01 September 2015

Overcoming fear of the dictatorship

By Mike Smith

1st of September 2015

So far we have seen that there are three challenges at the beginning of a revolution.
  1. Breaking the habit of obedience
  2. Overcoming fear
  3. Building unity

So…The next question is:
How do you get people to overcome their fear?

When it comes to fear an animal might fear an immediate threat and act upon it when it arises, but one of our strongest survival abilities as human beings is the ability to see into the future and anticipate. We can fear something in the future. However, it can also hamstring us into inaction.

What do people fear?

People’s main fears are the fear of the unknown and the fear of isolation. Therefore we will concentrate on these two fears when facing the dictator.

Overcoming the pessimists

This ability to “see” into the future can have two outcomes; a pessimistic one and an optimistic one.

One of the biggest problems we sit with is not from the oppressor, but from ourselves or shall I say the negative pessimists amongst ourselves.

Note that I do not refer to them as skeptics. Healthy skepticism stimulating debate is good. Pessimism is not. It is like a slow poison amongst us...like a vampiric parasite sucking out our energy and morale.

These pessimists will deny that they are pessimists and will often call themselves “realists”. They are the people who, when you come up with an idea to defy the regime, tell you, “No, it will never work. No, you are crazy. No, forget it; don’t even try it. No, you are dreaming, etc”.

These are the people who are usually also the most scared…or they are doing it deliberately.

In fact this persistent negativism and pessimism comes from the Frankfurt School and is used quite effectively as a weapon by Marxist intellectuals who call it ”Critical theory”

The idea is to take anything from the capitalist society or anyone who supports it and then relentlessly criticize it to bring about a Marxist change.

If you want to know how effective this technique is then look at the way it was used extensively by the socialist Helen Suzman in the Apartheid parliament when she was for many years the only woman and the only member of the opposition in parliament.

No matter what the NP did, no matter how good they were to the blacks, she would always find fault with it. It was never good enough. They could never do anything right. Using psychology and linguistics she mercilessly and vindictively laid into the NP members. Unfortunately the gullible political dunces in the NP never realized what she was up to and fell for it.

Aung San Suu Kyi said in “Freedom from fear”:

“A most insidious form of fear is that which masquerades as common sense or even wisdom, condemning as foolish, reckless, insignificant or futile the small, daily acts of courage which help to preserve man's self-respect and inherent human dignity. It is not easy for a people conditioned by fear under the iron rule of the principle that might is right to free themselves from the enervating miasma of fear. Yet even under the most crushing state machinery courage rises up again and again, for fear is not the natural state of civilized man.”

So how do you neutralize the pessimists and critical theorists?

Critical theorists, just like all Marxists are serious people and like to be taken seriously. They don’t like jokes, especially not when those jokes are aimed at them. Therefore the most effective technique against them is the use of humour. Mock them silly.

Humor and “Laughtivism”

Political humor is as old as politics itself. Satire and jokes have been used for centuries to speak truth to power.

Srđa Popović the Serbian political activist and student of Dr. Gene Sharp, said that the only thing that could trump fear was laughter.

He coined the strategy of Laughtivism after he realized that most 20th century revolutionaries like Lenin, Mao, Stalin and Che, were all too serious looking on their pictures. He further said that, “Humour melts fear and fear is the air that dictators breath. Without the fear they cannot survive.”

Make a protest fun and people don’t want to miss out on the action. Humor communicates a positive image to the outside world that protestors are not angry young men (hooligans) or “terrorists” as the regime would have them believe. They are cool people.

Humor breaks fear and builds confidence. Humor attracts new members because it is cool and people (especially the young generation) want to be associated with cool.

These acts move beyond mere pranks; they help corrode the very mortar that keeps most dictators in place: Fear.

It was a bitter lesson for our dictator Jacob Zuma who surrendered and dropped a court case against cartoonist Zapiro

The ANC also exposed their extremely thin skin and how one can get under it when Brett Murray made his now infamous “The spear” painting of Zuma with exposed genitals and like the bunch of clowns they are came out with a ridiculous official statement calling on all South Africans to defend the president

They organized marches in Durban and Johannesburg in support of Zuma, complete with “rent-a-crowds” of about 2000 “supporters”.

A black man and a white man, independently acted to deface the painting, the gallery withdrew it and the City Press newspaper who published a picture of it apologized.

A leader of the Nazareth Baptist Church called for the artist to be stoned to death. In the first day of legal proceedings, the representative for the ANC, Gcina Malindi, began sobbing and was unable to proceed, causing the process to be adjourned and postponed and the television coverage of the event was suppressed. Later, the ANC sought to drop proceedings.

But that is not all.

When someone erected a small bronze statue of a naked Zuma looking like a Tokoloshe holding a sex toy on Table Mountain’s lion’s head, it was quickly destroyed. Nobody seems to know who erected it and who broke it.

One would think that governing South Africa should play a priority in Zuma and the ANC’s lives. Obviously not. Priority for them are cartoons, statues and paintings mocking Zuma and his regime.

That is exactly why we should use “Laughtevism” as a powerful tool against them. As you know, I have been doing it for years on this blog, but the time has now come to step it up.

Laughtevism is also “creating a dilemma” for the regime. People are normally ingenious and problems eventually can be solved, but give the regime a dilemma so that no matter which option they choose they lose…and victory will be yours. While the dictator is busy solving his dilemma you go on the attack.

Faced with a dilemma, the regime can either crack down on those who ridicule it (making itself look even more ridiculous in the process) or ignore the acts of satire aimed against it (and risk opening the flood gates of dissent). Indeed, when faced with an act of brazen mockery, oppressive regimes have no good choices. Whatever they do, they lose.

Also read Why dictators don’t like jokes

However, laughtevism is not easy. You need a long breath and something new every day. You need a reaction to every action of the regime.

An example of how to plan a “Laughtervism” stunt

First of all, try not to do anything illegal. You start with who you aim your joke at, for instance the regime, police or media and then plan your method back from there.

Let us say, Joe Bloggs phones up the media and tells them that coming Saturday morning at 10:00am, a corrupt ANC councillor will be slaughtered and burned to death in the centre of town.

Knowing the media, they will probably phone the police and alert them.

During the week, Joe Bloggs visits a local farmer and buys a pig from him. He gets his wife or girlfriend to sew a jacket for the pig and writes on it: “Corrupt ANC Councillor”. He also buys a few packets of pork chops which he gets his mates to carry.

Saturday morning he comes marching down the main road with his ANC pig on his way to the centre of town and his mates carrying a gas braai are taking pictures and filming it.

At the square he walks into the police and media and demand that the police arrest the “Corrupt ANC Councillor” for theft and corruption. If they refuse the pig will be “slaughtered”.

Now they are faced with a dilemma. Arresting the pig will make them look like fools. If they don’t arrest the pig, Joe will have “proof” that the police do nothing against “corrupt ANC councillors”.

They cannot arrest Joe. What for? Besides, arresting Joe and his mates will make them look even worse for then they are not only siding with “corrupt ANC councillors”, but also proving that they are every bit the brutal regime Joe said they are, harassing innocent people who are against corruption and government theft.

If the arrest is proved to be a false arrest, Joe can sue them and get the cops who arrested him suspended. If they attempt an arrest Joe let go of the pig and films the police chasing after it.

If the police just laughs and do nothing, Joe can mock-slaughter the pig and grill the pork chops for them or the media winning the day, because he would have gotten three birds with one stone: Mocking the ANC, the police and the media.

Laughter and fun are no longer marginal to a movement’s strategy; they now serve as a central part of the activist arsenal, imbuing the opposition with an aura of cool, helping to break the culture of fear instilled by the regime, and provoking the regime into reactions that undercut its legitimacy.

In the case of the arrested barrel in Serbia; what may have seemed like isolated acts of humor soon proved infectious, inspiring activists across the country. Before long, Otpor had transformed itself from a small student group into a national movement of 70,000 members. Once the barrier of fear had been broken, people were united and Milosevic could not stop it.

How to overcome the fear of sanctions and especially prison

Srdja Popovic wrote a manual on how to overcome fear of a dictator. It is called Making oppression backfire

Just like soldiers are trained and conditioned to overcome fear in life threatening situations, activists also need to be trained to overcome fear of the dictator and his goons.

Therefore an almost military approach needs to be adopted.

Basically you should identify exactly which fear it is you want to overcome and then plan for it accordingly. By identifying the fear and being properly conditioned against it and becoming familiar with it, your “fear of the unknown” will disappear.

Further, the “fear of isolation” can be overcome by the “No man left behind” strategy that Otpor! Also adopted.

Otpor debriefed all activists who were arrested within three days after the arrest. They gathered all information on conditions, interrogation and torture methods and questions of the police. Out of this they could prepare a training document for activists and plan for future arrests.

Further, before a demonstration they would gather the names of all activists and the names and numbers of ten people close to an activist like family and friends who should be contacted in case of the activist being arrested.

They would also identify all the police stations in the area where activists would most likely be held and how to get there.

If someone was arrested they would gather outside and besiege the police station with activists and lawyers supporting the cause to free the activists as soon as possible. Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends of the activists would swamp the police with calls about why their loved ones were in prison.

At the same time activists outside would demand to be arrested as well to flood the jail. The police simply did not have enough space for everybody and had to let them go and if they let one go, they must let all go or everybody stays.

Otpor! also had different coloured T-shirts for the amount of times somebody was arrested, with the coveted black T-shirt for anybody arrested more than ten times ensuring celebrity status. Soon, people WANTED and DEMANDED to be arrested. Once the fear of sanctions and prison was broken, the police were powerless and one of the strongest pillars of support for the dictatorship came crashing down.


  1. I love using humour, for instance I got pulled over last night in a random road block by a sheboon. I said something along the lines of ' darling I love your hair (weave), almost like a white girls hair...' they either accept the compliment and accept their inferiority complex or deny they want to be white and we both know it to be a poker face bluff.

    I do this with every coon girl at PNP or where ever, comment on the hair, eyelashes, make up and say how they almost look white, then carry on, all the while knowing how it's eating at them :)

    For the men, comment on the suits, glasses, fragrances, watches etc. Hell, even if he has a white girlfriend/ wife - I tell them well done, we all know white women are the best. What can he do, you've created a dilemma in his mind. Either way, white women are the best - brains, looks, everything etc. They all wish they were white and mimick accordingly.

    Pretty soon whites will overcome their fear and realise that a coon cop is just a baboon trying to act white and so on with all the coons. By explaining this mimicking to whites, you lead them to the realisation that they don't have to be afraid of a 'cop' or any coon etc, as it's just an insecure baboon trying as hard as hell to keep whites from cottoning on to the fact that they are just acting. They hold the biggest fear, of been exposed as monkeys, why do you think there are fines??

    That's why I comment on the weave/hair/ makeup etc, I am letting them know in a subtle way 'hey, I know what you are trying to do, you are trying to be white, but you are still a kaffir heathen baboon, you don't fool me'...

    I love bringing up the fines for name calling. I say something like.. "do you know that kaffir will land you a R10k fine but baboon will land you a R20k fine?" I wonder why it's more for baboon as opposed to kaffir?? (I say it sarcastically of course)

    But I say literally say kaffir and baboon as I explain it because it's a fact, there are fines for this. You should see the look of liberals when you say kaffir/ baboon but in such a matter of fact way. Then I ask (sarcastically) if there are any fines for name calling a white. There aren't any, why?? Because it's bloody amazing to be white!!! Everyone wants to be white.

    I think I should start filming myself in my interactions with these munts and put it on you tube and name it something like 'art of the mimick- I wish I was white".

    Well, at least I find it hilarious - coons with Brazilian weaves and eyelashes...

    1. Anonymous5:58 am

      They imitate us all the time, and yet, try and make your face black or something similar like those two 20 year old students (innocently for a college do) and get dispelled.

    2. Anonymous8:12 am


      Love it, Ja we all know this is a white mans world which is why they want to destroy it because like there is no more use for a beta video machine, in this modern world there is no use for a kaffir.

      The dumbest computer program from 15 years ago can out perform the entire kaffir continent.

      I saw a video today of dying kaffir babies, why is it they always show these ads? Im sure they are going to have to figure out a new plan cause the whites in Europe are going to get gatvol of blackies face real soon.

    3. J-Man, way to go! Hey baby you look boootiful met daai Pep Stores pruik op djou kop!

  2. Anonymous10:39 am

    As far as I am concerned that Zapiro guy is the best cartoonist in the world when it comes to sketching and mocking the ignorant communist ANC government. That also goes for the rest of them commie governments and their commie supporters in Africa and all around the world as well. Using Zapiro, his skills and his fearlessness as an example is a perfect indication of the power of “Laughtevism” Mike! Thanks for another very excellent article it was well worth reading. P.S. Now you should go and soak them poor sore typing fingers in some warm water!

  3. The problem is that blacks do not grasp most of these Zapiro cartoons. They tend to laugh at it as well, without knowing what they laugh at. They simply do not have our sense of humour. I speak three of their languages, and I can tell you that they laugh for shit stuff. Just look at the American black humour tv shows. Crap at its best.
    And you can not make them feel guilty, sorry or shameful. They can not blush, and they have no crown.
    What works for us, are totally absent in their make-up. They only cry at funerals if there is camera. Another thing they picked up from the whites.
    The reason why most Whites fear the blacks, is because they know nothing about them. They are born cowards.

    That is what the liberals do not realize.

    1. Blacks like Jakkals en Wolf stories. They are always the clever Jakkals and whites are the stupid Wolf.

  4. I just loved the news clip where the white students beat the crap out of the black tree swingers this evening.
    And hopefully this will spread to the other centres of "Learning" as well.

    1. Arnieann, I'll "state the obvious"- see link to video clip below ;-)

    2. Hi TheBronx.
      Thanks !! -:)

  5. Anonymous12:40 pm


    Mike here is one for you.

    I agree with everything written regarding what you mention about using non violence as a means but in this case how do whites who are seen as the enemy do this with blacks.

    First of all you cry corruption, they will spin it around and call you racist & apartheid was more corrupt, thats always the response.

    If this was one nation divided along political lines, this would work well. I just cant see how whites can stage or do anything like this - blacks who hate each other would rather work together & starve than let whitee near them or get to the front of the line.

    So Im just thinking - where and how do whites fit in with this.

    There are dictators and then there are Aperican dictators.

    These savages will rape you before you even start rioting.

    Im just questioning how whites can perform and do these things or get blacks to do these things I honestly cant see whites wasting there time doing this, sad I know most have given up, they have / see no future in Africa

    In Europe if you fight against a dictator, you know you get him out and restore order. In Africa, you get the dictator out and the one who follows after him is even worse.

    We have seen it and even you mentioned it with Zuma replacing Mbeki, the liberals were clapping/drooling about this new president but we knew what the end result would be.

    So this is just a question of how do whites fit in with this when they turn it around and blame racism/apartheid on everything/anything, do black south Africans even want to work with whites?

    Coloureds for the most part yes will work with whites, Indians maybe but blacks?? I could be wrong, your insight please.

    1. Start putting your energy into answering your own question. How do you trump the race card?

  6. Im all for it Mike, love your idea about the pig :-).

    Meanwhile at Elsenburg the Boers were able to klap a couple of darkies:


    1. I heard the one White guy said "kom in". The fucking blacks started to retreat after the White guy's took them on.
      The only way things will come to an end soon, is if we Whites take those black basterds on in a big way. Playing any mental games on them will not work.

    2. They understand violence and the application of violence to get their own way. That is the reason the commies can use them to do their dirty work. However, if you use violence against them, they melt away. Our big problem is that we are willing to take a lot of kak before reacting, and they see that as an implicit acknowledgement of weakness. Talk about tugging the tail of the lion ...

  7. Anonymous2:35 pm

    This is exactly what liberal satirists like Evita Bezuidenhout/Pieter Dirk Uys achieved. She/he lampooned the National Party relentlessly and very cleverly. No matter which side of the fence you sat on, it was just so funny and apt that you had to laugh. The effect that this had on NP morale and the amount of middle class white South Africans it won over to a liberal anti-Apartheid stance is incalculable and has never been fully appreciated.

    If we stand any chance, we need to mount our own clever PR war. We need to firstly understand the critical importance of PR/propaganda/morale (whatever you want to call it) and secondly understand how far we are behind in the race. The current regime are absolute masters at it. They can twist interpretations, turn their failures around onto their critics, in fact create complete alternate realities in their sleep. It is just about the only thing at which they are superlative. They managed to get the whole world behind them.

    It is no coincidence that virtually all the main media houses in the country are now owned by ANC aligned interests. Their relentless message is that everything negative stems from the whites. They have turned common sense and logic on it's head and it is now taboo to suggest that the best person performs a job or that you have an inviolable right to your own property or even that white South Africans have a birthright in this country. The whole world thinks they are amazing liberators and preside over some Utopian non-existent "Rainbow" nation.

    It will be a very hard climb to surmount this mountain of an illusion they have setup, but it is an illusion and sooner or later it will evaporate, however, if we wait for it run its natural course their maybe nothing left.

    1. They may own the printed media, and control the radio and television, but for now the internet is still out of their hands. What we need now is a Website that exists only to satirise the ANC and their liberal followers. Spreading the word about such a website is easy and fast, and any attempts by them to shut it down will make them look ludicrous. It need to be on an international website, so that it is very difficult to stop. It should also have a subscription feature to push new satire to willing readers via email.

    2. SA Sucks !!! Talk to Mike!

    3. We seriously need to organise this effort. Such a website should not have any obvious ties to conservative websites and blogs. Anybody into web design around here?

      Arnieann, how do I contact Mike?

    4. uc.mikesmith@googlemail.com

  8. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Anonymous10:39 AM Boere_Ninja

    But they don't show murdered little white babies who died horrendously at the hands of black farm attackers back here in SA do they ... Oh No because they are a protected ANC species and are working undercover for the black on white genocide. My mate their turn to experience the black plague is not coming its already there with them and it is spreading like a wild fire on the run before a gusting wind. They have still got a lot to learn about those black savage faces and sad to say our past warnings went straight past their ears and were completely ignored.

  9. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Fear? Call their bluff and see them crumble into nothingness. I don't even acknowledge the things anymore, I haven't looked into the eyes of a black for a couple of months now. Fuck 'em they are evil beings walking on two feet. Just point me in the direction of the nearest nuke/bio-virus/suicide vest, I'll bring any assembly of the eff and the anc to a screeching halt. Useless apes, hopefully I can a take a few libs with me.

    1. Anonymous10:40 pm

      Have you been watching what is going on with SUN and Elsenburg ?
      Have you seen how the Afrikaner Intellectuals are bending over backwards -- even supplying the Vaseline ?

      Please note as an ESSA I have NO time for the idiots that are attempting to force the Queens English down everyone's throat !
      Please do not blame the SA ESSA for this madness.

      Mike is suffering from chemical induced hallucination. ( maybe he is getting old ? )
      WHERE -- IN AFRICA has any sort of "non-violent" protest worked ???
      Please Uncle Mike SHOW US

      Students of the Elsenburg Agricultural College were assaulted with whips by protesting students and members of the EFF. The footage was taken during an illegal and violent protest, which started on Monday.


      Whilst the rest of the Afrikaner povo are only concerned with the RUGGERBEE

    2. "WHERE -- IN AFRICA has any sort of "non-violent" protest worked ???
      Please Uncle Mike SHOW US"

      The revolutionaries in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and the MDC in Zimbabwe were all trained by Otpor/Canvas. Canvas do not rate the MDC very high though. Srdja Popovic calls them bafoons.

      Srdja also mentions how Mandela, who started MK and the armed struggle failed and lost against the Apartheid regime and how the Black Consciousness Movement of Steve Biko and Barney Pityana who embraced the non-violent tactics of Ghandi and Martin Luther King had for more success with non-violence such as strikes, sport boycotts and defiance campaigns.

      A major component of the Black Consciousness Movement was its Black Community Programs, which included the organisation of community medical clinics, aiding entrepreneurs, and holding "consciousness" classes and adult education literacy classes. All of this created black unity.

      The formation of such "cells" or non governmental organisations, clubs and bodies are all part of the 198 methods of non-violence described by Gene Sharp.

      Unfortunately for the BCM the stupid black youth of SA were undisciplined and threw stones at the police, otherwise they would have won al lot earlier with a lot let losses.

      The BCM did a lot more for the black cause and bringing down the Apartheid dictatorship of P.W. Botha than the ANC's MK did.

      South Africans made a crucial mistake. After the NP regime dissolved and disappeared we never secured a true democracy. That is extremely crucial according to Gene Sharp and Srdja Popovic. Deposing the dictator is not enough. If you fail to secure a proper democracy, all that will happen is that it will be replaced with another dictatorship, often worse than the one before...As has happened in South Africa.

    3. Anonymous4:16 am

      Look at this late stage every little bit helps, humour is good for morale and at this moment, a good old cheer up is probably what we need most, Like Churchill in his darkest hour singing "Hitler has only got one ball",but at the end of the day it did not win the war although it certainly contributed. So by all means throw a few peaceful protests but bear in mind that there will also be kleinspanne making their contribution. Just a point I would like to make concerning that the armed struggle did not win Unita the war in Angola, well they could have easily have defeated FAPLA, but it was Savimbis stupidity in not adopting typical guerrilla strategy instead he tried to take on FAPLA in conventional warfare and he lost every time.

    4. Anonymous11:22 pm

      Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco

      Come on Uncle Mike you know as well as I do that those countries are hardly AFRICAN
      The Romans called that part of the World LIBYA
      In any case please explain the "non-violent" revolution in ALGERIA !

    5. Anonymous11:26 pm

      the organisation of community medical clinics, aiding entrepreneurs, and holding "consciousness" classes and adult education literacy classes. All of this created black unity.

      Please indicate where the Afrikaner community organisations are ? ( that actually do any work )
      Why are there thousands of Afrikaners living in squatter camps -- when other thousands are splurging lots of money on -- ruggerbee
      WHERE is the solidarity ?
      Truly -- these people are hardly worth saving when they cannot even save themselves.

    6. "Come on Uncle Mike you know as well as I do that those countries are hardly AFRICAN"...

      So what is "African"? Only the blacks are African? You are starting to sound like Julias Malema.

      Africa was once white at the top with the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Carthaginians there. For the last 1400 years it has become brown Arab. Only the middle is black. The Southern part of Africa is WHITE.

      Get your thinking straight.

    7. "Please indicate where the Afrikaner community organisations are"

      ATKV, FAK, Afrikanerbond, Genootskap vir die handhawing van Afrikaans., Ruiterwag, Voortrekkers, Jong dames dinamiek, Afrikaner Eenheidsbeweging (AEB), Solidariteit, Herstigte Nasionale Party (HNP), PRAAG, Radio Pretoria, Boere Vryheidsraad, AWB, Transvaalse Landbou Unie, Vrystaat Landbou, Vriende van Afrikaans, Bravoland, Verkenners, Volksbond, Die Orania Beweging, BWB, Afrikaner Nasionalistiese Beweging, Kleinfontein Boerebelange, Raportryers, etc...I think last time I counted there were about 50 Afrikaner organisations. We need about 150 more throughout the country. All with the same "Vision of tomorrow". Why don't you start one?

  10. Anonymous10:17 pm

    I was surfing through the web and found this web site and had some good laughs at the fantasy of the misfits in the ANC and a good couple of other humorous new SA jokes and things. Check it out guys for a good laugh its really worth a check. .

  11. Anonymous11:57 pm

    I immediately googled Gcina Malindi after reading that name in this article. I assumed it to be a woman, instead it was a man. I like how blacks are always so full of fake machismo but the minute you criticize them they break down like girls.

  12. Anonymous2:05 am

    Mike, once again, thank you for an interesting read.
    This Black Dictator, White minority thing has had me thinking a lot since you threw the non-violent revolution idea into the mix.
    I have a question I'm hoping you can answer.
    A lot of African countries have dictators. Their countries are BROKEN, but the MINES run like clockwork. I suspect the mine owners, being in the UK, USA or China "Employ" the dictator to keep the mines running with no interference from the people. Broken country, poor people = NO interference in the mining interests.
    So how do you think we can break this link without incurring the wrath of the USA, UK or other interested parties? after all, this mineral wealth is what caused the Boer Wars and it has never stopped.
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    Bob the Builder.

    1. Hi Bob

      The ANC are not in the good books of the mines and big business at the moment and vice versa. The support the ANC once enjoyed from them is fast disappearing. The ANC forgets that no matter who supports them at which stage (media, mines, etc) , that support is never guaranteed and can quickly change. It happened to the NP when the Blacks put the writing on the wall. Look how the media switched from supporting the Nats to supporting the ANC. It can change again.

      Don't be too worried about foreign powers, banks or business who support a dictator. Take a look at Egypt in the recent Arab Spring. Many nations and businesses in the west depend on the Suez Canal. When the revolution came, they all stood back and started to realign and adjust themselves to the new dispensation.

  13. Mike, here's another great spectator sport we can follow instead of the rugby and cricket teams.

    1. Hehehe...I am already a fan for many years, my friend ;-)

      Would love to pull some of those into my Guard...The Guard

      We are going to have to work on the technique of these two. Way to sloppy. Should be a lot tighter ;-)

      Candy demonstrates the Kimura arm lock

    2. Ha, ha, ha - is this a spectator sport or can one partake?

  14. Anonymous11:01 am

    The SARS Form
    My tax income form was sent back by SARS because of the question “Amount of dependants?”
    I answered: “65% of the population don’t pay tax, 2,1 million are illegal immigrants, 900 000 are criminals in jail and last but not least there are 789 idiots in parliament.
    This really bothered me. Who did I leave out?

    1. I think your figure for illegal immigrants are way too low. Maybe thats why they sent it back.

    2. Well said guys!
      The truth hurts...

  15. Anonymous11:15 pm

    TheBronx7:47 AM
    Good looking babes for sure! I wonder if they would give at home demonstrations. However watching the white students "Resisting" and repelling the black EFF attack was a greater pleasure for me to see and it goes to show how cowardly the modern kaffir reacts when faced by a brave adversary. They thought that by being armed with a "sjambok" it would give them an advantage. Back pedalling with a raised sjambok in hand and shouting ... “don’t tush me!” ... “don’t tush me!” ... “don’t tush me!” after every push/shove that they receive. It’s a typical modern black cowardly reaction to any brave retaliation from a victim of their black stupidity.

  16. Anonymous12:46 am

    Anonymous10:40 PM
    It's a cunning political ploy by the blacks my friend and the EFF are taking full advantage of it. By utilizing language as a wedge they are trying to separate the white Afrikaans and the white English speaking South Africans. By them being able to destroy the present white unity between the two of them they believe they can overcome us. Beware my friend Beware! Beware of the cunning kaffirs trap/plot! There is a God above me and I stand before Him and you an English speaking South African and I swear that no kaffir upon this earth will ever break the bond of love and respect that exists between me and my Afrikaans speaking relatives within the family. Neither will it break that same bond with my Afrikaans speaking friends who I have met and befriended over many years at work and socially. Beware of the cunning black charlatans for they hide their true deeds and characters behind a cloak of secrecy.

  17. Anonymous11:28 am

    True! We have now become as one nationality regardless of the fact that we are speaking English and/or Afrikaans. There will be no greater joy in the black hearts and minds of the ANC and the EFF than to succeed in destroying this integrated bond of "RIGID WHITE UNITY!"

  18. We could spray WHITE UNITE! graffiti free style in prominent places to help counteract the ANC and EFFs evil plan. All one needs is a spray can of paint.
    We must do our best not to be caught, as we all know that only boons are allowed to partake in protest action.