20 August 2015

The structure of the resistance campaign

By Mike Smith

20th of August 2015

To most people it always seems as if a revolution was simple. As if people fed up with the oppressive regime spontaneously went onto the streets one day and deposed the dictator.

This perception is however, wrong and it is the same mistake the Syrians made in 2011.

When the Tunisians staged the Jasmine Revolution on the 17th of December 2010, it started the “Arab Spring”.

Within less than a month, dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was deposed and fled with his wife to Saudi Arabia. It looked so easy.

Because of fierce football rivalry between Tunisians and Egyptians, the Egyptians did not want to be outdone so started their revolution on the 25th of January 2011 and 18 days later, Dictator Hosni Mubarak was deposed.

Fuelled by the success of the seemingly easy manner the Tunisian and Egyptian revolts went, the Syrians thought they could simply do the same, i.e. go on the streets with no plan, protest a bit, say “BOO” and Dictator Bashar al Assad would run away.

Needless to say, this ended up in a disaster. Almost five years later and Syria is gripped in a seemingly endless civil war with thousands dead.

What the Syrians forgot was that Mohamed Adel, leader of the Egyptian youth movement called “The April 6 Movement” and other pro democracy activists were trained by Srdja Popovic and other Otpor! members at CANVAS in Serbia three years prior to the revolt. Gene Sharp’s book, “From dictatorship to democracy” was translated into Arabic and freely circulated in Cairo.

The Egyptians structured and planned their campaign and educated people over two years before what we saw on television, namely masses of people on the streets.

Incidentally “The April 6 Movement” uses the same clenched fist symbol as us, the one from Otpor!

There is no leader

Forget about a “Messiah”  leader  like Jesus or Moses who led the Israelites to the Promised Land. There is not going to be one. There is not going to be a “General De la Rey” on his horse coming from the Western Transvaal to lead the Boers, as Afrikaans singer Bok van Blerk sings… And besides, you don’t want one.

A leader is a target. You don’t give a dictator a target you give him a dilemma. You suck him into a void and let him chase what is not there.

The dictatorship has an uncanny habit of going after leaders of organizations that oppose it. Having one strong leader is a weak link for the organisation. He can be arrested, kidnapped, bribed, coerced or assassinated and the organization can disintegrate. Even a good leader can sometimes take bad decisions, like General Piet Cronje at the Battle of Paardeberg where he surrendered with 4000 men, a tenth of the Boer army.

People need to unite around an idea, not a single leader. Our idea is "Our vision of tomorrow".

The dictator cannot arrest what is not there and how is he going to arrest an idea?

That does not mean the democracy movement is leaderless. What you need is “a network of leaders” in a cell structure. 200 cells of say 10 people each is a total of 2000 activists across the country that can train more and more activists and create split off cells.

All are operating independently from each other, using the same symbols and united around the same idea. If one person falls out there are hundreds more to take his/her place and the movement does not come to a halt, but carries on and grows. Each group executing their own little acts of defiance and mini-revolutions .

The cell group structure has another advantage. It creates competition. The one group always thinks it can outdo the other group in bravery and acts of defiance until critical mass is reached. That is when you go out onto the streets.

This structure is much more resilient, because the dictator cannot arrest everyone. The cell structure was also used by the ANC during Apartheid. Funny enough, many churches including the NG Kerk (Dutch Reform Church) use a Cell group structure for home churches so this is something quite familiar to many in SA.

A typical cell group is made up of 6-12 members with a leader. When the group grows bigger it splits into two, and those two into two, etc.

A group of viruses invading a body does not have a leader . Fleas on a dog does not have a leader, but their collective and constant biting will drive the dog insane, haemorrhage it and eventually kill it. It is what Robert Taber called The War of the Flea

Secrecy or openness?

Let’s face it…if the dictator wants to find out what the opposition is planning, it will. It is often impossible to keep the political police and intelligence agents from learning about intentions and plans.

Secrecy is not only rooted in fear, but contributes to fear which dampens the spirit of resistance. It leads to mistrust, suspicions and accusations often unjustified, within the movement, concerning who is an informer or agent for the regime and who is not.

In contrast, openness regarding intentions and plans will not only have the opposite effects, but will contribute to an image of fearlessness and that the resistance movement is in fact extremely powerful. It has nothing to hide. It is exercising its constitutional rights to peaceful assembly, demonstration, picket and petition (section 17 of the Bill of Rights), Freedom of expression (section 16), political rights (section 19), etc.

Having said that, there are significant aspects of resistance activities that may require secrecy. A thorough assessment of these aspects will be needed.

For instance, the editing, printing, and distribution of underground publications, the use of radio broadcasts from within the country, and the gathering of intelligence about the operations of the dictatorship are among the special limited types of activities where a high degree of secrecy will be required. We fear naught, but God.


  1. Anonymous6:42 am

    Right, bring on those kaffir statues and a bucket of lovely Lightenburg shit. Note to self: Must remember the "calling card". Oh, and while we`re at it, why not rename the street names ,on the pavements at least, back to what they were with a little stenciling and spray-paint. I bet you the munds won`t even notice... Be safe out there boys and girls.

  2. Nice post Mike and well written.

    I honestly though cant see whites doing this in this country.

    One it is not just the ANC but the masses we have to deal with .

    Their masses dont want us here. In those Arab countries it was the governments vs the people.

    Here its

    The ANC vs the whites, the blacks vs the whites, the coloureds vs the whites, indians vs the whites, blacks vs blacks

    Its complex, in the UK and other countries where they have one nationality I can see this working well but when the gov is your enemy and their masses then how do you fight to giants at the same time?

    1. Anonymous1:46 pm

      UK has 1 nationality? Dafuq you going on about?

    2. The UK is or has one nation - British might say im English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh but they all consider themselves British - here it is not just the ANC whites have to be concerned with, you have the masses as well.

      So its not just the gov vs the people ie Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, here it is the ANC vs whites + their voters.

      2 problems not just 1

  3. Anonymous6:56 am

    Ok, so let's ask Gods blessing in this campaighn, then I will start printing my stickers after payday.

  4. Anonymous6:59 am

    Once again right on the button Mike! I am proud to be part of this revolutionary action. Let the plan roll on and keep rolling on. We fear naught, but God.

    1. Proud to have you onboard.

  5. * Snap * Mike.
    Those groups waiting for a leader and /or help from abroad are wasting valuable time.
    The cell groups worked for the 67's - if they can do it, so can we. There are many ways to skin a cat. Like I said before, look at the protests - ons shot, everyone scrambles for safety not knowing where the shot came from. Then the accusations and distrust starts and voila, other people are fighting your revolution for you

    1. Love the new avatar! ;-)

    2. Awesome, isn't it?
      Got it from my teacher

    3. Anonymous7:15 am

      Hehehe! I like that!
      And I love you all!
      May God be with us!

  6. Anonymous11:39 am

    Hi Mike

    Firstly, thank you for your reply regarding your stance with regards to cooperation with blacks. All the best with the Resistance campaign, I cannot think of a more capable person to pull it off. It is with sadness that I will not join you in it, although I will support you as much as I can. My reasons are as follows:

    1. A campaign against the anc is worthless. The anc is a dead horse. It is going to implode anyway. Resisteff does just not sound right.
    2. The anc is the arse end of the snake. The sacp/money powers are the head and the real enemy. We need to rid ourselves of them first.
    3. In stead of putting our efforts into getting rid of the anc we should study successful cases of ethnic groups winning self determination.
    4. As others have said: The campaign works, if you have a more or less homogeneous group against the dictatorship. The divide between black and white is simply too big. Yes, there are common ground. But in the end we still sit with the black problem.
    5. The other campaigns had media support because it suited the powers that be to paint them fairly. Afrikaner hatred is just about universal. You will struggle to get that media support.
    4. Orania is not a success because they do not market themselves. And they are not attracting businesses. If there was work people would flock there in droves.
    5. The statement that Whites in SA will rather die in their beds than make it themselves is bull. They will follow the flow and do it themselves if they have to. Farmers and businesses will mechanise if given the right incentives and support.

  7. Anonymous1:48 pm

    I closed my eyes and imagined a society where we just pointed and laughed at the SAPS and the MEtro cops and SARS and there was nothing, nada, that they could do to us... Paradise...

  8. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Reading and learning, don't agree with you yet Mike, but I know you, you gonna come up with some good stuff.
    Keep it coming.

  9. Anonymous10:23 pm

    I will support a libertarian movement. The Zimbargo experiment prooved that people cannot be trusted with coersive power. The state must be limited as much as possible.
    1. The state should not be able to prosecute people for not paying taxes. Same as any creditor.
    2. Currency should be privatised.
    This will starve the beast and make it as small as possible. Everything else will follow.

  10. Anonymous12:22 am

    Mike, getting rid of the ANC is the half way mark, but to attain critical mass for this objective we will need the blacks to support this initiative. As much as I like the orange white and blue in the branding, would this colour scheme not be counter productive to the initial phase? (toppling the ANC). Colour has a psychological effect and association eg red = EFF, yellow = ANC, blue = DA and orange/white/blue = apartheid. Like judo where one learns to use the opponents weight advantage against him, we are seriously outnumbered and need to consider how to use the numbers to our advantage. Laws and systems will need to be implemented in the aftermath, but without a foundation to launch the initiative the aftermath will be no different than what the current trajectory is offering.

    1. Like I said before, the orange white and blue was my choice because it is easy to spray-paint and it puts the fear of God in the ANC. If you take the new SA flag you have too many colours. I also considered green & gold. The Springbok colours and something the whites might relate to, but also the ANC colours so that the blacks can relate to it. However, I have decided against green and gold, because I feel that it is impossible to keep everyone happy. Best is to take a stand and protect your position with your life.
      I know that you are concerned about being outnumbered. However I beg to differ. The ANC has a lot of supporters, but that can change. It IS changing as we have seen recently in by-electinions in P.E., Limpopo and Mpumalanga. They are also losing support from Cosatu. The ANC claims to have 1,2million members, but it is in fact only about 250,000 members. Most of them only want the membership card for the free shit and will abandon the ANC when push comes to shove.
      We don’t want to destroy the ANC’s support. Remeber, our task is to pull the pillars of support over to our side to support the democracy instead of the dictatorship. We need to work on that. In the end our fight is only against about 400 ANC fat cats in Parliament. Who is outnumbered then?

    2. Anonymous9:41 am

      As soon as a hout sees 'oranje blanje blou', you will be targeted (If that is a sticker on your car - smashed windows...etc), and as your last few posts imply, you are wanting all South Africans to join this movement.
      People I know in SA are 'shit for brains' when it comes to politics, race and culture, they are just happy to be alive today, have a braai and tomorrow's another day. Hey, and then there's the big match on the weekend, get out that Springbok jersey and route for a team that is not selected by merit, but by race (As you have said in the past - Boycott them, and every other team should boycott them too. Why play against a B team? - I agree with you Mike).
      I don't know, so many people I speak to in South Africa are always complaining but will not do anything about it.
      I left that place over 10 years ago and have not put foot on the African continent since, don't intend to in the circumstances.
      My birth place was the old South Africa, and I cherish the memories of those years.
      As good as this resistance campaign is (which I fully support), how can you convert the masses of IQ67's?

  11. Anonymous2:57 am

    I like your ideas Mike. Ek het probeer om eerstens die mense op elke dorp bymekaar te kry. Ek het voorgestel dat hulle 'n Kultuurmeester moet verkies. Dit is om die ou Burgemeester se plek te neem.
    Geen belangstelling nie.
    Ek het probeer om die mense op elke dorp te kry om 'n vlag te hys wat ons verteenwoordig.
    Geen belangstelling.
    Die mense is bang hulle gaan opgesluit word. Kry eers daardie probleem weg, en dan kan ons verder planne maak.

    1. I fully understand and you are right. I will adress this shortly and show you how to realistically overcome this fear. Gene Sharp says that overcoming the fear of the dictator and the Police is a prerequisite to unity.

    2. Looking forward to that.
      I have some more ideas that will work with yours.
      More on that later.

    3. Anonymous7:18 am

      We can also wear the beautiful oranje blanje blou.
      Write it on a t shirt. Get creative with fabric paint. Its not expensive. Or look up a recipe for fabric paint on the net. I have seen recipes for it in the past.

  12. Anonymous3:40 am

    Mike'y, let's say in 6 monthes time some Joe notice this resistance fist simbols popping up and want to know more about it. First thing, he will Google resistance... Fist... Now here is lack in the planning. Don't you think you (sorry I'm to dumb) can start / activate a separate resistance 'web blog/site to inform whites that's getting intrested???? This blog is just to alive with new toppics and the origenals will get lost in history for new recrutes.

    1. Good Idea and I have thought about it. Of course you are right, one should actually have a separate blog. I was kinda hoping someone else might volunteer to do it...and lo and behold...You came;-) How about you do your bit for the cause and open a "SA Resistance blog"? You can post all my articles on there or link them back.

    2. Anonymous4:34 am

      For now, post the fist on your whatsapp/facebook/twitter and set your status as the 80 page pdf link http://www.aeinstein.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/FDTD.pdf. This is a start. The blog/webpage will come, there are plenty of IT fundi's who will be happy to oblige.

    3. Anonymous10:04 am

      No, the best is to use existing social media. It pushes onto others social pages instead of them having to search. Spoon feed the lazy fucks.

  13. Anonymous8:37 am

    In the daily news today! Another ANC seat gone down the tubes Mike. ANC outvoted and replaced by the "miniscule" UDM. The ANC's foundations are definitely cracking and Zuma's grand false prophecy that the ANC will rule up until the second coming of Christ is proving to be just another ANC FANTACY.

    1. Anonymous12:25 pm

      Perhaps the "Second Coming" is close ?

  14. Anonymous8:48 am

    State must 'step up' to combat farm attacks
    A new Human Rights Commission report on farm attacks highlights the lack of state involvement in combating crimes that affect farmers and farm workers. South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) released a report into "farm attacks" affecting the farm owners and farm workers on Thursday, which finds that the SAPS and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) need to "step up" their involvement in combating crime affecting farming communities.
    Private security
    Increasingly, private security firms rather than the South African Police Service are policing farming areas. The SAHRC heard that there was a perception that private security firms were better resourced than the SAPS, but said these firms needed more training in the arena of rural safety. The SAPS told the commission there had been 492 "incidences" of violence on farms in the 2013-2014 financial year and 58 murders during that period, according to its records. There were concerns that statistics relating specifically to farm attacks were not published. AfriForum raised concerns that there was no research available on the psychological, economic and safety impact of attacks on farm owners on farm workers. The commission said it was clear that "victimisation" of farming communities "is still as serious a problem as it has ever been". It said a "collaborative approach" was needed to address the issue."Violent crime within farming communities is not isolated to specific geographical regions within South Africa, nor any specific socioeconomic group, nor any specific race," said the report.

    1. Anonymous9:39 am

      Yes there are scars left by farm attacks, physical and mental scars, many of which can never heal. If I just think how many have occurred just in my area...

  15. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Zots waking up? What the .._uck? Go vote for your favorite zot! Awakend Zots to save the planet!!!

  16. Anonymous2:35 pm

    We can all do what we can, each and every one of us.

    1. Excellent. I put it in the links box ;-)

  17. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Straight from the horses own mouth! However "Dick Tater Robber Moregarbage" and his motley Zanu PF crew are also grabbing another 23 productive white farms without paying for them. Looks like these black kaffirs only wake up in short bursts to a point of deliriousness only to go back to sleep again.

  18. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Anonymous1:07 PM
    You missed the point of the article completely "wise guy". Check comment by Anonymous3:38 PM he/she knew exactly what I was getting at! The comment was intended to sarcasm describing the fickleness of the ANC.

  19. Anonymous6:03 am

    Anonymous11:01 PM
    Don't worry about the "wise guy". Keep it all coming mate. Every piece of anti ANC information is an extra/other brick in the "RESISTancE WALL of the non violent REVOLUTION".

  20. Anonymous8:49 am

    !Anno 11:01, Whise guy here. Sorry I missed the point. I was drunk.

  21. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Still waiting for the applicable case study ( that applies to a situation such as the one in SA )

    Have a look at all the sh1T that happened on an April 6

    You do understand that this is something of a special date ( apart from April 6 1652 )

  22. Anonymous1:03 pm

    The scientists’ findings will be explored in a Channel 4 documentary, Secret History: The Return of the Black Death, on Sunday 6 April.

  23. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Anonymous8:49 AM
    Chuck the booze mate and switch to "sprinK water". Good for your brain and good for your system.