30 June 2015

Former ANC newspaper editor says ANC allowed SA to sink down a pit

Henry Jeffreys
By Mike Smith

1st of July 2015

For those who do not know Henry Jeffreys used to be the first “black” editor of “Die Burger” Afrikaans fish & chips wrapper and former editor of “The New Age”, the ANC’s newspaper funded by the Guptas ”I am in charge, I am”, says New Age editor

He wasn’t in charge very long seeing that he resigned a few months later.

Now he says… ANC allowed SA to sink down a pit

That is correct, but otherwise Jeffreys speaks mostly crap in his article, seeing that he thinks there is a difference between Socialism and Communism. In short Communism is the ideal. Socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat is the reality. That is why Communist countries like the USSR and GDR called themselves the more euphemistically sounding “Socialist”. Nevertheless, I am digressing.

He also mentions that “The ANC can make peace with the fact that they played a big role in establishing a democracy in SA”.

First of all, it was the +/- 70% whites who voted “YES” in two referendums in 1983 and 1992 who got rid of Apartheid. Not Mandela. Not the ANC.

It was the white traitor F.W. de Klerk who freed the terrorist Mandela unconditionally and unbanned the ANC, the PAC and the SACP.

Mandela did not get the Nobel Prize, he SHARED it with De Klerk. Basically Mandela did sweet blue bugger all to deserve his half.

The ANC did not establish a democracy in SA in 1994. For three years from the 27th of April 1994 to the 3rd of February 1997 they ruled together with the NP and the IFP in A government of national unity under an illegal interim constitution that was created by the ANC and the NP during the illegal Codesa negotiations. In a “Democracy” political parties do not create constitutions. The people create the constitution.

A constitution is a list of the rights we the people have and we tell the government, “Here is a list of our rights. Your job is to protect those rights.”

In a democracy, that is the ONLY job the government has. It is not the government’s job to build schools or roads or whatever. Their only job is to protect the rights of the individual. Nothing more. The ANC has failed in that job. Since the ANC came to power in 1994 (together with the NP and the IFP), they have done nothing else but to undermine our constitution and attempt to take away our rights.

They should take their stupid “Info Bill”, and “Expropriation of Property Bill” along with any and all of their illegal bills and shove it up their backsides.

The ANC never wanted a democracy in SA. The people wanted a democracy. The ANC just wanted to plunder the wealth of the country and its people. That is all they have been busy with since 1994.

1994 marks the start of the subjugation of all South Africans under the yoke of a Marxist dictatorship. That is what we have today. The ANC and Jacob Zuma just do what they want.

Therefore they MUST go! We the people have had enough already!

Liberal chorus of clowns who brought the ANC to power says ANC must go

By Mike Smith

30th of June 2015

As the ANC stepped up its totalitarian tiptoeing into a full-on goose step to dictatorship with the Al-Bashir fiasco and the heavily massaged Marikana report, I revel in the misery of the once starry eyed libtards who supported them and wanted to see them in power.

You know times are bad when even the liberals fall over their feet to complain about their beloved ANC…their little beloved, adopted terrorists who are stealing and ruining SA.

The LWB and Afrikaner wannabe poet/writer, Antjie Krog acknowledged the other day that the country is stuffed beyond comprehension.

She said corruption, the judiciary, schools, hospitals, etc are all stuffed, but wait for her plan….I had to suppress an almost uncontrollable fit of laughter…

She is heavily upset that her liberal Kumbaya Utopia that was promised in 1994 never materialized. She proposed a two year period of “radical reconstruction” by whites (Whitey must fix and change the black babies’ nappies). According to her, white learned people, especially Afrikaners, should spend a year after their studies working for no remuneration amongst blacks to rebuild what the blacks have broken down in the last 21 years.

Further, according to her, every white “suburban household should be confronted with what it is like to live in a township. All parks in white neighbourhoods should be filled with squatters and the streets should be filled with vagrant vendors.”

Now you can see why I come down with a bout of the retard flu every time a LWB opens her gob.

Point is, since the dawn of time, women are used to opening their legs to get what they want, not their mouths. It is just the way it is. Prove me wrong. Maybe stupid LWB Krog hasn’t figured out what her mouth was actually made for yet (speech not being it), because every time she attempts to say something it opens the door for a ticker tape parade of raining egalitarian and bullshit.

Here is another liberal useful idiot who has seen the light, who said: “With every week that passes our governing party more closely resembles its Zanu-PF counterpart in Zimbabwe.”

The ANC is transmogrifying into ZANU-PF

We have been saying it for the last eight years and had to endure the petty scorn from these libtards that we were “racists”. Now they can see that the so-called “racists” were right all along.

In response to Antjie Krog’s pathetic jeremiad about South Africa, über liberal Dr. Alex Boraine from the Des and Alex Show (aka as the TRC) said that Black people should save us from this damn government

According to him, they are the only ones who have the voting power to do so. How naïve can you get? Where and under which Marxist dictatorship has a single vote ever counted for anything? Does he really believe SA is a “democracy”? In fact he actually acknowledges that whites have no voting power and live under a tyranny of the majority.

LWB who wants to sound important…Prof. Christi van der Westhuizen from the University of Pretoria also added her mustard to the five cent piece and said that one cannot wait on the government to bring change. It must be done by the citizens.

It is clear she hasn’t chewed it through before it flowed from her mouth.

Of course it has to be done by the citizens. Question is who are these “citizens”? The whites? The blacks? All of us together?

And who is going to lead them? More importantly, what change is it that she wants? Change just for the sake of change? Change back to Apartheid? Change to another corrupt black government? Or does she believe when the ANC has been ousted that the next group of blacks will be more reasonable and less hateful of whites?

Her degrees and professorship means nothing to me. As long as a LWB can pose as an academic, but still drive a week with her parking brake on without knowing it, because she is permanently on her cell phone, she can shut the fuck up for all I care. She’s not important enough for me to notice.

Dr. Fanie du Toit, executive director of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation said that blacks feel that they have stretched out a hand of reconciliation to whites, but that whites are not doing enough to accept it and that they are slapping it away.

In fact the whites of SA after 1994 really tried to work with blacks and build the country, but blacks are the ones who introduced Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in sport and university entry, etc. Blacks are the ones who shunned the whites. Not the other way around. Further, thousands of white farmers are not being murdered by other whites. The majority of crime in SA is not perpetrated by fellow whites.

Well I agree with all these liberals at least on ONE thing. The ANC must go. All I know is they haven't got a cooking clue of how to get the ANC to go, because their minds are written with shit on shit.

I wonder if I should show them how? Nah...let them get slaughtered first. Let them beg for help...on their knees they should beg. It is all part of JUSTICE. The world would be a far better place without them.

No, seriously. The ANC's time is up. They should just go now. Go back to Tanzania.  South Africa is still for the most part full of decent people. The ANC is scum. They don't belong in SA.

The ANC came into SA from exile, murdered, necklaced, raped and stole from us for the last 23 years. They have failed SA miserably. They have proved beyond any doubt that they cannot and will NEVER be able to run South Africa. They have failed even their own supporters. The ANC is the worst government this country has ever seen. Their time is up. They must just go now. We have had enough of them. They must fade away. We are sick and tired of their rotting criminal carcasses. The stench of their corruption has become unbearable.

ANC fears coup

Yes you useless bastards…You will face the wrath of “People’s Power” soon. Your prayers have been answered. Jesus is coming. Better be prepared. Your days are numbered.

28 June 2015

Amazing criminal skills in Africa

By Mike Smith

29th of June 2015

Can you walk with a flat-screen TV between your legs?

This black woman can. Check out the amazing thieving skills of Africans.

TV gone in 30 seconds. How did she do that?

Problem is that in Africa such skill is admired by fellow blacks. They do not see it as a crime and there is nothing wrong with what she did. The more you can steal and get away with the bigger the admiration…as long as a black steals from whites it is OK. Just don’t let him dare steal from a fellow black. Then he will be beaten to within an inch of his life.

It never ceases to amaze me how blacks will expend so much energy and train for hours, even years, how to acquire criminal skills, but will rarely try to get skills to do an honest day’s work. Even the intelligent ones who made it through university often use all their knowledge and intelligence in a criminal way. Look at Mugabe for instance. He has five degrees. Look at the ANC cronies. Instead of using their education to uplift their fellow blacks, they use it to enrich themselves.

It all depends on what yard stick you judge this behaviour on. What is "criminal" to us is natural behaviour to blacks. Is it "theft" when a hyena steals from a lion? No it is natural behaviour. It is survival. Likewise, is it then "murder" when the lion kills the hyena? No it is natural behaviour. It is survival. This is Africa where daily life is an endless struggle between parasites and hosts.

Stealing from whites is not a crime

27 June 2015

One for the liberals, racial egalitarians and cultural relativists to explain

By Mike Smith

28th of June 2015

You just cannot make this shit up.

Girl’s gruesome murder shock

Killer blames demons for vicious attack

“The Durban High Court last week heard a chilling account of how a 14-year-old girl (Snethemba Dlamini) was brutally murdered (by five women, all relatives of the girl) by pulling out her intestines through her vagina in a ritual believed to cleanse her of demons.”

I would love to hear the critics of Apartheid tell me what their solution to such brutality would have been.

We had Apartheid for a reason. Mainly to protect ourselves from creatures like these.

So this is an open invite to all the liberals, missionaries, dominees, philanthropists, racial egalitarians and cultural relativists to come and explain this behavior to me.

The liberal’s standard defences are always that “It is not all of them” or “They are not educated”…

So here:

Black woman kills her boyfriend’s 2 year old nephew, says she was possessed by demons

Serial rapist and killer Godfrey Ndivhuwo Ntsieni a final year B.Sc student, claims he was possessed by demons

“His counsel also supported his claim that he could've been "sleep-walking" at the time the alleged crimes were committed as Ntsieni was sure that someone could've "initiated" him into a dark cult that made some of his behaviour "out of my control".

Ntsieni blamed a man named "Rendani from Tshakhuma" for giving him a R100 banknote that may have a curse responsible for his uncontrollable behaviour.

26 June 2015

Everything was better under Apartheid

By Mike Smith

26th of June 2015

It was with amusement that I noticed the first ever UN Mandela Prizes being awarded a few days ago.

Tell you the truth, if somebody awarded me such a prize I would have refused it. I live by the motto: “Never associate yourself with failure.”

What is Mandela’s legacy? A rainbow nation failure run into the ground by his criminally corrupt terrorist buddies of the ANC. The party he dedicated his life to.

That is one of the reasons why it is so difficult for me to understand how anybody in his right mind can still support and vote for the utterly corrupt, incompetent and useless ANC. The simple association with such failure is embarrassing, to say the least. Personally I want NOTHING to do with them.

But the wheel is turning and things are changing. Marikana, Nkandla, the Guptas, Al-Bashir, etc are showing the public, even the blacks, who and what the ANC really are; the worst government this country has ever had.

When you are white and you want to emigrate from SA due to crime or racial discrimination in the form of BEE and Affirmative Action, they tell you that YOU are a “racist” who do not want to live under black government. Truth is that most of the people who have left SA already are well educated, informed people and mostly liberal in their thinking. They could not be bothered by what colour of skin the politicians have and they would not have left if the ANC was not so corrupt and actually governed properly.

It is the same with the Rugby supporters. Most will tell you that they couldn’t care less who is in the team as long as they score tries and win.

I have always maintained that people who want to emigrate should do so. Your time is valuable. You only have one life. Make the most of it. There is no reason why you should live under a Communist dictatorship one day longer, let alone for the rest of your precious life. In fact you owe it to yourself and your family to get the best life possible and pursue your happiness. Why stay in SA, work like a slave, earn peanuts and get nothing back for the taxes you pay? Nobody should or need to feel guilty about it either.

South African beauty Lee-Anne Liebenberg finds it difficult to stay patriotic after being held at gunpoint in her driveway

Indian school principal and wife survived an attack by seven armed robbers who repeatedly stabbed and assaulted their son while their grandchildren watched

A few days ago six white families at a house in Linden attending a BBQ were held up at gunpoint. The host was a Dutch citizen who lived in SA for the last 20 years of ANC rule. He tried everything to help SA and the crime problem including being part of the community police forum, protest against e-toll and other activist activities.

Amongst the 35 guests were 18 children. The robbers pointed a gun at them lying on the ground. The host was armed and drew his gun from the holster and when the robber saw him and threatened him, he handed the gun over to the robber. Now they want to emigrate to the Netherlands.

Six families robbed at gunpoint in Johannesburg

Sorry, but if you are armed to protect yourself your wife and your children, but chooses to hand your gun over to the bastards instead of fighting back, then you are right and should rather emigrate.

Linden father describes terrifying experience during robbery

However, there is this perception that only whites want to leave the corrupt and mismanaged New (improved) South Africa, but this is not true. Like in any other Communist dictatorship, Cuba, GDR, Albania, etc…people of all colours and religions flee in their thousands from the Socialist paradise.

I am black and I want to leave

Things have gotten so bad now that EVERYONE wants to leave. Currently there are three types of South Africans: Those who have left already, those who are leaving and those who want to leave. It is the only thing people talk about in SA at the moment.

Nevertheless, blacks becoming more and more disillusioned with the ANC is nothing new…

2002 article in the Guardian: Nostalgia grows for Apartheid system

Apartheid’s “Bantu Education” was Better than Now, Says Leading South African Black Academic

Like I always say. They will still beg for Apartheid to come back. Since the ANC came to power, nothing has improved in South Africa. Not the job prospects, not the electricity supply and certainly not the race relations.

Helen Suzman: Democracy? It was better under Apartheid

Things were better in the bad old days of Apartheid

24 June 2015

ANC tells judges to back off

By Mike Smith

24th of June 2015

You have got to ask yourself how arrogant this Communist fucktard Blade Nzimande can still become.

ANC tells judges to back off

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande this week said “sections of the judiciary tend to somehow overreach into areas that one would expect even in a constitutional state to tread very, very carefully”.

Nzimande is not the only one. Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces and ANC veteran Thandi Modise and ANC chief whip Stone Sizani recently expressed similar sentiments…

Speaking during the parliamentary budget recently, Sizani warned that continued scrutiny of parliamentary process by the judiciary could lead to a “constitutional crisis”.

Translated from Commie speak it means, “If you judges don’t back off, we will suspend the constitution and run a dictatorship.”

Zak Yacoob, a former Constitutional Court justice, told City Press that “government has been willingly complying with the letter of the law, but not quite with the spirit.”

“What they have done in recent times, instead of embracing that duty, they have relied on every conceivable technical objection to evade responsibility. It is this attitude government allows its lawyers to take which has cast some serious doubt on government’s commitment to delivering services for its people.”

It is exactly what I have been saying on here for the last eight years. Since the ANC came to power, they made it their chief job to find ways to undermine and bypass the constitution.

Yacoob said: “I have examined the Constitution again and I have found no provision that says the minister of higher education has the power to determine when the line has been crossed. The minister must remember this is a power that belongs to a court and only the court.”

Problem is that Blade Nzimande is not only the ANC’s minister of higher education; he is also the chairman of the SA Communist Party. The brains behind the ANC. That is why he can be so arrogant.

Mike's patented South African stain remover

By Mike Smith
24th of June 2015

23 June 2015

Meet Terry

South Africa’s military equipment IS being used properly

By Mike Smith

23rd of June 2015

According to Advocate Simmy Lebala, South Africa’s military equipment is not rusting away and collecting dust. It is used properly.

Seriti Commission hears front line defence equipment is properly utilised

Analysing evidence given by senior air force and navy officers as well as opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) shadow defence and military veterans minister David Maynier, Advocate Simmy Lebala said it showed the equipment was being used correctly.

Freedom Front Plus (FF+) defence spokesman Pieter Groenewald reacted to the utilisation aspect telling the paper it was “totally untrue”.

There are Gripens which have been put into storage and the same applies to other equipment acquired as part of the Arms Deal,” he said, pointing out the Navy’s Type 209 submarines spent more time in dry dock than at sea.

Ahhh-ja....Bullshit baffles brains.

Not one of the R8billion Arms Deal submarines is operational

SA Navy crippled by lack of qualified personel

SA Navy spent a fith of targeted hours at sea last year

12 of the 26 Brand new Grippen Jets mothballed and in long term storage

SAAF: from fighting force to flying farce

21 June 2015

Zuma the dictator

By Mike Smith

21st of June 2015

Below you can read the M&G report on how Zuma and four ANC ministers conspired to help mass murderer Omar Al-Bashir escape ignoring a High Court order and pissing on the constitution of South Africa.

When the government and the president is above the law, you have a dictatorship and tyranny will follow. Even blacks agree that Zuma is a dictator.

The tyranny of Jacob Zuma’s leadership

Zuma himself said If I were a dictator I would change a few things…

Is Zuma a dictator?

Based on his behavior, more and more people seem to think so.

“President Jacob Zuma and his key security ministers plotted to ensure Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir’s safe passage out of South Africa, flouting a court order and international convention, the Mail & Guardian has learnt. The ANC described it as choosing African unity over the law.”

How Zuma and ministers plotted Omar Al-Bashir’s escape

The ANC’s six strategies to avoid accountability

20 June 2015

Zuma voter arrested for goat rape

By Mike Smith

21st of June 2015

Johannesburg - A case of bestiality has been opened after a man was caught having sex with a goat in Sharpeville, Gauteng police said on Saturday.

Zuma voter caught having sex with goat

A shepherd caught the man when he heard the goat frantically bleating, police spokesperson Major Mack Mngomezulu said.

"The man undressed himself and then caught the goat, strangled it and started to have sex with it.”

Members of the community came to the shepherd's aid and assaulted the man.

"He was rescued by police who took him to the hospital," Mngomezulu said.

The SPCA was also called to the scene.

19 June 2015

Dylann Roof and the Charleston shooting: What they are not telling you

By Mike Smith

19th of June 2015

I wish these NWO idiots in the CFR, CIA, etc would change their script, because it is really getting a bit boring now and every five year old child can see through it.

I am of course speaking about the clichéd “Spree-killing-lone-white-nutter-with-rightwing-connections-shooting-blacks”.

Latest case in point is Dylann Storm Roof (21) who wore “white supremacist symbols” namely the old SA flag and the Rhodesian flag

Apparently (Note “apparently”) Dylann Storm Roof (notice how all the lone nutters have a middle name; John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Anders Behring Breivik, Barend Hendrik Strydom, etc) walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, sat around for about an hour and then opened fire on the congregation with a .45 Colt that his uncle ( 52yo Bennet Roof) gave him for his birthday killing nine people (6 women and 3 men). Other reports conflict this and says he received the gun from his father.

"I have to do it," Roof, who was arrested during a traffic stop Thursday in Shelby, North Carolina, reportedly explained to his victims. "You rape our women and you're taking over our country, and you have to go."

Notice how he said “I have to” not “I had to” (do it) as if he was still going to do it and have not done it yet.

Dylann’s parents, 57yo Amy (short for Amelia, her real name) and Ben are divorced and he has little contact to his father. Ben runs his own construction business, and he remarried after divorcing Dylan Roof's mother. Roof and his older sister, Amber (27), lived part of the time with their father and the father's wife, Paige, until Ben and Paige divorced. Amber Roof, 27, is engaged to be married and a profile on TheKnot.com shows her wedding is scheduled for Sunday in Lexington, South Carolina. Her fiancé, Michael Tyo, lives just three miles from where Dylann Roof was arrested Thursday in Shelby, North Carolina. She is the one who alerted the police after seeing the footage of her brother on television.

Dylann Roof was also a known pill-popper according to a classmate John Mullins who described him as “kinda wild”.

Further, Dylann was busted on drug charges a few months ago

On him he had Suboxone, a form of the opioid painkiller buprenorphine that is sometimes misused by people addicted to other powerful opioid drugs, such as oxycodone or heroin.

Suboxone is a mind altering drug that has dangerous side-effects that include outbursts of violence and aggression and several people reported complete personality changes after taking it.

Charlston killer was on Suboxone, a drug linked to violence

Roof tried to pass them off as breath-freshening strips before admitting that a friend had given the prescription-only drug to him, and the officer arrested him for possession of a controlled substance. The case appeared to be still pending, according to county court records.

His car is outfitted with a Confederate-flag vanity plate. Another “White supremacist symbol”.

Dylann is scrawny. He is only 5’9” (1.75m) and weighs about 54kg. A black girl called Kimberley Taylor, who was his classmate and went to junior and middleschool with him said on Twitter that “Dylann use to be a super emo, with long blonde hair and he was pretty quiet”.

At age 19, Roof was a high school drop-out and had no job or driver's license. Roof's uncle, Carson Cowles, recalled telling his sister, the suspect's mother, several years ago that he was worried about Roof, and that the "quiet, soft-spoken boy" was too introverted.

Roof appears to have had difficulties at school. He had to repeat his first year at White Knoll High School (which had a mix of black and white students) but left mid-way through his second attempt, according to the local school district. He then went to Dreher High School in a different district for the final three months of the academic year before leaving in 2010. Neither district had records of him completing high school.

What his connection to Apartheid SA is is not clear seeing that he was born in 1994 after Apartheid ended and probably knows very little about it apart from what the liberal media in the US force-feed their public.

Signs of Roof's embrace of symbols of the white supremacy movement could be seen in a Facebook profile apparently belonging to Roof, which was created earlier this year. The only publicly visible photograph on the page showed him looking glumly at the camera, bowl-cut brown hair falling over his forehead.

In the picture, he wears a black jacket that prominently features the flags of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and apartheid-era South Africa from when the two African countries were ruled by the white minority.

Roof's profile listed him as having a little over 80 Facebook friends on Thursday morning, but that number appeared to be dropping, perhaps as others chose to sever their online ties with him. A large number of the Facebook friends were black. By the afternoon, the profile appeared to have been removed from Facebook.

Nevertheless, This killing spree is of course a Godsend for the liberals. The corpses in the church were hardly cold when they climbed onto the bandwagon with their anti white, anti gun propaganda.

Anyone with an elementary knowledge of propaganda will recognize the technique here, namely “association”.

The message they want to spread is clear: White South Africans and Rhodesians are all racist nutcases and should be disarmed and if there is retaliation then the whites deserved it.

What they will never mention is the 1993 St James Church Massacre in Cape Town when a group of black terrorists burst into a white church with automatic rifles and hand grenades killing 11 and wounding 58.

The only thing that prevented them from killing everyone was the fact that a young man (Charl van Wyk) had his .38 special on him and shot back.

Watch Charl tell the horrific story here, careful: Graphic images

Nevertheless, I found the timing of Dylann Roof’s attack just a little bit too convenient.

Why now when the little NWO experiment called “The Rainbow Nation” is failing spectacularly and the ANC’s corruption, misrule and disregard for local and international law institutions are impossible to hide anymore?

Recently we have seen a massive turnaround in SA and how the public started to shun the ANC. These actions of Dylan Roof will again shove sheeple towards the left just like Barend Strydom’s attack and the antics of the AWB at the world trade centre served the purpose of moving white South Africans towards the left and commit political suicide together with F.W. de Klerk and the NP.

18 June 2015

Mao’s cat and an independent Cape

By Mike Smith

18th of June 2015

Just the other day I wrote an article about how The yearning for an independent Cape Republic is not only alive and well; It's growing stronger

As usual there were some really critical questions, which I don’t mind, because it forces one to think and come up with solutions.

One of the questions was like this:

“Too late Mike. There are loads of Eastern Cape refugees in the place. What do you want to do with them?“

He/she was obviously referring to the blacks in the Western Cape that LWB Helen Zille referred to as economic refugees (which they are, seeing that they fled the impoverished Eastern Cape run by the useless and corrupt ANC).

Another person wrote: “How do we get rid of the kaffirs that dont belong there?Without hurting anyones feelings.“

He/she was promptly answered: “If you worried about hurting peoples feeling you may as well stop right now. You take lots of busses, you load them up and drop them off at the border, easy.”

Not a bad idea, but you will probably have to rent the busses and pay for the fuel. Surely there must be a better and cheaper solution to the problem. So I decided to consult my friend who was an officer in the East German Stasi and has now turned full white nationalist.

We discussed the issue and he asked me what my proposal was, so mentioned to him that I always had visions of a Deir Yassin option or a Sabra and Shatila option

He said to me, “Oh no Mike. That is way too brutal. It might have worked for the Israelis back in 1948 and 1982, but the world simply won’t accept such brutal methods today.”

He then handed me a copy of Mao’s biography by Ross Terrill (1999) and opened it at page 273 where the story of Mao’s cat is. He said to me, “Read it and remember that there is always a gentler way…”

I quote:

"After this meeting a story about Mao's methods went the rounds of Shanghai's remaining executive suites."

"Mao called in Liu [Shaoqi] and Zhou [Enlai] . He had a question for them: "How would you make a cat eat pepper?"

Liu spoke up first. "That's easy," said the number-two man. "You get somebody to hold the cat, stuff the pepper in its mouth, and push it down with a chopstick."

"Mao raised his hands in horror at such a made-in-Moscow solution. "Never use force.... Everything must be voluntary."

"Zhou had been listening. Mao inquired what the premier would do with the cat. "I would starve the cat," replied the man who had often walked the tightrope of opportunity. "Then I would wrap the pepper with a slice of meat. If the cat is sufficiently hungry it will swallow it whole."

"Mao did not agree with Zhou any more than with Liu. "One must not use deceit either--never fool the people."

What, then would the Chairman himself do? "Easy," he said, concurring with Liu at least on that.

"You rub the pepper thoroughly into the cat's backside. When it burns, the cat will lick it off...and be happy that it is permitted to do so."

End of quote:

Needless to say…I have changed my mind ;-)

They walk among us...

By Mike Smith

18th of June 2015

Either there is a lot of jokers out there or they are genuinely stupid.

16 June 2015

Let's make 16th of June "Proudly Afrikaans Day"

By Make Smith
16th of June 2015

From this day onward I will celebrate the 16th of June as "Proudly Afrikaans Day".

I reject with contempt the ANC's attempts to kill Afrikaans and turn Afrikaans schools and Universities into multi-lingual, multicultural bush education institutions.

I reject with contempt the ANC's attempts to kill Afrikaans on radio and television.

I reject with contempt the vilification of Afrikaaners, their history and their culture in South Africa.

I reject the systematic impoverishing and genocide against Afrikaners.

I reject with contempt the Communist youth day introduced by the ANC.

Today, I am proudly Afrikaans.

"Lank lewe Die Taal!"



The weird case of LWB Rachel Dolezal: Why stupid liberals should be sterilized and prevented from raising children

By Mike Smith

16 June 2015

On the 11th of June 2015 Rachel Dolezal’s little make believe “wanna-be-nigger” world came crashing down when her parents said she was actually white.

Her parents claim they went public with her true ethnicity only after being questioned by a reporter. Her biological father, Lawrence (Larry) Dolezal, told Today Show's Savannah Guthrie that they simply "did not want to lie."

On Monday Rachel Dolezal (37) resigned as president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, amid allegations of lying about her race

Ironically, Rachel Dolezal sued Howard university for racial discrimination, because she was white

In 2002, Dolezal, who studied at Howard University, sued the historically black college claiming she was discriminated against on the basis of race, pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender.

She specifically alleged that the decision to remove some of her artwork from a student exhibition was motivated by a discriminatory desire to favor black students over her. The suit was dismissed.

Dolezal was born in Lincoln County, Montana in 1977 to parents Ruthanne (née Schertel) and Lawrence (Larry) Dolezal, who are white and primarily of Czech, German and Swedish origin.

Larry and Ruthanne have been married since 1974 and as typical liberal hippies, briefly lived in an Indian teepee in 1974, three years before their daughter was born. Rachel claimed that she grew up in a teepee recounting hunting their food with bow and arrow.

When she was a teenager, her parents adopted four black children: three African American children and one Haitian child named Ezra, Izaiah, Esther and Zachariah.

From 2002 to 2006, after Rachel had left the house and married, her parents and adopted siblings moved and lived in Cape Town, South Africa as Christian missionaries. Dolezal said she lived in South Africa as a child, but her family says she has never been there and didn’t even visit them in SA. She was living in Virginia at the time.

In 2000, Rachel married a black man Kevin Moore, an African-American man who was a medical student at Howard University and had a son with him called Franklin, who is now a teenager, but in media accounts, Dolezal has said she is “the mother of black sons,” (plural) referring to her biological son and one of her parents’ adopted children, whom she considers her son.

Kevin Moore divorced her skank ass in 2004, accusing her of lying and "poisoning" his relationship with their son Franklin then three. She told the boy “something about handcuffs” and that his father has monsters in his house.

Her black adopted brother Ezra said that from around 2006/2007she started changing her straight blond hair to black and perming it frizzy. From around 2011 she started darkening her lily white skin. By this time she also learned to speak in nigger slang and accent.

Shortly afterwards around 2012–2013 she denounced her biological parents and claimed that a black friend named Albert Wilkerson was her real father. Dolezal's mother, Ruthanne, said she has never met Albert Wilkerson and that Rachel Dolezal does not have a stepfather.

In a 2015 interview , Dolezal said she and her siblings were "punished by skin complexion" by her mother and "white stepfather," and compared this alleged punishment to the punishment suffered by black slaves. Her black brother Ezra said the accusations of physical punishment were false.

“She was treated really well as a child,” he said, adding, “I think I would know if I was abused growing up, and I definitely wasn’t.”

Ezra on his lying LWB sister

According to Rachel Doležal, the object her mother and stepfather used to punish them was called a “baboon whip”, used to ward baboons away in South Africa. These whips would leave scars behind, “they were pretty similar to what was used as whips during slavery.”

She was obviously talking about what we in SA call an “Aapstert” (monkey tail) or “Sjambok”. A type of whip made from molten black plastic bags by mostly unemployed blacks and sold at roadside stalls and traffic lights. Maybe her dad bought one when he was in SA and showed her. However he would be stupid to go up against a baboon with one of those.

In 2010, with the consent of her parents, she obtained legal guardianship of her adoptive black brother Izaiah Dolezal, who was then 16 years old. He is now 21. Her other black adoptive brother Ezra Dolezal accused her of having "brainwashed" Izaiah into "hating white people."

According to a February 2015 article in The Easterner, Dolezal said she had suffered from cervical cancer in 2006, but had recovered by 2008. Her brother Ezra said in 2015 that she "didn’t mention anything about having cancer until very recently" and said it was a "lie" to "draw sympathy.”

This hypocritical LWB art professor once told a Hispanic student she did not look Hispanic enough and refused her participation in a class activity about race and culture.

Rachel also claims to have received a number of threatening letters and pictures of lynching in the NAACP’s P.O. box, but the letters and packages doesn’t have date stamps or barcodes so could only have been planted there by somebody who has a key. The police ruled out Post Office employees.

In 2009 she also claimed to have received a noose tied to the rafters on her front porch it was the second one already after a swastika sticker was stuck on the door of the education institute.

In Idaho, Doležal took on the role as director of the Human Rights Institute, where North Idaho white supremacy groups burglarized every home she and her son lived in. Doležal said she believes the white supremacy groups felt threatened by female power. According to Doležal, they hung nooses in her home, vandalized and stole from her property, directed death threats toward her along with threatening to kidnap Franklin while he was in the second grade. She reported all of these acts to the police and each was admitted into police records as hate crimes, yet the culprits were never caught. Doležal moved from home to home and everywhere she moved, they followed. The hate crimes finally ended when she moved to Spokane in 2012.

Tall story…

Nevertheless…Her older white biological brother, Joshua Dolezal, was arrested in 2014 accused of sexually assaulting a minor at his parent's Colorado home "over twenty times" between 2001 and 2002. The alleged victim was 6 or 7 years old at the time according to the arrest warrant.

Joshua Dolezal is facing four felony counts of child sex assault in Clear Creek County


This woman is obviously not rational. This is what liberalism does. It destroys people’s minds. It started with her liberal white parents who adopted four black children and told them that they are all the same.

Liberalism is full of hatred. Hatred of everything white. White people, white culture, white everything. Rachel started hating herself and her whiteness and even brainwashed her adopted kid brother (whom she readopted as her son) to hate white people.

After her black husband divorced her she also started hating men and now considers herself as bisexual. Her white blood brother is a child molesting professor today.

The question has to be asked: “Where did it all go wrong in this liberal white household?” …or rather “Should liberals be allowed to breed at all or, heaven forbid, raise any children?”

15 June 2015

The yearning for an independent Cape Republic is not only alive and well; It's growing stronger

By Mike Smith

15 June 2015

About eight years ago I wrote a few articles on the prospect of an independent Cape Republic on the old SA Sucks website which I later copied to here:

What future is there for whites and other minorities in South Africa

South Africa: Civil war or peaceful split?

At the time there were a lot of naysayers and outright animosity over my proposal. Some even accused me of sedition. I was quite surprised and taken aback, seeing that article 235 in our constitution allows for self determination. The constitution also allows for freedom of expression and association.

Shortly after my article, Jack Miller started the Cape Party which I endorsed in 2009. They received 2,552 votes.

Just for the record. I am not a member of the Cape Party. I am not a member of ANY political party.

On 17 March 2009, the party's website was defaced by vandals. The website was replaced with an image of a "black devil" and the words "fuck off". They blamed the ANC or the DA.

In 2011, 2500 of their election posters went missing in three weeks and replaced with DA posters. To me it was a sign that somewhere, this idea of an independent Cape Republic struck a few nerves.

Of course my proposal was that the northern border should be the Orange River and the Eastern Border should be the Kei River.

These are natural borders and a small section from Aliwal North to Queenstown (167km on the N6) through the Southern Drakensberg mountains will be the rest of the Eastern Border. See Map above.

I chose this area, because from a historical point of view, this part of SA was never settled by any black tribe and they have therefore no claim to it. Only whites and coloureds can lay claim here. It is also militarily defensible and it will have several major ports such as Saldanha, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London.

Like I said initially there was a lot of resistance, but over the years we have seen a steady flow of support for this idea.

The Western Cape Politician Peter Marais wants a referendum to determine if the Western Cape should become a Federal State so that inhabitants can take decisions without interference of the ANC government.

Last Friday on Radio Tygerberg he and businessman Hein Marx said a federal Cape is “an achievable prospect”.

Marais also said that it is the only way to protect the inhabitant’s culture, language and religion. The Western Cape is 51% coloured and 80% Afrikaans.

Coloureds in the Cape yearning for a federal state

He ended his talk with, “I want to reiterate that this is just a proposal. Anybody with a better plan is welcome to lay it on the table.”

Well don’t mind if I do…

An independent Cape was for me always only a starting point. A consolidation and building up of forces. Stage one if you like. Taking back our country the Republic of South Africa is stage two. “Stage three”, you ask? …We stop at the equator.

Al-Bashir exposes the ANC’s love affairs with tyrants

By Mike Smith

15 June 2015

With the apprehension of that genocidal scumbag, Omar Al-Bashir, president of Sudan, the ANC has once again showed their hypocrisy and how they are in love with tyrants.

In an unverified report, News24 reported that the ANC aided and abetted an international criminal to escape arrest which means they should all be arrested.

Bashir has reportedly left SA ahead of arrest bid

Al-Bashir's reported departure came against an order by the High Court in Pretoria made earlier on Sunday barring the Sudanese president from leaving the country. Judge Hans Fabricius had ordered that the home affairs department ensure that all points of entry and exit be informed that al-Bashir is not allowed to leave until the SA Litigation Centre's (SALC) application that South Africa arrest him is concluded.

According to Al Bashir’s Information Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman, his president is on his way home.

According to the ANC’s Justice department spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga told News24: "We are not aware of that. I've just heard it in the media".

Denial, denial, denial...typical ANC.

Journalists are being given the run arround: The international relations department directed queries to spokesperson Clayson Monyela, whose phone went straight to voice mail. The home affairs department said earlier on Sunday that queries should be directed to the justice department.

The KZN-based Mercury newspaper reported on Monday it understood that Al-Bashir left South Africa under a heavy police escort.

“He was escorted by all the security detail, including the Saps VIP Protection Unit, metro police and intelligence officials,” said a highly-placed source familiar with the developments.

Justice Department still does not know where Al-Bashir is

Even Kidi Amin, Julius Malema said that the African Union should protect, Bashir and that the AU must defend al-Bashir from imperialists who are using South Africa to continue its colonialisation plot.

Malema says AU must defend al-Bashir

But the best response came from the ANC with this:

ANC says ICC no longer useful

Aah, yes. The ICC was only useful when they complained about Apartheid now that a black man is accused of REAL genocide, they want to protect him against these Western colonialists and make out as if he is innocent.

Al-Bashir’s exploits in Darfur is of course well known. His forces together with his Janjaweed militia murdered around 400,000 people and displaced 2,5 million more out of a total population of about 6 million. As far as they went, his forces raped, pillaged, terrorized and killed civilians in Darfur.

The Sudanese government has been accused of suppressing information by jailing and killing witnesses since 2004, and tampering with evidence, such as covering up mass graves. The Sudanese government has also arrested and harassed journalists, thus limiting the extent of press coverage of the situation in Darfur.

Al-Bashir has also committed election fraud to stay in power and Wikileaks showed that he embezzled about $9-billion from Sudanese state coffers.

This is the man the ANC glorifies and protects. He makes Apartheid SA look like a picnic in the park. If the ANC was so concerned about black lives, why do they go out of their way to protect a genocidal dictator who has killed close to half a million blacks? Bunch of criminal hypocrites.

10 June 2015

Who wants to be a multi-millionaire? Easy. Just try to investigate Zuma

By Mike Smith

10th of June 2015

Since 1994, according to former State President F.W. de Klerk and his useless foundation, South Africans have nothing to fear from the ANC. We have a constitution and…”checks-and-balances”.

One of those “checks-and-balances” is of course the National Prosecuting Authority who should function independently without fear, favour or prejudice. However the National Director of Public Prosecutions is appointed by a dictator, currently State President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma.

Therefore the NPA is synonymous with “the acme of uselessness”.

So a five year old child can grasp that there is no way in hell that Zuma is going to allow his lapdog (that he appointed) to bite him in the hand and if the lapdog ever tries he will be beaten down, his teeth kicked in and he will be thrown out on the street…Like Mxolisi Nxasana was recently.

Nxasana is not the first one to be bullied and bribed and he certainly won’t be the last either.

Not one single National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) has ever served out their full term. Bulelani Ngcuka tried to prosecute Zuma and was accused of being an apartheid era spy (Code Number RS452) and was investigated himself by the Hefer commission of Judge Joos Hefer. Before the Hefer Commission proceedings began, Ngcuka resigned and set up business with other former security forces personnel.

Then came Vusi Pikoli who wanted to open a can of worms and prosecute then Police Commissioner and head of Interpol Jackie Selebi (a friend of Mbeki) and also the then deputy president Jacob Zuma (friend of acting President Kgalema Motlanthe). Motlanthe fired Pikoli after he was made to endure the Ginwala commission of inquiry. Pikoli went to court and finally agreed to an out of court settlement of R7.5 million rather than a prolonged court battle. Paid off and shut up.

So State President (yours not mine) Zuma appointed his lame duck and tame lap dog Menzi Simelane. The DA wanted to fight his appointment in court and Bishop Tutu called his appointment an “aberration”.

During her investigation of Vusi Pikoli, Dr Frene Ginwala said in her findings that it seemed that Simelane had tried to interfere in the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) decision to arrest ex-top cop Jackie Selebi for corruption.

Menzi Simelane was also under investigation by the South African General Council of the Bar and the High court Judge Zac Yacoob said that in the unanimous judgment he was found unfit for duty as National Director of Public Prosecutions. Simelane resigned in December 2012.

Having a lapdog losing his loyalty and starting to bite the hand that feeds it is a disaster for a Communist dictator like Zuma and of course his corrupt regime. Kicking and beating the dog makes you look bad in the eyes of the public. Better to control him from the start with a tight choker chain.

That is why Mxolisi Nxasana was appointed on the advice of Michael Hulley, Zuma's lawyer. Zuma first made sure he was the “right” candidate. That means he had enough dirt on Nxasana.

In 1985 when Nxasana was 18, he was tried for murder, but he claimed self defence and was acquitted. He neglected to declare it before he was appointed as NPA boss. He did mention that he was involved in two assault cases of which at least one resulted in another murder case. He neglected to mention the second murder as well. When NPA integrity management unit head Prince Mokotedi wanted to investigate the claims he was blocked by NPA CEO Karen van Rensburg. Nxasana said he had paid a R50 admission-of-guilt fine in an assault case in Nongoma, KwaZulu-Natal, in 1986, which concerned "a problem with my girlfriend". He beat her up. That is what happened.

Conflict escalates at NPA as boss allegedly linked to second murder case

Nevertheless, his boss, Justice Minister Jeff Radebe asked him to quit when it came out that he also neglected to mention that he had a R2000 law society fine and a 2012 traffic offence.

Nxasana said that, in April, he had been informed that two state security agents had spent two weeks in KwaZulu-Natal digging into his past. The agency did not confirm the investigation.

He also accused National Prosecutions Authority Deputy Director Nomgcobo Jiba that she was part of a cabal who wanted to oust him, because he wanted to reinstate corruption charges against President Zuma that were dropped in 2009.

Jiba was strongly criticized in two separate Supreme Court of Appeal judgments relating to her conduct in the Zuma ‘spy tapes’ case and in her decision to withdraw criminal charges such as fraud, money laundering and corruption cases against former police crime intelligence chief Richard Mdluli.

She is currently facing fraud and perjury charges relating to another case, where charges were lodged against the Kwazulu-Natal head of the Hawks Major-General Johan Booysen before an affidavit against him was actually deposed. These charges stem from her botched attempt to build a trumped-up criminal case, including charges of murder and racketeering against Booysen.

The reason he had become a target -- was his refusal to back down from investigating corruption charges against, amongst others, six ANC MECs from KwaZulu-Natal, the KZN Police Commissioner and the Zuma-connected businessman, Toshan Panday. Booysen has since been cleared, both in court and in an internal disciplinary hearing, of any wrongdoing.

President Zuma has taken no action against lying, manipulating Jiba despite the fact that that the law says only he can suspend or remove her from her post.

Jiba also played a central role in preventing the DA from accessing the infamous Spy Tapes (until all delaying tactics, through six successive court appearances, were finally exhausted and the NPA was eventually forced to hand them over).

Helen Zille accused her of being Zuma’s agent in the NPA deployed to do his dirty work

Jiba’s husband, former lawyer and Scorpions member Booker Nhantsi, had his criminal record expunged by Zuma. Nhantsi was sentenced in 2005 for stealing a client’s money from his trust fund and had all records of it erased in September 2010.

Nevertheless, Mxolisi Nxasana was paid a bribe of R17 million to resign after striking a deal with Zuma, because when he wanted to reinstate charges against Zuma he was threatened, coerced and investigated to the point of resignation, but he had enough dirt on Zuma to get a big retirement package.

R17 million is not bad for less than two years work of a 10 year contract. Unfortunately it is our taxpayer’s money used to keep Zuma in power.

But this is not the end of Zuma’s bribery of police officials who want to investigate him. Hawks head, Lieutenant General Anwa Dramat was suspended in December by the Police Minister on spurious charges relating to the rendition of Zimbabwean nationals in 2010. His suspension came right after he requested that the Nkandla file be handed to the Hawks for investigation.

The Helen Suzman foundation had his suspension overturned in court, but Zuma offered him a bribe of a R3 million payout plus R60 000 a month for the next 14 years (until Dramat is 60). That's a total of R13 million of taxpayer’s money…

Hey, any man has his price, right?

Zuma replaced him with another lapdog, Major General Berning Ntlemeza who started a massive purge of “trouble makers” in the Hawks shortly after his appointment to office.

If you want to know who will be the next multi-millionaire from taxpayer’s hard earned money, just look at who will try to investigate Zuma next.

…And these are the so-called “Checks and balances” that F.W. de Klerk assured us of that would protect us.

I have to conclude that the man is a complete imbecile. He has no clue of how the criminal gangs of the ANC and SACP operate. The name of the game is “Power forever”. They will cheat, threaten, coerce, bribe and even kill to stay in power. But some people still believe they can be beaten at the ballot box and voted out of power. utter rubbish.

Zuma and his corrupt Communist Troika are not going anywhere. You will have to shoot them out of power.

09 June 2015

Appletiser chews bubbles after “racist” Multi-Culti add

By Mike Smith

9th of June 2015

You have to laugh at these silly liberal idiots who live in denial. Take Appletiser with their innocent add of showing us how wonderful the Multi-Culti Rainbow Utopia should look like…A blonde woman and a black sheboon cosying up together and “needing” each other.

Problem is they called the sheboon a “brunette” and the blacks took offence to this.

Problem is also that the ones taking offense make themselves guilty of racism by taking offense, because what is wrong with being a brunette? But I doubt it if they have the clarity of mind to know what I am talking about. If you point it out to them (and the liberal idiots) you will probably get that typical blank stare again.

Next Appletiser apologized profusely for calling black women brunettes and being unintentional “racists”, but in doing so they condoned the racist blacks who took offense at being called brunettes so they are racists AGAIN…from the other side...

Lost already?

What I don’t get is why the add says that every brunette needs a blonde best friend?

I always thought there was a brunette conspiracy out there to make blonde women out as stupid so they can get all the men. Apparently blondes have been having too much fun and brunettes want in on it too. So why does a clever brunette needs a dumb blonde best friend for? The add is just stupid. Doesn’t make sense. Maybe I am just not on the same liberal wavelength.

Appletiser should rather worry about their suppliers, the farmers of the Western Cape and Grabouw where the Noble Savage boons have been stealing the apple orchards into bankruptcy. It is so bad that the Apple farmers took out their apple trees and planted olives. Blacks hate olives.

Soon there won't be any Appletiser anymore.

Sorry to burst your fizzy bubble Appletiser, but I certainly do not need any of them.

Apologise, learn, move on: Appletiser

Appletiser apologises for froth over Blonde/Brunette add

Appletiser PC Multi Culti Idiots

08 June 2015

Poo-flinging simian bi-ped suspended due to racist chimpout at UCT

By Mike Smith

9th of June 2015

Dealing with the consequences of your mistakes is very hard for liberals, but I love it when their black chickens come home to roost. I find it totally amusing every time one of their pet monkeys behaves naturally and they stand there with shock expressions on their mugs. Priceless.

Take Chumani Maxwele for instance. He is the one who, in typical monkey manner, flung poo at the statue of Cecil John Rhodes at the University of Cape Town and was largely responsible for the spineless liberal white idiots of UCT to capitulate and remove the statue.

They were the ones responsible for allowing him in through their racist policy of Blacks first; Whites last. Racial row over UCT quotas

Then about a month ago he was suspended for allegedly intimidating, harassing, threatening and racially abusing a staff member.

Now the truth has come out about what actually happened.

'Whites should be killed' - UCT reveals charges against Chumani

According to the university‚ on Mayday‚ May 1‚ Maxwele went into the Mathematics building after being informed that “as it was a public holiday‚ all lecture theatres and classrooms were locked. Once inside the building‚ and after ascertaining that the said rooms were in fact locked‚ he is alleged to have:

- raised his voice at the lecturer (who was in the department to mark student papers)‚ stating that she was ‘a white woman who takes all the rights of the black students’;

- shouted aggressively that ‘the statue fell; now it’s time for all whites to go’;

- stated that he was not interested in the opinion of whites and that they should be killed;

- continuously shouted and swore at the lecturer and two other witnesses to the incident;

- started banging on the lecturer’s office door (after she had entered the office and locked her door) and when the lecturer opened the door‚ to have pushed her in his attempt to enter;

- continued to shout and scream at her and bang on her desk; and

- uttered the words: ‘We must not listen to whites‚ we do not need their apologies‚ they have to be removed from UCT and have to be killed’.”

Witnesses apparently backed up this version of events‚ while none supported Maxwele’s.

Of course the ANC youth league is fully supporting Maxwele.

“He is definitely being victimised by UCT and we will support him. As the ANCYL‚ we want to see transformation‚ especially at UCT. We feel this is a conspiracy against Maxwele. We’ve seen the same happening during apartheid when activists were targeted‚” a spokesman was quoted as saying.

Now just think for a moment what would have happened if a white student said this about blacks at UCT. It would have been front page news in every newspaper and the student would have been charged for hate speech at the Human Rights Commission, but Maxwele only received a suspension.

I wonder where the beady eyed, gay Afrikaner, über-liberal and UCT law professor, Pierre Francois de Vos is on all this. Where is his condemnation of this blatant racist hate speech against white South Africans?

Don’t hold your breath. You can see him below when he defended black racism against whites in his inaugural lecture at UCT.

Nevertheless, they better prosecute this Poo-flinging dickhead Maxwele, because if they don’t it will send a message to all and sundry that calling for the killing of all whites (racial genocide) is condoned. It will also tell whites that it is OK to return the insults to blacks and the next thing you know you have a Rwanda situation on your hands.

Belgian man (71) who had Samurai sword shoved down his throat does not want to live anymore

By Mike Smith

8th of June 2015

The police tell us and the government insists that these kind of attacks are just botched robberies and ordinary crime.

Robbers attack man with samurai sword

Sword victim does not want to live anymore

Roger van Parys, 71, has been left extremely traumatised after the attack last Thursday. Five robbers pounced on him early in the morning when he went to the bathroom. They tied his hands and feet and dragged him through the house with a gun to his head. The robbers also wanted to burn him with a hot iron but they couldn’t find a wall socket quickly enough.

When they wouldn’t accept the jewelry he tried to give them, they put a sword down his throat. Van Parys sustained cuts to the mouth, neck and oesophagus. Three of his ribs were broken and he has abrasions all over his body.

So the “Robbers” wouldn’t accept the jewelry he tried to give them? What is it they were after then? Just the two cell phones? It doesn’t make sense.

This attack was no “ordinary crime” it was a barbaric, racist, terrorist attack aimed to drive whites out of the country. In my opinion whites in SA should arm themselves and start fighting back. Shoot first and ask questions later. It is long overdue

How blacks harvest white body parts at South African mortuaries

By Mike Smith

8th of June 2015

Imagine your wife or mother dies and before the funeral you discover that her genitals and breasts have been cut off by blacks to sell as Muti to Sangomas who will dry it, grind it and mix it with herbs to give some simian biped a hard-on or make a sheboon’s lover come back.

A troop of Noble Savages have been fired from a funeral parlour for harvesting body parts such as genitals and breasts from the corpses of two elderly woman (69 & 96) for use as Muti. (Black magic voodoo medicine)

Funeral parlour horrified by mutilated corpses

Operations director of Doves Funeral parlour Adriaan Batt said: “It made me sick to the stomach. I was never prepared for this and I was angry that people would show such disrespect for the dead”.

He said the police were called and four possible suspects were identified. A few days later two more funeral directors were suspended, bringing the suspensions to six.

Although the media knows the identities of the two women they are withholding it…Which can mean only one thing: The victims were white women.

This one report stated Experts confirmed that the trade in body parts, particularly the body parts and skin of white people, was big business

Seasoned medic, Dr Steve Naidoo, who has been employed by the State as a pathologist for 28 years, said the mutilation of bodies in mortuaries was nothing new.

“I’ve seen many instances in which bodies are mutilated. Genitals of both men and women are targeted.”

The doctor spoke of an instance in which a young white man who had died of natural causes had his breast cut off in a state mortuary.

Social anthropologist Mary de Haas said she was not surprised by the news. “The trade in body parts is operated by syndicates and it is a lucrative business.”

Employees of mortuaries were often linked to syndicates, she said.

She said white bodies were most vulnerable because white people usually cremate their dead and seldom checked or viewed bodies before cremation.

…And then they ask us why we had Apartheid.

05 June 2015

Spot the Springbok; Win a Toyota

By Mike Smith

5th of June 2015

I see the Springbk fans are up in arms about the diminished Springbok logo that is on the left arm and the new SA flag that is on the bum of the shorts

Fans Red-card Bok’s Bum deal

Of course it is ANC political meddling again. We should go on our knees and thank them that the little Springbok is at least still there. They know Rugby is part of the white’s culture and that to the whites in SA Rugby is a religion. So it must be destroyed. No symbols of nationalism or patriotism allowed for whites.

Oh well. I have stopped watching SA Rugby a long time ago. I couldn’t be bothered about the Stormers or Bulls. I don’t know who is where on the log at all. As long as they have racial quotas in Rugby causing the Boks to constantly play with a handicap I will boycott them.

I couldn’t give a toss if the Springbok jumps left or right, whether it is on the left chest or the right or the left shoulder or right. I don’t care if the Bok emblem gets smaller and more insignificant every year. In fact I fully support the ANC’s plan of getting rid of the Springbok. My only problem is that they are not doing it fast enough.

As far as I am concerned the ANC should stop fucking about. They should simply replace the Springbok logo with the Hammer and Sickle and make all the players black. Get it over and done with, because that is what they REALLY want to do anyway, isn’t it? Who do they think they are fooling?

Let the Hammer and Sickles then lose every single game like their useless Bafana-Bafana so the whites can lose their interest in Rugby completely, stop worshipping their Rugby god and start concentrating on the more important issues like getting our goddamn country back.

To think we sold our country for the right to see a watered down mediocre Springbok team play internationally. Unbelievable, but its true.

Its about time they start putting the Rugby stadiums to good use.

I want to see the stadiums filled to the brim with whites singing freedom songs instead of Rugby songs. I want them to sing Die Stem instead of Nkosi Sikilel’ iAfrika and wave the old SA flag in the tens of thousands instead of that rag that looks like Winnie Mandela’s G-string.

Maybe one day when we have our country back we can then restore our beloved Springbok to its rightful place on the Green and Gold and play proper Rugby again. Until then its Women’s Beach Volleyball for me.

02 June 2015

The awakening of liberal Europe

By Mike Smith

2nd of June 2015

Every time I hear the liberal media talk about “migrants” being rescued in the Mediterranean I cringe.

Miriam Webster defines “migrant” as follows

“A person who goes from one place to another especially to find work”.

This is not what these African blacks and muslims in their rust-bucket bum-boats intend to do. They want the free shit. They want the Whites of Europe to give them free houses, food, furniture, money, healthcare, pensions, etc without having to work for it.

This is what you get when you feed the monkeys. More will come and then some until you have a problem that is out of control.

Further they attack humans who feed them. Why? Well…monkeys have an eating hierarchy. First the Alpha male will eat, then the other ones then the little ones. They don’t share their food. By giving a monkey YOUR food, you are showing him weakness and inferiority and he WILL attack you.

No…These Africans are simply illegal immigrants, but since the liberal La-di-da’s declared that “no human is illegal” the media calls them simply “migrants” and apart from their overly inflated attitudes of entitlement, they bring all their diseases along as well such as HIV and Ebola. Further nobody knows anything about them. They have no visas, no passports, nothing. They could be escaped rapists and serial murderers for all we know. They are walking time bombs, but what is the solution put forward by the EU? They are going to divide them up fairly and distribute them evenly.

What amazes me is that these European liberals have no problem slamming forced segregation, but they practice something worse and unconstitutional…forced integration.

Then there is the question of why they want to go to Europe in the first place.

Didn’t the likes of Franz Fanon, Julius Nyerere and Jomo Kenyatta hate and despise their European colonizers who “oppressed” them. Weren’t they proud that they drove the whites out of Africa? Why would they now want to go to these white run former colonial masters? To be oppressed some more? Or is it, because they are useless and have destroyed their own countries? South they cannot go anymore, because the South African blacks just chop them up with pangas and set them alight in so-called “xenophobic” attacks.

Nevertheless, not all the European countries are happy that thousands of these illegal immigrants are being distributed evenly amongst them.

EU migrant quotas ignite racism in Northern Europe

Most amazingly is the fact that even the liberals are waking up now and coming over to our side. Take Estonian liberal politician Kristiina Ojuland for instance who made multiple posts and comments on her Facebook page, calling for an end to Mediterranean migration. Ojuland used the word "neeger" to describe an African migrant, a term seen as increasingly socially unacceptable in Estonia.

The ones opposing her decided to focus more on Ojuland’s decision to use the term nigger than the underlying question itself. Ojuland did however not budge and said “Why would I not say Nigger? A nigger is a nigger isn’t it?”.

European Guardian: Africans in Europe is an Existential Question for Estonia Says Former Foreign Minister

“Today yet again I see a fully able young Negro begging for money in Italy, from people who have worked hard to earn a lunch. I think that we should start a pan-European campaign to collect signatures to ensure that not a single so-called refugee gets across the Mediterranean. Enough of this nonsense!” Ojuland, the former high-ranking politician who for years campaigned Estonia to join the EU, wrote.

''For those who think I’m just nagging luckily you’re wrong. The Negro question is for Estonia an existential one and it’s a non-reversible one. Once we let them into our country we won’t be able to undo it.”

And when they called her a “racist” she fiercely attacked them.

"Stop using the word 'racist'! As a white person, I feel that the white race is threatened today! Are Estonians also so brain-washed now that they start talking some kind of politically correct bullshit?” Ojuland wrote on her Facebook, responding to comments calling her remarks racist.

Finland's new speaker of parliament Maria Lohela who has an immigration-critical blog said Saturday on Finnish YLE television that people in Muslim countries cannot "participate in society."

Isn’t it amazing that a few years ago all these North European countries  criticized South Africa for Apartheid, called us backwards and actively assisted the Marxist enemies of our country to get rid of segregation? Now that their own countries are threatened by the “Swart gevaar” (the black danger) they flip out and throw tantrums.

Tja, as I have always maintained...The day will still come that they will beg us to show them how to introduce Apartheid. We weren’t “backwards”. We were visionaries. We weren’t 30 years behind Europe. We were 30 years ahead!