31 October 2014

The ANC is not targeting Afrikaans

By Mike Smith

31st of October 2014

Just the other day I came across an article where the lying ANC bastards denied that they were targeting Afrikaans.

ANC denies targeting Afrikaans

The Freedom Front Plus made a claim that the ANC was systematically forcing the Afrikaans language out of schools. The ANC said that, “the claim reflects the fact that the FF+ remains “Volkstaat-minded” and “myopic”.”….basically short of calling them racists.

Of course the ANC is killing Afrikaans. They hate Afrikaans and Afrikaners. They call Afrikaans “The language of the oppressor”. Their hatred of Afrikaans was (according to them) the reason they had the 1976 riots. When the ANC came to power in 1994, the first thing they did was to kill the Rand Afrikaans University (RAU). Of the five Afrikaans universities we had in SA, only Stellenbosch is semi Afrikaans and constantly under attack to become more “inclusive”.

In 2004, the AFrikanerbond took the ANC to court in order to keep the primary school “Mikro” in Kuilsriver Afrikaans. It cost them R8 million, but it was a fight they just had to win. Afrikaans school digs in over language policy

If the ANC is not targeting Afrikaans, then why are they constantly trying to undermine it?

Look at the SABC. A few months ago the Afrikaans News was moved to SABC 3 and then completely disappeared. SABC dumps Afrikaans TV news

Then the next shock came: A blow for Afrikaans TV as SABC 2 culls even more shows

And then the lies came with an official response: SABC not marginalizing Afrikaans

What a bunch of lying bastards these ANC clowns are. It’s like the bully sitting on the little guy smashing his face in and saying, “I don’t know why he is bleeding so much, because am not hitting him. I don't know why he is crying so much, 'cause I'm not hurting him.”

Then they get upset when we don’t take them seriously.

Italian Mayor wants Apartheid busses

By Mike Smith

31st of October 2014

Claudio Gambino, the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) mayor of Borgaro Torinese, said this week he wants separate buses because Roma people who live in a camp of around 600 inhabitants on the outskirts of the northern Italian town "have been afflicting us for over 20 years".

Italy mayor wants separate buses for Roma

"To guarantee the security of our citizens we need two buses. One for citizens, the other for Roma people," he was quoted as saying by Italian media on Friday, adding that buses were plagued by theft and petty violence.

You see? Like I said, “The day will come that they will ALL introduce Apartheid. They will beg us white South Africans to show them how.”

It is the most natural thing in the world. Just ask anybody anywhere in the world who has been plagued by theft and violence what the first thing is he/she will do.

The answer: “Separate”.

When we did it in South Africa, we were turned into the skunks of the world. We were told we were evil racists, etc…for what? For doing the most natural thing in the world? Go figure. It is like saying you are evil, because you breathe.

Happy Halloween

By Mike Smith

31st of October 2014

Here in South Africa it is Halloween everyday...and it is not some funny kids festival. It is the real McCoy. So we don't really celebrate it. It is something that blew over from the States.

But to those American readers and others who do celebrate Halloween...Make it a good one.

Sweden’s Stockholm syndrome with terrorists: Sweden becomes first European state to recognize Palestine as a state

By Mike Smith

31st of October 2014

Good! Excellent! Brilliant! I love the fact that the liberal idiots of Sweden pinned their colours to the mast and recognized Palestine as a state. Good to know who the enemy is.

Sweden officially recognizes the state of Palestine

It is nothing new really. Sweden has been supporting terrorists for a long time. The Swedish government used to channel money through Swiss Bank accounts to arm the ANC, SWAPO and Zanu-PF against the people of South Africa, Namibia and Rhodesia. They have also been supporting the PLO for a long time.

It was so bad that we had to assassinate their Communist Prime Minister Olof Palme

That scumbag used to call for the destruction of South Africa, because according to him, “Apartheid could not be reformed”.

That is exactly how I feel about Communists. A bullet between the eyes is the only cure for them. They cannot be reformed.

Nevertheless, Palme got what he deserved. He was directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people in terrorist attacks through the organizations he sponsored. I only pity the fact that he didn’t die slow enough.

Today South Africa as we knew it is gone. Now we see the “New” (improved) Marxist version of South Africa as envisioned by the Swedish Government and their Commie Panjandrum, Palme. Now, as during Apartheid, the Swedish government is backing the wrong side and making themselves into targets. I won’t be surprised if we see another Olof Palme case soon.

By recognizing Palestine they give legitimacy to terrorists. They might just as well recognize the Islamic State (ISIL) while they are at it.

The Palestinians already have a country. It’s called Jordan. It is full of people with a religion, culture and language just like their own. They should all go there. What are they still doing in Israel?

And Sweden? Why do we need Sweden? It should be dissolved and split up between Norway and Finland.

22 October 2014

“Ons Roep die Baas” Chronicles: From Cuban Doctors to Cuban Engineers

By Mike Smith

22nd of October 2014

As our longtime reader Nico always says: “Affirmative Action in Action!”

By now you are certainly aware that the ANC chased out all the good doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, etc. (mostly whites) with Affirmative Action.

They also introduced racial quotas for medical students at universities to prevent whites from studying medicine and forced young doctors to do an extra two years (on top of their seven years study) in some rural shithole in the Transkei.

The result was, as can be expected, catastrophic (relatively speaking). Black hospitals were run down. Black babies dying in their thousands and the ANC’s solution was to bring in Cuban doctors and send some local blacks to go study there at full, 100% government bursaries.

As these blacks mentioned themselves, it was another disaster

Most of these students returned after being in Cuba for only a few months. The conditions were so bad that they simply couldn’t hold out.

Poor conditions in Cuba bring students home

This is what they had to say:

“When we used toilets we were not allowed to flush down toilet paper, to prevent sewerage blockages. We would throw the… paper in a bucket, which was collected once a day.She (Shanice Moodley) said they had to take “ice cold” showers, even in the “freezing” weather as there were no geysers.”

You see? They have such wonderful civil engineers that their sewage systems are dysfunctional and their water supplies are primitive. Anybody who has ever been to Cuba will tell you what a primitive, run down, Communist shithole it is and the stench is everywhere.

Now the ANC inherited a perfectly functional, First World, sewage and fresh water system from the Apartheid Government. The same with the electricity supply system, the national health system, the education system, etc…All they had to do was maintain it.

No…retards that they are ran everything into the ground. The engineers left along with the doctors, teachers, architects and all other qualified personnel. Now the ANC is scrambling and scrounging around to find competent staff in order to maintain some level of civility in the water supply system and the sewage system.

Their answer: Cuban Engineers.

Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Molewa signs Cuban water deal

Bad idea that Cuban engineers fill these posts

The Beeld newspaper reported that Nomvula Mokonyane, the new Minister of water and sanitation is on her way to Cuba to go and fetch 34 of their excellent engineers to fix the “critical shortage” of engineers experienced by her department. They are going to come and show the South Africans how to do it.

Most South African engineers who left the Water and Sanitation department and who are now working as private consultants said it was a bad idea.

According to these engineers who left the department is “falling apart” and “Cadre deployment is the order of the day”.

According to them the top management has no idea of Water Affairs and the department’s human resources section is hostile towards personnel.

Beeld was told that only 5o engineers work at the department and that there are 200-300 vacant positions. Most engineers left in 2009, because they couldn’t stand the atmosphere anymore. Most are re-employed by the Department as consultants (probably at three times the cost).

According to Dr. Chris Herold of the South African Institute of Civil Engineers there are enough experienced South African Engineers who can be seconded to the department to train up the younger engineers.

I can assure you that the ANC won’t do it. They hate the whites so much that they will rather go and pay the Cuban government billions for engineers than let a white South African near anything.

What I cannot understand is this: If the blacks are so good, why do they not have any engineers of their own to fill these posts?

Pink Frikkie gets his road

By Mike Smith

22 October 2014

About two months ago we spoke about a suitable name for Table Bay Boulevard, after the DA decided to rename it after that traitor F.W. de Klerk.

Cape Town to honour De Klerk

Now I see the ANC terrorists are up in arms about it, because F.W. was the last Apartheid President.

ANC upset that Table Bay Boulevard is to be renamed after F.W. de Klerk

And who is supporting this? Why, Prof Fritz Gaum, of course…That old Broederbond stalwart and former editor of the NG Kerk’s Kerkbode newspaper.

He is of course a personal friend of F.W.de Klerk seeing that both of them belong to the same “Broederbond Afdeling” (Lodge) namely Leeuwenhof along with their other great Broederbond mate Dopper Dominee Pieter Bingle of the Boer Church better known as the Gereformeerde Kerk (Reformed Church).

I am actually surprised that they do not change more streets after this Satanic Trio, because if ever there were Three Communist Stooges responsible for the shit South Africa is in at the moment then it is Fritz Gaum, Pieter Bingle and F.W. de Klerk.

Fritz Gaum’s one son, Adv. André Gaum is an ANC apparatchik and MP (former Deputy Minister of Education on who’s watch the education system collapsed) and the other son, Laurie Gaum is a gay activist and dominee of St. Stephen’s Church in Cape Town. The Dutch Reform Church defrocked him after his lover Douw Wessels committed suicide. Messy family.

God doesn’t like gay men

Nevertheless, I do not really understand the ANC’s objection. It is not as if they did anything of importance to get the country handed over to them. Their role was minimal. It was mostly the Black Consciousness Movement that did the dirty work and the treason of De Klerk and his mates in the National Intelligence Service, CIA and MI6 along with the mining Rand Lords.

The ANC just wants to hi-jack the thunder of the whites who voted to end Apartheid. In their eyes they did everything. They won the war against the whites even when at the time the ANC was nothing more than a fax machine in a stinking hole in Dar es Salaam.

As far as I am concerned they should carry on with the renaming of the streets after Communists and traitors. All they are doing is giving us a hit list in the coming future Third Struggle for our Freedom. And those already dead will be dug up and their rotten carcasses dumped across our northern border…where the Kunene, Okavango and Zambezi rivers flow.

21 October 2014

Nkandla vs George Airport

By Mike Smith

21st of October 2014

I am starting to like this nit-wit Jacob Zuma. Every time he opens his gob he just makes a bigger fool of himself and the ANC. He is helping our cause so much we should make him an honorary right-winger.

According to Msholozi Showerhead former president P.W. Botha had George airport built for his own personal use …so that justifies him building his Nkandla Palace.

I just love it, because apart from this rubbish being totally devoid of any truth, it shows us what nonsense the ANC members talk amongst themselves and what they convince their voters of. Lies, hogwash, lies and more lies…that is the ANC in a nutshell.

I was never a fan of P.W. Botha for several reasons, mostly because he knew the country was going to be handed over to the Communist ANC, he moved Marxist terrorist Mandela to a house with a swimming pool at Victor Verster prison, but still carried on sending young men to the Angolan border to fight the Communists when the writing was already on the wall.

Nevertheless I will give him his due. George airport was not built for him personally as most of the former NP ministers and also his second wife stated.

The Afrikaans Newspaper Beeld reported that his widow, Barbara, mentioned that P.W. Botha in 2001 refused an underground bunker to be built at his former Wilderness retirement home, because he saw it as “a waste of money”.

Widow exposes how P.W. said no to state aid for a bunker at his home

See, these fuckwits in the ANC forget that the Apartheid government was very efficient. They kept records of what was said in parliament.

According to parliamentary records the decision to build George airport was taken in March 1973 and the airport completed in June 1977. P.W. Botha only bought his house “Die Anker” (The Anchor”) in 1978-1979.

Originally two places were considered for the airport, Oudtshoorn and George.

Many factors played a role in the decision for George such as security, weather, tourism, economics and practicality.

Back in those days the technology made it difficult for planes to land at Cape Town when the low clouds were hanging over the airport and often planes had to turn back and land at Bloemfontein, 1000km away. George was only 300km away.

Further the Mossgas project started up in Mosselbay and therefore the future economic growth would be in the George-Mosselbay area not in Oudtshoorn.

The famous Garden Route also brought a lot of tourists to the area.

Also, it would serve as an alternative airport for the air force in Cape Town seeing that at the time the ANC instigated unrest in Gugulethu, Langa, Kayalitsha, etc. threatened to boil over.

Botha never wanted the airport named after him. In fact he wanted it named after the former Minister of Transport, Louwrens Müller, but Müller insisted it be named after P.W. seeing that it was his constituency and his area.

It’s a total lie that P.W. built George airport for himself

Besides, George Airport is state property and handles about 560,000 passengers every year. Nkandla is a private residence built from money stolen from the public under fraudulent conditions.

Zuma is not worried, because the ANC already covered his arse by awarding his buddies lucrative state contracts under the racist BEE scheme. Tycoon offers to pay Nkandla money for Zuma.

See? He will steal the public’s money one way or the other. If the direct approach doesn’t work he will go for the indirect one.

Did someone ask, “But what about accountability?”

Accountability? It must be a Western Thing.

17 October 2014

Julius Nyerere and the mind of the African

By Mike Smith

17th of October 2014

It was with stupefaction that I watched the president of the New (Improved) South Africa, Jacob Zuma, exhibit his primitive, simian mindset again. Just as I thought I have seen or heard it all, he came with a jolt like this one:

Zuma describes corruption as a Western Paradigm and even if it was a crime, a crime where there are “no victims”.

As the Nigerian newspaper above reported, “Zuma’s standpoint is similar to the position of Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan, who described corruption as mere common stealing, perhaps undeserving of the opprobrium attached to it internationally.”

What kind of mind is this?

You see, in the mindset of Homo Africanus (in general and Zuma specifically), it is not a crime to steal from your fellow citizens. In his mind nobody gets hurt and to this lying rapist of the SA constitution (amongst other things), the Biblical eighth commandment is simply “A Western Thing”.

It says something when the normally liberal newspapers expose that Zuma and the ANC are involved in an eternal corruption scheme but one cannot help but wonder where they were with these kind of reports five years ago when they first discovered it. Judging from how these sophomoric “useful idiots” sang Zuma’s praises back then, they were probably naively hoping he would improve.

Anyway…the illogical, applesauce mind of the liberal is a subject and study in naïve absurdity on its own which I won’t go into in this article for here I want to dwell on the mindset of the Black African. What compels a man like Zuma to say things like corruption is only a crime in a Western paradigm?

It is, because contrary to what Kumbaya singing liberals believe, their minds do not work like ours.

Allow me to explain:

The so-called “African liberators” like Jacob Zuma, Goodluck Jonathan, Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela, et al. all have their mentors and forerunners like Franz Fanon for instance. Another one of these prime examples of “African liberators” was Julius Nyerere, the “Teacher of Africa” and the former dictator of Tanzania who singlehandedly plunged his country into abject poverty after introducing his puerile African Socialist policies of ”Ujamaa” (oneness, togetherness).

Now you know where the platitudinous ANC stole the idea of ”Ubuntu” from, just like they have stolen everything else.

Nevertheless...Getting into the mind of Homo Africanus is not particularly difficult. You just have to teach him to speak read and write your language and then allow him some time to put his thoughts together. You will be amazed at what is excreted from those brain cells.

Julius Nyerere did just that. Learning English was a good start. Just like Mugabe and that other “light of democracy”, Mobutu Sese Seko, he was schooled by Catholic missionaries (Jesuits), but it was during his stint at the University of Edinburgh that he encountered Fabian Socialism and gave it his own African flavor.

The result was The Arusha Declaration of 1967 which on the surface appears to be just another leftist piece of junk similar to the ANC’s “Freedom Charter”. It starts out with “Equality”, “Democracy”, “Freedom of expression”, and other noble clap-trap usually incomprehensible to an over-pigmented native of the second biggest continent, but it is when you listen to Nyerere explaining this piffle that you truly start to understand the mind of the African and see how much different it is from that of the Westerner.

Six months after Nyerere brought out the Arusha Declaration he held a few “teach-in” lectures (communist propaganda sessions) at the University College of Dar es Salaam where he explained what he meant in more detail. My source is the book, “Africa and the West, Vol2”, page 157-167.

The African and Democracy:

According to the West, a sign of a true democracy is a strong opposition party. According to Nyerere, we can scrap our idea of Democracy, because the purely etymological definition of “Democracy” simply means “Government by the people”. Therefore it is not necessary to have an opposition at all. An “Official Opposition” may or may not exist in a democracy, but it is not essential to it. According to Nyerere it is only the West who calls the absence of an opposition a “Dictatorship”.

Nyerere said that to the ancient Greeks, democracy simply meant “government by discussion” and nobody can doubt the African’s ability to “discuss”. They talk until they agree.

He also said that the African knows no “class” and believes in equality. Aristocracy is foreign to the African. He doubted if the word “class” existed in any African language.

So according to Nyerere, the African is a “Natural Democrat”. In Africa a village of a hundred people sits down and talks until they agree where a well should be dug. “Government” is the Chief of the village and some elders, not some grand building in which a debate was taking place.

The African and Self Reliance

According to Nyerere’s calculations it would cost too much to create jobs in a highly mechanized industry. According to the 1960 statistics, agriculture was 57% of the gross domestic product, mining and manufacturing only 7%. Nyerere said that Tanzanians should stop dreaming of establishing large, modern industries, because they neither had the money nor the skilled manpower for it. He said, “We would even be making a mistake if we think in terms of covering Tanzania with mechanized farms, using tractors and combine-harvesters”.

According to Nyerere, the solution was “co-operative systems of production” and “aiming at having ox-ploughs all over the country”.

The wise “Teacher of Africa” said, “Instead of thinking about providing each farmer with his own lorry, we should consider the usefulness of oxen-drawn carts...”

“Instead of the aerial spreading of crops with insecticide, we should use hand-operated pumps, and so on.”

Ironically he finished off his lecture on self reliance by holding out the begging bowl and stating that the capital and technical skills will have to come from overseas.

On Socialism

Nyerere downplayed his socialism section of the Arusha Declaration by stating that “…nationalization of existing industries and commercial undertakings is only a very small part of the socialism that we adopted.”

The Great Teacher on Education

In a Policy Booklet published in March 1967 Nyerere explained the African Socialist concept of education.

For us as Westerners, we seek the best education for our children so that they can one day get a good job, start a good business and be self reliant individuals. To Nyerere that is all way too colonial and capitalist and led to the domination of the weak by the strong.

Nyerere said, “The independent state of Tanzania in fact inherited a system of education which was in many respects both inadequate and inappropriate for the new state.”

The same British educational system that brought him to become president was now not good enough for his fellow countrymen.

He did not want any competition and besides, education under communism serves the state. All children are educated to support the party and the state. Nothing else. The colonial education system leads to “intellectual arrogance and intense individualism.”

Under Socialism, everyone must be equal. That means equally dumb, because it is easier to make a clever person dumb through mediocre education than to make a dumb person clever.

Nyerere said: “The object of the teaching must be the provision of knowledge, skills and attitudes which will serve the student when he or she lives and works in a developing and changing socialist state; it must not be aimed at university entrance.”

He used his education system to remain in power because his ideologies were all that were taught.

Clever people are dangerous to Communists that is why they are killed off first when the Communists come to power.

What were the reality and the result of “Ujamaa” for Tanzania?

Total Ruin! Ujamaa only brought misery and economic degradation and Tanzania became one of the poorest nations in the world. Without foreign food aid and loans the country would have collapsed.

What about his high ideals of “Freedom”, “Equality” and “Tolerance” in the Arusha Declaration?

One of the first things he did when he came to power was to ban all other political parties. Through the use of "preventive detention" he eliminated all trade unions and opposition. He effectively became a brutal dictator and in 1965 after Tanyanika and Zanzibar combined to form Tanzania he was the only presidential candidate in a farcical National Election and and was “reelected” unopposed every five years until his retirement in 1985.

Nyerere TOTALLY nationalized everything within 3 years of coming to power. The state controlled everything from import-export business down to bakeries.

His collectivization of farms under Operation Vijiji (Operation Villagisation) resulted in starvation. Nearly 10million peasants (70% of the population) were forcibly moved and a substantial majority was forced to give up their land. If they resisted he burned down their villages and farms and killed the animals.

In the late 1960s, Nyerere criminalized "decadent" forms of culture including soul music, unapproved films and magazines, miniskirts, and tight trousers. Nyerere claimed that homosexuality was alien to Africa and therefore it was right to have policies against it.

Yip…just like Mugabe, Nyerere was a devout Catholic who attended mass everyday and who regularly fasted.

Within a few years the country was thoroughly corrupt, public funds misappropriated and stolen and the ruling party's officials became known as Wabenzi ("people of the Benz"), a term now also used for the ANC officials in South Africa.

He played host to terrorist organizations such as the African National Congress (ANC) and the Pan- African Congress (PAC) of South Africa and Ian Smith of Rhodesia called him the "evil genius" behind the ensuing guerrilla war.

When the PAC “soldiers” rebelled against the harsh conditions in their Chunya Camp near Mbeya, he crushed them by having his troops murdering the PAC members and splitting them up into detention camps.

It should be clear to anyone that the mind of the African works differently to that of the Westerner. No amount of education or religious training will turn him into a moral being. If anything it just empowers him to become more brutal and autocratic…to destroy more. To steal and kill better and oppress his fellow man better.

Mugabe earned seven degrees and holds a string of honorary ones. He went to Catholic school. What did that help him or his fellow Zimbabweans? Is he a moral person? He mass-murdered 20,000 Matabeles and drove 60,000 white farmers off their land plunging the country into starvation.

Likewise, Nyerere, the biggest critic of Apartheid South Africa, the Black intellectual who translated Shakespeare into Swahili, left Tanzania as one of the poorest, least developed, and most foreign aid-dependent countries in the world.

A few days after Nyerere's burial in 1999, an international report confirmed that Tanzania was still one of the world's 25 poorest nations and the seventh most corrupt.

And to think…The ANC named a street in Durban after this idiot. (Formerly Warwick Avenue)

09 October 2014

Ebola and the coming World Apartheid

And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.  Rev. 14:19

By Mike Smith

9th of October 2014

History is the footprint of nature. Nature is like a river that you try to dam up…or change the flow of: It might appear to be successful for a while and you might feel yourself equal to God for taming or controlling nature, but there comes a day that the river finds its true and natural course again, normally with catastrophic results.

Mother Nature is a cruel bitch and a loving mother at the same time. She teaches us some valuable lessons to ensure our survival. The most important of which is to never interfere with nature. If you do, she will humble you…sometimes very painfully.

Mother Nature is also a conservative and as the Left would call it, a “Rightwing extremist”, because her laws reminds us of Apartheid.

In nature there is a separation of species; there is a hierarchy and an order. Equality exists nowhere in nature yet it is in balance. It exists nowhere in the Bible yet it is discarded by leftist theologians.

It is this natural order, this natural hierarchy that the Left denies and wants to tear down, for in Leftist ideology it is about “Relativism” and “Equality” and in their world there is no place for any hierarchy. So there is no place for Mother Nature and no place for God. In such a world there is no order…only chaos. They have turned nature upside down and glorify the survival of the unfit.

There was a time in every history when people lived by the laws of nature; lived by the laws of God and it then went well with them. The angry, but loving God then lowered his anger towards the people just to find that the people have declared Him dead.

That is the problem. It goes so well that they start to forget about God and the laws of nature. They start to worship their fickle goddess called “Reason” and reason God away whilst bending the laws of nature. In the last two hundred years or so we have seen the influence of the bending, creeping Left and their egalitarian philosophies. What we see today is the crest of the wave they have been riding. Society and the world at large today is the “ne plus ultra” of leftist Bullshit. There can only be one way from here, because as one of the laws of nature states, “What goes up, must come down.”

But we on the right must also be careful that WE do not break the laws of Nature, because in this Leftist chaos we have forgotten our natural right to defend ourselves…our right to return in kind…And when we do that, that cruel bitch Mother Nature, will take us along the same path as she took the Dodo. Then we might just as well give up now and march blindfolded to the Gulag, because that is where we will end up if we allow the Left to rule over us.

In this topsy-turvy Leftist world it has become normal to view suffering as “evil”. Therefore the Left wants to replace suffering with their chocolate mousse humanitarianism. How can suffering be evil when even Jesus had to suffer on the cross? Suffering is Mother Nature’s breast milk. Suffering nurtures the soul. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

By way of this we see that God is no Liberal. He is an autocrat with limited patience. He brought the flood. He brought the ten plagues and allowed his children to be taken as slaves by heathens. These “Divine Chastisements” are necessary for the soul.

Robert A. Heinlein in his novel “Starship Troopers” argued that corporal punishment is a necessary aspect of moral training. Pain leaves a deep impression on the human nervous system and is therefore wonderfully suited to reshaping human behavior.

If a man who reaches for a cigarette gets an electric shock he will soon start to associate pain with smoking and loose his craving for cigarettes. Pain breaks down all kinds of bad habits. In the same way Mother Nature will break the habits of the Left. Their multiculturalism, their globalism, their racial egalitarianism and cultural relativism will be washed away like Katrina washed away the levies of the Mississippi.

When Thomas Duncan returned to Texas from Liberia with Ebola, the Americans panicked and asked if he was “one of us” and when he died in a Dallas Hospital there were a lot of relief and dare I say…”happiness”.

American panic over Ebola is getting pretty racist

In Spain, when nurse Theresa Ramos contracted Ebola whilst treating a priest who returned from Sierra Leone, one woman on television asked if “we should let THEM in”…?

She said: “Sure they are Spanish citizens, but they have been living in Africa for 20, 30 years. Are they still Spanish”?

I have news for her…Whites have been living in Africa for 360 years. Blacks don’t see us as African. They still call us Europeans.

They panicked so much that they even killed the nurse’s dog.

Spanish Ebola patient’s dog euthanized

A KLM plane had to make an emergency landing in Norway after a black passenger had an innocent coughing fit onboard and panic broke due to the fear of an Ebola carrier.

Ebola scare forces plane to emergency land in Norway

In France, the Netherlands and Germany it is the same. A tiny little virus has caused people, even hardcore liberals to start talking about “Us” and “Them”. As more and more Ebola cases enter these countries, people are exponentially becoming more and more “racist”.

There are questions on everyone’s lips. “Should they be allowed in?”…“Should we go there and care for them?”…and even, “Shouldn’t we let nature take its course?”

As the Ebola quarantine centers pop up all over Europe like motivated mushrooms in a dark forest, I lean back and watch another one of my prophecies come true. I warned liberals thousands of times to stay away from Africans. Do not feed them, do not school them, do not give them work, do not preach the Gospel to them…simply have NOTHING to do with them. Between nurturing the spawn of Satan and you getting burned is only a factor of time. But they have refused to listen.

These liberals scoffed at us in South Africa. They called us “backwards”, “retarded” and “racists”, when we had Apartheid. They called us “paranoid” and “silly” when we spoke of “Die Swart Gevaar” (the black threat) or “Die Rooi Gevaar” (the red threat).

I have said many times, “The day will still come that they will BEG us to show them how to introduce Apartheid.”

As the Ebola River gushes unstoppable through the world, breaking its levies, sweeping panicking liberals away, you will see that their coming Apartheid will be ten times worse than ours. It will make ours look like a mild, leftist walk in the park.

06 October 2014

Intellectuals and genocide

By Mike Smith

7th of October 2014

If there was a synonym for “having your head up your arse” then “Johan Burger” must be it.

The esteemed intellectual and senior lecturer, Dr. Burger, of the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) told journalist that farm murders and farm attacks in South Africa are not racially motivated

He says they are motivated by greed and theft.

I would love to see his research to come to such a dimwitted conclusion.

I can show him thousands of examples of white people who were brutally attacked on farms by blacks and nothing (or hardly anything) was stolen, often with people sadistically tortured for hours. Not once has Dr. Burger tried to explain that, simply because he can’t.

You see, a true intellectual is someone who hungers and searches for knowledge, but the more he learns the more he realizes how little he knows and that one lifetime is not enough to learn everything. It humbles him.

…But not the pseudo liberal intellectuals who “are in love with tyrants” as Dr Jamie Glazov calls them. Sigmund Freund called these liberal “intellectuals” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) “neurotic bad losers”, because they think they are God and know it all. They refuse to ever admit that they are (or were ever) wrong about anything.

It is hard to say what kind of intellectual Burger is, if at all one.

The writer and historian Paul Johnson once wrote a book about intellectuals and what he tells us is that if there is one thing we should learn from intellectuals then it is to be wary of intellectuals. Johnson was a very clever man. He was a former liberal who turned conservative. He was married to a psychoanalyst and LWB Marigold Johnson. So the man knew what he was talking about.

Johnson said that most of these liberal “intellectuals were spoiled children. One finds in Johnson’s book a parade of arrogant and willful individuals who are maladjusted and amoral. This gallery of neurotics is self destructive and destructive of others. Were they properly punished as children? Were they humbled? Absolutely not.

Dr. Jamie Glazov echoes this in his book “United in Hate: The left’s romance with tyranny and terror”. He says that these libtards hate themselves. They have a self-destructive wish, but before they destroy themselves they want to destroy the whole world.

Irving Babbitt writes in his book, “Democracy and Leadership” that when we are governed by these mentally lopsided, liberal intellectuals, it would lead to the destruction of civilization or “Leveling” as Soren Kierkegaard called it in “The Present Age”.

Apart from these Pseudo Liberal Intellectuals there is another kind: The Bought Intellectual. He is a fanatic and quite dangerous, because his intellect has been bought by the enemy to produce propaganda to deny their evil deeds. Denial is one of the stages of Genocide and those who deny genocide is an accomplice to it.

Personally I just find them despicable. I can fully understand why the first thing the  Communists normally do is to wipe them out. You cannot trust them.

02 October 2014

Trevor Manuel changes sides, joins Rothschilds

By Mike Smith

2nd of October 2014

From the Rothschild Group:

Rothschild is pleased to announce the appointment of Trevor Manuel as a senior advisor to the Group worldwide and Deputy Chairman of Rothschild in South Africa, with effect from 1st October 2014. Mr. Manuel will be based in Rothschild’s Johannesburg office and will work closely with its South African team, developing the group’s business in Africa.

Trevor Manuel goes banking – joins Rothschild Group

From Marxist Socialist to Globalist Capitalist. Now there is a change of heart. Not bad for a Civil Engineering technician, hey? Hard to say which is worse, because they are all raping Africa and exploiting the blacks the same way.

Nevertheless, Trevor Manuel is known as the only (relatively) competent minister the ANC has ever produced. No wonder they pushed him sideways to the point that he resigned and joined the other side. He made them all look like the incompetent, thieving, idiots they are. All you have to do to get fired from the ANC is to do your job and show a bit of competence.

His Damascus moment and resignation from the ANC followed a spat with the ANC’s former spin-doctor Jimmy Manyi after Manyi said there were too many coloureds in the Cape and suggested they be forcibly relocated over the rest of South Africa in Apartheid forced removal fashion.

Manyi is a total idiot suffering from foot in mouth disease..

He was fired from the ANC after too many bungles

It is quite common knowledge that Manuel’s wife, Maria Ramos is CEO of Barclays South Africa, the group who sponsored the ANC under the FNB logo during Apartheid. Of course they denied that they had anything to do with FNB, but when the FNB branch in Oshakati was bombed in 1988 the Barclays boss suddenly arrived. Barclays now owns ABSA the Afrikaner Broederbond’s bank. That’s right. Trevor Manuel’s missus is the head of the Afrikaner Broederbond’s bank.

The mining and commodities giant Glencore merged with Xtrata mining company a year and a half ago and guess who owns Glencore? Why the Rothschilds of course. They own more ships than the British Royal Navy.

Glencore is known for their backhand dealings and smuggling of oil from Iraq to South Africa violating UN sanctions during Apartheid. To tell you the truth, they smuggled everything from oil and uranium to weapons. They are still involved with a lot of controversies all over the world, but most notably in Africa like the Congo where their Luilu copper refinery pumps acid into the rivers and Zambia where their Mopani mine is polluting the air with Sulphur Oxides.

Glencore’s history reads like a spy novel

That is why the ANC doesn’t like them. They hate competition.

The ANC and especially the Zuma’s have been involved in the same kind of dark dealings in the Congo and the rest of Africa.

They destroyed the Aurora mines, refused to pay the workers and let the mines fill up with acid water.

Zuma’s nephew swimming in oil billions

Aurora mines flooding with acid water

You see the two sides Trevor Manuel batted for? It is hard to say which is worse.

All I know is that the Rothschilds will pay Top Dollar for an insider like Trevor Manual. He was the former ANC Finance Minister. He knows all their wheelings and dealings.

See, the Rotschilds are well known for the fact that they have an army of agents providing them with information before their deals. Insider trading is illegal, but not when you are a Rothschild.

The Rothschilds financed the Duke of Wellington and his continental allies against Napoleon. He knew about Wellington’s victory at Waterloo a full day before the official government agents brought the news. He pretended that Napoleon had won by starting to sell all his shares on the stock exchange. Everyone else started to do the same, the stock prices dropped to almost nothing, but the Rothschild agents started to secretly buy up all the stock at rock bottom prices. This gave the Rothschild family complete control of the British economy, and forced England to set up a new Bank of England, which Nathan Rothschild controlled.

The Rothschilds and Waterloo

These same Rothschilds were the ones who supported and bankrolled Cecil John Rhodes from Kimberley to Rhodesia.

In fact at the diamond museum in Kimberley you can still see the entire history, blatantly open and in your face how the Rothschilds sponsored Rhodes and took control of South Africa’s mineral wealth by forming the De Beers/ Anglo American Monopoly. I took the picture above about two years ago when I was there.

Great, hey? And these are the people Trevor Manuel works for now.

Update: Got this from one of our regular readers who wrote:

Hi Mike,
Just read your Manuel/Rothschild post.  Never forget that this family was also behind the Boer War.
The attached image is from a book comprising letters and notes from a New Zealand soldier serving with the Imperial Forces.
The complimentary card in the image accompanied all Christmas Hampers to Imperial troops serving…. I know if I was a serving soldier I would expect a parcel from the Royal Family or War Office….. Not from some ‘unheard of’ (back then) banker.