22 January 2015

How to fight the Crime Insurgency in South Africa - Part One – A new look at crime

"The first, and absolutely indispensable, thing to do is throw overboard 99 percent of the literature on counterinsurgency, counterguerrilla, counterterrorism, and the like. Since most of it was written by the losing side, it is of little value."

Martin van Creveld, Israeli military historian in his book, “The Changing Face of War Lessons of Combat, From the Marne to Iraq”, pg 268 (2007)

By Mike Smith

23rd of January 2015

So I take it you are sick of crime in South Africa. You want to do something constructive and actually STOP crime instead of just raising awareness?

If you are willing to read this series I will show you how:

“Ordinary Crime”?: Correctly identifying the problem

Politicians, the liberal media and liberal academics are in consensus that crime in South Africa is colourless, raceless, political-less and well…just “ordinary crime”.

I disagree. To me, it is clear that we are dealing with a special kind of insurgency in South Africa. A crime insurgency. It is a war where the Government is the insurgent.

Crime is not the result of Colonialism, Apartheid or Socio-economic disparities as the learned want us to believe. Crime is a tactic used in the insurgency of which the goals are exactly the same as the insurgencies the Rhodesians and Portuguese dealt with in their former African colonies and the same as in the insurgency we dealt with in South West Africa (Namibia).

The people who do not recognize it as such probably never had to deal with an insurgency before and therefore do not see it for what it is. You cannot blame them. How should a blind person recognize from the taste of an apple that it is an apple if he has never tasted, smelled, felt or seen an apple before?

Either that or they know exactly what it is and are deliberately misleading the public.

The ANC and their “Struggle” that has never stopped

We often hear ANC cadres talking about their “Struggle” and how it is not over.

Even Mandela in 1991, after he was released and Apartheid abolished, declared that The “Struggle” was not over

ANC deputy President of SA, Kgalema Motlanthe, repeated this in 1998 four years after the ANC came to power when he said: The Struggle for Democracy is not over

Julias Malema of the EFF constantly talks about the Economic Freedom "struggle" and last year even threatened an armed struggle against the ANC.

Where do they get this word “Struggle” from?

It is a Vietnamese word “Dau Tranh” meaning “The Struggle” and it is the Vietnamese version of Moa Tse Tung’s Communist insurgency model. Dr. Anthea Jeffrey exposed this at length in her book “People’s War” where she shows how the ANC went to Vietnam in the 1970’s and adopted the insurgency techniques there from General Vo Nguyen Giap who defeated first the French and then the Americans.

The ANC’s cadres are telling us every day that they have never stopped their insurgency. All we have to do is listen.

Robert Pape in his book Dying to win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism explains that 95% of terrorist attacks are part of a coordinated campaign. Bear that in mind when we will look at the South African model shortly. But first a case study.

An insurgency of a special kind - Zimbabwe: A case study

No insurgency is exactly the same and this is what makes it so difficult to define, but there are similarities and parallels between what happened in Zimbabwe and what is happening in South Africa.

Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF insurgents came to power in 1980. For a while it went well. According to the Lancaster House Agreement, he could not touch land for ten years. People thought the insurgency was over. Mugabe had to keep up a front and appear to be a model for South Africa and Namibia who weren’t “liberated” yet.

Mugabe held back until the ANC was unbanned and in 1992 introduced the Land Acquisition Act. Eight years later, after the term of Mandela in February 2000, Mugabe started his insurgency again and stole the land from the White farmers. 4000 White farmers were virtually penniless overnight.

He did not use the regular army, because they can be held responsible under the Geneva Convention. Mugabe knows how to go around the Geneva Convention. His private army of “War veterans”, most of who were young and born after 1980, dressed in civilian clothes, attacked white owned farms and drove the farmers out.

Here we see a democratically elected government becoming the insurgents. Actually they have always been the insurgents and have never given up or stopped being insurgents. They were just dormant for a while as part of a larger strategy and campaign.

For the Marxist terrorist and paranoid psychopath, Mugabe, it was not enough to be in power. He still saw the white Zimbabweans as the ones REALLY in power and a possible enemy. They still had too much economical clout and could raise an army and revolt. They had to be completely broken and destroyed. His insurgency campaign would only be over once the last white person was driven out of Zimbabwe and all the stolen land belonged to him.

In Zimbabwe we saw that politics, negotiations and so-called “Democracy” never brought an end to the Marxist insurgency. It only succeeded in bringing the insurgents into the country. They now have their bases in the townships on the doorsteps of the whites. The townships are now their safe borders from where they operate.

South Africa’s crime insurgency

Likewise in South Africa. The ANC and PAC were former Marxist terrorists who fought an insurgency against the white South African government. They also had a bullshit “Political Cause” namely “Apartheid” just like Mugabe had “Colonialism”.

The ANC is now in power through a Troika with the SA Communist Party and the COSATU trade unions and as we can see, they are not much interested in good governance. They are just interested in self enrichment.

When F.W. de Klerk unbanned the ANC, SACP, PAC, etc. on the 2nd of February 1990 in his speech before parliament and released so-called “political prisoners” all he did was move the insurgent bases from Angola, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania into South Africa’s townships and onto our doorsteps.

Democracy did not magically dissolve the insurgents. The insurgents never went away. They are now called “MK Veterans” and they are in a township near to you. They are training up youth militias such as Narysec at this very moment.

I have exposed this in an article in 2011 already:

The shocking Parallels between Mugabe’s ”NYS Green Bombers” and Zuma’s NARYSEC youth brigade

When one looks at the way shopping mall robberies, cash in transit robberies, ATM bombings, etc. are carried out (with military precision), then one cannot help but notice that these “criminals” are military trained.

Crime and insurgency often goes together such as the FARC “Narcoterrorists” of Colombia who fund their insurgency from drugs, kidnappings, bank robberies, etc.

When one observes the terror of black “criminals” against white people in farm attacks or home invasions where vulnerable, elderly whites are horrifically and cowardly tortured for hours and often nothing stolen, then one cannot help but see the parallels with the Rhodesian insurgency prior to 1980 and the Zimbabwean insurgency after 2000. There is no difference between the brutal tactics used by Zanu-PF and that used by the ANC.

Combine this with the rhetoric of political leaders such as Julius Malema who says that black South Africans should learn from Zimbabwe’s land reform program and President Jacob Zuma who confirmed land expropriation for 2015 then one can only anticipate a land grab by Marxist insurgents in the same way as in Zimbabwe in 2000.

When one sees how President Jacob Zuma constantly sings “Kill the Boers; Kill the farmers” and “Bring me my machine gun”...How ANC members sing and chant “One settler; One bullet” and how the president says that "All South Africa’s problems started with the arrival of the white man, Jan van Riebeeck", then there is no doubt what their intentions are. Logically then, if you want to solve South Africa’s “problems”, you have to reverse the arrival of the whites in SA. You have to push them back into the sea.

From all this evidence and parallels the deduction is therefore that we are dealing here with a coordinated Marxist terrorist insurgency and therefore need to fight it as such.


  1. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Great articles as always Mike

    Go look at this blog by a white liberal:


    With people like this writing this nonsense, who can we trust if it came to a head? Too many who would stab us in the back.

    1. Anonymous1:45 am

      Well, we might as well make him our usefull idiot. Someone should invite him over to SA and introduce him to a "nice" native girl. Perhaps he can "uplift" the gene pool somewhat. Then again, naaaaaa.

    2. Anonymous4:35 am

      He is South African! That is the scary part. A white guy.

    3. Anonymous6:39 am

      The old truth....Not the enemy at the gate but the enemy within that is the problem....
      Found that most white lib guys all have the traits of a beta-male and at some point in his (or is it her) life been p-klapped and set straight by a alpha male...now the only way they can find revenge is to gatkruip with the ememy, score some brownie points and hope he gets killed/eliminated last!
      They disgust me more than the savages!
      W Etdo

  2. Anonymous1:33 am

    coordinated Marxist terrorist insurgency and therefore need to fight it as such.
    Pray tell us please Mike, how do we whities fight it. So many whities have buggered off and gone overseas, the ones that are still here, most of them are Liberals, and the ones that are not Liberal are stunned and in shock unable to organize a piss up at the brewery.

    1. Anonymous2:04 am

      So you are obviously not Liberal.


    2. Anonymous4:18 am

      Well LizaD, in actual fact this is not a lighthearted joke. In olden times the vanquished would be taken captive to be slaves in the captors country. Only the poorest and weakest would be left. Ironically that has happened in RSA - with the 'brain drain' all the professionals/intelligentsia left, and of what is left anything between 600,00 and 1 million are in squatter camps. That happened not withstanding the 'miracle' that happened in 1994 when 'democracy' dawned on us and we got the 'best constitution' in the world - we should all have been blissfully happy in paradise/utopia according to the promises, but you and I know what the true facts are. According to Stats SA we are 9% of the population (even less is my guess), and to find anybody with brains and a spine amongst them ...? But that is exactly how it should be - it will be Gideon with his 300 men, not 1 more.

    3. Anonymous7:22 am


      First off - 9% is more than we have ever been in this country. So lets look at this in comparison.

      Probably more than 7% more than those who fought the British just over 100 years ago. So can you imagine who would have won with those numbers?

      Second of all - if you have not seen how Africa works, its usually gangs/groups of them that fight. I have seen it time and time again - 15 men attack a village and feel brave - let one villager fire shots at them and they run like baboons.

      when you are weak its better to appear strong and when strong appear weak.

      There is no point in us taking arms right now. If we took arms they would unite - let him strike first cause then he will see the might.

      The masses have proven they cannot stick together. If we instigate right now we would have the spot light on us from the rest of the world.

      The best thing is to be able to prepare. Squatter camps - lets deal with that. When they were trekking throughout this country they moved around in mobile squatter camps, these squatter camps are not quite like the ones you find in other parts of the country.

      Not all the brains have left, the ones who stayed chose to do so for a variety of reasons. There are those with a spine amongst us but there is no point in trying to blow shit up when you have them already talking about Jan Van Riebeek and his problems etc etc

      Let them think they have the upper hand. They are telling us loud and clear what their plans are, what they are going to do and when your enemy telegraphs his moves to you or shows you his hand - the worst thing you can do is prevent him from making his move.

      Let him move the chess pieces in place, when everything is in place in south africa and they are doing what they were always going to do - then and only then will it be the right time.

      Its not the right time to do anything now. Its about strategy and preparation

      If anything whites should be forming small tactical training groups between 5-12 of them and going to shooting ranges, working together - stocking up on ammo if they can

      Learn to shoot
      Learn in door self defence (im sure mike will cover this)

      But its not about being dof, its not about not having a spine, its not about those who ran away. We should be thankful many are overseas, they act as a life line, many Jews owe their lives to Jews who helped them out while they were trying to escape Europe.

      There is a time for everything - no need to be a hot head. Trust me i know where you are coming from but the timing must be right when you can release that beast

      Maybe Mike has a different view point but prepare and know thy enemy and you will every battle.

    4. Anonymous7:24 am

      Agree Nico. Strangely, most intellectual libtarts voted "yes". They bought into the rainbow nation scam, yet they ran first. The ones still here are bewildered and confused. We can not believe that the same world leaders that condemned Apartheid is now turning a deaf ear to Zuma's open announcement that Jan (whites) is the problem. I figure the plan to kill us two per day, to get us to abandon ship, is not working. Malema is forcing Zuma to complete the genocide. I hope our leader and friend Mike, is going to give us hope and direction.

    5. Anonymous4:34 pm

      Why would they change their tactics in 2015? The slow genocide is working wonders for them, they just change the laws slowly over time and the people will accept it. Two options arise here, small sporadic strikes against them to force the international community to listen and act on our plight for survival. Or the slow death of our culture and heritage.

  3. Anonymous2:46 am

    Crime is not the result of Colonialism, Apartheid or Socio-economic disparities as the learned want us to believe. Crime is a tactic used in the insurgency of which the goals are exactly the same as the insurgencies the Rhodesians and Portuguese dealt with in their former African colonies and the same as in the insurgency we dealt with in South West Africa (Namibia).
    Its as if you looked into my mind.

    This is how i see it. Whites still believe this rainbow nation crap, this is what keeps them blind. Mandela sold this to them that they would be so brainwashed that by the time they had full control of the country they could take them out.

    I dont think whites even know, the crime going on is not crime. Its genocide in action and what better way to win a war when you dont count statistics, you dont count race and your opponents dont have weapons?

    This is a full scale genocidal war in disguise of crime. The police dont do anything, the police are amongst those carrying out the crime.

    Blacks believe this is their country - why would they want to share it with white dogs?

  4. Anonymous3:12 am


    Parallels between the psycho 15th century Japanese and the Bantu mirror quite well

    The Japanese before the orgy of attacks on Asiatic nations also used to perform rituals

    1. Was singing about killing their enemies
    2. Was creating a sacrifice - usually cutting the heart out of a live animal
    3. They then went about annihilating them all

    Siener van rensburg mentions a dark period, where things are so dark that he himself could not even see his hand in front of his face.


    To me this is this time. Whites still believe they are welcome, whites still believe the ANC are forgiving, whites still believe they have a future, whites still believe blacks accept them as south africans.

    All built on lies. This is why they cant see it. Very dangerous time for whites in this country and it is like Siener said the most dangerous time. Our enemies are in disguise. Whites cant distinguish between criminals and terrorists.


    These blacks are clever, they know the US has satellite capabilities of knowing whats going on on the ground level. So avoid the army. I said last December when the EFF went and invaded land, you saw the army there and people automatically thought the Army was there to protect the people.

    No the army will stand there and look like they doing something appeasing the international community that things are under control when in fact they are controlled just like the masses.

    To be honest mike, readers - i have never been afraid but i have to admit that im afraid for myself, my family and you the whites in this country. Its like 90% of the whites are in a coma, we dont have a leader, we dont have weapons, we dont know our enemy

    Try explain to the average white in this country whats going on!

    whats the saying, if you dont know your enemy you will lose a thousand battles, perhaps that was the problem mike, we had the best training and took the best of the best training but all that is a waste of time if you dont know your enemy.

    The ANC is the enemy
    Crime is their war against us
    The police are the ring leaders. I had a dream years and years ago about black police in this country - too scary! hair raising - we see it happening today, today i saw it on iol the "bogus police hijacking people" these are not bogus cops - THESE ARE THE COPS

    1. Anonymous4:40 pm

      Scary time indeed, if all hell breaks loose we need to absorb the initial shock and consolidate. Once we have a pool of power the scenario will change very quickly. No one makes better plans than us. :)

      There is no escaping the fact that alot of our people will be massacred in the opening volley.

  5. Anonymous3:12 am


    We are about to get ploughed under - land, jobs, pensions, electricity, crime

    The way i see it going down in this country is like this - this crime is out of control, we are going to have as many whites lose their lives in one year as did lose their lives in over a decade and just as we realize whats happening to us - the real enslaught happens and it is too late.

    Unless we all have an R5, 2-3 hand guns, 5,000 rounds and work together we (without being pessimistic) dont have a future. While we were playing in the new SA, they were busy making sure that all the pieces of the puzzle could be put in place - their aim has always been to send us back in the sea and send us back to Europe.

    This has never ended. Mandela smiley smiley fooled everyone. Whites thought that he disobeyed his party and risked being kicked out to speak to them during the negotiations - And we wonder why we lost, with such gullible leaders its no wonder.

    Lets hope that if we do somehow survive this, that never ever ever again will we share this land, never ever ever again show any form of mercy to these savages, shoot all on the spot or if not we can simply repeat this exercise

    What gets me is the US allowed Sudan to be broken up but SA could not be broken up for whites and for blacks the hypocrisy of the west

    If we could from a satellite zoom in and see whats going on - we would see them quite clearly on their orgy breaking in and killing us. The killing is the main aim which is why they dont often take anything, then if there are a few goods that can be sold then they take those

    but their main aim is killing us. A very bitter time for us whites, when we eventually look back, the only people we will be angry with are not the politicians, FW, Mandela but ourselves (not us on this site) but ourselves for being so naive and gullible thar we could work with the bantu and that the bant ever accepted us.

    We only have ourselves to blame.

    The only thing worse than knowing all of this is feeling like my hands are tied, like i cant help more people/more whites, i cant do my part for my people. Our people wont accept what you have to say - Mike sometimes the truth is just too scary, i think this is why they accepted 1994 so easily - what other alternative did they have?

  6. Anonymous6:46 am

    The main problem is how the whitie and west was brainwashed by satan loving liberals and people with no moral compass. Fact 1 and the main thing they did is to make us believe we are one. They made the blacks out to be our equal. This is a blatant lie. In a democracy we were made to believe these so called equals will think for themselfs. Lies. Verwoerd was right. They devided and conquerd our thoughts. They infiltrated our churches and planted lies because of our own love of sport and money. The whities brain must be cleared.

  7. Anonymous7:27 am

    Crime the beloved country

    Here is my sad story :

    I am a fifty year old electronics design engineer(electronics) with just about no hope of employment and hence have been doing contract development for the past seven years or so.( the wok has dried up since then)

    During the last three years the crime in our country has devastated me....not that I was ever really wealthy but I was sort of ok.(three house robberies ,Hi Jacked in my drive way my bakkie got stolen I lost all my design work when the computers ware stolen)

    Knowing how hard times are i have helped in community projects where I have fostered children sometimes families and the aged not thinking that I would end up destitute my self.... well i am here now destitute...
    but that's ok .

    About a year ago I met a young widow (sickly (cancer)) with a 5 year old boy who's Father was murdered about two years earlier and I have tried to make away for them.. but I am now at the end of my resources living in a room in a friends house.. I have put this little boy in pre school as he has to go to big school ( and at least he has a meal there) next year and as there are no subsidies available for pre school the school has let me know that unless I can pay them I must not bring Little Gerald back to school...

    Now the part that really chokes me up ..is breaking that little oaks hart when I have to tell him that he cannot go to school any more because I couldn't pay his school fees ... now that's a crime wouldn't you say ?

    Please keep me in your prayers and if you should want to contact me
    here is my no: 076 078 5293

    Regards walter