28 October 2015

Answering the revolution's detractors

By Mike Smith

28th of October 2015

About 15 months ago I wrote an article about White South Africans, their “Learned Helplessness” and their “Resistance to Resistance”.

Resistance to resistance - Learned helplessness and the psyche of White South Africans

In there I mentioned how people facing genocide almost never fight back. Like battered wives in a marriage they will take it for 21 years without ever trying to fight back.

This kind of mindset is a psychological condition called “Learned Helplessness” and was discovered by US psychologist Dr. Martin Seligman and his experiments with mild electrical shocks on dogs.

Once the dog accepts his fate, that he cannot escape the electrical shocks, you can leave the gate wide open and he won’t try to escape. Even if you drag him to the gate, and show him that it is open, he will resist and he won’t go through it.

I also noted down ten reasons or fears why people do not take up arms or do not resist oppression. I actually had hopes that when people are made aware of their condition that they would face it and be “cured”.

Alas I was wrong.

Ever since the student protests started in SA, you can see this exact same psychological condition in white South Africans. There is a massive resistance to join the be it our own one or the student resistance.

I gave white South Africans all the literature to read on how to resist. I analyzed it for them, I put forward my case of why “Non-violent defiance” is the preferred method of resistance in this modern era and why other alternatives like armed struggle and political elections are futile under a dictatorship…

I discovered it is like preaching to a brick wall. I virtually dragged them to the gate and showed them the path to freedom, but no…they are resisting ME, even outright attacking me, instead of the ANC dictatorship. I have come to realize that this condition of “learned helplessness”, once programmed into their psyches, cannot be undone.

Better is to leave them behind and work with the ones actively seeking and looking for freedom. The rest are just millstones around our necks.

Is there a South African example?


I have shown these idiots plenty of examples and case studies from all over the world, even in Africa…then they say to me, “Oh, but you haven’t shown us one from Southern Africa”.

They say, “There is no example of how it successfully worked that whites and blacks stood together and defeated a dictatorship in South or Southern Africa. When you can show us THAT then we will believe you.”

First of all I have shown them…

South Africa is a perfect example. I showed them in my Pandora series of how Apartheid was defeated. Astonishing how short their memories are.

The ANC did NOT bring down the Apartheid Dictatorship of P.W. Botha. This story that the resistance against Apartheid was purely black is absolute rubbish and ANC propaganda spread after they came to power in 1994.

The ANC was almost totally eradicated and hunted down by the Security Forces. In SA during the 80’s they were almost unheard of. Hardly anyone knew who their leaders were. The ANC was relegated to a mere fax machine in Dar es Salaam.

Inside South Africa white and black stood together against Apartheid. NGO’s like the Black Sash Movement, the End Conscription Campaign, The Black Consciousness Movement, The Voëlvry Movement of Afrikaner Musicians, the “Sestigers” consisting of White Afrikaner poets and academics as well as religious leaders like the coloured, Alan Boesak, whites like Trevor Huddleston, Johan Heyns, Alex Boraine and blacks like Bishop Tutu and Frank Chikane were implementing “Non-violent defiance” and “Civil Resistance” techniques straight from the writings of Gene Sharp. He even mentions it in the updated versions of his 1973 books.

On top of it, the world’s financial institutions and business communities implemented a campaign of disinvestment and sanctions against the P.W. Botha dictatorship. Trade unions organized strikes, stay-away’s and sit-ins.

All of these Non-violent methods are straight from Gene Sharp’s book “From Dictatorship To Democracy”.

By the time traitors F.W. de Klerk and Roelf Meyer came along they just added the cherry on top. Further example is the current #FeesMustFall campaign of the students. Like I mentioned before…It is textbook Gene Sharp techniques. The students have proven it. Whites and Blacks are showing again that they CAN stand together and that they CAN get rid of an oppressive dictatorial regime.

And so, what if there is no example?…BE THE EXAMPLE. Pave the way and show the world how it is done.

Problem with these detractors is that you can smack them with all the evidence in the face, they simply refuse to see it. You have to ask yourself, “Who are the real IQ67’s here?

Their other concern is:

Who or what will take the place of the ANC?

They are scared of the radical leftist the EFF and its simian bi-ped leader Julius Malema.

One of my regular Australian readers of whom I expected a bit more intelligence asked the following question:

"Does Mike honestly think that a few white students and a few black students are going to cause a revolution in SA for the better?"

They might not “change it for the better”. There might be a power vacuum as you say. So why do you not start working at it to fill that power vacuum with Our Vision of Tomorrow? Why do you see the EFF as the only possibility to fill that vacuum?

In Serbia, the students refused to stop until they had their Vision of Tomorrow…a proper democracy. Today Serbia is not perfect, but it is definitely on its way to be the country they envisioned.

If you study revolutions you will see that whoever fills that vacuum will be known as “the moderates”. They will have a massive task on their hands. They will have to eradicate the corruption and undo the misrule of the ANC of the last 21 years. On top of that they will also have to try and govern. The people will want to see the changes NOW.

The “moderates” will be too busy to stop the rise of a small, but efficient minority of radicals who do not have to worry about governing and fulfilling the needs of the people and will be deposed by the radicals, like in any other revolution…the American Revolution being the exception.

Then the “reign of terror and virtue” will start.

Porn will be banned. Strip clubs closed. Shebeens will be shut, street and place names will be changed, statues pulled down...etc. On top of it mass executions will take place.

It doesn't matter who it is that carries out the revolution, whites, or blacks or both together. This is what is going to happen. You cannot avoid the reign of terror. People want justice. No revolution is "feel good" and none of them ever end well. It is a tragedy.

When you study revolutions you will see that after the reign of terror, comes the Thermidor and a return to normality. YOU and I decide what that normality is and who the radicals and moderates of the reign of terror will be. My proposal is a federal democracy as we have set out in “Our vision of tomorrow”. You can read it again in the right hand column.

About the only good thing that came out of the French revolution were a few less virtuous nobles and the metric system. Did you really need a revolution to change the coinage to a decimal system? Maybe not.

I don't know what good will come from the South African Revolution. All I know is that the ANC will be gone. That is already a good start. Maybe we can work from there.

A revolution and the new society that we want are not just about getting rid of the ANC dictatorship. It is very hard work. That is why I wrote part 35 of Pandora’s box. Go read it and start rolling up your sleeves. Put your energy into shaping a new South Africa, instead of figuring out ways to tell me sob stories of why it won’t work. That is not what I want to hear. I want to hear how you are MAKING it work.

Because what is the alternative? Sitting on your arse and do nothing? Avoiding the revolution means the ANC WILL stay in power forever. That means you will be their battered bitch for another 21 years.

Face it…You won’t vote them out. You cannot negotiate with them. Do you want to fight with weapons? That you get where? Where are your battalions of soldiers, where are your aircraft, your navy?

Oh I see, It is a lost cause…YOUR only option is to do what YOU have done. Run off to Australia. How is that going to get rid of the ANC? It won’t. In fact it is exactly what they want you to do.

What about the people for whom emigration is not a possibility or an option? What should they do? Just curl up and die and be slaughtered? For them the ONLY other possibility is to get rid of the ANC. And if eventually a fight for their freedom does break out then rather die once on their feet than to serve as slaves for the ANC and die a thousand times each day.

Problem is that with these detractors, they NEVER offer any viable alternative solution. They don’t have one but are quite quick to attack you and tell you your solution won’t work.

It Couldn’t Be Done

By Edgar Albert Guest. 1881–1959
Somebody said that it couldn’t be done
      But he with a chuckle replied
That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one
      Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried.
So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin
      On his face. If he worried he hid it.
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
      That couldn’t be done, and he did it!

Somebody scoffed: “Oh, you’ll never do that;
      At least no one ever has done it;”
But he took off his coat and he took off his hat
      And the first thing we knew he’d begun it.
With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin,
      Without any doubting or quiddit,
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
      That couldn’t be done, and he did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,
      There are thousands to prophesy failure,
There are thousands to point out to you one by one,
      The dangers that wait to assail you.
But just buckle in with a bit of a grin,
      Just take off your coat and go to it;
Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing
      That “cannot be done,” and you’ll do it.


  1. "On top of it mass executions will take place." Like I said before, the rain of terror is what I am aiming for. Let this country burn and those right minded whites left rise from the ashes to rebuild it.

    I don't know why people are worrying about power vacuums and the EFF, just let it burn and let it run it's course. The quicker these kaffirs start attacking each other on masse- because they are already killing each other at one hell of a rate- the quicker we run through the motions.

    There was nothing here when the whites arrived here, so who cares if it all goes to shits, we will build another empire. As long as we secure our genetic future, we can build anything we want to. Don't focus on the material destruction, focus on surviving and knowing that as a white you have won the genetic lottery.

    We can do anything with these kaffirs off our backs....

    1. Bly ek's nie al een wat my foto bysit nie!

    2. ;) More folks will start showing themselves and eventually will not be afraid to show themselves and stand for what is right.

    3. Ek stem saam met jou JP. Breek hierdie helse land af. En die vinnigste manier is om by Malema aan te sluit.
      Dit is altyd maklikker om 'n dom houtkop se samewerking te kry as 'n libraal gesteunde Zuma.

    4. Helizna, al rede hoekom ek nie my gesig wys is omdat ek te lelik is! Ek's trots of JP. Hy is my maatjie en baie wys vir iemand so jonk. Gaan kyk ook sy blog: http://houseofisrael.myvigo.co/blog/the-coming-black-flood-by-jp-viljoen/

    5. Hear, hear!!!

  2. Anonymous7:52 am

    Die volk sal opstaan as daar n leier is. Die liberale mag onder wit getalle lyk enorm, waarskynlik agv die media. Hier sit ons met n geval van wie kan jy vertrou en wie nie. Die afrikaner se selfvertroue is aan flarders en dit is waarom ek se dat n goeie leier nodig is om hom weer te laat opstaan.

    1. Jy kan 'n perd tot by die water bring, maar jy kan hom nie maak drink nie.

      All motivation is self motivation. Unless you WANT to be motivated nobody else will ever be able to motivate you. You are passively sitting around waiting for the leader instead of being the leader.

    2. Anonymous8:43 am

      Mike, jy blyk n goeie spreker te wees so kan ons jou maar nomineer as n kandidaat. Te oordeel aan jou artikels is jy net so gekant teen die ANC soos ek so wees die leier aangesien jy telkemale neerhalend teenoor die Afrikaner is. Ek sit ook nie rond en wag vir n leier in plaas van wees die leier nie; miskien is ek nie n leier nie.

    3. Anonymous9:56 am

      Leader, who is looking for a leader. My fok, be a leader, stand up in your community, your house hold, your self. Stop this kak about looking for a leader. Lead yourself, man up up for fuck sakes. And stop asking Mike about a leader, he is leading. Jirre mense, be open minded, read wide and be prepared.


    4. In 1993 we had an excellent leader in the form of Commandant Willem Ratte. A German Boer and one of the best soldiers this country has ever seen. When he occupied Fort Schanskop on the 16th of December, where were all the Boers coming to his aid and rallying behind him? Fucking nowhere!!!

      If they cannot even rally and follow behind such a great man, who should then lead them? Me? I am not even worth the shit under Willem Ratte's shoes.

      No...The whites of SA missed the boat in 1993. They had their chance for a military war. Wake up and smell the coffee. It is 2015. Times have changed. Technology have changed. You cannot fight the war like in Angola anymore. You have to adapt or go under.

      I am afraid that all this sitting around and waiting for a leader is going to make the whites miss the boat again...Just like 1993.

    5. Anonymous11:02 am

      Agreed Mike, mentioned WR's name must be done with respect. As we both agreed. But still, be a leader yourself, as we are growing old. We can fend for ourselves, can the other people out there.

      Yes, the war has changed. But people are looking for a solution. Start with yourself, your family, those that are close. Then you are a Leader!!


    6. Anonymous7:09 pm

      Hoekvlag, jy praat snert. Hoe gaan jy oorlog toe sonder n bevelvoerder en hoe word n land regeer sonder n goeie leier? "Start with yourself, your family, those that are close. Then you are a leader." Dit is kakpraat.

    7. @Anon 7:09...Where do these leaders come from? Just fall out of the sky? No, they come through the ranks of people leading other People ezheir in Society or the military. They earn respect and earn their place to lead.

      You think a good leader just magically appears out of thin air. Here is some advice for you mate, leaders are not Born. They are Made.

      It is like anything. To be good at it being gifted and talented are not enough. You still have to train at it and the harder you train the better you become. Mozart was a gifted musician and composer, but he still had to train very hard. Leonardo da Vinci was a painter and engineer. He still had to study painting and engineering.

      Lyk my die enigste een wat "kakpraat" is jy.

    8. Wie doen die beste op hierdie oomblik vir die Volk?
      Sunette Bridges. Ons eie mense trek haar kaalgat uit. Sy is al vodde, maar gaan nog steeds aan met haar taak. Waar is die fokken Afrikaner Volk nou?
      Steve Hofmeyr het binne 'n paar daë meer as 200 000 ondersteuners getrek.
      Al wat hy daamee doen is om die "Stem" te sing. Nog nie een enkele verset aksie is deur hom in die lewe geroep nie. Hy praat baie op radio en ander onderhoude wat die mense gaande maak.
      En hoe het dit ons saak versterk. Vergelyk Sunette se werk met Steve s'n. Sy het iets gedoen met haar skepping van KleinVallei. En sy is suksesvol daarmee. Ek vergelyk haar met Emmily Hobhouse.

    9. I agree wholeheartedly with Anon 9:56 & 11:02 and Mike, of course. Each of us must be his own leader for starters. En aan ou kakpraat; ons gaan nie oorlog toe nie, die oorlog gaan na ons toe kom en dan moet ons gereed wees om onsself te verdedig anders gaan jy jou gat sien. Maar jy is tipies van die etterkoppe wat die kak eenvoudig aanvaar. So wag maar om jou gat te sien. En, Mike, is nie 'n voorstaander van geweld nie. Lees en verstaan? Maar dis onvermeidelik dat die paw-paw die fan gaan strike vir tyd en wyl. I don't like that view of my own ringpiece, even if you do.

    10. Anonymous1:00 am

      Willem Ratte makes too much noise ( just like Mr Smith )

      IF you want a true hero here he is



      Quiet Confidence -- the hallmark

    11. "Quiet Confidence" ....Ah, I see...Anonymously talking bad about a former comrade, soldier and excellent officer is your version of "Quiet Confidence".

      Sounds more like "Naai jou maatjie" to me. --The hallmark of a traitor and a coward.

    12. Anonymous3:07 am

      Talking "bad"
      Talking the truth ?
      Military orifices do not necessarily make good politicians or statesmen
      We no longer have -- philosopher kings

  3. Anonymous8:12 am


    Mike I dont think your readers disagree with you but I do think that they have never seen themselves participating in events.

    They are scared. No one stops a genocide, no one comes in until the events are over.

    I would like to think the EFF are a little nothing but they are not! That little munt is dangerous.

    That vacuum will be hijacked by him!

    I think these events happened faster than whites would have thought. The real reason is they have no leader, everyone needs a leader as dof as that may sound.

    Deep down they all want the ANC to go but they are afraid that if they go, who will fill the vacuum. Better the devil you know.

    The EFF IMO has more voters now than the DA and by next elections could take it from them.

    My concern is that the vacuum is filled by them - we should not underestimate their numbers, nor their capabilities.

    That would be a big mistake.

    Everyone should join in but most importantly join together to form a united white nation. To me this is the most important thing we can do.

    Working together.

    The sceptics all deep down inside want to believe you and the proof.

    All I can say is that next time - no women, no children, not one single one shall be allowed to live in this country with whites.

    Total but total separation, then there cannot be racism.

    Racism occurs when you put inferior races in with whites!

    There are inferior races, we must just look at their inventions and accomplishments.

    1. @ Boere Ninja...The problem is that when you read my 1500 odd posts you will see that I made predictions years ago that all came true. Very seldom have I ever been wrong. I am not saying people should believe me blindly, but they should at least try and see it objectively from my perspective.

      Maybe the problem lies with me. Maybe I cannot understand for the hell of me how people can say, "Better the Devil you know"...

      First of all, when we all say, "Better the Devil you know..." then there will be no change and the ANC will remain in power.

      Have a revolution and the EFF might come to power.
      Wait for the next election, the EFF might and probably will come to power.

      So we are fucked no matter what we do.

      So what is the solution? Sit and do fuckall and keep the corrupt and mass murdering ANC in power? Let them steal more of our money? Let them kill more farmers? ...because its "Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't"????

      No man! 21 years of this ANC scum is enough already! Get rid of the ANC first. Then let the EFF come to power. Let them see if they can govern better. Then we rise and get rid of them. You've got to do it in stages, but you have to prioritize and start somewhere. Our priority number one should be to get rid of the ANC. Everything else will follow after that.

    2. Anonymous9:10 am

      We don't have to make our priority getting rid of the ANC, the EFF will do that for us. We need to deal with what happens when the ANC falls. Whites will not unite by freedom of choice, they will unite out of necessity. I don't like this fact any more than you do Mike, but it is unfortunately the truth. How many average Joe people do you speak to about the coming shit storm and they just look at you as if you are on some heavy drugs or simply just loony? I bet it's hundreds.
      Next election? SA will not a chance make it to 2019. I see serious kak hitting the fan leading up to municipal elections next year, anything past that I believe is being overly optimistic.
      The whites revolution will gain traction when the ANC falls to the EFF's revolution. That's how I see it playing out. For now the lighties are dopping in the clubs, the ballies are dopping around the braai, the boks are still the talk of the town and the woman are watching 7de laan, ignorance is bliss.

    3. Anonymous10:29 am


      Mike you have been right the whole time. You have presented alternatives but you know how people are, they will only run out the house when the flames have engulfed the entire house!

      Few, very few people are proactive and fewer proactive based on foresight, you have both which is rare, others on here have it as well.

      So when you present alternatives to people it takes time to digest! They will not accept it over one post, let them slowly digest it and they will come round.

      I have agreed with what you say not just blindly but because it is the only alternative.

      Apart from following protocols mentioned on this site, our people should spread whispers amongst the blacks, tell them "we have been saying this for years, but when we say it we are called racists - now you guys say it and they call you coconuts, agents etc etc"

      We must play them, feed their minds.

      I have no idea why but people in life like to complicate things! For some reason people dont like simplicity. They think that getting the ANC out is complicated and that such a simple solution that you present is just "too simple, how can it work"

      Why people think things must be difficult I dont know, perhaps you should have told them how tough it will be and then they would have agreed!

      If the EFF can be the moderates and the whites be the radicals, then im all for that!

      The blacks will still turn on the EFF, I see the Zulu and the ANC youth still battling it out with them.

      Didnt Siener say " Just as they are about to attack us, they will turn on each other"

      I think they will do this.

      What Siener said - From Words of a prophet
      Distress will drive us together and to God, so that we, like the
      Germans, can say that our salvation comes from God.

      The great
      black armies from the Northeast Africa threaten us even more so
      that we will call to God for help. He will stop this—how, I do not
      know. Yet this great ‘darkness’ will envelop us, but fortunately not
      for long.

      Bloody conflict erupts during which black nations will attack each
      other in a war like none other this country has ever seen.

      Parliament will be in session and by the time the members have
      adjourned and everyone hastens home to arm themselves, the
      Zulus will already have started a conflagration against the Xhosas
      and they are busy annihilating them with ‘knobkerries’ (a
      traditional fighting-stick with a knob on the end, not unlike a
      mace), machete knives, spears, AK 47’s and great rejoicing;
      nobody will be overlooked and they will kill everything and
      everybody— men, women, children, stock, poultry and dogs.

      The Boers are summoned to a hillock north of Licht- enburg in
      Western Transvaal, and it is at this hillock that the man in the
      brown suit makes his first appearance. The onus rests on him to
      call the rebellious, dissatisfied and pugnacious Boers to order and
      channel their fury in the right direction.

    4. Correct Mike. Get rid of the ANC first. How ?
      I suggest that we team up with mad Malema. It doe's not matter how wrong the fucker is, he has the recipe of getting rid of the liberals.
      By taking their Banks an Mines, they will have no money to fight their war on us. Malema is the best Devil to support, and we know him just as well as the other Satan ANC.
      Fight fire with fire.

    5. Anonymous3:17 am

      Mr Smith
      Have you ever asked yourself ........

      Why they keep on building big malls round every corner ?
      Why they are installing fibre-optic cable all over the place ( enough for twice the population and with a fifty year lifespan )
      Do you notice certain things that do not indicate a failed about to collapse state ?
      WHY should this be ?
      Surely people are not going to invest good money into something that is about to collapse -- go into revolution ?

      Why not look here


      Begin to understand the extent to which you all are as tightly bound into the system as a trussed up fowl on the way to market.
      You do have a new ID , passport , drivers license , home loan , bank account , licensed vehicle have filled in RICA / FICA and provided all your details to SARS ???
      YOU dear person are already part of the NWO !!!!

  4. Anonymous8:19 am

    All revolutions have as their base line numbers, revolution is a numbers game, with the numbers you get the revolution. South Africa will get the numbers when the economy becomes so bad that people en-mass switch sides = revolution

    1. Sorry you are wrong. Research have shown ( Brinton) that all revolutions happen on an economical upswing and when the country is actually good.

      The "J"-curve (Davies) shows that revolutions start when the government raises expectations amongst the people and cannot deliver. They then raise a form of unjust tax to fund expectations...

      For almost a decade now the ANC has promised the blacks free education and could not deliver. (Raising expectations) then they raised the fees (again) and wanted the already over taxed Private Sector to fund the education which they are already funding through BEE contributions.

    2. Anonymous10:30 am


      @Anonymous8:19 AM

      You dont see Zimbabweans rioting now?

      How much worse could it get there?

    3. Anonymous2:04 pm

      Anon 10:30 Boere_Ninja What do you know about Zim.Have you ever been there or lived through the Bush War.You just ramble on about your bullshit all day long, you know nothing about Zim or Rhodesia as I knew it.

    4. Willempie10:50 pm

      Yesssss - but you don't answer the question: Do you see rioting there?

    5. Anonymous12:55 am

      Because Mugabe and ZANUPF are not scared of shedding some blood.
      The people know this and therefore they buckle under.
      In any case Mugabe is the African hero -- he defeated the white mans army -- it is called -- LEGITIMACY
      I wonder if there was rioting and general mayhem and bloodshed would the rest of the World do anything ?
      Did they do anything in RWANDA ?
      Would they do anything in RSA ? ( perhaps only if the whites were "winning" )

    6. Anonymous1:17 am


      Anonymous2:04 PM

      Lol - hit a nerve did I? I have been to Zimbabwe on many a occasion! When they still had a currency!

      My response was to the above question! So let me paste it in here to explain it to you simpleton.

      "All revolutions have as their base line numbers, revolution is a numbers game, with the numbers you get the revolution. South Africa will get the numbers when the economy becomes so bad that people en-mass switch sides = revolution"

      In Zimbabwe there is no more economy, do you see people rioting moron? If economics and revolutions go hand in hand then we should see them happening in the poorest of poor countries but we dont now do we!

      You ask me what do I know about zimbabwe, ask me and I will tell you!

      Again do you see rioting in Zimbabwe right now with the economy the way it is?

      Or in North Korea?
      Or Russia?

      Have I been to Zimbabwe? Yes!
      What does the bush war have to do with it?
      Whats your point?

      That I should have been involved in the bush war to know that all revolutions need failed or broken economies to first occur before they happen?

      Nice chatting, next time we should do it on Kariba!

    7. Anonymous7:59 am

      What does Russia have to do with it you have not answered that question?

    8. Anonymous1:06 pm

      Mr ninja I think you are talking kak Zaire was one of the poorest of the poor countries in Africa if not the world at one time and still is, they had a rebellion and over threw their government and Kabila came to power.You quote" If economis and revolutions go hand in hand then we would see them happening in the poorest of the poor countries but we dont now do we."

    9. Anonymous5:08 pm


      Africa has been having revolutions before they had a financial monetary system in place, half the revolutions in Africa have more to do with tribal factions than your typical revolutions you see in countries that have or use some form of currency.

      What does Russia have to do with it? Did you see a revolution when the soviet union fell? Do you see a revolution happening there now with their economy in shambles?

      What is wrong with you guys on this blog, you focus on the wrong things. You get hung up on shit that doesnt matter while missing the bigger picture.

      1. Focus on working together.
      2. Focus on solutions.
      3. focus on a plan.
      4. Stop worrying about shit that might happen and rather be concerned with what is ALREADY happening right now.
      5. work the plan together & stay focused.

      Focus on the big picture!

    10. Anonymous11:16 am

      The biscuits are not quite baked go figuire

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTvc0HI3Mjc

    The masses are turning against Jakob.....Now they need to be steered against the whole ANC. The youth WILL change the SA political landscape.


  6. Anonymous11:43 am

    Whatever the revolution does, demographics will alter the course.

    1. Revolution will alter the demographics.

  7. Lourens2:53 pm

    I read in all kinds of different blog spots how the AFRIKANER/Boer is like ostriges, braai-ing with dop in hand, lounging in front TV etc etc. Bullshit, get real and wake up.
    I'll probably be crucified by every shitface, but, so what. I'm gatvol of your crappy mouths against us.
    Where are we? What are we doing to end this crap in our land?
    Nothing. Yea, you heard correct. Nothing.
    I'm not crying about it, OR looking for sympathy. Stick it.
    At the moment we are so over taxed and everything that WE DO NOT HAVE ONE CENT TO SPARE FOR NOTHING, so, we are so busy fighting to survive (NOT FOR LUXURIES ), just to not die of hunger and to have a roof at least.
    We will only be able to come out of our holes, as you say, when EVERYTHING STOPS. No more work, no more nothing. Total anarchy. And then you'll see us making kak spat, you must be ready to dodge spatsels cause we WILL NOT HOLD BACK.
    Also, leader? Why would we need a leader? Just to be sold out by the shitface again? No thanx, been there, done that.
    No, then we will follow the Leader we should have in the first place.THAT WAS OUR MISTAKE, turning our backs on Him, our only living Father. (Atheists keep quiet, you've foulmouthed Him long enough).
    Anyway, let me get back to surviving for now.
    Julle kan my afskiet soos julle lekker kry maar, onthou, laaste lag die lekkerste.
    May you all have a Blessed evening of chatting.

    1. Anonymous11:27 pm

      So if you decide to turn back to our living Father, does that mean you will start keeping the Sabbath holy again...!!!??? Or is that too much to ask???
      X-tian hypocrites...

    2. Ons Afrikaner Volkie het 'n spul bang gatte geword nadat die Boeremag manne in die tronk gestop is.
      Hulle het dieper in hulle gate gekruip na die Bophutatswane slagting. Hulle het handdoek ingegooi na Eugene Terreblanche se moord.
      En laastens het die swartmag arbeid dieVolkie so lui gemaak dat hulle sukkel om self asem te haal.

    3. Lourens7:04 am

      Anon 11:27
      Go look in the mirror if you want to see a hypocrite.
      Get back into your hole and let the grownups talk sense.
      Dankie, jy gaan duidelik een van die kanon fodder wees.
      Aag wat, been intillegensie hier nie. ;-))

    4. Lourens 2:53 PM Ek stem met jou saam. Heelhartig.
      Koning Leeu se welpies speel deur met onderling met mekaar te baklei, waar hulle veilig voel. En deur alles aan te val: sprinkane, wapperende blare, hulle ouers. Dit raak soms vicious, en die bloed loop! So leer hulle alles wat hulle nodig het om as groot leeus eendag die trop te lei en te voorsien van kos in die gevaarlike wêreld daar buite.

    5. @ Lourens.
      Jy reken ons is baie !! Baie wat??? Baie min verseker ek jou. En ook baie min wat genoeg verstand en GUTS het. Elke keer as die slim Boere iets beplan of wil uitvoer, dan spring daar 'n verraaier tussen hulle uit.
      Ek die beplanning is gewoonlik ook so pateties soos 'n kleuterskool se pouse tyd. Nee wat Lourens jy sl met veel meer voredag kom as jou yipiase Afrikaner/Boere opmerking. Ek lees soortgelyke plasings al vir die afgelope 22 jaar. Lees weer wat Mike geskryf het oor die Blankes se betrokkenheid. Of eerder die gebrek daaraan.

  8. Anonymous3:09 pm

    I have to wonder what you mean when you say revolution. The black students are generally going to be EFF people. You yourself don't like the DA, EFF or ANC. As someone in their mid-20s I have to say trusting white college students from my generation to not propose something utterly retarded as an alternative is asking way too much.

    As a result can we conclude your wish is for anarchy in South Africa?

  9. Lourens3:20 pm

    Correction, we are not doing NOTHING nothing.
    We are silently collecting information, surfing the worldwide blogs etc, working out different strategies, and preparing ourselves.
    Watch this space, you'll see us when you'll see us.
    Enough said. ;-))

  10. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Mike, your prediction might be accurate, but what good is a scenario that requires our genocide before things get better? Who will things be better for? A handful of survivors in 25 years? Zimbabwe has been waiting for it's "thermidor" for 35 years and when/if it finally arrives how many whites will even be left in the country?

    1. Lala Land3:39 am

      Shhhh..... don't tell Mike. Apparently the whites have to die so they can live. Or something.

      Another thing Uncle Mike doesn't seem to understand is that social justice is a communist phrase in origin. It means to take from those who have and give to the 'oppressed'. I think Mike needs to do some more research as he's clearly not as intelligent as he thinks.

    2. Anonymous11:22 am

      Hoor hoor!!

    3. Anonymous1:07 pm

      Nie die skerpste potloot nie ne!

    4. You know what Lala-Land?...I have been blogging for the last ten years and I have met many people in my life...online and offline.

      Normally when somebody disagrees with me he/she tells me straight that he/she disagrees with me and we have a debate. I kinda respect that.

      But over the years a lot of people like you have come along...when they lose the debate they stop addressing me personally and start addressing the crowd around the conversation and start referring to me in the third person. Speaking about "Uncle Mike", "Onkel Mike", etc.

      This is first of all a sign of cowardice. You cannot face me face to face in an argument so you want to attack my person. So what do you do? You start looking around you for "maatjies" to help your sorry ass flinging mud around hoping some will stick. You are pathetic. A rank amateur.

      If you have a problem (or solution) then man the fuck up and attack my arguments, not my person. Problem is I know how limited your brain capacity is, you have shown it to the world on here.

    5. Lala Land1:50 am

      Mike, every time I have my say you give some idiotic answer in response. YOU never answer my comments with any substance - always an insult, because you can't answer anyone who disagrees with you.

      Social justice is a COMMUNIST phrase, yet you think it's some grand revolutionary hip catch-phrase. If you don't even know that basic concept, then I have to question what you do know. Same with your 'colour' revolutions. They have always been planned by the puppets behind the curtain, using the people as cannon fodder with their feel-good causes, and when the revolution happens, the country is worse off than before. Think Ukraine as the most recent example - a country which is now mired in debt and civil war and they now sit with exactly who they didn't want in power in the first place - an oligarch, controlled by the US/NATO. Try and get him out. He won't go until his puppet masters don't need him anymore. Ukraine was only to get to Russia, which has failed spectacularly. The Ukrainian people suffer today, living in poverty, the East hating the West.

      So please forgive me if I don't address you anymore seeing as you're too much of a coward to even contemplate that on some things you're just plain wrong. And with this 'revolution' nonsense you're just plain wrong. The white students are cannon fodder for the communists. Yes, there may well be a revolution, but it's NOT in favour of the whites of SA. It will leave them worse off, and probably with more evil dictators in power.

      So, when you finally grow up and realise that SA is not going to recover anytime soon,and no black-lead revolution is going to save the country, then let me know. Until then I will have my say, voice my opinion and if you don't like it, then don't publish my comments. That's how the Left operate - they squash dissent and any opposing voices as it makes them uncomfortable - or they close down their comment sections of their media. You are welcome to act just like your revolutionaries in that regard if you like.

    6. Anonymous4:53 am

      Hoor hoor, ek se mos hy is nie die skerpste potlood nie.

    7. Ag jirre tog...Lalla-Land, WHAT are you harping on about? You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about me not understanding what "social justice" is.

      Where did I use that phrase? Please elaborate what you mean because your incoherent ramblings make no sense. Are you on Tik or something?

      Your comments are like this: It is KAK. Please fuck-off in a waltzing Matilda way. Go start your own blog where you can go talk kak to your Ozzie mates. I am sick of your blah, blah bullshit trying to educate me on communist phrases. Jeez ou...what I have forgotten you must still learn.

      ANd no. I am not wrong about the revolution. Time will prove me right, like it always does. If I am wrong, remind me again and I will apologize. Question is...Are you man enough to do the same?

    8. Lala Land4:09 am

      You don't even know what you post on your own blog. Go have a look at your previous post - at the picture you posted of the poppie holding up a sign.


      Now about talking kak, I leave that to the experts.

    9. Lala Land4:11 am

      Oh, and about that revolution - I have no doubt there will more than likely be one. Except you are wrong about who starts it and who will prevail.

    10. Oh there….OK…So are you upset about the chick in the picture holding up a sign about Social Injustice? I posted that pic to show that it was not just blacks, but also whites taking part in the revolution.
      BTW, as usual you are wrong. “Social Justice” is NOT a Communist term. It is a Catholic invention and it was first coined by a Jesuit Priest named Luigi Taparelli in 1840.
      Now if you knew anything about Communism and Marx, you would know that he stole everything. He was the biggest plagiarist that ever lived.
      BTW, aren’t you Catholic? I could have sworn you were Catholic.

    11. Lala Land8:09 am

      Exactly Mike. Just because known communists didn't coin the phrase, doesn't mean it isn't communist in ideology. Anything to do with social justice is another way of implementing communism. And yes, I am a non-practicing Catholic. And the reason I'm a non-practicing Catholic is because the CC has been infiltrated by communists, using the church to brainwash their followers. I prefer to be my own church. Unlike some, I don't just follow because it's the right thing to do.

  11. Very true words spoken by your brain wave when you said that we are so fucking stupid that we do not recognize an open gate with wide open eyes.
    Ek is by vier FB plekke geblok omdat ek die dom donners gewys het, en tot by die oop hek gesleep het.
    Daardie hek is al lankal oop, maar daar staan AFRIKANERS in daai opening wat mense keer om deur te gaan.
    I wrote a commentary Mike where I "braak gal" against my own people, but you rejected it. I an a true Afr. Boertjie, and I speak Afrikaans. But let me tellyou something. I would rather find myself amonst English people than Afr./Boere. They are horses who would only drink if you dragged them to a dam full of "dop".
    The best leaders the we ever had in the the whole 400 years of our existence in this SA, can be counted on one hands fingers.
    If you really want to know how intelligent the Boertjies are, just watch their way of thinking in a rugby match.
    En dit geld ook vir die mense wat daarna kyk.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Tomkat, I see I might have deleted your post unintentionally. Not sure what happened. Sometimes posts automatically end up in spam folder on blogger. Well , it is a free service so I suppose one cannot complain too much. Kindly resend the post and I will publish it.

  13. Anonymous5:11 am

    The so called South African revolution was not started, funded or driven by the anc or from inside South Africa and it definitely was not a populist movement. It was started, funded and driven by forces from outside of South Africa and it was made populist by the anc through the necklace method. It received favourable media coverage because of who was behind it. As an example of a successful revolution it is so far removed from appropriate as can be. It serves a better example as a "bloodless" coup.
    Because of the anc's falling out with the real power behind South Africa they will go, whether you and I participate or not.
    I have been reading your blog for a long time and I must say that you seem to have made an aboutface on where you stand ever since that "After the anc is gone" article. It is like you are a different person.
    I would love for the anc to be gone as well but would just leave us back at square one with a low IQ majority that would just fall for the next set of empty promises to funded from white pockets. We need to separate ourselves from them, that is what the majority of your readers, and whites in general, want as well. Start a poll and see for yourself.
    As to whites (Afrikaners) not wanting to participate, it's difficult just taking of from work when you have a bond/rent to pay, buy food, petrol etc. etc. The buggers got us by the short and curly's. Of course thete is rugby as well. At least there is a tax hike on the cards for next year which is one of the triggers that you mention.

    1. Anonymous8:51 am


      So Henry we should do what?
      Do what we have done for the past 20 years?
      How far have we come in 20 years?
      You say stick with the ANC but each president is worse than the next & Zuma will be stepping down, how do we know the ANC wont do what you assume some other political predecessor will do?

      So what is your solution?

      Mikes point if you have been reading the article is just that, the ANC will not go without a fight, this is the better of the revolutions to get them out rather than the alternative.

      Its difficult if we think it is, blacks also have bills to pay, rent, food, families, in some cases even worse conditions than whites.

      Its just that whites arnt used to getting involved, we have this "them & us" scenario.

      I hear it all the time from whites, what then after the ANC...

      Do we care?
      Lets deal with it when we get there
      1 step at a time.

      The ANC will break down the unity of them, remember these blacks are not one black nation - they are different black tribes united under the ANC.

      No ANC = No Unity among the blacks = whitee is the majority again.

      Whites are the largest demographic groups if you combine those who have left, then Zulus, then coloureds, then Xhosa .....

    2. Anonymous10:23 am


      I agree, doing nothing is not the answer. But getting involved in the student uprising of late will get us nowhere. Does it not seem strange to you that it follows so closely on the heels of the Solidarity/Afriforum announcement that they will be creating a shadow government? These guys are part and parcel of the group that conned whites out of there country in the first place. Yes I agree that blacks face the same problems than whites wrt. food, rent etc. but I dare you to go and toy toy along and we'll see who gets fired.
      You ask what is my solution. OK, I will try and give you a decent answer:
      1. Create self governing areas for whites. Does not matter how small or how big. I'll elaborate on the how later if you want. The self governing areas will form a basis for all other operations.
      2. Withhold all taxes from the national government. Everybody and all companies still pay taxes but it stays within the self governing area.
      3. Scrap aa and bee and all social grants within the self governing area in order to encourage certain groups who cannot get by without such structures to leave for greener pastures.
      4. Get rid of these afrikanerbond/freemason groups in our midst.
      I really believe we should focus our efforts on creating these self governing areas and the anc will vanish into thin air as the parasite cannot survive without a host.

    3. Anonymous4:26 am


      I hear you but the ANC have to go. We can deal with this situation of Afri/Solid later but this country will not last with the ANC at the helm.

      The ANC has to go to create a vacuum.

      With the vacuum there will be enough of us gatvol to make a difference.

  14. Anonymous8:00 am

    Mike, always enjoy your articles, very thought provoking!! I to on a daily basis wonder about SA and all its inner workings. I understand your arguments like adapt or die, whites can play this game, we can falsely support the EFF just to rile up the powers that be, but then I think back to white history here and what it should have been. On a local level we only have ourselves to blame, on a global level, it is the Elite of the Elite that are causing the mess in all European countries. The Zionist- Aristocratic Royals and Corperations. We are just cannon fodder. So I dont know which I dislike the most, non whites or our very own elite.. has anyone heard of the Ubuntu Party? Started by a white guy, I like the notion of a non monetary system based on contribution, food for thought.. Besides that, Mike most of us just want an all white enclave, violent revolution is the only way to survive and come together. But its a catch 22, large white businesses rely heavily on cheap black labour, they cant or dont want to let it go, if the people at the top had our nations interests at heart we could overcome this very quickly! I dont think they will do that in a hurry when theres money to be made even though be no working class whites left..

    1. Anonymous6:07 pm

      The solution is either the Karoo/Oranian volkstaat of whites only or the greater Cape republic that includes the coloureds.

      Either way, whites should move to the western parts of South Africa.