17 August 2015

Political defiance and the importance of branding

By Mike Smith

18th of August 2015

I see my “Resistance” logo has been positively received and some suggested it to be made into bumper stickers…which I think is an excellent idea!

However the clenched fist symbol is not entirely my own design and dates back to ancient Assyria. This one comes from the Otpor! Logo in Serbia and since 2000 used by resistance movements all over the world in different forms. There is no patent on it and Canvas actually encourages its use for anyone who wants to get rid of a dictatorship. It can be easily cut out into a stencil and used for spray painting.

The actual drawing was a product of a man in love. Young designer Nenad "Duda" Petrović and
friend of Srdja Popovic, was asked by a girl to design a logo and to impress her he came up with the clenched fist which he copied from the Suruman the Wise character in Lord of the Rings holding his sceptre.

The guys at Otpor!/Canvas are all Lord of the Ring fans and as you know, J.R.R. Tolkien was born on 3 January 1892 in the Boer Republic of the Orange Free State when his father was British bank manager there. So the inspiration came a full circle from South Africa back to South Africa.

In his book, “Blueprint for Revolution”, Srdja Popovic mentions the importance of branding.

There is a reason why you buy and smoke Marlboros or drink Coca Cola. You associate the branding with something like, “It is the best cigarettes in the world” or “it is the best drink”. Maybe it is because of the coolness of the Marlboro man or the young spirited people in the Coke ads.

The ANC dictatorship has spin-doctors, propagandists, poster designers, etc and despite all their corruption, nepotism, mismanagement, social injustice, violence and fear, millions of people still go along with them. Why?

Because in a dictatorship there aren’t any other brands.

We want a brand that is better than that of the dictator. All brands require advertising, which relies on symbols. People unite around symbols. That is why people get so emotional about the Springbok emblem on the jersey being shoved sideways.

The clenched fist in Serbia, the roses in Georgia, the colour orange in the Ukraine, The colour yellow in the Philippines, Burma’s saffron revolution, are all examples of the uniting power of symbols.

Besides. Spreading our branding is a good starting point. It is something everyone, from school kids to the elderly can do.

You might not be able to get 30 people together, but with a stencil and a spray-can you can spray 300 clenched fists all over town in one night. Every time you take an elevator you slap a clenched fist sticker against the side. Behind the doors in the toilets at the pub or restuarant. It is branding. It is advertising.

It is something new, something hip and it looks cool and intelligent with the play on words. People see it and connect with it people want to be part of it.

Apart from the unifying effect it has on the people, it serves another important function.

Remember those pillars of support and overloading the system? Well, this creates another dilemma for the dictator. He is going to want to go around and wash it all off. If he does, he will look foolish, paranoid and scared. If he doesn’t, the amount of symbols will just grow. He can even try to ban the symbol, which will just make it worse, because nothing is more popular than something that is banned…They can also ban the flag, but they cannot ban the colours orange, white and blue!

So you have my FULL permission to use this symbol and its colours. Make as many bumper stickers out of it as you want. Sell it if you want. Just do it.

I want to see this clenched fist resistance symbol all over town, not just on bumpers. I want it everywhere where there are loads of people. I want it at the train stations, in the roads, against the highway fly-overs, sprayed in school and on university campusses, scratched in the sand on the beach, etched in metal with acid, packed out with stones and routed on wooden doors.

Burn it with a hot iron rod in leather. I don’t care if you write it with an airplane in the sky. Make it part of your Facebook page, on Twitter or Whatsapp it to everyone. Print your own labels, dish it out at Steve’s concert. Paint it on your face at the Rugby or on your ass and moon it. Spread it as far and wide as possible and once you have done it, I just have one request, post the pics on Facebook or send it to me and I will post it.

Then I have another request. All the graphic artists and Photoshop experts who can make the symbol more hipper or three dimensional looking can send us more pictures and symbols and we can post them up too.

So buy some cans of paint, make a stencil and go out there and have fun! And don’t forget to send in the pics ;-)


  1. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Nice idea. Put it on your whatsapp, instead of the pic of your dog, you or spouse.
    Get all your friends to do the same, and it will spread.


  2. Anonymous12:30 am

    This just in...:

    Internet censorship bill for South Africa has been approved by cabinet

    Cabinet has approved the submission of the films and publications amendment bill which is guided by policy that has been criticised for seeking to curb internet freedoms.

    By News24 Wire - August 17, 2015 89 Comments
    Computer internet censorship

    Cabinet has approved the submission of the films and publications amendment bill which is guided by policy that has been criticised for seeking to curb internet freedoms.

    A cabinet statement released last week said the bill seeks to amend the films and publications act of 1996 by adapting it to technological advances.

    These changes include catering for online and social media platforms “in order to protect children from being exposed to disturbing and harmful media content in all platforms (physical and online)”.

    A draft policy drawn up by content classification body the Film and Publication Board (FPB) is expected to inform the bill.

    Topics covered in the draft policy are preventing children from viewing, for example, pornography online. Hate speech and racist content have also been covered by the draft online policy.



    1. Interesting, how are they going to apply this?

  3. I hate you white bastards so much. Always playing the victim. I want you all out of Africa and back to your homeland Europe. You steal and pillage and yet cry about injustice. Boers are just retarded Dutchmen.

    1. Coming from an imbecile with an IQ of 67, I regard your comment as a compliment.
      Look over your shoulder, we are coming. Boers are like Pitbulls, they don't bite easily, but once they taste blood, you are in for a rough journey. You awakened Jan van Riebeeck's spitit, deal with it

    2. Anonymous2:37 am


    3. Anonymous2:39 am

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    4. Anonymous2:58 am

      Just what the Boers want to hear ... Get those pictures up everywhere!!

    5. Anonymous3:20 am


      Seems like you dont like the white man and dont want to see him! Seems like you should head for Zimbabwe & enjoy utopia without the white man, happy trails dont forget to take food with you, there aint much of that there

    6. Mr Mister4:18 am

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    8. Ha, ha Ninja, true story.
      They first fuckup their own country, and then swarm like parasites to a white country to be fed and pampered. If they chase the white man into the sea, they will swin after him to ask for money

    9. Anonymous9:51 am

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    10. Anonymous4:51 pm

      Oooh, did Mike touch a nerve sunshine, a little stressed are we, aagg shame go and sit in the corner and sulk like the spoilt little prick that you are because enough is enough and no further!

    11. Anonymous4:02 am

      Maybe Shaka is a kaffir. But Maybe he is a liberal white or one of us trying to get comment and effect. One never can tell or trust online blogs. If he said that face to face we would know who he is. Troll alert.

  4. Anonymous1:24 am

    @ Shaka . . . us Whites hate you blacks even more. So STFU and crawl back into your mud hut with your animal skins and barbaric cultures.

  5. Anonymous1:27 am

    I see the colour blue is now darker and much closer to that of the previous SA flag Mike. It is straight foreword, bold and fully signifies its meaning and yet it is simple to copy and to transfer. Congrats! A wonderful logo. Personally I don't think any further changes are necessary to the logo but as a nation we will definitely have to make some attitude and other personal lifestyle changes. Perhaps even some sacrifices to give the logo and its image any real power and true meaning. Its either that, or extinction. Now once again the crucial choice to make is in our white hands and for god sakes lets pray that the whites unite as one and don't repeat the same previous "balls up" ever again. In hoc signo vinces!

  6. Anonymous1:45 am

    Not posh ... Not elaborate ... BUT STRAIGHT FROM THE SHOULDER! WELL DONE! Now that the start of the movement has begun the support of it needs to be done.

  7. ah, the revolution had begun...not what I had in mind, though, but at least its a start...

  8. Shaka, you fucking retard! We have no reason to steal and pillage what we built. You fucking useless lot plunder everything only to destroy it. Even your nostrils have been fucked up by your probing fingers.
    Mike, this retard's predictable spewing of absolute shit aside, I think your logo is great.

  9. Anonymous2:58 am

    "You all"??? Sounds like a freaking Dutchman, to me!!

  10. Anonymous3:13 am

    Mike, sorry mate, but you've lost the plot. The colour revolutions are all CIA-backed and orchestrated "revolutions" to overthrow governments not in favour with the USA at some point in time. All these revolutions - INCLUDING Serbia - were started and orchestrated by USA Non-government Organisations (NGO's). Two CIA NGO's are: National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Freedom House.

    The NED, along with Freedom House, has been at the center of all major US State Department-financed ‘color revolutions’ in the world since 2000 when it was used to topple Milosevic in Serbia. Including their latest one in Ukraine. Ukraine is now all but destroyed, a country torn apart, so I would exactly hold it up as anything good or to be copied.

    If you would like to read how far off the mark you are with your "colour revolution" band-wagon, then here is the link to a recent article which explains how it works: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-national-endowment-for-democracy-ned-is-now-officially-undesirable-in-russia/5468215

    You are starting to sound deranged and you appear to read very weird books claiming things that simply didn't happen. The closed-fist symbol should in NO WAY be seen as anything good. It is a communist symbol - why the ANC and Mandela used it - and it's not some fondly cherished symbol of freedom.

    Who are you really working for Mike, with all this sudden talk of revolution? I'm going to bet my life that you won't be at the front of the charge when your so-called revolution takes place.

    1. "you've lost the plot"...

      Which plot?

      "The colour revolutions are all CIA-backed and orchestrated "revolutions" to overthrow governments not in favour with the USA" ....Hahahaha. Who says this one isn't either?...

      I have a rule of thumb. If it is banned in Russia; support it. That is why I support "Pussy Riot"

      "You are starting to sound deranged "...

      No you are. You think Milosevic and Yanukovych are angels. Have you forgotten the genocide Milosevic created? Did you forget how Yanokovych together with the Russians poisoned Yushchenko so that his whole face swelled up and rigged the election? Did you forget the $70billion this scumbag stole from the Ukrainian people?

      Did you forget about the more than 50 journalists Putin had murdered?

      Seems you have no knowledge of what the clenched fist means. Let me remind you that it is also a freemason symbol and was used by Anders Bering Breivik. It is also known as the Aryan fist of white power. It is not just used by commies like Mandela. It symbolises unity in political struggle.
      “Who are you really working for Mike”

      Well the conspiracy nutters on here reckon I work for Mossad or the CIA. Some even say I work for the Rotchilds and George Soros. Truth is I work for shapeshifting aliens. BWHAHAHAHA. Get the fuck outa here.

      “I'm going to bet my life that you won't be at the front of the charge when your so-called revolution takes place.”

      What are you talking about? I am already at the front. I don’t see YOU sticking your neck out.

    2. BTW, WHo do you work for? The ANC? certainly looks like it.

    3. Anonymous5:05 am

      Salute Mike Smith. We will follow you. Lead us.

    4. Anonymous7:55 pm


      No one is saying Milosevic and Yanukovych were angels. But, you fail to tell the truth about the circumstances of their removal - the reason, the method or the result.

      If you can lie about that, then one has to wonder what else are you lying about?


    5. @Anon 7:55 PM...lying? What is there to lie about. Get your head out of your arse.

      It is clear to me from the link you supplied and from your NWO conspiracy drivel that You are a cheer leader for Putin. Let me remind you that Russia is in a BRICS alliance with the ANC and Communist China. What you forget to mention is that Zuma and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin have already struck an irregular deal to award the entire “nuclear build” to the corrupt state owned Rosatom, in a 1 Trillion procurement scandal “which dwarfs the Arms Deal”.

      To put this in plain language for you. Putin and Zuma conspired to steal your and my money and bankrupt us. They are going to enslave the people of SA for all eternity, bankrupt the entire country and send it back to the stone age ala Zimbabwe style.

      And you support them? Why? Because they are anti-NWO? Get outa here! Seems like you watch too much Russian propaganda and conspiracy bullshit on RT channel.

    6. Anonymous6:25 am

      Zuma will sell his soul to the highest bid.
      China already has a large portion of our National Parks as collateral for loans to the ANC. The ANC even want introduce Mandarin into our Educational system.
      What puzzles me is why US, UK, Europe etc. are allowing this to happen. After all they were all behind the ANC. Is Zuma now giving them the middle finger? Kinda makes sense.
      There is a conspiracy and everyone wants a piece of our natural resources pie. There is much more going on than we will probably ever know or ever find out. Getting rid of whites may also be part of this agenda.
      What is clear is that the ANC needs to go and quickly. I fully support your campaign Mike and I will be printing a few orange, white and blue stickers.

      As a matter of interest, are you up for the big P job?

    7. Anonymous9:58 am

      Putin is not anti nwo for anyone's sake but his own.
      You do realize that there is no honour amongst liars and thieves?
      At the end of the day the creed is each for himself.

  11. Anonymous4:20 am

    That's why the state "correctional" ... sorry "recreational services" are bursting at the seams with black criminals. Get some brains and get a life kaffir you black stupid "barstewards" even hate and murder your own kind with hateful murderous intent. Not until your kind who are fleeing from Africa and are illegally invading Europe stop their invasion and move/forced to get out of there will we whites think of ever going back there. You ignorantly and dismally failed your own continent and are fleeing to other countries to do the same thing there. Talking about stealing and pillaging well you blacks truly beat us whites hands down . You blacks are nothing short of being world class professionals in those fields for sure. Ah and we cry about injustice you say but yet you don't know a single thing about true justice. Maybe if you blacks actually knew the difference between the two in the beginning this country would/could of had a much better political ending. As for being called a retarded Dutchmen well that's not a disgrace at all especially when it comes from the mouth of a black brainless misfit like you.

  12. Anonymous6:01 am

    Anonymous3:13 AM
    Shame! Always got to be some ugly rotten fruit in the bag Mike. Nothing unusual and we just remove it and continue without it. Bottom line is us whites must not support the racist laws of the ANC blacks in any way whatsoever here in South Africa. We are not responsible for what kind of deplorable tactics other western countries use against the communists because the communists are the ones who dish out the very same political filth in the first place. When they receive the same as what they give to others they squeal louder than a bunch of starving hogs in a foodless sty. We know all about the true commie cunning and their evil tactics and we know them well. In hoc signo vinces.

  13. I will put hundreds of stickers in my handbag and stick them on every single bathroom door!! Hurry up! I would love to buy some already!!

    1. Nadia, buy some labels at the paper store and print your own. Use the AA or BEE boss' printer ;-)

    2. Anonymous4:12 am

      Ha Ha Mike could not put it better myself.

  14. Anonymous7:01 am

    Cannot log in!

  15. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Sent to 10 politically reliable I know. While I disagree that there can be a bloodless revolution, propaganda is one of the first tools to make sure all us whites are thinking right it is also a symbol for that people can latch onto much better than bitching about how the country is going to hell around the braai fire. I also believe all the colour revolutions were brought about by the same people that helped destroy the old South Africa, but there is no reason to not use their own tools against them. I am going print some of these stickers put them up in the toilets at the gym, in the toilets at church ect.

  16. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Been thinking how about another poster with the logo in the corner with zuma pushing up his glasses with his middle finger and saying 'My name is Zuma I stole 50 rand out of every taxpayers pocket to remodel my house and my response is FUCK YOU' or something like that

  17. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Branding is important. First impressions count. When outsiders see us the first time-what do we want them to perceive us as? Can we convince them to sympathise with our cause? So much so that they want to help us achieve our goals? This resistance to the ANC- is it limited to the whites only in South Africa, or do you think there are a lot of coloureds and blacks who would protest as well? Come to think of it, it's more about shared values than skin colour. Like in the old SANDF where we stood shoulder to shoulder with the Cape Coloured Corps, the Black Portuguese soldiers from 32 Battalion and the Okavango's from 31 Battalion. In the big picture, will the orange white and blue logo appeal not only to us, but to those we are trying to influence as well? Or would the new Sa flag have more cross sectional appeal? If we were to hand out "defiANCe" T-shirts at all service delivery protests around the country- would they wear them? Would it serve our cause? Do you think the ANC will take notice if you get Desmond Tutu to wear a "defiance" t-shirt?

    1. Some good points Bottie. Thanks.

      The ResistANCe logo can be filled with any colour. I filled it with the orange white and blue, because it is simple and easy to spray. If blacks want to fill it with other colours, I don't care. As long as it says ResistANCe, I am happy. However I do think that the new flag has too many colours to easily spray.

      Like you said. During our war on the border, many coloured, Indian and black soldiers fought and died under the orange, white and blue. Whether they would today is another question. All I know is that in the late 80's and early 90's not all the blacks supported the ANC. Actually very few did. You had the "Witdoeke" fighting against the "Rooidoeke" (ANC). Also the IFP was against the ANC. They were murdered and intimidated into supporting the ANC. I think there will be a fair amount of blacks, coloureds and Indians who won't have a problem with the orange, white and blue.

      Otpor! had different coloured Tshirts for how many times you were arrested for protesting. More than ten times you get the coveted black T-Shirt and have celebrity status.

      Otpor! also had a certain look when they dressed. Black jeans and black leather jackets. It was part of their heavy metal rock star look and it appealed to the young students (who should form the core of the movement). I am open to suggestions.

      At the moment Tutu is very sick, but thanks to Photoshop, we can make him wear any T-Shirt we want. Even Mandela can support our cause ;-)

      Thanks for the input and keep thinking.

  18. Anonymous2:52 am

    Hi Mike, Have shared this on my FB profile as well as the link to this article. Keep on driving the nails into their coffins!

  19. Mike Smith, you are an idioty......

    1. OK I give up. What is an "idioty"?

  20. Adam Stander3:31 am

    Mike, how about the lettering all in lower case with just ANC in upper case so that the destinction can stand out in black and white picks as well.
    resistANCe or RESISTancE

    1. We leave it like it is, but we drop the red colour of "ANC" when the ANC is gone. Our struggle does not end with the ANC is gone. It ends when we have a true federal democracy.

  21. Anonymous9:44 am

    Agreed! Logo and country colours can be sorted out when a true democracy is achieved and is securely in place.