31 August 2015

Give the regime a daily dose of disobedience and defiance

By Mike Smith

28th of August 2015

In the previous section on getting rid of a regime we looked at Why people obey dictators and we determined that obeying a tyranny is not natural. People obey, because of habit, being conditioned, fear, coercion, etc.

The question therefore is: How do you get people to actively disobey instead of just speaking out against it?

Many good people have assumed that if they denounce the oppression strongly enough, and protest long enough, the desired change will somehow happen. That assumption is an error. Resistance to tyranny is a moral duty and should be part of every person's daily routine.

Resistance to injustice is a moral duty.

Just the other day a member of the public asked a question online which made me think: Are we South Africans committing a crime by paying tax?

The crime we would be committing is, “aiding and abetting crime, corruption and extortion”.

Henry Thoreau used a metaphor in his essay Civil Disobedience, 1849 comparing the government to a machine: when the machine was producing injustice, it was the duty of conscientious citizens to be "a counter friction" (i.e., a resistance) "to stop the machine."

Thoreau was disgusted by slavery and he was opposed to the war the USA was waging against Mexico (1846-1848) that, if they would win, which they did, would enlarge the area where American slavery would be practiced. He saw his taxes as a means of supporting injustice and refused to pay poll tax. He was imprisoned for it, albeit only for a night, before his aunt paid the taxes against his wishes.

In his essay he exhorts people not to just wait passively for an opportunity to vote for justice, because voting for justice is as ineffective as wishing for justice; what you need to do is to actually be just.

This is not to say that you have an obligation to devote your life to fighting for justice, but you do have an obligation not to commit injustice and not to give injustice your practical support. Paying taxes is one way in which otherwise well-meaning people collaborate in injustice.

In a constitutional republic like South Africa people often think that the proper response to an unjust law is to try to use the political process to change the law, but to obey and respect the law until it is changed, but if the law is itself clearly unjust, and the law-making process is not designed to quickly obliterate such unjust laws, then Thoreau says the law deserves no respect and it should be broken.

The regime: False appearance of the strong fortress

To most people, the state and its apparatus appear monolithic and virtually indestructible like a medieval stronghold or fortress.

In the old days this strong appearance of the fortress was deliberate. It was designed to be impenetrable and to deter enemies from laying siege to it and trying to conquer it. It would just not be worth the effort and cost.

The classical strategy to take such a fortress was to besiege it by building rings of “circumvallation” and “contravallation” around it in what is known in military terms as Investment and then either scaling the walls or breaching it with siege engines and battering rams. The city's inhabitants would slowly starve and weaken, making it possible eventually to breach the walls and take the castle. These sieges tended to be quite long and bloody.

Over the centuries, however, certain enlightened strategists hit upon a different way to bring down the walls. Their strategy was based on a simple premise: the apparent strength of the fortress is an illusion, for behind its walls are people who are trapped, afraid, even desperate.

The city's leaders have essentially run out of options; they can only put their faith in the fortress's architecture. To lay siege to these walls is to mistake the appearance of strength for reality.

If in fact the walls are hiding great weakness within, then the proper strategy is to bypass them and aim for the interior. This can be done literally, by digging tunnels beneath the walls, undermining their strength, a conventional military strategy.

A better, more devious route is to infiltrate people inside them or to work with the city's disaffected inhabitants. This is known as "opening an inner front", finding a group on the inside who will work on your behalf to spread discontent and will eventually betray the fortress into your hands, sparing you a long siege.

For ten long years, the Greeks battered the walls of Troy to no effect; the simple gift of a wooden horse let them sneak a few men into Troy and open the gates from within.

When faced with the dictatorship in South Africa it becomes clear that the “Castle” is not impenetrable. In fact it has been infiltrated already. All the structures the dictatorship depends upon to remain in power are only held together by a few key civil servants who still obey the regime. Therefore it is extremely vulnerable. If these key people start to disobey and withdraw their support, the entire regime will come crashing down.

The termite strategy: Stopping Thoreau’s “machine of injustice”

“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.” Proverbs 6:6

The South African poet and intellectual genius Eugene Marais studied termites for ten years in the Waterberg area. Strictly speaking termites are not ants, but are also known as “White Ants” and Marais wrote a book called “The soul of the white ant” which was plagiarized by the Belgium Nobel Prize laureate, Jesuit and Socialist, Maurice Maeterlinck in 1926.

Marais came up with the theory of "organic unity" and saw termites not as individual organisms, but the colony as an organism in itself.

Termites are hardly visible from the outside. They take small bites and patiently bore through beams and supports. Their work goes by almost unnoticed, but not the results. These are individual organisms as part of a large organism, slowly weakening and bringing the structure down. Once you notice them, it is already too late.

The basic principle here is that it is easiest to topple a structure, a wall, a group, a defensive mind, from the inside out. When something begins to rot or fall apart from within, it collapses of its own weight, a far better way to bring it down than ramming yourself against its walls.

So imagine the key people on the inside of these government structures putting little spanners in the machine every day causing structural breakdown, not immediately, but almost unnoticed over a period of time.

Here you have two types of breakdowns. “Breakdown of commission” and “breakdown of omission.”

A “breakdown of commission” is an active act of sabotage to bring the system to a halt.

A “breakdown of omission” is the deliberate failure to act in order to prevent a breakdown.

Typical examples of “breakdown of commission” are to lose critical files or documents. Break the printer or scanner. Break the air conditioner, set off the fire alarm at critical times triggering an evacuation, etc.

Typical examples of “breakdown of omission” are to simply do nothing or waste time at critical periods. Spend double the amount of time on the toilet. Do everything at half speed. Be off-sick or simply do nothing when you can to prevent a crash.

Start with something small, low risk and grow from there. Point is that you will start to feel part of the resistance, part of the larger colony, part of doing your duty. It builds confidence, it gives you self respect and dignity knowing you are breaking the habit of obedience and defying an unjust regime.

Look at Batman. He first goes after common thugs, building a reputation and a name. Only then does he take on The Joker.

If your day is over and you haven't done your bit of disobedience and defiance, then it was a wasted day. Weakening these structures that support the regime is what we are after. Without availability of those sources of power, the rulers’ power eventually weakens and finally dissolves even if he has foreign support. The dictators’ power will die, slowly or rapidly, from political starvation.


  1. The blacks are doing it all for us every day. They steal the money, they do not work, and the police are sleeping in their bakkies,etc, etc. just to name a few.
    How long will they still last?

  2. Anonymous11:30 am

    "Investment" is a crap strategy, the attackers cannot just come close to the castle because rocks & boiling tar will be thrown down on them.

    They will also be within range of archers, crossbow men & mechanical darts..
    Any tall portable towers or ladders used to scale the walls were also set alight or pushed over.

    This is also why many castles had motes with drawbridges to keep the enemy at bay.
    One of the best strategies was tunneling, very timely though.

    Once under an important corner wall, a massive hole was dug underground & shored up with huge logs, in this area a big fire was started the tunnel vacated & the castle walls would normally collapse on themselves.

    The trick is to undermine the foundations.

  3. Anonymous11:47 am

    Being good to remember that all your advice on how to sabotage the regime if aplican-for whites only.

    Because when it comes to blacks, they already do all this you spoken automatically and instinctively from birth.

    The black so born break prenatal incubator.

  4. Anonymous11:49 am

    Blacks need not read Henry Thoreau.

  5. Willempie11:51 am

    Well the breakdown by omission is something the government and it's cadres are managing quite well by themselves thank you very much! Everything they have touched turned to crap. The only thing that keeps them going is the access to taxpayer's money - therein lies the rub...

    1. It seems we are all of the same opinion that our useless civil servants are doing the sabotage all by themselves. Shit, I know, ten years ago I was involved in a govt project. It was the most frustrating experience of my life. We spent almost two years wasting time and a large amount of the Italian govt's money. I agree with Willempie that all that keeps them going is the access to funds. We have to do everything in our power to pay as little tax as possible [don't we already do that?]

    2. Anonymous11:18 pm

      No, Tomkat, we can do more by registering our own businesses and funneling all expenses through there, charging consulting fees, employing the wife to do the books, employing the daughter as cleaner & tea lady, charge the wheel balancing & diesel to the company... Rent out a room in the house as a "guest house" - deduct food bills, DSTV, en, en...

      About the frustration of working on governmunt projects, go ask some white contractors at Kusile... he he he, jou hare sal regop staan.

  6. Anonymous10:54 pm

    I'm not sure what your point is here, Mike, since we don't exactly have representation in the key points of the regime, and the "enemy" is seemingly hard-coded to commit acts of omission in any job, anyway, yet their evil seems to show no sign of imminent collapse? Perhaps I have missed the point.

    One thought does spring to mind, though. People often say that we should withhold our enabling tax monies, only to have it pointed out that you cannot just not pay tax without great personal repercussions. But maybe we can break the tax system, while still complying with the letter of the law. Can we not take a leaf from the toxic unions that pioneered the art of bringing companies to their knees with go-slows and work to rule campaigns? Let's do the same with SARS.

    For a start, they have achieved great efficiencies with e-filing. There should be a campaign to boycott e-filing and only submit poorly completed and indecipherable manual returns and accompanying documentation, compliant with the law but designed to maximise the amount of time wasted by any official who would have to process it.

    Let's break the system. Find every possible legal way to clog the process. Raise a dispute on every tax payment, request a finding on everything, all register as provisional payers, ask for repayment terms (which they must consider) on all assessments, swarm the tax offices with inane queries so that people who want to register for VAT, etc can't even get near the tax offices, etc, etc. There are probably thousands of things that a sufficient quantity of dissenters can do legally that will make the system inefficient enough to dent collection significantly.

    We need some tax experts to advise us on all the ways that will create the maximum delays to their tax collection bureaucracy. Pay what is owed, but do it in the must inefficient way possible that breaks all their attempts to streamline the system.

    1. A hacker will be more efficient - hack the system and force a collapse. Anyone knows such a person?

    2. Anonymous2:59 am

      Those some good ideas anon 10:54

    3. Anon 10:54 that is a good idea and I have already employed such measures, but it takes commitment on your part to put up with the imbecilic bureaucracy. It tries one's patience to the utmost. TheBronx has a good idea, hack the mothers.

    4. @ Anon 10:54 PM...Thanks for those excellent ideas you shared with the readers. These are the tactics and methods I am talking about.

      The point I made, and that many rightly affirmed, is that when we look at all the government institutions or "pillars of power" then we can see that the blacks have done an excellent job of destroying it and making it as inefficient as possible. The only thing that holds these institutions marginally together is the obedience of some white, coloured, Indian and a few competent blacks towards the regime. So in effect we do not need to do much. Most of it has been done already. All we need to do is to give one final tug and get those people to disobey and come over to our side. Like I said, they don't even have to do much. They just have to do nothing.

      When that happens, the system comes crashing down. Now you do this in the Post Office, Telkom, SARS, the Police, the mines, the banks, Eskom, Water Works and all the "Pillars of support" and you watch the ANC fall. They cannot function without Telkom's services. They cannot function without mail being delivered. They cannot function without tax being collected. They cannot function without garbage being collected, sewage and water services. The only thing holding it all together and preventing a total collapse is the obedience of some of our people still on the inside there. If these people all decide tomorrow to withdraw their support, it is game over for the ANC. They won't even have the power to resign. They will just fall away and disintegrate.

    5. I phukin like your plan 1000%.
      Bottle neck and choke the system until it collapses.

    6. Anonymous12:53 pm

      BACK IN THE DAY, circa around 2001/2/3 I ran my business in what is the Ekurhuleni metro. Even then there was 1 white guy and his secretary holding the whole shebang together. Same with Gauteng municipality and Eskom, they were all clients of mine. At the time I told everyone what was going on and that it was merely a matter of time before inertia set in and the whole fuckup came tumbling down, so I made my plans and got the hell out. At the time I extrapolated 20 years based upon the history of Zim and other African disasters. The sad thing is the guy I mentioned, "Hansie" I think his name was is probably still there, holding it all together. I think he suffers from Stockholm syndrome. They probably all do.

    7. Anonymous11:25 pm

      @ Tomkat: Yes, it is a frustration to work with every one of their departments but we should see that as their way of already helping to speed up the process of slowing everything down...
      Suggest paying VAT in cash at bank in three or four deposits so that there is a deposit fee on every payment. If the bank refuses to take your cash (as in the case of certain people who tried this with their e-tolls) get a letter from the bank manager that states that he is refusing to accept cash - cash is legal tender & they can't refuse to accept it.

  7. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Piel stywe post Oom!!

  8. Anonymous11:40 pm

    The Fall of Constantinople occured on May 29, 1453 after a siege which began on April 6. The battle was part of the Byzantine-Ottoman Wars (1265-1453).


    You do of course notice the APRIL 6

    On April 12, 1453, lighted tapers were put to the touchholes of the sultan’s guns along a four-mile sector of the front line, and the world’s first concerted artillery barrage exploded to life.

    If there is any single moment in the history of warfare at which an authentic sense of awe at the exponential power of gunpowder could be palpably felt, it is here in the accounts of those firing these great guns in 1453. The taper ignited the powder:

    And when it had caught fire, faster than you can say it, there was first a terrifying roar and a violent shaking of the ground beneath and for a great distance around, and a din such as has never been heard. Then, with a monstrous thundering and an awful explosion and a flame that illuminated everything round about and scorched it, the wooden wad was forced out by the hot blast of dry air and propelled the stone ball powerfully out. Projected with incredible force and power, the stone struck the wall, which it immediately shook and demolished, and it was itself shattered into many fragments, and the pieces were hurled everywhere, dealing death to those standing nearby.


    I rather think we need an "Orban" and a "Super-Gun"
    Figuratively of course

    White Ants take a VERY long time


  9. I maintain, the voters are doing the job for us, the unrest is spreading, we just dont read about it. I think we wait and act accordingly. Like I mentioned previously, all we need is a spark to ignite the fire, like a stray bullet during a political rally.

  10. Anonymous5:35 am

    Boys I thoroughly enjoy reading about your ideas and plans, and will gladly fall in line, faithfully without ever a thought of non participation or betrayal - as happened during the last great movement .... however have any of you thought about what happens after? How do we pick up the pieces and put order back into society without the next blood sucking group taking charge? There must be a recovery plan surely?

    1. 1. Establish a police force with patrols 24/7
      2. Implement a curfew and no go areas
      3. Desanatise everything :-)
      4. Rebuild infrastructure - massive job creation.
      5. Mechanise farming and rebuild farming community
      6. Establish investments with like minded countries
      7. Degrease everything and close all KFC's :-)
      8. Nationalise and rebuild mining sector
      10. Nuke Nkandala

    2. Anonymous7:49 am

      We would need a military intervention outside of the present "forces" because the current ones are useless, and quite happy to be so. That will put a different spin on things and you would have to get willing participants to sign up NOW, so that you could check them out first. Too many traitors in our midst. Excellent wish list though !!!

    3. I meant 3. Disinfect everything

    4. Read Dr. Maria J. Stephan and Dr. Erica Chenoweth’s study Why Civil Resistance Works . They studied about 400 violent and non-violent conflicts. They found that if you wage a good armed struggle, you only have about 26% chance to succeed. Choose non-violent conflict and you have a 53% chance.

      Further, to be successful, armed conflict needs at least 25,000 strong and fit men willing to kill and sleep in the bush. These men need fast resources. In non-violent conflict, 7% of the population take part. In South Africa amongst 4 million whites alone that would be 280,000 people. If you include all the people of SA, 7% is 3.5 million people.

      Civil war kills thousands of people. In a non-violent struggle it is seldom more than a hundred.

      So here is the simple truth. Non-violence works and violence doesn’t. You decide.

    5. A violent White conflict will last only a few hours anywhere in South Africa. The blacks all have cell phones and will spread the news fast when the Boertjies start a conflict.
      I saw that again on the evening news today. The blacks flee in super charged speed when they get fucked up.
      In our NSA you apply both methods simultaneously.

  11. Anonymous11:07 am

    It is true that violence and oppression can end up biting you back if you use it. Its a tricky situation in sa, because of our history, politics and global influence. I agree that if everyone on the side of a brighter future reacts with civil disobedience we have a much better chance to make solid and long lasting change stick. Some ideas: Resist unjust laws and racial policies by breaking them where ever possible. Hire as few useless entitled beee plague as allowed. Help your kind- young whites are feeling the pain of these bastards pay back time. Don't pay speeding and other fines- just refuse and don't answer the door or gate when they summon you. Do not support the supporters of your enemies. Be cold when it comes to paying bribes- incriminate them, get evidence and just say no. Pay as little tax as possible get paid in cash if possible and query the hell out of whatever they send you in the mail. If you are in the employ of negligent bee candidates, make their jobs hell and question everything they do and get rid of them for their infinite stuff ups. Hire young capable whites to do a proper job. Boycott anything that enriches the filthy anc regime. Take a strong stand against against black racism. Send out a message that this government has no power over you and do not comply and negotiate with them. Stop supporting the plague. Don't tip for poor service. Whenever you see any small opportunity to resist, resist anc! Any other points appreciated! May good overcome their evil.

    1. Excellent spirit. Now if all of us can have this same spirit we will have our country back in no time.

    2. If you are the sole supplier of a service/product, make sure you are not bee compliant, and let all your bee clients know that you have to increase your prices to compensate for late payment, wrong invoices etc.

  12. The sollution?


    1. It is the reason why those filthy hell holes of District Six and Sophiatown were closed down. They feared the plague might spread to the rest of Cape Town and Johannesburg. What a sad day when they did that. Like you said, the plague was not the problem...It was the solution.

    2. Anonymous10:48 pm

      I am always a bit before the "news" .....
      I am out there beyond the break -- waiting for the right one