22 January 2015

New Miniseries by Mike Smith – How to counter the Crime Insurgency in South Africa

By Mike Smith

22nd of January 2015

About three years ago I was sitting at a restaurant with a friend of mine. He was an East German Naval Officer (Commander) and a former member of the Stasi, the East German secret service and also served in Angola as an adviser and trainer to FAPLA and PLAN the armies of Angola and SWAPO respectively. It was in Angola where he picked up his taste for Cuban cigars.

We were discussing military doctrine, training and strategy and I mentioned that we won just about every battle in Angola, how our training was superior, etc.

I told him why. I told him that we learned mostly from the French and their experiences in Vietnam and Algeria and adopted their Counter Insurgency strategies. I was quoting Andre Beaufre, David Galula, Trinquier, etc…I told him how we learned from the Swiss and the Israelis and incorporated their training methods into the SADF…I mentioned how I was convinced that we contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the destruction of Communism…

He listened to me very carefully, sucking on his cigar with a slight glint in his eye and never interrupted me once.

When I was finished he leaned over to me and asked me a simple question: “So Mike…who is in charge of Namibia today?”

“Well…SWAPO”, I answered.

“And who is in charge of South Africa today?” he asked.

“The ANC” I answered.

He leaned back, and as he was taking a tuck from his cigar he asked me, “They are both Communists organizations…So you tell me Mike, whose strategy and training was superior?”

I couldn’t answer him. It is true. We won all the battles and lost the war. Not only that, we lost our country. So did the Rhodesians and the Namibians. We are all run by Communists today.

I tried to defend myself and said, “…but the GDR (East Germany) itself collapsed, the wall fell…”

He looked me in the eye and said, “Who is the Chancellor of Germany?”

“Merkel” I answered.

“And who is the President?” He asked.

“Joachim Gauck”, I said

“Well, Mike, they are both East Germans. So I ask you…who really won the Cold War?”

Good Question.

He really made me think. Where did we err in our War on Communism? Were we so naïve? Did we not have a proper holistic strategy? What should we have done differently? What if we ever have to fight an insurgency again? Are we blindly going to follow those old methods that did not work? Are we going to at least learn from our mistakes or are we going to keep on blaming the politicians?

With the rhetoric of President Zuma lately that whites are the problem in South Africa, that it started with Jan van Riebeeck, that he promised his supporters that 2015 will be the year of Land Expropriations, that the EFF started organizing land grabs already and with the sudden sharp increases in Farm murders, it became clear to me that we are sitting with an insurgency on our doorstep. It has never stopped. It has just escalated recently.

Therefore, the time has come to re-evaluate our past strategies, tactics, successes and failures so that we do not repeat them when the “Big War” comes and believe me it is a coming.

Therefore I wrote a four part series that I will release over the next few days, addressing some key issues. I hope you enjoy and take part in the discussion. I appreciate all inputs.


  1. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Most certainly will enjoy it.

  2. Anonymous4:07 pm

    That is because communism evolved. It became liberalism which is far more destructive. Communism depended on physical force. Liberals depends on not wanting to be the odd one one. Yuri Bezmanov explained this before in the 80's.

    1. Anonymous11:26 am

      Economic Marxism transformed into cultural Marism and today it hides under the guise of liberalism.

  3. Just as quick but painful follow-up, who sits in the White House today and under what flag is the Viktor Leonov flying whilst docked in Havana harbor?

    Regards, Besoeker

  4. Anonymous5:22 pm


    Very timely, i just have a weird feeling about a few things. Im connecting the dots with the peachy rain

    1. Zumas rhetoric about whites
    2. Land distribution
    3. Land invasion.
    4. Electricity issues
    5. Xenophobia
    6. Europe's Muslim issues.
    7. Ukraines on going problems

    The masses are taking their frustration out on immigrants, already invading land and i combined with the farm attacks, suburban killings etc etc

    I dont know, perhaps im being paranoid but i feel something is up. Its the lul before the storm and most of the people around us are fast asleep.

    This war fare will not be a Rwanda style fighting situation, it will just be wide spread violence made to look like robberies where whites are going to be murdered and they wont even know whats really happening.

    The electricity issue is just helping and aiding all of this, the ANC can say they couldnt stop or prevent such high crime due to electricity etc etc

    Since Mandela died its been a nose dive to new lows and each low is much lower than the previous low which tells me the rock bottom is soon - something has to give.

    You cant keep promising the masses for 30+ years and then not deliver - this speech he made about Jan Van Riebeek has deep and far reaching consequences many whites dont comprehend. 20 years ago i can remember blacks saying he was the problem when he arrived.

    Saying this is going to have a psychological impact on the masses.

    Ja i dont feel easy about it. Something is just up and i dont know what but..... ja 23rd Jan and already see such talk usually its not at the beginning of the year you hear such talk its usually mid to end of the year... So be prepared

    Much welcomed Mike go ahead, i think whites should start preparing for the worst now - hope time has come to and end. When they say what they are going to do, they are not playing European/American politics especially when whitee is mentioned - what they say they going to do in regards to dealing/handling whitee - they do!

    1. Anonymous11:13 pm

      Yep, something is going to happen real soon, when jacob said he would answer questions about Nklandla in March, that felt a bit odd to me Hope you ready brother.

    2. Thing is who told him about Van Riebeck (of the Dutch east India company)or those that followed of the (British east India company) that group still running things now, no change, its unlikely that he knew anything about him.that u learnt at school, doubtful his type of book, so yes, instigators at work, expect more. brilliant insights from him.

  5. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Interesting Mike. I think they made their wars without Identity to outsiders. The Jews do the same as well by claiming as Whites and Christians.

    Only in NAZI state would these people be screened before they could be elected into offices.

    Anti establishment and White civilization is a code word for communism.

  6. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Very interesting he realy makes one think, and the next question is their strategy they follow. Do they target expendible blacks that is willing to die just to keep their opponents busy and focussed on a war pushing al their resources to the front line. While in the mean time spies meet secretly in basements with superiors planting seeds of doubt and failure in their minds?
    Where do we stand now when the wave comes, where do one start. There is no seperation line this time we are intwind like a tree being covered by ivy.And if one makes it out to a stronghold position who do you trust and what is the plan? A good strategy would be to start poisoning their roots and a big weakness all their leaders have is greed cant we use this against them?

  7. Anonymous9:34 pm

    The Internationalists won. The guys who bet both sides will win...

  8. Anonymous9:55 pm

    We fought an ideology that thrives off peoples weaknesses of character with guns and tanks and so won a few battles, but completely failed to notice that the actual war was primarily mental, that the real battlefield was in media and education and popular culture, and anything else that shaped people's attitudes and values in the long term.

    Where we had any awareness of those "soft", intangible factors, we mistakenly sought to shut them down or control them, exacerbating the mistake. Meanwhile, our enemies infiltrated every one of those spheres, disseminating their message of cultural marxism and moral relativity to the point that it became self-perpetuating because the subsequent role models and leaders in those spheres are so brainwashed that they're not even aware of the agenda that they serve.

    We should have embraced those "soft" factors and moulded them to the ideals of decency, social responsibility and the true nature of goodness and freedom. We could have found ways to make our traditional cultures and values "cool", to inculcate personal responsibility and historical awareness in our schools. We could have done more to create engaging media that advanced the cause of individual freedom and liberty, to counteract the relentless political correctness and collectivist stance of the mainstream media.

    Maybe it's not too late. But there's a long road ahead, and I'm not sure that the amount of enlightened thinkers left is enough to form a critical mass. But there is always hope that as the inevitable failures of collectivism become more apparent, the pendulum will swing the other way.

  9. Anonymous2:25 am

    Such a good piece Mike.Thank you. I believe that the churches and therefor the politicians of the day played the biggest role in indoctrinating people to the point of White Guilt. The war was def won by us.The terrs were terrified of us...especially Koevoet...thats why I am saying, the battles was won by us...but man oh man were we betrayed after closed doors....

    1. Correct, and it continues here and in Europe and America, someone or something is pushing hard for internal insurrection, trouble grows daily.

  10. Anonymous3:56 am

    We didn't lose any skirmishes, we didn't lose battles and as sure as f*ck, we didn't lose the military war.
    What we lost were the political and the media wars. These two instances were infiltrated and subverted. From now on every politician that calls for war should be made to fight on the frontline with the conscripts.

    1. As in the days of yore, quite right, but I doubt that's their plan, having those british misfits in the line recently cost in protection more than its worth.

  11. Anonymous6:34 am

    Glo ons sal 'n idee kry van wat op ons wag. Almal wonder daaroor, maar onderdruk die denke want die waarheid is wreed. Kan nie wag nie Mike. Jy is 'n leier. Dankie dat jy steeds jou lewe waag vir ons. Angola was die begin van 'n baie lang uitgerekte oorlog wat nog nie verby is nie.

  12. Anonymous6:46 am

    Warfare has changed from being a direct, armed confrontation to "stealth" wars because the Whites, with their organisational ability and technological superiority, are undefeatable in open battle.

    This is why there the Muslims dare not take on the Whites openly but instead infiltrate Europe in order to breed like flies in order to usurp the Whites from their homeland. This is why Obama opens the US to illegal immigrants so that the Hispanics can become the majority. This is why there is no open genocide of Whites but the easiest targets, the farmers, are being murdered so that South African voters can be controlled by famine like Zimbabwe, and the country controlled by those who ship food to SA on interest bearing loans.

    Cultural Marxism was introduced because Communism would be defeated in open warfare. Cultural Marxism is propagated by traitors within a population group who cannot be identified as the enemy because they look the same as everyone else. Cultural Marxism is the new insurgency war - it is a war of ideologies between a godless, arrogant, decadent West and Christian nationalists.

    Putin is trying to stop the moral rot of Cultural Marxism by introducing laws to combat this slow poison. Putin is the only White leader aware of this Cultural Marxist insurgency and is taking steps to fight it. For this, and being a Christian, he has been demonised by the West.

  13. Anonymous7:01 am

    "Red Angela" Merkel of the East German Agitprop, and President of the EU, Herman van Rompuy, are both recipients of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Award for European integration a.k.a. White Genocide through mass immigration. Mass non-white third world and Muslim immigration is the new insurgency.

    Coudenhove-Kalergi advocated mass immigration in order to ensure a Europe populated by an easily controlled Eurasian-Negroid race devoid of nationalism and cohesion, and so he founded the Pan-European Movement (1923). Funding and support came from Max Warburg and Rothschild.


    1. Heard this quite a bit over 40 years, if u look at that breed , no real intelligence or ability to get things done, so the highly intelligent "rulers " will have to end up doing the work and development themselves, it does appear that this kind of thing is to their liking, u know , successful work, must be something else.

  14. Anonymous7:12 am

    Mike have you considered getting in touch with the American Rennaisance website www.amren.com? Judging by the comments there, those Americans seem to be just like us. I think they would appreciate your Pandora's box series so that they can see how big the lies are that the world has been made to believe. It might just help more people wake up and realsie that so much of what we have been led to believe about the world is a lie.

  15. Anonymous7:14 am

    Here is a link showing Angela Merkel with numerous pictures of her flashing her Illuminati hand signs. The article is on Europe's invasion by immigration.


  16. Anonymous9:24 am

    You guys seem to be living in dreamland.. The time for wars is long gone. We now need to sit down and formulate a way to construct a prosperous, democratic SA.
    Anybody with treasonable thoughts is going to be punished heavily.. You mark my words..

    1. @ Anonomous 9:24AM....

      Dreamland? The only one who seems to be in dreamland is you, because you have not woken up to the reality of the hellhole the New South Africa has become.

      You say “We now need to sit down and formulate a way to construct a prosperous, democratic SA.”

      Sorry mate, the time for sitting down and formulating is long gone. 1993/1994 exactly. Those idiots also thought they were “formulating a prosperous, democratic SA”…what was the result? The TOTAL FUCK-UP you call the “Rainbow Nation” and “New (improved?) South Africa".

      You say, “The time for wars is long gone.”

      No, mate…we are in a war at this moment. A war being waged by the ANC on the whites of South Africa. A war your God Mandela declared on the 16th of Dec 1961. A war, an insurgency, that has never stopped. Farm murders, BEE and AA are tactics of this war that we experience every day.We do not want to start a war; We want to end it.

      What else do you suggest whites do? Sit back and be killed in their thousands? How many more? Another 4000?

      When they decide to fight back, YOU, cunt that you are, want to call it “treason”. Were you born stupid or did you have to work on it?

      What do you know about treason? Treason is what we whites experienced in 1994. Those treacherous bastards have not been punished yet. I pray to God every day that I will live long enough to see their half dead carcasses dragged through Church Street in Pretoria so they can feel how those victims of the ANC’s bombs felt. So be careful before you speak about “punishment”. Make sure YOUR day is not coming soon. Make sure YOU are not on my list. You mark MY words.

  17. Anonymous3:56 pm

    I swear you guys are living in the past. We are not "facing Marxist terrorist insurgents". It's like hearing Kenneth Kaunda speak and he's still speaking from a place from forty years ago. What's more, I believe you are far too good at heart and too morally aware to seriously contemplate the legitimisation of any action of organised and planned brutality against other people, who will be entirely innocent of this imagined war. Put all that valuable energy into something creative and less militant and you will find a different answer, an answer that is far more suitable to the noble, great human beings you truly are. Your country will thank you for this. I thank you for the opportunity to share my view on this site.