14 August 2015

Non-violent political defiance as the only viable option to change in South Africa

“Political Defiance, like military struggle, is both an art and a science. To be effective, it must be studied and carried out with skill and discipline.” Colonel Robert Helvey - President of the Albert Einstein Institution as of 2006.

By Mike Smith

14th of August 2015

A 2011 study of 323 civil resistance campaigns around the world between 1900 and 2006 by two US researchers, Erica Chenoweth and Maria J Stephan, found that nonviolent campaigns were successful in 53% of cases, and violent ones in only 26%. Moreover, only 4% of violent regime changes ended up in a functioning democracy, compared with 42% of non-violent regime changes.

Meet Dr Gene Sharp

In 1993, Dr. Gene Sharp, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, was approached by an exiled Burmese journalist to help bring the world’s longest running Civil War to an end by deposing their Military junta and installing a democracy.

At the time the rebels have been fighting in the jungles of Burma for decades and have lost thousands of soldiers. They were desperate for an alternative way to violence and war.

Gene Sharp did not know the Burmese and their conflict very well, but 20 years earlier in 1973 he wrote a book (in three volumes) called The politics of non-violent action based on his 1968 doctoral thesis at Oxford University which he decided to condense for the Burmese.

The result was a little booklet of about 80 pages called From dictatorship to democracy which can be freely downloaded from his organization’s website.

This little book has since been translated into 30 languages and is found on all the continents. It has inspired revolutions from Serbia and Iceland to the Arab spring. It is the equivalent of an atomic bomb and feared by dictators the world over. It is a recipe, a blueprint of how to overthrow a dictator by using peaceful means.

Gene Sharp has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times.

As you are reading this, the principles in Gene Sharp’s book is being used against dictatorships in Syria, in Russia, in Turkey, in Zimbabwe, in the Maldives, etc…

It explains how people can overcome their fear of a dictatorship and unite.

It explains the sources of power and the pillars of support a dictator relies on to stay in power and how to undermine these pillars to bring the dictator to a fall.

And then it gives guidelines on how to install a democracy.

See, people always think that political power is monolithic with a pyramid structure that cannot be toppled over, only the capstone (the leader) can be changed every now and again.

However, this is false. Political power is based on four major pillars of support,

1) Control of bureaucracy (the civil service)
2) Control of the group mind (media, schools, universities, etc)
3) Control of the economy (business, commercial institutions, taxation)
4) Control of the means of violence ( army, police, etc)

Without the obedience and support of the people in these pillars the dictator cannot stay in power. If you take these pillars of support away, the dictator falls.

Gene Sharp mentions 198 methods of how to do this, but there are many more and every revolution invents new ones.

Basically the idea is not to push the pillars over or even destroy them. You want to pull these pillars out from underneath the dictator to your side, supporting the democracy. How do you do it? You co-opt them.

For instance. Take the police. You assure them that you do not want to fight them, because the people and the police are both victims of the same dictatorship. There is no point in two victims fighting each other. On set of victims wears blue uniforms the other wears blue jeans.

The police are human too. They also have wives, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends who are part of the people suffering under the dictator. They cannot fight their own people.

You get old women to bake cookies and dish it out to the police. You get pretty young girls to deliver flowers to the police. You get young men to offer them cigarettes…You don’t throw stones at the police…ever.

You do this with all the pillars of support and the dictator is in trouble. You don’t even have to worry about forcing him into a corner where he is forced to resign. You take his pillars of support away, he simply falls and disintegrates. He doesn’t even have the power to resign.

Dictators always appear strong, until the last ten minutes.

Don’t think that this is easy and there is no guarantee that the dictator is going to accept this peacefully. He WILL fight back and probably use violence. He might even kill people.

Even if he kills a hundred or two hundred people, it is still a lot less dead people than in a guerilla war.

When the dictator is faced with civil disobedience he is faced with a dilemma. If he cracks down and uses violence, he will lose more support. If he does nothing, he also loses more support.

Political Ju Jitsu

When people are being slaughtered and beaten it causes a process of “political Ju jitsu”. The opponent’s strength is used against him to undermine the opponent. It alienates more people from the regime and strengthens and mobilizes people into the active resistance. Violence has a backlash effect. The regime is so brutal that instead of intimidating people like the regime intends, it causes other population groups and institutions to withdraw their co-operation, support and obedience to the regime which leads to the regimes loss of control and more people joining the resistance.

Make no mistake. We are preparing for a war here. A war against a totalitarian dictatorship. An “armed” struggle for a true democracy. Just because you choose “Non-violence” as a method of war does not mean that you are not fighting hard. You just fight with different weapons. In this kind of struggle you fight with psychological weapons, social weapons, economic weapons and political weapons and this is ultimately more powerful against oppression, injustice and tyranny than violence.

You can watch the full Bafta award winning documentary on Gene Sharp here.

How to start a revolution

The Serbian Revolution of 2000.

In 1998, Srđa Popović, a Serbian university student and a few friends discussed the government’s controversial university law and the banning of three daily newspapers that were critical of the genocidal and dictatorial Milosevic regime.

They knew that the opposition parties were in disarray and all too busy fighting each other to have any impact against the dictatorship, but how could they, a bunch of kids with no money, do anything against the mighty Milosovic regime? They got hold of Gene Sharp’s book 2From dictatorship to democracy.

Despite how dark the future looked, they started an organization called Otpor! meaning “Resistance!” in Serbian.

”Otpor! Was just a bunch of kids tired of a dictatorship and wanted to do something about it” …As Srđa Popović said:

“Looking around the room at one of our meetings, we realized that we were a bunch of Serbian kids, and rather than focus on what we had going for us, we began obsessing about everything we didn’t have. We didn’t have an army. We didn’t have a lot of money (about $50). We had no access to media, which was virtually all state-run. The dictator, we realized, had both a vision and the means to make it come true; his means involved instilling fear. We had a much better vision, but we thought on that grim evening, no way of turning it into a reality. It was then that we came up with the smiling barrel.”

The smiling barrel

They took an empty oil barrel, stuck a picture of the dictator on it and parked it off in the middle of the CBD of Belgrade. Next to it they left a baseball bat and invited people to hit the face of the dictator for one Dinar. Then they sat back drinking coffee and watched how the police came and arrested the barrel filming everything.

They went on a campaign of fun, humour and rock concerts and made the government look like idiots. People lost their fear of the dictatorship and united.

Within two years “Otpor!” Had 70,000 members. In October 2000 after waging a well planned, non-violent struggle, they overthrew Slobodan Milosevic by peaceful means.

You can watch the brilliant documentary here: Bringing down a dictator

Today, Srđa Popović, runs the follow up of “Otpor!” named Canvas (Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies) together with his friend Slobodan Đinović.

Srdja Popovic is also the author of “Blueprint for Revolution” and Slobodan Đinović is the main funder of Canvas currently funding about 50% of Canvas. CANVAS does not accept funding from individual governments.

The clenched fist symbol of Otpor! , designed by Nenad "Duda" Petrović, is not patented and CANVAS has, in fact, welcomed the reuse of the symbol by resistance movements in any nonviolent struggle, including those with whom the organization has had no direct contact. It depicts the hand of Saruman the White (from Lord of the Rings) clenched around his scepter.

CANVAS has worked with pro-democracy activists from more than 50 countries, promoting the use of non-violent resistance in achieving political and social goals. Their workshops are free and their material can be freely downloaded from their website

The repressive governments of Belarus and Iran, as well as former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, have accused CANVAS of being a "revolution-exporter". CANVAS has been listed as a terrorist organization by United Arab Emirates.

Point is, people living under dictatorships need not remain weak, and dictators need not be allowed to remain powerful indefinitely. Aristotle noted long ago, “. . . Oligarchy and tyranny are shorter-lived than any other constitution. . . . “

Whereas ten years — 1980-1990 — were required to bring down the Communist Dictatorship in Poland, in East Germany and Czechoslovakia in 1989 it occurred within weeks.

In El Salvador and Guatemala in 1944 the struggles against the entrenched brutal military dictators required approximately two weeks each.

The militarily powerful regime of the Shah in Iran was undermined in a few months.

The Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines fell before people power within weeks in 1986 and amazingly even with a very strong ally, the United States government quickly abandoned President Marcos when the strength of the opposition became apparent.

The attempted hard-line coup in the Soviet Union in August 1991 was blocked in days. Thereafter, many of its long dominated constituent nations in only days, weeks, and months regained their independence.


  1. What about control of the mobs? One of the pillars of the ANC has always been the ability to organise mass action. The increasing split between COSATU and the ANC may see the 'masses' increasingly undermining the ANC.

  2. Anonymous8:04 am

    Yeah Mike let's get pretty young white girls to deliver flowers to the nice and friendly black police officers.
    Nothing could possibly go wrong.

    1. Yes exactly. And we get 100 people to film it with their cell phones and if something does go wrong, how is that going to make the black police look like when these videos go viral on the internet? Congratulations, you have just converted a thousand more liberals and welcomed 10,000 more new members...Beating up white girls with flowers in their hands...if they do, they are stupid. The trick is to maintain the discipline and not strike back. Let them dig their own grave. The focus to get them to stop supporting the dictatorship and start supporting you. This (when the police disobey the dictator and join you) is a critical point in a revolution. Dr. Crane Brinton, in "Anatomy of a revolution" calls this the point where the regime has lost. After this the dictatorship crumbles away.

  3. Mustafa11:18 am


  4. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Unfortunately you have will have to co-opt the black population for your "revolution" to work, so you come full circle back to your original problem even if the revolution works,-multiculturalism with a majority black component.

    Sometime you can not live with a parasite, its like a cancer and will kill you. Whilst I applaud the amount of thinking and research you have put into this you have a blind-spot you refuse to address.

    1. A line of thought to consider...
      Dig a trench with the help of your "enemy"......once the "combined threat" is eliminated, you can use that same trench to bury your "smaller" foe.

    2. Anonymous1:40 am

      Anon 1:42
      I agree with you, if it was not for the hordes that hate us...!

  5. Mike, this option is obviously first prize, however, I doubt whether it will work in SA if executed by the whites as we are a minority and number one on the hunting list. It does appear, however, that the blacks are already doing this with their service protests. Let's take the first pillar - the bureaucracy can only be collapsed from within. Seeing that 95% plus of all government employees are anc cadres or Zuma loyalists,  I can't see that happening. Pillar 2 - our schools are already being controlled and invaded by the anc. The latest is the riots at the Stellenbosch Landbou Kollege where they now insist Afrikaans being removed as education medium. Almost all media is controlled by the pro anc Naspers.We still control some of the economy but BBBEE will soon put an end to that.Whites are already hunted and victimised by the cops - not sure how we counter that.If we were not seen as enemy number one, we could've done something behind the scene, but I am afraid the odds are against us.Keep in mind that in Iran, Latvia etc all the people were of one ethnic group so when they united, the whole country basically united

  6. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Discipline requires great courage, patience and virtue maybe the "negatives" just don't have these qualities Mike. After all said and done what other suggested solution is going to be a guaranteed 100% success? We have an ANC dictatorship in power now and another dictatorship (EFF) lurking in great anticipation just around the corner. The present dictator is a greedy uneducated idiot and the one lurking in great anticipation just around the corner is a greedy half educated idiot. Both of them are using the race card as a means to create a racial division between the different nationalities within the country of South Africa. The majority of people in each one of them has suffered under the rule of the present dictatorship and will also continue to suffer under the one lurking just around the corner. It is not going to be easy but unless the downtrodden people of all the nationalities here in South Africa join hands and work together they will all continue to suffer. Good blog Mike! Keep it up!

  7. Even though the problem in South Africa is solvable, somehow, I think. The biggest problem I see is Africa , current population est 1.2 Billion people. There is going to be a population explosion, 5 Billion in 30 years? They breed like the Duracel Bunny on steroids. All the do good westerners will find cures for aids, malaria etc things that has kept Africa's population in check.
    I still believe self determination in a whites only area is the only hope of survival. Once a own area is established then things like protection against the inevitable onslaught can be done. Israel should be the role model.

    1. Anonymous6:08 am

      Dingo you're another miss guided fool.

    2. "Projections for 2025 range from 1.397-billion to 1.486-billion. By 2050 the number of people in Africa is expected to increase by another billion and by 2100 the United Nations forecasts there will be 4.185-billion people on the continent. These projections – referred to as “medium variants” – are regarded as the most probable.

      Statisticians also calculate “low” and “high variants”. The United Nations, for example, predicts Africa’s population could be as low as 2.826-billion by 2100, or as high as 6.007-billion. If fertility rates – based on data from 2005 to 2010 – remain constant, Africa’s population could grow to a staggering 17.221-billion".
      Yup I might be a fool but at least I don't walk around with blinkers.

  8. Anonymous12:40 am

    I like this plan of action. We need to consistently remove those pillars. Fellow south africans will have to unite... I however do think that a combination of stealthy moves need to be made in conjunction with peaceful non violent struggle. We are up against a bad bunch and fire needs to be used as they will resist violently. Perhaps some sabortage squads are needed especially at the end to properly nail the dictators coffin closed. Im talking about a group that undoes these bastards brakes on their cars, attacks their beee businesses where possible and leaves a paper bag of firey dog shit on their doorsteps. They must not see it coming and if neccessary we should use their own tactics against them in every way possible, so that they wish they were never born...

    1. Anon 12:40 - sounds like a plan. Something that has always worked is sowing discord. Once there are suspicion and distrust, you are halfway there.
      If a couple of protesters are shot during a protest, who will be the obvious suspects?

    2. Anonymous2:15 am

      Thats what I've been saying all along. Terrorize them untill they get really gatvol. Demoralize them and let them live in fear..... But then, who's going to do the job because there will be a traitor to split on them.

  9. Anonymous12:48 am

    We have failed to answer the simply question --- what do we want. I still see no definitive answer to the question. What do we replace it with?

  10. Anonymous1:20 am

    Given us a lot of homeowrk here Mike. One way to remove these pillars is to stop paying tax, surely that will cause havoc with the police and military?

  11. People always say that white South Africans simply do not go on the streets and protest. Well they don’t have to. In Chile, Iceland and Serbia people banged their pots and pans from the balconies of their flats everytime the President made a speech or the State propaganda news was on. They showed that they don’t watch that shit.
    Otpor! Used humourous skits and pranks to great effect.
    You can write slogans in the sand on the beach. There is no law against that. In Chile the people simply drove slowly. There is no law against driving slowly. In Russia when Putin banned protesting they used Lego men and Barbie dolls with pickets in their hands and posted the pics on the internet.
    In fact simply doing nothing is also an act of defiance. White people keep the Civil service, the police force, the education system and the other pillars together. What would happen if all the whites simply stop helping the incompetent blacks and let them do their own work? You are at work, but only in body. Deliberate inefficiency and selective noncooperation. You start sabotaging machines and printers. Letters and files simply disappear. Overload computers with spam. Plant viruses on computers. Let the water in the bathroom overflow. Block all the toilets. In the middle of summer break the aircons. Release cockroaches in the kitchen and call the health inspector. Realease snakes or spiders amongst the workers and see them run. There are many ways. Bring everything to a grinding halt.
    In town you throw washing powder in the fountains and watch the foam drift in the wind over the roads and stop the traffic. Overload the police. Send them on wild goose chases. Overload the fire brigade, overload the ambulance services, overload the metro train system.
    You simply refuse to go to sport events. Refuse to watch it on the television. When you stay at a hotel you slip pictures of farm murders under the doors of the rooms during the night. Slap stickers in the lift. Defy, defy. Defy.

    You start with small things. Don't expect too much from anybody. In the movie, Batman also starts small. He first beats up a few common thugs. Only later does he take on the Joker.

    The 198 methods of nonviolent action

    1. Anonymous7:37 am

      You want whites to make their own beds? Good luck with that dude. But there may be hope. I refuse to let a meid in my home.

      "Block the toilets".... I did that once in a restaurant. You should have seen the waiters running back and forth with plungers....lol....

    2. Anonymous7:42 am

      "Defy, defy. Defy." Just don't BUY Defy appliances. They are now made in Turkey. "Customer service" is also in Turkey where your frustrated calls will be diverted to voicemail when your washing machine stops working after two weeks.

    3. Anonymous11:13 am

      "Overload computers with spam. Plant viruses on computers." Be careful with that one. Legislation is fast changing internationally regarding cybercrime and you stand a good chance of ending up in jail if you google bomb or otherwise harass someone with viruses and hatemail. There was a recent case in America where a plaintiff was awarded $48 million in damages against a group of cyberstalkers. You are not nearly as invisible as you think. Yes, it's great fun rounding up a gang of stalkers to blow someone's reputation to bits - until you get caught. You can no longer use the defence that you didn't know better, that you were only having a bit of fun.

  12. I don't think this non violent method will work in the Republic. South Africans are not known as people who stand together and we argue about every little thing. But with the people in government basically morons and the SANDF and other security forces in the condition they are I don't consider them a treat at all and another method of resistance should be used. In those other countries the dictator and the people who stood against them were basically on the same intellectual level. In South Africa that is not the case. Just look at the minister of defence and tell me I am wrong...

    1. "I don't think this non violent method will work in the Republic"....HAHAHA....

      Sorry, but I had to laugh. Srdja Popovic starts his book "Blueprint for Revolution" with this exact same statement. Chapter 1 is, "It can never happen here..."

      He tells of how the Egyptians came to learn from them in Serbia and after a few days, they said, “Sorry Srdja, we hear what you are saying, but with all respect, these techniques will never work in Egypt. You don’t understand…Egypt is not Serbia. Mubarak is not Milosevic.”
      Well, they went home, planned and implemented the techniques they learned from CANVAS and two years later, they toppled Mubarak.

      Then Srdja worked with the Maldivians…”Sorry Srdja, we hear what you are saying, but with all respect, these techniques will never work in Malé. Gayoom is not Milosevic…”

      Well, they went home, planned and implemented the techniques they learned from CANVAS and in 2008, they toppled Gayoom in an election.

      Then came the Syrians…Too late. They started a revolution without proper planning and when it deteriorated into violence they wanted to try non-violence…“Sorry Srdja, we hear what you are saying, but with all respect, these techniques will never work in Syria. You don’t understand…Syria is not Serbia. Bashar al-Assad is not Milosevic.”

      Since then CANVAS has worked with people from 50 different countries. Every single group told him, “It will never work in our country”…until they try it. Then they find out that the principles of non-violent struggle is universal and it does work. In every country!. It worked in Serbia, Egypt, Tunisia, Ukraine, Iceland and even South Africa. How do you think the UDM toppled dictator P.W. Botha?

      The secret is in the planning. Plan the campaign of defiance carefully and you will win.

  13. Anonymous4:21 am

    Mike, the MDC tried many of these methods in Zim, and were burned alive, disappeared, raped, tortured, attacked by groups of thugs, read THE FEAR by Peter Godwin for an account of what happened in 2008 (mind blowing). Maybe the international msm media won't take too much notice of any overzealous supression, because any overreaction to dissent will contradict their liberal fairytale meme/ construct regarding the paradisical rainbow nation. Relying on viral Youtube news is very risky as it can be supressed. Itai Dzamara, a well known journalist who campaigned on the Net and in central Harare against the establishment, was "picked up" a few months ago, and has never been seen again... Letters of protest regarding his disappearance from the US and EU have made no difference at all. Sorry to be so negative, but even if a reform program were to eventually succeed, post a long programme of nonv action, and a new administration came into being - (which I doubt - odds 100/1), then envy of success will always follow our tribe, and envy always results in conflict - I think it is a lose-lose, whatever solution is proposed. The best soln for the volk is to create small family communities of their own in different western countries - ie where the dutch descended people are farming - Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Netherlands, Belgium etc. Also Aus, where some volk have now resettled, eg: Queensland and Perth WA. The UK and Canada are ok but don't bring too much contentment after a life in SA...

    1. Well, CANVAS was started by Srdja Popovic in 2004 after he was in South Africa in 2003 working with the MDC. He does not hold them in high regard calling their antics, “buffoonery”.

      Basically the MDC is useless, unorganized and cannot plan a piss-up in a brewery. I am sure us white South Africans can do it a lot better when we apply our minds.

      Further, Tsvangirai made a major mistake to accept the 2008 election fraud and to even go into power sharing negotiations with Mugabe (mediated in Pretoria by Thabo Mbeki). He accepted the Prime minister position in 2009. A total idiot. He was so close to getting rid of Mugabe and then stuffed it up totally. Both Mugabe and Mbeki knew that it wouldn’t be long and then Mugabe would fall. That is why they wanted to negotiate. Like a doos, Morgan Tsvangirai only thought about himself and what he could get even dropping Roy Bennet in the shit. Then in 2013 Mugabe stole the elections again, abolished the Prime Minister position and kicked Morgan Tsvangirai to the curb.

      To say that these techniques of Non-violence won’t work is your opinion. I am not going to try and convince you. I am just going to give you the facts. Here is an extract from Srdja Popovic’s book: “Blueprint for Revolution” page 200, 201.

      In a stellar book titled Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict, two brilliant young American academics, Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan, looked at every conflict they could find between 1900 and 2006, 323 in total, and analyzed them carefully to see which succeeded, which failed, and why. Their findings were astonishing. “Nonviolent resistance campaigns,” they discovered, “were nearly twice as likely to achieve full or partial success as their violent counterparts.” Not surprisingly, if you look at the same statistics in the last two decades alone, with no more Cold War to spur the financing of armed conflicts across the globe, the ratio spikes even more dramatically in favour of nonviolence.

      But that is not all. Armed movements, Chenoweth and Stephan discovered, were usually limited to somewhere around the order of fifty thousand participants.

      Countries that experienced nonviolent resistance, Chenoweth and Stephan found, had more than a 40 percent chance of remaining as democracies five years after the conflict ended. Countries that took the violent path, on the other hand, had less than a 5 percent chance of becoming functioning democracies. Choose nonviolence, and you’re looking at a 28 percent chance of experiencing a relapse into civil war within the decade; choose violence, and the number is 43 percent. The numbers are uniform, and what they tell us is irrefutable: if you want stable, durable, and inclusive democratic change, nonviolence works and violence doesn’t.

      End of quote:

      So there you have it. Do you want to be limited in a violent campaign of civil war with only a few thousand fighters or do you want to use four million in a non-violent campaign?

    2. Well Anon 4 :21 - we are murdered, tortured and raped at present without us even hinting towards a revolution or protest. Only we can stop the onslaught. It takes one person to start it, the numbers will grow. Whst do we have to loose?

    3. Anonymous12:06 am

      AT the end of the day the divide will ALWAYS be race.

      WHAT do the experts say about a non-violent revolution in as conflicted / confusing / complex society as SA ?

  14. Anonymous7:28 am

    come to think of it, this is how they maintain the revolution against us. They make whites look like tools. Eugene falling off his horse etc.

  15. I have started protesting in a very simple (but costly) way by installing Solar panels. Yes, its expensive, but if you do your calculations you wil realise that it will work out cheaper in the end. There's another price hike planned for next year and trust me, it won't be the last. Who do you think will end up paying for the Joumeid Peterson's nuclear Power stations.
    How do you think the anc manages to supply free electricity to their voters as well as Robber Murgarbage - easy,  you are financing it.If just 50% of the taxpayers (you & I) stop financing them, Eskom will go down quicker than the Titanic, and their rulers will follow. 
    Stop paying your TV licence,  get rid of your cheap labourr.

    1. Yes, it is expensive.....BUT....I started 6 years ago, and gradually built my system DIY. Next planned step = borehole water pumped by that lovely ball of fire. The greatest satisfaction is knowing that I do not pay for Sipho's illegal connections, and the commie municipality is suffering financially - I watch their in-fighting and endless migraines of un-kept promises - while enjoying my tender steak and cold beer, reading Mike's posts as my inverter hummms happily in the background.

      Old Sunny SA beats any rainbow pipe-dream hands-down.

    2. Anonymous11:39 am

      Lol. I am middle aged and I have never had a TV licence.

  16. Anonymous10:40 am

    It was a sad day when the whites voted for the demise of the white Apartheid government. Thereafter the whites also meekly stood by and watched the ANC replace the former government with a greedy communist criminal syndicate. For without a doubt the ANC government is also jam packed to the rafters with the most despicable racist thugs and murderers on the continent. The whites had their backs to the wall at that time so under the circumstances they did what they thought would be the best deal for our country. The whole brainwashed western world was foolishly against us and had openly betrayed us. The whites humbly and unknowingly gave their human rights, dignity and their personal wealth to the black ANC kaffirs. Stupid Bastards some will say! .... NO! NOT SO! my good friends because in the long run it was the right and only thing to do. It was beyond us to convince the world as to the evil intentions of the ANC who were professing to be the democratic saviours of South Africa. The ANC have now been in power for 20 years and their deceit, thuggery, inefficiency, greed and cunning has all been blatantly exposed to the former doubting world. When their time came to rule the ANC ignorantly exposed themselves as totally inadequate leaders to rule this country. Now that the ANC has proved their own true worthlessness and proved the value of their worthless contribution to the country we the citizens of this country have every good reason to react. We owe it to ourselves and our country to now get rid of them. Those of us who deem that it is an impossible task then light a candle in the dark (during a time of load shedding) and stand back to look at its beautiful light. A little light that is so powerful that it cannot be extinguished by all of the combined darkness in this world and the multi billions of universes beyond it. On the other hand look at what huge damage one little spark from that candle can do. I am with you Mike its worth a try and as far as I'm concerned you proved your point. Let's get on with the job right away without any further delay.

  17. Anonymous11:54 am

    SABC TV and ETV are already worthless and DSTV is closely following suite. The in house DSTV automatically increased volume unnecessarily and mindlessly applied during the documentaries drowns the speaker/announcer out. The sudden bursts of high volume during adverts have a person continually diving for the mute button on the remote. I have given up on TV and spend more time on my P.C. where I can personally set the background volume and gain knowledge clearly and peacefully. However I see that some web sights are now allowing unwanted and obstinate advert pop ups to invade and take over on my PC. It won't be long now and they will be (without the owner's permission) taking to plastering their personal vehicles with adverts at the intersections while waiting for the robot to change. Seems like there is no other way than to become violently aggressive to stop it. The arrogance and sheer thoughtless audacity is increasingly invading the average citizens right to their due respect of ownership and privacy.

  18. Mike I can see you're not receptive to arguments along the lines of "it won't work here" but this is an angle which has not been covered in your article or in any of your comments: our biggest challenge is the fact that those of the population who might seek and support such a revolution are in the minority. Obviously I'm talking about the White + Coloured bloc.
    If we pulled a stunt that makes the government or its agents to look bad - would the media report it fairly, thereby supporting our actions? I think you know the answer.
    Whoever planned this communist takeover knew what they were doing, and to a large extent anticipated actions such as these and counter-revolution-proof'ed the takeover. Take as an example the concept of a tax revolt. If you think what power the aforementioned bloc possesses then their disproportionate contribution to the tax take must immediately come to mind. However, the way that taxes are collected nowadays makes this well-nigh impossible. Salaried individuals have their taxes deducted a priori by their employers. Simple, you say, the White employer himself must withhold these taxes. Sorry, they've thought of that: any withholding of PAYE by a company will land the directors with criminal charges and jail sentences. So which director of a majority white-employing company do you think is going to be first to stick his head above the parapet?
    Even if all 4m Whites stood united in defiance it would not make an iota of difference.
    Our situation here just keeps affirming the old saw about democracy defined as 4 wolves and a sheep voting on what's for supper...

    1. Anonymous3:59 pm

      The corporates can do that if they do all together at the same time, all of them, they cannot arrest every single bussiness owner, critial mass, you do it all at once so that system can't cope and it breaks down. The staff can also take responsibility away but requesting them to do it, that takes the liabilty away from the owner. The companies issue a statement on behalf of thier emlpoyees that tax is being withheld to force the goverment to stand down or meet thier demands.It can be done easily, they just need to stop being afraid.

    2. Anonymous9:21 pm

      All fair enough but what about those businesses that are in cahoots with the ANC, who support ANC policy, will they also " stop" or withhold tax? Somehow I doubt that, especially if the two are in a symbiotic relationship!

    3. Starting small.....before I became self employed (by choice), I convinced my last employer to enter into an agreement in which my services were sub-contracted. I invoiced him every month instead of being on his payroll. Any employer will agree to this arrangement, as it relieves him of complying to the messy labour laws. If you have positioned yourself as "invaluable" within your field, you are in the driving seat. I paid less than a tenth of the taxes automatically deducted before.
      I also eventually positioned myself and became happily self-employed. Now I dictate.

      Yes, it was a little scary, but I have my forefathers' BALLS.

    4. Anonymous6:45 am

      Anony 9:21

      There are way more companies that are not in choots than ones that are. Besides if you can motivate the staff of those companies, they can force those companies to withold it. The other thing to concider is the companies that are cohoots with the niggers, most likely rely on tax money anyway. You can crash telkom, eskom, Multichoice, the celluar companies, you just don't pay them until play ball, we can bring ecomony in a few days I reckon.

      Our power lies in our wealth, we need to use it.

    5. Anonymous8:15 am

      Well lets do it then,slowly but surely start paying less tax every month or for one month with hold tax and see what happens.

  19. Anonymous1:44 pm

    has all of this worked in a multi racial society?

  20. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Another great post Mike. However, I have to agree with Skilpad's comment above. Before a dictatorship can be defeated, there needs to be majority consensus that the dictatorship, in fact, exists... We are still a long way off from reaching that point, I'm afraid...

    Exposing the ANCs despotism should be our first point of focus. When the proles truly realise what is happening around them, only then can the revolution fully begin.

    1. Juliass is already doing just that. We need to get off our arses and run a parallel revolution. The world is also already being enlightened by a few local organisations....the seeds are being planted....it is now time to add some fertilizer. (start by convincing the watchers of rugby, soapies and koelie-cricket to change their channels). Social media is our weapon - the youngsters of today are hooked.

  21. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Well then it seems like the proof of dictatorship will only become fully evident to some when old "shower head" is supposed to step down to be replaced by another black ANC idiot. In the meantime Zuma has the time, means and freedom to practice to be a more radical dictator in the near future. The present signs of a Mugabe style dictatorship being implemented here by the ANC are clearly evident. How much more proof does the neglected poverty stricken masses need before realizing that they have been screwed by a government of ANC thugs headed by a full blown dictator?

  22. Anonymous1:10 am

    The problem in south africa is that we dont seem to be outraged enough about whats happened. The minority is financing a parasitic government and bad seed majority. We are being bled out, raped, murdered, attacked, taken for a ride and have become complacent and de sensitised. The anc will continue to push their agenda as long as we continue to take it. They think they can get away with anything and are doing so, as they tip toe towards a total domination and reverse of apartheid, whilst covering their tracks and blinding many. The issue is is that we have become used to this. Ah another brutal farm murder/ hi jacking, its become as normal as drinking tea... Normal people would be totally outraged. The libtards make matters far worse as they continually bend over backwards and justify the behaviour of the scum as the white mans fault... Even when they are robbed, they say its their ancestors fault. They are ridiculous and it makes my mind recoil in terror. As it so stands we are being screwed and strangled by the anc scum and are getting so used to it that we are like sheep to the slaughter! Wake up please....

    1. Anonymous11:47 am

      Why? Who is sleeping?

    2. Anonymous11:04 pm

      I agree 100%. We have become completely desensitised.

  23. Anonymous7:05 pm

    We don't sleep here we leave that kind of privileged luxury to the ANC politicians. Apparently it is due to their great dedication and being so heavily overworked. Ask Zuma he can tell you all about because he said it when asked about it. He always gives good political shit straight from his arsehole.

  24. Anonymous9:20 pm

    This could be a rally point, Check it out and sign up if you think it could be useful backing him.


    1. Anonymous11:45 pm

      Do you really think that Steve Hofmeyr is in any way in the same league as people like Gene Sharp or Srđa Popović, ?????

      The other thing about South Africans -- they do not seem to be able to use their brains ?

    2. Anonymous5:19 am


      What the hell has that got to do with anything, it's a rallying point.

  25. Anonymous3:00 am

    Like hell!

  26. "Well, they went home, planned and implemented the techniques they learned from CANVAS and two years later, they toppled Mubarak."
    And look what happened with the Muslim Brotherhood.