31 October 2015

Where the Australian accent comes from

By Mike Smith

31st of October 2015

Have you ever wondered where that horrible Australian accent comes from?

The Australian accent is a result of drunk ancestors who passed their slurred speech to their children.

Drunken ancestors to blame for Australian accent, says lecturer

He added that the average Australian speaks with just two-thirds of their mouth, failing to pronounce certain consonants clearly.

Missing consonants can include missing “t”s (Impordant), “l”s (Austraya) and “s”s (yesh), while many of vowels are lazily transformed into other vowels, especially “a”s to “e”s (stending) and “i”s (New South Wyles) and “i”s to “oi”s (noight).

Frenkel argued that poor communication is evident in all sectors of Australian society, which costs the country billions of dollars annually.

But you know what is worse? When you hear former South Africans living there (I have family and friends there) trying to mimic the accent. I think the absolute, absolute worst was when I was in Australia the last time and I had to take a bus to the next terminal to catch a connecting flight from Perth to Melbourne and the bus driver, a Cape Coloured greeted me with “Howdy mate” in a mixed goffel Australian accent.

30 October 2015

Do you know these people?

By Mike Smith

30th of October 2015

Take a good look….Do you know who these people are…?

Justin Gatlin

Warren Weir

Lalonde Gordon

Tomothy Kitum

Will Claye

Raphael Holzdeppe

Robert Grabaz

Reese Hoffa

Fabrizio Donato

Annti Ruuskanen

Tatyana Chernova

Linda Stahl

Christine Day

Sofia Asseffa

Leonel Suárez

Veronica Campbell Brown

Derek Drouin

OK?…give up? ...Never heard of them before?

These are all people who won the Bronze Medal in the last Olympics in 2012.

“The Bronze Medal is better than fourth place” – Victor Matfield, Captain of the Springboks straight after winning against Argentina in the RWC 30.10.2015.

Our poor blacks and their expensive taste

By Mike Smith

30th of October 2015

According to the EFF, stealing copper cables is not a crime. Apparently, according to them, these blacks are just poor and stealing to survive.

EFF. Stealing to survive is not a crime

However, evidence shows that these cable thefts are actually the work of slick and sneaky syndicates

Cable thieves are organized and dangerous - minister

In the Western Cape, 600 cases involving copper theft are registered every month. 80% of those caught in its operations are repeat offenders. The loss to the economy due to theft of Eskom, Telkom and Transnet cables was between R5bn and R7bn a year.

Must be a lot of poor blacks trying to survive.

Just recently Cable theft brought the Trans Karoo train to a standstill

Apart from inconvenience to passengers, it also prevents coal from reaching power stations, causing black outs. Recently over 4500 businesses and residences were affected by cable theft

The irony is that these blacks are the first to protest and complain when they don’t get “service delivery” and complain about high crime in their areas or set trains alight when the trains are late due to cable theft.

So how are the police, ambulances and fire brigades going to be able to help them when the Telkom cables have been stolen? Where is the electricity going to come from when they steal all the Eskom cables? How must the trains move?

Further…The EFF wants free tertiary education because the blacks are poor.

But at the same time the media reports that the blacks have expensive taste. Brandy is too cheap and common for them. Brandy is what white Afrikaans males drink. Way too low class.

Brandy declines as Black South Africans favour imported whisky

So how is it possible that these “poor” blacks never seem to have money for electricity or university fees, but always seem to have money for expensive imported whisky? Watch them Friday nights and Saturday mornings how they cart trolleys full of the stuff off to the townships.

What Blade supporters prove

By Mike Smith
30th of October 2015

I think this should be a new law.

29 October 2015

Blunt Blade and his education plan

By Mike Smith

29th of October 2015

Just the other day, the EFF’s Floyd Shivambu did a proper hatchet job on the General Secretary of the SACP and wrote an interesting article for the Sunday independent asking the question: Where was Nzimande in the Struggle?

It is quite common knowledge that “Blunt” Blade Nzimande has almost no “Struggle credentials”.

This Communist apparatchik somehow floated to the top of the SACP like scummy froth rises to the top through sewage water and turds.

Nevertheless, Floyd Shivambu called him an “intellectual dwarf” and “a staff rider of the liberation movement”…which I must admit, I fully agree with.

Ironically, Blade Nzimande’s mother was one of those Mozambicans who fled INTO the bad old Apartheid country and eventually shat him out under a tree in Edendale in 1958.

Later, in 1975, Mozambique became the Communist Paradise on our Eastern Border where an estimated 1 million black people died from war and famine.

In 1976 when the youth rose against Apartheid in Soweto, Blade was 18yo, but there is no trace of him partaking in the struggle…or fleeing out of the Bad old Apartheid Country back to his mother country and Communist Utopia, Mozambique.

As Shivambu points out, in 1976, Blade went to the University of Zululand to study an Apartheid curriculum in Public Administration in order to get a cushy job working in the Apartheid Bantustans to uphold Apartheid.

Blade never joined MK or APLA. He never joined the UDF in the 1980’s. Instead this Champagne Communist received a massive salary working for Big Capitalists like Tongaat Hullett. He only joined the ANC and the SACP’s central committee in 1991 when the struggle was basically over and after Nelson Mandela was released from prison acting as if he were a true revolutionary and communist.

This is the man who has been South Africa’s Minister for Higher Education and Training since 2009 and solely responsible for the University Fee crisis.

This scumbag appointed a task team to explore free education, chaired by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University vice-chancellor Derrick Swartz, who investigated the best model for free tertiary education. Their findings were that free education was viable and the report presented to Blunt Blade in 2012, but Blade decided to sit on the free education report for THREE years doing nothing but raise the University fees of poor students exponentially every year

Remember that this scumbag got a BMW 750i worth R1,1 million in 2009 courtesy of the taxpayers…the poor parents of these students.

Shortly before the purchase, Nzimande had ironically lamented the greed and callousness of capitalism in his capacity as general secretary of the South African Communist Party. After the purchase, he said: "I have not abandoned my values. I don’t think I’ve abandoned my moral leadership. I am still a communist, I am still committed to the working class."

The top 10 ANC explanations for luxury cars

Why is Blade absent from class

State departments have spent millions on advertisements in the Gupta run New Age newspaper the propaganda mouthpiece of the ANC. Eskom R43 million, Telkom R34 million and Blunt Blade’s department of Higher Education R2 million.

Advertising what? Why?

There is no competition allowed for Telkom or Eskom or any state department, so the only thing they can do is spin their failure, misrule and corruption into polished turds.

But there is no money for free education

Rich Blade’s solution to the university fee crisis: Tax the rich to fund education‚ says Nzimande

Or alternatively raid the Basic Education department’s budget creating a new education crisis.

Nzimande also said some money had been diverted from the Sector Education Training Authorities (Seta) for scarce skills education, but insisted that it would not become a "milking cow" or a war chest.

…It could only come from a moron.

When the students complained about the high tertiary education fees, Blade laughed and said “The students must fall”

Hey? Is this the sensitivity you would expect from the Minister of Higher Education towards the plight of poor students?

At least somebody people saw through his bullshit…Students and opposition parties have called for him to resign. Knives out for Blunt Blade

A while ago Israel refused him a visa for breaking off SA university exchange with Israel over the Palestinian conflict.

Maybe this useless Blunt Blade should take a few tips from Israel.

“Nzimande has a huge task on his hands raising the skill levels of the people that he serves. Where South Africa fails, Israel excels. Israel produces entrepreneurs and innovators. Israel produces more Nobel prize winners pro rata than any other country, yet Nzimande chooses to disregard their achievements and partake in boycotts and discrimination. The people of South Africa desrve more from their leaders and Nzimande is a victim of his own ineptitude and poisonous agenda.”

28 October 2015

Pieter Mulder in parliament on transformation in higher education

By Mike Smith
28th of October 2015

I think he reads my blog ;-)

Commies everywhere...

By Mike Smith
28th of October 2015

Answering the revolution's detractors

By Mike Smith

28th of October 2015

About 15 months ago I wrote an article about White South Africans, their “Learned Helplessness” and their “Resistance to Resistance”.

Resistance to resistance - Learned helplessness and the psyche of White South Africans

In there I mentioned how people facing genocide almost never fight back. Like battered wives in a marriage they will take it for 21 years without ever trying to fight back.

This kind of mindset is a psychological condition called “Learned Helplessness” and was discovered by US psychologist Dr. Martin Seligman and his experiments with mild electrical shocks on dogs.

Once the dog accepts his fate, that he cannot escape the electrical shocks, you can leave the gate wide open and he won’t try to escape. Even if you drag him to the gate, and show him that it is open, he will resist and he won’t go through it.

I also noted down ten reasons or fears why people do not take up arms or do not resist oppression. I actually had hopes that when people are made aware of their condition that they would face it and be “cured”.

Alas I was wrong.

Ever since the student protests started in SA, you can see this exact same psychological condition in white South Africans. There is a massive resistance to join the be it our own one or the student resistance.

I gave white South Africans all the literature to read on how to resist. I analyzed it for them, I put forward my case of why “Non-violent defiance” is the preferred method of resistance in this modern era and why other alternatives like armed struggle and political elections are futile under a dictatorship…

I discovered it is like preaching to a brick wall. I virtually dragged them to the gate and showed them the path to freedom, but no…they are resisting ME, even outright attacking me, instead of the ANC dictatorship. I have come to realize that this condition of “learned helplessness”, once programmed into their psyches, cannot be undone.

Better is to leave them behind and work with the ones actively seeking and looking for freedom. The rest are just millstones around our necks.

Is there a South African example?


I have shown these idiots plenty of examples and case studies from all over the world, even in Africa…then they say to me, “Oh, but you haven’t shown us one from Southern Africa”.

They say, “There is no example of how it successfully worked that whites and blacks stood together and defeated a dictatorship in South or Southern Africa. When you can show us THAT then we will believe you.”

First of all I have shown them…

South Africa is a perfect example. I showed them in my Pandora series of how Apartheid was defeated. Astonishing how short their memories are.

The ANC did NOT bring down the Apartheid Dictatorship of P.W. Botha. This story that the resistance against Apartheid was purely black is absolute rubbish and ANC propaganda spread after they came to power in 1994.

The ANC was almost totally eradicated and hunted down by the Security Forces. In SA during the 80’s they were almost unheard of. Hardly anyone knew who their leaders were. The ANC was relegated to a mere fax machine in Dar es Salaam.

Inside South Africa white and black stood together against Apartheid. NGO’s like the Black Sash Movement, the End Conscription Campaign, The Black Consciousness Movement, The Voëlvry Movement of Afrikaner Musicians, the “Sestigers” consisting of White Afrikaner poets and academics as well as religious leaders like the coloured, Alan Boesak, whites like Trevor Huddleston, Johan Heyns, Alex Boraine and blacks like Bishop Tutu and Frank Chikane were implementing “Non-violent defiance” and “Civil Resistance” techniques straight from the writings of Gene Sharp. He even mentions it in the updated versions of his 1973 books.

On top of it, the world’s financial institutions and business communities implemented a campaign of disinvestment and sanctions against the P.W. Botha dictatorship. Trade unions organized strikes, stay-away’s and sit-ins.

All of these Non-violent methods are straight from Gene Sharp’s book “From Dictatorship To Democracy”.

By the time traitors F.W. de Klerk and Roelf Meyer came along they just added the cherry on top. Further example is the current #FeesMustFall campaign of the students. Like I mentioned before…It is textbook Gene Sharp techniques. The students have proven it. Whites and Blacks are showing again that they CAN stand together and that they CAN get rid of an oppressive dictatorial regime.

And so, what if there is no example?…BE THE EXAMPLE. Pave the way and show the world how it is done.

Problem with these detractors is that you can smack them with all the evidence in the face, they simply refuse to see it. You have to ask yourself, “Who are the real IQ67’s here?

Their other concern is:

Who or what will take the place of the ANC?

They are scared of the radical leftist the EFF and its simian bi-ped leader Julius Malema.

One of my regular Australian readers of whom I expected a bit more intelligence asked the following question:

"Does Mike honestly think that a few white students and a few black students are going to cause a revolution in SA for the better?"

They might not “change it for the better”. There might be a power vacuum as you say. So why do you not start working at it to fill that power vacuum with Our Vision of Tomorrow? Why do you see the EFF as the only possibility to fill that vacuum?

In Serbia, the students refused to stop until they had their Vision of Tomorrow…a proper democracy. Today Serbia is not perfect, but it is definitely on its way to be the country they envisioned.

If you study revolutions you will see that whoever fills that vacuum will be known as “the moderates”. They will have a massive task on their hands. They will have to eradicate the corruption and undo the misrule of the ANC of the last 21 years. On top of that they will also have to try and govern. The people will want to see the changes NOW.

The “moderates” will be too busy to stop the rise of a small, but efficient minority of radicals who do not have to worry about governing and fulfilling the needs of the people and will be deposed by the radicals, like in any other revolution…the American Revolution being the exception.

Then the “reign of terror and virtue” will start.

Porn will be banned. Strip clubs closed. Shebeens will be shut, street and place names will be changed, statues pulled down...etc. On top of it mass executions will take place.

It doesn't matter who it is that carries out the revolution, whites, or blacks or both together. This is what is going to happen. You cannot avoid the reign of terror. People want justice. No revolution is "feel good" and none of them ever end well. It is a tragedy.

When you study revolutions you will see that after the reign of terror, comes the Thermidor and a return to normality. YOU and I decide what that normality is and who the radicals and moderates of the reign of terror will be. My proposal is a federal democracy as we have set out in “Our vision of tomorrow”. You can read it again in the right hand column.

About the only good thing that came out of the French revolution were a few less virtuous nobles and the metric system. Did you really need a revolution to change the coinage to a decimal system? Maybe not.

I don't know what good will come from the South African Revolution. All I know is that the ANC will be gone. That is already a good start. Maybe we can work from there.

A revolution and the new society that we want are not just about getting rid of the ANC dictatorship. It is very hard work. That is why I wrote part 35 of Pandora’s box. Go read it and start rolling up your sleeves. Put your energy into shaping a new South Africa, instead of figuring out ways to tell me sob stories of why it won’t work. That is not what I want to hear. I want to hear how you are MAKING it work.

Because what is the alternative? Sitting on your arse and do nothing? Avoiding the revolution means the ANC WILL stay in power forever. That means you will be their battered bitch for another 21 years.

Face it…You won’t vote them out. You cannot negotiate with them. Do you want to fight with weapons? That you get where? Where are your battalions of soldiers, where are your aircraft, your navy?

Oh I see, It is a lost cause…YOUR only option is to do what YOU have done. Run off to Australia. How is that going to get rid of the ANC? It won’t. In fact it is exactly what they want you to do.

What about the people for whom emigration is not a possibility or an option? What should they do? Just curl up and die and be slaughtered? For them the ONLY other possibility is to get rid of the ANC. And if eventually a fight for their freedom does break out then rather die once on their feet than to serve as slaves for the ANC and die a thousand times each day.

Problem is that with these detractors, they NEVER offer any viable alternative solution. They don’t have one but are quite quick to attack you and tell you your solution won’t work.

It Couldn’t Be Done

By Edgar Albert Guest. 1881–1959
Somebody said that it couldn’t be done
      But he with a chuckle replied
That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one
      Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried.
So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin
      On his face. If he worried he hid it.
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
      That couldn’t be done, and he did it!

Somebody scoffed: “Oh, you’ll never do that;
      At least no one ever has done it;”
But he took off his coat and he took off his hat
      And the first thing we knew he’d begun it.
With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin,
      Without any doubting or quiddit,
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
      That couldn’t be done, and he did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,
      There are thousands to prophesy failure,
There are thousands to point out to you one by one,
      The dangers that wait to assail you.
But just buckle in with a bit of a grin,
      Just take off your coat and go to it;
Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing
      That “cannot be done,” and you’ll do it.

26 October 2015

How the "South African Spring" will be fought

By Mike Smith

27th of October 2015

Seven years ago on the 21st of November 2008, I wrote an article for SA Sucks asking the question, How will World War IV be fought?

In that article I mentioned how battlefields and warfare changed throughout history, driven by the search for “amplifiers” or “force multipliers”.

Physically, we went from swinging clubs and chucking spears to muskets, to rifles, to cannons, to rockets to chemical and nuclear weapons.

I also mentioned the symbiosis between soldiers and engineers who develop these force multipliers. The First World War was basically a war of chemists, the Second World War was a war of Physicists and the Third World War (Cold War) was a war of information researchers which saw the development of spy gadgets and information gathering technology.

None of it is gone. We still have chemical weapons, rockets, spy technology, etc, but we have moved into a different realm since the birth of the Internet and the development of “Cyber Warfare”.

I mentioned how the world has changed and warfare has changed.

“The world today is just too sensitive and politically correct. The Fourth World War will be fought by another breed of scientists, Social scientists. It is now the turn of philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists, criminologists, et al, to battle it out. Capturing the geographical high ground has made space for capturing the moral high ground. Cultural awareness and empathy are nowadays deciding factors in war. No longer is technological advantage the Schwerpunkt of conflict. Sweeping maneuvers has made space for the stacking of moral successes.”

“The question to ask is whether we are intellectually, culturally, sociologically and psychologically prepared for such a war.”

I even mentioned how we should train our “soldiers” for such a war.

“Our educational institutions are where the soldiers are trained and armed and where we have to shape and form their minds, arm them with the best and sharpest tools.”

I mentioned seven years ago what we are seeing today…

”The weapons the soldier is armed with is not geared towards wounding or killing the physical, rather the mental. The soldier no longer wears a uniform and firearm, rather an avatar and a keyboard. No more are armies of hundreds of thousands of physical bodies needed, rather a small unit of intellectuals that can wreak havoc on the minds and perceptions of people. No longer are civilians sitting back and soldiers fighting the war, rather soldiers are sitting back as “Peace Keepers” and civilians are fighting the war in cyberspace.”

Back then when I originally posted my article, I took a lot flack from people who refused to acknowledge that soldiering and warfare have changed as technology changed. Most of them were dreaming of some heroic past and a war of attrition like the three ABW’s…The two Anglo Boer Wars and the Angolan Border War. They told me that I was wrong and that I was trying to muster an army of “Keyboard warriors” and that I want to be a “Keyboard De La Rey”.

Then, two years later in December 2010, The “Arab Spring” started and swept through Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen deposing dictators everywhere. Major uprisings in the rest of the Arab world like Algeria, Syria, Bahrain, Morocco, etc. followed.

Were these dictators deposed by armed Tuareg fighters from the glorious times of Lawrence of Arabia? No. They were students with smart phones organizing on Twitter and Facebook and keeping in touch via Skype.

Two and a half months ago after acknowledging that South Africa was developing into a dictatorship and a tyranny of the majority, I kicked off a defiance campaign by asking a question.

How do we want South Africa to be after the ANC is gone?

The article was thought provoking and received 143 comments to date.

I followed it up with a summary of those comments known as Our vision of tomorrow

I then started a series of articles educating people about non violent political defiance and gave them several tools in the form of links to free literature in the right hand column of my blog Exploring the usual options of struggle against a dictatorship

Non-violent political defiance as the only viable option to change in South Africa

So far the campaign has been received mostly positively, but several nay-sayers and detractors from the heroic Boer War and Angolan War brigades have expressed their doubts that large scale civil disobedience and political defiance could ever work in South Africa despite the evidence that it already did during the 60’s,70’s, and 80’s.

They called me a dreamer, a “Walter Mitty” with a pipe dream and God knows what else … According to them, whites and blacks would never stand together against the ANC and the black police would beat up peaceful white demonstrators and support the blacks. They also said that “The rest of the world won’t allow it”…claimed that the USA, Russia, China and even Zimbabwe would invade us. They said that in no time we would have the entire African Union against us with 50 million soldiers…

I told them how the Serbian revolutionary and disciple of Gene Sharp, Srdja Popovic started out his book “Blueprint for Revolution” with this exact theme. Srdja Popovic is the man who trained the Tunisians, the Egyptians the Syrians and the Maldivians for their revolutions. He even trained the MDC for their fight against Mugabe here in South Africa.

Every single group told him the same, “Srdja…We hear what you are saying, but it will never work in our country…”

Then they tried it and it DID work.

The principles of dictatorships, their support structures, how they stay in power and how to pull those structures out from under them to support true democracy are universal. It works in EVERY country.

Then came the “African Spring” in the form of the #FeesMustFall student protests as if someone has read my articles and we saw that the whites and blacks CAN and DID stand together against the ANC just like I suggested. Last Wednesday in Cape Town, we saw how white students were shielding and covering their fellow black students against the
baton blows of the police.

Whites students form human shield to protect black students from South African Police

Where are all these Super Powers that would come and invade us? None of them has interfered, not even stupid Mugabe.

Gene Sharp mentioned this in “From Dictatorship to Democracy”. He said that when the people wage a non-violent, political defiance campaign against a dictatorship, there is very seldom interference from the outside and the dictatorship will fall even with very strong allies.

In fact for the trained eye, it is quite simple to spot that this student defiance campaign in SA is a textbook revolution straight out of the pens of Gene Sharp and Srdja Popovic.

Srdja Popovic in the CANVAS literature says that the students must form the core of the revolution, because they are spirited, tech savvy and have the least to lose. To unite them you must find a common theme that affects them all and they all feel passionate about. Well, what better than the fees?

You also need a common symbol/slogan and idea. Today we see the students all over the country forming cells and uniting around a common idea (FeesMustFall) rather than a single leader.

Srdja Popovic also mentioned how important it is that the students DO NOT align themselves politically. Last week we saw the DA, the ANC and the EFF trying to hi-jack the revolution, but in all cases the politicians were chased away and told to “Voetsek”…Afrikaans for “Fuck-off”.

When they faced the police, the white girls and black girls were put between the male students and the police in riot gear. Immediately the white parents were crying, “Get our children out of there, they are using our children as shields to hide behind…etc”.

Absolute rubbish. It serves mainly two purposes. The police are less likely to club girls, especially white girls, in front of national and international media. Besides cell phones were filming everything. Pictures and films can be uploaded in seconds. But also the girls help to keep discipline by separating the more aggressive male students, who would probably hit back if struck, from the riot clad police.

This is all textbook stuff. These strategies and tactics are well known to trained revolutionaries.

Believe me…These are no random student uprisings. It has been well planned.

The students have behaved fairly well so far. I just have a problem with a few students from Fort Hare who broke discipline and resorted to looting . This is a big “no-no” when it comes to peaceful revolution and a revolution it certainly is. Even the most ardent liberals like Adriaan Basson and Tim du Plessis are acknowledging it.

Adriaan Basson: Is a revolution at hand?

Tim du Plessis: Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Mr Zuma…

As the revolution picks up steam and more people join, we see that it has now developed into the #ANCmustFall

We have also seen how vulnerable the ANC and their goons are. The moment the people start to realize that the ANC can be defeated, they will lose all fear. We have seen this during the protests last week. The students completely lost their fear of the police and were even arrested and put into prison.

Losing the fear of the dictatorship is a crucial point in overthrowing it. The revolution will now escalate exponentially. Another crucial point is the transfer of the allegiance of the intellectuals as we have seen with liberal academics, newspapers and the media turning against the ANC.

The next major point is when the police join the students or simply go home and do nothing. THAT is the precise point at which the ANC will be chased out. They will lose all support and will come crashing down and we shall say, "Why did it take us so long."

23 October 2015

Why we should all join the revolution

By Mike Smith

23rd of October 2015

Just yesterday I said in an article that The student fee protests are not about student fees. It is a revolution

This morning The Afrikaans newspapers ran with a story titled

”#Fees must fall” now develops to “#ANC must Fall”

…And it is developing broader than just a student protest…But the ANC said it is not worried.

Cape Town
Yesterday the students marched to the ANC headoffice at Luthuli House but did not allow ANC secretary General Gwede Mantashe to speak to them and forced him to come and stand between them.

He said that the ANC will continue to be committed to supply free education to the students “but it depends on the availability of resources”…

Let me decode that Commie-Speak for you…It depends on whether there will be enough money left over after the ANC stole it from the taxpayers.

Security guards advised him to rather leave, which he hastily did.


Aubrey Matshiqi an independent political analyst said that the “Fees must Fall“ protest is not about fees, but because the youth were promised the world in 1994 and the ANC could not deliver. It is a new freedom struggle, born out of frustration, because the parliamentary processes did not bring about the change the people wanted.

No shit Sherlock!

He must be reading my blog, because we have been saying the exact same thing on here for months now. It is the “J”-Curve of the revolution. Raising expectations and not delivering on them is a sure fire way to spark a revolution.

Mcebo Dlamini the former chairman of the Wits student council said to students: “The revolution is not going to come to you. The ANC will never give you free education. We are going to have to take it!”

Prof. Max ¬Price Vice chancellor of UCT said his university fully supports the students. At the University of Pretoria a small group of academics joined the students with placards.

What you are seeing is the so called “Transfer of the allegiance of the Intellectuals” as described by Dr. Crane Brinton in “Anatomy of a revolution”.

UCT Cape Town
We are currently just after the “J”-Curve and in the exponential stage. This is where things happen in two days what used to take two years.

This morning the students and academics are marching to the Union Buildings and breaking down the fence. Everybody should join them. Break down the entire Goddamn building. We built it. It is ours. Destroy it!

SA Student council says a Third Force, namely Cosatu is behind the protests. Cosatu denies it.

Let me explain to you why.

As you can see the revolution is in hand. What we have been talking about for so long is finally here...Marching to Parliament, marching to Luthuli House, marching to the Union Buildings are all happening right now.

What is shocking is that so many people are not recognising the revolution for what it is, because it is not going the way THEY wanted it to go. Some people (like on the Praag.co.za website) think that these naughty students are just hooligans and should just get their bottoms smacked. They have lost track of their priorities. GETTING RID OF THE ANC IS PRIORITY NUMBER ONE. I am sick of the ANC. I am sick of their misrule and corruption. Stuff waiting until 2016 for voting. The ANC must go NOW!!!

I don’t care how they go, but they must JUST GO!

Further. If this is a FAKE revolution (like some sceptics feel) set up by the ANC to fail to discourage further revolutionary attempts, then we SHOULD join in and hijack it so that it does not fail.

The ANC is not stupid. They have instructed the police to use minimum force but Close to a hundred students have been arrested country wide

If they don’t use minimal force, it will turn against them. They are faced with a dilemma.

I can tell you now what you can expect if the student protests carry on.

The ANC will give in. They will crack. The students will get their 0% increase, but by then the people would have seen the ANC’s weakness and will go for the jugular. The ANC will crack down with force and escalate the revolution. Then they will call out early elections to give them legitimacy to rule and crook the elections, but the people won’t accept the results and depose the ANC.

Blade Nzimande can laugh all he wants and joke all he wants about “StudentsMustFall”...If I was him and the ANC, I would pack all my stolen Rands in suitcases and start making plans to get me on a safe flight to some Caribbean Banana Republic as soon as possible, because if they don’t, they might just get the Mussolini treatment and be swung from a lamppost in Adderley street.


22 October 2015

The Student Fees protests that are not about Student Fees. It is a revolution.


By Mike Smith

22nd of October 2015

I know quite a few students at UCT, Stellenbosch and CPUT. I was speaking to a foreign black student (from Zambia) the other day and asked him how it was possible that he could be a student at UCT for the last ten years, changing his course three times and currently busy with his masters, when I know for a fact that he has never had a real job and was only doing the odd call centre thing, etc.

He explained to me that at UCT, when you don’t have money, all you have to do is write them a bullshit, sob story in an essay about how you were a victim of colonialism/ Apartheid/ slavery, etc…and how you are striving to better yourself and the next moment they throw money at you.

This guy even had money for plane tickets and a holiday to his mother country once a year.

If you are black in South Africa you can actually study for free. In fact you are being paid to study.

So what are these student protests about then? Do they want to be paid more to study?

No, these protests are not about keeping student fees low. Maybe for the whites and coloureds, but certainly not for the blacks. It is just the excuse for the start of the revolution. The “African spring”.

Protests like a “Campus Spring”

You can see from the photographs that blacks and whites are protesting together and that it is organized the exact way I said it would, with the pretty white girls in the front line facing the shields of the police in riot gear!

A few weeks ago sceptic people on this blog said that there won’t be a revolution. Blacks and whites won’t stand together against the ANC. They laughed at me when I said there will be white girls facing the black police ready to be clubbed. I predicted the police brutality and violence that you now see and how it will turn against them.

Who would have thought white students (along with blacks and coloureds) along with white lecturers would storm the gates of parliament, occupy parliament and be bundled into police vans? Only me? Watch it here.

Protestors bundled into police vans outside parliament

Now you can see these are classical Revolutionary tactics and methods of Gene Sharp described in his book “From Dictatorship to Democracy” and used by student organisations such as Otpor! In Serbia. It is almost an exact copy of the start of the Serbian Revolution in 1999.

I hope you are taking notes and learning here. There is still a lot more to come.

On the Bandwagon

The Cape Station shooting update. More media lies exposed

By Mike Smith

22nd of October 2015

After I took the media to task about their hypocrisy, speculations and lies about the Cape Town station shooting and asked some uncomfortable questions about their reporting I see they are now back-peddling and turning more objective, echoing what I have mentioned on my blog.

1. What was the motive? They did not steal anything only shot wildly into the crowd, yet the MSM told us it was “A robbery gone wrong”.

2. Was it a terrorist attack? The media said no…So then please explain why spies like the Hawks (our FBI) and the State Security Agency (our CIA) are involved with the investigation.

3. The identity of the shooter. The MSM told us it was a white man in his 20’s. Now they say he had a “mild” complexion and wore a “goatie beard”.

4. Clothing. Why wear Black Muslim Burkhas? What is the symbology there. The fact that they wore black gloves with latex gloves over it is a sign to experts that these guys “were trained and knew what they were doing”. What is it that they wanted to do?

5. No-one else was hit. The MSM first reported that they fired into the crowd. You must be a pathetic shot if you cannot hit anybody when firing into a crowd. Now they want to know if he just fired into the roof, but have no confirmation from the police. Why then report in the first place that he fired into the crowd when you have no proof? Pathetic reporting.

6. Originally the reported that the two wanted to “rob” a fast food joint (Burger King) across the station, yet the CCTV footage from Burger King showed that one went to the female toilets upstairs and spent two minutes there. There is no proof of an attempted robbery. The other one went into KFC on the station and the other one waited outside. Also no proof of an attempted robbery.

Questions about shooting at Cape Station

Spies looking for the station shooters

21 October 2015

In love with Terrorists: ANC welcomes Hamas In South Africa

By Mike Smith

22nd of October 2015

The corrupt and terrorist Hamas leader Khalid Mishal has been welcomed with open arms by the ANC yesterday. How fitting, seeing that Mashal has stolen billions from his own gullible Palestinian people, just like the ANC has done from their own gullible supporters.

Hamas leaders welcome in the Cape: ANC

This has irked the Jewish Community of South Africa. South African Chief Rabbi: ANC Welcome to Hamas’ Mashal is Disgrace to Memory of Mandela

“Hamas openly promotes the most brutal violence as a religious ideal and is an ideological ally of Boko Haram, which wreaks unspeakable horror and suffering on the African continent. Welcoming such an ideology endangers Africa and the world,” Rabbi Goldstein told The Algemeiner.

What was that again about birds of a feather; mass murdering terrorists flocking together…?

20 October 2015

The ANC and MSM bullshit vilification of whites to steal the Cape

By Mike Smith

20th of October 2015

In the past I wrote several articles already on the bullshit vilification of whites in South Africa. To me there is no doubt that the ANC regime is waging a relentless Anti-White campaign in South Africa through the media, but especially in the Western Cape as we have seen with the recent “Tiger Tiger Five” case.

As a summary, let us revisit some of the past reports.

The Harmse Family home raid case

In 2012 the Harmse family home was raided after a black boy stabbed his friend to death and claimed that “the Boers” stabbed him. The MSM tried their best to turn this into a racial hate crime and blacks demonstrated against the whites outside the court. The incident even made international headlines. According to the libtard media, “heavy caliber guns, rightwing symbols”, etc were found in the home of the Harmse family who were all arrested.

I wrote an article about it The bullshit vilification of whites in South Africa

Well it subsequently turned out that the police ended up with egg on their mugs seeing that the “Heavy caliber guns” were mere pellet guns and the rest of the weapons and ammunition were all legal and registered. Further…all charges were withdrawn because the state found “no connection whatsoever” between these people and the murdered boy. They had solid alibis and none of them could be pointed out in an identity parade.

The Anneline Davids bullshit rape case

Farmer’s are especially vulnerable to accusations of abusing and even raping their farm workers. A case that springs to minds is the 2007 case where a coulered woman called Anneline Davids claimed that four white farmers raped her and the case was dropped after she admitted that she lied and fabricated the whole story.

I wrote about it here: How MSM psy-ops vilify South African whites on a daily basis - Never believe anything from these bastards

The Ventersdorp murdered farmworker case

In the article above you can also read about how the Media ran with a headline “A farmworker was murdered and beaten up in Ventersdorp” implying white rightwingers beat up a black man.

It turned out that a white female farmer Wilhelmina du Toit discovered the half beaten to death body of a black farm worker Frans Modisa (who later died) on Sunday morning in her pig sty and alerted the police about it and that one of her pigs were also stolen and that she knew who the thieves were. She pointed the police to a wheelbarrow trail that led to the house of the two perpetrators. Two blacks Elias Motshwaiwa (23) and Paul Moloto (21) were apprehended with the carcass of a pig in their possession.

The most horrific part of it all is that the report also stated that the black police chief Brig. Thulani Ngubane did not want to comment about the murder, because COSATU (in a tripartite alliance with the ANC and the Communist Party) wanted to turn it into a „racist killing“…

The University of the Freestate Case

A few months ago a supposedly “racist attack” happened on the campus of the University of the Freestate. I wrote about it here: The racial vilification of white students in South Africa

Two white students, Cobus Müller and Charl Blom, were accused by Dumane “Muzi” Gwebu that they sideswiped him with a pick-up truck and assaulted him afterwards.

Subsequently, the South African Students Congress (Sasco) held demonstrations against racism and accused the university of trying to cover up the incident.

The coloured racist, Prof Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor and Rector of the UFS, without any proof expelled the two white students and banned them from campus. When one went to the Rector to talk reason to him, he had the lad removed by campus security. He didn’t even want to listen to him.

In court, Cobus Müller and Charl Blom were found not guilty on all the charges which included reckless driving, crimen injuria, attempted murder and assault (Muller), and a charge of assault (Blom). The Magistrate's was concerned about "inconsistencies in the evidence and exaggerations", that the complainant "displayed hostility throughout the trial" and that he was "not a reliable witness and is prejudiced."

In short, the racist bastard Gwebu lied through his teeth. At one stage he said: “A Kaffir is not an animal, he is a human”,

The court case almost bankrupted the parents of the two lads.

The bizarre “Mass grave” case in KZN

Then of course there is the case of the clairvoyant Sangoma who got messages from dead black souls from a mass grave found on a farm in KZN…I wrote about it here:

The Sangoma, the graves in KZN and the bullshit vilification of whites in South Africa

Obviously these were Apartheid atrocity graves…blah, blah, blah…

The Flippie Engelbrecht, Carina Papenfus and the suicide of Johnny Burger case

One of the saddest cases of “White vilification” came from 2008.

Flippie Engelbrecht, the teenage son of coloured workers on the Rietvlei wine farm near Robertson , made claims that the farmer, Johnny Burger and his farm manager Wilhelm Treurnicht violently assaulted him on the 28th of January 2008. They apparently beat him so badly that he went blind, developed epilepsy and subsequently fell into a fire losing both his hands.

Entered Carina Papenfus and the ANC founded “Freedom Trust” who took up his case. Carina is a white disbarred lawyer and property developer from Gauteng who defrauded people, including her own black domestic out of R40 million. She said on television in an interview that she is not allowed to practice law due to being diagnosed as Bi-polar with obsessive compulsive disorder

She launched a relentless campaign against the owner and manager of Rietvlei farm, organizing demonstrations outside the court where they appeared and calling for a ban on their wine. On the 3rd of September, exactly ten days before he was due back in court, Johnny Burger shot himself on his farm, driven to suicide by Papenfus.

Mariette Adelaar, the packing manager on neighbouring farm Saratoga, came forward to tell the Cape Argus, Rapport and eNCA that she knew for a fact that Flippie had suffered epilepsy from at least as far back as 2006 because she used to live next door to him and witnessed his seizures. His own parents told the blind school in Worcester that he became blind “in a strange way”, apparently after a complication relating from an abscess on his cheek. (“subdural empyema” – “roughly speaking, pus in between the skull and the brain”) Source

Obviously, farm manager Wilhelm Treurnicht was aquited due to a lack of evidence and “witnesses” having inconsistent accounts.

It turned out that the parents of Flippie Engelbrecht were asked to leave the farm in 2008 due to both having severe alcohol problems. At that time Flippie still had both hands and was not blind. The whole case was a concocted lie to get back at the farmer, steal a part of his land and harvest and get money from him. It further turned out that the hounded and so-called “Racist” farm owner, Johnny Burger paid for the daughter of a coloured worker to study in the USA.

Read more here

The Tiger Tiger Five Case

The latest in these bullshit vilifications of SA whites is of course the five young men accused of assaulting a 52 year old coloured cleaning lady, Delia Adonis, outside the Tiger, Tiger nightclub in Claremont, Cape Town in October 2014 and the “trial by media” that followed.

You can read the full sickening story here: The 'Tiger Tiger Five': Story of a race hoax

Reporter Carlo Petersen and the prosecutor Nathan Johnson, started a relentless campaign against the five young men. They fabricated reports claiming that the young men basically beat Delia Adonis to within an inch of her life.

Johnson claimed that the five men had viciously assaulted Adonis as punishment for earlier coming to the aid of a man, Duncan Hendry, 21, that they had been beating up earlier.

The lead accused, Chad De Matos, 19, was accused by Johnson and the Cape Times of attempted murder, of smashing Adonis to the ground with racist intent; of kicking her; of leaving her drenched in blood and so brutally assaulted that ‘she could not move’.

Johnson told the court were it not for Adonis’s son Tesh-Lee, who stopped the beating, “she would surely be dead.”

All of this was reported in the media.

What really happened?

On the night of 17 October last year, the five youths, all friends who had attended school together in East London, had gone to the Tiger Tiger nightclub after a game of social soccer. there was brief fracas outside the nightclub between two groups of youths. None of it involved the five accused.

The bouncers swiftly separated the groups, ordering them to disperse in different directions.

Delia Adonis had chosen to involve herself in this fracas and, as a consequence of this decision had sustained a four centimetre long cut on her face. She walked into the building unassisted and told the securities that she was hit. They offered to dress her single wound.

As the designated driver who was to remain sober, nerdy science student, De Matos, left the nightclub before the others and fell asleep in their car in the nightclub’s parking lot. He was suddenly woken by the urgent shouts of his friends that a fight was in progress. They all bundled into the car and, as he hastily drove away, he saw a woman (Adonis) chasing the car swinging a mop.In a confused and fast-moving melee in a dark parking lot she had assumed that she had been struck by one of the Tiger Tiger Five.

The supposed motive for the attack – namely that the Tiger Tiger Five had attacked Adonis in retaliation for intervening to save Hendry – also proved to be baseless. In his police statement dated 18 October 2014 Hendry had clearly identified and named his alleged assailant, and it was not one of the Tiger Tiger Five.

It turned out that these young men were falsely arrested and imprisoned for two days.

What is the motive for this kind of reporting?

As the writer of the quoted article says: These stories “were motivated by a desire to construct a narrative depicting white South Africans as intractably racist and Cape Town as an irredeemably racist city.”

When the ANC was running the Western Cape, it turned out that they practiced “Brown Envolope Journalism” to write favourable reports on Western Cape Premier Ebrahim Rasool.

Companies linked to the "brown envelope" journalists benefited to the tune of almost R53-million -- R10-million more than initially admitted. Journalists Ashley Smith and Joseph Aranes resigned from the Argus after they were exposed

Now that they are not running the Western Cape anymore, the ANC still seems to be practicing brown envelope journalism, but this time to write racist crap about whites in the Western Cape so that they can take over control again. They have revealed their strategy.

When the Cape Times editor Alide Dasnois published a front page article based on the findings of the public protector that Sekunjalo Independent Media consortium and Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson were guilty of maladministration, as well as improper and unethical conduct in the irregular awarding of an R800-million tender to a Sekunjalo subsidiary to manage the state's fishery vessels, She was fired the next day by the politically connected new owner of her newspaper, Dr Iqbal Surve, the owner of Sekunjalo and IOL.

19 October 2015

How the revolution crept up on the ANC

By Mike Smith

19 th of October 2015

That the ANC is already involved in a revolution against its misrule is becoming clearer by the day. It is only the depth that they are in, or shall I say, the stage that they are in that needs to be defined.

First in trouble in 2013 was The ANC youth league who was facing R15 million in law suits due to outstanding debt owed mostly to caterers from their 2008 chaotic conference.

Then a year ago the lying ANC proper denied that it was broke

Three days ago it turned out that the debt ridden ANC is selling off one of its biggest assets, the iconic Shell House to pay their creditors.

Bankruptcy is the spark of revolutions.

In a previous post I have mentioned how one can read the first signs of a revolution . The elements and signs of a brewing revolution are class differences, increasingly corrupt, inefficient and incompetent government, government passing unjust laws, government hindering people’s prosperity, government raising expectations of the people and unable to fulfill the expectations, and when the apex of the “J-curve” is reached the eventual spark is normally a form of unjust taxation when the government is on the brink of bankruptcy.

In the modern day South Africa all the elements are there and the sparks are flying about.

Take for instance Sanral’s e-tolling system that is on the brink of collapse . Their monthly revenue collections have dropped to R60 million while the Agency’s bond repayment remains R260m every month. The government will have to come up with R200 million of taxpayer money every month to simply break even. We don't have that kind of money.

There is an old saying…”When poverty walks in the front door, love walks out the back door”.

E-tolling and Sanrals liquidity have caused a split in the ANC with the ANC Youth League breaking ranks with the mother body when the league announced its opposition to e-tolls. Sources close to the situation reveal that knives are already out for embattled Sanral boss power hungry megalomaniac Nazir Alli as angry ANC leaders blame him for the messy e-tolls saga.

They believe e-tolls are costing the ruling party significant votes as traditional ANC voters either turn against the party or simply refuse to cast their votes in favour of the ANC in protest against e-tolling. However Nazir Alli is blaming the media for Sanral’s bad image spreading false perceptions that the agency is broke

Cosatu also renewed its calls for the scrapping of e-tolling last week as thousands of its members took to the streets of Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Hampering of business

Add to that the ANC’s outright hampering of business and their constant interference with it and I would say they are about to face a keg or two exploding in their faces very soon.

Zuma, allies are economic disaster

Economists and business people are already saying, “South Africa is suffering under an "Economic policy paralysis”.

The thickheaded, over-confident and arrogant ANC have been told that its policies and laws such as the new visa rules are undermining the private sector. Foreign managers and middle managers are prevented from getting visas to work in SA and tourist numbers saw a decline for the first time in decades.

The ANC wants all private security firms to be 51% locally controlled. The Expropriation Bill, the Protection of Investment Bill, the Land Act Amendment Bill and the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Act all contain sections that will require foreign-owned companies to shed some part of their shareholding to South African-owned groups or the government.

On the brink of a full blown Revolutionary outbreak

Crane Brinton in “The Anatomy of Revolution”, pg68 says that in the years preceding the actual outbreak of a revolution one witnesses “a crescendo of protests against the tyranny of the government”…”a hail of pamphlets, plays, addresses, an outburst of activity on the part of interested pressure groups”.

What we have seen in every revolution is that it is never spontaneous neither is it completely planned. It is somewhere in-between. Crane Brinton calls it “a steady growth of revolutionary agitation”…an ever increasing hatred of the intolerable tyranny of the old regime fuelled by one or two groups of plotting revolutionists.

All of these signs are building up in South Africa like a festering boil…Almost like Beaumarchais’ play, “The Marriage of Figaro”, prior to the French Revolution…one can see and feel when the revolution is ready for the people.

Solidarity and the parallel government

Gene Sharp, in “From dictatorship to democracy” mentioned 198 methods of Political Defiance of which number 198 is “Dual sovereignty and parallel government”,

Thus it was with little surprise that I read about Solidarity’s “Plan B” for South Africa to fund a R3.5 billion project to make SA safer for Afrikaners.

It is for all intents and purposes a parallel government where they want to clean up their own areas and police their own streets and neighbourhoods.

Hardly was the plan made known or liberal idiots and ANC praise singers like Adriaan Basson, editor of Afrikaans newspaper Beeld and Christo van Rheede shot it down as “bad for South Africa”.

Christo van Rheede: People give up on Plan A too quickly

It doesn’t matter what Basson or Van Rheede think or believe, because as Dr Crane Brinton said, “The first steps in revolution are by no means always clear to the revolutionists themselves, and the transition from agitation to action is not a sudden and definite thing...”

Even the people who brought in Plan A in 1994, the F.W. de Klerk foundation can see Plan A is not working and we need change. We need a Plan B…dare I say, We NEED a revolution. Plan B’s critics living in cloud cuckoo land

The mere fact that this plan by Solidarity is there is a clear sign of the ANC already being knee-deep in an anti-ANC revolution. The same can be said of the so called “Service delivery protests” and the “Anti-E-Toll demonstrations”. They are dress rehearsals for what is coming…the full blown revolution.

The (mis)-use of force

One of the major uniformities of all revolutions is the regime’s failure to make adequate use of force.

Usually at the time of the start of the revolutions the police and armed forces are already weak due to bad discipline, mistreatment, corruption, infighting and general mismanagement. They are usually not a match for the better organized protestors and revolutionists.

As the protests against the regime escalate the government is faced with the dilemma and temptation to use force against the protestors. This invariably proves to be a fatal mistake, as we have seen in Marikana.

However if the police do nothing, the protests will escalate further and probably out of control. If they crack down on the protestors with violence, they will be seen as heavy handed bullies and the resistance against them will just grow. Every protestor being clubbed will become a martyr that will recruit ten more.

As the revolution becomes stronger the police and armed forces start to realize that a regime change is imminent and unavoidable and then comes the crucial time that marks “Game over” for the regime …: When the pessimistic and maltreated police and other armed forces join the revolution and abandon the former regime.

No regime has ever fallen before attackers until it had lost control over its armed forces or lost the ability to use them effectively –or, of course, lost such control of force, because of interference by a more powerful force, as in Hungary in 1956, and conversely no revolutionists have ever succeeded until they have got a predominance of effective armed force on their side.

Calling up the veterans

Currently the ANC knows that they are in trouble. What the struggling ANC thinks its problems are

The ANC knows it cannot trust or rely on the police and armed forces to protect them and keep them in power. Therefore The ANC has asked MK veterans to protect them and to be in the forefront of confronting those who threaten the unity of the ANC

As the ANC is debating how to take over the Western Cape … we are seeing a return of the ANC’s dreadful “necklace murders” and vigilante mobs. Serious violent crime is on the increase, police management is in disarray, police work is more dangerous than ever and public confidence in police is wavering. Murder has increased 5% nationwide . What we are witnessing is a return of the ANC’s terrorist methods and intimidation techniques that brought them to power in 1994...this time around, to keep them in power.

Will elections get rid of the ANC?

The DA and other opposition parties like the UDM and IFP are looking forward to beating the ANC at the polls in the 2016 local government elections

The DA said it will rule South Africa Nationally in 2019

Please God. Deliver us from that evil.

The only thing worse than a Black ANC is a White ANC. Then we are back to square one.

Former President Thabo Mbeki’s brother, Moeletsi Mbeki predicted in 2011 that the ANC is heading for their “Tunisia Day” in 2020 “give or take a couple of years”.

ALL I know is that we cannot wait until next year or 2020 to get rid of the ANC. The country cannot afford it. Every second that the ANC is in power is another second of theft. Every second they cling to power is a second we have to endure more misrule and corruption.

We are going to have to step up the game and get the message of resistance out there. We need to get our voices heard more often and more loudly. We are going to have to get more visibly defiant and resistant every day, because I cannot for the hell of me stand another second of these bastards wrecking my country.

Long live the resistance! IN HOC SIGNO VINCES!

16 October 2015

Racist IOL hypocrites and the Cape Town station terror attack

By Mike Smith

16th of October 2015

Just yesterday the tearful IOL editor Adrian Ephraim, made an emotional announcement that IOL will be shutting its comment section due to “racist” and “sexist” “trolls” who “abuse their right to freedom of speech”...You can read the junk here:

Dear readers, we are closing comments

Further, I pointed out two days ago how News24 manipulate news by playing down the terror attack on Cape Town station by calling it “a robbery gone wrong” without having a shred of evidence and all other signs pointing to the contrarary. You can read my analyses here.

media psyops and manipulation of the Cape Town terror attack

Now IOL has climbed onto the bandwagon with an update saying: Station shooting ‘a robbery gone wrong’

…and that social media “exploded with speculation that the two men, dressed in parda (traditional female Muslim clothing), were terrorists.”

So hang on…they, without a shred of evidence call it “a robbery gone wrong”, but at the same time accuse us in the social media of being “speculators”.

Actually they do have “Evidence”…they said. “police sources reveal that the deceased is a young white man who was armed with a police gun.”

And…“The deceased was a white male, no older than 27, with short hair.”

Normally, when blacks attack whites on farms or in their homes, IOL NEVER reveal the races of the perpetrators nor the victims. You can only make out what happened if they mention the people’s names. However in this case IOL was very quick to reveal that the one perpetrator was a “White male”.

What I want to know is this: How did they determine his race? What criteria did they use? The pencil test?

They have no DNA evidence. The guy did not carry identification. He put the gun in his mouth and blew his brains out with a 9mm Beretta (apparently according to IOL, a standard police issue fire arm) but did not die immediately. “The blast lifted his black veil, revealing his face.” …There was lots of blood… Police is trying to identify him through fingerprints.

So basically they could not see his face. He had no ID. They have no DNA evidence…so how did they do their racial classification? BY LOOKING AT THE COLOUR OF HIS SKIN.

That can be anything, seeing that lots of Cape coloureds are "Lig van kleur" (light of colour) and some even have blue or green eyes.

Further, look at how they stereotype, because if he is “White” they imply that he cannot be a Muslim. What bollocks is that? I am white and I was one.

It is also clear from the report that the writer, Genevieve Serra, has no cooking clue of Muslim culture or dress code, because she mentioned that “…speculation that the two men, dressed in parda (traditional female Muslim clothing), were terrorists.”

The “Parda” is only the veil. The head scarf is called a Hajib. The women wear a dress called Jilbab or Abaya. The entire female“Ninja outfit” (that the two perpetrators were dressed in) is called a Burka. Men wear a Jubba or Galabiyya. The male head dress is called a kuffiya.

One would expect a journalist to get her facts straight before she writes an article especially when her boss and the owner of IOL, Dr. Iqbal Survé, is a Muslim, but hey...it is only IOL, right?

15 October 2015

Another one bites the dust. IOL closes comments

IOL Editor
By Mike Smith

14th of October 2015

About a month ago the South African Resistance scored a major victory over the MSM after News24 closed their online comments and surrendered with a white flag to us bloggers.

They just couldn’t handle the truth and the reality of their failed New (improved) South Africa anymore. We, the people of South Africa, showed them that the BULLSHIT “Rainbow Nation” was an illusion and only existed in their dreams and no amount of media manipulation or psyops would or could hide it anymore.

Now, another online news site, namely Independent Online (IOL) decided to close their comments with immediate effect ...It was just a matter of time.

It was a long hard battle that started around ten years ago. Various bloggers and their followers from all over South Africa (and the world) started exposing the truth about ANC crimes, corruption, misrule and white genocide in South Africa. They started to expose the rubbish and outright lies of Apartheid, collective white guilt and collective black victimhood. They showed the ANC and their god Mandela up for exactly what they always were: Marxist terrorists.

Back in those days we were in the minority, fighting a relentless battle against starry eyed libtards and New SA Utopians…our only weapon was TRUTH. Now we are in the majority. Therefore IOL had no other choice.

IOL finished off by calling us “racists”, “sexists” and “trolls” ..."abusing our constitutional rights to free speech"....blah, blah, blah…and by Godwin’s Law, they have LOST.

They ended by saying, “From now on we will only tolerate meaningful contributions that take place with dignity, respect and clarity of thought. When we do publish your opinion, it will be at the discretion of the IOL editorial team.”

I wish they would define “meaningful contributions” and “clarity of thought”.

Good bye and good riddance IOL. You were nothing but an ANC voice pipe anyway. May your readership drop, your advertisers abandon you and may you be relegated to the history bin of bullshit fish & chips wrappers.

You cannot stop the....


13 October 2015

Media psyops and manipulation of Cape Town Muslim terrorist attack

By Mike Smith

14th of October 2015

Yesterday at about 11.40 AM, two men dressed up in Muslim women’s Burkas walked into Cape Town railway station and started shooting randomly at security guards and other people.

Second man at large after train station shooting

Within seconds the train station was empty as people ran away. One of them ran away and the other then paced the train station up and down and eventually shot and killed himself at the northern end around platform 24.

In the English news, News 24 reported that City of Cape Town safety and security mayoral committee member JP Smith said: “It appeared to have been an armed robbery gone wrong”, but in the Afrikaans daily newspaper “Die Burger” (also part of Media24) he is quoted as having said, “It is dangerous and unprofessional to speculate about the motive”….

Hey? So what was it then?

Lt.Col Andre Traut, spokesperson of the police said they are not going to speculate about the motive until they have investigated the incident properly.

So where does News24 come from with a speculation that it was, “an armed robbery gone wrong”???

Can anybody please explain to me what the hell is “an armed robbery gone wrong”?

What then is, “an armed robbery gone right”?

Maybe I am just too stupid to understand this concept of “an armed robbery gone wrong”, but I have seen it so frequently used by the media and the police to explain the terrorist attacks on white farmers when nothing or very little are actually “robbed”.

The same in this case above. These two men robbed absolutely NOTHING. The train station was empty and all the shops abandoned in seconds. The men paced the station up and down and could easily have emptied the tills in the shops or robbed food, clothes, cell phones, etc, yet they stole absolutely nothing. Is this what “an armed robbery gone wrong is”?

So let us look at the evidence at hand. In a clear terror attack, two armed men dressed in the clothes of Muslim extremists, shot at people on the train station and stole nothing. Yet they paced up and down several times, clearly looking for victims they could not find before one ran away and the other one shot himself when he was cornered.

Yet the media does not mention that they are extremists or that this was a terror attack. No…it was a “botched robbery”…just like those farm attacks on whites.