26 September 2014

The ANC in love with tyrants. Propping up the Castros

By Mike Smith

27th of September 2014

The ANC is paying back their former Communist masters and backers. They are indebted to them for supporting their terrorist campaign against South Africa. It is the same reason why billions of our taxpayer money flows over the border to prop up that Marxist tyrant Robert Mugabe.

SA signs R350m aid deal with Cuba

South Africa has signed an agreement to provide Cuba with R350 million in economic assistance, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said on Friday.

President Jacob Zuma made the offer to Cuba during his state visit in December 2010. The money would be used for agricultural development and reconstruction of infrastructure following hurricane damage in 2008. BWHAHAHAHA!!

That money will flow straight into the pockets of those champions of democracy and human rights, the Castros. I suppose the ANC finally realized that “freedom” is never free. It comes at a price and their Communist dogs now want their pound of flesh.

The Democratic Alliance criticised the agreement.

“This R350m giveaway to Cuba is a misuse of public money... We condemn this handout in the strongest terms,” MP Geordin Hill-Lewis said in a statement.

“The cash crunch in South Africa’s budget is well known. We cannot afford to hand out money to Cuba for no other purpose than to maintain the political ties.”

There was no value in the deal for South Africa, he said.

“We should not be strengthening our ties with governments that do not respect basic constitutional and democratic principles.

“It is a tragic irony that South Africa is helping to fund a regime that denies its citizens the same democratic freedoms that were so hard won in our own country.”

The South Africa-Russia Nuclear deal and the repercussions for us all

By Mike Smith

26th of September 2014

Perhaps there is something arrogant about telling the truth, making a prediction and watching that prediction come true three years later.

On this blog, I don’t worry too much about literary excellence. I consider more urgent things like the survival of my country and its people.

Three years ago I reported about the coming nuclear deal with Russia…You can read my article here:

Make way for the mother of all corruptions: The coming Trillion Rand Nuclear Power station deal

In reality the whole tender process was just a sham, because we always knew that either the Russians would get it or the Chinese. Now we can see that the Russian state owned (That means Mafia owned) Rosatom got it.

Russia-South Africa nuclear deal. DA demands answers

Now, Auntie Helen says “The deal must be opposed to the bitter end”.

Addressing a press conference in Cape Town Zille said: "We must stop this corrupt undercover agreement that will be disastrous for SA".

Zille described the Russia nuclear deal is a "mega arms deal in the making" and that her opposition to it was a "fight that must be taken on if we are to prevent future generations footing the estimated R1 trillion bill for a deal ten times the size of the arms deal".

Aaah yes...Didn’t Mike say almost exactly that Three years ago?

This deal will bankrupt South Africa. It will enslave our children to the Russians for generations to come.

I say, bring it on. The sooner the better. It is about time this damn revolution starts!

Let me now make another prediction...The corruption will make the ANC cadres very rich, but it will also be their swan song. They are going down with this deal.

It was all the time in the making whilst the West was fast asleep. It is the final takeover of South Africa by the Russians...Exactly what we fought against on the Angolan border for 23 years.

Whilst the West was playing Monopoly the Russians were playing Chess.

In 1992, a year after Communism was supposedly over; Boris Yeltsin increased military spending by 10%. It didn’t even raise an eyebrow in the West. The Soviet Union collapsed didn’t it? Communism was over wasn’t it?

The West still hasn’t realized that by opposing Apartheid, they betted on the wrong horse.

They used to get all the yellow cake Uranium from us. Now the Russians will get it and they will sell it to anybody they want just to stick it to the West who decided to impose sanctions on Russia. Russia has some nice friends. Syria, Iran, Zimbabwe, Communist China…. And when the South Africans cannot pay anymore they will surrender all their gold and other minerals to the Russians. Russia will own the entire treasure chest of the world.

Two weeks ago the Russians signed a US$3 Billion Platinum deal with Zimbabwe …And what comes out of the same mine as Platinum? Uranium of course.

Who is playing Monopoly now?

And remember that Russia still has 8000 odd nuclear missiles pointed in the direction of the West.

I am sorry if I am destroying those Utopian dreams of the Western liberals and other mental Lilliputians. I am not an optimist. Optimism is a mental disorder that liberals suffer from.

I often hear from readers of this blog that they think I am insane conspiracy theorist. They tell me I am narrow-minded, racist and that my blog is filled with indignation, hatred, bitterness, arrogance and other adjectives.

When all is said and done, they might be right and I might be wrong. Columbus did not know he was right either. He was in fact only guessing. As it happened, Columbus guessed right, but at Salamanca in 1486 a group of wise and learned men judged his theories and intuitions of undiscovered lands in the West. They quoted other learned men like Lactantius and St Augustine and of course their great source of truth, The Bible.

They told him the Atlantic was too big to cross. His men would perish in the heat of the Torrid Zone and then after thousands of years of excellent navigators, philosophers and cosmographers, why would God single him, an ordinary man, out to discover all these new lands? Indeed they found Columbus a bit arrogant.

New ideas by their very nature are always a bit rude and arrogant. Sometimes one even feels impatience at the slowness of other observers to face the most disturbing facts. And yes it becomes difficult to avoid the odd impatient outburst, but it is nothing but frustration at people dismissing the ideas of someone else without considering them.

There is no happiness for me in these predictions. I am nothing special in my foreknowledge. In fact I hope I am wrong. I would gladly laugh at myself in my old age and think what a paranoid pessimist I was in 2014. I am such a good sport that I would gladly admit that the liberals were right and I was wrong.

As my liberal ex-girlfriend asked me once, “What makes you so special, Mike? What makes you think you are right and the majority of people are all wrong?”

Fact is I don’t know if I am right. Like I said, these liberals with their “Kumbaya-happiness” could well be right and I wrong, but When I see how the leader of these liberals cry and beg that “WE” should stop this nuclear deal with Russia, then I sense a kind of nervousness amongst them… I think they know that Columbus was right all along.

An idea cannot convince others unless it is bold and, dare I say, a bit arrogant. When others ask me, “But Mike, why should we believe you? What is so special about you?”

…Then my answer is, “There is Amazon. There are public libraries full of books like “The Black Book of Communism”, books about Communist death camps by people like Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and Paul Trewhela. There are books on Soviet and Communist strategy by former insiders like Jan Sejna and Anatoliy Golitsyn. There are books by CIA analysts and political scientists like Edward Jay Epstein and Dr. Joseph D. Douglas Jr. There are books on ANC Marxist strategy by seasoned journalists like Allister Sparks, Dr Anthea Jefferey and R.W.Johnson. All you have to do is read them. It is called opening your mind and exploring the world.”

However, liberals have never been good with that.

24 September 2014

Crime as a strategy of Communists

By Mike Smith

24th of September 2014

Liberals want us to believe that crime is mostly a phenomenon of the lower classes in society or that it is caused by poverty, oppression or “racism”.

However few know that crime is a deliberate strategy of the Communists.

Mao Zedong spoke of “A second Opium War” against the West.

Dr Joseph D. Douglass wrote in “Red Cocaine: The drugging of America and the West”, that during the Cold War Nikita Khrushchev gave the KGB a new mission namely to use organized crime as a weapon with which to penetrate American political and economic institutions.

The primary reason for going into the drug business was not to poison the youth, but to infiltrate, even dominate organized crime. And the main reason for infiltrating organized crime was the Soviet belief that high quality information – information on political corruption, money and business…was to be found in organized crime. And of course finding skeletons in closets of politicians opens them up to blackmail.

Louis Saint-Just, that “Angel of death” during the reign of terror in the French Revolution must have anticipated the current South African Kleptocratic system when he predicted: “Ingenious crime will be exalted into a kind of religion and criminals will be in the sacred hierarchy."

Have you noticed how all the former Communist States became Mafia states after the so-called “Collapse of Communism”? All those KGB agents moved into organized crime and as Wikileaks have shown the Russian government still uses them to do all their dirty work.

José "Pepe" Grinda Gonzalez, Spain's national court prosecutor, after a crackdown on the Russian Mafia stated to the US that Moscow's strategy was to use "organised crime groups to do whatever the government of Russia cannot acceptably do as a government”.

Remember that these were the same people who trained the ANC.

But according to the ANC’s Jessie Duarte The ANC does not appoint criminals

Sad part is that liberals will believe her.

23 September 2014

God help me…I am surrounded by religious charlatans

By Mike Smith

23rd of September 2014

My favourite religious charlatan, The Red Bishop, is currently on tour in Norway. The same nation who awarded him his useless freedom Nobel Prize at the height of Apartheid in 1984.

Now he wants them to forgive nutcase Anders Breivik…Obviously and truly in love with tyrants as Dr. Jamie Glasov identified just proving more and more that liberalism is a mental disease.

Tutu urges Norway to forgive Breivik

Breivik is serving a 21 year sentence for killing 77 unarmed children.

Tutu says: "God hates no one. We are all God's children and there are those of us who become bad children but we're still children, we still belong to the family,"

Ah-ha? I am no religious expert, but what part of Proverbs 6:17 did the Red Bishop miss, because there it clearly states that God hates the hands that shed innocent blood?

He is a clown. Since he marched on Strand beach (where those famous “Strand en see slegs vir blankes” signs were) in 1985, hooked my sister in and told us to march along and she told him “Fuck off Kaffir” nobody takes him seriously.

Next is “The Prophet” T.B. Joshua of Nigeria. His whole caboodle, church, accommodation complex, etc collapsed.

It is what happens when you have no building regulations and the few you have are only enforced under corruption.


Now there is an African religion. Throughout the continent you find its disciples. In fact 99,9% of African inhabitants are full converts.

Two weeks ago the complex of this “Faith healer” collapsed and 67 South Africans lost their lives. De phuq were they doing there?

To add insult to injury…thousands of these TB Joshua disciples over the past few years were whites!

Funny that the King James version of the Bible mentions this consulting of false prophets in Ezekial 14:10…”And they shall bear the punishment of their iniquity: the punishment of the prophet shall be even as the punishment of him that seeketh unto him;”

Then you have the Muslim charlatan Dr. Taj Hargey…

The world’s first open mosque

Apparently gays are welcome and women can lead the prayers in this “Open Mosque” of the world’s most tolerant religion…

Damn! It didn’t last long…Cape Town shuts down South Africa’s pro-gay mosque

As I mentioned two years ago, There was a time that Mike was a Muslim

Believe it or not…! It is fully true. You want to know the TRUTH about Islam then read that article.

In my time as a Muslim the women sat upstairs and the men downstairs. They did not mix as in the picture.

I made the call to prayer many times in the mosque. Cape Muslims call it you “Bang the Bilal”. In reality there is no guy standing in the tower shouting “Alah-uAkbar”….You stand inside the mosque in front of a microphone connected to speakers in the tower above…Then you shout the prayer along with the hand gestures over the ears and folded in front of the stomach combined with the kneeling, hands over the ears and arms crossed over the stomach, etc…Hard to explain. You have to be there. Can still do it today.

Any women were upstairs. Men downstairs. Islam has very strict gender Apartheid.

A woman “Bang the Bilal”??? Never. Not in my lifetime.

Like I always say, I am so glad I did that, because it gave me such an insight into Islam. Today when I talk about it, Muslims in the Cape and everywhere cringe, because they know I am talking the truth. Like a whore they opened themselves up to me and I took what I wanted. Wham, Bam, Tramakasi (or Shukran) Mam!

An atheist, I would not call myself today. I am an eliminator of bullshit. Call it Occam’s Razor if you want. I am a martial artist for the last 30 years. I know what bullshit is and what is not. Somebody actually started a website against bullshit martial arts called Bullshido

Funny, Today I do not know if I should hate religion or love it. I am a free thinker quite capable to read and write in several languages. I have the relative intelligence to judge for myself what the scriptures (of any religion) say.

Tell you the truth…I have no idea how anybody with half a brain can be a Muslim.

John Lennon said, “Imagine no religion…”

Let us do that. Would it be worse or better?

The “Ons Roep die Baas" chronicles part 513. Series of unfortunate events lead to Johannesburg water shortages

By Mike Smith

23rd of September 2014

Look at this junk article in Engineering News South Africa

De hell do they think they are fooling? Do they really think people are so thick they don’t know the difference between a generator and a transformer?

Since when is a transformer a supplier of power? A standard seven kid will tell you that in science he learned that a transformer basically increases or decreases voltage inversely proportional to the current. Apart from that  it is pretty much an inanimate object. I think they meant generator.

Either the journalist ( Leandi Kolver) is a total engineering dimwit or the people she is reporting on are, and this includes City of Johannesburg mayoral committee member for development planning and urban management Roslynn Greeff, Rand Water COO Sipho Mosai, Johannesburg Water MD Lungile Dlamini, Ekurhuleni metropolitan municipality head of water and sanitation Phil Mashoko and Johannesburg City Power executive operations manager Louis Pieterse.

The entire article is a load of gobbledygook. Not even sure if I read it right and I read it five times. I will try and decode it. In simple language, it seems like power failures overloaded water pumping stations to pump water at full capacity, because the standby generators were inoperative. Probably due to a lack of planned maintenance, understaffing or Affirmative Action, which means idiots are put in charge of systems they have no clue of running. Most probably a combination of the above. The problems were compounded by cable theft. Eskom had to replace the cables. The same Eskom we as taxpayers will now have to bail out of R225 Billion debt, mismanagement and yes, cable theft.

Cable theft of Eskom power lines is not “theft” it is SABOTAGE and the perpetrators should be tried as such. It is publicly owned property. It belongs to us. And this useless ANC regime does sweet bugger-all to counter it. Why? Because they are experts at sabotage and terrorism and they love their mates who are destroying SA.

In the past we said that these ANC clowns cannot even run a bath, let alone a country. They have proved us right in hundreds of municipalities that they cannot even run the smallest of towns like Beaufort West, how in God’s name can liberals expect them to run a country like South Africa? These same liberals scoffed at us and called us retards when we told them the truth. Who looks the retard now?

People always say I hate the New (Improved) South Africa. I don’t. I love it. Every day is like a comedy show. Every day is an opportunity to bask in Schadenfreude and stick it to the liberals with my middle-finger in the air snarling, “We told you so”. Every day the ANC clowns just prove us “Racists” right more and more.

Goodness…they have so many water experts and nobody can solve the problem. Maybe they need an engineer. Aah yes, that rare species they chased out of the country. The ones they said they didn’t need.

Funny that America, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, etc. have no scruples to head hunt engineers all over the world. They take all and every single one they can find from other countries like Russia, Poland, Korea, India and South Africa…It must be only South African blacks who are so stupid and short-sighted that they tell their most skilful people to leave the country.

You hear it every day. “If you don’t like the ANC run SA, then leave. We don’t need you. Go back to Europe. Go to Australia”.

Yes, until the day comes like now when everything falls in a heap and you have to humble yourself…Then you say to your mates, “I think we need to call the Baas…”

What’s that? I think my telephone is ringing…

Scottish Vote Fraud

By Mike Smith

23rd of September 2014

Isn’t this what we said would happen? Massive voting fraud in the Scottish election. So what now?

I tell you what will happen. It will be like a football match where a corrupt referee was paid to rig the game with some dubious decisions. Sure there is an outcry afterwards, but the results never change. Nobody ever has a rematch. The results stand. Then they ask why the hooligans go on the streets and start burning cars and throw the police with Molotov cocktails. What else should they do?

22 September 2014

Examining the resistance to war-Part 1-Machiavelli on the economics of war

By Mike Smith

22 st of September 2014

Along with the Scottish dream of independence sank the dreams of many other nations. For some it is hard to accept. The Catalonians, the Flemish, the Afrikaners in South Africa all vowed to fight on, despite the Scottish outcome.

However, and undeniably, a “Yes” vote in Scotland would have strengthened their cause and possibly set off a chain reaction of independence claims around the world.

That is why deep in my heart I always knew that Scottish independence would never happen. It is the enemy of the Globalist Agenda. The agenda just could not be set back a hundred years. They would crook and rig that election until the globalists won.

Like I always ask…After all the talking, what comes next? More Talking?

Why is it that people always shy away from war? Why is it that people literally stop thinking when you bring up the option of war?

In South Africa it was OK for people to send their young men to the border of Namibia/Angola to go and fight our enemies, “The Communists”, but the horror of fighting those Communists on our own doorstep was just too much to contemplate.

These South Africans would rather sacrifice their finest young men on a foreign border just to live in relative peace in SA.

Those young men did their job. In fact they did far more. They went beyond the call of duty and defeated the entire Communist Empire in a conventional war. They showed the entire world how it should be done.

The stupid politicians their parents voted for sold us all out and brought the fight to our doorsteps. Those exact Communists we feared back then…Those ones who were going to come and rape our mothers and sisters…torture our grandparents…are here now. They are doing exactly what we said they were going to do and we stopped fighting…Why?

How is it possible that trained soldiers from back then can turn their faces away and ignore what is going on? What is wrong here? The nation is full of thousands of military trained men.

I tell you what is wrong. People stop thinking when it comes to war. Nobody wants to think a problem through to its conclusion anymore. Easier to think “so far” and then switch the brain off, because like former Prime Minister John Vorster used to say, “The alternative is just too ghastly to comprehend”.

Too ghastly for whom? Certainly not for me.

OK, so we can fight. That is not the issue. So what is?

So you have a family. A nice house and car. How are you going to pay for it when you are waging war for three months or more? Who can pay you R30,000 or R50,000 per month to keep your standard of living up whilst you are shooting Communists out of South Africa?

Besides…What army are you going to join? An army costs money. Show me anyone who has done the economics so far and I will join them yesterday… Food, traveling, etc. Sun Tzu wrote about the economics of war 2500 years ago. Von Clausewitz more recently (200 years ago). Without money you cannot wage war, right?

Look at the rag tag rebels of Eastern Ukraine. Outnumbered, out-gunned and out-financed, yet they managed to destroy 2/3 of the Ukrainian armaments and are driving the Ukrainians back to Kiev.

The problem with money is that the more you have of it the more likely you are going to get plundered.

Machiavelli told us in book two, chapter ten of “The Discourses” that money is not the sinews of war, MEN are.

“…it is not gold…that constitutes the sinews of war, but good soldiers; For gold does not find good soldiers, but good soldiers are quite capable of finding gold.”

Even Robert Mugabe understood the economics of war when his soldiers were protesting for more money. “Why do you want more money?” Mugabe asked…”I gave you AK-47’s…”

19 September 2014

The Scottish Referendum and "Abused Wife Syndrome"

By Mike Smith

19th of September 2014

So the result of the referendum is out and it is official now…55% of Scotland is made up of fools and idiots. Like mad, suicidal rats they chose to remain on a sinking ship.

William Wallace in "Braveheart" said, "They will never take away our freedom!"

...Got news for you mate...They just did.

That’s nothing! We’re worse! We still beat Scotland to the idiot count. Two thirds of White South Africans voted “Yes” in our referendum of 1992, although our “Yes” meant something else as the Scottish “Yes”. The South Africans voted “Yes” to give their entire country away to a gang of criminal Marxist terrorists.

Further 60% of South Africa…i.e. Almost 100% of the blacks voted to keep these corrupt black dominated Marxists bastards in power in our last election a few months ago (after 20 years already) and two thirds of the whites voted for the equally Marxist but white dominated DA.

I throw my hands up in the air and raise my voice to heaven, screaming, “God I am surrounded by idiots!”

Nevertheless, when we ask the question, “Why did Scotland want to leave the Union in the first place?” then there will be many reasons, but at the end of the day it comes down to the main reason why all unions from husband-and-wife to employer-employee to unions between countries break up: “I do not feel myself respected as a human being”.

That is it. The moment one party in a relationship/union gets it in his/her head that “I do not feel myself respected as a human being anymore”, he/she is going to go. However, it can take years to reach that stage.

The reason is that people acquire what is called in psychology Learned Helplessness as Dr. Martin Seligman showed with his experiments shocking dogs. Commonly it is known as “The abused wife syndrome” or rather more Politically Correctly Battered person syndrome

It is always a three-way cycle. 1) Tension builds up. 2) The abusive partner releases tension via violence and blames the other partner for causing the violence. 3) The abusive partner makes gestures of contrition and makes promises that it would never happen again.

It is like my friend from Klerksdorp explained life in his mining town to me. Saturday night dad drinks Brandy and Coke and starts arguing with mom over the food that’s cold. Dad “moers” mom. Monday night dad takes mom to the Spur, begs for forgiveness, buys some flowers and all is OK again…at least until next Saturday.

This past week, whenever I saw David Cameron’s mug on TV, I cringed, because he reminded me exactly of that pitiful, abusive husband.

Scotland wanted to go, because they did not feel themselves respected as humans in the relationship anymore.

Five million Scots as taxpayers means nothing to the UK, but the oil and gas they own means everything.

However the Scots hardly ever saw half of their share of the wealth they own. Instead they saw how their wealth got carried away by the English and spent on Pakistanis, Polish, Jamaicans, etc. for their accommodation and health care in the Union whilst Scottish widows and children go hungry and have to eke out a pathetic existence in Glasgow.

Once they seriously started talking about going it alone, it still didn’t bother Cameron that much. He only caught a wake up after the polls showed that the Scots were REALLY serious this time.

Then all of a sudden he wanted to make cheap promises that things would change and get better for the Scots. See? Now he wants to take the Scots to the Spur and all will be OK again. Bollocks!!

Just as in the case of the abused wife we all know it won’t…but the Scots swallowed his empty rhetoric and missed the best opportunity they ever had to quit this abusive relationship.

So what happens now?

We wait until “Next Saturday”…which could be as far as 25 years away…Then we will see another referendum and a string of empty promises.

Is there an alternative in an abusive relationship? Obviously. It is called “The Gerda Theron Option”.

You do what Charlize Theron’s mother did. You take a gun put it between his eyes and you don’t stop pulling the trigger until the gun is empty.

History has shown us time and again that freedom from abusive relationships seldom comes through referendums and talks. It comes through the barrel of a gun and you start with the 55% traitors, liberals and idiots in your own midst. You have to cut the weak from the herd to keep the core of the herd strong.

Just like in any abusive relationship, the split eventually comes. It is just a matter of time. The option chosen is a small matter in the bigger scheme of things.

When I saw the Scottish Referendum, the final results, the BULLSHITT on television… I could not help but think of Shakespeare’s King Lear. Shakespeare showed us a society in the grips of senility and what happens to it.

You will probably find that the only sane person in Scotland was that homeless and  jobless outcast eating out of a dumpster on the outskirts of Glasgow yesterday…the one who didn’t vote at all and couldn’t be bothered.

18 September 2014

“Amazing” Grace Mugabe graduates with Doctorate

By Mike Smith

18th of September 2014

I am always in awe of super-human achievements. 90 Year old Robert Mugabe’s wife, DisGrace Mugabe (49) astounded the world by earning a Ph.D. in a record time of only three months after enrollment. She was capped by her husband who is also chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe. The title of DisGrace’s thesis was: “The changing social structure of the family: The case of children’s homes in Zimbabwe”.

DisGrace holds an undergraduate BA degree in Chinese languages that she earned through distance learning from the People’s University of China in 2011.

Apparently Chinese must be easier than English, because it is also reported that DisGrace dismally failed most of the examinations that she had written for a University of London Bachelor of Arts (English) degree with marks as low as 7% in some subjects. She enrolled for it via correspondence in 1996 and managed to pass only 2 subjects in 8 years after which she was deregistered.

DisGrace used to be Mugabe’s typist and although she was married and his first wife was on her death bed with kidney failure, the skank had an affair with Mugabe.

Once a slut always a slut. She had a string of affairs…Peter Pamire, a businessman killed in a suspicious car accident – James Makamba, a businessman who fled into exile over dubious foreign currency charges and Gideon Gono the (now jobless) former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor who was also Mugabes best friend and the man singlehandedly responsible for the Zimbabwe dollar crash and the record hyper inflation of 80 billion percent (mid Nov 2008) and US$ 1 equal to Zim$ 2,6 Billion .

Bob found out about the Gono-DisGrace affair from his sister Sabina. DisGrace’s trusted bodyguard Cain Chademana, who is said to have told the furious president that he knew of the affair but thought it best to keep quiet – has lost his life amid suspicions that he was poisoned. Officially a doctor certificate said he died of AIDS.

Gono, a former tea boy at the national breweries in Kwekwe, lived in a 47-bedroom mansion with swimming pool, gym and its own mini theatre whilst he bankrupted the rest of Zimbabwe. Now, practically jobless, he was forced to scale down to a chicken farm with a 6 bedroom house north of Harare.

DisGrace is known for her profligate shopping sprees – allegedly blowing $120,000 on one trip to Paris – grabbing a share in the violent seizure of white-owned farms and punching a British photographer with her diamond studded fists in Hong Kong.

She is also involved with illegal diamond mining where teams of virtual slaves extract diamonds by hand to enrich the Mugabes.

After chasing the white farmers out of the country and stealing their farms, DisGrace picked out the Iron Mask Estate, which had been previously owned by farmers John and Eva Matthews, to farm dairy on and produce her “Blood Milk” to “Nestle”.

The Mugabes illegally own at least eight stolen farms totaling about 12,000 acres of which Gushungo Dairy Estate, formely known as Foyle Farm, is the most important. It is in Mazowe, about 50km north of Harare. Nestle cancled their contract with DisGrace Mugabe after the truth about their dealings were exposed.

DisGrace also owns an orphanage in Mazowe which was sponsered by the Chinese to the tune of US$7,3 million and caters for 900 children. It is from this school that it has now emerged that Grace abuses young boys and use them to put up her political campaign posters and painting her face on buses. She is going for the vice presidency and eventually taking over from her husband when he finally departs for Hell.

Grace insisted that she is woefully misunderstood. “I’m not really what they say I am,” she said. “I’m actually surprised to hear some of the things they say, that she’s a lazy person, she’s always eating. I don’t go for all these massages, I’m telling you, I work so hard I don’t have time for all these things to pamper myself. I do my own clothes, I tie my own headscarf, those are very cheap fabrics I buy, then I sit down and design my own clothes.”

Grace Mugabe’s Doctorate questioned

Grace Graduates with Doctorate

Grace Mugabe’s super-speedy PhD raises eyebrows around the world

Bob’s wife had affair with his top banker and best friend

Grace Mugabe, her stolen farm and how she supplies Zimbabwean milk to Nestle food giant

Nestle scraps trade agreement with Mugabe’s farms

Grace Mugabe abusing young boys in private

17 September 2014

“Crimes Against humanity”: Apartheid vs Cannibalism

By Mike Smith

15th of September 2014

The other day our illustrious Police Commissioner General Riah Phiyega said that Muti killing is a crime against humanity

“Impossible”, I thought, “Apartheid is the only “Crime against humanity” isn’t it?”

Well that is what most South Africans believe anyway. Nothing that ever happened on this earth could be worse than “apartheid”.

The real “Crime against Humanity”, the most hideous of all, COMMUNISM, is glanced over and glorified.

Yes I know, it is an upside down world. It is like George Orwell who was doing a headstand when he met his first wife who came riding past on a horse and asked him what he was doing. He replied, “Sometimes the world makes more sense if you stand on your head”.

Nevertheless, you will see in my Pandora series how I mentioned that Apartheid was made a “Crime against humanity” by the UN between 1973 and 1976 although Apartheid SA was acquitted of all human rights abuse charges by the International Court of Justice, the primary judicial branch of the UN, in the Hague.

Apartheid was only declared a “Crime against Humanity” after the USSR and Guinea (both with atrocious human rights abuse histories) brought the charges and the USSR’s proxies in Africa, South America and Asia voted for it.

People think that this view is held by the whole world. It is not true. Most Western democracies never signed nor ratified the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (ICSPCA). I suppose they wanted to leave a back door open just in case one day they might need to institute Apartheid themselves. Further…up until this day, not a single person in the world has been prosecuted for “The Crime of Apartheid”.

You can see for yourself on the map provided who signed and ratified Apartheid as a “Crime against humanity” and who not. Take note that the USA, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, and many more never acknowledged that Apartheid was a “Crime against humanity”.

In explanation of the US vote against the convention, Ambassador Clarence Clyde Ferguson Jr. said: "We cannot...accept that apartheid can in this manner be made a crime against humanity. Crimes against humanity are so grave in nature that they must be meticulously elaborated and strictly construed under existing international law...”

See? It is almost impossible to prove in a court of law that Apartheid was/is a “Crime against humanity”.

But how does the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court explain “Crime Against Humanity” ?

Basically we are not talking about sporadic events. Murder and rape happens in all countries. We are talking about crimes “that are part either of a government policy or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or de facto authority.”

Let’s look at cannibalism for instance, because it is classified as a “Crime against Humanity” under the above conditions.

Yes, a few psychos on the fringes of societies all over the world practice it. And yes, in extreme cases of starvation, like under Communism in the Ukraine, China and North Korea, cannibalism can occur. These are extreme cases.

However, in Africa it is widespread and voluntarily. It is part of the culture. It is part of the way they make war and part of the way they heal themselves. It is part of how they make business, find a love partner or play sport. Organizations like “Amnesty International” and “Doctors Without Borders” have thousands of documented evidence of widespread cannibalism in Africa. The practice also goes back to pre-colonial times and into pre-history.

A good book on the subject is A SINISTER FATE: Cannibalism in Africa

Guinea, that moral apostle and crusader against Apartheid South Africa, practice till this day, Female Genital Mutilation, rape and torture of prisoners, slavery and human trafficking including that of children and…Cannibalism.

In fact, some people believe that Ebola was caused by cannibalism during the Guinea Civil War and not by eating “Bush Meat” . The Bush Meat story is just a liberal invented cover up to hide the true nature of the African.

So our National Police Commissioner is absolutely right to say that Muti Murder is a “Crime against Humanity”, but so is the consumption of Muti containing human body parts. It is cannibalism on a wide scale tolerated by the government in the name of cultural practices. The victims are mostly children who are tortured and still alive when their organs are “harvested”. The government is covering the extent of it up by having a moratorium on Crime statistics.

Even President Zuma admitted to using witchcraft against the “Boers” during the struggle against Apartheid.

South African president Zuma reveals he used to practice witchcraft against white people

So everyone from the president to the ANC voter should be charged with “Crimes against humanity”.

In the law of "Cause and Effect" we can see that Apartheid was a necessary creation against savagery. If it wasn't for these savage practices by Black Africans (like cannibalism) there would never have been Apartheid.

Apartheid was not a “Crime against Humanity”. It was the solution to “Crimes against Humanity”. It separated and kept us safe from these pre-historic savages…well at least to some extent.

Graphic images of cannibalism in modern day Africa

15 September 2014

Scottish Independence. Is the sun finally setting on the Mighty British Empire?

By Mike Smith

15th of September 2014

At its height in 1919 the British Empire was the largest empire in the history of the world. It was the foremost world power for over a century. The British Empire held sway over about 458 million people, one-fifth of the world's population and covered almost a quarter of the world’s land area. It is the reason why English is today the global language. It was termed “the empire on which the sun never sets”.

Now, on the eve of Scottish independence, that prospect seems very possible.

As a Nationalist, I support independence for any nation who desires it and if it is what the Scots want, then they should get it.

I am dead set against the globalist agenda of creating a One World Government and all their abominable creations like the League of Nations, The Commonwealth, The United Nations, The European Union, etc. should be dissolved as far as I am concerned.

Scottish independence might just be the trigger that will bring this globalist agenda to a halt and even reverse it.

Britain went from “British Empire” to “Great Britain” to “United Kingdom” to “United Kingdom and Ireland” to just “England and Wales”. I certainly hope so. I wish the Scots could pull off their independence and finally draw the curtain on the useless UK or “Great Britain”. Thinking back to what Britain did to the Boers, Rhodesia and South Africa, I will applause the destruction of the once “Great Britain”.

For me it will be funny enough to see the Union Jack without the Blue.

If Scotland gains its independence after the forthcoming referendum, the remainder of the United Kingdom will be known as the "Former United Kingdom" (F U K). In a bid to discourage Scots from voting 'yes' in the referendum, the Westminster has now begun to campaign with the slogan: "Vote NO, for F U K's sake".

Jokes aside…Scottish independence will be a serious stick in the spokes of the Globalist agenda. That is why their propaganda machine is going all out to prevent it.

The poor Scots are threatened with currency collapse, bankruptcy, irrelevance and isolation. They are told that if the leave the UK they will also be leaving the EU and NATO and will have to reapply for membership and might get blackballed.

A Scottish “Yes” also means exit from the EU and NATO

What do we threaten the Scots with next? Exploding haggises?

They are even using dead soldiers to bash the Scots.

Our soldiers lost their lives trying to preserve the UK. What will their families say?

My biggest concern is the impact Scottish independence will have on South Africa. No doubt other nations seeking independence like the Basque people of Spain, the Flemish in Belgium and the Afrikaners in South Africa are watching the Scottish referendum closely. If the Scots get their independence it will trigger a snowball effect that might just totally reverse the Globalist agenda and nobody will be happier than me.

12 September 2014

Racial Vilification of white students in South Africa

By Mike Smith

12th of September 2014

I have reported many times in the past about how the Main Stream Media in South Africa and overseas vilify white South Africans. You can read it here:

The MSM’s bullshit vilification of white South Africans

How MSM psy-ops vilify South African whites on a daily basis - Never believe anything from these bastards

How many times has it happened now that whites were accused of assaulting blacks or raping blacks/coloureds and it turned it to be complete fabrications? It makes me sick I tell you.

A few months ago a supposedly “racist attack” happened on the campus of the University of the Freestate.

Two white students, Cobus Müller and Charl Blom, were accused by Dumane “Muzi” Gwebu that they sideswiped him with a pick-up truck and assaulted him afterwards.

Subsequently, the South African Students Congress (Sasco) held demonstrations against racism and accused the university of trying to cover up the incident.

The coloured racist, Prof Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor and Rector of the UFS, without any proof expelled the two white students and banned them from campus. When one went to the Rector to talk reason to him, he had the lad removed by campus security. He didn’t even want to listen to him.

The two were charged with attempted murder, the newspapers and radio talk shows crucified them. They were refused to study further and one was denied his degree that he already completed.

They were also charged by the South African Human Rights Commision (SAHRC), our very own racist inquisition.

Attack on black student. Two face murder charges

Three days ago it turned out to be all BULLSHIT!

Cobus Müller and Charl Blom were aquited

Last week, the SA Human Rights Commission found it was “unable to find any corroborating evidence to make a conclusive finding of racism and violation of human rights”, in Gwebu’s case.

In court, Cobus Müller and Charl Blom were found not guilty on all the charges which included reckless driving, crimen injuria, attempted murder and assault (Muller), and a charge of assault (Blom). The Magistrate's was concerned about "inconsistencies in the evidence and exaggerations", that the complainant "displayed hostility throughout the trial" and that he was "not a reliable witness and is prejudiced."

In short, the racist bastard Gwebu lied through his teeth. At one stage he said: “A Kaffir is not an animal, he is a human”,

The court case almost bankrupted the parents of the two lads.

The Afrikaans newspaper Volksblad reported that the case can cost the University a lot of money

I certainly hope so. Sue their asses off. Whatever happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”?

These two young men had a year robbed out of their lives. A year they will never ever get back again. What for? For BULLSHIT allegations! Unbelievable.

The Rector is now backtracking saying he never considered it a racial incident and that he expelled the two students for their own safety. What utter bollocks!

I just want this Clever Prof. Jansen to explain to me how that whole incident is supposed to improve racial harmony in SA. Can he not for one moment think how bitter and resentful these two students now feel? You destroyed their lives you scumbag.

More questions about University of the Freestate judgment

Noble Savages behead Prozzie. Cut off eylids, cut out tongue and brains

By Mike Smith

12th of September 2014

Four accused. Mostly minors, 16, 17, 18 and one 30yo.

Man promised R2million to behead prostitute

It seems like the 21st century has not arrived for these Noble Savages yet.

The one had venereal disease and went to a Sangoma (Witchdoctor) for treatment. After he recovered he went back “to collect “muti” that would prevent the police from tracing him and his accomplices”.

The Sangoma then promised them R2million each for the head of a white, coloured or Indian woman.

So they lured an Indian prostitute to a soccer stadium and whilst having sex with her, stabbed her 195 times and took turns to saw off her head with an “Okapi” pen knife. They took the head to the Sangoma who instructed them to cut off the eyelids, take out the brains and the tongue, put it into two tins and bury it behind the house.

I suppose the were hungry...or maybe victims of Apartheid.

Anyway…read the gruesome story yourself…

Here is another one.

16 Held for killing witches

“The group, aged between 23 and 71, were arrested on Tuesday afternoon for allegedly killing the 59-year-old man and the 64-year-old woman and setting their homes alight.”

What I want is for blacks to tell me why I should respect their culture? What is there to like?

This is not a few psychos on the fringes of society that you find in other countries. This is an entire culture of witchcraft, superstition and the most horrific violence imaginable.

Like Prosecutor Kuveshni Pillay said in the case of the decapitated Prozzie, “This behaviour cannot be compared to animals, because animals do not behave in this way.”

10 September 2014

Hungry or simply the nature of the Noble Savage?

By Mike Smith

10th of September 2014

Only in Africa.

Ten Dead as Lorry Runs Over Villagers Scrambling for Hippo Meat

The hippo was struck dead by a truck the previous day. Like flies to a turd, the Noble Savages gathered to slaughter the carcass and got hit by another truck.

Hardly was the story published or the bleeding heart liberal idiots in “Beeld” started sobbing over how hungry the poor bastards must have been and what misery that ten of them are dead and the people who called them “stupid” on the forum are the reasons why blacks hate whites, Blah, Blah, liberal hogwash.

Read the liberal junk here

Funny how these people are apparently so hungry, but Saturday mornings you see them coming from the bottle store with trolleys full of beer and whiskey. They always seem to have money for alcohol, but never for food. However, judging from their sizes, it seems that they have ample Mieliepap.

A hippo in the road outside of a township? Even better would be an overturned beer truck.

But hang on…Didn’t a Heineken Beer truck overturn a few months ago?

…And weren’t there hundreds of looters who scooped up the unbroken content in seconds? I guess they were also hungry. Or maybe thirsty and water just wouldn’t do.

Now if you look at the size of the black woman in the picture below then I won’t say they were hungry at all. Maybe from all the Hippo meat.

SEE IT: Beer truck overturns in South Africa, looters clear up before cops arrive

Now just imagine if that Hippo (or the beer) was poisoned… but I bet you none of these squatter camp residents thought of that. See why they were called stupid? But please, don’t tell the libtards that. They so desperately want to believe that their poor little Noble Savages are destitute and starving.

Just hope that you are not struck of your motorcycle outside a squatter camp in SA. These savages will do to you what they did to the hippo, the beer and Quinten Wagner (20).

Savages fight over man’s shoes

Moments after Quinten was struck off his motorcycle by a car, about 20 of these bi-ped simian savages dragged him around by his broken arm, robbed him of his rucksack, his helmet and fought over his shoes. They must have been hungry too.

Incidentally his father (Hennie Wagner 47) was shot dead in his home (in front of Quinten) by two savages a year ago. I suppose they were also hungry.

09 September 2014

Europe against Multiculturalism: Demanding Apartheid

By Mike Smith

9th of September 2014

It took a while, but finally it seems as if European liberals are catching a wake up.

A few days ago a group of radical Islamists (Salifists) in the German town of Wuppertal donned luminous bibs with the words “Sharia Police” on it and started patrolling the streets and harass German citizens telling them to stay away from bars, not to drink and go to the mosque, because “this is a Muslim area”.

There was an immediate outcry. The people were up in arms, politicians had to intervene and the REAL police said that they wouldn’t tolerate the “Sharia Police”.

Germany won't tolerate 'Sharia police'

The idiots who started it, quickly backtracked saying that it was all just a publicity stunt. However, I am sure that if there was not a major outcry from the public, they would have continued with their “Sharia Police”.

In France, all signs and polls shows that far right Marine Le Pen of Front National would win a presidential election if it was held right now.

Le Pen would win presidential election if held right now

In fact, in France the right is on the march and they are demonstrating vehemently against illegal immigrants from Africa and the Muslim world.

Far-right extremists lead hundreds in Calais anti-migrant protests

The rally was organised by Sauvons Calais (Let's Save Calais), which describes itself as a nationalist anti-immigration group.

Despite the leftist media trying to make them out as if they are “Nazis”, Kévin Reche, the fresh-faced 20-year-old spokesman for Sauvons Calais, denied that the group had neo-Nazi or fascist links.

In his speech I could swear I heard a suggestion that reminds us of Apartheid…

"We're nationalists and we want to stop the immigrant invasion not just in Calais but in the whole of Europe," he said. "The migrants should be deported from French territory and placed in closed detention centres until they can be sent home."

"The people of Calais are divided on migrants," he said. "Some cafés don't let them in but others allow them to use their toilets even if they don't buy a drink."

Some local shopkeepers object to the migrants and blame them for thefts and muggings.

HAHAHA…Now isn’t that something? Blacks being refused entry into white restaurants and shops.

Britain has offered to send 12 miles of fencing used to protect last week’s Nato summit in Newport, Wales, to Calais to help the French authorities prevent illegal immigrants from boarding ferries and lorries bound for England.

The offer was made after hundreds of migrants stormed the ferry terminal last week. British ministers say the existing fences in Calais are too easy to scale.

Problem is that Britain doesn’t want these illegal immigrants either…so what now?

Two years ago the Dutch also abandoned Multiculturalism

Sweden and Denmark are not far behind in joining European anti-immigration and anti-Multiculturalism


Not so funny when you are being overrun by the “darkies” in your own country, hey? Not so funny when they rob your stores, your homes and rape your wives, Hey?? You were the ones who told us South Africans we were wrong 30 years ago.

“Schadenfreunde ist die schönste Freude” as they say in German.

False Flag Backfires: Who really shot down Flight MH-17?

By Mike Smith

9th of September 2014

Further to my article Why Flight MH-17 was shot down from the 18th of July 2014, the following update:

It is conclusive. Flight MH-17 was shot down. The Dutch Safety Board investigation concluded that “…the Boeing 777 jet “broke up in the air probably as the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside”.

MH17: Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down by 'large number of high-energy objects'

Can you see the absence of appointing blame?

Look at this bullshit: “…the report does not assign blame; in line with aviation convention, the aim of investigations is to improve safety in future, not apportion liability for past events.”

When the plane first fell out of the sky, we heard, without any proof, that it was the Russian supported rebels or even Putin himself who shot down the plane “With A BUK misile”. That means ONE missile.

The Ukrainian government even presented falsified tapes to “prove” that was the Rebels.

At least that is what the world’s MSM tried to convince us of, but I think only the completely retarded amongst the sheeple fell for it.

Then suddenly the MSM went all quiet about Flight MH-17. Now that the report is out, nobody seems to know who shot down the plane. Nobody can be blamed. Believe me if the evidence could remotely show that it was indeed the rebels or the Russians there would be a Third World War tomorrow.

Instead they promised to have a full report within a year…What they mean is that by then it would not matter anymore, because WWIII will be raging already or Putin will be unseated and probably dead.

From the start The Malaysian government accused the Ukraine government of shooting down the plane

German pilot Peter Haisenko published pictures of the wreckage on “Anderwelt” clearly showing that Flight MH-17 was shot down by two Ukrainian government fighter jets. The latest findings of “a large number of high-energy objects” confirm this.

When Heisenko published the pictures, Google removed them, but fortunately Heisenko saved them and published it again.

Eyewitnesses saw two jet fighters either side of Flight MH-17.

The BBC deleted a report that stated the plane was shot down by two fighter jets.

Carlos, a Spanish air-traffic controller working for the Ukraine government, has confirmed that the Ukraine government brought down MH17.

The rebels denied ever possessing a BUK rocket system and the Russians denied supplying them with any weapons.

But already the spin doctors are out in full force. The latest is that it was indeed a BUK rocket fired from the ground fitted with a proximity warhead that exploded in the vicinity of the plane and these shrapnel pieces penetrated the fuselage.

Reuters report on Dutch findings on Flight MH-17

So here is my take on the events:

The Ukraine acted on American intelligence that Vladimir Putin’s presidential plane would be flying over the area on its way back from Brazil where he was for the BRICS summit.

The Ukrainians tried to assassinate Putin by sending two Sukhoi SU-25 “frogfoot” jets for the mission, but mistook Flight MH-17 for his plane. The two fighter jets shot at the Boeing 777 with an air-air missile (probably a Vympel R-73, infrared guided heatseeker) and finished it off with a salvo of 30mm rounds into the cockpit of the plane from their Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-2 cannons.

They then tried to hide the fact that they made a royal stuff-up of their assassination attempt and tried to frame Putin for it and along with their American allies they tried to turn it into a false flag operation to go to war with Putin and Russia.

Fortunately nobody fell for their propaganda. So now they try to quietly sweep it under the carpet.

Their false flag operation against Putin and Russia, backfired

04 September 2014

Multiculturalism has failed in the UK says 95% of BBC viewers

By Mike Smith

4th of September 2014

Thanks to “Dingo” for the hat tip on this one.

The word “Multiculturalism” is a misnomer. Liberals use it to talk about their Utopia, their perfect society where all people from all races, cultures and religions live in harmony together, hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

At the same time they tell us that there are no races, all cultures are equal and religion is outdated.

So when we are all one and the same culture, how can we then be Multicultural? It doesn’t make sense…just like 100% of what liberals normally say never makes sense.

If you want to see true “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” then look at Apartheid South Africa. 23 Different tribes lived in harmony side by side. If you removed the leftist and Communist agitators you would have had perfect peace.

That was “Multiculturalism” the right-wing way. The world told us South Africans that we were wrong. So we tried Multiculturalism the leftist way.

As can be seen, it is a spectacular failure and people are more divided in SA now than during Apartheid as a recent university study has shown.

In SA blacks and whites do not trust each other

So it is with amusement that I read and watched the BBC straw poll where 95% of Britons voted that Multiculturalism has failed.

95% of BBC viewers think multiculturalism has failed

However I disagree. Saying that it has failed implies that there was a time or a possibility that it could actually have worked. Rubbish and double bollocks!

Multiculturalism (the left’s definition) has never and will never work.

Nevertheless, this 95% vote comes in the wake of 1400 British girls who were raped and brutally attacked by Pakistani Muslims in the town of Rotherham.

However, in June I reported about A third of Britons who now openly admit that they are racists

The political elite’s desire to advance multiculturalism with mass immigration has backfired. People are waking up.

Rotherham was the equivalent of a racial 911 for liberals. People had a mass wake-up call and liberals converted to the right en masse.

It will be interesting to see how the politicians are going to wriggle themselves out of this one. In the end they will have no other option, but to admit that Multiculturalism has failed. They will have to change their policies, especially the ones on immigration otherwise they will lose votes, but it still won’t solve the problem of what they are going to do with the millions of Muslims, Hindus and Rastafarians who are already in the country.

I suppose they can offer them $10,000 to voluntarily repatriate like the Australians did, but I doubt it if they will. They get too much free shit in the UK. Forced repatriation? I doubt that too. Starting to run out of options then, aren’t we?

Like I said, these bastards will still come and beg us to show them how to implement Apartheid. The Afrikaners should have taken out a patent on Apartheid. They could get rich.

The article above talks about “The phenomenon of White Flight” where large numbers of whites are fleeing out of big cities and certain areas being self-declared “Muslim zones”.

In some of these places, white Britons were told they are not allowed to drink, because it was a Muslim area and people handing out bible extracts were stopped and told that they could not preach the Bible there, because it was a Muslim area.

So what do you do?

Let me ask you a question.

If a Muslim enters your house illegally, rapes your daughter and takes over your living room and tells you to stop drinking in your own home, stop eating unholy meat and stop reading your Bible, what are you going to do?

Are you going to move out of the house into your back yard?

What are you going to do when he then allows all his mates and family to take over your home completely and the back yard too? Where are you going to move then?

Now you tell me what is the most logical solution...

South African police and paramedics should go on Pizza delivery courses

By Mike Smith

4th of September 2014

Here is a report about Greg Patterson who was stabbed in the neck by a bi-ped, simian taxi driver at a Milnerton petrol station and left there to bleed to death.

Road rage turns deadly at petrol station

Greg could still be alive, but Margeret Everett, co-owner of the petrol station, said that the first ambulance only arrived an hour later.

“He was bleeding to death on the driveway – we were phoning ambulances all over the place but the first ambulance only arrived after about an hour.”

Now how is it possible that I can get a pizza delivered to my door within ten minutes, but an ambulance or police vehicle with blaring sirens, lights and the right of way takes over an hour?

So my solution is that they should all go on Pizza delivery courses so that they can find out from the pizza boys how it is done.

Imagine how the murder rate in this country will come down if only the Ambulance drivers, paramedics and police would do their Goddamn jobs they get paid to do.

Now bear in mind that officially, after the massaging and falsification of statistics, South Africa has a murder rate of 18,000 per year. Medical technology since the 1970’s and advances in trauma care actually keeps this number from being 4-5 times that amount.

And remember for every person that dies, there are over 200 violent assaults where people are only injured. That will give you an idea of the problem of crime in this country.

Source: “A Hidden Remedy for Murder” (reporting new research on the impact of medical technology on murder rates) By Michael S. Rosenwald, Boston Globe, 8/4/2002, as quoted in “On Combat” by Lt.Col. Dave Grosmann

ANC wakes up and discovers all our Engineers are gone

By Mike Smith

4th of September 2014

I think it was Oscar Wilde who once said that, “Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious.”

This certainly is true if you consider our illustrious Minister of crap-Science and bullshit-Technology, Naledi Pandor who has just discovered that South Africa has a shortage of Engineers. I mean, where has she been the last 20 years?

For five years (from 2004-2009) this Islamic convert (her husband is Muslim) was South African Minister of Child Indoctrination where she perpetuated the handiwork of her predecessors, Kader Asmal and Sibusiso Bengu, to destroy the once excellent South African education system.

This ANC version of Captain Obvious now reckons that “the problem at this point is that there is a problem.”

About 1500 BSc Eng and B Eng students graduated from the country's universities yearly, but only half practiced as engineers.

I agree. It is a problem.

So her solution is to quadruple the amount of enrollments so they have a bigger pool to draw from.

"A lot of them go on to work in banks and other financial institutes. In any case, we need to quadruple the number of graduates, so that we have a larger pool to draw from," she said.

As usual, the liberal/socialist solution is to throw money at the problem.

How about you select the students a bit better, Naledi? How about you scrap your racist quota system that excludes excellent whites from studying at universities in favour of mediocre blacks?

Now look at this…Pandor said there was a link between engineering infrastructure and economic growth. No shit, Sherlock! Your country cannot function without Engineers. It can function brilliantly without politicians (just look at Belgium who functioned excellently without a government for 589 days), but it cannot do without Engineers.

Politicians do not solve problems; Engineers solve problems

That is right. Any and all problems are solved by engineers.

If you want to get from A to B an engineer will build you a road, a bridge a railroad, harbours and airports, to get there. An engineer will build you a car, a truck, a bus, a train, a ship or an airplane to do it with.

If you want to go to the moon, an engineer is your man, because he will build you a rocket to do so.

You want to wage war, Engineers will build you the machines and tools to do so. You want to harvest your crops; Engineers will build you the machines to do so. You want to milk your cows or package your fruit and meat, Engineers will build you the machines for it. You want to get gold, copper or coal from a mine, an engineer will show you how.

You need water for your city; an engineer will build you a dam. You need electricity; Engineers will build you power stations and run them. A doctor wants to look inside the human body; Engineers will build him endoscopes, CAT-scan machines and x-ray machines. How can a surgeon operate without the tools and means an Engineer has given him?

You as a politician want to talk shit to your voters; engineers will give you radios and television complete with satellites to do so.

So Naledi. Can you see what I mean? Your country cannot function without engineers.

Now you often hear these brain dead ANC politicians saying that to fix the country “We all need to find solutions”…

Saying that, they actually admit that they haven’t got a cooking clue as to how to solve any of the country’s problems or challenges.


Here is the solution Sparky:

You want to uplift your country? Train more engineers who actually go into the profession and can do the job. You want them to stay in the country? Then create a safe environment for them and their families. Create a schooling and education system that will ensure their future survival in the real world. You might even find that you will attract Engineers from other countries as well.

I mean who wouldn’t want to come and live in this beautiful country of ours if it was safe to do so and the country was run properly? Unfortunately, until you useless bunch of ANC idiots pack your shit and bugger off, that will not happen. More engineers will leave every day and the country will go backwards until it reaches pre-1652 status, i.e. Stone age.

It’s not rocket science my dear. It is simple logic.

03 September 2014

Apartheid is natural and alive in America

By Mike Smith

3rd of September 2014

Ironic isn’t it? Fifty years after the Civil Rights protests and reforms to racial segregation in the South of the US and decades after all the liberal style forced integration of the Multi-Culti movement, people are seeking APARTHEID.

America’s new apartheid: Prosperous white districts are choosing to break away from black cities and go it alone

Actually it is not ironic. It is natural and is what anybody with a bit of brains could have predicted.

I have said it a thousand times before, but I will say it again. The time will come that those who have criticized us in the past will come and beg us to show them how to implement Apartheid.

Take Baton Rouge in Louisiana in the above example. The parallels to SA are astonishing. 25% of the people (mostly white) pay most of the taxes. Poverty, violence and a failing public school system is the order of the day and therefore this minority of 25% wants to break away and start their own new city.

In this breakaway city there will be a majority of 70% whites who want their own school district, because their children are subjected to violence, bullying and poor education in the state school system.

Similar efforts have surfaced in the past two years in Georgia, Alabama, Texas and Tennessee.

Trussville, Alabama, is a wealthy white suburb that broke away from the county schools system in 2005.

Gardendale, Alabama, voted in 2013 to secede from the Jefferson County school district and then to raise taxes on itself. About 88 per cent of Gardendale residents are white, while more than 42 per cent of Jefferson County residents are black.

Next autumn, the predominantly white Alabama community of Pike Road, with only 6,500 residents, will open its first school after splitting from Montgomery County Public Schools, where 83 per cent of its 32,000 students are either African-American or Latino.

However, when you read the article, you will see that the people are scrambling and falling over their feet to deny that it has anything to do with race. Bullshit! It has EVERYTHING to do with race. If you had homogenous societies there would be no need to break away.

Who is to blame?

You would think the White Nationalists, the KKK, the White Separatists. No.

According to blacks in the USA, Obama is to blame for worsening race relations.

Pew Research: African-Americans think race relations have worsened under Obama

See why I say that Liberals and Socialists should rather sit on their hands and do nothing, because everything they touch turns to shit?

Speaking of which. Wouldn't it be nice if we could segregate from liberals? Let them go and live in their looney La-La-Land.

02 September 2014

Usain Bolt wants to race a Cheetah

By Mike Smith

2nd of September 2014

Apparently the world's fastest man Usain Bolt said Tuesday in the Indian city of Bangalore that he would like to race against a Cheetah.

Bolt wants to race a Cheetah

"A cheetah would be cool to compete with ... I can see the headline 'Usain Bolt beats cheetah'," he said.

I fully support anybody wanting to live out his dream and Usain is no exception. I am even prepared to give him a 30 meter head start on the Cheetah. It should be interesting to see what the Cheetah does with him when he gets him in his claws…I suppose when you are hungry you will eat anything.

All I can say to Usain is: “Good luck mate. My money is on the Cheetah.”

01 September 2014

Zuma says Jesus should come and cleanse us of our sins

By Mike Smith

2nd of September 2014

There are lots of good lessons in the Bible. Take Proverbs 17:18 for instance:

“Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.”

But it seems as if our illustrious president (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma, an ordained minister and an expert on the Bible and the Christian religion, has not read that part yet.

According to Msholozi Showerhead, our greatest moral apostle since mass murdering terrorist Nelson Mandela died, Jesus must return to cleanse our sins

He said: “I know they say Jesus will return to fetch us. But I don’t know how many will stay behind. Maybe the majority,” he said to laughter.

He said bishops and pastors were in a position to ask God to send his son again.

“But this time not to fetch us, but just to come and cleanse us of our sins, because we have caused more damage than before.

“He must just come for a few years to help us so that we are ready for when he finally comes.”

Ah, yes. All those liberal idiots and missionaries who came to Africa to teach the Noble Savages about Christianity should be proud of their handiwork now.

Our president (yours not mine) is known for his wise words. For instance: He doesn’t like homosexuals and loved to beat them up when he was younger. He also doesn’t like dogs and according to him buying a dog and taking it for a walk is “a white man’s thing”.

Zuma also thinks that blacks becoming too clever are a problem in Africa and that single women are a disgrace to society. Women should get married and have children so they can get extra training to be a mother. He also believes that Johannesburg is not in Africa.

A collection of Zuma quotes

But my personal best is when he told his flock of sheeple that when they vote ANC and carry an ANC card they would get to heaven, but if they don’t they will go to hell and the Devil will cook them. Here is his full quote:

Speaking in Zulu, he said: 'When you vote for the ANC, you are also choosing to go to heaven.

'When you don't vote for the ANC you should know that you are choosing that man who carries a fork, who cooks people.

'When you are carrying an ANC membership card, you are blessed. When you get up there, there are different cards used but when you have an ANC card, you will be let through to go to heaven.'

Vote ANC, go to heaven, Jacob Zuma

Wasn't it Psalms 1 that said something like, "Blessed is the man who does not sit in the company of mockers"?

What happened in Lesotho

What happened in Lesotho

By Mike Smith

1st of September 2014

Last week, Thomas Thabane, the Lesotho Prime Minister was ousted in a military coup and the South African Special Forces had to whisk him away and save his neck in the nick of time. This came after he dissolved parliament in June, because the MP’s wanted to pass a vote of no confidence in him.

SA foils Lesotho coup

I am surprised that the South African troops pulled it off seeing that in 1998, Mangosuthu Buthelezi when he was South Africa’s acting president while Nelson Mandela was abroad sent a SADC force to Lesotho to try to prevent a coup. The troops were repulsed by the Lesotho army. It was a great embarrassment to South Africa.

Imagine if a little, undisciplined army like Lesotho could do that, what a REAL army like the old SADF would do to these palookas.

According to the BBC “The army is understood to have acted after the prime minister attempted to remove its chief, Lt Gen Kennedy Tlai Kamoli.”

Thomas Thabane accused Lesotho's Deputy Prime Minster Mothetjoa Metsing, who is now in charge of the country, of orchestrating the unrest. He said it was because he was acting against corruption. Yeah, right…!

I am not so convinced.

Just the other day, the Indian Gupta family, who are personal friends of SA President Jacob Zuma, received diplomatic passports from Lesotho, because their buddy Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, are in some shady deals with them.

Guptas get diplomatic passports in exchange for bringing investment and development to Lesotho (read bribes). The Prime Minister also gave them mining concessions. The official words are that the Guptas are “investing in mining in Lesotho”.

Atul Gupta was appointed special adviser to PM Thabane because he would market Lesotho abroad.

It is well known that the Guptas are operating and allowed to operate illegal mines in SA, because president Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma is involved with them. Government just turns a blind eye to these rogue mining operations.

Idwala Coal Crypts, which is co-owned by the Guptas, is an illegal mine in a wetland in Mpumalanga, and continues to break environmental laws despite being ordered to clean up its act last year.

Guptas strong arm Eskom to back illegal mine

These guys just do what they want. They illegally diverted a national road and also a river. They also landed at an air force base with their families from India to attend a wedding at Sun City without anybody going through customs and immigration.

The Guptas and Duduzane Zuma are also involved with some arms deals involving Denel

Government is set to buy some Infantry vehicles from Denel at a cost of R10bn. The Guptas and Zuma’s son will pocket 25%.

It looked like Thomas Thabane made a lot of enemies in his coalition government and his close ties with the Guptas was the last straw for the opposition.

A few days before the coup the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), has vowed to forge a new coalition that would oust Thabane of the coalition’s major partner, the All Basotho Congress (ABC).

So this is what I think: When the heat was onto Thomas Thabane, the Guptas picked up the phone and called Msholozi Showerhead to send in the Special Forces and rescue their mate. Let us see how long he will stay in SA and what happens now.

My prediction is that the Guptas will just “do business” with the new guy in charge and life will carry on as if nothing happened.