10 August 2015

How do we want South Africa to be after the ANC is gone?

By Mike Smith

10th of August 2015

This past weekend I read a review of the latest book by Dr. Alex Boraine ”What’s Gone Wrong? On the brink of a failed state” It appeared on the Praag website. It is a pity the excellent review is in Afrikaans only.

Nevertheless…The reviewer mentioned the words of Dr. Boraine published in the Afrikaans newspaper “Die Burger” of 30th June 2015 where the illustrious church minister and general liberal idiot from the “Des and Alex show” aka the TRC or the Lies and Estrange Commission said that, “What we need is to use all our powers to get rid of this damn government”.

Now that made me think. It forced me to face some realities, which is sometimes difficult, because it is not always the ideal of what one truly wants.

Dr. Boraine, as a member of the former PFP now the DA, was also an MP during the 70’s and 80’s and spent almost his entire adult life trying to get the Marxist terrorist ANC into power in SA and to vilify the whites. Now he wants to get rid of the ANC?

Like I always said. The right-wingers were right all along and the day would come that these libtards would come over to our side. But enough Schadenfreude.

I have a few issues with Dr. Boraine’s statement. Who is this “WE” he is talking about that will have to get rid of the ANC? All South Africans? Just the whites? He seemed to have a lot of plans getting the ANC in power. So where are his plans to get rid of them now?

Further it is not a “damn government”, because they have proved that they cannot govern and have never “governed” South Africa. It is a totalitarian dictatorship; a Marxist terrorist regime that can only mismanage and ruin. This fact is becoming so obvious that even Malema says SA becoming a dictatorship ruled through fear and the TAU said: SA becoming a Democratic Dictatorship

Since the ANC government unconstitutionally defied a court order and helped mass murderer and genocidal maniac, Omar Al-Bashir, escape from South Africa, it has become clear to the whole world that the country has become a de-facto one-party, dictatorship.

The rule of law does not apply when the ruling party sets itself above the law, ignore the judiciary, the constitution and act arbitrarily without a mandate.

Even one of the ANC’s best known praise singers over the years Max du Preez was shocked and said that the ANC showed a middle finger to the courts by aiding Al-Bashir

Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu said that allowing Al-Bashir into SA spoke volumes about South Africa's moral fabric, as it had on three occasions denied entry to the Dalai Lama.

Tutu bemoans Bashir entry into SA

The ANC is the most hypocritical, corrupt party to ever (miss)-rule this country and not even the staunchest liberal can deny it anymore. People in South Africa of all races are feeling how it is to live under a dictatorship. Therefore everyone agrees; the ANC has to go. There simply is no other way.

Now, getting rid of the ANC is not so difficult. Contrary to what people might think, dictatorships are not immovable monolithic structures. All dictatorships are built on certain pillars of support and if you know how to pull out these pillars of support the dictatorship collapses. Some people are experts in this, but this is only half of the story. The other half, and more importantly, is: Who or what will replace them?

This is very important, because unless you want a TRUE democracy, the ANC will just be replaced by another totalitarian regime with a despotic asshole at the top.

Therefore, before you can topple the ANC and tell them to bugger off, you have to answer a vital question: “How should the South Africa look like that you want for the future?”

Now I am not talking about wish lists and pipe dreams. I am talking about a realistic view of a country post ANC.

For example...When I am hungry, I can easily say I would like to eat a steak at a restaurant, but if I only have R20, reality says that I will have to settle for something less from the supermarket.

So when we are realistically honest with ourselves, what kind of country do we want after the ANC?

Some may simplistically answer, “A white homeland” or “An independent Cape” or a “Boer Republic”…the Zulus might say an “Independent KZN”, but how feasible is it in the reality of SA and the way South Africans are? Self rule might be the wish, the ideal, but is it reality? Most white business owners do not want to and cannot do without their black labourers. That is a reality. White farmers do not want to and cannot do without their black farm workers. That is another reality. And 99% of white South African women cannot and do not want to do without their black maids. That is the ultimate reality.

Further the Zulus cannot and do not just want to kick out all whites and Indians from KZN. The same with the coloureds and Muslims in the Western Cape. Over the last 360 years some kind of symbiosis developed between us South Africans that cannot easily be undone and in fact there is no real will from any side to undo it either.

The white homeland idea is a nice dream, but how real is it? I cannot for the life of me see millions of whites pack up, leave their houses in Sandton and Waterkloof and resettle in the Cape or a piece of arid Karoo, even if I want them too. I have to face that reality that it is never going to happen.

No, sometimes we hate each other. Sometimes we love each other, but it seems like we, black and white South Africans are, at least for now, stuck with each other, unless someone can come up with a realistic alternative, not a pipe dream, that can convince me otherwise.

At the moment we all have something in common. We are stuck with the ANC. Black and white South Africans, liberal and conservative alike have realized that there is no other way. This corrupt and useless ANC must go. They are destroying our beautiful country and we cannot allow that to happen.

So, we have tried Apartheid and for all its good intentions of “good neighbourlyness” it didn’t work. Then we tried the Multi Culti Rainbow Nation with the ANC at the helm and it was even worse. A complete disaster where the citizens are more divided now than ever. So what now? What comes next? What comes after the ANC is gone?

Those who have the skills, education or money have left SA already or are in the process of leaving. They just could not see any alternative.

How wealthy South Africans are buying overseas citizenship

For those who are left behind, their beloved South Africa is fast becoming hell on earth. Violent crime and immeasurable corruption is the order of the day. Sky high taxes, bad services, daily electrical blackouts and a weak currency is destroying the economy and destroying the people’s hopes and dreams.

The result is as obvious as it is predictable.

A sense of helplessness and despair has gripped the people of South Africa left behind. People are depressed and if you look into their eyes, you will see the result of years and years of Communist misrule. That same look of a dead soul you see in the eyes of people who lived under communist dictatorships in the USSR, GDR, Romania, or Yugoslavia during the Cold War.

People are becoming desperate. They know their choices are limited. They feel isolated, scared of the future and like deer staring into the lights of the oncoming truck most of them have given up already and just accepted their fate…to slowly die in misery under a Communist dictatorship with a boot stomping down on their necks.

When you look at social media and online forums you will see that people are looking for solutions, a leader, a military general, a plan, outside help from a savior nation or the UN, a hero, Superman, Batman….ANYTHING to drag them up, but nothing is forthcoming and they just sink further back into morass of despair and helplessness. It is a vicious circle. A dark whirlpool from which there seems to be no escape...

…But it doesn’t have to be like that. We, the people of South Africa can change it. It has to be you and me. No one else. We South Africans need to take the first steps now and decide what kind of country it is that we want for ourselves, not what the ANC wants for us.

Problem is that people in general don’t care much about others. They hardly speak to each other. They have their own problems to contend with and are just trying to survive the daily hell of what SA has become, but we need to talk to each other and listen to each other. We need to ask ourselves what kind of country do we want to live in.

Remember that people don’t care much for lofty and abstract principles of liberty such as civil rights, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, etc. Just ask the average person in the street to tell you what it states in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. They don’t know and they don’t care.

People want simple things. Speak to South Africans and you will find that it is never sweeping stuff. It is the mundane things that move people.

People want a decent job with a decent pay. They want their salaries paid on time. They want job security. They want respect and dignity. People want to be safe in their homes and on the streets. People want decent health care and look forward to a decent pension in their old age. They want their children to be able to play outside without fear. They want to live normal lives in normal homes without burglar bars, safety gates and armed response.

That is one of the first signs of a dictatorship. Life is not normal. So it is up to us to MAKE it normal.

Most people just feel that they have been cheated out of a dream and cheated out of a country they wanted in 1994. Instead of the true democracy they wanted, the ANC created a tyranny of the majority.

So I am putting it out there to ALL South Africans. What is it that YOU the farmer want for South Africa? What is it that you, the fisherman want? Doctors, teachers, women, old people, young people, students, blacks, coloureds, whites…Tell me, what country do you want to live in and raise your children in? I am not going to judge or criticize and say who is right and who is wrong. I have my own "view of tomorrow". I just want to listen and hear what yours is. Then we can see if we can create it together.


  1. Anonymous8:23 am

    My uncle served in the SADF Recce for around twelve years.
    After that he started a small PMC company and it it was relatively successful until three of his "friends" that were in business with him screwed him over.
    He ended up living in poverty for roughly around two years until his Wife's cousin got him a job in Australia.
    I always remember when I was a kid he kept telling me "Seun moenie so dom wees soos jou oom en vir hierdie wit kafir bliksems gaan baklei nie.Kry ñ goei graad en gaan landuit die eerste geleentheid wat jy kry!"
    My point is that based on personal experience and my Uncle's words he kept drilling in to my head,I think Im going to follow his advice and fuck off.
    South-Africa nor South-Africans are not worth fighting for.
    Counter productive to the question you asked but ag hey that is just my opinion.

    1. Lala Land2:35 am

      Here's my 2 cents as an expat:
      Once you leave South Africa you will understand just how bad SA has become. Your eyes will open and you'll wonder they you didn't leave sooner. I can't tell you what a blessing it is not to have black people outnumber you 10:1.

      People living in SA are like frogs in boiling water - you don't realise how hot the water is becoming as it slowly rises in temperature, until it's too late and you're boiled alive.

      The only way SA can work is if whites act as the Indians did during Apartheid - self segregate and work/support each other. Only employ other whites. No race mixing. Keep it in the family, etc. but whites are their own worse enemy with their compassionate nonsense. It will be the death of our race eventually.

      However, it's only a matter of time before whites are totally wiped out in SA, so why hang around and wait? Why wouldn't you remove your family now to another country asap? It's 'going to eventually happen. You children will not grow old in South Africa. Give it another 100 years and whites will be all but gone.

      I would suggest you look at moving to Australia. America is going to the Hispanics, Muslims and non-whites. We need all the whites we can get in Australia.

    2. Anonymous10:31 pm

      Why don't all the white Australians move to SA?

      South Africa being the better country (sans boons), by far.
      As SA has superior qualities, minerals, nature, climate and so much more.

      Australia will have its establishment pied piper sooner or later. Just give it a little time.....

    3. Anonymous3:05 am

      "As SA has superior qualities, minerals, nature, climate and so much more."

      No, i'm sorry. Australia has everything you want in a country and some... The things you think makes SA so special really aren't that important at all. It's not worth fighting for in the least.

      The environment, the people, the lack of savages, the lack of corruption, the working health and transport systems... all these thing make a REAL TANGIBLE impact on my life every single day in Australia and I would not give that up for all the Giraffes in the world.

      The only thing I regret about leaving SA is that I didn;t do it sooner.

    4. Anonymous12:05 pm


      Your name is correct Lala Land2:35 AM

      Whites be removed - hmmm, this time I dont think so. More like NZ & Aus will be in the shit when mother England is destroyed by Russia.

      Whites in SA if united have nothing to fear - The ANC are not the people, they are a small warped team who "think" they know SA - they dont.

      They dont even know their enemy.

    5. I agree with you, this is the Country we love and this is where the last stand shall be.. We are ready for whatever they bring our way.

  2. Alas, Mike! The only country that will work is a kaffer-free one, and I don't think that's going to happen.

  3. Anonymous8:39 am

    You've just given us a list of what the average person wants. This can be achieved with a far smaller government run along federal lines. All essential services should be privatised. Let the most competent supplier win.

  4. A country where-in:

    1. The best man/woman for the job gets it - enough of this BEE, Affirmative action and reverse apartheid nonsense;
    2. There is no more gravy train - if you get elected to parliament you get nothing. You have to be able to support yourself and stand on your own feet. The cabinet must be limited to 20-25 people.
    3. We revert to the four provinces and we get rid of all the premiers and their hangers-on - back to Provincial Administrators with a small council to assist him/her in running the province
    4. There are no salaries for municipal councillors - you can either afford to sit on the council or you can't be there - how can one run a municipality if you can't earn a decent salary in the private world?
    5. Labour laws regulate the safety of workers and their training. Nothing else. If a man wants to work for R10 a day it's between him and his employer
    6. Government looks after the safety of citizens and the security of the borders - no government interference in the economy. Away with income tax, capital gains tax, estate tax et al - set VAT at 15% on everything except basic food
    7. Schools, colleges and universities are funded by the State and private citizens in partnership with no political meddling allowed


    1. Anonymous1:28 pm

      That's honestly the most brilliant idea I've read. It's simple and it's been proven that it works

  5. Anonymous10:48 am


    Mike, readers this past weekend I had an epiphany which most wont like to hear but its the truth. South Africa COULD NEVER have ever worked out - to the point it was inevitable on all sides.

    South Africa could have worked out if the same policies were used in NZ, Aus, Canada & The US. Those settlers were not into sharing the land, they took what they wanted and if a tribe had a problem with it they were given blankets with small pox or just given the bullet.

    No nation can settle among another nations who have closer cultures to the settler and expect the pioneer/settler to be treated fairly.

    If Apartheid worked the way verwoered wanted it and the whites didnt hire a single African at all who were they going to trade with?

    Im sure there must be statistics about the native GDP contribution to the economy and it has to be in the billions, so the idea is perfect for nations in Europe who have been there for thousands of years to develop their unique culture but it could never have worked here IMO - I could be wrong but how could it have worked, when money is involved people sell out which is why he had to be assassinated.

    A minority no matter how long they have tried to integrate with the majority will always be taken out. A minority can only make a noise like the Afro americans & hope to get noticed or they can go on the offense and try force it their way but eventually when the tide changes, how can the minority still be expected to be treated fairly.

    Its a longing to want to make this work, I have read Sieners stuff but this entire thing was never going to work the way it initially was setup, if they had chased them after the first wars out of the borders of SA then it could have worked but trying to make it work while living amongst them can never work. We like you have said - the madams are to interrelated when it comes to the economy and because they outnumber us it will go like Zimbabwe -- in fact we are already there most dont know it.

    So I think what we are seeing today is the failure to expel all tribes out SA from the start because no one was thinking 300-500 years into the future here we sit today like we say 300 years ago in the dark, surrounded my murderers albeit with new technology, roads, cars, etc etc.

    Nah, never it would never have ever worked. Apartheid was to try prevent the inevitable that all nations eventually figure out what the superior one has had, the Germanic tribes soon caught onto the Romans and eventually helped bring it down.

    The bantu tribes figured out what made the white man so special aka reading, writing, politics etc etc and used the system against those who introduced it. If they had been expelled from SA and pushed to where they came from this would be paradise.

    But we are where we are and no farmer, no white politicians wants will ever be turned to reality now that the powers have shifted, our wants are our wants and because we are the majority "playing in a democracy" it will be used against us.

    If this was a game we were playing we would see GAME OVER on the screen and have to start a fresh aka trek and leave.

    It is GAME OVER it started with verwoerds bright idea and turned into a nightmare for us.

  6. Anonymous10:51 am

    I want a country where we are not forced into multi culti relations and to not be economically terrorised for refusing. Women are stupid and they tend to go with the herd mentality of multi culti libtardness. I want a country where I don't have to put up with a justice system that does nothing when you are being victimized but then suddenly jumps into action when you harm a hair on the head of the precious criminal. Not just the criminal justice system, but all levels of justice, including labour law as well as people's general attitudes. I want a country free of gun control where the government must beg us for the right to keep and bear arms and not the other way around like it is now. I want a society where we dont get tax of our income. If the government wants income, let them levy a pay as you use tax on whatever...

    I want a society where politicians are strung up and punished even if they steal 1 cent from us.

    1. Anonymous7:23 pm

      I can't agree about woman being the stupid liberal ones as you put it. Is it possible you believe - that because mostly a woman hires the family maid on the families behalf - a woman must carry the stupid liberal label?
      My husband is the "liberal" one. Often trying to find some redeeming quality in blacks, though reality has moved him over to the conservative camp. Even after living in post apartheid SA these 21 years, but I would never label him stupid because he suffers from misplaced compassion.

    2. Anonymous11:21 pm

      Anon 7:23: my husband also had that tendency to act as if it's still 1982. I quickly dissuaded him of the live in maid story. Actually it's actually only when men retire that they come to realise what a pain in the arse a maid is.

    3. Anonymous10:27 pm

      Absolutely anon 7:23.

      The best thing ever is the privacy one gains sans having a maid.
      Also all their family problems at home somehow becomes yours.

  7. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Mike, it really doesn't matter which political party is in control of SA. As long as these savage beasts are allowed to roam about freely, they will continue to do as they have always done: plunder, steal, rape, murder and destroy. It 8s simply in their nature to do so.

    Just look at the shit that they have caused in the USA. As I am typing this comment, they are busy reducing Ferguson to rubble (again)... And they are only around 10% of the population... We sit with a whopping 70%+ of the fuckers (and this number is increasing by the day). It is only going to get worse. Much much worse.

    Civilised white folk simply cannot live amongst these preneolithic animals.

    In my opinion, a white homeland, of some sort, is the ONLY option. And if this is unattainable, then we should all get the hell out of here ASAP. South Africa, as we know it, is beyond saving...

    1. Anonymous6:29 am

      Wow, I think we have genocidaires in SA. If we had 1000 people think like you- this country would go into flames. The good news is, the military is in the hands of the 70% so there will be no genocide

  8. Anonymous1:53 pm

    The rainbow nation was hailed as a world first, as was the South African constitution,--I called it lalaland from the word go. Like those little kids who close their eyes, put their hands over their ears and go lalalalala while refusing to believe reality, a cognitive dissonance if you will. Apparently you still suffer from this cognitive dissonance. There is a good reason its called a "brain drain", its because the people with intellect have faced up to the impossibility of the situation, there is no peaceful solution to your problem mate. There never has been in all recorded history a lasting successful multicultural society. So intelligent people simplify things, they look at what their circles of interest are compared to their circles of influence and very quickly realize that living in South Africa is only for stupid people.

    Read a book called Dark Nature: A Natural History of Evil by Lyall Watson. He also wrote Supernature, a thought provoking read in itself. When you understand the prime motivators of the "evil" we have worldwide (and no its not the jews;-), you will come to the inescapable conclusion that getting the hell out and finding like-minded people and starting all over is the only solution.

    And sorry to burst the "boer" "Afrikaner" " patriot""grensvegter" bubbles, ---intelligent like-minded people don't cling to any of those emotive bullshit concepts.

    There is no "fixing" South Africa short of the kind of genocide that would only lead to massive conflict you would probably not survive.

    1. Anonymous9:21 pm

      Whites who live any country with blacks and browns will be doing their stupid, dysfunctional, and destructive bidding as soon as their numbers are high enough. Under these conditions, democracy is not an option.

  9. Anonymous2:13 pm

    South Africa is exactly what we created together, a mess. Any idea of a happy multicultural country is a not plausible unless we all give up our identity and mix ourselves out of existence.
    There is enough space to give every tribe their own Heimat, do that and we can meet in the middle. Blacks are breeding themselves into poverty and crime will only increase and whites will disappear.
    There is no alternative but some sort of separation.
    Orania is working like a dream and we can have many.
    Staying in this union is certain death.

  10. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Pavlovs House: I would like to see the break up of South Africa and new states based on ethnicities re established, as for the white man, we must accept the loss of our cities and much of the land but with the creation of as many as possible autonomous self governing regions, most likely through the force of arms we can establish a place in Africa where our culture can survive and thrive. This has occurred many a time through history in recent years we have examples like the Donbass, Georgia, Chechnya, Armenia, Kurdistan, Gaza, Southern Lebanon (Hamas), The Creation of the State of Israel, Eritrea, South Sudan, Break up of Yugoslavia eg, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, One Island: Dominican Rep on one side & cesspit of Haiti on the other & the Jewel of Europe independent and autonomous Lichtenstein. It will take labour war and hardship but I believe its worth a try. What will we do? Boer, small industry, mine, Medical. What currency? $, Pound, Euro, gold, diamonds, platinum, What do we lose BEE, Crime, being a people humiliated, What do we gain Self Determination through our own constitutional mini Democracies

    1. Anonymous8:33 pm

      Yeah, the survival of the white african is more important to me than buildings or a statues.

    2. Anonymous9:22 pm

      You could say they could go hand in hand. When a people's monuments disappear, it's a safe bet that they will too.

    3. Anonymous7:34 am

      You are getting me scared because the solution you offer is possible in the near future. Whites can create an exclusive bastion/nation along the Coastline. Yohh.. You probably need to delete your remarks to keep SA together

  11. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Dr Boraine and co have truly made fools of themselves, who now is going to believe a word these liberal clowns will be saying in the future. I say get rid of all liberal thinking!!

  12. Jislaaik Mike, This is the most thought-provoking article you have ever written and I've read most.

    Very well composed and a lot to think about - I look forward to the responses. Living in New Zealand kind of disqualifies me from answering myself.

    1. Anonymous8:18 pm

      "Living in New Zealand kind of disqualifies me from answering myself."

      No it doesn't, why do you think that Pop's?

    2. Not at all. Please give your opinion too, because in the end the expats also want to come back even if it is just to visit. What kind of country would you like to come and visit or play Rugby against?

      Therefore expats are very important in this question, because they know what went wrong and why they left. So to put the question differently, "What kind of country would you not have left?"

      Besides they say that when you get old you always long back and want to die where you were born. What kind of country would you like to buried in?

    3. Anonymous10:59 pm

      The rest of the world is facing the same problem South Africa experiences, however South Africa is 50 years ahead. The illegal immigrant problems faced by the UK, Europe, USA and Australia, if allowed to go unchecked, will see those countries experiencing the breakdown of civilisation as is the case in South Africa. Birth control is the first issue to address. The world cannot continue to sustain current population growth- yet it remains the elephant in the room- this issue is most important and has to be addressed. Secondly, people who do not contribute to society should not be able to vote. thirdly- no more free handouts/grants. Work for the dole. Fourtly-bring back capitol punishment for serious crimes. Fifthly-no more Gym and TV in prisons-let them contribute to society by doing hard labour on road building projects/ fixing potholes or labouring on the farms. Then- excellence programs in schools where talent is nurtured and developed. What a lovely dream.

    4. If they have time for gym in prison, they are not working hard enough to pay off their debt to society.

    5. "Living in New Zealand kind of disqualifies me from answering myself."

      No it doesn't, why do you think that Pop's?'

      I would like to write about my experience in NZ. My ancestors go back more than 160 years in South Africa so I was well established there.
      We arrived in NZ 18 years ago. We established a small plant nursery to try and get by. We were both in our late sixties and came over because our children had come here. We received a letter from the work and income department saying were were eligible for a pension. I knew it was a mistake but my wife went along to to find out when we would get one. The consultant told her it was just a routine letter and that we didn't qualify but then said'maybe we can help you anyway. And so they did we received an income support equal to about R11000 pa (today's exchange rate.). Then because of my wife's disability we were given a gardener to mow the extensive lawns.for 3 hours a week and a house cleaner once a week for an hour. We now receive a pension of equivalent R280000 pa.after tax
      Unbeknown to her my wife had breast cancer when she arrived and has had the best specialist treatment available at no charge to us and I have had various problems at virtually no cost with ongoing medication. After representing South Africa in my sport in my age group category I am now representing New Zealand in the same sport.

    6. Ok guys you’ve asked for my input but I’m finding it very hard to do.

      I left SA and have been in NZ since – 22 years. I have been back several times and will again be doing so this November. I am reasonably up to date and keep suitably informed regarding the situation and conditions in SA

      I grew up as a white person in the paradise of the 1950’s to the late 1980’s (until it started to turn to shit) and now live in a very different, paradise. NZ is an amazing place, don’t believe anything that says the opposite. So, I’ve been luckier than many others by enjoying the best of both worlds. I’m not being smug and hate it when others are. Rather, I am relatively content.

      One can never say never but I don’t think that I would return to live in SA, even after the demise of the ANC. My roots here in NZ are too deep with family and memories but one thing will never change – I fucking hate the All Blacks!!

      But, if I did move back to a future SA without the ANC, I would want to see the rule of law and justice applied evenly, without favour. First of all there must be the establishment of viable and enforceable rules and laws. The death penalty for murder, rape and drug trafficking must to be re-introduced and life imprisonment means life, hard labour means hard labour.

      Corruption. Well that would have to be dealt to, big time. Unfortunately it is evident at every level of society and is a serious disease. Heavy sentences, penalties and fines would have to apply to eradicate this problem.

      Also, there must be a level playing field without government interference in jobs, business, healthcare, sport and especially education/training so that SA has properly educated, trained and skilled graduates or artisans who measure up to international ratings. Players, participants, representatives and teams, sport or otherwise, must be selected on merit.

      Lastly, immigration – I would like to see the borders tightly controlled and illegal immigrants sent back. There has to be an immigration policy that encourages right kind of skilled and/or wealthy expats that add value to SA.

      As Mike says these types of wishlists will never happen under the corrupt ANC/Communists stewardship of SA.

  13. Not everyone should be allowed to wield civic authority. Just the people that pay taxes. No representation without taxation.

  14. Anonymous8:31 pm

    I don't want live with niggas anymore, get them out of my life and I will be fine, I don't have major problem with coloureds or Indians generally, they dont seem to cause much kak, but niggas are a waste of time and energy. If we had some right wing Negroes like Thomas Sowell, ET WIlliams, Alfonzo Racheal, Ben Carson or Allen West, then maybe we could get somewhere but we don't, they all a bunch of fucking commie left wing losers.

    As for the stupid libtards and thier crap, can't stand living with them either, they are a bunch of depraved human biengs, I am thinking of moving to Prieska, or something like that. I have been thinking about selling everything in Cape Town and Knysna getting out of this liberal hell hole. I can't go overseas because I have kids that can't leave, so I am stuck here.

  15. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Well Mike what happened to you over the weekend ?
    Maybe you have been taking the waters at Hof Dor (Nachsholim) or Hof Nitzanim ?
    Me -- I just talk to everyone.


    “A white homeland” or “An independent Cape” or a “Boer Republic”…

    Is the only thing that can work ( for a start )

    One has to understand the history from the day that Jan stepped ashore. One has to understand the history of settlement ,one has to understand statistical demographics , one has to know modern Southern African history , one has to understand the history of tenure.

    Most white business owners do not want to and cannot do without their black labourers.

    South Africans have become LAZY and OSSIFIED -- too scared to look for alternatives.
    Too scared of the "uitlander" boogie man
    Too proud to do hard work.

    Well when the whole thing unravels they will not have businesses to worry about.

  16. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Firstly and most importantly, dismantle the Stalinist state model.Every apparatchik must be tried and prosecuted for fraud and theft. Then a streamlined and efficient provincial administration be put in place.Budgets must be set and a bonus system if budgets are kept or if the administration comes in under budget.
    Reintroduction of the death penalty and retro-application for those incarcerated that would normally have incurred the death penalty.This way the jails can be emptied and a warning sent out to the undisciplined element in our society ,namely that element that thinks rape and plunder, theft and murder are acceptable occupations - yes I'm referring to the munts.
    NO BEE. but and overhaul of the education system so that all get a good education that is once again respected.After that everything on merit.
    And the democratic vote? vote by qualification. Only if you have completed high school or any other standards which can be agreed on will qualify to vote. This nonsense of any moron voting will stop.

  17. Anonymous11:39 pm

    I say in SA one of the main causes of the incompetent baboons running the show is because they have masses of clueless baboons voting for them. SA should have a voters exam, an exam or test if you will to assess whether the individual has a basic understanding of how things work. So if a person wants to vote, they would need to pass the voters test and will be issued with a license to vote, like a drivers license. No voting license = No vote.
    That being said Mike, I fear that it is too late to implement a new system. This country is going to burn first, it is going to be obliterated. 50 odd million angry, poor, uneducated blacks can't be stopped now. Like an old condemned building, it will need to be demolished, we cannot build on a condemned infrastructure. When the dust has settled, lets hope the right people are still standing to rebuild.

    1. Anonymous7:35 pm

      Well said! but they will still breed like cockroaches amongst us...so they will have to go.

  18. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Hey Mike, great article. The largest obstacle now for us to move forward is communal unity. For example, lets take this situation into consideration:

    You and I are entertaining at a braai. People are having a good time until the usual monkeys try to disrupt, rob and rape. Due to our state of preparation, we manage to shoot the armed criminals like the dogs they are. We have many witnesses who can testify to the events that occured.

    One of the guests (or a neigbour that heard the commotion) calls the police. Upon arrival, the police assess the scene and decide on their whim that we should be arrested on charges of murder or manslaughter. All of our guests know that we acted in self-defence and to the protection of them at our event.

    Here is where whites and black differ, (Something we need to learn or die) The black guests would protest and threaten the police and stand for what they see is right. Not the whites, they would protest meekly and shut thier mouths at the sign of any conflict.

    You may say that I am using a bad example and that the events described above are inaccurate, except that I have witnessed these events and came to a depressing conclusion:

    Would our fellow whites take up arms with us to fight this communist cancer, or simply sit and watch as the few of us who do, get decimated, sent to prison or get killed? Later commenting on how stupid we were to attempt such a feat while in the same breath complain about the situation in South Africa.

    We all know the answer and as soon as we accept it and try to rectify it, we will remain devided and conqured.

    Mike I have a dream to live in peace and prosperity, but before that can happen I will have to fight so brutally that the world will stand and watch in awe.

    But I cannot do it alone. I need our race to start supporting each other and push for what we know is our claim.

    Remember, our own white traitors will be our undoing if we dismiss them. They will snitch and get us butchered by the black communist fucks.

    I only hope we will come together fast enough.

  19. Anonymous12:02 am

    The white homeland idea is a nice dream, but how real is it? I cannot for the life of me see millions of whites pack up, leave their houses in Sandton and Waterkloof and resettle in the Cape or a piece of arid Karoo, even if I want them too. I have to face that reality that it is never going to happen.

    It IS already happening
    Check out the real estate sales in the last two years
    The trend is accelerating !

    Normal social dynamics at work -- no need for any enforcement

    1. So why are they coming to the Cape and not Orania? It is closer isn't it? And there are no blacks. Could it be that Orania is not what they really want?

    2. Anonymous8:39 am

      I don't think it's that Mike, I think lots of whites don't feel they will be welcome in a place like Orania, so they don't even consider it.

  20. Anonymous1:09 am

    Mike, I strongly disagree with your statement that: "Most white business owners do not want to and cannot do without their black labourers".

    In my close group of family and friends (around 30 families), only one guy is dependent on black labour - he owns a construction business. The majority do not need (or want) black labourers.

    I sympathise greatly with our farmers, and do not know how we could help them - we need suggestions here...

    As for the rest of us, we will only go from strength to strength without the noble savage.

  21. I also tend to lean towards a form of federalism, but a qualified one. In the traditional sense, Federal governments are best used in countries where there exists a diverse group of people with diverse needs but a common culture that unites them together.

    For me, democracy is not freedom. Democracy is simply majoritarianism, which is inherently incompatible with real freedom. Few understand that all government action is inherently coercive. If nothing else, government action requires taxes. If taxes were freely paid, they wouldn’t be called taxes, they’d be called donations. If we intend to use the word freedom in an honest way, we should have the simple integrity to give it real meaning: Freedom is living without government coercion. So when a politician talks about freedom for this group or that, check whether he is advocating more government action or less.
    There is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strong democracy. The basic things expected by all people of their political and economic systems are simple. They are:
     Equality of opportunity for youth and for others.
     Jobs for those who can work.
     Security for those who need it.
     The ending of special privilege for the few and the connected.
     The preservation of constitutional rights for all.
     The enjoyment of the fruits of scientific progress in a wider and constantly rising standard of living.
    These are the simple, basic things that must never be lost sight of in the turmoil and unbelievable complexity of our modern world. The inner and abiding strength of our economic and political systems is dependent upon the degree to which they fulfil these expectations.
    Members of a minority group are often disadvantaged in relation to a dominant culture because they have to rely on those with the same language and culture to conduct the affairs of daily life. Since freedom to conduct one's daily life is a primary good and it is difficult to change or give up reliance on one's minority culture to attain that good, this reliance can lead to certain inequalities if special measures are not taken. Spontaneous nation building by the majority has to be moderated. Certainly freedom does mean the right to do as one pleases—to think, believe, speak, worship (or not worship), move about, gather, and generally act as you choose—but only until your choices start to infringe on another person’s freedom. That is no vision of a distant millennium. It is a definite basis for a kind of world attainable in our own time and generation.

    As for my definition of Federalism...A sufficiently large group of people has a prima face right to govern itself and to decide its future membership, if the members of the group so wish. It is fundamentally the democratic will of the members themselves that grounds the right to an ethno-national state and to ethno-centric cultural institutions and practices. This argument presents the justification of (ethno-) national claims as deriving from the will of the members of the nation. A pragmatic inconsistency might threaten this argument. The issue is who can legitimately propose ethno-national diversity as ideal: the nationalist is much too tied to his or her own culture to do it, while the cosmopolitan is too eager to preserve intercultural links that go beyond the idea of having a single nation-state. Thus, is diversity a value such that it deserves to be protected whenever it exists? We do indeed have to think upon these questions...

  22. I want a South Africa where I can trade value for value.....without having to bribe someone. Where I can get work according to my skills and abilities and not because I know or am related to someone...or to fill a racial scorecard.
    I want a South Africa where people who put themselves up for election to government are qualified and are elected directly by the electorate. And answer to the electorate.

  23. Anonymous2:19 am

    Ja, all of the above and more, but it doesn't matter what we want because it will not happen. The ANC will only be gone after many GUNS and BLOODY WAR. We have been under insurgence since 1652 and it got worse that 's all. TIA.

    Get OUT if you can!

  24. Anonymous2:23 am

    In order for us to have a multi racial democracy post ANC we would need massive "voter education"
    I rest my case!

  25. Anonymous2:44 am

    I was wondering if you are ill or not as this is one of the most interesting posts you have posted in more than a year. Not the usual ‘told you so’ or ‘look at the kaffirs’ but what would you want at the end of the day for South Africa to be.

    I have thought about this for years and looked at what had been proposed before. Let’s go back all the way to Lord Carnarvon with his Confederation Act which he had pulled in Canada and settled their issues. When it was thought to be able to work in South Africa the Anglo Boer war broke out as they found gold and diamonds in the Transvaal. Britain aka De Beers wanted the gold and diamonds and that was the end of the idea. It was not lost as it asked an interesting question – do you have independent states (breakup South Africa into independent countries) or move to a confederation as was proposed which made you swear allegiance to England.

    The Confederation idea was again touted in 1997 by Frances E. Kendall with her idea of a “Swiss Canton” system. Would that work in South Africa? In my view it will not work and could not work when people would simple do as they do now – move from a collapsed ANC province to the Western Cape. But let’s take a look at what others thought about the idea:

    1986 - Mangosuthu Buthelezi proposed to idea to Pik Botha who looked into it and that created much debate in Switzerland where you have a similar situation where you have French on one side and German on the other side. The idea was that it was not that far off from apartheid and would be easier to implement. The problem however is that Switzerland does not have any ‘mud races’ so you would in essence be calling apartheid a canton system if you added limits where everyone stayed on their side of the fence. This was noted by Pik Botha that in essence it would simply then be a name change. The Swiss had also suggested that the one-man one-vote be abandoned before elections could be held or the minorities will lose all their rights. The argument was held that in Switzerland there is no on-man one-vote as each canton gets two seats in the Council of States in any event. Viljoen pushed this idea again in 1994 however apparently when told (by the Swiss) that a canton would not have its own military authority he started to pull back from the idea. He must have known that the ‘muds’ would simply overrun it in the end. So there would be no point.
    So we know the canton system will not work.

    The only real solution is to carve up the country and let each move off on their own. Each will have their own constitution, army and justice system. Each with their own economy. Basically South African cannot function as a unitary state and it will have to be broken into small countries one way or the other.

    As for Boer Ninja you don’t need the blacks to buy your goods. You need to create and export all your goods to other countries. As long as a country no matter how small is stable and developed investors find their way there. Look at Singapore as a good example of development, now subtract a lucrative location which it has. Singapore is 1/3 the size of Cape Town. That is what you need to build on – stability, good education and good governance.

    1. Anonymous11:40 pm

      Man it is so pleasant to see some intellect here.
      Yes I was wondering as well if Mike had come down with some strange mind control substance.

      Anyway read here


      As Mike will clearly tell you -- in a black communal traditional society the "bad" guys -- bullies ALWAYS win.

      As nice as everyone -- "on-the-street" may be they are NOT the ones controlling the levers of power. ( who as we see have their own agenda )

      Only in 1945 when Germany was bombed into the stone age did people start giving up hope of Hitler
      How long before the uneducated masses give up hope of the ANC / SACP ???

    2. Anonymous11:53 pm

      The only real solution is to carve up the country and let each move off on their own. Each will have their own constitution, army and justice system. Each with their own economy. Basically South African cannot function as a unitary state and it will have to be broken into small countries one way or the other.

      Unfortunately -- as the ZAR discovered -- wealth brings its own problems
      The Transvaal always punched heavyweight because of the mineral riches
      Because Gauteng is where all the work and money is
      The ECONOMY binds all the different parts of SA together ( although it is fast falling apart )

      HOW are you going to unscramble this egg ?
      Bearing in mind the need for trade interrelationship

      The only place where this could happen is in the Cape -- a port and a hinterland
      There would need to be some -- "spring-cleaning" though and a NO-ENTRY policy
      enforced militarily if needed.

      August 15 1947 ...........

    3. Anonymous7:43 pm

      @anon 11:40

      Germany/Dresden was bombed flat by the "allies" AFTER Germany surrendered.

    4. Anonymous9:15 pm

      Anonymous11:53 PM

      Its not about unscrambling the egg. Its finding out how to make a new one. When I looked into the issue over the years as I wrote above I came to conclusion that everything would have to be started again. It was only when WikiLeaks broke that I got better insight into what was really going on in South Africa in the 1970's and 1980's as the US diplomatic cables are also in there for South Africa. Even though the US was anti-apartheid they full well knew that the blacks were completely incompetent when reading the cables. What they saw was that if they continued the Bantustans system and the blacks broke away into their own countries then the US government would have to step in with more donor aid which they did not want to do. Hence they wanted the Bantustans system gone. They needed white South Africa to babysit the blacks as they did not want to do it. That much becomes clear.

      We need to start again from scratch not try and rebuild what was broken.

    5. Anonymous11:08 pm

      @Anon 7:43PM

      WHERE the stuff do you get your "info" from ?
      You must be another of these ignorant "Boer-Holohoax" people

      The bombing of Dresden was an American and British attack on the city of Dresden, the capital of the German state of Saxony, that took place during the Second World War in the European Theatre. Germany would surrender three months later. In four raids between 13 and 15 February 1945, 722 heavy bombers of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and 527 of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped more than 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on the city.[1)


      You can even get ( the very controversial ) David Irving's take on it


      ( Free download )

      BTW ; Queen Elizabeth attended a ceremony in the cathedral in Dresden

      During her 2004 state visit, the Queen attended the reopening of Dresden's historic Frauenkirche, bombed by the Allies during World War Two, and spoke of the "appalling suffering of war on both sides", but stopped short of any apology for the Dresden bombings - one of the most controversial Allied attacks of the war.

      The bombing of Dresden and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a warning to Stalin and the Russians who had plans to take over Western Europe -- see the Berlin Blockade

      Probably all lost on ignoramuses like yourself !

    6. Anonymous11:41 pm

      THIS is perhaps what you are thinking about ?

      The largest and most organized ethnic cleansing in modern history."

      All ethnic Germans had been forced to wear white armbands, making them easily recognizable – and on the day of the explosion, German men, women and children were mercilessly beaten and killed.

      Some were shot dead. Others were thrown into the River Elbe and then shot at while they tried to swim to safety.

      Part of the "fierce expulsion"

      Those responsible for the massacre were Revolutionary Guards (a post-war Czech paramilitary group) alongside Soviet and Czech soldiers, as well as around 300 Czech civilians who had just arrived from Prague by train.



      Perhaps the internment of German soldiers AFTER surrender by Eisenhower and the Americans ?
      Look it up yourself !

    7. Anonymous5:06 am

      Anonymous11:08 PM
      You must be another of these ignorant "Boer-Holohoax" people
      Probably all lost on ignoramuses like yourself !

      ...and you expect unity between whites? lol No wonder the blacks are winning.

    8. Anonymous5:27 am

      "Boer holohoax"-Come again cunt?

    9. Anonymous12:31 am

      I may have used an incorrect anon

      My reply is for anon 5:06am's boer holohoax's attention, not anon 5:27's.

    10. Anonymous2:52 am

      I call it that because it is in many ways similar to that other "Holohoax"

      !.) It is shoved in your face every five minutes. You are never ever allowed to forget forgive or move on. ( there are special museums all over the world commemorating it )

      2.) There is a perceived dogma ( body of truth ) that has been cobbled together for emotional manipulation. No-one is allowed to question this body of dogma

      3.) Much research has been done to try and expose the reality and the truth -- this is always disparaged because it does not fit with the -- accepted dogma.

      4.) It denies or ignores the far greater suffering of so many other peoples who have had to suffer / survive far greater hardship ( fate of German woman in Berlin in 1945 )

      5.) Somehow the victims are innocent and blameless and are special ( more special than all the other victims of mans cruelty and inhumanity )

      6.) The "perpetrators" ( in this case the British ) are demonised / dehumanised. It is impossible that there was perhaps a good / brave / human person that was British.

      7.) The dogma develops a life of its own -- it carries on and on without ever being questioned ( or allowed to be questioned )

      That is why I call it the "Boer-Holohoax" -- it has so many similarities to the other one.

  26. Anonymous3:58 am

    Mike has gone mad! Does he realy realy realy believe that blacks realize they have to live in some form of simbioses with us? What blacks are he refering to? Must me a nano minority of the working class. 59% still vote ANC, and 40% EFF, thus where are the blacks who came to that thought?

    1. Anonymous5:46 am

      Don't worry the votes that the ANC loose will go straight to the EFF...God help us THEN...!!

    2. Anonymous8:14 am

      Red Max du Preez thinks Jacob Zuma will make his ex-wife Dlamini-Zuma the next president so he gets to stay out of jail. Du Preez could be right, all of a sardine the ANC Sheboon's League is insisting on a woman president. So who put that thought there? Yes, the ANC will lose votes in 2016 but they will keep KZN. Maybe that's the plan, the Zulus have never enjoyed freezing off their tootsies in Gauteng and the mines are stuffed anyway, nothing to keep them. This would support a federal union of provinces where blacks can live in their bantustans, which was previously such an evil apartheid idea.

  27. Anonymous4:12 am

    Yes... an extremely though provoking article Mike.

    I believe that this is a golden opportunity for a highly respected white Leader with great integrity and a deep love of South Africa to start a Political Party that will appeal to all those that want to simply feel safe and secure and who also want the best for South Africa. I don't believe colour would be an issue as far as the masses are concerned because the majority are fed up with the ANC and also just want what will be best for everyone. I believe many, many blacks would like to see a white Government back in power.

    BUT... there are no alternative Parties at this time. I won't ever vote ANC but I am hard pressed as to who to vote for. A "no vote" is also not an option because this would be equivalent to voting ANC.

    We need a Party to fill this enormous gap now!

    The DA do not have what it takes and never will. Their mandate is too broad and unachievable and Maimane is just "hot air".

    The ANC has dug it's own grave... GOOD RIDDANCE you theiving bunch of idiots. You will all "pay back the money"

    So, any volunteers out there?

    1. There are currently 13 parties represented in parliament and another 73 not represented but active and a number of registered but defunct parties. Do you really think we need one more?

    2. Anonymous7:15 am

      Yip all these Parties but which to vote for ??

      How about one that would be a breath of fesh air, one that will make people look up and take notice and say "I would definitely vote for those guys".
      1. Put competent people in our Public Service infrastructures.
      2. Get rid of all the overpaid, incompetent bureaucrats.
      3. Establish a fiscal system of inegrity and accountability on all levels.
      4. Bring back the safety and security we once enjoyed.
      5. etc... just basic stuff that would appeal to most South Africans.

      Do any of the existing Parties have this mandate?... honestly?

      Maybe we don't need another Party but at the moment we are all too divided and so we need some kind of catalyst to save our beautiful South Africa. A Party that can deliver with an agenda based on a deep love of Our Country might not be a bad option.
      ... a pipe dream perhaps? I guess you gotta start somewhere.

    3. Anonymous10:00 am

      There is Front National you know, its a small party atm, people should look into supporting them maybe, they have white interests at heart allbeit mainly the boere interest, but that's the same thing at the end of the day.

    4. Anonymous12:52 am

      @Anonymous 7.15AM
      I do not necessarily support the DA
      I do believe the DA in the Western Cape are really trying to do this

    5. Anonymous9:25 am

      @anaon 12:52
      Lol, fool, that house nigger's idea to fix the economy is to spend R500 mill on generators, he is a stupid commie savage, completly out of his depth like the rest of them. World class liars that lot.

  28. Just a thought. Why doesn't the Western Cape hold a referendum to secede from the rest of this unholy mess? Thereafter every metro not held by the ANC can follow suit and the federation of cantons can begin.

    1. " Why doesn't the Western Cape hold a referendum to secede from the rest of this unholy mess? "


      1) It's full of hippies, liberals, schmucks, white-guilt ridden assholes and snobs who do not want to do ANYTHING with rock-spiders and conservative Afrikaners
      2) They will be bombed into the stone age by the ANC (IF they get any military hardware working that is) Otherwise the ANC will just flood the Cape with IQ67 voters...

    2. Anonymous8:36 am

      Andries, they already flooding the cape with savages man, they are everywhere, white flight is happening in some areas, soon there will be nowhere left for the whites fools to flee to.

      The DA are commies, they will not let go of their childish and outdated la la land ideals, they too stupid for that. And that MM child is a marxist sack of shite, the epitome of a house nigger.

    3. The Coloured gangs on the Cape Flats should stop wasting their efforts on killing one another and turn their attention to the savages flooding their homeland and stealing their jobs. We can get a nice little civil war going that might get the hippies, schmucks, White libtards and the rest up off their arses?

    4. Anonymous7:48 pm

      Well said Tomkat!

      A brilliant idea!

  29. Anonymous4:57 am

    I agree with you completely Mike. We have to be realistic and we don't have the luxury of entertaining ideas that doesn't include the interests of everybody. Live and let live is the only way to create a sustainable future. Most people (white & black) want's to live their lives and pursue their dreams in peace. Self rule to my mind would be a feasible option if you don't necessarily kick blacks out of a white ruled scenario and vice versa. People can choose for themselves where they want to be and live under the laws of the land they choose. If we had our own country we would be free to put a democratic government in place that is above reproach, qualified, responsible and accountable. We would be able to implement sound economic principles, route out corruption, secure our borders, re-establish a competent defense and police force, manage and fund healthcare properly etc. etc. With a sound infra structure in place and a healthy respect for the rule of law people will again be free and safe. There will be nowhere to hide for freeloading murderous parasites and illegal immigrants.

  30. I'm not as pessimistic as most. I've lived overseas and worked in many countries. SA is still home and I have no desire to leave. The pros here still outweigh the cons:

    The pros:

    the climate great off road motor biking. Oz may offer some but too many rules and I would lose my license in a week

    Standard of living. The way I can live on my income

    The culture (the white one). More friendly than europe or canada, less false than america, and not as shallow as Oz or what passes for culture there

    Career wise as skilled people are few you get exposed to plenty and are an experienced generalist so its less boring

    free speech. I can say things I would be arrested for in Europe. Except for the K word, you can express what you think. Could you say this on a web site in the UK or Canada and not expect the police on your door? or worse, germany.

    No welfare. There is no incentive to raise lazy kids. They learn to survive

    Freedom: you can do more or less what you please as long as you don't harm others. Compare that to crazy law enforcement in Europe and the USA. In oz you cant even start a braai without a permit from the fire dept. You cant go to the beach without sunscreen. wtf. Big brother state.


    the darkies
    the darkies
    the darkies

    Crime; but if you form a security company and patrol your streets crime is little. I don't even lock at night. No crime for 10 years since we took over our own security. No security complex, nada.

    BEE: this must go. Each must be on merit. White or black, compete on skills and price and delivery

    education: the dumbing down to allow the darkie to pass

    Sorry, but I love SA. I got offered permanent work in Oz twice. No thanks. Been in Canada and USA. No thanks. Worked in Argentina. No thanks.

    I'm going to spend the rest of my life in Africa, raise my kids here, and die with the African sun on my face. Even if I must share this land with the darkies. As long as they don't move in next door.

    1. Anonymous8:59 am

      Well, this is the thing, you must know that here they are in charge now, so how long before they move in next door? There are MILLIONS of them and they outnumber us by far.Then it is too late for you and your kids.
      Go look at the storie of HAITI.

    2. Lala Land8:03 pm

      Good luck! I see you trash Australia throughout your comment. I'm happy as a pig in mud here, thanks. If you missed the Aussie culture, then you obviously didn't want to find it. If you find the laws here too strenuous then you obviously don't like law and order.

      Raise your kids in Africa - you take the chance, I preferred not to. My kids are free, safe and loving life here and never want to go back to the country they left traumatised.

      We are now proud Aussie citizens and Wallaby supporters. I have a few friends in the process of moving to Australia. Soon I'll be surrounded by most of the friends I left when I immigrated. The irony.


    3. Anonymous10:13 pm

      I am with you Kradmelder. We also chose to stay for the same excellent reasons.
      What's the point of immigrating to other countries that are filling up with black illegals. It will mean going through another 20 years of the same shyte as we have in SA till now.
      At least we are ahead, as SA is 20 years closer to getting out of the black mess.

      For our security we have a much beloved pack of handsome, well muscled Scythian like Boerboels. They are huge, free range, and run kms every day and only eat raw meat.

      We have a no fence, and an open door / window policy, but no ratboyz enter, as the dogs keep our place vermin free.

    4. Anonymous10:15 pm

      I never want to be a pig wallowing happily in the mud.

      Thank you verrry much!

    5. @Anon 10:13 PM...Isn't it sad that in South Africa not even your dogs are normal anymore? You cannot just have a normal pet dog like a Beagle or Golden Retriever. No, they must be killing machines. They are guard dogs and body guards, not pets. If you go to Europe for instance you will see that people still have normal dogs. Dogs hardly ever bark in Europe. Not like in SA where you know each and every dog in your neigbourhood and its bark. You listen at 23:00 and you can tell just from the bark of the dogs where in the neigbourhood the "vermin" is and in which direction it is going. You wake up every two hours and listen to more barks. You take a walk through the house, pistol in hand and look out the windows if your dogs are still OK. I know how it is....It is not normal. Like I said. Life under a dictatorship is never normal. You have two choices. either you emigrate to where it is still relatively normal, or you MAKE it normal. I take it you have chosen the second option.

    6. Mike, that is another very valid point. What exactly is normal? It depends what you are used to I guess. In the UK you hear of many stories of arrests for writing what we write on here on social media. Some have even been arrested for posting pics on bikes speeding. Cops start following you until find a pic with your plate on it, then come to your house and seize your computer and make a case. Normal? People charged for saying something that 'may' offend under the Public Order Act. Normal? In Oz a little girl was traumatised and interrogated for Booing an Abo and a perceived racial slur at a football match.Normal? In Germany you can be arrested for a historic question, refering favourably to some non PC ideas or even the music you listen to. Normal?

      Overseas a racial remark and racist thoughts and I am ostracised. I have to be super careful what I say. In SA it is acceptable, even amongst blacks, granted dont use the K word. Can't throw some logs in the braai in my own home without applying for a permit. Normal? Who harasses people more, blacks loitering or chavs? Normal? I guess if you live in those places such things are normal. That means there is no one normal.

      I think a good awakening for me was when in Idaho on business. They left my bags in the back of the bakkie and took me in for lunch. I went for my bag and they asked do you want to change. I asked about theft and they said it doesn't happen there. That is their normal. But all those fat people and a climate where you are bundled up 8 months of the year to me is not normal, nor desirable. After a while, believe it or not, I started to miss Africa darkies. US niggers are far worse. And they make comments like check that hot girl, I turn my head and they say don't look. why??? They said you could be charged with sexual harassment for paying attention. They said they had this fat chick in their drawing office who kept breaking stools. They bought a re-enforced stool for her and she sued the company for discrimination; emphasising her weight. And won. PC gone crazy. Is this normal??? I don't want to live like that, looking over my back because of what i say. It is not different than looking over my shoulder so some darkie doesn't rob me.

      Point is, we each choose what we want to be normal. One choice isn't better than the other. It is just someone else's preference of how they want to live and what they will accept. I choose SA as my normal and I haven't found another place I would prefer to choose as normal. After working overseas in many places for 10 years. I used to always be glad to come home. I love SA. Shame about the darkie savages.

    7. Anonymous2:28 am

      Thanks to people like Anon 10:13 PM with their no fence, open door, vicious dog policy, you can't even take your normal pet dog for a walk anymore.

    8. See Kradmelder,, then you must define YOUR normal, because you haven't answered the question yet. How do you want SA to be after the ANC is gone?

      You choose to stay in SA. Are you happy with it the way it is? Is the current SA for you "normal"? Is poor services and long queues at the post office and home affairs “normal”? Is it “normal” for SA to be known as the Rape Capital of the world? Is it “normal” for blacks to kill 4000 white farmers? Is it “normal” to have a dumbed down education system? Is it “normal” for hundreds of babies to die of infections at delipidated hospitals every year? Is it “normal” for corrupt politicians to help themselves to the state coffers? Is it “normal” to have the electricity supplier play musical breakers with the electricity? Is it “normal” to destroy infrastructure such as roads and electricity cables? The list is almost endless. It seems like you have made your choice, because you say "I choose South Africa as my normal". Happy like a pig in shit and no amount of reasoning is going to convince you otherwise. I have one more question for you: "Do you vote for the ANC?"

    9. I did answer it mike. Check below, my 6:24 post. ironically just below this one

    10. So if you have chosen SA as your normal, why do you want these things changed?

    11. I did not say SA is perfect. Note the cons I listed above, the things I wish would change. Obviously the darkies will never change. That requires evolution, not education. Every nation has pros and cons, as I tried to list. These will vary by person and what your life expectations are. If I weigh it all up, SA still comes out on top for me, with all its flaws.

      The question is after the ANC is gone. The things below are what I wish would change with a new government, which was the original title. I could also wish apartheid will come back, but it won't, anymore than all american niggers will return to africa, or hispanics jump the border back.

    12. @2:28pm.

      Actually, you, or anyone else for that matter, have no right to walk a dog, uninvited, on my property. Secondly, my dogs don't need a fence, they are quite happy to stay within the property borders.

      So your comment is irrelevant.

    13. Anonymous9:08 am

      Dear Kradmelder, good on ya, maate!

      your justifications for your future's decisions are being stretched a bit there...

      it is not very smart to compare the cost of living by exchange rate. you would lose that argument quickly.
      In oz, the average annual income is $72k, or R 650k+
      it is much better to compare the quality of life. Like when you can live without fear of car-jackings, burglaries or much worse, something you can't put a price on...
      I like the way you brush all Europeans, canadadians, americans and ozzies under one comb (OK, two). if any outsider were to create a stereotypical image of the average south African, the resultant would probably resemble your fellow citizen Julias.
      However, I can't argue your points regarding welfare kids and braai permits. But you know what? all that red tape results that everything works, including the free gas-fired barbies in recreational spots.

      joe moore

    14. Anonymous11:15 pm

      >Unknown: No of course I don't walk my dogs on someone else's property. We had our spaniel mauled to death by a rottweiler someone else let loose from their property in the street, in a residential area. Domesticated dogs develop bacterial gut infections from eating raw meat. Humans have lived with dogs for 40,000 years. If you don't realise you need to bond with your dogs by keeping them indoors at night, you must be an idiot. An idiot whose dogs are a menace to others because there is no way you can guarantee your dogs won't leave the property to go after a bitch in heat.

    15. @ Joe Moore,

      I didn't imply a direct comparison, however, even in rand my income would be well above the average aussie salary. What I meant is what you buy with that money: big homes, a garage full of bikes, regular holidays, pool, large garden, contractors (white) to keep my house and garden etc. Far less disposal income in other countries. OK yes, I have to pay for security, but in our area we formed an armed response security company and each do a shift every 3 weeks. Some people may feel this is not quality of life. But For me it is just one hassle in an otherwise nice life. Colleagues that went to sacrifice this for low crime. It depends on how you rate things.

      Some people love Oz, some come back. For me, I don't mind doing my bit to keep our streets safe. Is it any different than Kommando in the old days? Kids play on them and women walk alone in the evenings. My kids walk to school. If you don't want to take responsibility for security, sure crime will grow and people will complain. Work wise, I can do my own thing here as skilled people are few. In Oz I would have to work for someone and do the 9-5. Here I work when I want.

      Again, for each person the decision will be different depending on how you weigh up different life factors and your current situation. For SA is a good life. I can easily leave. Have all the paper work. I just don't want to.

    16. Anonymous3:47 am

      @ Anon 11:55pm

      You really do assume too much, and who are you to call me an idiot?

      Let me explain it to you nicely.

      I don't need fences because I stay on a property that is over a 100 ha.

      My dogs are neutered and spayed, so there are no problems there.

      My dogs can come and go as they please, mostly they choose to patrol outside, but their beds are inside the house, and when they wish to, they sleep there.

      What drivel is that? Raw meat not being good for dogs. Lol! You really are clueless.

      A dog is a dog is a dog, and not a human, even after 4 000 years. Our dogs are well loved, very content, fit, healthy and well muscled, and have an instinctive and natural dislike of boons.

      A dogs natural diet is not junk, starch filled melamine pellets from the vet or supermarket.

      There is a lot about a raw meat diet for dogs on the net - so do go and educate yourself.

      Our dogs also have doggie friends that come to visit, and are well socialised. They are pleased and welcoming to our friends as well.

      Please do not compare my dogs with some poor frustrated gated rottie in a complex.

      Sorry about your dog - but could it be that your spaniel was attacked by a possible male Rottie - because your dog was an unneutered male running loose in the streets?

      You see....at least I ask before I jump to conclusions.

  31. As to how to make SA better:

    1. Get rid of BEE and make it a fair system based on ability and delivery and skills
    2. Democracy cannot work here as people vote racially and whoever gives the biggest handout, since most don't support themselves. To vote you should vote on your your SARS registration number. if you don't pay tax why should you vote on how tax money is spent? Regardless of race, being a tax payer gives you a say
    4. Education raises the pass mark to 50 or 60% and go to a 3 tier system like germany for achievers who will go to university, with no race quotas, technical high school, and school for those who will be labourers. Of course you spend more on your future elite and it is by merit.
    5. No more top level appointments without working your way up and having credibility
    6. Be ruthless with corruption, as a crime similar to treason
    7. Most european nations have admitted multiculti is a failure. Stop trying to enforce mixing, like bussing black kids to areas that are too white. No more quotas on tenders or employment by race or gender
    8. Stop restrictions on skilled white immigration yet take every unskilled black migrant. We have a skills shortage, not a labour shortage
    9. Stop using the public sector as a job creation programme. Use the money for infrastructure development and create jobs in the private sector
    10. Allow the white man, the black man, and the brown each their own place in the sun, where they are free to live according to their customs, and sit under their own trees. Stop enforced mixing that only creates racial friction. There is nothing wrong with white only suburbs, anymore than black only townships are a problem.

  32. Anonymous6:37 am

    Firstly, once bitten twice shy.

    There is no system that will work which includes both races in the same country, other than that of apartheid.

    The best overall living standards blacks enjoyed was during the apartheid years, though most will not admit to this fact.

    Many know that it was the establishment who orchestrated an extremely effective psyops campaign against white South Africans and apartheid. They made it their business to sow discontent and brainwash blacks into believing they were hard done by, by the apart (holy) system.

    So, if the blacks refuse to be ruled by the whites superior culture, they cannot expect to benefit in any way from it then, can they? - and must sort out their own.
    For our thanks we whites received a kick in the teeth for our kind and generous efforts to uplift them.

    It has already been proved, since 1994, that there can be no power sharing in any hopeful SA future because Metal and mud cannot form a stable and lasting bond.

    Anyway, I do believe that in a new SA future we will have no need of black servants as there will be plenty unemployed whites who will be moving here from abroad the way things are looking.

    1. Blacks will never accept apartheid because they are a parasitic race. They need to live off the white man. Every black state needs internal whites, expats, or donor aid. You cannot have separate development when one group cannot develop. It is like having shared development with locusts and telling them grow your own crops. They need to feed off the labour of others. Otherwise known as the White Man's Burden. We have to live with it. We will carry this monkey on our back where ever we go. The darker a segment of the population is, the ore you need to carry them, if you don't get rid of them out right. It has always been like this.

    2. Anonymous9:52 am

      Kradmelder 7;14
      You hit the Nail on the Head , this is just it the Blacks Need a HOST to live on , just like a blood sucking Tick . Apartheid was bad for us , because we Whites had to work so hard and our Taxes were monitored like Hawks , in order to Sponsor the Well Being and help in the proliferation of these Innocents (like hell).
      Since the Host has been changed to the self serving Host and drying out , the Ticks are gonna fall away and Die, but not before leeching off others.

    3. Anonymous9:48 pm

      (reply from anon. 6.37am)

      Exactly! It is why I said apartheid. Separate development as in total separation.
      NO freebies from the white man. Niks Nada. Ziltch nothing.


    4. and because they are a parasitic species and need to feed off the Whites they will never grant us our own, much desired by us, White homeland. The only way we will achieve that is if we get up off our arses and take it.

  33. Anonymous10:43 am

    Democracy does not work in a country where the people are uneducated.

    I want to live in a country where only those that pay PAYE can vote.

  34. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Homeland for whites, all whites who want it & no blacks.
    Finish & klaar.

    1. Anonymous4:48 pm

      In your dreams, it will never be allowed as it does not fit into the Neocon New World Order agenda.

  35. This is a bit tricky Mike ;-)
    I for one, will not settle for a homeland.
    Why should I be content with a piece of the pie after the whole pie was taken from me?
    Those waiting for a leader to stand up will still wait a long time. I think a leader will only emerge once the revolution is in full swing. Any person standing up as a leader now could well be an agent planted by government,  or if not, will end up in jail for treason.Start by being a leader in your Street or community,  the rest will follow.There is no way that the anc will give up power, although I agree with you that their days are numbered. Their refusal to give up power will kickstart the revolution. Once our defencive actions, during said revolution clears the way, and the eff and anc "klapped" each other good, we turn to a offensive strategy and clear the land.One can only claim a homeland if everyone moves there first and we have some serious hardware to defend the borders. The anc will get help from their Brics partners and we will not be able to defend the borders with a couple of handguns.The new government will need taxes - we're not Monaco, however, only tax paying residents will be allowed to vote. No more grants for babies, TB and what not. If you want to work in SA, you will require a work visa, residential address etc. All illegals will be deported. Zero tollerance for crime. If you do crime, you either hang or do hard labour.I will impose a special levy on all domestic workers, which will be utilised for neighbourhood watch organisations., in other words, if you realy need a domestic/gardener,  and can afford them, you can hire them, but they are not allowed to sleep in. Establish "Appy" schools again to train and uplift the poor whites.

    Establish Commandos again, and close the borders again with hardcore electric fences.Ban Trade Unions - I can carty on forever :-)

  36. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Black African dictators have collectively murdered hundreds of millions of dirt poor innocent people and the OAU glorifies them and gives them a pat on the back. The rest of the world showers them with grand awards and huge gifts of cash money are secretly deposited into their foreign bank accounts. WHY? ... READ ON...

  37. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Many of the comments here reads just like those on news 24's. I think there are still those here who are still brainwashed and semi believe the carp spouted pre 1994...still believing in the rainbow dream that one day blacks will "see", and start behaving like the white man. Still believing it is possible to live with this brainless, greedy by nature parasite.

    No. Blacks cannot comprehend what we can. It is instinctive to our race.

    They will always remain pricks and thorns in our sides, so therefore cannot remain amongst whites.

    Only total apartheid will work.
    No misplaced compassion and subsequent funding of any kind for blacks.
    We gave this parasite what we should have reserved for our own only.
    We are all very aware of the kind of "Thanks" for our kindness we have received from this foul and disgusting parasite.

    1. You have not answered the question yet. Even if a fairy comes along and grants you your wish of taking all blacks out of the country, "How do you want South African society to be once they are gone?"

      What kind of country do you want to live in and raise your kids in?

    2. Anonymous1:53 am

      Just the old SA.

    3. Anonymous8:41 am

      Mike, ok. If you were my wizard godfather, and wishes were true, I would wish to live in a white only South Africa, where communities actually nominate from amongst themselves, representatives who will keep the welfare of their communities in mind or else they get the boot.
      Unfortunately for those who do not like my wish, there can be no permanent residence, or vote for blacks.

    4. Anonymous8:58 am

      World Peace .... I mean SA peace , You know Mike if we take it back to the way the Nats ran SA with a will to be a challenge to the World of Trading on the same brainwave as they were. If it were all hunky people would be so laid back and die of heart disease and other, the Stress of having had the Commies put pressure on us made us improvise and come up with new Ideas against those challenges, when our ALLIES anglo american set harsh Sanctions on us we come up with Ideas that the world didnt even think of , our Coal to Oil , our Weapons , our Textile ,our food source, etc all enough and to even keep the Kafre fat and his Matondo working overtime 24/7 .
      When the Micks and the Skandanavian Countries turned back our Fruits we sent it to Rotterdam and to the International market from there. Our Highly INTELLIGENT Leadership made this possible. Our Allies had other plans though and paved the way for the Enemy.

  38. A very thought provoking article Mike. Your question, "How do we want SA to be after the ANC is gone?"
    To start, I think SA at the moment as a functioning society must be one of the most complex in the world. If you look at America, where the blacks are roughly10% of the population yet the majority in prison. They have a major advantage in that the knee grows were showered with money to get them up to speed, wrt education. They only have one language in America. Even with all of that, the majority of blacks are on welfare.
    In South Africa you have a immediate disadvantage of many languages spoken by the various tribes, then you have the vast differences in culture . Then its the makwerikweri which must be more than 10 million??? So you have a melting pot of different views, stages of evolution, and cultural differences.
    To compound the problem, SA still has mineral wealth, which caused all the problems in the first place.
    So with the ANC gone, I would agree with pops and lalaland. ( Ironically I also left SA 7 years ago and now living in OZ) First and foremost implementation of draconian laws. Applicable to all. Proven corruption- death penalty .Murder, rape , child molestation - death penalty. Theft in whatever form - prison. All prisons to be work gangs. Building roads , major developments all to be done by prisoners. Attempted escape - double original sentence.
    Politicians - term to be changed to people in charge with allocating resources. No airs and graces a job, being paid a minimum salary with no benefits. Everything audited by independent auditors. Theft and corruption as per all the above.
    People will live with their own culture , so areas would largely remain unchanged.
    Liberals - all given the death penalty (lol)_Anyway thats my take on it.

    Reminds me of the joke in Boondock Saints
    An American, Negro and Indian were walking along and came across a genie. The genie grants each one a wish. The negro says - I want all my kin, brothers and sisters to be back in Africa, where we were stolen from. Whoops - negro's are gone. Indian says - I want the reserves to be fully stocked with bison and all my people to be back there living in peace and harmony. Whoops - all the indians gone. So the American says to the genie, so all the negros are back in Africa and all the indians are back on the reserves. The genie says yes, so what do you want. The American, says, i will have a coke please.

    1. Dumb Yank. He should have asked for all the hispanics to be back in Mexico. But then who would serve his coke LOL.

    2. Anonymous6:16 am

      Wanted, but for the wrong reasons.


  39. Anonymous1:19 am

    Before deciding anything, we need to know the truth as to why F W De Klerk decided to just hand everything to the blacks? What was the motivation? Ive read so much conflicting info on it so I dunno. They could have atleast eased the blacks in instead of handing the lot? But actually I dont care anymore, so much already has happend, we whites did absolute nothing. And in any case, even if we gained control somehow, what of the millions that outnumber us still? Regarding the farmers and bkack labour, im sure the growing number of poor whites wont mind helping out as long as they have food n some kind of security? Couple months ago, I read a facebook story by a farmer who advertised for white labour on his farm, he got so many replys couldnt deal with it all. We should help groups like Afriforum etc to keep campaigning for us to go to Europe and the West. In the coming decades the african population is set to overtake india.. so why stay here? Its hard to get into Australia if your not skilled in something, I want Education of whites to be on top of the list. In the area where im from in Durban, there are only 2 categories of whites, rich and poor, middle class have all but gone. So many suburbs that were previously white are now no-go areas, not safe at all. And there are a ton of whites who are willing to do something but feel hands are tied. Plus all the anti-white nonsense. In 2007 I travelled to the Uk, got off at heathrow and oh my I was shocked, I thought the whole of Africa and middle east followed me off the plane, london is barely white british, I dont wana stay there, I can get an ancestral passport for britain, but ai the place is just not what its made out to be. America is basically finished to, Oz seems the best of the western countries. For now!

  40. Anonymous1:19 am

    Ek will my ou land terug he, nes dit was voor voordat dit gesteel was in 1994, sonder die terroristste bedrywighede, maar met apartheid en al.
    Wat n vooreg om in die ou apartheids dae op die skoolbanke te kon sit!

  41. Anonymous1:26 am


  42. Anonymous1:30 am

    http://www.away2xplore.co.za/ some overseas opportunities for work.

  43. Anonymous3:19 am

    A good question Mike! I agree with the views of TheBronx and Willempie on the country I want to live in and raise my children in. In essence a country with a small effective government with a big focus on defence and technological development, where hard work and performing with excellence will most probably be rewarded.

  44. Anonymous3:25 am

    Hey Mike, have you seen that Economist Dawie Roodt read your blog.His response:

  45. Anonymous5:57 am

    As you said above Mike " People want to be safe in their homes and on the streets. People want decent health care and look forward to a decent pension in their old age. They want their children to be able to play outside without fear. They want to live normal lives in normal homes without burglar bars, safety gates and armed response. " And for my son to have a decent education and fair opportunity in his chosen career one day

  46. Anonymous6:57 am

    3 ways for SA to stop getting ‘beaten and robbed’ (in Dawie Roodt's own words)........
    >Start a process where all civil servants (SOE’s included) are required to reapply for their jobs. And henceforth only employ on merit‚ not by virtue of contacts‚ favours‚ social requirements or nepotism.
    >Establish a world class skills development system (education) immediately to support a growing and thriving economy.
    >Remove all obstacles to employment. Do not ‘’create jobs’’ but stop preventing willing people from creating their own jobs.

    1. Anonymous12:40 pm

      i want a couple days alone with Rob Davis so i can "show him the error of his ways"

    2. Anonymous2:09 pm

      Educating blacks??? LOL!!!

    3. Anonymous8:56 pm

      no to skin him and feed him to them

  47. Anonymous10:17 am

    I must admit. I do find the cognitive dissidence entertaining.

    Communism, Marxism, Capitalism etc etc etc.

    To understand Marxism watch the doc on YT The History of Political Correctness.

    1. always-a-realist5:25 pm

      I am glad to see that you are one of the few that has figured out the truth. For the last 20 years, I have been trying to drum some sense into South African heads , only to be confronted by deniers.

  48. Anonymous10:38 am

    To Anonymous3:25 AM
    Thanks mate for the look up info to read about Economist Dawie Roodts ordeal. Knowing Mike he has also got something just as positive to tell us at the end of this survey. Imagine how wonderful this country could have been if a true non racist democracy had been implemented as was originally promised by this greedy mad communist besotted ANC government. Dawie Roodt and his family had a real bum nerve wracking experience indeed and my sympathy goes out to them from the bottom of my heart. However in that life shattering experience he also saw that there was still a ray of hope in getting this country back together in the future. It was through the good helpful and kind deeds that followed his tragedy that made the greatest impact on him. Like he said in his letter we must Immediately get rid of the false ANC and every other greedy hostile criminal political party and bad element in the country. Why should the good people have to suffer and even have to flee for the sake of criminals and their greed for power and riches. Its time for the good to overcome the bad in every corner of our society and country. Like Mike said the key is to remove their main support systems. l am sure that they will topple like sand castles hit by an earthquake..

    1. Anonymous2:08 pm

      You and Mike share the same delusion.

  49. Anonymous11:23 am

    Here, read this....


    Ignore the fact that it is a crystal ball prophecy and ask yourself if such a scenario will likely happen if you considered the current attitudes of everyone in SA today. Then go back and re read the prophecy and take note of the "strategy" that both sides will deploy to win this crystall ball war.

    People, on all sides of the race fence all want the other side permanently gone. The libs who push for race mixing know that it causes strife. Perhaps they do it so that we are kept pre occupied while they plunder the country. So the country you will wish for, will not exist, because the parasites will have taken it all.

    1. Anonymous11:25 pm

      There have been so many of these useless thumb suck nonsense "prophecies"
      In the old days prophecy was detailed relevant and immediate.
      IF the "prophet" screwed up they were stoned to death

      Pity that is no longer the case !

  50. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Hi Mike, I sincerely hope that, at the end of this experiment, you share with us YOUR "vision of tomorrow"...

  51. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Boer Freedom is all I care about, it is only Mike and his band of merry men that think we don't exist anymore.

  52. Anonymous3:59 pm

    There is an old wise saying that religion and politics don't mix. Unfortunately the politicians today freely quote scripture to prove a political point of view and the religious leaders quote the same scriptures to approve the same religious point of view. Crooked Politicians are surreptitiously ordained and speak politics from behind the pulpit of certain churches and certain church leaders speak in parliament and glorify and sanctify the criminal politicians for the evil that they do. This is another abnormal unrighteous thing that will have to be rectified because at present the "love thy neighbour" commandment has gone for a ball of chalk.

  53. Anonymous11:09 pm

    It seems the ANC has got a succession plan. From next year Mandarin will be taught in all state schools.

  54. Anonymous11:52 pm

    I want my country back as it was in the days of Dr Verwoerd. I'm prepared to fight for this, if we can find a leader.

  55. I see no reason why every nation cannot have its own area where they rule themselves. I also see no reason why there cannot be a common area were those who prefer to mix together can live. At least everyone will have a choice and not be just forced into this current corrupt unity-state,

  56. Anonymous3:23 am


    Summarizes the white martars who are dying for no cause.

    Why do whites think they should stay when their country is burning? Oooops its not your country anymore! Time to pack up and move.

    There is no going back.

    Each day the white mans numbers decline in this country like they did in Rhodesia


    Rhodesia 20-30 years ago - 180,000+ whites
    Zimbabwe today - less than 6,000 whites

    South Africa 20-30 years ago - 7,800,000 whites
    South Africa today - 3,900,000 whites

    Now if one cannot connect the dots, cannot see the big picture then you deserve to be shot, raped or robbed.

    Can you imagine the Amish believing because they are Christian they will one day rule America despite being a declining minority?

    Yet it makes me laugh that whites think that! And as this thinking continues it will lead them down the path of destruction.

    The battle ended when Apartheid started.

    No one likes to accept defeat but accepting is moving on and closure. The only reason you see this place crumbling is because you chose to stay behind, those other 3.8 million are making a go at life in a better place, why not make a plan and join them?

  57. Anonymous4:26 am

    Anonymous11:09 PM "Botties"
    Hi "B" That is going to be even further proof of what South Africa warned the western world about. It will also let our western betrayers know that the cunning ANC has every intention of strengthening their political and social "buddy buddy" ties with communist China. The present black on white genocide is the backbone of the ANC succession plan. Mandarin will most definitely have to be taught in all state schools to further strengthen, bind and confirm the ANC's relationship with communist China. Step by step the ANC is preparing this country for a full blown communist take over. Over and above the present eleven official SA languages introducing "ching chong" is just another sign of where the ANC intends to curry favour.

  58. Anonymous12:16 pm

    To Anonymous3:23 AM.
    Good jobs even for highly qualified whites is a definite NO! NO! wherever you go. Without decent employment its hard enough to put food on the table and make ends meet. The cost of packing up and moving off is going to cost the rest of us hundreds of thousands of Rand each to do so. If your bank balance is as big as your mouth is then perhaps you could kindly finance the project to enable every one of us to depart. However if it is as small as your mind is ... then kindly disregard the financial request and go back to sleep. Thank you!

    1. Lala Land5:14 pm

      I did it with a couple of thousand. If you have a job lined up then all you need is a flight, deposit and first month rent and some extra for food etc.Or you can stay in a self-containing unit until you have enough for rent, etc. You can also leave first as the bread-winner and have the family follow later. There are ways that don't cost hundreds of thousands. All you need is the will and a Boer will make a plan!

    2. Anon 12:16 - I often wonder (tongue in the cheek), what will happen if we board a ship and leave for the sunny shores of Italy. Will they accept us and put us up in all paid refugee camps, or deport us?

  59. Anonymous3:18 pm

    I have got several relatives and friends now living mainly in the land of OZ Mike and most have been gone for a good few years now. However every single one of them (male and female alike) is yearning to return back to South Africa. Things are not so "hunky dory" for foreign immigrants there no matter what the colour or how closely related the white ancestral background is. So at the end of the day I wouldn't even bother and come what may I wouldn't leave here at all not for any other country in the world. There was and is no place on earth better than Sunny South Africa.

    1. Anon 3:18 - Same with my family members and friends. They have to lower their standard of living, they have to do their own housework (maids are too expensive), and they must try to integrate with the numerous South African "clicks", especially in Oz. Its definitely not fun and games

    2. Anonymous9:36 pm

      There's NO PLACE LIKE HOME! Our forefathers built this country from nothing and I ain't going nowhere else. Come hell or high water an ignorant commie kaffir like Zuma or Malema ain't gonna move me!

  60. Anonymous1:05 am

    At the gym, a guy asked me what I thought of the rugby. I said I don't care. He said I'm unpatriotic. I told him that he's unpatriotic to be watching games when thousands of whites are being murdered.

    1. Anonymous4:10 am

      Well said for calling a spade a spade anon 1:05am! I'm proud of you and wish some more whites would wake up the living dead out there. I love admitting to being a racist, and its quite entertaining to observe the looks of confusion and horror displayed.

  61. Anonymous1:39 am

    In a globalized world society the only answer is productivity - the reason for Germany's success. If you have problems with a maid and feel that she is not productive, fire her and do the work yourself, or use your machines for that. If your employees piggyback on others and drain their energy fire them. If the government is corrupt take your money out of the country. If Orania produces good pecan nuts, buy them. If Christian values of peace and love are ignored, move on. If you have a healthy family structure, make others envious so that they want to have the same. Don't compromise your values. In other countries there are also massive problems, i.e. Christchurch has its casino, to start with.

  62. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Mike, jy laat dit so eenvoudig klink, dit is nie!
    Ons is nou vas gegesper in Afrika politiek. In Afrika bestaan demokrasie in n westerse styl nie, Botswana is die enigste Afrika staad wat vooruit gaan en wat polities bestendig is.
    Jy dink n boer kan nie sonder sy swart werkers werk nie......verkeerd, meganieseer is die antwoord, dit is duur maar elke sent werd, ek doen dit en boer nou man alleen.
    Jy sien Mike, met al die bakhand publiek van die land wat 90% uitmaak kan ons niks aandoen nie en dit gaan nie beter gaan nie want hulle is die sondebokke by die stembus wat sorg dat die ANC in bewind bly. Dit ook deur die bakhand grade houers dat SA lyk soos hy lyk. Ons kan ook nie die "ja stemers" van 92 versoon vir hulle oops nie.
    Nee Mike n demokrasie soos dit in die weste daarna uitsien is n ongewenste stelsel in Afrika en net n mode woord om in te wees.
    Ons is verskillend al deel ons dieselfde kontinent vir die laaste 400 jaar, ons verskil nie net in voorkoms, geloof, kultuur nie maar ook in die toekoms drome en die roete wat gevolg moet word om die iediale te bereik.
    Soos die spreekwoord se "daar is n d#£l in die drink water" as hulle in die water wil mors dan moethulle maar drink tot versadiheid toe. Eskom is tot op datum die beste voorbeeld wat die resultaat is van ere dokters grade.
    Die ANC en Eskom moet SA maar die lang verwagte blackout gee sodat die parasiete mekaar maar kan uit-sort.
    Mike vra jouself af, hoekom het apartheid nie hier gewerk nie maar dit werk tog in Isrial????
    Ons het vir pienk frikkie de klerk gehad en nie hulle nie!
    Mike luister weer na die blankes, in die stede is die antwoord meer links maar op die plateland is ons galtvol!!!

  63. Anonymous8:25 am

    ANC is going nowhere in the next 50 years, unless they are pushed out by force.
    In the worst case scenario, they are grooming EFF.

  64. Anonymous3:27 pm


  65. Possible for a Cape republic. Get backing from UN. Show the UN evididence of Genocide level 6 and endangered culture of Afrikaners and South African constitution where a Tribe of people can be given settlement area and autonomy inside SA. Get professional architect to map out Cape Republic border and populated cities. Get financial backing and trade agreements from other countries. Get economist to write a financial growth report of Cape Republic with all businesses and people relocated there. Get promises from white SA business owners to relocate to Cape Republic. Get promises from White SA construction to build a million or so housing units to house everyone. Have a shadow Prime minister or president with laws and constitution ready to serve. Build a shadow government that would immediately be put into power upon sovereignty. Land survey Cape Republic and designate agricultural areas and promise Land rights to Boers to grow food and have livestock. Build a shadow Army in case of attacks. Must have financial backing Promises from other countries to succeed.