25 January 2015

How to fight the Crime Insurgency in South Africa - Part Four – Fighting back

“Analogically, the guerrilla fights the war of the flea, and his military enemy suffers the dog's disadvantages. Too much to defend, too small, ubiquitous, and agile an enemy to come to grips with. If the war continues long enough--this is the theory--the dog succumbs to exhaustion and anemia without ever having found anything on which to close its jaws or to rake with its claws.”

Robert Taber, “War of the Flea; The classic study of guerrilla warfare” pg. 27

By Mike Smith

24rd of January 2015

In order to understand how to counter an insurgency, we need to first understand something about the principles of fighting.

Fight science - How to fight so you never have to fight again

Contrary to common belief there is not much difference between fighting the school bully, a gang in the street and fighting an insurgency in the bush or urban environment. The principles of fighting are universal and common in all types of conflict. Even in politics.

It is not just about who has the biggest and best weapon. Weapons are tools, levers, multipliers, but they are by far not the only factors in a fight. Weapons are mere extension of the body, a sword, a gun, even the button you press to launch the missile are mere extensions of what you decided in your brain. Therefore the best weapon in any fight is the brain. The body only does what the brain tells it to do.

Fighting is a science or rather a combination of multidisciplinary scientific principals with elements from Physics (leverage, friction), Biology (fitness, endurance), Psychology (conditioning, morale, killer instinct), to Geography (location, weather conditions, etc) and many more.

Fighting is NOT a sport; it is dirty. Fighting is about survival. Therefore there are NO rules. There are no tap outs. All is fair in love and war. We are not interested in a clean fight. In fact we fight extremely dirty or what others might perceive as such. We don’t wait until we get attacked, we take the initiative. The most skilled, most aggressive and most dirty fighter normally wins.


Throwing the first punch is not necessarily the same as landing the first punch.

In fighting (conflict) the person who has the initiative usually wins. The one who lands the first punch has the advantage and as long as he can keep the initiative he will win. The principle of initiative is universal and can be seen from the animal world to two nuclear powers firing missiles at each other.

Defence is necessary and vital, but you do not win a fight with defence alone. It is only when you get the initiative and go on the offensive that you will win the fight.

Other Principles of fighting

One can write books to comprehensively go into the principles of fighting. I shall not cover them all in this article. A brief mention is enough to illustrate a point. Here are some in no particular order of importance...All are vital to success.

1. Deception. He cannot fight what isn’t there.

2. Surprise. It can nullify any size or type of weapon. Strike when and where he least expects it.

3. Speed. Remember the insurgent wants to prolong the fight.

4. Range. Proficiency in all ranges is desired. Free moving, clinch and ground fighting.

5. Terrain. Fight where you have the advantage. If he cannot swim, fight him in the water. If he is a good kicker, fight him in a telephone booth.

6. Intelligence. Know everything about your opponent. His strengths and weaknesses, his weapons and movements, his routines. Everything.

7. Effect. Always strive for maximum effect.

Maximum Effect

A fight should be ended as quickly, as efficiently and as BRUTALY as possible. It might sound sick and Machiavellian, but it will save your life. Allow me to explain:

The insurgent wants to prolong the fight. A long fight favours your opponent. He learns your skills and strengths and uses them against you. The longer he lasts, the more confident he becomes and the more demoralised you become in sustaining the fighting. The longer you beat up on the small guy the more criticism you are going to draw and the more support he is going to get. If he cannot beat you, he wants others to stop you from fighting him. Speed also ensures less injury over a certain period of time and less costs.

Sure there are “nice” ways to end a fight. A skilled Ju Jitsu fighter will put someone in a bloodless arm lock or choke and wait till the person taps out or passes out. A clean punch to the tip of the jaw will switch the lights off for the opponent. It might work in a sparring match or sporting competition where there is “fair play”. However, in a battle of survival against a gang of thugs, second place means death. Therefore we are not interested in “Fair Play”. There is no place for “nice”. So you look for maximum effect. “Ground and Pound” has a brilliantly shocking effect on others. It shocks them into passivity.

He must lose his will to fight...and so the others

For instance...You take a chair (superior leverage) and knock him to the ground. You kick all his teeth in...and then some. You play football with his head, you do not stop until you are sure he is not going to get up again.

Do not shy away from being brutal. It is not personal. It is survival. It is the shocking effect you are after so the others stand back and do not kill you. The more blood and effect you can draw the better. The others must know that if they ever dare touch you, they will meet the same fate. They must lose THEIR will to fight.

Do not mistake this with psychopathic behaviour. A psychopath is unable to switch his killer instinct off. All people have killer instinct. It just comes out at different levels. For one person it might be enough to trigger his killer instinct by cutting him off on the road. For a mother, her killer instinct will come out when you threaten her child. A good warrior can switch it on and off at will. To fight like this is not natural. You have to train and condition yourself in order to be able to fight like this.

The warrior is not a psychopath. He is a highly trained and confident individual with the gift of being able to stop a violent psychopath without fear. The warrior when faced with a violent situation, experiences no fear, just a mild sense of excitement (Known as Stage Yellow). When others run away from the fight he goes forward. He has the remarkable ability to switch on his killer instinct at will and switch it off when the job is done. Such a warrior is the Nemesis of the insurgent.

The principle of effect cannot be stretched enough.

I was once attacked by an entire coloured Rugby team in a disco. I survived due to the principle of effect. I made such an example of two of them that the others stood back in shock and awe. I applied the same principle a few months ago when I was attacked by two skinheads in a German pub. Five seconds was all it took. They were searching for their teeth on the floor; Both ended up in hospital. All the others stood back. It was just killer instinct switched on at will within a split second combined with 30 years of Martial Arts training coming out in five seconds. It was not nice, but I had no scratch on me. I did not start the fight, but I ended it.

The “Mini War”, the “Little War” and “The Big War”

To explain proper Counter Insurgency we can look at the three wars above, each as a microcosm of the next.

The “Mini War”

It is simple really. You just have to beat up and make an example of the schoolyard bully once, and you will probably never have to fight again. When attacked by a majority in the street, you have to quickly sum up the situation, pick out the biggest and loudest and make an example out of him. You have to be so brutal that the others will be in “Shock and Awe” and will stand back or run away. They will never bother you again. The “Mini war” is a microcosm of the “Little War”.

“The Little War” - The current situation in South Africa

The word “Guerrilla” is Spanish for “Little War”.

This is exactly what is happening with so-called “crime” in South Africa. Home invasions and farm attacks where people are brutally tortured, raped and killed are attacks by gangs or cells of insurgents carrying out “The War of the Flea”.

These whites feel powerless. There is no real “Big War”, no real enemy they can see or defend themselves against. They swallow the lies of the very insurgents masquerading as a legitimate government that it is just “ordinary crime”.

Unless they realize the type of war being waged against them and study the tactics of the insurgents, they will succumb and die just like the dog in Robert Taber’s theory.

How to counter the “Little War”

High walls, security gates, razor wire, electric fences, cameras, etc…these are all “Defensive measures”. Even armed response is reactionary and defensive. Defensive measures are limited, vulnerable and unreliable. When Eskom’s power is off, half of your defence measures do not work. Even just being armed and sitting, waiting is defensive. Neighbourhood watching is defensive.

None of these will stop the insurgency.

In order to stop the insurgency you have to take the initiative and you have to go on the offensive.

You have to set up neighbourhood patrols at night. Don’t worry about during the day for now. When you have made a few examples, the fleas will stay away.

Two guys together patrolling for two hours at a time, waking the next two up and so on. When you catch the bastards or anyone just walking there that does not belong there, you wake EVERYONE up and you make an example out of the bastards. Swiftly and brutally. Shock and awe. Maximum effect.

Trust me it works. In my previous neighbourhood, we did it after a spate of break-ins and one couple was brutally attacked in their home. We even invited the police to our meeting. They told us what was legal and what not. We were not interested in legal. We basically told them that we need to clean house and they better stay out of our way.

Two weeks and four brutal examples was all it took. After that crime became so nonexistent that we could stop the patrols. I stayed there for another ten years and we NEVER had any more break-ins ever again. I never had an alarm system, no wall even. My lawn was open to the curb. Once the word got out on the street, the insurgents stayed away from our area. Word on the street was, “Those Boere are crazy!”…Insurgents are scared of “Crazy”.

How did the word get out? The PB’s…the maids and gardeners told the others in the townships what was going on in our area. We had another meeting and got rid of the PB’s…then we had peace.

Forget about PB’s and WHAM

In the urban Guerrilla War that we are dealing with, the maids and gardeners are the equivalents of the PB’s we had on the Namibian border. (PB = Plaaslike Bevolking; Local Population).

You cannot trust them. They are the eyes and ears of the insurgents. Even when you think your maid will never betray you (which could be true) she might do it unwittingly. Maids and gardeners like to brag about their bosses. She might just innocently be in a shebeen and tell someone about what you have in your house and an insurgent will overhear it. They might later even threaten her and coerce her into giving them more information. The same with the gardener. Believe me, PB’s will cause your death, directly or indirectly. They are not your friends. Forget about being good to them. Forget about winning their hearts and minds. Have nothing to do with them. Get them out of your neighbourhood. You will notice that once you have cleansed your area, you will have peace.

The “Big War”

The “Little War” is a microcosm of the “Big War”.

What is your country other than an extension of your neighbourhood?

The “Big War” will either come suddenly or a gradual escalation of the “Little War” into a full blown "Big War". Currently we are seeing both.

Just remember that nobody declares war anymore. It is not a Rugby match. Nobody will blow the whistle for the game to start. We will find ourselves in the middle of a war without even knowing it is a war.

The first indication is that the ANC’s supporters are getting more and more frustrated. The ANC cannot deliver on all their false promises. They cannot give their supporters houses, jobs, wealth, a chicken in every pot, whatever…When the insurgents finally lose their patience, the ANC will do exactly what Robert Mugabe did and tell them, “Well, we gave you AK-47’s. You know where the houses and the wealth are. Those white bastards who oppressed you during Apartheid”...That will be the trigger.

The second indications are the sudden increase in anti-white hate-speech from the ANC and the sudden increase in farm murders. Farm Murders on the rise - Afriforum

Be that as it may, the “Big War” is coming. Of that I have no doubt. All the signs of an escalating conflict to a crescendo are there. It won’t be declared…wisdom will be to spot it when it is here. We MUST be prepared for it.

We must ensure that although we do not THROW the first punch, that we LAND the first punch. We need to have the initiative. After that, the principles of war will take over. Maximum speed. Maximum effect. It must be quick and utterly brutal. We must make such an example out of the insurgents that the rest of them will be running for our northern borders and the international community will be standing back in shock. Then they mustn’t ask “Why?”…

The Internationalists are the ones who caused it. When we asked them to take note and help us against farm murders etc. they turned a blind eye. For twenty years now they had the opportunity to stop farm murders and white genocide in South Africa, they sat back and did nothing. Do they want to sit back and watch us get slaughtered? It is not going to happen.

When we eventually take matters in our own hands, they must just stay out of our way. We don’t need the international police. We’ll be cleaning house and it is not going to be pretty. There will be no WHAM. There will be no Geneva Convention…Just streets lined with dead bodies of Marxist insurgents all the way to Beitbridge. They will be given the opportunity to leave on their own or be driven out.

Two Case Studies of successful Counter Insurgencies

Whenever you look at the history of Insurgencies and Counter Insurgencies you see that the Counter insurgencies that were successful were the ones where the Military went all out. 100%. No negotiations, no WHAM just initiative, speed and maximum brutal effect.

The Hama Massacre (1982)

In Syria in 1982, President Hafez al-Assad faced a murderous insurgency of the Muslim Brotherhood and almost had his country overrun by them. As far as they went, the insurgents were looting raping and pillaging. At 2 am on 3 February in the city of Hama, the insurgents started murdering Ba’ath party members and their families. They killed 70 party members their wives were raped and killed and the children stabbed or clubbed to death.

Hafez al-Assad sent his brother General Rifaat al-Assad in to stop the insurgency.

Rifaat laid siege to the city with 12,000 soldiers blocking off all roads in and out of town. He issued an amnesty to all who were willing to surrender and said that afterwards, ANYONE remaining in the city would be considered an insurgent and wiped out. He also issued rewards for the heads of the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders. The fighting in Hama lasted for three weeks – the first week in regaining control of the town, and the last two in hunting down the insurgents and killing them on the spot. The entire old city centre was destroyed.

After the initial attacks, military and internal security personnel were dispatched to comb through the rubble for surviving members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their sympathizers. Torture and mass executions of suspected rebel sympathizers ensued, killing many thousands over several weeks. Rifaat, suspecting that rebels were still hiding in tunnels under the old city, had diesel fuel pumped into them and set ablaze and stationed T-72 tanks at the tunnel entrances to shell people trying to escape from the tunnels. About 40,000 were killed. The Syrian army lost 1,000 soldiers.

The insurgents were fleeing for their lives and turned on each other, split up, one side blaming the other for their defeat and fled the country for Iraq, Jordan, The USA or Europe. It would be more than 30 years before Syria had another insurgency.

The Herero uprising (1904)

Just after the Anglo Boer War during 1903, the German colony that later became Namibia, Deutsch Südwestafrika, experienced a severe drought. Water and grazing for the cattle became scarce. The Herero people who did not practice scientific farming, quickly ran out of grazing and let their cattle graze on the lands of the white farmers. The German farmers would then chase the cattle off their land.

In early 1904, the Herero started a brutal uprising and insurgency against the German farmers. The Herero fighters were very well armed. They had modern firearms that they received from a Swedish Adventurer Karl Johan Anderson and even had two field artillery pieces.

The Herero’s simultaneously attacked farms, trade depots and train stations. The farms were burned down and mostly the men brutally killed. Although the Herero insurgents had firearms, the preferred to club their victims to death with knobkerries, splattering their brains all over and then butchering their organs out and cutting off their sexual parts. Women and children were mostly allowed to flee, but in several cases women and children were also killed and babies nailed to kitchen tables. Even the Cape Times of the day, that was not sympathetic towards the Germans, reported on the horrific killings. By the 12th of January 1904 the Herero insurgents have killed 140 German and 7 Boer farmers.

The German garrisons under Lt.Gen.Lothar von Trotha went on the offensive and drove the Hereros back to the Waterberg region. He apparently issued a proclamation (no original exists only one copy) to the Herero:

“I, the great general of the German soldiers, send this letter to the Hereros. The Hereros are German subjects no longer. They have killed, stolen, cut off the ears and other parts of the body of wounded soldiers, and now are too cowardly to want to fight any longer. I announce to the people that whoever hands me one of the chiefs shall receive 1,000 marks, and 5,000 marks for Samuel Maherero. The Herero nation must now leave the country. If it refuses, I shall compel it to do so with the 'long tube' (cannon). Any Herero found inside the German frontier, with or without a gun or cattle, will be executed. I shall spare neither women nor children. I shall give the order to drive them away and fire on them. Such are my words to the Herero people."

He also wrote to Governor Theodor Leutwein:

"My intimate knowledge of many central African tribes (Bantu and others) has everywhere convinced me of the necessity that the Negro does not respect treaties but only brute force.”

On the 11th and 12th of August 1904 the Hereros were decisively defeated at the Battle of Waterberg. After the battle all men, women, and children who fell into German hands, wounded or otherwise, were mercilessly put to death. Then the Germans set off in pursuit of the rest, and all those found by the wayside and in the sandveld were shot down and bayoneted to death. The rest of the Hereros were chased off into the Omaheke desert. Von Trotha also sent troops ahead to man waterholes and whenever Hereros would arrive for water the soldiers would beat them away and drive them further into the desert. Other Hereros were rounded up and put in Concentration camps. According to the Whitaker Report, the population of 80,000 Herero was reduced to 15,000 "starving refugees" between 1904 and 1907.

The Herero NEVER started another insurgency against the Germans ever again.


  1. Anonymous5:38 am

    The words of that old goat Siener now ring in my ears

    "Julle sal anders veg as wat ons geveg het en daar sal baie meer van julle wees"

    Is this the start of that change?

    And what did he more "many more of you" ? Does he mean more than just 18 yr olds in browns will fight? Maybe all of us will fight? even us old guys :/

    1. Anonymous11:43 am

      I think he means that the English half breeds like myself will be there to fight, it will not be just the boere.

    2. Anonymous3:03 pm

      Welcome brother, it seems you have a Boere heart then! I'll walk that extra mile for you.

    3. Anonymous3:55 pm

      I second that...

    4. Anonymous1:21 am


    5. Anonymous4:25 am

      I was born in '91 to a father and mother who too were born in South Africa. I am unsure of their parents' exage lineages but from what I have gathered they are of varying descent. Some german, scottish, irish, italian, etc. As I said I am unsure exactly of my heritage, however I am South African born and this is my home, that is all i know. I cannot accept the notion that I am simply a lost orphan of history with no true ancestral ties, South Africa is my home and that of my loved ones - and I WILL fight to protect it, especially from totalitarian communism headed up by a greedy pack of african wolves. If SA truly is haunted by a spectre of communism, we know unequivocally that their intentions are purely of an avaricious nature.

      I am not racist, I have many intelligent and decent black friends who I would happily take a bullet for....However I do understand the mentality of the masses and their unyielding hatred towards white people.... On far too many occasions I have heard the mutterings of "ya just u wait" as I'm sure many others have too.

      With the recent developments in passing legislations which seem almost solely focused on land reforms alongside Zuma's comments of "all South Africa's problems started with van Riebeeck" it seems the time may indeed be one in which we face great struggle. Therefore, we have duties to our loved ones and to ourselves to stand our ground and fight for our sovreignty. When we are successful we will take back this once great nation of ours and usher it into it's rightfully deserved golden age.

      If war is what waits for us in our near future, I believe we must be prepared in order to avoid slaughter... Now is the time for us to learn from our elders and begin legitimate military training in order to properly defend ourselves, lest we succumb to mounting fears of what lies ahead. Therefore, are there not those amongst our ranks who could be the disseminators of effective military planning and training? If so, I believe we ought to start collectively preparing so that we're not sitting ducks when the shit hits the fan.

      We will need organized coalition forces with military prowess akin to that which our army had during the previous administration. I believe we still have personnel available to cultivate this discipline, it is simply a matter of organizing the resistance.

      I am in Joburg and am currently in the process of organizing an armed coalition with friends of mine who also can see what is happening. However with such stringent gun regulations this is not an easy task, there must be more that we can do.

      Firstly, do we know of geographical locations that will be effective and safe positions to defend ourselves from when all goes down-hill? Secondly, is it possible to get our hands on schematics for weapon and munitions production? Thirdly, although I am opposed to the alienating nature of hierarchical systems, for military purposes I would postulate that nothing quite compares - therefore, how are we to organize our ranks?

      These are some questions I believe we need to start asking ourselves in order to begin preparations... Please respond with some thoughts and let's try to foster intelligent and serious deliberation, our futures depend on it. Thank you. John.

    6. Do not respond to him.

  2. Anonymous8:00 am

    Bloody excellent piece of writing. You do of course know that Namibia is still milking the German government for the Herero issue. I think Governor Theodor Leutwein summed it up well. The Bantu does not understand treaties (See 1994) and only understands brute force. Nothing has changed!

    1. Anonymous12:18 pm

      Yes, I noticed that Germany is paying Millions to the Namibian Government. Are they feeling guilty, and if I so why? They were perfectly in their right. The guilty feeling for Germany after Rothschild funded his illegitimate son to kill his people because he needed that haulocaust. He needed that haulocast because of a means to an end. THAT what we see today. The demise of white people all over the world and the creation of the politically correct Libtards that are falling in line with the way of the NWO Illuminati. Wear 666 on your forehead and walk in line SHEEPLE !!

    2. Anonymous1:55 pm

      Brute force is the key, ruthless and smart fighting will win us this thing. CRY HAVOC !

    3. Anonymous2:27 pm

      Traitors, race-traitors, sympathizers, collaborators and informers take note - I have no compunction to send you to hell with a headshot. It's either you or the future of my children and our way of life, guess which one I'll choose.

      Another great article by Mike, thanks.

  3. Anonymous1:06 pm

    I wish it was as easy as just handing out a few POESKLAPS


  4. Anonymous3:15 pm

    pray everyday

    1. Anonymous8:09 am

      OK! I am sure that will do it. Solve all the kak that is going on down here in South Africa and the world. Pray. Bla Bla Bla Yawn.

  5. Anonymous3:40 pm

    That is all fair and well but how do you win the propoganda war against the world who sympathizes with the poor down troden black by the evil white racists? We know what the truth is but the international community, UN will always take sisdes on the blacks.We can drive them out till the cows come but the UN or whoever will send their police force here to stop us " whites" in doing that!

    1. Anonymous12:54 am

      You right about the UN, but I have a theory that I don't think is far wrong.
      Now, I am not getting into a religious battle here, I just state my theory.
      God created man, to His image. Now I have a problem with that. Currently we have 2 types of creations. We have white and black. I do not believe God created the inferior black, because that is not his image. Sure, there are the stories of Cain and others, but the fact of the matter is we are 2 different creations.
      Revelations states that in the end times, Christians will be murdered (brutally) like never before on earth. Now lets be honest, some of our ancestors where kinda cruel. Like the Romans.
      If we look at the way the farmers are tortured and killed, we see that cruelty that is described in Revelations. Now imagine the UN and all world forces being taken over by blacks, and they decide whites (Christians) are evil and you have the perfect recipe for Armageddon.
      All the pieces of the puzzle do not fit yet, but over the next, maybe 5 years this could happen.


  6. Jason the Boer11:43 pm

    Mike all this makes sense but seriously with all the liberals and plain stupid whites in SA there really is no hope. All I know is sticking up for my fellow white will happen no longer I am going to be selfish and take care of myself and my property alone. I've seen betrayal for too long now. I've preached all this to people and they end up wanting to fight with me cause I always win my arguments. I'm not running away I'm staying and fighting be it alone. God bless you all

  7. Anonymous12:26 am

    "" When we eventually take matters in our own hands, they must just stay out of our way. We don’t need the international police. ""

    The key word is "eventually" because it ain't never gonna be !
    Being united in word and deed in our beautiful land is a fantasy in the minds of the middle aged and over. Grysbaarde.
    We are a nation of different values - a mongrel nation with the best of Europe's' DNA. Therein lies the problem.

    In 1948 the one and only opportunity to forge a united country was lost to African Credo...tribalism.
    Boer and Rooinekke failed to accept each other for a reason each can condone.
    The Concentration Camps (justified pain and agony) was brought out every occasion to sour relations and create enemies of each other.
    Our moment of Freedom from the Yoke of Europe - died at birth !
    The English speakers in 1948 were in a cul-de-sac of not knowing how to react to the wounded psyche of Afrikaans speakers. Their laager was impenetrable, tribalism their dichotomy.
    A hypocritical "psyche" of "United we stand" but let us not talk about "Politics and Religion."
    The Afrikaners could not agree with each other and internecine strife prevailed.
    Enclaves of each European country formed i.e. German, Italian and English clubs and associations were formed.
    The nation was ripe and ready to become "me in my corner and you in yours."

    The schism has grown wider and wider. Bitterness thrives and kills any desire for unity in diversity.
    Most English speakers will not take up arms as they can and will - run like chickens and easily adapt overseas.
    Afrikaners are now so Liberal they do not know their arse from their elbow.
    So the Boere will have to "make a plan" - if they want to take on the hordes of savages who behave in peacetime like they did over the weekend.
    Animals and humans killed and trampled in their barbaric lust.

    There is no universal solution; its to each his own way of solving the problem. Do not rely on your neighbour - those good old days have gone.

    The generations born since 1980's are different as they only remember ""the golden years"" without the Border War. Fathers and grandfathers do not want to speak of those days of proven wasted lives - sacrificed for (?) - as they look into the eyes of their once hated terrs. OG

    1. I think that the "eventually" is closer than any of us realise.

      I believe it might occur during the landgrabs that both goverment and EFF are planning.

    2. Anonymous5:07 am

      To say that 'eventually will never happen' is an admission of defeat. Please take heart - all is not lost. Proof of that is exactly this blog, and a few more, even worldwide people seem to be waking up. Remember, under Dr Verwoerd there was unequaled unity among English and Afrikaans - that is what a strong and principled leader brings about. Unfortunately there will always be the cancer of cowardice, treason, avarice. It started with Cain and Abel. That's the way it was designed to be. Wisdom is the ability to recognize who is who, as Mike said. As long as there are people like us that recognize the truth for what it is, there is hope, I repeat myself. The battle is only lost when the will to fight is gone. Numbers are of no consequence - history was written by the minorities. On no rational level can it be explained how 464 men conquered anything between 7,000 and 70,000 (No body is sure - the ability to count was absent). The purpose of this blog(s) is to convince you that you are not alone. With the strategy and tactics coming from Mike, and a willing heart from our side an opportune moment might just present itself.

  8. Anonymous2:12 am

    Thanks for the valuable articles Mike.

    I just do not understand what we are really going to do. It is one thing when an army fights an army, but another thing when citizens are being bullied and killed by an army or militia, whatever you want to call these savages. The normal white SA citizen is a peace loving person and they get slaughtered when their guard is down by the element of surprise. Unless we go and kill first we are doomed, but it is not in our nature to hunt and kill. We are too busy working and paying taxes. We are therefore even funding our own demise. What can we do about this predicament?

  9. Anonymous3:10 am

    Mandela’s quote at his Inauguration as President in 1994.

    “Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world”
    I believe that this statement was just another empty lie, as they started killing farmers since 1991.
    White people in SA are oppressed and are the skunks of the World in 2015. But the fact that we are murdered and nobody wants to see or hear about it, is more than outrageous.
    The question is: What are we doing about this now?
    I think most people today are frozen stiff like the mouse being haunted by the cat.

  10. Great article Mike.

  11. Anonymous5:06 am

    Thanks Mike.
    Boere-Mafia KZN

  12. Anonymous6:57 am

    Mike, Will it be a problem if I combine the series (and also credit you and your blog), to send these to friends and family?

  13. Be my guest. Just send them a link.

  14. Anonymous10:17 am

    Again great articles Mike I must thanks you for them. Today i stand here feeling like that guy on the street corner with the sign above his head which read "The End Is Nigh". For the pas years I have been talking to walls as i tried to convince my friends and family that an inevitable war is coming to South Africa. And what will start this war is the question they ask, I will answer them racial of course their unbelievable hate for us will start it.

    Now mike after reading these articles and the responses you have received I have come too only a few conclusions. which is:

    1. The war will start overnight. (It will have a build up but eventually will start overnight)
    2. Be prepared for anything. (And I mean anything. Not all of us will be unfortunately)
    3. When it happens (not if) and we do counter, inform the international Politicians to stay out of our lands borders (if you are not with us you are against us) and most of the international Politicians will be against us.
    4. Like you said Mike the insurgents nests are in our own lands borders, we will have to make the decision, wipe them all out to make sure this will never happen again (most people are love they neighbour) or go the 80% political route and only protect until a peace-full solution is reached, which will only lengthen the war like you said the communists fight their battles.

    So in essence Mike, when this racial, political or crime driven war happens will we as white South Africans be the brutal killers we need to be or will we regress and feel pity upon the weak savage.
    I don't know about myself Mike but if given the choice I will be that brutal just to make sure the future is positive for our children...

    Thanks again Mike for a most enjoyable blog read...

  15. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Interesting thing about your comment about how they don't like crazy. In my last job I kept been called "crazy" by two black dudes there at work. I got death threats from them too.

  16. Adrem3:39 pm

    I could go on and on commenting, but let me make it short: Great series Mike and once more: Thank you for your commitment and sharing it with all those who have eyes, ears and a functioning brain!

  17. Anonymous11:55 am

    There's no way in hell that these klomp JA stemmers is even going to recognize when they are in a war cause they already brought the enemy into our borders its been war since these rugraatlose old people that had it good in the 70's and 80's kept on voting for the NP and embraced there 'god' mandela, eks super angry and pray everyday that this war will start so i can be that crazy you are talking about and not just crazy on the savages but crazy on the white liberals as well, its after all there fault that we are in this mess. I know for sure that relying on the human arm and power to win this war or be victorious over all our enemies will never never ever happen not in a million years there isn't even enough bullets but still, i am excited just to have ago at it and if God helps us He will win not us we will lose just like every other war ever fought in the flesh!!!

    1. I think that you are partially right in that most of the JA stemmers, cannot acknowledge that we are already waste deep in a one sided war. They are in denial.

      I am however certain that the Poreto principle will also apply, once the awareness of this has been raised high enough. The same applies to actual combat.

      You need to fuck-up 20% of the enemy good and solid and threaten the rest, and they will run and not stop untill they reach the equator. (That does not imply we stop once we reach those number, because I agree that the problem needs to be solved once and for all. If you leave one cockroach alive, it will start breeding again.)

      I also believe that to rely on God to solve this problem, is not going to happen. WE must wield the sword, but in God's name!

  18. Anonymous1:16 am

    Hi Mike

    I have been furiously reading your articles since I found your blog last week - great stuff and it's awesome to have the facts when dislodging 'libtards'. I have also come across two great international sites which are making waves - they are documentaries on Adolf Hitler and what we revisionists call 'the holohoax'. As the documentaries mantra says; you watch, you decide:



  19. Anonymous2:45 am

    A scorched earth policy is a military strategy which involves destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area. It is a military strategy where all of the assets that are used or can be used by the enemy are targeted, such as food sources, transportation, communications, industrial resources, and even the people in the area. The practice can be carried out by the military in enemy territory, or in its own home territory. It may overlap with, but is not the same as, punitive destruction of the enemy's resources, which is done for purely strategic/political reasons rather than strategic/operational reasons. It was most famously used by Joseph Stalin against the German Army in the Second World War,[1] by William Tecumseh Sherman during his March to the Sea in the American Civil War, by Lord Kitchener against the Boers, and by the Russian army during the failed Napoleonic invasion of Russia.

  20. Anonymous1:30 pm

    When using unconventional or guerilla tactics the winning percentage climbs to 63.6% even when severely outnumbered or tenfold difference. Assets required: Movement, endurance, individual intelligence, knowledge of the country and courage. Political Scientist Ivan Arrequin-Toft did the calculaton a few years ago, what he came up with was that 71.5 percent of the time the bigger side wins unless the smaller group use the unconventional tactics then the scale tips in favor of the minority group.