15 August 2015

Samuel Adams the original blogger and the American Revolution - A case study in Political Defiance

By Mike Smith
15th of August 2015

Samuel Adams the original blogger and the American Revolution.
(From: 33 Strategies of War , Robert Greene, 2006, Pg 217-219)

As a young man, Samuel Adams (1722-1803) of colonial-era Boston developed a dream: the American colonies, he believed, should one day win complete independence from England and establish a government based on the writings of the English philosopher John Locke.

According to Locke, a government should reflect the will of its citizens; a government that did not do so had lost its right to exist.

Adams had inherited a brewery from his father, but he did not care about business, and while the brewery veered toward bankruptcy, he spent his time writing articles on Locke and the need for independence.

He was an excellent writer, good enough to get his articles published, but few took his ideas seriously: he seemed to rant, to be somewhat out of touch with the world. He had that obsessive glint in the eye that makes people think you're a crackpot.

The problem was that the ties between England and America were strong; the colonists did have their grievances, but there was hardly a clamor for independence.

Adams began to have bouts of depression; his self-appointed mission seemed hopeless.

The British desperately needed money from the colonies, and in 1765 they passed a law called the Stamp Act: to make any document legal, American businesses would be required to purchase and affix to it a stamp of the British crown.

The colonists were growing ticklish about the taxes they paid to England; they saw the Stamp Act as a new kind of tax in disguise, and a few disgruntled voices were raised in urban taverns.

Even so, for most the issue seemed minor--but Adams saw the Stamp Act as the opportunity he had been waiting for his whole life. It gave him something tangible to attack, and he flooded newspapers throughout the colonies with editorials, all fulminating against the act. Without consulting the colonies, he wrote, England was imposing a new kind of tax, and this, in a memorable phrase, was taxation without representation, the first step toward tyranny.

These editorials were so well written and so audacious in their criticisms that many began to take a closer look at the Stamp Act, and they did not like what they saw.

Adams had never previously gone beyond writing articles, but now that he had lit this fire of discontent, he saw the urgency in stoking it further with action.

For many years he had fraternized with working-class people considered riffraff by polite society--dockworkers and the like; now he banded these men into an organization called the Sons of Liberty.

The group marched through the streets of Boston shouting a slogan Adams had coined: "Liberty, property, and no stamps!"

They burned effigies of political figures who had promoted the Stamp Act. They distributed pamphlets containing Adams's arguments against the act. They also worked to intimidate the future distributors of the stamps, even going so far as to destroy one of their offices. The more dramatic the action, the more publicity Adams would earn, publicity into which he could insert arguments against the act.

Having gained momentum, the relentless Adams would not stop. He organized a statewide work stoppage for the day the act was to become law: shops would close, the courts would be empty. Since no business would be conducted in Massachusetts, no stamps would be purchased. The boycott was massively successful.

Adams's articles, demonstrations, and boycott made a splash in England, and there were members of Parliament who sympathized with the colonists and spoke out against the Stamp Act. Finally King George III had had enough, and in April 1766 the act was repealed.

Americans rejoiced at their first show of power. The British were smarting from their defeat, however, and the following year they sneaked in another series of indirect taxes known as the Townshend System.

Clearly they had underestimated their enemy: Adams went to war.

As he had with the Stamp Act, he wrote countless articles on the nature of the taxes the English had tried to disguise, once again stirring up anger.

He also organized further demonstrations by the Sons of Liberty, now more menacing and violent than ever--in fact, the English were forced to send troops to Boston to keep the peace.

This had been Adams's goal all along; he had ratcheted up the tension. Belligerent encounters between the Sons of Liberty and the English troops put the soldiers on edge, and finally a nervous group of them fired into a crowd, killing several Bostonians. Adams called this the Boston Massacre and spread fiery word of it throughout the colonies.

With the people of Boston now bubbling with anger, Adams organized another boycott: no citizen of Massachusetts, not even a prostitute, would sell anything to British soldiers. No one would rent them lodgings. They were shunned in the streets and taverns; even eye contact was avoided.

All of this had a demoralizing effect on the British soldiers. Feeling isolated and antagonized, many of them began to desert or find ways to be sent home.

News of the problems in Massachusetts spread north and south; colonists everywhere began to talk about Britain's actions in Boston, its use of force, its hidden taxes, its patronizing attitude.

Then, in 1773, Parliament passed the Tea Act, on the surface a rather harmless attempt to solve the economic problems of the East India Company by giving it a virtual monopoly on the sale of tea in the colonies.

The law also levied a nominal tax, but, even so, it would have made tea cheaper in the colonies, because the middlemen--the colonial importers--were to be cut out.

The Tea Act, however, was deceptive in its effect, and confusing, and Adams saw in it a chance to apply the coup de grace: it would ruin many colonial tea importers, and it did include a hidden tax, yet another form of taxation without representation. In exchange for cheaper tea, the English were making a mockery of democracy.

In language more fiery than ever, Adams began to turn out articles opening up the old wounds from the Stamp Act and the Boston Massacre.

When East India Company ships began to arrive in Boston at the end of that year, Adams helped to organize a nationwide boycott of their tea. No dockworker would unload the cargo, no warehouse would store it.

Then, one night in mid-December, after Adams had addressed a town meeting about the Tea Act, a group of members of the Sons of Liberty-- disguised as Mohawk Indians, body paint and all-- erupted in war whoops, charged to the wharves, boarded the tea ships, and destroyed their cargo, cutting open the cases of tea and pouring them into the harbor, all of this done with great revelry.

This provocative act, which later became known as the Boston Tea Party, was the turning point. The British could not tolerate it and quickly closed down Boston harbor and imposed military law on Massachusetts.

Now all doubt vanished: pushed into a corner by Adams, the British were acting just as tyrannically as he had prophesied they would. The heavy military presence in Massachusetts was predictably unpopular, and it was only a matter of months before violence erupted: in April 1775, English soldiers fired on Massachusetts militiamen in Lexington.

This "shot heard 'round the world" became the spark for the war that Adams had so diligently worked to kindle out of nothing.


  1. Anonymous10:29 am

    No Afrikaner understands what you saying between the lines. They are too in love with their meids and rugby

    1. justice seeker11:03 am

      Ditto that....everywhere I go all people want is their maids and garden boys and o yes their rugby. What a pathetic country we live in. If you truly want to topple this countries crap rule of law stop paying taxes within 24hrs zuma will be gone

    2. Anonymous5:36 pm

      Pavlovs House: How many whites sacked their meids & garden boys in response to the BEE act, they could hardly wait to get their hands on the BEE rating certs. Just look at the Kurds hemmed in and land locked, up against the might of Turkey, abandoned by the US, estranged by the rest of Iraq & no help from Iran in the East and all the whiles combating the I.S insurgency. These brave people are so busy fighting for national survival and the creation of their own state that they have no time for playing rugby, cricket, soccer, tennis or golf, well what they lack in sport skills they certainly make up in true national unity and the willingness to give all for the cause of their people. Can the rest of you see how pathetic we have become, we make great sportsmen when pumped full of muscle powder but no backbone or balls when it comes to standing up against the African Nazi congress. Oh I remember like it was yesterday back in 93/94 when the Vryheids Front leadership made the threat should one more farmer be murdered then there will be war, well I got my gear ready and waited for the shot to ring out, instead we got a "we should be tolerant and not take the law into our own hands" bullshit speech from their crap hat general.

    3. ...and money. They will willingly share half their land with the savages who are destroying them......because mamma needs a new Prado every year to drive to church. This nation will only "turn" when their backs are truly against the wall....in the meantime.....the "enlightened" among us will continue to live in complete and utter frustration.
      On the upside, we are becoming less dependent on the failed state - our children are growing up wiser and stronger than ever before.

    4. Anonymous1:45 am

      Ja, and the rest in jail for tax evasion.

    5. Anonymous2:40 am

      Anonymous 10:29

      I am an Afrikaner and understand the abovementioned (even between the lines) and I do not have a 'meid' and our rugby is shit. Your comment does not say much about your intelligence.

    6. Anonymous4:41 am

      ""Anonymous 10:29

      I am an Afrikaner and understand the abovementioned (even between the lines) and I do not have a 'meid' and our rugby is shit. Your comment does not say much about your intelligence.......................................

      You might be an Afrikaner and see between the lines and maybe you know some like you BUT boetie the majority afrikaners are liberal Verlightes and yes they have maids new bakies and are bosbefok for their Rugby. They also in my opinion have become weaklings and cowards and just go with the flow and maybe run to their multi culti Kerk and believe that Jesus said we must love on another including evil blacks, in my days in the SADF, weermag when I did diensplig in 1973 and 7 border camps of 3 months each the afrikaner was a different person. "ons sal lewe ons sal sterwe ons vir jou Suid Afrika"remember that manne. I do.. Now they sing especially the rugby boere, Kosie sick e lele I dont know the words and will never bother to learn that crappy black terrorist commie song. Finish en klaar. But to my point the mainly Afrikaans speaking whites from yesteryear are a huge disappointment to say the least and heaven forbid Sevende Laan etc. SIC. You obviously are pissed off that the other peoples comments are true so you react with”” Your comment does not say much about your intelligence.......................................
      You see soon Jammer boys the rugby team will look like bafana bafana pitch black and the Afrikaans schools mainly black, listen and watch the news boet. Many Afrikaners have already ducked overseas to Aus etc. Braaing in Perth, Melbourne etc. Ja boet. My opinion during terrorist Mandela’s reign we could have done something about this black communist rule but I believe it’s far to late now, we have not money, military power, no

    7. Kosie soek 'n lê-plek in Afrika...

    8. Anonymous7:50 am

      Ek kan nie glo dat n nasie soos die Afrikaner van die hardwerkende arbeider, boer akademikus na die 2de WO kan val tot nikswerd slapgat lafaard, luiaard, verraaier in slegs twintig jaar nie. Iewers is n moerse fout.

    9. Anonymous8:09 am

      Anon 4:41 am, Hoor Hoor! Jy se dit soos dit is! Ons is nie meer soos die van die eerste en tweede vryheids oorlog nie, nie meer daai tipe karakter van persoon nie. Alles net oor geld en gierigheid, n kultuur van self plesier en losbandigheid. Ons sal net saam staan as al daai manier van dink weg is maar anders sal niks gebuer nie.

    10. Anonymous9:42 am


      Anonymous5:36 PM

      If only the whites in this country had half of the heart that the kurds have. I have major respect for the kurds. I hope they get what is rightfully theirs in the end.

      The kurds I have met are the nicest people you will meet, they are not fanatics, they get along with Christians, I really wish we had just half of their balls in this country.

  2. Anonymous6:46 am


    Maybe someone can enlighten me.

    Mike tomorrow if the ANC go who is going to give the masses free shit to keep them happy?

    If the ANC stay we sink, if they go and the government who takes over will have to make drastic changes and take drastic steps.

    If they cut off the money line to the masses this place will erupt.

    I used to have faith in this place and the whites, I no longer do. With the amount of whites leaving and their numbers shrinking everyday unless some huge miracle happens, I dont know.

    1. Anonymous9:34 am

      all I can say is that it wont matter if the anc goes the country will be broke in the next couple of months, anarchy is coming with or without the anc. If white people have been watching rugby instead of keeping their eye on the real ball of national events, and preparing accordingly then it will be hard for them. Men by now most of you should have stashed a thousand to three thousand rounds in a safe place besides all the other provisions meds, cooking, water purification, good walking shoes, compass/gps topographical charts, food, mental preparedness and most importantly getting yourself right with The Sovereign God.

    2. Anonymous1:09 pm

      Only an idiot stashes Rands. Stash 1/10th ounce Krugers rather ...

    3. Anonymous6:38 pm

      ROUNDS, -you dumfuk, the stuff you shoot out the end of a gun

    4. Anonymous5:52 am

      Jo, Jo, Jo...
      Calm down dude.
      Simple misunderstanding.
      You are way too tense.
      "Boykie" bothering you a bit.

  3. Anonymous10:26 am

    Hi Mike

    I have been following your blog, mostly silently, for a quite some time now. I remember when each post got scarcely 3 or 4 comments. Now 60, 70 comments is nothing. One thing that has always stood out like a post above water though has been your stance that we should have NOTHING to do with the black man. Don't feed him, cloth him or have anything to do with him. Now suddenly in these last couple of posts you seem to have abandoned that stance, what happened? Am I still reading the "real" Mike Smith's political commentary or what? You seem different from the old Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box Mike... PS. No antagonism intended.

    1. Hi Anon 10:26 AM

      No offence taken mate and a fair question. No I have not abandoned my stance. I think it is pretty clear for all my readers that I am a supporter of Axenic Apartheid. In such a state there cannot be any discrimination, because there is only one race. Actually the phrase "Axenic Apartheid" is a contradiction in terms, because when there are no other races except one, then there is no need for Apartheid either. So if the blacks truly want a non-racial society, they should support my idea of Axenic Apartheid. .

      However, that is the ideal that we strive for. To get there is a long journey. There are certain realities of daily life in SA that we have to accept, even if it is difficult.

      The reality that irks me the most and drives me almost insane is the fact that South African whites cling to their black maids and gardeners when they full well know that these bastards are involved with their genocide.

      Remember that when Communist scumbag Chris Hani was shot, it was a white Afrikaans woman who told the police who the assassin was. When the Boeremag escapees were on the loose and hiding out, it was a White Afrikaans woman who alerted the cops and pointed out their hide-out.

      Tell you what. Take some guns and drive out all the blacks over the Limpopo river and see what the whites will do. They will turn against you. They will help the blacks hide and escape. These same blacks who have murdered 4000 of them since 1994.

      I can say as much as I want to that whites should not have anything to do with blacks, but reality proves me wrong. Orania is the proof. 20 years later and they only have about 700 people living there. It is proof that this not what South Africans want.

      It is for me very difficult to accept this, but I have to. Therefore my own personal "vision of tomorrow" for South Africa does not play a role here. I asked South Africans what THEY wanted for the future not what I wanted. If that is what they wanted, I can help them and show them how to achieve it with the best means possible and the least loss of life.

      However, you see already how many people are against me, despite all the proof I produce to the contrary. How many people say, "It won't work" and then don't offer a better solution.

      They all want a "Solution" but when a realistic solution is being presented, they discard it. What is it that white South Africans want? A fairy to come along and magically make all the blacks disappear? And then what? Where is the maid going to come from? Sorry, but I have come to the conclusion that white South Africans are fucked in the head. They want to believe in bullshit interpretations of bullshit Siener van Rensburg prophecies and hope for divine intervention, but have never heard the expression that God helps those who help themselves.

      Maybe they deserve to go the way of the Dodo. Sometimes I wonder why I even still bother.
      Maybe I should just close this blog an let them die out. Let nature take its course.

      Nevertheless, to answer your question, let me finish with a quote from Dale Carnegie, the man who wrote "How to win friends and influence people"....

      “Personally I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but I have found that for some strange reason, fish prefer worms. So when I went fishing, I didn’t think about what I wanted. I thought about what they wanted. I didn't bait the hook with strawberries and cream. Rather, I dangled a worm or grasshopper in front of the fish and said: "Wouldn't you like to have that? Why not use the same common sense when fishing for people?”

    2. Anonymous1:07 pm

      Not all of us are in love with the maids...But you also close your eyes, Mike, to those who similarly exercize their choice to do the same with your precious Israeli buddies. Your eyes are just as closed sometimes

    3. Anonymous1:25 pm

      Mike please do not close your blog, go on a holiday like you did last time, take a break but do not close it. You have really educated a few of us on what is happening and it has come true. Unfortunately the majority of whites are just not tuned in like we are and really take a lot of things almost too much at face value. Maybe just take a break.

    4. Anonymous1:00 am

      Come on Mike, I bet your hits have gone up bigtime, now is not the time to ease off the pressure, just keep throwing ideas out there based on the comments you get, play with different stratergies and and present them, from all those ideas one may form.

      Although I would not used the fist myself, what you did with it is cool, I think kids would like it. Someone with a bit of spare cash and a good printer should print out thousands of them and send them out, or throw them off a building or whatever. Hey I am sure some of us would send them some cash to do it maybe. Someone should go off to the white squatters and have a chat to them, if doing fuck all all day maybe they will they get involved, if we free ourselves from the anc and PC crowd they will benefit, so they also have to fight a little bit, they can become a labour force basically.

      I don't like the fist itself, just because it reminds me too much of black power and commies, but if works then it works, so be it.

    5. Sorry Mike, did not meant to offend you with disagreeing. I did not disagree per say but stated obstacles why it could be a failure in SA.
      Cosatu's interference in the Sprinbok team selection could well get the couch potatoes up and ready for a resistance.
      By the way, Front Nasionaal SA plan to march to the Union buildings on 27 November to hand over a petition to claim a homeland. Let's see how many people pitch up. I am sure neither Solidariteit or Afriforum will be present. They also want to stick pictures of farm murders and crime victims on the fence.

    6. Anonymous7:16 am


      @Mike Smith12:35 PM

      Mike they will go your way but like the man on a watch tower with binoculars can see MILES/Kilometres ahead, you can warn those below your tower, you can shout, you can scream, you can cry, they will not listen.

      I have been there, I walked off the tower, got out of the town, climbed the mountain and now when I look back, I see the enemy have entered the gates, now the people cry but I like you warned them.

      They will come around, I think things are going to take a turn a lot sooner than you think.

      Most people give up just before the finish line, you will see they will come around a little more patience.

      Problem with having foresight is that most people cant even plan for next week let alone 5-10 years ahead. You have seen the future now that future is slowly or should I say now on their doorsteps.

      Just wait, you will see our nation stick together in the coming months.

      Mike there are people in this country who agree with you and dont hire these parasites - you are not alone, many agree.

      Its just the other side that need to now catch a wake up and they will its happening right now, some people like to dive straight into a pool, others like to dip their toes in first, others like to stand knee deep before getting in.

      Each in their own time but I believe this nation will have to dive right in soon and they will.

      Your blog has helped more people than you think, touched more lives than you will ever know, opened more eyes than you can imagine and will forever and continue touching lives.

      You have done more for the awakening of whites than some organisations in this country for decades, you do so with facts, you have a good way of writing & explaining it just will take a bit of time.

      You have seen the future, let that future catch up to the reality of the white s in this country, I know many whites know this deep down inside they just dont have a leader and one will rise soon, someone always does at this occasion but we should all be prepared to lead ourselves as well.

      Dont get despondent, some people learn martial arts the easy way simply knowing in advanced they would like a self defence protection system, others learn the hard way, they first have to get bullied, bloodied before they get tough.

      I think that sums up the left over whites.

      The time for the whites keeping quiet is long overdue and to be honest we might ALL be surprised when they erupt.

    7. Anonymous12:22 am

      Mike, please don't stop blogging! There are many of us who read your blog and never comment even though (or maybe because) we share your sentiments 100%. I can only imagine the personal sacrifice that it has taken to maintain this blog for so many years.

      Please know that you have influenced more people than you will ever be aware of. I use the facts you provide on a daily basis in attempting to enlighten others.

      We have always had the capitulators among us and we always will. Hence why the terms "joiners", "hensoppers", etc. exist... Only the strongest and most courageous of our forefathers attempted the The Great Trek and was rewarded with their own republics (even though it was eventually taken away from them). We will one day have our Heimat and you will be remembered as one of the great revolutionary heroes to mave made it a reality. A true contemporary White General.

    8. No I am not. I am just a stupid "Keyboard Warrior", remember?

    9. Adrem2:12 am

      @ Anonymous 12:22 AM

      I am pleased that you have spelled out what many, many of us following this blog would certainly agree upon. Mike's enthusiastic and genuine dedication to our cause is not only most exemplary, it is the steadfast moral platform that keeps the flame of our ideals alive.

      Somehow I feel, that this flame slowly turns into a fire. May it continue and may it burn anything that's in the way until we have everything back that rightfully belongs to us!

  4. Anonymous10:26 am

    A very good question Boere_Ninja because the worthless lazy "K's" won't accept any other government in power unless that government is prepared to continue handing out the "freebees". Malema has cottoned onto this and is using it to gain more power and support from the black masses for his EFF party. Cunning tactics and deceitful promises have gained him a place at the table in parliament but that's not good enough for him he wants the whole hog for himself. Personally and as much as I love this country I see that the tragic writing is on the wall for all of the minority racial groups in SA. As sad and as traumatic as it may be the time has come to pack up if you can and get out. It is now the time to leave the ignorant "K's" to stumble on and let them sort themselves out. Thereafter they won't be able to blame other nationalities for their ignorant stuff ups. Guaranteed it won't be long before SA under them and they (without intelligent guidance and support) will become another huge political African headache for the UN and the world. Another thing that these black arseholes don't realize is that trade union members and government politicians are not meant to be sweethearts and should not at all share the same bed. Unfortunately this is the case here as well and the trade union leaders will also be demanding their "freebees" from the next government as well. In a true democracy the union bosses fight aggressively for rights and justice for the workers and don't have torrid political love affairs with the government politicians at all.

  5. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Well, if we are going fishing, -all you had to do was say so. Every successful peoples revolution has an inner circle with an agenda not quite visible to the proles. I can bet you Hitler never told those millions of Germans applauding him that his axenic fatherland would require the genocide of gypsy's and jews (not that I disagree with the man), but lets be clear here. This is what the goose egg looks like.

    Your axenic South Africa will require the disappearance of black people, The "big picture egg" will require their assistance in their own demise, and like a matryoshka doll, subsequent smaller dolls will lay smaller eggs eventually ridding us off the parasite.


    1. Anonymous11:11 pm

      I see you use an alternative dictionary

      In all cases of doubt stick to LATIN


      I have previously mentioned many different movements of people ( some forced some not )
      I am not sure what passive resistance and non-violent protest say about voluntary separation ? ( and ORANIA is not really a valid case study )
      It would appear to me to be the only valid form of non-violent separation.
      Read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"
      ( Ayn Rand was a big follower of all of the American Founding fathers )

      There are a few things Mike does not mention of course.


      BIG BROTHER , the inner party , the outer party , the proles ( proletarians )

      The REAL history is ALWAYS mostly hidden -- except to those in the "Inner party"

  6. It is the year 2015.The way White Self-Hatred goes, one side of the isle is always wrong, the other always right. One side can do anything it likes, the other side – no matter what it does, no one is allowed to like. The Black is always the victim, the White, eternally the oppressor. Slavery never ended, it was eternal. One side always has the right to speak, the other, can only listen, and is always obliged to do so. Challenging any of these precepts can cost a life. Whites even in White countries, don’t have Living Rights provided someone else’s Civil Rights to insult, rob, and murder, and would be limited by White people’s concerns for safety, education, literacy, and wealth creation. No rights to self-interest. No rights to self-love. No rights to survival. No rights to choose where you live. No rights to choose your children’s school. No rights to speak. No rights to think. No rights to choose who works for you or who you work with. Whites cannot breed, for fear of the world into which they bring their children, and hence they see no value in creating and maintaining stable families. They cannot produce their own people to clean their own streets, build their own homes, or police their own streets. They no longer have a right to do so, because they no longer want themselves to exist. From the conquest of half the known world, to a conquest by the savagery they failed to emendate off the face of it. Once the lights go out for Whites, they will be out for everybody. It will be Darkness at Noon, worldwide, literally, and genetically.

    1. Anonymous1:03 am

      That's why we have to make them like it, we allow them to make us feel guilty and whatnot, we enslaving ourselves just because of what other people think, we need to stop worrying about what they think and worry more about what we think.

    2. You are so right White Oak. I also believe whites have lost the will to exist.
      When they lost their Father God - they also lost their identity, culture and courage.

    3. The psychological damage inflicted upon the average whitey runs deep. Mike did a pretty good explanation of this a while ago... see here:

  7. Anonymous11:54 pm

    When will the "resistANC"e bumper stickers be for sale?

    1. Botties
      When will the "resistANC"e bumper stickers be for sale?

      I like that!

    2. Anonymous1:35 am

      I think the "resistANC"e bumper stickers is a fantastic idea

  8. Anonymous12:41 am

    The "madness" of King George the Third

    ( It is ALWAYS about MONEY -- trade , resources , Wars [ to control access to trade ] -- and who finances the Wars -- a very old shell game )

    Who was Britain in debt to for the Napoleonic wars ?

    By the time George became king in 1760, Britain had been in the "Seven Years War" with France for four years. At this time, they were still fighting over who the leading colonial power of that day and age was.


    King George really couldn't afford another war, but, even more, he couldn't afford to lose the colonies. By 1776, The Americans declared themselves free, but George kept the war going until the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

    ( First British occupation of the Cape June 1795 )

    Would America have eventually been granted self-government and later independence and become part of the commonwealth ?

    I am not so sure I stand with the American Revolutionaries !

  9. Anonymous9:48 am

    Just watched the OTPOR video. Amazing that a bunch of kids started this movement which ended up toppling Milosevic. He ended up dying of a heart attack in his cell.


    If a bunch of kids succeeded why not a bunch of minority people. This is very, very achievable.

    I had previously disagreed with Mike about how the PLAN needed to be implemented but watching this video was most enlightening.

    Your blog is important to many... don't give up on us.

    1. Anonymous12:53 pm

      Make no mistake, Milosevic went the same way as Lincoln, Verwoerd even Gaddaffi all the rest that crossed Rothschild + Co.

    2. Anonymous1:50 pm

      Pavlovs House
      Well lets each of us if willing and possible within our own capacity and in our own time, plan a little funny protest at anc's expense of course, a kind of stir the waters and see what ripples it causes. Ever heard of Banksy the street artist, well likewise anonymity should be maintained better to joke another day.

  10. Anonymous10:37 am

    Mike, I totally understand if you are gatvol and why! This whole SA tragedy has taken its toll on many of us, but you have put in so much and sometimes you get " stank vir dank" we as humans can feel to the point of giving up and
    feel that it was all for nothing. It never is.

    Ouma het altyd gese : my kind as jy dit nodig geag het om n ding te begin, moet jy dit klaarmaak!


    My hart gaaun uit na jou en die goeie mensre van die blanke volk hier in Kommunistiese Azania!
    Dankie vir jou nuwe oranje blanje blou resist anc vuis!
    Mag God met ons wees!

  11. Anonymous12:06 pm

    "Bloody Good Logo" Mike and now that we are moving up a gear "Botties" has come up with a splendid idea BUMPER STICKERS! Not only for the show of support but also they can be utilised as a tool of harassment against the enemy. There is an endless amount of resistance tasks that the stickers can perform and they can be planted on everything in the country. You name it and we can "STICKER IT". Make this happen and boy am I going to have some good fun!

    1. Sure you can use it as much as you want.

  12. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Hi Mike

    Have you ever heard of Bob Whitaker and his "Bugs"? They are a bunch of guys that spread their message through online messages and memes. They target forums and news websites etc. It sounds kind of silly, but if you stay on message and are dedicated enough a small amount of people can actually spread a message successfully. They have been successful especially if you consider they are only a few dozen people, but their memes have received quite a lot of media attention and have spread a lot.

    Their memes include things like "Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-white", "Diversity means no whites", "White countries and ONLY white countries need diversity", etc. I have seen other people talking about these things quite a bit which shows it is spreading.

    I think this should be considered as a means of spreading a message, because:
    - It is easy. People just need a bit of training to stay on message. The bugs have very good training laid out already.
    - People can do it from home. People might initially be reluctant to take off from work and go out into the streets to protest. They can do this from home after work.
    - It is not illegal. Which would increase peoples willingness to participate.
    - It uses planned arguments and responses. Almost like a telemarketer, there are planned responses to anyone arguing with you. These arguments, if followed correctly, always make you win the moral argument. Though you wont change the mind of people you are debating, this does have a large impact on other readers seeing the comments.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

    I also like your blog, keep up the good work!


  13. Mike, did you create the resistance logo?
    Awesome - can I use it?

    1. Yes, I modified it from the Otpor logo. Sure you can use it and spread it as much as you want.

  14. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Anonymous10:37 AM
    Ek stem saam my maat en die krag vir n' verandering is in daardie vuis. Staan nou vas Boere ons dag het aangebreek in helder sonskyn! Lank lewe n' opreg Suid Afrka! Weerstand! Weerstand! En nog meer Weerstand teen die ANC se seuns en dogters van die duiwel.

  15. Anonymous9:24 pm

    When one realizes how many countless of billions of people who have died unnecessarily upon this earth due the many mad political and religious leaders who are driven by greed for gain and power it is beyond mind boggling to say the least. The horror, slaughter and suffering of billions of innocent people throughout the world during the last two world wars was supposed to have been a lesson learnt by all that nobody wins a full blown war. However the cunning commies have now changed the tactics and are busy waging a psychological global war without receiving any resistance or even fighting. Yes the time has now come to make a stand before their ungodly filth completely destroys our land.

  16. Anonymous11:03 pm


    Hi Mike, can I use the resistance logo to print up some stickers and can I post it on other sites for people to see?

  17. Anonymous2:12 am

    Jou RESISTancE vuis is hopelik `n gatslag vir die kommunistiese CancER in SA. LW. Ek ruil die änc" om met klein letters want dit verdien nie die hoofletter greep nie.

    Aan die kommentator hierbo wat dit eens het dat WIT Suid-Afrikans `n klomp pissies is . . . ons BOERTJIES is net so gatvol soos enige ander Suid-Afrikaner vir die verwoesting en uitwissing van ons westerse kultuur en eens mooi en funksionele land. Verskil is, nie almal kan dit bekostig om in die strate in te hardloop en al wat kaffer is uit te haal nie. Ons het families, gesinne en ook die res van die inwoners wat na die tyd nog in SA moet lewe, waaraan ons moet dink. Maar, die tyd vir aksie sal seker ook aanbreek. En dan . . .

  18. Anonymous4:30 am

    Anonymous2:12 AM
    At thy call we shall not falter - Op jou roepstem ons sal antwoord!

  19. Anonymous6:54 am

    Ok, lots of emotions flowing around here. Lots of pent up anger boiling under the surface.
    The "It wont or can't work comments", I suspect arise from people not being able to see the detail of the plan. Not many of us are as informed as you, so we don't all see the steps that make up the process.

    So can we put a task team together to formulate a P.V.A.

    The logo is great, but putting it on your bumper makes you a target and you are no longer anonymous. However, sticking them onto ATM's, post boxes, lamp poles, Taxies (He, He...) and any thing else you can think of that is visible to civilised humans, will definitely get the message out there.

    1. Design a sticker that can be shared as a .jpg file or what ever file works. Distribute to all interested parties to print out and stick where ever they can find a spot.
    2. Interested parties to form a group to develop the plan of action so that it can be rolled out.
    3. As this plan is developed a lot of the "Solutions" will become visible and solvable. The BIG problem is always Divided into smaller bits that are solvable. Once all the little problems are solved, so is the big problem.
    4. Like in the video, I think it is VERY important that this "Task Team" remain GHOSTS to the world, or they may well become GHOSTS.

    That is a few idea's making a very rough foundation to build on. Feel free to add, modify, criticize but don't disagree with out giving an alternative. You may well have a good point to make.

    Good and thorough planning is the only way to succeed.

    Bob the Builder

  20. Anonymous1:22 pm

    To Bob the Builder. If you have MS Windows then just right click the mouse on the "Resistance image" and then left click on "Save picture as" The image is already in the .jpg format so then just left click on "Save" and thereafter you should normally find it in your "My Pictures" folder. If you preselected a specific folder to save it in then it should be found in that selected folder. The downloaded image width is 277 pixels and the height is 291 pixels. Happy logo sticking!
    From: Rod the Bod.

  21. Anonymous9:59 am

    I have sent the logo image to all of the people I know. Even to those who are living overseas. The snowball is rolling and will be continually increasing in supporters, mass and volume.
    In hoc signo vinces

  22. Anonymous1:14 am

    So what you're saying is that whites and coloureds should unite against their common enemy and together with the 400,000 impoverished whites should seek to carve out a new republic in the old cape province?