29 September 2015

We don't want your Red Cross food and water

By Mike Smith
29th of September 2015

Hungarian Police helping "refugees"

The ANC’s destruction of the education system

By Mike Smith

29 of September 2015

The once proud education system in this country is in such ongoing shambles that one does not even know where to start.

They have recently caught 173 teachers with fake degrees in Kwa-Zulu Natal alone and 14 officials caught stealing the kid’s food from the nutrition program. These are not just corrupt teachers, but also corrupt departmental officials who turn a blind eye when people submit fake qualifications.

So obviously if the teachers are cheating, then the kids are going to cheat as well.

25% of schools in SA do not offer mathematics in the last three years of school. In Mpumalanga it is as bad as half of all schools. Apparently they do not have enough qualified mathematics teachers. The province with the highest number of schools offering mathematics is the Western Cape at 91.1%...the only province not run by the ANC. Says a lot.

Shocking revelation on mathematics in SA schools

In May, it was reported that South African schoolchildren ranked second from the bottom in the world in mathematics and science, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

So in typical liberal fashion, they threw money at it and bought the kids tablets.Tablets ease math pains

A miracle happened. Within six months the children boosted their ANA (Annual National Assessments) results from 10% to 40%. In three other township schools it went from 17% to 51% on average.

See? That is all the black kids needed to succeed. The white man’s invention of the computer.

Maybe someone should explain to them that Dr. William Shockley, the man who received the Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing the transistor (without which their Tablets today would not be possible) was a race realist who strongly believed in the differences between races and intelligence. He also supported eugenics and proposed that people with an IQ below 100 should undergo voluntary sterilization.

Nevertheless…In my days we were not allowed to use calculators. We had to use slide rules and log and trigonometry tables. Small calculations were made in a right-hand margin and you got points for that as well.

Tja…The slide rule was good enough to build airplanes, rockets, and computers and put a man on the moon. It never needed a battery or an electricity outlet. It never caught any viruses and it never had a chip that could be destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse. The only thing it ever needed was a bit of brains to operate it. Maybe that is why they introduced tablets and not slide rules and log tables in township schools. I still use mine today. Nothing wrong with it.

As a student we didn’t have programmable calculators and we got no formula sheets. If you were too dumb to memorize formulas (like I was) you had to maar learn how to derive them from first principles.

Sorry, maybe I am just an old fart, but if children cannot do basic estimation, multiplication and division without a calculator they will never know if they are on the right track. It’s just a case of “Monkey press button; monkey gets answer”. Right or wrong…doesn’t matter. No wonder this country has a shortage of skilled artisans, technicians and engineers. They can’t even get the damn basics right, how are they going to teach differential and integral calculus?

The ANA tests are supposed to check the literacy and numeracy standards of children in our schools. It costs the taxpayer R200 million a year. However it is a total farce, because the teachers help the children with the tests to boost the averages of the schools otherwise the focus will be on them and they will get fired for not doing their jobs properly.

Even with the dumbed down TRUE Bantu education system as it is and the teachers assisting the children, at the end of last year, Grade 9 pupils nationally scored on average of less than 11 percent in mathematics. Half of pupils in Grade 3 are unable to read. So the government postponed the ANA tests from September to December, but the teacher unions want the tests completely scrapped and are threatening violence. They don’t want anybody to find out what a piss poor job they are doing. Clash looms if ANA tests go ahead

Problem is that when these tests fall away, who is going to check if the teacher’s are doing their jobs and teaching at all?

Currently the education system does not have higher and standard grades anymore. The pass mark for mathematics and science has been lowered to only 30% and children who have not passed Grade 11 are pushed through to Grade 12. More than 5,000 Western Cape pupils who had not passed Grade 11 at the end of last year were progressed to Grade 12.

Liberation before education. Pass one; pass all. No child left behind. Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.

Even this seems too hard, so the latest brilliant plan is to make Matric two years long so they can write half the subjects this year and the other half next year.

All I can say is; “Thank God for Apartheid Education…and of course my slide rule.”

28 September 2015

Bacha Bazi: The Islamic cultural enrichment of the West

By Mike Smith

28 of September 2015

When one discusses the European refugee crisis with liberals, one gets the impression that they are extremely uninformed and naïve over whom and what these people really are.

Liberals tend to think that these are just “normal people” like them in need of a safe place to stay to get away from war and poverty. They don’t understand the religious culture these people come from and if they do, think these people will somehow magically change and become European.

Let me show you the truth. Talk about a bunch of sick bastards…

US soldiers told to ignore Afghan Allies raping boys

..I don’t know who is worse, the Afghans raping the boys or the Americans ignoring it.

Gregory Buckley’s son, lance corporal Greg Buckley Jr. told his father, “At night we can hear them scream, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it.”

“My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture.”

Culture? Or lack thereof??

This cultural practice of institutionalized paedophilia in Afghanistan is called Bacha Bazi (literally meaning “playing with boys”)

Also see the shocking British documentary made about it here: The dancing boys of Afghanistan

The filthy culture of Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan

We are not talking about the Taliban doing this. Under the Taliban Bacha Bazi was punished by the death penalty. We are here talking about the allies of the Americans fighting the Taliban. The Americans are training and arming these pedophiles ten times worse than the Taliban.

Shht, It is an open secret. Afghan warlords and paedophilia

Dan Quinn, a former Special Forces captain who beat up an American-backed militia commander for keeping a boy chained to his bed as a sex slave lost his job and had his career ruined.

Soon another commander absconded with his men’s wages. Mr. Quinn said he later heard that the commander had spent the money on dancing boys. Another commander murdered his 12-year-old daughter in a so-called honor killing for having kissed a boy. “There were no repercussions,” Mr. Quinn recalled.

Not only boys are raped. A warlord raped a 14 year old girl he spotted in the field. When Captain Quinn alerted the local police, the guy got one day in jail and was forced to marry his victim.

Imagine that...the girl, after the trauma of being raped by this filthy animal, is forced to marry him!!! It is their culture.

Soon another commander absconded with his men’s wages. Mr. Quinn said he later heard that the commander had spent the money on dancing boys. Another commander murdered his 12-year-old daughter in a so-called honor killing for having kissed a boy. “There were no repercussions,” Capt. Quinn recalled.

Captain Quinn tried to educate them and gave them lectures on human rights...Futile. All in vain.

However it is not only in Afghanistan, it is throughout the Islamic world. I have come across this in Turkey, Egypt and Syria as well.

See here. History of homosexuality in Islamic societies

Problem is that they do not even see this as homosexuality or even paedophilia. It is normal and seen as better than having sex with a woman. The gender Apartheid and segregation of women in Muslim societies and the strong emphasis on male virility leads adolescent males and unmarried young men to seek sexual outlets with boys younger than themselves as one study in Morocco, with boys in the age-range 7 to 13, has shown. Men have sex with other males as long as they are the penetrators and their partners are boys, or in some cases effeminate men.

Anal intercourse is not seen as repulsively unnatural. They believe "one has to avoid getting buggered precisely in order not to acquire a taste for it and thus become addicted. Deep shame attaches to the passive partner: "for this reason men stop getting laid at the age of 15 or 16 and 'forget' that they ever allowed it earlier."

For many young men heterosexual sodomy is considered better than vaginal penetration, because women’s vaginas are seen as dirty and unclean.

When you tell liberals the truth they clasp their hands over their ears. As usual they believe that all you have to do is throw money at the problem and educate them about human rights and Western values and they will come right. They won’t…Like Green Beret Captain Quinn discovered. The irony is that these Muslims look down on Western culture and values.

Further, any liberals wanting to change them are making themselves guilty of prejudice, bias, intolerance and defying the exact cultural relativism and racial egalitarianism they apparently ascribe to. If the cultures and religions really were all they same and none better or superior to the other they should simply leave these Afghans alone and tolerate their despicable practices.

This is the cognitive dissonance liberals (especially liberal women) are confronted with. They are all for tolerance, equality and liberty, but when confronted with a culture that rapes boys and where fathers kill their 12 yo daughters for kissing boys, they don’t know what to say.

Think about it next time you witness the ten thousand odd Muslim refugees arriving in Europe every day and the stupid Europeans welcoming them and taking them into their homes like Bob Geldof who wants to put four families up in his homes in London and Kent.

There are currently 300,000 Afghan refugees in the USA and 120,000 in Germany. It is called "cultural enrichment". Just remember to keep your beautiful European children very far away from these so called "refugees".

23 September 2015

The Maxie and Bobbejani bitch fight

By Mike smith

23 of September 2015

Don’t you just love it when white liberals get seriously “wake-up” slapped by their beloved Noble Savages?

For years…decades now, whites in SA had to bear the brunt of the poisonous pen of the Marxist critical theorist, Max du Preez accusing them of being paranoid “racists” believing in a “Swart gevaar” (black threat). He was convinced that blacks and the ANC would run the country far better than those “verkrampte” Afrikaners would.

His whorenalistic diatribes, rants, odes and love letters to the terrorist ANC at the fish & chips rapper Vrye Weekblad pale in comparison to his modern day nauseating verbal vomit on News24. One has to force oneself to actually read it without starting to puke after each sentence.

But recently old Maxie had lost faith in his beloved ANC savages. The misrule, corruption and outright theft, like the proverbial elephant in the room, became too huge to ignore. Even Maxie started to concider the option of revolution.

In a recent article he asked, ”Would the ANC hand over power?”

Now we know they won’t. They would just, “go back to the bush” and stage a coup. I have said so many times on this blog. Maxie came to the same conclusion in his hypothesis. So he said:

“Refusing to accept the results of a free and fair election constitutes a coup d’état: tearing up the constitution, disbanding Parliament and provincial legislatures, closing down the judicial system, the takeover by party functionaries of the police and army, and, inevitably, detaining thousands of people without trial.”

He even admitted that Zuma is becoming a dictator modeling himself on Robert Mugabe and Vladimir Putin and wants to stay in power forever. However he concluded that SA is not Zimbabwe or Russia and that our people won’t allow him to act with impunity.

I don’t know where Maxie has been in the past 9 years. Zuma has 783 charges of corruption against him, he survived a rape trial, the Weapons scandal, the Nkandla scandal, The Gupta wedding scandal, The Bashir scandal…and he is still a free man. He is indeed allowed to act with impunity by South Africans.

Therefore, Maxie is convinced that we should not worry about the ANC’s unwillingness to give up power at the ballot box…although they have said many times they will rule until Jesus comes.

Maxie recons, “We should rather worry about - and do something about - the independence of our judiciary and the freedom and independence of our media. We should channel our energy towards fighting corruption and nepotism and towards our battle against inequality and unemployment.”

Basically he wants us to go after the leaves and branches of the weeds instead of taking out the roots of the trouble. Get rid of the ANC, institute a proper democracy and all your problems will be solved. Maxie refuses to see that.

However it did not take long before an ANC bastard attacked him for thinking that democracy is wasted on blacks and all the proof of it above our borders in the rest of Africa is null and void for SA and nothing to go by.

Man of the moment was BEE “business man” and ANC Apparatchik Patrick Bongani “Bo” Mbindwane. He gave himself the name “Bo” because it sounds more manly and macho than the full Kaffir name of “Bongani” and not so Colonial as his first name “Patrick”. Maybe the “Bo” is short for “Bobbejani” not “Bongani”.

The attack was so vicious and full of lies that Maxie complained to his editor at News24 who cowardly pulled the post, but Max saved it for posterity and published it verbatim on his Facecrook page.

Read it here: “Max du Preez In Cloud-Cuckoo Land With A Whiff Of “Swart Gevaar” and Racism

Bobbejani Mbindwane, started out saying that, “If voted out of power, the ANC would as it has repeatedly in local and provincial level relinquished power should it lose any election.”

Like hell they would.

Pure speculation, but he is convinced and his “evidence” is based on t
he Western Cape that the ANC has lost and certain wards and municipalities they have lost since 1994. However he neglects to mention how the ANC has since tried their utmost to make the Western Cape ungovernable and openly threatened on numerous occasions to do so more. They are even collaborating with Cape Flats gangsters in order to retake the province.

Next he launched into a vicious attack on Du Preez, laying words into his mouth, attributing false quotes to him, accusing him of racism, stereotyping, etc. Personally I think the guy was drunk when he wrote that rubbish.

This stinking rich BEE parasite in Armani suits who calls himself “a business man” cried about how difficult, bitter and hurtful it is for a black in a white dominated SA…

Oh really? With whites only making up 9% of the population, excluded from the business market, top jobs, universities and sports by racist ANC quotas, Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment…is he mental or something?

Bobbejani “Bo” Mbindwane sounds like he is complaining with a piece of white cake in his hand and cream dripping off his fat lips, whilst pulling out his intestines about how “they” (I presume he includes himself) have “emotional and physical scars” about being “beaten up, starved, sold off to slavery, enslaved, raped, dispossessed, left in the cold after their wealth was taken by force by invaders and travellers (sic…Kaffirs can’t spell) from Europe.”

“We were removed from our extended loved ones and our very children. The scars of torture, the beatings, imprisonment, abuse and humiliation, hunger and poverty”…Blah, blah, bullshit.

Oh yes…the blacks in Apartheid SA were starving so much and being treated so badly that their numbers skyrocketed in 80 years from 2 million to 40 million and blacks from the Socialist Paradise of Mozambique were flocking over our borders in their thousands INTO the Apartheid hell.

The lying bastard then carried on about how “they” were so forgiving in 1994 and never asked for “repatriations” (I think he meant reparations) from Du Preez’s “Volk”…note the usage of the German (Nazi) sounding word for “people”. This idiot has obviously not heard of Godwin’s Law that says when you pull the Nazi invective in an online debate, you have lost.

Said the BEE savage…”We wanted only an equal opportunity going forward. We wanted peace and reconciliation. We acted on what we asked for. We constructed a new beautiful South Africa, which even today is still a beacon of hope for many in the world.”

HAHAHAHA…and then he has the audacity to accuse Maxie of being in “Cloud Cuckoo Land”…

The murder rate of whites by blacks in the last 21 years since “reconciliation” stands at about 60,000. More than we ever lost during the war on the border with Angola and both world wars put together. Some “peace and reconciliation” he is talking about…

A beautiful SA that is a beacon of hope? Take a long hard look around you Bobbejani. SA is a crime infested hellhole. People are living in fear every day. The schools, the hospitals, everything the ANC is in charge of is stuffed up. Unemployment is the highest ever. People are emigrating in their tens of thousands every year to get away from your “beacon of hope”. The country is far worse than it ever was under Apartheid. The people far more divided through the racial policies of the ANC than they were under the NATS you so despise.

He then lies about how whites were today almost zero percent unemployed and have big houses and lots of money and how whites should be thankful that blacks have not yet taken all their wealth from them. He neglects to point out the 800,000 poor whites living in squatter camps and abject poverty and how whites get robbed, raped, hi-jacked, murdered and over taxed by blacks every day.

Maxie cried, “Mbindwane, with the help of a senior ANC functionary, then led a loud cheering commando on Twitter and Facebook calling me a nasty racist, white supremacist, Boer nationalist, land thief, evil disciple of Verwoerd and other unspeakable names.”…and then responded again:

Why we need to isolate the peddlers of hate

I am sure it was the first time I ever saw him use the words “Black” and “Racist” next to each other. That is what he called Bobbejani and people like them…”Black racists” who think they can insult whites with impunity by telling them “they are evil intruders, rapists and murderers who should go on their knees to thank us for not taking their property or chasing them into the sea”.

We all know who the REAL “intruders”, “rapists” and “murderers” are in South Africa. Seems Maxie and Bobbejani are overlooking this fact of life.

Maxie concluded almost with a cry of help: “The torrent of abuse continues unabated, from Mbindwane and others, as I write this. This is merely one example of the irrational, unreasonable racial outbursts and attacks that have become all too common.”

“Help me, help me…!!!” Maxie cried…

Sit down you sissy. For years you were the one who did the abusing and name calling. Not so nice to be on the receiving end now, is it Max? Its called KARMA: Kry vir jou. Go sit and think hard why this is now happening to you. You say we should “isolate the peddlers of hate”…start by isolating yourself you miserable piece of liberal slangkak.

But it was Maxie’s beloved pet Noble Savage who had the last word…at least for now.

It is hard being black in SA. A response to Max du Preez

It is basically a regurgitation and stuck-record-rant of the clichéd bollocks namely “white privilege” and “black tolerance” he mentioned in his first response to Du Preez, but he reiterated how upset he was that Du Preez could dare to say the ANC would not let go of power. Well I have said it a thousand times. I would love to see him have a go at me.

I think the drama queen Bobbejani realized that all this melodramatical outbursts and insults towards whites over their perceived supremacy were simply in his fantasy when he said, “Some, if not the majority of whites, do not carry on this way knowingly. Unconsciously the black body gets ill-treated, abused, looked down upon and simply suppressed.”

So even if whites do absolutely NOTHING…their mere presence oppresses blacks. This is the stuff Franz Fanon wrote about in “The Wretched of the Earth”. The black man does not just want to kill the white man, he wants to BECOME the white man. He envies the power of the white man. HE, the black man, wants to be the oppressor. He wants to sleep with his wife, preferably in his bed…Read Fanon to see the true mind of the Noble Savage

Bobbejani also complains about whites telling blacks that they are playing the “race card”…. “The use of the term “race card” is offensive, racist and harmful. It aims to shut the victim down, rob the victims of a voice whilst delegitimising their complaint as worthless. Black lives are not a game, there is no trump card. There are real experiences of abuse, oppression and there are great anxieties.”

A cry me a river you racially obsessed Wuss. So what is it you want whites to do when you insult them? Just shut the fuck up and take your Kaffir shit?

But this lying bastard continues…”Laws have been passed, with our Constitution being supreme, abolishing all discrimination. However discrimination persists and suppresses the black body.”

No you unintelligible, incomprehensible Fucktard. What do you call BEE, Affirmative Action, University and sports quotas then? It is blatant racial discrimination against the minorities in this country. It is not suppressing the black body; it is suppressing the white body.

Then came the subtle threats we have come so accustomed to and have heard a thousand times already. Bobbejani reckons that “Blacks are largely becoming reconciliation-fatigued” and that could “disturb South Africa's democracy”.

OOOOHHHHH!!!! Shaking in my pants.

Bobbejani stands by his removed article.

22 September 2015

The typical revolutionist

By Mike Smith

23rd of September 2015

When you ask people to describe the typical revolutionist, it conjures up pictures in their minds of a bearded Che Guevara, or serious looking Lenin or Mao.

In a South African context it brings up pictures of mass demonstrations and necklace murders in townships to MK terrorists planting limpid mines and storming into churches with AK 47’s. Just the mere thought of a revolution brings up negative connotations, as if it is something that “WE” do not do…Mass action, boycotts, strikes, etc. are all “what Communists do” or “what blacks do”… Today people feel as if revolutions were OK for whites back in history, but somehow not today. We are civilized, we just don’t do that kind of thing anymore.

However when you look at how revolutions start, who drives them and how the “typical revolutionist profile” looks like, then we see that in fact it is indeed “us” and not “them” that are the best and most efficient revolutionaries.

The revolution in England in the 1640’s, the American and French Revolutions in the 18th century, the Voortrekkers who trekked away from the Cape Colony, the Boer Guerillas, the Bittereinders and the Maritz Rebellion, were all done by white people and had very little to do with Communism rather the attempt to realize an idealistic dream of a better world.

Further, if you take a look at revolutions of the 21st century, especially the successful ones of Serbia (2000) and Iceland (2008) and you see the people who planned and drove it were just “normal people”…They were not “communists” and certainly not “rabble” and “riff-raff”.

Don’t be surprised. This is nothing new and nothing strange. We see the same theme all throughout revolutions from the times of the Greeks and Romans all the way up to today.

People today think that the French Revolution was driven by peasants. However this is false.

The social standing of the revolutionist

From 1789 to 1795…62% of the revolutionists were upper- and middleclass, 29% were working class and only 9% were peasants. The revolutionists were in the upper tax brackets and well above the average one. The Jacobins were neither all noblemen nor all beggars, but almost everything in between. They represented a complete cross section of the population. The same can be said of the English Revolution, The American Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

In England when the New Model Army took the field in 1645, of the 37 chief officers, nine were of noble birth, 21 of gentle birth, and only 7 not gentlemen by birth. The peasants and English lower classes stood aloof from the conflict.

In America it was the merchants who first organized opposition to the crown. This was then echoed by the planters in the southern coastal plain and very respectable yeoman farmers of the Piedmont. Even the Boston Sons of Liberty who did most of the actual work of violence there were recruited from working men.

In Russia, it was the February Revolution (not the October Revolution) that got rid of the hated Czar. Almost everyone, liberal noble, banker, industrialist, lawyer, doctor, civil servant, kulak, and workingman, was glad to co-operate in giving the Czarist regime its final blow.

Even the radical Bolsheviks in the October Revolution were far from “rabble” and “riff-raff”. They were recruited chiefly from the more enterprising, able and skilled workmen in the factories of Petrograd, Moscow and specialized industrial centres like Ivanovo-Vosnessensk or the Don basin. Their most important leaders were largely drawn from the middle class.

Compared to modern times…It is as if our present day Rotarians and Lion’s Club members were revolutionists.

What we need to understand is that on the whole, revolutionists do not represent the dregs of society. Even Marxist theory recognizes that the “Lumpenproletariat” is not revolutionary. The idea that the very oppressed and the poor are important as initiating and maintaining revolutions is a myth and frankly, rubbish.

When you look at the leaders of the revolutions, you see that they come from the same rank and file as the rest of the ordinary revolutionists. In France you had lawyers in large numbers leading the revolution (Camus, Robespierre, Danton,etc) as well as men of science (astronomer Bailly, chemist Lavoisier, mathematician Monge, etc). You also had journalists like Marat and Desmoulins, publicists like Brissot…even noblemen like the King’s cousin, The Duke of Orleans, Comte de Mirabeau, the Lameth brothers and the Marquis de La Fayette.

In America, of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, 33 held college degrees in an age when few ever went to college. Only four of the signers had little or no formal education. There were five doctors, eleven merchants, four farmers, twenty two lawyers and three ministers. Twelve were sons of ministers. Nearly all were affluent.

In England and Russia it was almost identical as far as the social origins of the revolutionaries are concerned. Amongst the Bolsheviks you had educated men like Trotsky and Kamenev; Felix Dzerzhinsky, of noble Polish-Lithuanian stock; Sverdlov, a chemist; Kalinin, a farmer, Stalin (Born Djugashvili) of Georgian peasant-artisan stock, destined by his mother for the priesthood and for sometime a student in a seminary.

Further there was nothing sudden or brand new about these revolutionists. All of them seemed to have gone through a long political awareness, an awakening apprenticeship and involved in pressure groups.

Neither are they precociously young. These leaders are usually in the middle age, the thirties and forties. The young men, the St. Justs, the Bonapartes, the Serbian Otpor boys in their twenties are the exception, not the rule.

As Dr. Crane Brinton wrote: “Bums, hoboes, the mob, the rabble, the riff-raff, may be recruited to do the street fighting and the manor burning of revolutions, but they emphatically do not make, do not run revolutions – not even proletarian revolutions.”

The character of the revolutionist

A contented man cannot be a revolutionist. Therefore revolutionists are discontented men who lead other discontented men on a crusade for a better world. They have come to struggle for God’s kingdom on earth.

They are, at least in the beginning, kind at heart, sensitive people and sincere idealists. They have a keen sense of right and wrong.

They refuse to accept the pessimistic and pragmatic realities of the world around them. They see and dream the possibilities of a more Utopian world.

They are heavily influenced by the writings of intellectuals. They begin to feel acutely the differences from their fathers and grandfathers. They are of a new generation…a generation in revolt. A generation that want change.

Many of these revolutionary men would never have been heard of under normal conditions. They might even be thought of as “Losers” or “failures” by the rest of a subjective society who only see their failure in a trade or profession not their success as revolutionists.

Some, like Sam Adams whose brewery he inherited went bankrupt, can indeed be classed as abject failures. Jean Paul Marat in France was a self educated physician, political theorist and scientist with a string of fake degrees and honorary distinctions that he awarded to himself.

However…both men are known for their radical, but excellent propaganda and albeit hate filled, revolutionary journalism against those in power.

Sam Adams did become the governor of Massachusetts (1794-1797) so one can argue that he eventually did become successful outside of the revolution.

Thomas Paine, the atheist and seditious writer was another founding father of the USA. He was involved in both the American and the French revolutions, but before the American Revolution he amounted to almost nothing. He was a stay maker by trade making rope stays for sailing ships. He served at sea as a privateer for a short while, before starting a business in Sandwich, Kent, which failed. Then served as a customs officer, but was fired for flogging his inspections. However, with his pamphlet “Common Sense” he inspired the rebels to declare independence from Britain.

English revolutionary, country gentleman and religious fanatic, Oliver Cromwell, the regicide who signed the death warrant of King Charles I, achieved almost nothing for the first forty years of his life.

Along with his brother Henry, Cromwell had kept a smallholding of chickens and sheep, selling eggs and wool to support himself, his lifestyle resembling that of a yeoman farmer.

The revolution changes men.

During the so called “reign of terror” of a revolution, some of these gentlemen amongst the extremists do show signs of psychopathy and they are found in every society. Under normal circumstances they would not even be noticed, but during the “reign of terror”, they come to the fore.

Robespierre was a lawyer and once opposed the death penalty and war with Austria. He became the soul of the “reign of terror” in France.

Jean-Babtiste Carrier, the son of a farmer who attended Jesuit College and eventually became a country lawyer was known for his cruelty during the French Revolution, especially to the clergy.

Originally he set up the Revolutionary tribunal at Nantes to give prisoners “a fair trial”, but the jails were too full and the guillotines moving too slowly, so he put large numbers of prisoners on board vessels with trap doors for bottoms, and sunk them in the Loire River. Men and women were stripped naked and tied together in what he called “Revolutionary Marriage” before they were drowned. He also lined up hundreds of prisoners in fields and called the National Guard to shoot them down one by one.

These horrific executions, especially of priests and nuns, as well as women and children, known as the Drownings at Nantes (Noyades) along with his increasing haughty demeanor, gained Carrier a reputation for wanton cruelty.

In more modern times, the most famous revolutionary, Che Guevara, came from an educated liberal and middleclass family. He always wanted to help his fellow man, especially the poor and studied medicine at the University of Buenos Aires. He was a keen Rugby player who played fly half for the University. During this time he also undertook two motorcycle journeys through South America where he witnessed severe poverty and exploitation of the poor. In 1953 he completed his doctorate in medicine, but did not practice. He gave it all up to become a revolutionary. This man would become a guerilla leader known for his summary executions of informers, deserters and spies.

Idealist Revolutionaries

If you have to single out one kind of person as the perfect revolutionist, then it is not the bloodthirsty lunatic, the embittered failure or the envious upstart. It is the idealist… and there are several categories of idealists.

Idealists of course are in our own times the cement of a stable normal society. It is good for us all that there should be men of noble aspirations. Idealists dream of a world as it might or should be. Idealism should not be confused with “wishful thnking” or “ignorance”. Idealism based on a solid foundation of social and political realism is a sign of intellectual maturity. However, idealism needs action. Without rolling up your sleeves and making it happen, idealism will stay a dream and a vision.

In normal times such men do not seem to occupy positions of power and responsibility. Like we have seen they might even be failures. In revolutionary times, the idealist at last gets a chance to try and realize his ideals.

The first type of revolutionary idealist is a theorist like Phillipe Buonarroti, the Utopian Socialist and Freemason from the French Revolution who could be said to be the father of Communism and the inspiration to Marx.

He envisioned a world moving from a monarchy to liberalism, to radicalism and finally Communism. Although he made a career out of planning and preaching revolution, he was never a major factor in actually producing one. Karl Marx and the American revolutionary theorist, Gene Sharp, also fall in this category.

Next you have the Revolutionary Orator, the man who can hold crowds spellbound. During the French revolution, Camille Desmoulins blossomed into revolutionary vigour on the day that he called the mob to arms in the gardens of the Palais Royal. Only then did his talents as a writer and rabble-rouser emerge. Up to this time he was miserably poor.

During the American revolution you can take Patrick Henry's "liberty or death" speech and George Washington's appeal to mutinous army officers as examples. In Russia you had the great orator, Grigory Zinovieiv. In more modern times we think of Martin Luther King Jr., Hitler, Ghandi and even Mandela as revolutionary orators.

The next type of Revolutionary Idealist is the practical man, the man of action anxious to get the practical tasks of government carried out.. Often he is a “fanatic”, “embittered”, “demonic” and inhumane idealist. Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Marat the neglected scientist, Hitler who failed as a painter. Robespierre who failed as a student of essay and verse. Lenin, the ambitious philosopher who thought he could do better than Marx. Mussolini the self taught scholar and wannabee intellectual all fall in this category.


Revolutions are extraordinary periods and all kinds of men will rise to the top that would in normal stable societies not have achieved these positions. These are men who go beyond the chronic complaining and actively work and share ideas about the revolution.

They are of above average social standing, above average intelligence, often gifted, creative intellectuals and idealists ostracized by society who do not appreciate them…a pragmatic society that think their dreams of a better world are useless wastes of time, but revolutionaries know in their hearts that they were always destined for bigger things. They crave the revolution. They fanatically pursue it and when it finally comes, they are in their element. It is like coming home after a long journey…Finally they have found their place in life, in the Revolution.

19 September 2015

Victory: Springboks join the resistance

By Mike Smith

20th of September 2015

Three weeks ago I urged South Africans…This RWC, flip the switch on Springbok Rugby . That is exactly what I did yesterday.

As you know, I boycott the Springboks until they start picking players on merit and not on race. They can stick their quota players where the sun doesn’t shine.

My friends sent me Whatsapp pictures of them in the pub with their Springbok jerseys on. I just ignored them. I did not watch the Springboks last night. I heard via friends and family members that the Boks lost against Japan 32-34. I saw the highlights where the Japanese supporters were in tears…and I broke out in a fit of laughter! Japan of all nations…BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I admire the Japanese very much. My relationship with Japan goes back to my teens when I started practicing Japanese martial arts. As a proud Ju Jitsu practioner I have also visited Japan several times. Great place. Admirable, efficient and nationalistic people that we can learn a lot from…But that they would ever beat the Springboks at Rugby, I would not have thought possible. Not in a million years.

Normally when the Boks played Japan, it was always a 100-0 scenario. A chance to let the new youngsters score a try in a Springbok jersey. The gentlemen Boks would score tries and not convert them to not embarrass Japan any further…How times have changed.

I sent those friends each a Whatsapp back…”Springbok jersey??? I bet you feel like a right DOOS now. HAHAHA”.

Haven’t heard from them since.

But what actually happened yesterday? A few months ago I explained why I could not support any SA sports anymore. It is a farce.

ANC racism in sport. Why the Proteas can go to hell

In that article I mentioned how Victor Matfield urged the boys to play “a lazy game” against the All Blacks so they could pressure the SARB into a salary increase.

That is exactly what the Springboks did yesterday. It was a protest, but not for a salary increase, rather a protest against quota players. Yesterday they showed the world what would happen to the Boks if you let quota players play.

Therefore I have to commend the Boks. I congratulate them. Well done men!

I have never been so proud of the Boks in a long time. At long last they stood up for their principles and the Springbok Jersey. They have joined the resistance last night.

Last night the Springboks set the example. We should all do what the Springboks did. Let the quota players play and fuck up. Stop supporting them. Stop propping them up and doing their jobs for them. Let them fail. Let the system collapse. Only then can we have a normal society again and play normal Rugby.

Next time the Springboks play, flip the switch. Sit outside and bang a pot and pan together for 80 minutes. Show the world your disgust.

18 September 2015

Eine Kardinalfrage an die Deutschen: Warum ist diese Frau nicht hinter Gittern?

By Mike Smith

18th of September 2015

I would like to know from the German people why their chancellor, Angela Merkel, and her cabinet are not behind bars yet.

I must admit that I always thought Germany was a so called ”Rechtsstaat” …A State of Law, a State of Justice where everyone was equal under the law.

In fact I was convinced about it when the German President Christian Wulff was forced to resign and dragged in front of court following media allegations of corruption and his “friends” paying his bond on his house and his expensive holidays. Of course he was acquitted of all charges by the Hanover regional court in Feb of 2014, but at the time I was thinking about South African president Jacob Zuma and his 783 charges of corruption and how different a first world country like Germany does things compared to a third world dictatorship like South Africa where the president is above the law and his Indian friends land at military strategic points with their airplanes and are allowed to bypass customs and immigration.

Nevertheless, in March 2014, the German Football mogul and President of Bayern München football club, Uli Hoeness was charged with tax evasion, found guilty of tax fraud to the tune of €25 million and sentenced to three and a half years behind bars. He practically got to choose the prison he wanted to serve his time in and after only seven months was granted day leave. Which means he is a free man and can go to work, but has to report to prison every night at 18h00 and only sleeps there.

That showed me, that contrary to what I use to think about Germany as a “Rechtsstaat”, not everyone is indeed equal before the law. Your equality before the law is directly proportional to the amount of money you have in the bank.

Currently Germany is facing a wave of illegal immigrants as never before in history and the German people are emotionally led by their noses from politicians and the media alike. Every article in the German papers or report on German television starts with how the poor women and children are suffering, how the Red Cross is helping them, how they are hungry and thirsty and being medically looked after at train stations. It is one massive emotional manipulation. It is nothing but emotional blackmail to silence the critics.

The other day Angela Merkel said: “When we have to start apologizing for showing a friendly face in an emergency situation, then it is not my country anymore”.

"Wenn wir jetzt anfangen, uns noch entschuldigen zu müssen dafür, dass wir in Notsituationen ein freundliches Gesicht zeigen, dann ist das nicht mein Land"

What she forgets is that it is not her country alone. She cannot do as she likes. Besides “Her country” was Communist East Germany and it seems like she is acting more and more totalitarian just like her former Stasi colleagues used to. She is fast starting to mirror Honecker and Mielke. Maybe she should change her name to Erich Merkel.

However, let us for a moment forget about “EMOTIONS” and concentrate a bit on “THE LAW”.

Is it a criminal offence to be in Germany illegally? You bet it is! German police arrested 57,000 illegal immigrants in 2014, an increase of 75 per cent compared to 2013

Is it a crime to help someone enter the country illegally or smuggle someone in? You bet it is! Police had also arrested 2,100 traffickers illegally smuggling people into the country, compared to 1,535 in 2013.

…But aren’t they “REFUGEES” protected under the Geneva Convention????

Under existing rules, refugees are supposed to claim asylum in the first member state they reach. Germany is NOT their first member state. Italy, Greece, Croatia, Hungary and Austria are. That means they are ILEGALLY in Germany.

Fact is. Under German law it is illegal to assist illegal immigrants. That makes anybody helping a so called “refugee” in Germany guilty of a criminal offence and he/she should be put in prison. That includes Merkel and her entire government.

On June 20 and on June 30, 2015, new anti-terrorism legislation entered into force in Germany. According to these laws it is a criminal offence to assist terrorists or fund them in Germany or abroad. Punishment is up to ten years. Yet this is exactly what Merkel and her cabinet has been doing. They are not just welcoming terrorists with open arms and “a friendly face”, they are actively assisting them and giving them money. It is a criminal offence! They should be locked up. There is no two ways about it!

Further, Merkel and these politicians with their “open-arms-and-friendly-face” policies are directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of people drowning in the Mediterranean Sea and suffocating to death being smuggled in refrigerated trucks across Austria. Close the borders and show an unfriendly face and they won’t come…and they won’t die. It is that simple. These politicians should be tried for homicide.

Merkel and her cronies are guilty of gross negligence if not treason. It is her job to deploy the army to defend the borders of Germany against possible threats. Viktor Orban of Hungary did it. The Serbians and Croats did it, why not Germany?

Instead, she and her government along with the media have orchestrated a massive Psyops and emotional blackmailing campaign against the citizens of Germany. When that didn’t help they started playing “Whack the mole” with concerned citizens. Basically any and all critics of the government are branded as “Racists” and “Nazis” no matter how legit their concerns are and whacked down. Police who are supposed to protect the German people against criminals and terrorists are turned against their own people and ordered to DEFEND the criminals and the terrorists.

Five years ago the socialist politician Thilo Sarrazin wrote a book called “Deutscland schafft sich ab” (Germany is destroying itself). He was not so much against immigration. He just pointed out that these people do not ever integrate into German society. He spoke the truth.

Even after three generations in Germany they have no respect for their host country. They cannot speak the language, they remain Muslim, they demand Muslim laws and schools and they cling to their Muslim culture.

What makes Merkel think that her proposed fast tracked integration programmes of language courses, state sponsored apprenticeships and government education are going to help these people integrate now? They are NOT going to integrate. They are going to demand that Germany becomes Muslim.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall German people pay an extra tax of 5,5% on top of their already high tax called ”Solidaritätszuschlag”

Originally it was supposed to build up the Communist destroyed East Germany. Now this money is being used to put illegal immigrants up in fancy flats, give them money and apprenticeships to employ them, when at the same time the German government has done the bare minimum to uplift their own people in the eastern part, build factories and create jobs for them. Germany went from three million unemployed people to four million unemployed people overnight whilst their politicians are standing there with open arms and a friendly face.

Old people in Germany who have worked their entire lives and contributed to the economy and the pension fund are today battling for their existence, because their meager pensions are too small, yet these illegal immigrants come marching in, cry asylum and simply GET everything on a silver platter with open arms and a smile.

Unemployed, starving German people who are literally living on a potato a day will get a €5 a month increase from Jan 2016. You can hardly buy a beer for €5. Apparently the German government cannot afford any more.

Yet they can afford to look after a million illegal immigrants, give them money to “cover their necessary needs”, pay their apartments and give them and their children “pocket money”. A typical family of four would get their rent, water, electricity and heating paid and then about €1000(R15,000) pocket money a month courtesy of the German taxpayers. In Denmark about €1400. Doesn’t sound like much, but it is about five times more than they got in Syria. No wonder they all want to go to Germany. Refugees in Germany, what they get

And then the German government wants to wonder why people in East Germany are upset, setting refugee centres on fire and revolting in the streets. They should be careful that they do not have a full blown revolution soon.

In Germany, people are openly asking, “Where is it all going to lead to?”

I can tell them, because I have seen it in South Africa. By us we call it “Xenophobia”.

My advice to the German people is to arrest their chancellor and her helpers like Thomas de Maizière as soon as possible and deport these illegal immigrants and terrorists posing as "refugees".

Actually no, I fear it might even be too late. Better is to just remember Germany as it once was, because during August and September of 2015, Germany (like SA) had a stroke. It will NEVER be the same again.

13 September 2015

Homo Naledi and the liberal dilemma

13th of September 2015

By Mike Smith

Of course there are MANY libtards who read my blog, but will never admit it. The same with blacks. Truth has that kind of effect. It draws them like a magnet.

Following my comments and picture on the discovery of Homo Naledi a few days ago, a shit storm has broken out…Prominent blacks have shunned the idea that they are descendants of apes.

They want nothing to do with Homo Naledi. They are furious. They even ask… Did Homo Naledi have hair relaxer? just like my pic of Homo Naledi and Naledi Pandor who obviously both straightened their hair.

Knowing the homophobic nature of blacks I think just the prefix of “Homo” scares them off already.

Nevertheless, the distinguished liberal American paleoanthropologist Dr. Lee Rogers Berger who has been in SA since 1989 and did his studies under the (in)famous Dr. Phillip Tobias of Wits University, announced the discovery of Homo Naledi to the world a week ago.

Libtards, (pseudo)scientists and leftist journalists from all over the world praised him, pat him on the back and masturbated his ego to new orgasmic heights not seen in the South African academic world since he discovered that the Taung Child was carried away and eaten by a pterodactyl or something stupid.

However, Lee Berger’s euphoric moment didn’t last long, because first out of the blocks with the criticism and scientific denialism was ANC chief whip, former Premier of Gauteng and lecturer in Law at the University of South Africa Dr. Mathole Serofo Motshekga

Homo Naledi an attempt to link black ancestors to baboons

Dr. Mothole Motshekga – Homo Naledi promotes Africans as subhuman

It’s pseudo science – Dr. Motshekga

Motshekga said: "This thing is inconsistent with reality and supports the theory that we are subhuman. That's why Africans aren't respected by the rest of the world,"

He insisted that it was not his and the Kara Institute’s position, and not the position of the ANC…however, President Jacob Zuma and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa had praised the discovery.

Apparently according to Motshekga it is all a “Western materialist theory, which states that "we are subhumans who developed from the animal kingdom. Therefore they (the west) gave us the title of subhuman beings to justify slavery and colonialism”.

Western? I suppose it is, when you read the history of Communism and the communication between Friederich Engels and Karl Marx who were ecstatic with Darwin’s theory of evolution to replace the religious one. To them “On the Origin of Species “ was a dream come true.

Actually the full name of Darwin’s work was called: “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”…

That “racist” part is always omitted by the Communists.

According to Dr. Motshekga, humankind's origins are at the source of the Nile river and humans predate the universe itself…the old chicken and egg argument, I suppose.

Apparently and according to Motshekga, the African story can not only be told with stones and skulls and he said that he has access to 36,000 year old Kemetic (African) literature (that no-one has ever seen before because “it was suppressed by the west” and that predates all known human writing by at least 32,000 years) that proves his theory. The material universe and humanity evolved from and are made of the same substance as the creator.

It seems that Dr. Motshekga has dabbled a bit in the Hermetica (of which I am sure, judged by his incoherent babbling, he understands absolutely bugger-all) at his Prince Hall Masonic Lodge, because he said: “This idea is contained in the Kemetic law of correspondence which says ‘As above, so below’. A human being is both spiritual and material and pre-exists its material shape. Attempts to link human ancestors and apes are a futile exercise.”

He also referred to the ancient text of Egyptian philosopher Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, “The Divine Pymander” (a chapter in the Corpus Hermeticum). The document has been hailed as the book of all books in which the true knowledge of God and nature was contained.

It seems as if Dr. Motshekga is doing exactly what that other (un)distinguished black scholar, ANC President Thabo Mbeki did, surfing the same conspiracy websites, Johnny Walker in hand, in the wee hours of the night, discovering the great Kaffir libraries in Mali (where the books are all written in Arabic) and that HIV does not cause AIDS and is a White Western conspiracy to depopulate Africa.

Liberal doos, moffie and real “Homo Extraordinaire”, the gay Law Professor at the racist UCT, Prof Pierre de Vos tweeted: “I would have loved to say that Dr Mathole Motshekga should stick to something he knows about, namely the law, but alas.”

The next “learned” black gentleman to jump on the bandwagon was former Trade Unionist leader of COSATU, Zwelinzima Vavi.

I am no grandchild of any ape, monkey or baboon – Zwelenzima Vavi on Homo Naledi

Many commentators agreed with him. Western Cape Premier Helen Zille also entered the fray. "We all derive from pre-historic hominids. Stop using Homo Naledi as an excuse to play victim. Marvel at evolution!"

When a follower responded that he agreed with Vavi, the former DA leader replied: "I'm sorry you feel victimised by science."

Other scholarly criticism of the Homo Naledi hypothesis

So what does Berger actually base his theory on? That it appears as if there was no other entrance to the cave and that the Homo Naledi’s buried their dead, made them human. That is it.

Several international scholars are also a bit skeptical about Homo Naledi.

Professor Tim White, a palaeo-scientist at the University of California, Berkeley, was quoted by the Mail&Guardian Online as saying the Rising Star team’s conclusions were “speculation”.

The University of Zurich’s Christoph Zollikofer said: “If there is not a serious attempt to date the whole site, it is difficult to draw any conclusions. “It might be an early Homo [species] … but a lot of the implications depend on what we think about how old it is.”

Chris Stringer of the Department of Earth Sciences at the Natural History Museum in England said in an insight paper on the discovery the intentional disposal of the dead bodies was “surprisingly complex behaviourfor a creature with a brain no bigger than that of H. habilis or a gorilla”.

Richard Leakey, who came to Johannesburg to see the fossils, commented: “There has to be another entrance. Lee just hasn’t found it yet.”

The liberal dilemma

Poor white liberals are faced with a dilemma now. With their racial egalitarianism, cultural relativism and other atheistic bollocks, they wanted to show the world that “we are all one”, all equal, because we all come from the same apes and have the same ancient African ancestors so now we should all hold hands arround the skull of Homo Naledi and sing Kumbaya together.

They did not reckon with the Blacks shunning this theory, calling them “racist, materialists” whose “blacks-are-sub-humans” ideas were used by colonialists and Apartheid leaders to enslave and oppress blacks.

Liberals almost had a fit.

So what do the Libtards do now? If they say the blacks are wrong and call them stupid, then they acknowledge that they ARE indeed racists who see themselves as more intelligent than blacks. If they say the black view is right, then they are themselves stupid…which we know, but they don’t. That is the sad part.

Who do I support? The Apes of course! Whenever faced with the lesser of three evils (liberals, blacks and apes) always choose the innocent ape. Whenever faced with having to choose the prettiest of the three, always choose the ape. Whenever faced with the choice between the most intelligent of the three species …I have to go with the apes again.

12 September 2015

A "Tragedy" in Mecca

By Mike Smith

12th of September 2015

In the New (Improved) South Africa a Muslim cleric visits a white Christian school to educate them on the beauty of the “peaceful” religion of Islam.

In one class, he asks the students if anyone can give him an example of a "tragedy."

One little boy stands up and offers, "If my best friend who lives next door was on his way to Sunday school when a car came along and killed him, that would be a tragedy."

"No," the Imam says, "That would be an ACCIDENT."

A little girl raises her hand. "If a school bus carrying fifty Christian children to a Sunday school picnic drove off a cliff, killing everyone involved... that would be a tragedy."

"I'm afraid not," explains the Imam. "That is what we would call a GREAT LOSS."

The room is silent; none of the other children volunteer.

"What?" asks the Imam, "Isn't there any one here who can give me an example of a tragedy?"

Finally, little Mikey Smith in the back raises his hand. In a timid voice, he says: "If a crane collapsed and fell on the Grand Mosque in Mecca and killed 107 Muslim Pilgrims, THAT would be a tragedy."

"Wonderful!" the Imam beams. "Marvelous! And can you tell me WHY that would be a tragedy?"

"Well," says Little Mickey, "because it wouldn't be an ACCIDENT, and it certainly would not be a GREAT LOSS!"

Tragedy in Mecca

Why don't they take American warnings seriously?

By Mike Smith

12th of September 2015

Four days ago the Americans issued a warning to their citizens in SA that American interests will be attacked by terrorists and they should be vigilant. US warns against extremist attacks on US businesses and government buildings in SA

The ANC laughed it off….No need to panic, says ANC’s State Security Minister

"But, as we know, South Africa remains stable and there is no imminent danger or threat that is being posed by any terrorist group to this republic," Minister David Mahlobo told broadcaster eNCA.

The Institute for Security Studies in SA warned the stupid, useless and incompetent ANC: Take US terror threat seriously

Executive director of the ISS, Jakkie Cilliers, said: “The Americans won’t issue this if they don’t have intelligence. It’s very damaging for South Africa.”

Groups that might want to target the US locally were the Somali Islamist group al-Shabaab, the Islamic State (ISIS), and possibly Boko Haram, which was based in north-eastern Nigeria.

Cilliers said possible targets could range from US embassies, organisations like USAid, to businesses like McDonald’s and construction machinery company Caterpillar.

News today:

AK47 wielding men rob McDonalds in Johannesburg, flee to office block

Watch…The ANC is going to make this off as “A botched robbery” …

…Just like they make the terrorist attacks on white farmers and white businesses off as “Botched robberies”.

Nevertheless, you cannot really blame them for not taking the Americans seriously...Nobody does...Just look at who they voted for as president...TWICE!

11 September 2015

Falling out of love with the ANC

By Mike Smith

10th of September 2015

It is not just in SA that the ANC is falling out of favour faster than a piece of chewed up bubblegum, it is also internationally so.

Just the other day The Economist magazine labeled the ANC immoral and clueless …and I fully agree, just we have been saying it for the last 8 years and were branded “racists” for speaking the truth. Now there is no more denial.

Nevertheless, The Economist’s reasons for this sudden conclusion are as follows :

  • That the ANC’s drafted foreign policy paper stated that the ANC saw the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 not as the freeing of captive nations in Europe but a regrettable triumph of Western imperialism.

  • The pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square in China were an American-backed counter-revolution.

  • Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine is a conflict “directed from Washington”.

  • America’s policies in Africa and the Middle East have “the sole intention” of toppling democratic governments.

  • As “part of the international revolutionary movement to liberate humanity from the bondage of imperialism”, South Africa should seek to have American military bases thrown out of Africa.

  • Further, “the ANC coddled dictators such as Muammar Qaddafi, propped up Robert Mugabe even as he led Zimbabwe to ruin, and sided with Russia and China in opposing sanctions on Myanmar.”

  • When the Dalai Lama was invited to attend a meeting of Nobel peace laureates in South Africa, the ANC regime refused him a visa. Yet it welcomed Omar al-Bashir, the mass murdering president of Sudan, despite his indictment by the ICC for orchestrating genocide and mass rape in Darfur. And rather than let a fellow African leader face such impertinent charges, Mr Zuma’s officials whisked him away just before a South African court ordered his arrest.

Then three days ago the ANC announced that they want to scrap dual citizenship to prevent young South African Jews from receiving Israeli military training.

Obviously it caused a shit storm of note, with even the ultra liberal and ANC praise singing Homecoming Revolution calling the plan disastrous saying: 'We would lose even more critical skills and we would be making it harder for globally experienced South Africans to return home'.

Immigration lawyer Chris Watters said the ban would be unconstitutional and difficult for the government to implement.

Of course it is unconstitutional. No citizen can be denied his citizenship.

Needless to say, the ANC made themselves even more unpopular than what they already are amongst SA’s Jewish community ANC man's 'attack on Jewish community' condemned

Two days ago, the USA warned their citizens and business people in SA to be vigilant because they received information that extremists may be targeting US interests in South Africa

The ANC basically laughed it off as junk.

And while the ANCYL talks about a third term for Zuma here at home we see the ANC’s former supporters like Bishop Tutu and Jonathan Jansen criticizing them strongly. After their recent attacks on the judiciary, the ANC has fallen out of favour with the judges too. The criticism from fellow South Africans is so bad that News24 shut down its comments section on their online news and in parliament the ANC blocks media cell phones and throw out any opposition that criticizes them.

Oh how the times have changed. Just a few years ago the ANC could do nothing wrong in the eyes of these liberals. Seems like the love affair is over.

10 September 2015

Homo Naledi: Missing link found in South Africa

By Mike Smith

10th of September 2015

For more than a hundred years now, Darwinian scientists have been looking for the elusive missing link between apes and humans. Now a new discovery has been made by scientists from Wits University in South Africa.

New species of ancient human discovered claim scientist

They named the apparent ancient human ancestor, “Homo Naledi” after the “Rising Star” cave complex in the cradle of human kind where it was found. “Naledi” means “Star” in Sotho language.

However, South Africa’s Minister of Science and Technology is also called “Naledi”. Naledi Pandor.

The resemblance to Homo Naledi is striking and probably more than a coincidence. Me thinks the scientists of Wits have a crude sense of humour. We who have lived in Africa for the last 360 years never have to worry about looking for the “missing link”…in fact we have about 50 million live specimens walking amongst us every day. It never amazes me how such learned scientists can be so blind to the truth even when it looks them straight in the face. I guess nobody is as blind as he who does not want to see…

The racist double standard of the SA media

By Mike Smith

10th of September 2015

Two cowardly black members of the SA Navy Johannes Horn (24) and Musa Kheswa (26), drove around the Cape peninsula in their silver VW Polo and beat six white cyclists and a runner with a sjambok whip. To them it was great fun as the victims recounted how they laughed themselves silly in the car as they cowardly drove off.

Stellenbosch University professor, William Ferris, 52, said he was cycling on Blackhill when he was struck on his back, leaving him with a deep gash. A 40-year-old sales representative – who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals – was whipped on the head while cycling on Blackhill. The sjambok hit his helmet and cut him on the chin.

Patrols after sjambok attacks on cyclists

These are not isolated incidents either. Steve Hayward from the Pedal Power Association said cyclists had been shot with pellet guns and smacked with bottles in similar incidents in recent years.

What I found amusing was that the visibly biased media said that “The motives for the attacks are being investigated…”

Can you imagine what would have happened if these were two white men driving around hitting blacks with a sjambok?

Nevertheless, I think these two bastards can thank their lucky stars that none of these cyclist carried a gun on them.

Reading the first signs of Revolution

By Mike Smith

10th of September 2015

There are many myths about revolutions, how they start and who and what drives them. For instance you will often hear people in South Africa say that “The whites must first lose everything, then they will wake up, then they will unite...then you will have a revolution.”

However when you study revolutions you will see that the contrary is true. Extreme poverty is NOT a spark for a revolution. Look at Zimbabwe where the people have lost everything and still they do not revolt. Somalia and Ethiopia were the same during the 80’s and 90’s. Extreme poverty, yet nobody revolted against the government. In the Ukraine during the Holodomor of 1932-33, millions of people were starving and even turned to widespread cannibalism, yet nobody revolted. In Germany during WWII the Jews lost everything and only in Poland did a small group fight back. In the concentration camps they were dying of hunger and disease en masse, yet nobody revolted.

In fact Russian history is filled with famine, plague, bad harvests, sporadic rioting but only one resulted in revolution.

In the worst famine in modern western history, the “Irish potato famine” of the 1840’s, people lost everything and were dying in their hundreds of thousands. Eventually a million died and another million emigrated, yet there was no revolution.

Dr. Crane Brinton studied hundreds of revolutions including the industrial revolution and fashion revolutions and chose four to illustrate his scientific findings, namely, the English revolution (1642-1651), the American revolution (1765-1783), the French revolution (1789-1799) and the Russian revolution (1917).

In every single case he found that the people revolted during a time of a general economic upswing. Even in Russia which was, compared to the West, backwards in 1917, the Tsar made a lot of economic reforms and the country was doing very well and economically in an upswing.

Therefore the sub marginal group of poor that we find in every society is not very important in the start of revolutions and we don’t need to dwell too much on the economic distress of the underprivileged.

Signs and symptoms of a revolution

Crane Brinton compared a country catching a revolution to that of a person catching a fever. There are certain preliminary signs and symptoms that one can spot before an outbreak occurs. As we will see, for us in South Africa, this is very important.

Disorder and conflict are in all societies and this, on its own, is not a sign of revolution. Pitirim Sorokin in “Social and cultural dynamics” found that on average every country experiences one major civil disorder every 8 years.

Revolutions happen in societies with economic and political structural weaknesses, not when the people are poor, but when the government is bankrupt , cannot fulfil the needs of the people and raises unfair taxes to do so.

The J-Curve

Prof. James C. Davies who was a political scientist at the University of Oregon spoke about the “intolerable gap” between what people WANT and what people GET in the “American sociological review”, Vol. XXVII.

Davies asserts that revolutions are a subjective response to a sudden reversal in fortunes after a long period of economic growth. Of course this view is totally subjective and may or may not represent reality. It might even be just a perception of a sudden reversal of fortune.

To quote Davies: "Revolutions are most likely to occur when a prolonged period of objective economic and social development is followed by a short period of sharp reversal. People then subjectively fear that ground gained with great effort will be quite lost; their mood becomes revolutionary.”

To illustrate this phenomenon, Davies plotted his theory in an upside down “J” curve in 1962.

When we study the J-Curve then we see that revolutions occur when the government raises expectations amongst the people and cannot fulfill it.

This is exactly what happened in 1985 after South African President P.W. Botha’s now infamous Rubicon speech. In 1983 he created the tri-cameral parliament giving Indians and Cape Coloureds limited representation in a white run government. The blacks expected to get the same or similar, but his Rubicon speech was the relapse that kicked the revolution into top gear. Several states of emergency had to be declared after that as the violence escalated.

The state of government prior to revolution

We have established that revolution does not occur during declining or retrograde economies, but in societies economically progressive and during a depression after economic upswing.

However, you find that prior to a revolution there is an increasingly inefficient and incompetent government and it becomes hard to get any action from government.

There is corruption and nepotism. There is a monopoly of high offices in the military, police, civil service, etc. Government is blocking the rise of men of ability from the lower and middle classes. Public careers are increasingly closed to men of talent, and the middle class deeply resents their lack of political power.

The upper-class of the regime itself is divided and squabbling. Government itself develops a sense of its own unworthiness, but seems unable to do anything about it and rather have an attitude of, “There is in any case no-one else better than us, so we will stay in power forever or “apres moi, la deluge”, (After me, the flood).”

Although you find discontent in all societies, prior to a revolution, you find a feeling amongst ambitious people that prevailing conditions limit or hinder their economic activity and growth.

The government passes laws and policies that are generally in the way or holding people back from reaching their successes, dreams and happiness. For instance during the American revolution you had the Stamp Act, the Molasses Act, the Tea Act, etc.

People start to feel that their opportunities of getting on in the world are being hindered by stupid politics. They start to feel cramped and wronged and start experiencing an intense need for “Justice”.

There is a feeling that there is something in all men better than their present fate and a conviction that what is, not only ought not, but need not, be and , one must add, a gut-deep hatred for the way the things are. This feeling is then raised by propaganda, pressure groups, public meetings and a few good dramatic riots. The regime is often subjectively painted more and more as if from the Devil and the future good to come as from God. Therefore, in revolution, Satan is as necessary as God.

Taxation in itself is not a spark for revolution. However, R. B. Merriman , in his study “Six Contemporaneous Revolutions” stated that all revolutions start with protests against some sort of “Bad” Tax.

Discontent also rises after defeat or failure in war (Russia 1905 against Japan. USA during the 60’s against Vietnam).

Transfer of the allegiance of the intellectuals

One of the clearest signs of the start of a revolution is the so called “Transfer of the allegiance of the intellectuals”.

During normal times of stability the academics and journalists normally praise the government. They even do so when they see that the regime is becoming more and more totalitarian, hoping that the regime would change their ways, but in vain.

Reverend Lyford P. Edwards’s in his “Natural history of revolution” mentions these intellectuals as writers, journalists , artists, musicians, actors, teachers and preachers who would normally support the de jure government, but then changes their opinion, start to criticize the regime and question its qualification to rule. They turn 180 degrees against the regime and start to urge for reform or replacing those in power. During this time, Dr. Brinton says, people will start talking about “sitting on a volcano about to erupt”.

You also find that these intellectuals are normally in strong disagreement with themselves and the non-intellectuals, the philistines, the babbits, the booboisie. The only thing they have in common is their dislike of the old regime. To what did these successful revolutionary intellectuals transfer their allegiance in the past? To another and better world than that of the corrupt and inefficient old regimes.

Crane Brinton calls these intellectuals the “White corpuscles”, the guardians of the bloodstream; but there can be an excess of white corpuscles in which case you have a pathological condition.

However, when these intellectuals bitterly start to attack existing institutions in numbers and quality and become desirous of a considerable alteration of society, business and government, it is never a good sign for the regime in power.

French historian Augustin Cochin mentions that these intellectuals start forming groups or altering groups. Philosophers discussing the great works of the Enlightenment in “Sociétés de pensée (think tanks) would change to discussing political agitation and revolution.

Such groups we find in every society, and their mere presence is not a sign of revolution. The difference is in the quality, number and intensity of action of such groups and their discussions.

In the American revolution you had various groups of intellectuals gathering. There was intense Masonic activity prior to the revolution. American Merchant committees were holding gatherings discussing revolution. In Russia you had Nihilists, anarchists and socialists of all stripes.

Some of these groups would never have admitted that they were working for a revolution at the time, but they were doing so unwittingly. The sign of revolution is when these groups go beyond mere discontented discussions and start to plan and organize direct action.

What happens then is the supplanting of the government and the beginnings of what is called the “illegal government”.

What is witnessed is a clear formation of structure and organisation amongst the opposition forming pressure groups. As the government becomes more disorganized the opposition becomes more organized. There is active and organised defiance, lobbying, propaganda and even terrorism.

Class distinctions

Different classes exist in all societies. There is the political or ruling class, the middle class, the working class, the proletarians, the Lumpenproletarians, etc. but the mere existence of classes is not a catalyst for revolution. Neither is the existence of antagonisms between these classes that we also find in all societies.

However the intense feeling that the ruling class somehow obtained their positions not through hard work and studying, but unfairly when God was taking a break, is.

Further and far more important is that the lower classes feel blocked from ever reaching the upper classes, despite all their efforts and hard work. They do not get recognition or reward for their hard work and feel that they never will, because of social, political or economic restrictions imposed on them by the regime. Careers are not open to talent, but to those politically connected to the regime.

There is no circulation of the elites. This breeds a sense of unfairness and injustice that grows like a cancer ever stronger and bigger the more inept, corrupt and inefficient the ruling class becomes and appears.

The middle class, some members of the lower class and also the intellectuals start to feel morally superior to the ruling class.

The parallels to the modern South Africa

By now it should be clear to the reader that there are many parallels to the current ANC regime and the coming revolution/s they will face in South Africa. All the signs are there.

The ANC is grossly inefficient and incompetent. People are frustrated to get the most basic documents such as birth certificates and ID books from them. Daily there are reports of corruption and nepotism in the media. People feel held back by unjust and discriminatory laws and policies such as Black Economic Empowerment, Affirmative Action and quotas in sport and university entry.

The economy is in decline , the shift in the polarity of the intellectuals is in full swing and evident in the daily media.

Opposition groups are forming and becoming more and more organized.

The armed forces are in such a state of disarray that they are for all intents and purposes defeated.

The ANC is bankrupt. There is nothing more to steal. They are introducing “Bad” tax such as E-Toll, want to raise VAT and want to tax rich people, companies and mines more and more. People feel that they pay and pay and get nothing back and they have no say in how their tax money is being spent. It is called “taxation without representation”.

There is extreme discontent everywhere. Strikes and protests are the order of the day. In by elections in former ANC strongholds, ANC supporters are deserting them for moderates like the UDM and DA or extremist like the EFF

That South Africa is on the brink of revolution, if not in one already, is an undeniable fact.

Three years ago I wrote an article where I mentioned the coming revolution inside a revolution heading for South Africa

For a long time now, to hide their own ineptness and corruption, the ANC politicians have stoked the fires of violent black revolution against whites. They have tried to portray whites as the enemies of blacks.

Daily, with their lies and propaganda they try to tell the blacks that whites are the ruling class and that whites stole their land, that whites are settlers who have no right to even be in South Africa, that there is one bullet for one settler, etc. They tell the blacks that whites are undeservedly successful and rich, that whites were born into “white privilege”, that no white person has ever achieved anything through ingenuity, hard work and studying, but only by stepping on and stealing from blacks did they become successful.

Actually the ones who believe this rubbish are a few ignorant and fringe extremists, mostly congregating in the EFF.

The elephant in the room has become too big to ignore for prol and intellectual alike. The blacks have noticed that the ANC is indeed the ruling class, the real thieves, the real ones who unfairly, through BEE, Affirmative Action and nepotism, reached the front row at the feeding trough. They have noticed the theft, corruption and inefficiency of the ANC regime. They have noticed the decay of infrastructure and the destruction of schools and hospitals. Many are openly proclaiming that Apartheid was better than the ANC. Most can see the homeless whites and white beggars at traffic lights that were never there during Apartheid and as the blacks start losing their jobs and falling on hard times, they have come to realize that whites and blacks are victims of the same corrupt and thieving ANC regime.

Further, the ANC have promised the blacks things they can never deliver. They have raised unrealistic expectations, and are failing to produce. No jobs, no houses, no education...everything is going backwards, not upwards. They have reached Davies' "Intolerable Gap".

As I have said three years ago, South Africans are currently building up to two simultaneous revolutions. On the one hand you have the discontented blacks who are waging a revolution against their own useless and incompetent ANC government through so called “service delivery protests”…and at the same time a different revolution by the whites (left and right) against the racist and Afro-Nazi ANC is brewing away. The general feeling in the country amongst all classes of society is that “The ANC must go”.

If I was an ANC member of the NEC right now, I would be shitting myself.