17 November 2014

Dom Houtkop claims Darwin award. Tries to walk on water like Jesus - Drowns

By Mike Smith

17th of November 2014

The mind boggles at the sheer stupidity of these simian bi-peds. I don’t know who is worse, the so-called “Prophets” or their followers.

Nigerian Pastor Tries to Walk on Water Like Jesus, Then Drowns in Front of His Congregation

Pastor Franck Kabele, 35, told his congregation that he was capable of re-enacting the very miracles of Jesus Christ. According to an eyewitness, Kabele took his congregation out to the beach. He told them that he would cross the Kombo estuary by foot, which is normally a 20 minute boat ride.

Sadly by the second step into the water Kabele found himself completely submerged. He never returned.

This is not the first incident of this nature in Africa. At Ibadon zoo in south-west Nigeria, a self-proclaimed Prophet claimed to be able to do what the Daniel of the bible did by walking into a den full of lions.

Though he was warned numerous times by zoo keepers, according to NG Newspapers, the Prophet thought of them as nothing more than enemies of progress.

Within seconds of opening the door, the lions ripped the prophet from flesh to bone.

14 November 2014

The Big Chimpout in the South African parliament

By Mike Smith

14th of November 2014

Proof that democracy is wasted on the African. We said all along they cannot run a country. They cannot even run a bath for crying out loud. This is what has become of parliament in Cape Town. Total Chaos to the point that the riot police had to be called in.

All these idiots did was to just prove us racists right. Let them carry on. They are doing a sterling job. I can see another few liberals who have been cured.

Parliament gets bloody as MP’s clash with police

13 November 2014

The destructive power of the Black African and the Tale of the Stolen Schools

By Mike Smith

13th of November 2014

In a recent article I mentioned the phenomenal destructive power of blacks that we have witnessed in Africa and said that they will in South Africa still leave behind a wasteland reminiscent of a nuclear explosion.

There were the usual and boring cries of “You’re a racist” from the liberals in the peanut gallery, but when you have lived in Africa and travelled extensively throughout Africa your entire life, then such a conclusion is the only logical one to reach.

Let me show you what I mean.

Gqebera High School two months ago
Liberals are very fond of building schools for their beloved little noble savages, because they believe that with the correct education they can somehow transform them to be white people with black skins.

You have to give liberals credit for their persistency, because no matter how many times that experiment has failed, they never give up. They keep on building schools for blacks even though they don’t want it.
Gqebera High School now

And so they built the Gqebera High School in Port Elizabeth at a cost of R40 million. The school stood empty for almost a year due to a lack of students and two months ago residents started stripping it. They carried the entire school away brick by brick until only a skeleton was left over.

School carried away brick by brick in just two months

It is of course not the only one in the area. It is only one of six.

Masangwana Primary school in New Brighton vandalised

Masangwana Primary School

Khumbulani High School in Leyland Street, Sydenham, burnt down in 2010 and residents say is a haven for vagrants, drugs and prostitution. Now they expect government to rebuild the school.

Khumbulani - Burnt out school scandal

Khumbulani High School
Others are the DDT Jabavu Secondary School in Motherwell, KwaNobuhle’s Mlungisi Perfector in Uitenhage, and VW Kwinana in Khayelitsha.

Now I would like to see liberals or blacks explain this behavior, because Apartheid and Colonialism as excuses are starting to wear thin. I would like to see how they are going to try and refute my prediction.

Behold, Nathaniel Mashile. The Black Robin Hood

By Mike Smith

13th of November 2014

First he gets controversially appointed (without a nomination) to the country’s most corrupt province (Mpumalanga) then becomes rich as an ANC politician and tenderpreneur where taxpayer’s money gets stolen and after buying himself a fancy house, some fancy cars (BMW X5, Jaguar), etc…he hands out the scraps (R200 notes) to black patrons in a Sandton night club to secure their votes in the next elections…All so the ANC scum can stay in power and rob more and dish out more scraps in a perpetual act of theft and corruption.

This is of course the doings of Nathaniel Mashile who says he shares his money with Black people. So by implication…not with white people.

Now how racist is that? Stealing from hard working white taxpayers to give to black drunks, sluts and other ANC Lumpen-proletarians at a filthy night club to secure votes for your puppet masters.

This is of course what the ANC means by being in touch with the “Peepôl” at “Grassroots Level”…

When Mashile was caught out on video he simply had no more lies left. He didn’t know what to say, so his solution: Hire a professional liar and spin-doctor to lie for him. And guess who is paying for the spin-doctor? You and I of course.

10 November 2014

The African and his dog

By Mike Smith

10th of November 2014

I love dogs, but I don’t own a dog. Not at the moment. Funny it is actually six years since I had my last dog. Odin was a pedigree raven-black German Shepherd. Odin died at the age of 2,5 years after he lost a fight with an adult Rhodesian Ridgeback on a farm. Since then I have questioned the morality of owning a dog.

Sure a dog is a brilliant companion and one can get so attached to a dog that it becomes a family member. I know, because I have always had a dog since I can remember from the age of about two. A dog is also a protector of the family and its property. However, the question remains, “Why do we own dogs?”

Is it to make us feel good? Do we need this loyalty, this being that is dependent on us? Do we have a need to care for something? Do we need to nurture something?

I can fully understand that people can keep working dogs for specific reasons. Sheep dogs, hunting dogs, Bullmastiffs for gamekeeping, guard dogs, police sniffer dogs to fight drugs and sniff out bombs, etc. However our dogs are never just working dogs. We become really attached and close to them. They are truly our best friends.

There are the extreme cases as well, like Paris Hilton for instance. Any man who has ever dated such a liberal white “Tussy” will tell you that he quickly discovered that in her life, she comes first, then the little mutt and then you. To a LWB owning a dog is all about her. It makes her feel good. It makes her feel important, wanted, needed, etc…in fact everything she can’t get from any self-respecting boyfriend, she looks for in the dog. They will quickly tell you that their dogs are more loyal than their boyfriends. True…but with an attitude like that who can blame the men for looking elsewhere?


Recently I saw a documentary made by Sipho Singiswa, the husband of LWB Gillian Schutte about the differences between how whites and blacks view and treat their dogs, but also how they perceive each other as dog owners.

Inja Yomlungu - the White man’s dog

It is a good documentary and well worth watching. I learned quite a few things from there. He even interviewed Credo Mutwa, the Zulu witchdoctor, author and historian.

The movie came about after Gillian’s dog died and she fell into depression. She looked for sympathy on Facebook and had a rude wake-up call when a black woman told her, I quote, “When pets die, does one say ‘condolences’? I mean, in the township pets die all the time and we just throw them out in the dumpster, so I have never really understood the ‘correct’ way to sympathise with someone who has lost a pet.”

Tja…Liberals always say we are all the same, but when they see how blacks treat their dogs, they get a serious wake-up call. Of course, as can be seen from Sipho’s movie, Apartheid and colonialism are to be blamed…as always.

Apartheid and Colonialism put blacks behind, made them poor and these socio-economic differences are to be blamed for the mistreatment of township dogs by blacks. Doesn’t explain dogs in Ethiopia or Liberia though, because those two countries have never been colonized and never had Apartheid.

They even go as far as to say that us whites make our dogs "racists".

Now, I can assure you, I never taught any of my dogs “racism”. All I ever taught them were the basic commands of “sit” and “give paw”. That’s it. Racism they taught themselves. Odin’s hair on his back would stand up and he would go mad whenever he saw a black person. I don’t know why. I NEVER taught him that. It was purely instinct I suppose. Besides he was pitch black himself so he couldn’t have been a racist if you go by the definition of some learned academics and ANC members.

Nevertheless, how do blacks view us treating our dogs? You will see in the movie the old cliché of the white “baas” driving the bakkie, his dog next to him in the cab and the “boy” on the back of the bakkie. Blacks find this practice as proof of white South African’s “racism”. However it is actually easy to explain. The dog on the back of the bakkie can be distracted by a cat or something, jump off and be killed in the traffic. That is why he sits in the front and the “boy” on the back. It has nothing to do with racism.

In South Africa you will see a lot of whites driving around with their dogs. Dogs love cars. They love driving in them, they love chasing them. However, I have never seen a black person driving around with a dog in his/her car. In the movie you will see a black transvestite with a dog, because as it said, his/her white and Indian friends have dogs and he/she wants to be like them.

You will also see jealous blacks complaining that whites give their dogs meat and biltong better than they give their black workers. That whites let their dogs sit on their couches and sleep in their beds, but that they would never allow the blacks to do the same. Basically they complain that whites spoil and treat their dogs better than they treat blacks.

Actually I do not understand what the issue is. Do they want whites to pat them, feed them and spoil them like they do with their dogs? Will they then complain that we treat them like animals? So you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t.

The obvious solution is to not have a black maid or gardener at all. That way you cannot be accused of mistreating them. Like I always say, “Simply have nothing to do with them”.

In the movie, Credo Mutwa admits that blacks traditionally didn’t keep pets in the same way as whites do. The word “Inja” (dog) literally means “Devourer” or “Eater”.

Natal township dog eats baby’s head

Township dog found eating dumped infant – Eastern Cape

Have you ever seen a black person and his dog at the veterinary clinic in South Africa? I haven’t.

Have you ever seen one with a pedigree at a dog show? I haven’t.

Apparently they do hold township dog shows every now and again…organized by the white people in the SPCA of course.

One of my old school friends became a vet. He is quite a liberal guy and goes into the townships to voluntary heal sick and mistreated animals free of charge. He has been robbed and beaten three times, but he still goes in there for more. I told him that one day he won’t come back anymore, but he ignores me.

He reckons if the treatment for animals are not free, blacks won’t bring their animals for treatment. They are apparently poor and don’t have the money. So why have an animal then if you cannot look after it? Besides, there always seems to be money for alcohol or drugs. You must hear the horror stories he tells. Everything from donkeys, horses and dogs to cows brutally mistreated, starving, festering wounds from “bloudraad” (steelwire) cutting into their necks and limbs. It is just horrendous, you know.

Animal welfare in the townships

How do you explain people treating animals like that? It is like they lack the compassion for a suffering animal.

When you look at the volunteers at the township vets then you will see that they are almost exclusively white.

Here are the pics of the people at a Khayelitsha vet Doctors and volunteers are all white. Only the assistants and cleaners are black.

Same at this township vet near Alexandra – all the volunteers are white

What amazes me is that after seeing all this cruelty to animals in townships over the years, the liberal doctors still make excuses for the behavior of blacks.

Take this incident for instance:

Kagiso township mob burns “talking monkey” as witch

A superstitious mob kicked a monkey they believed could talk, pelted it with stones, poured petrol over it and set it alight. One person called the white female vet who described the scene as a “scene of sheer criminality".

She said, "There were youngsters literally laughing in my face. But there were older people who were devastated by it. Everyone was saying sorry. While I was talking, the monkey was burning behind me."

This LWB continued that “she was horrified by racist comments that have appeared online in reaction to the incident.”

"Every time this happens, it's people in the community who call us. Cruelty to animals is not a racial thing. I've worked in townships for 20 years and there are good and bad people in all communities."

Ah yes…the denialism of the liberal.

13yo township boy feeds his puppy to two bitbulls

Black man beats his dog to death with a pole. Released by court

Black school principal tells janitors to get rid of dog so they bury it alive

The tragic tale of Soweto’s coal yard horses – mutilated and shot because of rivalry between coal deliverers

05 November 2014

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

By Mike Smith

5th of November 2014

Today we remind our government who is in charge of them and what will happen when they push us too far. Remember that our government should always live in fear of us; never the other way around. Teach your children the true meaning of Guy Fawkes Day.

04 November 2014

Time to revisit the “Ghastly Alternative”

By Mike Smith

4th of November 2014

Shortly after Hendrik Verwoerd was assassinated the National Party started a downward slide towards eventually capitulating to the Communist agitated black masses in the country.

Back then, whenever one questioned this course, one would be confronted by the likes of B.J. Vorster (former Prime Minister) with statements like, “The alternative is too ghastly to comprehend”.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but when we look at the "ghastly" state that South Africa is in today and we look back at the time when Verwoerd ruled South Africa, then maybe it has become time to revisit that old statement. Maybe that ghastly alternative was not so ghastly after all.

Today we see Eskom crumbling, Telkom and the Post Office in dire straits, SA Airways bankrupt, farmers killed in their thousands, shopping malls robbed on a daily basis, the ANC government stealing the public’s money and nothing gets done about it…the list is almost endless.

We see our schools, hospitals, universities, our currency, everything destroyed by the ANC with no hope in sight that it will ever get better. Since the ANC came to power in 1994, the country has been on a unidirectional slide into the African abyss just like its fellow African countries south of the Sahara since independence from colonial powers. The ultimate end can only be a wasteland of destruction reminiscent of a nuclear explosion.

Even the most hardened optimist is unable to turn a blind eye to the destruction at the hands of the ANC that this country has experienced in the last 20 years.

Knowing what we know today; Seeing what we see now…lets go back to 1970 and show the NP of old, show BJ Vorster the results of the course they chose to embark on. Show them the destruction caused already and what will still come…Suddenly that “Ghastly Alternative” seems more and more attractive by the day.

B.J. Vorster never cleared up exactly what this “Ghastly alternative” was/is, but let us take an educated guess. Let’s say it was a full blown racial civil war between the whites and the blacks of the country that he meant. How long would it have lasted? Who would have won? What would the destruction and death toll have looked like, but most importantly, would we have had peace and prosperity today?

03 November 2014

SkeweBeeld VS the Afrikaner

By Mike Smith

3rd of November 2014

As far as I am concerned it is official now. Naspers (and especially Beeld Newspaper) has declared war on the Afrikaners. Their psy-ops campaign against their own readers has failed. They have been losing the battle due to social media. There is no doubt anymore that they have openly taken off the gloves, declared war on the Afrikaans readers of their junk fish and chips wrapper with a new campaign already in overdrive.

The latest drive started after somebody at Beeld ignited the fuse on the tampon of that LWB Sonja Loots who launched the first salvo attacking Afrikaans housewives with an article titled Houswives give me cramps and make me nauseous

It is a blatant stereotypical attack and generalization of housewives who are doing the most honourable thing a woman can do and that is to raise her children at home.

Loots created an impression that housewives all lie about at home, watch soapies and contribute nothing to society. To tell you the truth, I noticed a fair amount of jealousy in her vitriolic rant.

This confused, Lala-Land feminist is so full of hatred of her fellow Stay-at-home Afrikaans sisters that she cannot grasp the stupidity and contradiction of her own verbal vomit that she tried to push off as humoristic satire.

Feminism is apparently about free choice, yet when a woman exercises her free choice to stay at home she is criticized by the likes of Sonja Loots.

I have NEVER heard any feminist speak any sense EVER. They are all screwed in the head. As Pat Robertson famously said at the 1992 Republican Convention, "Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians."

See? They are all psychologically unstable from inhaling the fumes of their stinking burning bras.

Steve regularly sings the old national anthem “Die Stem” at his concerts which freaks the libtards out. Apparently it is “racist” to sing about how beautiful your country is, because that is the words of “Die Stem”. Go figure.

But it was when Steve Tweeted something about Apartheid being created by blacks that Virginia Keppler, that black news editor at “Beeld”, flew off the handle and onto her broomstick into a typical feminist tirade against him.

Steve, shut your mouth over us blacks

Her choice of words in her philippic against Hofmeyer was quite fitting for an uncivilized and classless, femwitch like when she used the Afrikaans word “bek” not “mond” for “mouth”. A “bek” is the mouth of an animal. Basically denigrating Hofmeyer, a white male, to the status of an animal.

Like I have said many times, I don’t mind when they do that. I love it when they show us exactly what goes on in their racists heads and how much the hate white males.

According to this pudgy, lying, excuse for a “journalist”, Steve has no clue about Apartheid and how blacks apparently “suffered”.

She came up with the most outrages, laughable anecdotes (no proof as could be expected). For instance, how pavements were only for whites during Apartheid. Another one was that blacks had to measure their shoes with a piece of wool because they weren’t allowed to fit them on.

I wonder which planet she lived on during Apartheid. This is absolute rubbish and an outright lie. It is black propaganda of the worst order and when Beeld published this junk, they lost all credibility. I cannot believe that Adriaan Basson even allowed this rubbish to be published.

I wonder if she teaches her sons this racist hatred rubbish as well.

The one moment this trash-mouthed feminist swears like a trooper using the Afrikaans word “ Bliksem” the next she talks about reconciliation and suggests Steve gives his heart to Jesus.

As could be expected…In typical Beeld cowardly fashion, no comments were allowed on the Netwerk24 website for this tirade. I think people would have taken her on and ripped her a new one.

This ignorant and arrogant cow asked Steve “where he got the stupid idea from that Blacks were the architects of Apartheid? Only a fool could come to such a conclusion”.

Well, by making such a statement, she showed that she had no tolerance for other opinions and that she has made up her narrow mind already and no amount of proof or reasoning would change it.

Nevertheless, was Steve wrong about Apartheid being created by Blacks? What did he mean? I am not sure, but maybe he meant that if blacks didn’t behave the way they did then it wouldn’t have been necessary to separate from them and have Apartheid.

In Part 12 of my Pandora series on Apartheid, titled “The architects of Apartheid” I proved without a shadow of a doubt that Afrikaners were “Johnnies come lately” when it came to the introduction of Apartheid-Segregation.

The main architects were the British (like Milner) and of course blacks themselves. When the Union of South Africa was formed in 1910, the Sothos, Tswanas and Swazi’s wanted to be separate. It was their choice. They WANTED segregation. It wasn’t forced on them.

Further…During the Zulu king, Shaka’s “Defecane” (the great scattering), he wiped out between two and three million blacks in South Africa and scattered the rest all over the country. That is where they congregated and the homelands eventually formed. The Swazis and the Ndebeles fled back north in the direction of central Africa where they migrated from. The Sotho’s fled into the mountains of what is today, Lesotho. The rest of the smaller tribes huddled together trying to find strength in coalescing.

That is the history of black South Africans that blacks prefer to ignore…that blacks drove other blacks of their land, not whites.

Black tribes fleeing Shaka’s carnage grouped themselves into areas finding protection in concentrated numbers. This is how Sir Theophilus Shepstone later found them huddled together on self created reserves. He just demarcated it in order to protect them from each other.

It is all there in Part 32 of Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Who does the land belong to?

However, do not expect a narrow-minded, bra-burner like Virginia Keppler to actually take the time to read it and educate herself about the truth of Apartheid. It is far better to live in Cloud Cookoo Land and believe the ANC rubbish she has in her brain.

Steve doesn’t know anything about Apartheid. In fact nobody does. This black feminist will put us all in the school and inform us, for she is the ONLY one who knows the truth. Halleluja, Praise the Lord. We are not worthy.

Nevertheless, Beeld backed her up in a statement titled: Beeld says: Reject Steve’s racism …And with that they condemned Steve (without giving a definition) to a so called, “racist”.

They even rejoice in the day that he will be relegated to the dustbin of history and called for a general rejection of his “racism”.

Funny…I feel exactly the same about Beeld and their anti-white, anti-Afrikaner agenda. I call for a general rejection of Beeld. This is the very same Beeld who fully supported the NP during the Apartheid era and are now 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Go figure.

Nevertheless, as an observer of what is going on in the Afrikaans media, it is clear to me that Beeld (Naspers) is losing against the activists on Social Media. They are desperately trying to change people’s opinions with a backdrop of a corrupt and racist ANC regime running the country into the ground. The atrocities are so big that nobody can ignore them. Crime is long past “Out of Control” and the theft of public money has reached skyrocketing proportions. It is the truth and even Beeld had to admit it.

In their frustration, Beeld’s answer is to attack popular celebrities like Steve Hofmeyer and Sunette Bridges (who state the obvious and the truth) with boring clichés like calling them “racists” and outright lies that are costing them their credibility and journalistic integrity. Surely the editors at Beeld cannot be so stupid that they cannot see that they are just damaging themselves. Beeld is seen as the bully and Steve and Sunette as the underdogs. People tend to support the underdogs.

My prediction is that it will be Beeld who will end up in the dustbin of history. C'est la vie.