13 August 2015

Our vision of tomorrow - The Goose Egg Principle

By Mike Smith

13th of August 2015

Colonel Robert Helvey – Current president of the Albert Einstein Institution and long time disciple of Dr. Gene Sharp, the expert on strategic non-violent action, coined the phrase of the “Goose Egg Principle”.  

Srđa Popović, the Serbian revolutionary whose "Otpor!" movement toppled the dictator Slobodan Milošević in 2000 talks about it in his book, “Blueprint for a Revolution”.

When a strategic Army general pores over a map and eventually identifies his ultimate objective, he doesn’t draw a neat circle around it. With a bold stroke he will draw and oval shaped “Goose Egg” around it and say: “There…that is my ultimate objective.”

He then looks at his resources and identifies the tactics and methods to be used to reach or achieve this “Goose Egg”.

Similarly, we should first identify what it is we are trying to achieve. What is our ultimate objective? What is our “Goose Egg”?

Failure to identify this goal, will lead to disaster.

Let us say your ultimate goal is to establish a true democracy with the rule of law, then the overthrow of the dictator is only one step towards it and NOT the ultimate goal. You cannot stop when the dictator is overthrown. Like a swing in golf you need to “follow through”. You continue your campaign until you have reached the “Goose Egg” namely a true and long lasting, stable democracy free of corruption and where the rule of law applies.

The mistake the Egyptians made

In the Egyptian revolution of 2011, they made the mistake of stopping too early. Once Dictator Mubarak was overthrown, the revolutionaries thought it was enough, job done and basically all went home.

They ignored the rise of the radical Islamists who filled the leadership vacuum. The country was in crisis. This resulted in a second revolution when Muhamed Morsi was overthrown in 2013 and General el-Sisi took over and brought some stability to the country. However they are now fighting an insurgency on the Sinai Peninsula with Islamists aligned to ISIS and the economy is still in tatters.

The Egyptians missed the boat. All because they didn’t identify the correct “Goose Egg” and didn’t properly follow through to achieve it. They stopped too early.

So from our previous exercise of how South Africa should be after the ANC is gone, we can see that we have a lot of different visions of tomorrow, but also have a lot in common in those visions. And that is a good thing, because we want a country where we can openly share different points of view.

So let us see if we can formulate a common “vision of tomorrow” that we can all strive for and live with. Let us hatch our own South African “goose egg”.

Below I have noted down some common themes from the question “How do we want South Africa to be after the ANC is gone?”

Please read it through carefully and give me your feedback. Is this the kind of country you want? It might not be perfect and it might not be your ideal, but is it a country you can live with?

1.     We the people of South Africa...Want to live in peace with each other, our neighbours and the world.

2.     We acknowledge that we are living in a country of diverse groups of people and cultures with diverse backgrounds and sometimes incompatible interests.

3.     Therefore, we want a federal union, a federation of states with a small but effective central government, the amount of portfolios limited by law and a proper separation of powers.

4.     We want a country where different people and cultures can vote for their own representatives to the federal government.

5.     We want equal representation in the federal government for all groups and no group able to dominate another.

6.     We want a country where different cultures can decide over their own destiny and their our own affairs.

7.     We want a country with no cross subsidising of any one group by another.

8.     We want a country where the right to vote is earned and those who vote are properly educated.

9.     We want our constitutional rights respected and honoured.

10.  We want a transparent government where officials are held accountable.

11.  We want zero tolerance for corruption whether it is in politics, business, or otherwise and supervised by independent auditors and public protectors.

12.  We want a country where the rule of law applies, equality before the law,  justice is served and crimes proportionally punished.

13.  We want a country where individual rights and minority rights are respected not a tyranny of the majority.

14.  We want a country with a free market economy with no interference by government.

15.  We want fair taxation for all.

16.  We want a country where there is an equal share in the mineral wealth and other resources of the country.

17.  We want a country where we have the freedom to apply our trades and professions as we wish, without exploitation and where an honest days work is rewarded with an honest day’s pay.

18.  We want secure borders and a fair, but strict immigration policy.

19.  We want the right to own and protect our property and the right to bear arms.

20.  We want a country  without fear of criminals and where all people can feel safe in their homes, workplaces and on the streets.

21.  We want a society without burglar bars, alarm systems and armed response.

22.  We want a country where people have the right to protest peacefully.

23.  We want police and armed forces that serve the people of South Africa and that we can respect and be proud of.

24.  We want a country in which there is equal opportunity for all in employment, business,  studying, sport, etc.

25.  We want a country where appointments are based on fairness and merit and not on race.

26.  We want a country with a quality education system to world standards with a focus on technological development.

27.  We want upliftment of the poor through education, training and employment, not through hand-outs, grants and freebies.

28.  We want decent health care for all.

29.  We want decent living standards for all

30.  We want people to have a decent pension in their old age.

31.  We want a country where the weak in society ( e.g. old people, the mentally ill, disabled and handicapped) are properly looked after.

32.  We want a country  where everyone has the freedom to live where they want and associate with whom they want and not be forced to by anybody.

33.  We want a country where we have freedom of religion and freedom to worship the way we want.

34.  We want a country where there is freedom of speech and expression.

35.  We want a country where there is freedom of the media and no interference by government.


Do you think it is a South Africa you can live in, be happy in and raise your children in? Is it a country you are willing to fight for? If so then we have found our “Goose Egg”. If not then we have two choices. We continue to live under the ANC dictatorship until we find a Goose Egg that we can all be happy with...or we emigrate.


  1. Anonymous6:01 am


  2. Anonymous6:28 am

    That is a South Africa I can live in and one I will fight for, where do I sign up?

    1. Lala Land7:05 pm

      Firstly, Mike has it all wrong about democracy. Democracy can only work when you have an egalitarian society all working together for the common good.It's a flawed & overrated system, because the moment you have the non-productive in the majority, they outvote the productive who have to pay for the unproductive's wants & needs. It's happening all across the world, including in SA, and it will be the eventual downfall of most countries.

      In SA you have the nignogs outvoting the productive voices 10:1 At the end of the day, you have to do what's best for YOU as an individual, not what's best for SA.

      Secondly, as the USA shows, you can have a federal system which eventually gets overwhelmed by the central government. The US founding fathers put a few good rules together to avoid power-hungry individuals from running the people and country. They gave them a constitution to follow & what has eventually happened? Man has found a way past every one of those constitution rules and now America is run by exactly what the founding fathers didn't want: a few powerful career-politicians (kings) where the common man can never get elected or have a say.... unless you have over $1 billion to run a presidential campaign. And in any case, the next US president will be elected by these powerful elites, & not by the voters, who mistakenly think their vote counts because, democracy.

      And that is the bottom line. Man's nature will always find a way to get around any block put up by other men with good hearts. Any barriers put up by whites will eventually be brought down by the nignogs. It's their nature. They can't live with others, but they can destroy what others have built.

      At the end of the day the white population needs to break-away and self-segregate to survive. Or you need to emigrate to survive. Pride comes before a fall.

      If you allow the mould to grow on bread, don't expect anything but mouldy bread. If you don't rid yourself of the black parasite, then don't expect anything else, but the parasite to eat and eventually kill the host. The parasite was once contained, but is now free and snacking lekker on the white people.

      Dawie Roodt wrote a very emotional opinion piece a few days back about what needs to happen in SA for SA to survive, and how, if everyone works together, they will put SA right - but that's all it was. An emotional opinion piece written by a man who has just survived an attack. And, BTW, that Dawie hasn't put 2 and 2 together and wondered how his gardener didn't realise there were 3 blacks hiding in his garage waiting for his daughter so they could get into the house. Instead he thanked him for helping after the attack. That should be the first clue that Dawie is a liberal rose-tinted-glasses wearer.

      Every one of Dawie's thought bubbles are just thought bubbles. If you're working with nignogs then the reality is you're working with nignogs and not black pieces of clay you can mold into the image of thinking & industrious white-men. No, you are working with hard, dry clay - good for just about nothing, but to throw at a nignog.

      Why does Dawie think blacks run to white-run countries when they're hungry? Does he think it's because they want to be like the white man, or because they know we're dumb POS who will look after them? That's the reality liberals never want to answer, because it makes them uncomfortable as it forces them to admit that there is a difference between the races after all.

      And so we're back full circle. SA has been overrun - the parasite class is too big and the host will eventually die.

      I say, instead of thinking about thought bubble goose eggs, rather throw a few hard-boiled ones. It may be more productive.

      The horse bolted, Pandora's box has been opened, and the genie has been released the day the NP handed the country over to the ANC. The only way to close Pandor'a box is to kill the evil spirits.

    2. Anonymous7:56 pm

      Great comment, good choice of words!!

    3. Thanks for your input Lala-Land. You seem to put a lot of energy into trying to tell us why it won’t work. Imagine if you used that same energy to find ways of MAKING it work.

      I am looking fwd to your suggestions other than, " It won't work; emigrate".

    4. Lala Land4:36 am

      MIke, that's exactly my recommendation boet. Emigrate. I can read between your lines. You're realising you have to swallow your pride and leave - something you have always resisted. Come over the dark side Mike. You may even realise it wasn't so hard to leave once you've taken the plunge.

    5. Anonymous9:25 am

      My understanding is that Mike has already left. Where do you live Mike..Italy?

    6. Anonymous2:15 pm

      always appreciate mikes insight,however got to agree with lala land,emigrate or segrigate,cultural differences are insurmountable,i emigrated in the 80's,tough but ultimately worked,i feel for those left behind being preyed upon daily and the liberals who defend these actions as the black crows of apartheid who are revisionist and blame the white africans ,a sad sadstate of being,death by a thousand nicks

    7. Anonymous6:13 am

      Most of the points in the original post of Mike, makes sense and paints a picture of a Land we would be proud to call home. Unfortunately there is no person that has stood up and taken leadership to create a fair, just and lawful country. Without such a leader, this ideal will remain a dream of hope..., However count me in, when there is any move to make it a reality...BK

  3. Anonymous6:36 am

    Mike, excuse me for sounding stupid, but how will we achieve this?
    Sorry, but to me it just sound unrealistic, the CancCER will not go without a fight.
    Of course it IS the county we want...BUT.

    1. Agree!!!

      But besides that I personally would rather prefer a confederal union, a confederation of states.

      I actually thought that PW Botha was already on its way organizing that type of system but was cut short by the traitor FW de Klerk - the Shabbos Goy dangling on one of the strings of Intl. Zionist Jewry.

    2. Mike, this is a pipe dream. Naturally that is what the majority of employable intelligent people would want, but the majority are useless f's

  4. Perfectly reasonable, but how do we make it a reality and work?

    1. Anonymous10:08 pm

      Tomkat, anything worth having is worth fighting for, it's a goal, a motivation, a destiny. In our current position the challenge is not possible, but our position will change, and the goal can alter from an impossibility to a formidable challenge. This is the catch. We will need to first go through the breakdown of what currently exists, ie the complete collapse of SA, which is now not too far away. We do not even need to break the current regime, the koons are doing that for us, they are self destructive, we merely need to take strategic advantage of their downfall. Many of them will die and many will flee over the borders. The power of the troika will be diluted by civil war. There will be death, destruction, fear and blood, but consider it a blessing rather than a curse, because without it we will not stand a chance. The journey from here to there is a necessary one, and a 'price' we will need to pay if we want change. As I said before, SA is like a condemned building that needs to be demolished, we cant build on to a condemned infrastructure, we need to start with a new foundation. There is a power vacuum that is about to be opened in SA, let's hope the right leaders can fill it. All things become possible after the bomb goes off here.

    2. Anaon 10:08. It's all too true what you say. There is no way that I can see that our goals can be obtained without death and destruction. If that's the "price" we have to pay, so be it. We were all prepared to pay the price before we were sold out by de Klerk and company, so we'll just have to put our shoulders to the wheel, yet again. Of course, the noble savages will never relinquish power or let the White man have self-rule. They need us to leech off,
      What bothers me is there is a whole generation of our kids who have had no military training and don't have a clue about what's really going on. They have been indoctrinated into believing that you can actually coexist, in harmony, with these vile creatures; not only by society in general, but their libtard parents as well. Not all, but a fair amount of them, especially in the cities. And, yes, we'll have to rebuild it from ground level again.

  5. Anonymous6:49 am

    Sounds wonderful Mike albeit I'm not sure how this can be acheived and without sounding facetious....

    Are you suggesting geographically separate States, Cities, Municipalities, etc.? In which case the Black one's will fail. What then...?
    Also, this would be a hard sell based on this experiment having already failed...eg. Transkei
    I feel a referendum in this regard would also be futile.

    If there were no "borders" and we had fair and equal representation in Government based on the different population numbers proportionate to "seats" in Government, that might work.

    I sincerely believe that the majority of people in SA simply want peace and security. There is no other way but to do this together BUT with Leaders with integrity and with the credentials that earn them those positions.

    We need a Leader, someone to take this by the horns and sell it to the people.

    1. "Are you suggesting geographically separate States, Cities, Municipalities, etc.? "

      First of all the list I provided is not MY suggestions. I asked my readers a question: "How do you want SA to be after the ANC is gone?"

      They answered in more than a 100 comments. My list is a condensed list of the common themes from those comments and it is what South Africans in general want and like Anonymous 12.03 PM said. “Many people of colour want the same goals implemented!”

      Because it is not my suggestion, I cannot answer your question. You have to ask your fellow South Africans what it means and whether they want physical separate borders like the Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda, etc. I can only give you my opinion.

      In a federal South Africa people should be free to live and work where they want. You don’t need laws to separate people. They do it naturally. That is why you have China Town in San Fransisco and the Turkish dominated neighbourhood of Kreuzberg in Berlin. However, I do feel that people should have a “homeland”, based on historical settlement, where they can retreat to if they want to or feel threatened by a tyrannical ruler. This is the problem Afrikaners have at the moment. They feel (rightly so) genocided and marginalised, but have no homeland to retreat to. They don’t want to be in this situation ever again. Therefore I propose and support a geographical area for every tribe or group in SA including the coloureds and the Indians if they so wish.

      You say, “In which case the Black one's will fail, what then?”

      People decide their own destiny and if they fail they fail. There will be NO cross subsidizing of one group by another. One can provide knowledge and mentorship, but at the end of the day it will be up to the people themselves to succeed. It will therefore be in their own interest to seek solutions to survive and make it on their own. Casinos and tourism for instance. Selling labour by seeking foreign investment in the form of automotive factories. Bophuthatswana, Transkei and Ciskei comes to mind.

      At the end of the day WE South Africans will have to come up with the solutions, because nobody else will do it for us. With our experience of what worked and what not in our history, we have to go back to 1994 and renegotiate what we want for ourselves and our children.

    2. Anonymous10:55 pm

      I do feel that people should have a “homeland”, based on historical settlement, where they can retreat to if they want to or feel threatened by a tyrannical ruler.

      How much do you travel in SA ? ( and not in "business-class" )
      When last did you get out into the "rural" areas ?
      Have you carefully looked at a detailed map of SA ?

      As a black person there are many places you can go where you NEVER need to see a white person. Many blacks have a place in the urban areas as well as a place in some or other township -- as well as even a large piece of communal land.

      WHERE in SA can a white person go where he can find his "homeland" ( heimat ) ?
      Where he ONLY sees others of his kind ?

      Please show me this place and I will move there tomorrow !
      Yea yea I know -- you are going to talk about ORANIA -- ( a tiny little "project" )
      Lets talk about a place for a million or two white South Africans.

    3. Anonymous2:18 am

      A federal canton system works well in Switzerland, but can it work where you have 60 million (and increasing) starving parasites unable to feed themselves? Like it or not, whites will not come back to Africa in large numbers. We need the numbers of the Chinese here to re-establish law and order and it looks like they're coming our way. What we don't need to do is go all religious on the Chinese and call them the anti-Christ. The African will finally become extinct. You can take a long-term view and call that "God's plan".

  6. Anonymous6:49 am

    Excellent post again!
    I see that you have cottoned onto the idea I spoke about being the ‘canton system’. It would have to be a hybrid system unlike the Swiss system. There are a couple of flaws and a few things missing which you did not cover:
    #7(a) says that there will be no cross subsidies which is good. We have learnt that from the Bantustans system how it gets exploited by the blacks to make large useless governments and used as an employer. The issue which is not covered is how much does each state contribute to the central government – based on GDP or based on income tax. Do we then make the same mistake as the EU where Germany picks up the tabs for everyone who can’t pay? Is it better if we say … each state has to contribute R20 million a year irrespective of their level of development?
    #7(b) something else is short here which you have not covered. Who runs the central bank – the central government and how do we decide on who gets how much on a loan. Do we go the way of the EU and force people politically to make changes (Greece) or do you place a temporary government in place to make the needed changes (this however takes away their independence). This I ask because if the ANC pops up again how do you get them to comply for loans?
    #7(c) who will run foreign affairs and decide who is friend or foe or is this done individually?
    #9 It’s a confederation of states however what about the constitution? Do you want to include gay rights into it as well? You would have to have a ‘common constitution’ that everyone can agree on however each state would have to be able to add on their own additional laws. Those who want gay rights can add that to the ‘common constitution’ for their own state.
    1-9 is a confederation however it does not explain the limits of the system which I show above. 9-35 is more of a multicultural system. We are first going to need to decide what we want --- Hybrid Canton or a Multicultural environment. I would suggest both where those who like to ‘mix’ can still live without forcing people to an “Orania” type situation based on their ethnicity.

    1. Read my reply above to Anon 6:49 AM.

      The list of 35 is a condensed list from the comments on my previous post and question: "How do you want SA to be when the ANC is gone?"

      If anything is missing from there then it is because nobody has suggested it or brought it up yet. Therefore it is a STARTING POINT.

      You raised a good few questions. I hope our other South Africans can answer them for you or can come up with suggestions.

  7. Anonymous7:29 am

    Personally I believe we should implement the "Castle Rule". My home is my Castle. I make the rules in my Castle, not some "Do Gooder" or government body. They do not pay my bills for me. They do not make the rules for me. at least not in my house.

    My land is my land and can NEVER be taken away from me. Not for failure to pay rates and taxes, or any other bills etc. We have a God given right to own a piece of land.

  8. Excellent Mike!

    Only one point baffles me: "32. We want a country where everyone has the freedom to live where they want and associate with whom they want and not be forced to by anybody."

    How are we going to keep the kaffirs out of the white state? You can be sure they will ALL move there, because they cannot do it on their own!

  9. Anonymous8:58 am

    All sounds very good indeed. The question remains: will the Rothschilds and their NWO ever allow it to happen? No, never ever. They thrive on chaos and wars, that is what they created here in this country and in most other countries.

    1. Anonymous12:09 am

      Anon 8:58
      I agree!

  10. Werner9:04 am

    Excellent! Im in!

  11. Anonymous9:14 am

    I want a country without a single black in it.

    1. I pray, every night, that when I wake up in the morning the world will be devoid of the scum. I also play the PowerBall every week. We can but try?

  12. Anonymous9:22 am

    Great writing Mike.
    As reckless as the Communist ANC is ,they are masters of the goose egg principle themselves. As you said in part one of Pandoras box .They have it all, but they want blood, stealthy genocide and the systematic removal of our heritage. With all their flaws and self inflicting ethics, they still push relentlesly towards ' finishing the struggle' They haven't stopped one bit. How to get rid of them without 7 demons replacing them is the question.

    1. Anonymous12:11 am

      Ja, they have been taking the golden eggs the whites lay for 21 years already.

  13. Yes, it certainly is my "Goose Egg" too, my ultimate objective. But there is a hell of a lot of formidable work to be done before getting there and even more important, a well coordinated, sky-rocketing start has to be made.

    As Mike said, it's either this or, as J.B. Vorster said, 'The alternative is too ghastly to contemplate'.

  14. Anonymous10:42 am

    You wont achieve this as long as you are outnumbered 10:1

    1. Anonymous11:49 am

      Fully agree. It is clear the white man made a mistake by trying to settle in Africa. There will be no whites left in SA in 50 - 100 years, maybe less.

    2. Anon 10:42 - Odds of 10 : 1 are not that formidable, considering the quality of the opposition. We've faced those before and won . . . every time.
      Anon 11:49 - If the day ever comes that there are no White men left in Africa then there will be no more Africa, just a barren wasteland inhabited sick, dying, disease, starving creatures incapable of fending for themselves as the have proved throughout history. Rubbish!

  15. Anonymous11:07 am

    This is good enough for me, for now Mike. Now we going to have to kill commies to get this and we going to have to defend ourselves from the outside forces to maintain it. Time to find allies, and we have them, all over the world, we may even get lucky and have a US president soon that will be sympathetic to our plight, that will help protect us very nicely I reckon.

    "There are no perfect solutions, only trade offs" - Thomas Sowell.

  16. Anonymous11:39 am

    To Anonymous10:42 AM
    Tell that to the guys that used it and succeeded!

  17. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Pie in the sky. As soon as any one state becomes more successful you will have the hordes streaming there and pretty soon you have the tyranny of demographics destroying every single good intention you have,--Detroit, Chicago etc etc etc.

    Let me help you with your goose egg, lets simplify it and set a clear goal even the most simpleminded can follow. If you have read anything about human evolution you will know that there have been several "unsuccessful" branches on the evolutionary tree. Denisovans, Neanderthals etc. The negro is another such rotten branch that without our help and aid would most likely have been driven to extinction. This rotten fruit is the overwhelming component in every negative statistic on the planet.

    Lets keep the goose egg simple, lets start with the extinction of the negro and all your other little eggs will lay themselves.

    1. Anonymous4:50 pm

      So true, but oh so politically incorrect. Where ever there are major problems there is one common denominator.

  18. Anonymous12:03 pm

    This is a very optimistic. It may be possible to achieve some of them with concerted effort. Its not all about numbers... Many people of colour want the same goals implemented! The only way to achieve these goals is the unification of like minded people. The job of these people is to identify and fight the cancer, which is no small task.

  19. Anonymous12:36 pm

    First, you need to change all of your "wants" to "demands" and burn down a city or two. This seems to work for the primitives in the U.S.

    1. You are wrong. These Negroes in Furgs are wrong, because they are stupid. It is exactly the reason why they will lose.

  20. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Mike the ANC is going nowhere soon. Seperate or die.

  21. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Most excellent post Mike. And a dusty hat tip to the kommenters.
    Regards, Besoeker

  22. Anonymous2:10 pm

    As for immigration, I know of no South Africans who have come to the States that have not been very much welcomed. Has something to do with worth ethic, faith, and love of family I think. Anyway, feel free to come and stay. We desperately NEED you!
    Regards, Besoeker

    *Be advised, our kommunis government will not back legal immigration easy for you. It will probably require legal assistance in the end.

  23. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Maybe we should just have faith in Sieners visions, whites will Lead and be strong again. A lot of the seers visions have come true and are coming true, the muds invading Europe en mass, Nato and Russia building up arms in Crimea, everything falling in, except im afraid for the part about us whites facing really hard times here. Before it gets 'better'. How many people believe that western europeans are the lost ten tribes of Israel? I do. Search for Steven M Collins and nasser.org open your eyes. Im not a die hard Christian but after reading the info, it made a lot of sense.

    1. Faith is not a strategy. Hope is not a strategy.

    2. Anonymous7:59 pm

      Agreed but it brings Unity to the hopeless.

    3. Anonymous10:26 pm

      that was dumb said Mike

  24. Anonymous4:37 pm

    This will only work without the houts because as one person said they will all want to move to the white areas. Also as long as there are a lot of houts there will be cheap labour for the whites and the houts will always want freebies that the whites offer, so you first have to get rid of this screwed up demented relationship between white and black before you can do anything that will work.

    1. The houts can move where they want, but there be no squatter camps and tin shacks allowed in the White areas. If IT wants to live among us IT will have to confirm to our standards and also be subject to the same rules as us.

  25. Anonymous8:23 pm

    True Mike faith and hope is not a strategy and neither is religion a strategy. There is an old very wise saying that religion and politics don't mix. Unfortunately the politicians today freely quote scripture to prove a political point of view and the religious leaders quote the same scriptures to approve the same religious point of view. Crooked Politicians are surreptitiously ordained and speak politics from behind the pulpit of certain churches and certain church leaders speak in parliament and glorify and sanctify the criminal politicians for the evil that they do. This is another abnormal unrighteous thing that will have to be rectified because at present the true meaning of the "love thy neighbour" commandment has gone for a ball of chalk. The majority of religions have been turned into clandestine political organizations and the original Holy Bible has been so desecrated and altered that it has become a book of sheer natural fantasy. Intelligent flawless strategy followed by positive physical action is the only way to go. So let us begin then ... the time has come before its too late.

    1. Anonymous9:55 pm

      I never said faith and hope is a strategy, my point was that sieners visions have been spot on, cant deny it. When all Europeans realize we make the world go round and everybody else just leach off that, You will see Unity on an epic scale.
      Mike I value your post, very pro-active chain of thought indeed. Like I have commented on the previous post, need a radio show or youtube channel, podcasts and all that to invoke more of this type of discussion.

  26. Anonymous8:55 pm

    The trouble with that list is that it can be read as a list of demands, and imagine the bureaucracy needed to even try to achieve it. The best plan would be to go with the US of A's declaration of independence, bill of rights and constitution, and make sure that it is defended at all costs, forever, through proper education/upbringing, etc. In a true state of liberty, that wish-list will become self-fulfilling.

    1. Anonymous10:20 pm

      That would be an almost perfect utopia. Would have to involve a proper long term plan as well, few hundred years ahead. Seeing as traitors are in every generation.

  27. What a load of bollocks!

    Get real man - in 363 years - 1652 - 2015 and you haven't achieved point 1. What planet are living on?

    1. "in 363 years - 1652 - 2015 and you haven't achieved point 1."

      Don't you think it is about time that we do?

    2. rivoniaboy, catch a wake up. We had it all and then we gave it away.

    3. Power is taken it is never given.

  28. Anonymous10:08 pm

    My vision is for a South Africa with no white people in it and all back to Europe. That is my goose egg Dutchman

    1. Go throw some poo at a statue you stupid Troll.

    2. Anonymous10:24 pm

      @anonymous, how about an all White Africa with no africans at all except maybe in museums where we can show our children how man evolved.

    3. Anonymous10:45 pm

      @anon 10:08

      Good job, let's fight it out then, winner takes all and the losers go back to the equator from whence they came.

    4. Anonymous8:17 am

      Fight for what? The simple fact is that whites are a cancer that needs to be exterminated. You don't belong in Africa simple as that. Africa for Africans is what I say. Europe has a birth problem, I'm sure they would appreciate white immigrants.

    5. Anonymous10:26 am

      Anonymous10:08 PM and again at 8:17 AM: so what are you sub Saharans doing drowning trying to get into Europe? Do you really think you equator savages will have South Africa for yourselves? Once the Chinese have settled in, you can DREAM of the days when nice white people were in charge. Whites can work with the Chinese. Stupid blacks can't "work" with anyone.

  29. To prove Mike is right

  30. Mike, a hearty thanks for all your efforts and writings.
    Clearly, we Boere/Afrikaners/Conservative Whites have not yet reached the point where we find "our backs against the wall" - ref. Siener Van Rensburg. Only when we have absolutely nothing more to lose, will we show our teeth and fight to the death for our ultimate survival - without mercy.
    Until then, we will continue to be blinded by false hope - as in the past - by front organisations controlled by the world masters (DA, Afriform and friends, Suidlanders, NG dominees etc etc etc).
    For as long as we find compassion and tolerance for our "non-blood" brothers (libtards, bumfuckers, poodle lovers, J.A.C.K's - and the biggest evil of all - Ego boosting strive for Wealth and Power over our blood-brothers - will we continue to be sent on the path towards the inevitable "wall".
    My forefathers survived and lived happily with the bare essentials - and were a close-knit, religious, proud and unforgiving peoples - respected and feared (not fucked with) by all and sundry.

  31. Anonymous12:08 am

    Thanks Mike. Fantastic post!

    For twenty years we've been complaining about how shit things are, and how much worse they're going to get, without ever making any concrete suggestions as to how to improve the situation.  This is a great step in the right direction.

    That said, I do share some of the concerns mentioned by the other posters above - The list will have to be refined to include measures of preventing unwanted migrants from swarming the successful states. The complete banning of informal settlements, in "our" state might help?

    Also, I cannot realistically envision point 16 ever being implemented successfully... The mines are mostly (if not solely) owned by private companies and nationalisation is, in my mind, a very dangerous step take... As we all know, minerals are unevenly distribured across the country. So, without nationalising the mines, how will we ever be able to "share in the country's mineral wealth"?

    1. Anonymous10:01 pm

      Tax the mining companies ... Verwoerd wanted to implement higher taxes for mining houses, and lower taxes for white South Africans, (for those that do not know blacks did not pay taxes), and for that he was murdered.

    2. Anonymous10:48 pm

      On second thoughts to my previous post about tax and mining.
      Actually what needs to be done is to get the anglo yoke off us before we can be free and hope to live in peace, because the establishment are the initial instigators, cause of our woes in S Africa.
      They stirred up shyte where there was none.
      They sowed disinformation and discontent amongst blacks, when blacks should have instead, been thanking us, from the bottom of their hearts, for all we whites have done for them.

      Yes, I can see it happening .....

      The Orcs, machete in hand are stopping in their tracks.
      There is the sound of a few lone rusty cogs turning lazily, as they put two and two together, and realise that they have been used.
      In their black rage they rise up against, and smite their rulers, their rheumy eyes sliding over to the libtard corner.
      Thus, the establishment libtard will be gripped by a terrible fear at this time, fear of the marauding blacks on the one side, and us whites on the other.
      They will be paralyzed by fear because of their deliberate complicity in our, and S Africa's demise.

      The mines should be reclaimed, and belong collectively to the Boer.
      Under a white government they can be successfully run for every white SA citizens benefit.

  32. Anonymous12:25 am

    This list reprents most of the common sense that should have prevailed more than 20 years ago when a "negotiated settlement" was still on the table. This should have been THE STARTING POINT.

    1. Agreed. Hindsight is such an exact science, is it not?

  33. Emigration to Europe is no longer an option, libtards here are welcoming all the zots and ragheads with open arms and ignoring all those who count.

  34. Boerseun4:47 am


    Democracy as it is known in the western world is a scam. You always end up with a two party system and unless you own a bank you don't have a snow balls chance in hell of competing in that system. Democracy makes the plebs feel as if they are making a difference, but like Stalin said - "Its those who count the votes that determine everything". Even Kriegler, during our 94 elections, hinted at a whore house affair. Its a pipe dream and the sooner we forget about democracy the better.

    As for the canton system - it will only work in a homogeneous society such as in Switzerland. However, once the niggers become a sizable proportion of the population, you will see the system start to disintegrate - niggers can only destroy, not create, as history has proven conclusively.

    To be fair to Lala Land, he gave two solutions. "Separate or kill all the evil spirits".

    I think his first solution is the correct one, and to be honest the only one. To achieve this his second option might have to be fulfilled. Give us back our Boer Republics. That is the only way. They are like a cancer, and they must be removed from within our midst if we wish to achieve the "wants" as set out in the readers comments. There can be no compromise. They must get back to where they came from, and if we do not want to demand that, then we must go back to where we came from. They will always be a thorn in our side. This option is not for the feint of heart.


    1. Anonymous1:49 am

      Demon cracy.

      Just another form of communism.

  35. It is a great utopian list, but I would think some can be compromised out as very unlikely to happen:

    7. We want a country with no cross subsidising of any one group by another. It will never happen. Darkies will never support themselves and will always need to be subsidised by whitey, like the Bantustans were. Darkies will never agree. Rather set limits on cross subsidisation.

    25. We want a country where appointments are based on fairness and merit and not on race. Darkies will never agree as they cannot compete equally. Even in the UK and the USA quotas are necessary or universities, professions, qualified posts etc would be almost entirely white, with some asians. Quotas can be accepted, but not proportionally by race. Maybe like 10% at most are quotas. Like bursaries. Most students pay, some are on bursary for being poor but of merit.

    28. We want decent health care for all.

    29. We want decent living standards for all

    30. We want people to have a decent pension in their old age.

    These seem tainted with socialism. I don't mind paying my own health and pension. Why should the state owe me a living? In a country with so many useless people, you cannot promote a welfare system. If you can't provide, stop breeding.

    1. Anonymous10:52 pm

      If the darkies can't look after themselves then they don't deserve to live. We received a kick in the teeth after all we have done to help them I don't give a shyte if they all peg tomorrow.

  36. Oh dear,  everyone made great comments on how they would SA to be like and now most get stuck on how to keep them out of our areas.It's called border control - read up on Gaza for clues. There is a military border post which issue daily passes for a certain number of people only.
    The rest of the "open borders are patrolled or closed off by walls or electric fencing - I prefer AP mines ;-).A lot of capital will be required to fix everything that got ruined the past 21 years. Funds can be obtained by taxing the mines to the brink of existence.  All minerals belongs to the State and almost all mines belongs to foreign companies. They will eventually pack up and go.We will have to draw goose eggs around numerous key points I.e. Luthuli house, Nkandala,  all airports and harbours, army bases, ammo depots as well as borders between SA and neighbouring countries. The USA AFB in Botswana could be a problem. And don't forget the power stations. Regarding power, if you dont pay, you dont have power, period. Illigal connections will result in 5 years in a labour camp. No, I am not a Nazi, I understand the "opposition", their way of thinking,  how they operate - fear seems to be the only solution. 
    National Military service will be implemented again.We will obviously have to sweep the townships to remove all dangerous weapons and caches as well as illegals.How do we start?
    Wasn't it our forefathers that invented true guerilla warfare?
    If the country starts burning at numerous places all at once you will not only create panic, but also divide the enemy. Personally, I will start with a couple of snipers at protests ;-).There are many ways to skin a cat - all we need is dedication

  37. Anonymous3:12 pm

    And here's one for those who are worried about being outnumbered. Check the full story on Wikipedia.
    The Battle of Rorke's Drift, also known as the Defence of Rorke's Drift, was a battle in the Anglo-Zulu War. The defence of the mission station of Rorke's Drift, under the command of Lieutenant John Chard of the Royal Engineers, and Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead immediately followed the British Army's defeat at the Battle of Isandlwana on 22 January 1879, and continued into the following day, 23 January.

    Just over 150 British and colonial troops successfully defended the garrison against an intense assault by 3,000 to 4,000 Zulu warriors. The massive, but piecemeal,[9] Zulu attacks on Rorke's Drift came very close to defeating the tiny garrison but were ultimately repelled. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded to the defenders, along with a number of other decorations and honours. One of the heroes in that battle was a Boer scout who had stopped off at the mission and sacrificed his own life.

    1. Anonymous3:14 am

      The only reason Brits won is because they had guns not because of fighting spirit.

    2. Anonymous8:54 pm

      The original comment was about the battle that took place at "Rorke's Drift" in Natal between the English and the Zulus during the so called "kaffir war". Not the "BOER WAR" you idiot! What guns have to do with it under the circumstances is beyond all sane compression.

  38. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Anonymous 3:14 AM
    You got to be joking pal! ...RIGHT? If that wasn't brave fighting spirit then there ain't such a thing as a fighting spirit. After the battle even the Zulu warriors acknowledged their bravery and saluted them with shouts of "BAIYETI" from the surrounding hilltops. Furthermore the guns the Brits used were not a patch as efficient as we know the automatic guns of today are. The Zulu warriors overran their stronghold several times and close hand to hand combat took place between them. I am sure you read the wrong true full story. Otherwise I fail to understand how you arrived at such a ridiculous conclusion.

  39. Anonymous10:48 am

    Looks like we got an automatic biased ventriloquist's dummy on the blog ... The only reason Brits won is because they had guns not because of fighting spirit.The only reason Brits won is because they had guns not because of fighting spirit. Bla! Bla! Bla! ... Get a life asshole! Where's your VC?

  40. Anonymous11:20 am

    I have read the article about this incident at Rork's Drift and read several more books about the first and second Boer wars and several other wars including the first and second world war. The brave stand taken by the few Brits and a Boer scout that day at Rork's Drift is a true example of the white fighting spirit and bravery. Their outstanding resistance and retaliation to the black attack is an example for us whites even today. All of them should have received a VC not only eleven of them.

  41. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Thanks Mike you are giving me hope.

  42. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Thanks Mike.

  43. Anonymous7:28 am

    The right to bare arms doesn't sound peaceful to me. It contradicts point 1

    1. The right to bear arms against a totalitarian government.

      In a normal society the government has the monopoly on violence. Only the army and the police are allowed to use violence. The American founding fathers knew that such powers could easily be abused, therefore the "Right to bear arms" was included into the constitution. It is the last stop, the last check on government.

    2. That is precisely why this right is constantly under attack by the currently left-dominated government. Within minutes after the recent San Bernadino shootings (which were obviously Islamo-terrorism from the very beginning), the government (Barry O'Bama & Hillary) started frothing at the mouth and screaming that we need our right to bear arms curtailed even more. Disarming the american populace is the US government's dearest wet-dream and it will surely come to pass sooner or later because an ever-growing cross-section of voters (aka stupid people with no foresight) actually believe that getting rid of the legal right to bear arms will actually stop criminal gun violence (which is the official government line on the subject).

  44. Anonymous11:26 pm

    With your postings , I have to say , nothing seems fair or true.
    you one minded and pure hatred says it all.

  45. This is an excellent excellent article and it applies to so much more than just SA. Fantastic. I've book-marked this because I'm going to distribute this information. Your points regarding the example you used (Egypt) also apply to the recent (abortive) "occupy wallstreet" movement, here in the states. There was no "goose-egg".

  46. Vladimir Putin1:32 pm

    Maybe we would have been better off today if Russia invaded SA during the 80's. Putin is likely the best head of state currently on the planet. Russians are a highly civilized nation and would never allowed SA to be ruled by black idiots if they were in charge. I would rather salute the Russian flag than the "kettie vlag"; I would rather speak Russian than to be forced to speak English. Which clear thinking white would not prefer Putin as president above Zuma or any previous black president SA had ?
    I hope I got some of you thinking, but we all know it's too late now - or is it not ?
    And another point I feel strong about: Democracy is the worse form of government you can get. It's the will of the majority - no matter what the will is and who the majority are !
    Democracy was born when a majority of idiots (much likely most of then were edomites) called for the crucifixtion of Christ and the release of a murderer - ever thought about that ?

    1. I don't think you have ever been to Russia. First of all they drink Vodka neat from cooldrink glasses. Gulp the stuff down. Then they behave ten times worse than our kaffirs. They like to flaunt their bling-bling, their jewellery, mink coats, Humvees, Bentleys, etc. Corruption is rife and everywhere from schools to banks and civil service. Far worse than in SA. They have some really pretty women, but when you get to know them you find out that they are very superficial and only interested in money. As far as manners are concerned...Just watch Russians at a buffet dinner. Anyway...go there and have a look for yourself. I don't want to spoil your fantasy.

    2. Vladimir Putin1:19 pm

      Firstly Mike, you think wrong. I have been to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. You generalize the vodka thing. It's the same as saying "those South Africans - they drink mampoer from cooldrink glasses". If some people do something weird, it's not everybody. You have obviously only been to places where the general tourist walk around. I have been to places where tourists do not go. I have good reason for saying they are generally highly civilized.
      Let's look at things they manufacture: Antonov - the largest freight aircraft in the world; many other aircraft brands; several brands of cars; easy to make a long list. And what about the spaces shuttles they build and send into space ? It's not made in the USA, but right in Samara next to the Volga river. (I saw one with my own eyes close to their flight academy - for anyone to look at as close as 20m away)
      If "they all drink vodka from cooldrink glasses", who would have done all the manufacturing and infrastructure ? And also the world's largest underground train system in Moscow which can move up to 10 million people per day ?
      Yes, there is corruption. But keep in mind their population is around 145 million, so there will be corruption.
      About their pretty woman: (let me speak from experience) My opinion is that their attitude is the same (looking as a percentage) as white woman anywhere on the planet: You get this everywhere in the same proportion: Only interested in money and not interested in money; feminism and the opposite; real nice ladies and bitches; shopping addicts and the opposite; love the city life and not farm life and the opposite; loyalty to husband and disloyalty; work careful with money and money wasters. I would say a smaller percentage of them are overweight comparing to other white woman. I have seen many Russian men who would spoil woman more than what I would be willing to.

    3. Anonymous3:37 pm

      Hahaha, good one Vlad,got these stupid boere by their balls them coming here with their Darwinist superiority complex tendencies. Thanks for gagging their stinking asses.

  47. I am so proud of you sons and daughters of Apartheid - always the most uncourageous people the world has ever seen - the White South African - the other side suffers for three hundred years - you can't even make it through three decades without returning to your natural state - the fantasy of superiority. Its going to be a hard century for you guys.

  48. Anonymous3:31 am

    Your 35 points are very much like what Steve Biko (Black Consciousness), Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Malcom X were fighting for years before you were born.
    FINALLY, the pin drops...
    The boot is not on the other foot, your white privilege cannot earn you these 35 points anymore, thus you must agitate for them. The African you so despise has for the past 350 Years asked for them.
    It is good you too now see the worth of these sentiments.
    Being white does not make you a better worker, brighter or better man. The African is not your boy anymore. He is your equal and looks you in the eye.
    If you are interested welcome to the table of making SA great, if not, who cares? Leave

  49. Interesting proposal.
    Couple of things, this proposal was put forward to UN as a federation, which was turned down, way back when; it'll have to be put forward at UN level for ratification, then be implemented, which would be a challenge.
    One of the challenges would be de-urbanisation of those on grants & similar work Visa strategies to what is implemented in the middle east with those from India & Malaysia.
    The central government would need to be responsible for Safety, Security & foreign policy amongst other things Mike.
    Each state would have to be able to implement their own laws, be it tribal or not.
    Many more considerations, but can be done with the right impetus & incentives, mostly disentangling the foreign interventions that created this mess & other colour revolutions in the 1st place - which would be difficult.