as they, with the help of the ANC Marxists, can steal our Gold and sell it for dollars, everything will be hunky-dory.

The average man in the street who wants to go on an overseas holiday or emigrate will notice how it will become more and more expensive to do so until it is virtually impossible to emigrate, because people simply won’t have the money.

“Slam!”, goes the Communist prison door.

We have seen the same pattern in all Communist countries to date. From the DDR, Hungary, Romania, etc…To Zimbabwe and now…South Africa.

17 January 2014

Stuff the Rhino save the White Ou

By Mike Smith

17th of January 2014

Trust News24 to have absolutely accurate statistics on every single Rhino killed last year.

1004 Rhino poached in 2013

606 of the rhino were killed in the Kruger National Park

114 rhino were poached in Limpopo,

92 in Mpumalanga,

87 in North West and

85 in KwaZulu-Natal."

In 2012, 668 were poached and in 2011, 448 were killed.

Since 2008, 2778 rhino have been poached in South Africa. The number of rhino poachers arrested during 2013 increased considerably with 343 arrested, 133 of them in the Kruger National Park."

In 2012, 267 people were taken into custody for poaching.

Now as shocking and as tragic as those statistics are…Just try to get the equivalent statistics of how many white people have been killed by blacks in SA last year.

Good luck with that.

The ANC and their SA Police Service (SAPS) have a moratorium on crime statistics. The newspapers only report a few and never refer to their races. It is up to private individuals like Adriana Stuijt to record these brutal murders.

Jan-Oct 2013, 189 Whites killed by blacks in South Africa

You won’t find the local liberal media or even the International media reporting on this. White South Africans getting slaughtered by blacks is not news. If it was the other way around it would have been.

I was reading with interest today, that the prozzie organization, “Sisonke”, reckons the ANC should stand up for them ANC should stand up for prostitutes mostly because they are hypocrites who make use of the Prozzie services themselves.

Now let us just put a few things about occupations into perspective here.

If 4000 Doctors get killed in SA, or 4000 Architects, or 4000 lawyers, or, yes…even 4000 Prostitutes, people would immediately say there is a trend and demand that the ANC government does something about it.

Yet, when 4000 White commercial farmers get killed by blacks, often tortured for hours, there is a deafening silence. Everyone from Liberal politician to Liberal journalist refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem and a specific group is being targeted. According to them it is just “Ordinary Crime”.

Being a commercial farmer in South Africa is an occupation just like any other.

If the ANC just ignored it, it would have been a crime against humanity in itself, but that is not what they have done. They have actively exacerbated the killing of white farmers by dismantling the paramilitary “Commando” system that still protected the white farmers to some degree.
Further reading - South African farm attacks

16 January 2014

Nigerian builds black Barbie's. Black Children still prefer white dolls

By Mike Smith

16th of January 2014

It was with a chuckle and a tad of amusement that I took note of the Nigerian, Taofick Okoya, who was manufacturing black Barbie dolls.

Black dolls of Nigeria meet a need

Apparently he was dismayed some years ago when he could not find a black doll for his niece.

One wonders why that would be? Why do Matel not make millions of black Barbies for Africa?

It goes back to 1939 when the black scientists Dr Kenneth Clark and his wife Mamie (African American psychologists) developed the famous Clark doll test

I wrote about it a few years ago…

Mike writing about the famous Clark Doll experiment in 2011

Truth is simple. Black children prefer white dolls. White dolls look less aggressive. White dolls look good and nice, black dolls look bad…etc…it is what the black kids said.

Amazingly, the experiment can be repeated decades later and the same results achieved.

The result of the ANC's education system

By Mike Smith

16th of January 2014

These are all "New South African" matriculants who took the ANC's "Mathematical Literacy" instead of proper Mathematics at school.

Zuma reading numbers

By Mike Smith

16th of January 2014

You can almost feel sorry for this idiot. I mean how difficult it must be for him to read numbers from his prewritten speeches all day?

Look at it...there is no brain whatsoever. And he is the president of a country? Must be that wonderful thing called “One idiot; One vote”.

Test yourself…Say, “939 million 360 thousand.”

Hey? R939,360 000.

How difficult can that be? A five year old child will be able to do it…Not our illustrious President Msholozi Showerhead.

Russia to build eight nuclear power stations in South Africa

By Mike Smith

16th of January 2014

Start of quote:

Russia's state-owned nuclear power company, Rosatom, has just signed an agreement to build eight new reactors. Once all of them are operational, South Africa's nuclear capacity will increase more than sixfold - from 1.8 gigawatts (GW) to 11.4 GW over the next 15 years.

This means that Russia will help develop the entirety of South Africa's nuclear energy sector, including financing and training.

How Putin Conquered South Africa

And just as importantly, South Africa will be using Russia's nuclear fuel.

The strategy is clear: Rosatom is aiming to become the world's largest supplier of uranium in the coming years.

End of Quote.

What a flippen joke…South Africa already had nuclear weapons by the 1970’s. Nuclear acceleration plants at Faure in the Cape and a nuclear research centre at Pilandaba near the Hartebeespoort Dam with the experimental SAFARI-1 reactor functioning since 1965 pushing out 20 MW of power. Koeberg Nuclear Power Station was commissioned in 1984 capable of pushing out 1.8 GW of power. South Africa, during the Apartheid years delivered ALL the yellow cake Uranium Israel needed.

Now, for anybody who knows a little bit about Chernobyl in the Ukraine and the 1986 disaster that happened on the direct watch of the USSR Russians…the news about Russians building 8 nuclear power stations in SA… AND providing the training for the engineers operating them…must send chills down their spines.

I am not impressed at all. I have been to Russia. I have visited their universities and know their facilities. I have lectured hundreds of their Engineers. Let me tell you…Here is a disaster in waiting.

All you have to do is combine Russian technology and training with African incompetence and you have a recipe for disaster.

Watch this space.

14 January 2014

The degeneration of the South African medical profession

By Mike Smith

14th of January 2014

There was a time… long ago, when South Africa had arguably the best Doctors, nurses and paramedics in the world.

During the Apartheid years MEDUNSA, a unique medical university was qualifying 200 excellent black doctors of world standard every year.

The Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA) was established in 1976 to provide tertiary education and training facilities to the educationally disadvantaged in the fields of Medicine, Allied Health and Nursing Sciences, and Dentistry intended to meet the health needs of the country.

South Africa has always been at the forefront of medical technology and development.

On 3 December 1967 Dr Christaan Barnard successfully transplanted the first human heart. He was a pioneer and a world hero. Barnard performed ten orthotopic transplants (1967–1973) and he devised the hetrotopic procedure and pushed on… Forty-nine consecutive heterotopic heart transplants were performed in Cape Town between 1975 and 1984.

Dirk van Zyl, who received a new heart in 1971, was the longest-lived recipient, surviving over 23 years.

Few people know that the CATscan machine (XRay computed tomography) was developed by Alan McLeod Cormack a South African American physicist who won the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (along with Godfrey Hounsfield) for his work on X-ray computed tomography (CT).

He was born in Johannesburg and went to school at Rondebosch Boys High in Cape Town.

Who knew that the man who gave the world the Yellow Fever vaccine and saved millions of lives, Max Theiler was a South African from Pretoria Boys High? Theiler was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1951 for developing a vaccine against yellow fever in 1937.

These were pioneering men who won REAL Nobel Prizes for saving millions of lives, not the junk “Peace Prize” candidates like Mandela, Tutu, De Klerk and Albert Lutuli.

Tja…Those were the days when South Africa had a proper education system and delivered medical doctors, engineers and physicists of world quality, not this mediocre ANC education system we see today…fit only to train monkeys for a circus.

Today, MEDUNSA is part of the University of Limpopo. Nowadays they give out “Academic Certificates” (degrees) to witchdoctors. They call them by their politically correct name ”Tradional healers”

This is what liberals refer to as “progress” and being “progressive”. It is a return to the Stone Age.

South African University Gives Honorary Degrees to Witchdoctors

13 January 2014

An “Only in Africa” moment - Black pastor makes flock of ANC sheeple eat grass

By Mike Smith

13th of January 2014

You must have some serious MoJo if you can get people to do this. Either that or they must be incredibly dumb. At the end of the day they are doing this out of their own free will. I mean you can bring a sheep to grass, but you cannot force him to eat.

Nevertheless, I am just glad the pastor is not white otherwise they would have called this a “racist incident” again.

Pretoria Pastor convinces congregation to eat grass

SA pastor under fire over grass eating followers

The ANC's manifesto of lies and empty promises

By Mike Smith

13th of January 2014

It must be election year, because the lying ANC is full of promises again…

My friend and our illustrious President, Msholozi Showerhead’s electoral promises included six million job opportunities, one million housing opportunities, cheaper private health care and the promise to clean up government by dealing decisively with corruption.

Msholozi Showerhead promises 6 million jobs in next five years

If he wants to “decisively deal” with corruption he should start with himself. Apart from fraudulently stealing R206 million from the taxpayers for his Nkandla palace and lying about it, he still has over 700 cases of corruption hanging over his head.

However, the ANC is forging ahead with Zuma as the face of its election campaign. They are insistent that he is not a liability

That is why he is my best friend and why he should stay on in his job. He is singlehandedly busy killing the ANC. They have lost 19% of their support since he came in as President.

ANC is losing support - survey

In fact the only reason they have not lost 100% of their support is due to the sheer stupidity of your average ANC supporter. I mean, how can anybody in his right mind, after knowing about all the shenanigans of the ANC still support them? The mind indeed boggles.

‘I love the ANC, and I will vote for it again’ said Benny Mthombeni, 45, draped in ANC colours.

Nevertheless, Showerhead is so unpopular that the ANC had to put “extraordinary security measures” in place to prevent the prick from getting booed off the stage again. Actually they had to organize a “Rent-a-crowd” to cheer for him and clap hands.

ANC plans to stop Zuma booing

In fact the ANC is so desperate for support that they have illegally planted their billboards on Western Cape school premises.

ANC billboards on school premises in Cape Town

Their slogan for this election is “Step up your Hustle”

I am not sure what they mean with “hustle”, because I always thought it meant to gain something illegally or forcefully by tricking someone out of money or belongings…Which actually sums up the ANC perfectly. From experience I know that amongst blacks in SA, “Hustling” is an honourable way of making a living. The best hustlers are respected and looked up to.

Nevertheless, Msholozi carried on with his lies. Employment higher than ever - Zuma …Says he with 16 million people on government grants and an official unemployment rate of 25%.

In 2009 at the last election Zuma promised to create 500,000 jobs and a further 4million by 2014

It is 2014 now…Where exactly are those jobs Mr. Zuma?

In 2011 Zuma announced the setting up of a R9-billion job creation fund

Not a single job has been created. Where is that money Mr. Zuma? Zuma admitted that he failed to create jobs and blamed it on the whites in the Eurozone. Zuma on jobs: ‘We have failed’

Zuma is notorious for his lies and broken promises.

Zuma promises blacks a R250m hospital

Zuma promised the gullible blacks a place in heaven if they voted for the ANC

In fact the DA made a list of 50 broken promises by Jacob Zuma

He has lost all credibility. So why should anybody believe him now that he wants to create 6-million jobs?

And of course no ANC election campaign can ever be complete without flogging the dead horse of Apartheid… Zuma: ‘Progress made in reversing apartheid legacy’

That wonderful African culture

By Mike Smith

13th of January 2014

Had another talk with one of those European feminist LWB’s over the weekend. (There seems to be an endless supply of these cretins, I know).

Anyway, she was harping off on how wonderful the black cultures are and how laid back the people in the Caribbean are, etc. She has never been to Africa. Never even been to the Caribbean. Her son was in Jamaica for two months and found it stunning. Now she also thinks it is stunning.

Nevertheless, when I eventually got the opportunity to get a word in edgewise, I asked her if she could give me the address of her parents.

As usual, she looked at me with that dazed LWB look.

So I explained that I wanted to buy her and wanted to know from her parents how many cows it was going to cost.

She was puzzled.

So I carried on and told her that in South Africa we buy our women with cows in what is called “lobola”. It normally starts off with five cows and the two families bargain over the price of the wife, depending on her education, her virginity, her age, etc… and seeing that Mrs.LWB was stupid, divorced and had children…she couldn’t have been worth more than two cows…OK, three at the most…Only because she is fairly good looking.

Amazingly she started bargaining with me telling me how she was worth at least ten cows. I asked her to justify it. She couldn’t convince me. So I told her that she must also be content to be Mrs. Smith number three, because I am buying her as my third wife…No ways I would choose her as number one.

Oh well, they all want to be number one, and she refused to fetch water and gather firewood while I sit in the sun and drink beer all day, so naturally the bargaining was broken off.

I asked her how she as a feminist on the one side and a potential coal burner on the other side could marry the two ideas. How could she tell me how wonderful the black culture was where polygamist men buy several wives with cows and at the same time campaign for women’s rights and gender equality?

I asked her how she felt about the practice of Ukutwala…Wikipedia says: “In South Africa, ukuthwala is the practice of abducting young girls and forcing them into marriage, often with the consent of their parents.”

Actually black men (55-70yo) hunt down and abduct girls as young as 12, rape them and make them their wives. Pay the cows afterwards.

When ukuthwala is stealing a child

Open mouthed, blank stare…Cognitive dissonance. I asked her again to tell me how wonderful that black culture was. She said to me: “Can we please change the subject, I am tired of speaking to a racist like you”. Go figure.

That is when you know you have won the argument. When a liberal calls you a racist. It is their last card. The trump that trumps all. It is Godwin’s Law in practice.

12 January 2014

Cape Town the best City to visit…

By Mike Smith

12th of January 2014

I had two minds whether I should comment on this, because we try to to keep it a secret…I mean I do not want to cause a stampede of Nigerians, Somalians and Congolese to Cape Town.

Sure, Cape Town is indeed the most beautiful city in the world.

I do not say it because I come from here, but I have seen Singapore, New York, Rome, Amsterdam, Hamburg, London, Sydney, St Petersburg, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Pusan in Korea, Mumbai in India, Bangkok, Rio, Maceio, I have sailed The WHOLE of the Caribbean, and many more… Angola, Mozambique and the rest of the West and East African Countries I would rather try to forget.

Man can I tell you about where I have been….How I have scuba dived in the most beautiful places in the world including the Red Sea, Ponto do Ouro in Mozambique, Aruba and Curacao and crawled through the pyramids of Giza…..

… and my truly objective opinion as a citizen of the world is that NOTHING compares to Cape Town.

That mountain, the whole vibe, the people smoking boom and drinking Barcadi or sitting at the hundreds of coffee shops on the streets…Mannnn,,,,THEE Most beautiful place on this planet.

Even our illustrious president Msolozi Showerhead admitted that “The Lord resides in Cape Town.”

God lives in Cape Town, says Zuma

Now we all know that the Cape is the only one of the nine provinces NOT run by the ANC…If the Lord resides over the Cape, who resides over the other eight?

But Zuma as a Zulu from Natal and an absolute stupid foreigner to the Western Cape, has always showed his immense ignorance as to about what Western Cape Culture and history is all about. It is evident from the report that he has no clue of who Van Hunks was why Devil’s peak is called so, why the South Easter covers that mountain, what Waterblommetjies are and taste like... or at least a freshly opened bottle of Roodeberg..…Frankly he couldn’t care less. He just wants to rule and control the Cape.

Frankly, the Cape is not his business. The further he stays away from it, the better.

According to the New York Times, Cape Town was described as a place to meditate on freedom and the creative life that followed.

Cape Town has been named the number one place to visit this year by the New York Times, the city said on Sunday.

Cape Town secured the top spot ahead of Los Angeles, the Vatican and the Seychelles in American newspaper's list of 52 places to visit in 2014, said the city in a statement.

Its natural beauty, diversity of its people and the role it played in the victory of democracy were attributed to making the city a preferred destination for people from around the world.

Foreign tourists robbed in Cape Town

South Africa: Norwegian tourist exchange student raped and robbed in Cape Town

Tourists robbed on Table Mountain

The list is almost endless, just google it…

If you come to Cape Town, be streetwise. do not dress as a tourist…and for fuck sakes, leave your Liberal brain behind in Europe. Liberalism in Africa will get you killed.

Vir die wat Afrikaans verstaan... Laat Anton Goosen met sy digterlike woorde en Sonja Heroldt met haar pragtige stem ons vertel van die dag toe Van Hunks sy pyp gestop het en teen die Duiwel ...

10 January 2014

Disturbing video of "Knockout Game" assault in New York

By Mike Smith

10th of January 2014

Do you find this as funny as these guys in the video?

I wander what their motive was. Were they brought up wrong? Are they on drugs? Was Daddy an alcoholic and mommy a whore? Do they blame it on “past injustices” like slavery, colonialism, segregation, etc? Are they just having fun hurting other people for no reason? Or is this just pure HATE?

I can guarantee you that if the races of the perpetrators and the poor victim were reversed; this would hit world headlines as a “hate crime”. Yet, hardly anyone has heard of this. This is not an isolated incident. The internet is full of similar videos of this “Knockout game”.

See? That is what the media calls these cowardly acts of violence against whites. It’s just a game…like kids having fun.

Disturbing “Knockout Game” Assault in New York

Blue light bullies above the law

By Mike Smith

10th of January 2014

The story below kind of reminded me of that scene where Pakistani weapons dealer Mousa helps Rambo check his gear and hands him the blue Lumistick…

Mousa: What's that?

Rambo: It's blue light.

Mousa: What does it do?

Rambo (snaps the Lumistick): It turns blue.

Blue light scene - Rambo III

Travellers on the N3 to Durban saw an unmarked silver Land Rover with tinted windows and a blue light flashing, rocketing past them at 200km/h in heavy traffic and must have thought there was a “Rambo” inside.

They alerted the police who followed the vehicle for 60km and eventually forced it off the road. Out jumped 15 Rambo cops with R-5 automatic rifles, surrounded the Landrover and forced the driver and passengers onto the ground…just to discover it was KZN’s MEC for Co-operative governance and Traditional affairs Nomusa Dube-Ncube and her bodyguards driven by a maniac Rambo driver.

The MEC is only allowed to use her blue light in an emergency. There was no emergency. She was on her way to an ordinary meeting. The police just told the driver to slow down for the rest of his trip to Durban and to remove the blue lights. Proof that these “Blue Light Bullies” are above the law.

Shame. Poor Mrs. Dube-Ncube will now seek counseling for the trauma she suffered.

MEC in blue light trauma

South African president Jacob Zuma admits he used to practice witchcraft against white people

By Mike Smith

10th of January 2014

Ever noticed how selective the propagandist South African media is with their news articles?

They will report the truth on an ANC or EFF politician’s speech, but only on sections of it, then later you will find that an overseas newspaper reported on the rest that the SA media carefully and selectively omitted.

Here’s an example:

Just the other day, Wednesday 8th of Jan 2014 in fact, I reported on our illustrious president Msholozi Showerhead, who gave a speech in the village of KaNyamazane (near Nelspruit-Mbombela) in Mpumalanga province in which he said The ANC will rule SA forever

In that article, he also said about the rise of the opposition and the waning support for the ANC, “They are dreaming while they are awake. We are going to hammer them. We are stronger than before”.

Msholozi Showerhead gave the speech in his mother tongue of Zulu and the City Press had it translated and verified. The ANC’s spokesperson Jackson Mthembu confirmed to AFP that Zuma had been quoted correctly.

However, what the article omitted from the speech is that Zuma also told the people how he would travel to Nelspruit to perform bewitching rituals against white people.

This has surfaced in a UK article in the Daily Mail.

South African president Zuma reveals he used to practice witchcraft against white people

'I used to practise witchcraft around here, bewitching the Boers during apartheid', Zuma reportedly said.

He promised the crowd that if his African National Congress (ANC) party was re-elected into power with over 90 per cent of the popular vote, he would come back to the village to slaughter cows in celebration.

'When the elections are over, I'm coming again. If you give us 90 per cent upwards during the elections, we are coming here to slaughter cows. Less than 90 per cent, I don't come.'

Here we can see the ANC president’s tactics and ability to speak to the “grassroots” voters, something Thabo Mbeki never had.

Zuma is a populist who knows the blacks and their cultures VERY well. He knows their superstitions. He knows their beliefs in African witchcraft and the Bible in parallel, their wants, their desires and he plays on it very well. Just remember that Zuma is a Communist and therefore an atheist (more of a Satanist if you ask me) who does not believe in superstitions or religion, but he knows his voters do and that is all that counts.

I have mentioned before how the Communists in South Africa since 1921 until today have meticulously studied the ways of the black tribes of SA and know exactly how to exploit them.

Zuma claims to be a traditional Zulu (who wears Ray Ban's and Nikes with his leopard skin atire). He is a polygamist. He claims he bewitched the “Boers”. He donated R500,000 to get the Bible translated into a new Zulu version. He talks about the opposition DA party as a “White party” (although they have thousands of black members). He sings “Kill the Boers” and “Bring me my machine Gun”…and he promises them a great traditional feast if they vote for the ANC. See? He knows exactly how they think and what they want.

Closer to the election you will see him become more and more populist and sow more and more racial divide and fear. He knows that politics in SA has always been racial. Blacks vote for blacks and whites vote for whites. The ANC propaganda over the years made blacks fear Apartheid. The ANC has been lying and telling their supporters that if the DA wins, they will bring Apartheid back.

The DA will not bring Apartheid back: Zille

So if you are a “grassroots” black person and you believe your only choice is between Apartheid coming back and having cattle slaughtered for a feast, what will you choose?

What is the DA offering the “grassroots” blacks? Good governance? Anti corruption? They don’t care. They want a chicken in every pot and many cattle slaughtered for a feast and they will vote for the man who promised them that, whether he was lying to them, bewitching them or whatever…is irrelevant.

That’s right, Zuma used to bewitch the whites, now he bewitches the blacks. But how strong is his Muti? Will they fall for it?

09 January 2014

Scandal of the manipulation of Matric results – Dumbed-down South African education system is a Communist victory

By Mike Smith

9th of January 2014

So South African Matrics passed the 2013 exams with a 78.2% all time record…

There is an old saying that goes, “Trust only the statistics you have falsified yourself.”…and this seems to be exactly what the ANC has done.

Further to my previous posts of a few days ago namely:

Stuff education; just GIVE them a Matric Certificate and…

Zuma says class of 2013 best since 1994

…One now sees a political cover-up of the Matric Results happening.

That academics, teachers, exam markers and opposition politicians and the general public do not trust the ANC and their manipulated statistics is clear.

Many Matrics who passed cannot read or write.

The Third National Diagnostic Report into the 2013 matric exams found that: “Many matric students cannot write in paragraphs, do not understand matric exam questions and are unfamiliar with the key terminology used in their subjects. In short, many pupils can barely read and write in English.”

In the mathematics exam, poor literacy led to "responses that were far removed from the required answer".

Many pupils were also unable to read graphs and maps.

The passed, but can’t read

It is only the ANC who believes their own bullshit. The Gauteng provincial education department on Tuesday made the ridiculous township schools have outshone model C schools with matric results

I mean, who the hell do they think they are fooling? Did they really think that the public is so dumb that they would swallow this manipulated garbage?

In April 2013 the Mail & Guardian ran an article that said SA ranks its maths and science second last in the world, ahead of Yemen

As I have said before, bear in mind that after this immense dumbing down of the education system, lowering the pass mark to 30% and Umalusi marking the matric results up, they still cannot pass.

Mike Smith:The ANC Education update - REAL Bantu Education

How Matric results get manipulated

The REAL matric pass rate

“Actual matric pass rate is less than 38%,” says AfriForum

Basic Education and Science and Technology Umalusi Chairperson, Dr Sizwe Mabizela admitted to parliament that Matric results are manipulated up or down by 10% to achieve “historical averages”

Let me decode that Orwellian Newspeak for you: They adjust white student’s marks down by 10% and black student’s marks up by 10%.

Further, Matrics only need to score 30% in three out of six subjects in order to get a Matric certificate.

Opposition parties like the NFP has called for a raise in the pass rate to 50% Raise Matric pass mark to 50%

But Minister of Higher Education and Training Dr. Blade Nzimande (General Secretary of the SA Communist Party) has defended the low matric pass requirement, saying SA is becoming "dangerously elitist".

Nzimande defends 30% matric pass requirement

Opposition DA Party Leader Helen Zille called for a probe and audit of the 2013 Matric results, but it was almost immediately slammed by the ANC’s Department of Basic Education calling the DA “bad losers” and Zilles call for a probe “a case of sour grapes”.

Umalusi is the organisation that gave the green light to release the results. Its chairman, Sizwe Mabizela, expressed concern last week that the appointment of markers in some provinces was subject to political and union pressure.

Call for matric probe slammed

Even the President, Jacob Zuma climbed into Zille and said, “I heard this white person saying let there be an investigation, they can’t pass like this, and I said to myself, this person.” still has that old mentality that black people are not intelligent, if they succeed it must be probed.”

Zuma lays into ‘white’ Zille

If they are so sure of their statistics, why the hell are they so worried about a possible probe or audit? Surely they should welcome it!

The ANC’s Marxist strategy

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the ANC is busy with and why they manufactured the miraculous 2013 Matric results. 2014 is election year in South Africa and the ANC strategy is twofold.

1. Create racial division to stay in power forever

2. To take the Western Cape away from the DA

Therefore, the Western Cape, that scored top in Matric results year after year has been manipulated and pushed back to only third position in 2013. The Freestate and North West provinces (run by the ANC) are first and second respectively.

The ANC is creating and “Us” and “Them” scenario. They want to show their young voters that THEY are better than THOSE in the Western Cape. Most of these matriculants who have “passed” in 2013 will be eligible to vote in 2014.

Dumbed-down South African education system is a Communist victory

The Marxists in the ANC does not think like normal rational people.

We might think the ANC has failed the youth and destroyed South Africa’s education system…According to the ANC, their education system is a success. They achieved exactly what they wanted, dumbed down voters who can’t think for themselves and can be easily manipulated into voting for them by dishing out useless pieces of paper, free T-shirts and food parcels.

The name of the Marxist game is “Power forever”.

The Australian solution

Elsewhere in South Africa at the Crawford College La Lucia (a private school) the Matrics wrote the Australian exam that at least entitles them to international university entry. 23 students scored 8 distinctions or more and 100% passed with a Bachelor entry entitlement, but with school fees of R80,000 a year, who can afford it?