22 August 2015

No money for road signs? We'll see...

By Mike Smith

22nd of August 2015

I wonder if there is anything they won’t steal…

Corrupt ANC stealing road sign money

Sarah Baartman district
Of the R4.7 million awarded to the racist BBBEE company Rainbow Civils only R150,000 was allocated to the entire Sarah Baartman District which includes Port Elizabeth…and Ward 30…where the ANC has just recently lost a previous stronghold to the UDM in a humiliating by election.

UDM win reduces ANC majority in Nelson Mandela Bay council

In typical loser fashion the freeloading DA leader in the Eastern Cape, Athol Trollip, who only managed to get 9% of the vote, said that the election result will send a shockwave through the ANC

Makes one think of the elephant and the mouse who walked across a wooden bridge and when they got to the other side the mouse said, "Man we really had that bridge rocking and swaying didn't we?"

Nevertheless, how do we get the ANC to spend more money on road signs? I have a few ideas…By the time we are finished them, they will be bankrupt and there will be no more money to steal. They will have to change all the signs on posts and clean all the signs off the roads in the whole country. If they have enough personnel and time to do it all, is another question. Remember we want to overload the system and bring it down.

And while we are at it, we can change all the road signs and town names back to what they were. It is our tax money that paid for it all anyway. Stuff them. Every act of defiance is a mini revolution. We will take our country back…even if it is one road at a time.

In hoc signo vinces!



  1. Anonymous7:33 am

    Keep it coming Mike! These "RESISTancE" tactics and techniques made known on the blog is wonderful stuff and gets excitingly more informative and efficient by the hour. The ANC are GOING DOWN FOR SURE! VOERENTOE MANNE! ... VOERENTOE!

  2. Brilliant Mike, was thinking the same route - especially Town names and signs like "Crime hotspot" & "Potholes ahead".

    1. Hi TheBronx.
      What's wrong with your typing finger? Come on mate, let those ideas come thick and fast.

    2. Will do Arnieann although some are a bit hardcore

  3. Congats Mike. You should have started this type of "resistance" a long time ago. Get people involved. Just look at what happened with the "Miljoen Stemme vir Steve", and boikot Naspers. It's not that alive any more, but it did work well for a while.

  4. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Hey. daai stopteken lyk soos iets wat mens op ELKE stopstraat moet plak/verf! Sal dit nou nie hulle onderbroeke bevuil nie, hehehehehe! Fokkit, ek gaan sommer vandag nog sticker papier koop en daai "logos" print. Sommer op pad terug van kerk af vanaand `n paar op plak. Man, ek voel weer soos `n stout laaitie . . .

    1. Rather make a stencil of the fist and words. Spray it on with a can of white spray. More difficult to get off. They will have to replace it.

  5. Anonymous2:44 am

    Mike, this is such a good idea! Well done you are a genius! First off, I want to say that I do have to eat humble pie, because,
    There were blacks that fought and died on the side of whites. Realizing and knowing that black rule would be a disaster, and some were killed in the most despicable ways for their disobedience to the Marxist anc. Their families have most certainly not benefitted from the new South Africa. I had ignored this in my rage, rage built up over time because of the murder of us whites. Blacks, who are by and large easily manipulated, are simple people (as evidenced by their IQ, and have been used as the battle axe for the Satanic communist agenda. If one has read Marx & Satan by Richard Wurmbrand (free eBook download), one starts understanding who our true enemies are.
    In R Wurmbrands book me mentions that most of Marx teachings are locked up and not available to the public. He also does not understand why Marx is so contradictory in his writings. This I believe is because he still does not see the full picture. Without the full picture of who our enemy is, this Satanic war in South Africa (and world wide) against white people cannot be won.
    I KNOW why Marx and Engels had a burning hatred for Christians and it is the reason for the world wide hatred and attack on previously Christian South Africa). Ultimately throughout the ages it has been, and is a battle between God and Satan.
    In R Wurmbrands booklet we see that Satanism is a self destructive black hole. If one understands that Marx, Engels, Stalin and Lenin knew their roots (from Satan, Cain, Esau), one can start seeing that their insane hatred of Christians and their subsequent murderous insane behavior has a root. Marx's writings which look contradictory, start making satanic diabolical sense, and show the true depths of his evil depraved mind.
    Marx et al understood their lineage and were thus consumed by a jealous hatred for the descendants of Jacob - the white Judiac/Hebrew/Christian man.
    R Wurmbrand is correct when he says Marxism is Satanism. Satanism is Talmudism, a very different kettle of fish.
    Judaism or Hebraism has nothing in the world to do with Talmudic Zionism. We share a common heritage with present day so called Christian Jews (Judeans), because they are our blood brothers, - NOT Talmudic Communist Zionists, who are not descendents of Jacob, but of Esau.

    One must realize there is not actually, and never has been a Jewish people, it is a bald faced Lie - only the twelve separate, but sometimes united 12 tribes of Israel, of which you, Mike, and all other whites belong to.
    I hope this makes some sense. I will try and copy paste examples from the booklet to elaborate later. It's going to be tedious and painstaking though, as I have to work on my cell phone, but people really need to know who Marx is if they care about our survival.

    May God strengthen your arm Mike, and thank you for being there for those of us who have found much solace and inspiration from your blog.

    1. Thanks Anonymous2:44 AM I look forward to reading these.

    2. I have a copy of Wurmbrand's book. Just a point...Those "Talmudic Communist Zionists" are called "Sabbateans". Karl Marx was one of these and so was Lenin.

      The Satanic cult that rules the world
      Sabbateans are not recognized as jews

    3. Anonymous11:22 am

      Yes I agree Mike - These Sabbateans were around in Christs day as well. They took the blood of Christ upon themselves and their future generations.
      don't view Jews as a separate race - which they are not. Just the same as any other white of European descent. One can even see that so called "jew" and "non Jew" often share the same surname or from the same root.

    4. Anonymous11:46 am

      Hi Helizna, you can download the whole free e book here:


  6. Anonymous5:51 am

    Quotes below from Marx & Satanism by Richard Wurmbrand, snipped from pgs. 56 and 57.

    My comments in [[ ]].

    ...... The Satanic depths of communism can be understood only by knowing the kind of man Moses Hess was, for he influenced Marx and Engels, with whom he founded the First International, as well as Bakunin. Without a knowledge of Hess, Marx is unintelligible, because it is he who brought Marx to socialism. Consider Marx's words already quoted: Words I teach all mixed up into a devilish muddle. Thus, anyone may think just what he chooses to think. Marx wrote in such a manner. Hess's writings are an even more devilish muddle, [[snipped]] Hess declares the Jewish as well as the Christian religion to be "dead," [[ here I believe Hess is referring to Hebraism and its fulfillment, Christianity, NOT Talmudic Zionism ]] which does not prevent him from writing in Rome and Jerusalem about "our holy writings," "the holy language of our fathers," "our cult," "the divine laws," "the ways of Providence," and "godly life." ...........[[ here Hess refers to the Rabbinic Talmud writings, which are diametrically opposed to Gods teachings, and its child is marxist communism. ]]

    It is not that at different stages in life he held different opinions. In his pseudo Zionist book he declares that he does not disown his former godless endeavors. [[ here Hess tells us plainly that he keeps to the Talmudic Zionist principles, and not the pure righteous principles of the Christian new AND old testament, which have never belonged to Talmudic Zionists. ]] No, this is an intentional "devilish muddle." Hess was Jewish and a forerunner of Zionism. Because Hess, Marx, and other people like them were Jewish, some people consider communism a Jewish plot. Yet Marx also wrote an antiJewish [[ here it should read anti Hebrew, ]] book. In this respect, too, he has simply followed Hess. This "Zionist," Hess, who elevates Jewry to heaven, [[ Hess actually elevates Talmudic Zionism here, but thinks he is clever and creating muddle and confusion by hiding it in plain sight, knowing that many Christians and not aware that they ARE the Hebrew tribes. ]] wrote in his book About the Monetary System: The Jews, who had the role, in the natural history of the social animal world, to develop mankind into a savage animal, have fulfilled this, their professional job. The mystery of Judaism and Christianity has been revealed in the modern JudeoChristian. The mystery of the blood of Christ, like the mystery of the old Jewish worship of the blood, appears here unveiled as being the mystery of the predatory animal. Don't worry if you fail to understand these words. They were written "mixed up into a devilish muddle," but the hatred for Jewishness contained in them is clear. Hess is a racist, Jewish as well as antiJewish, according to the needs of the spirit which inspired his works and which he calls "holy." .

    [[If one has read Richard Wurmbrands book one would be aware, that contrary to popular belief Marxist communists are not atheists. They know that there is a God and Satan. It merely suits their aims to have the world believe it is so. Satanistic Marxist communists have, and work very hard to this day, through murder, ridicule, deceit and lies, to destroy Christianity, with much success so far.
    I do not put the people, known collectively as Jews in the same mould as Marx et al. There are Jews - let me say rather JUDEANS/Hebrews in the world, who do not practice Satanic Talmudic Marxism. Indeed they would be horrified to know the depths of depravity it contains.

    White Israels bible tells us who Gods children are. Hess Engels Marx and cronies read and saw it. They knew it was not their inheritance, and it is why Christians were and are attacked so viciously the world over.......because Christ wrote: MY SHEEP WILL HEAR MY VOICE]].

  7. Anonymous6:32 am

    Cont. From Marx post.

    I believe all life comes from our Father goes back to our Father.
    The spirit of dumb animals, plant and peoples, as Spirits, (life forces) can never die.
    Our Father rewards each as He sees fit.

    ...but the evil ones, they will return to their father Satan, to be bound up together in the bottomless pit, (black hole?), where there torment will last forever.

    Finally, it is Gods faithful, who have overcome evil for whom the following promise is made, "

    1 Corinthians 2:9King James Version (KJV)

    9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.
    So my thoughts are that we need every helping hand in our fight against the forces of darkness. I believe that there are many blacks who hate the current system. We should remember that in general there is an inherited disadvantage that they have to contend with, we know that they are like children, and easy to oppress to do the will of evil people. People like Ronnie Kasrils are amongst the instigators of all the whites present woes in South Africa.

    I hope to see those blacks, older now, who remember how good life really was in the good days of apartheid (holy days), when they had a dry roof over their heads and meat on the table, when their children respected parental authority. I hope to see them with spray can in hand, joining us in our bid to break the yoke of Cain and Esau.

    I hope to be alive when the Children of God's Day comes.
    I will be in the front row with my knitting...

  8. Anonymous2:19 pm

    For centuries the churches have used politics to gain further support for their religious beliefs and the politicians have used the churches to gain further support for their political beliefs. I don't believe or support either of them. Nor do I support any of their false beliefs either. I base my life solely on the wisdom and righteous holy spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ. According to scripture Jesus had no faith or belief in either of them as well. Makes one think doesn't it?