23 October 2015

Why we should all join the revolution

By Mike Smith

23rd of October 2015

Just yesterday I said in an article that The student fee protests are not about student fees. It is a revolution

This morning The Afrikaans newspapers ran with a story titled

”#Fees must fall” now develops to “#ANC must Fall”

…And it is developing broader than just a student protest…But the ANC said it is not worried.

Cape Town
Yesterday the students marched to the ANC headoffice at Luthuli House but did not allow ANC secretary General Gwede Mantashe to speak to them and forced him to come and stand between them.

He said that the ANC will continue to be committed to supply free education to the students “but it depends on the availability of resources”…

Let me decode that Commie-Speak for you…It depends on whether there will be enough money left over after the ANC stole it from the taxpayers.

Security guards advised him to rather leave, which he hastily did.


Aubrey Matshiqi an independent political analyst said that the “Fees must Fall“ protest is not about fees, but because the youth were promised the world in 1994 and the ANC could not deliver. It is a new freedom struggle, born out of frustration, because the parliamentary processes did not bring about the change the people wanted.

No shit Sherlock!

He must be reading my blog, because we have been saying the exact same thing on here for months now. It is the “J”-Curve of the revolution. Raising expectations and not delivering on them is a sure fire way to spark a revolution.

Mcebo Dlamini the former chairman of the Wits student council said to students: “The revolution is not going to come to you. The ANC will never give you free education. We are going to have to take it!”

Prof. Max ¬Price Vice chancellor of UCT said his university fully supports the students. At the University of Pretoria a small group of academics joined the students with placards.

What you are seeing is the so called “Transfer of the allegiance of the Intellectuals” as described by Dr. Crane Brinton in “Anatomy of a revolution”.

UCT Cape Town
We are currently just after the “J”-Curve and in the exponential stage. This is where things happen in two days what used to take two years.

This morning the students and academics are marching to the Union Buildings and breaking down the fence. Everybody should join them. Break down the entire Goddamn building. We built it. It is ours. Destroy it!

SA Student council says a Third Force, namely Cosatu is behind the protests. Cosatu denies it.

Let me explain to you why.

As you can see the revolution is in hand. What we have been talking about for so long is finally here...Marching to Parliament, marching to Luthuli House, marching to the Union Buildings are all happening right now.

What is shocking is that so many people are not recognising the revolution for what it is, because it is not going the way THEY wanted it to go. Some people (like on the Praag.co.za website) think that these naughty students are just hooligans and should just get their bottoms smacked. They have lost track of their priorities. GETTING RID OF THE ANC IS PRIORITY NUMBER ONE. I am sick of the ANC. I am sick of their misrule and corruption. Stuff waiting until 2016 for voting. The ANC must go NOW!!!

I don’t care how they go, but they must JUST GO!

Further. If this is a FAKE revolution (like some sceptics feel) set up by the ANC to fail to discourage further revolutionary attempts, then we SHOULD join in and hijack it so that it does not fail.

The ANC is not stupid. They have instructed the police to use minimum force but Close to a hundred students have been arrested country wide

If they don’t use minimal force, it will turn against them. They are faced with a dilemma.

I can tell you now what you can expect if the student protests carry on.

The ANC will give in. They will crack. The students will get their 0% increase, but by then the people would have seen the ANC’s weakness and will go for the jugular. The ANC will crack down with force and escalate the revolution. Then they will call out early elections to give them legitimacy to rule and crook the elections, but the people won’t accept the results and depose the ANC.

Blade Nzimande can laugh all he wants and joke all he wants about “StudentsMustFall”...If I was him and the ANC, I would pack all my stolen Rands in suitcases and start making plans to get me on a safe flight to some Caribbean Banana Republic as soon as possible, because if they don’t, they might just get the Mussolini treatment and be swung from a lamppost in Adderley street.



  1. Anonymous4:42 am

    This Dual Government is looking more and more attractive.

  2. Yep, Mike, you were spot on. What will the libtards have to say now? I can't wait to hear.

    1. Anonymous5:27 am

      Tomkat, they'll just keep on denying it. Thats what libtards do.

  3. One of the sayings I use to explain life to me is that 'a kaffir cannot run a bath let alone, in this case, the successful shutdown of so many university campuses'.

    I have been watching these baboons on TV/ Internet and they vomit out the same lines. Proving they have no original thought and cannot run anything. Someone is feeding them - and it's not just Gift of the Givers as I will put forward.

    As you explained yesterday Mike, there is no fee issue, that is a façade of course. Just like the communist kaffirs used language as a façade in '76 to cause shit. This time it is fees.

    We can speculate all day as to WHY: for eg. Brics, snubbing the US, that sand kaffir from Sydan etc and

    We can even speculate WHO: CIA/ MI5/ MOSSAD ETC

    They are even getting fed by Gift of the Givers, juts like the rebels in Libya and other parts of the sand kaffir world got 'supported' in their 'revolution'.

    Who is paying for these buses?? Now all of a sudden their is money for protesting but none for fees - even though we know the fee story is a bullshit cover story of course.

    I agree, this is a revolution of some sort, whether fake or real, time will tell. One thing I know for sure, if ten million kaffirs were to disappear right now, it would make a difference of minus fuck all in the grand scheme of things.

    Lock them up in the union buildings/ ellis park and let them kill each other for all I care - especially those liberal doos whites. The more that die the better. Let them get rid of a serious amount of themselves before we join in. Why must I waste valuable energy now when they can do the initial job just fine???

    And by joining in, I am not talking about unity/ coalition governments and other kak stories where we go back to square one shaking hands with baboons. When you arrive at a camp of whites, come and find me and those with my views in the tents to the furthest right of the camp possible.

    We'll be joining in at the 'Reign of Terror' Part. And terror it will be...

    Like they say, be careful what you wish for, you may just get what you asked for....and it looks as this might very well ring true in the near future.

  4. Here...What did I tell you?

    Zuma says 0% increase in fees

    Unfortunately 0% increase also means 0% decrease. The students want their tuition FREE.

  5. Anonymous6:25 am

    So they got their 0%, the ANC buckled. Now we can sit back and watch as all the other demands are forced forward by means of mass protest. The precedent has been set. Everything for free or it all gets burned down. Buckle up, this ride has just begun.

  6. Now that the Students got their 0%...they have more demands.


  7. Anonymous7:04 am

    Hope you feeling a bit better Mr Smith ( flu addled your brain ? )
    I hope you can supply an answer as to what happens AFTER -- #ANCMUSTFALL
    Is this a special "Art of War" secret ?
    I would suggest it is the most important question hanging over your "revolution" !

    1. I will tell you later. It is Friday Afternoon. Going to have a beer in the pub and play some pool with my mates.

    2. Anonymous7:58 am

      Enjoy your beer and some pool you deserve it. Boy its been a long time since I went out with the boys for a beer and a game of pool or billiards. Unfortunately I live in this ANC shithole Gauteng Midrand. Not what it used to be pre 94. SIGH!

    3. Anonymous9:45 am

      Art of War secret? No he is a Machiavellian that wants “useful idiots” to be cannon fodder.


    4. @ Anon 7:03 Look at the graph at the top of my post. You will see the short honeymoon period where everyone feels happy that the ANC is gone and cannot believe how easy it was.

      Then comes to power the "moderates" (maybe the DA or UDM or IFP or a coalition), but because they are so busy trying to govern and organise, they are unable to stop the rise of a small extremely efficient group of "radicals" who are better organised than them and who does not have to worry about other distractions such as trying to govern in chaos.(Maybe the EFF or MK Vets or coalition).

      The point where the "radicals" overthrow the "moderates" marks the start of "The reign of terror and virtue"...That is when you will see the Rwandan style mass executions of counter revolutionaries and any one merely suspected of being a "counter revolutionary".

      But the revolution has a means of eating its children. The death of the leader of the radicals marks the start of the thermidorian reaction and the return to normality.

      That is the ONE possibility. Remember how I spoke about the "Revolution within the revolution"?

      There are actually two parallel revolutions taking place.

      One is mostly leftist and black against the ANC (The one you are currently seeing as student protests) and the other is a rightwing revolution and mostly white the one we are seeing on News forums and in the social media, blogs, etc.

      Now if these come to power as moderates the revolutionary road will take a different course. You will see a different group of "radicals" coming to power and a different set of mass executions of counter revolutionaries. You will see a different Thermidor and a different normality after the revolution. Remember Revolution means a radical change to something completely different. Maybe you will see a return to white rule.

      The sooner it happens the better. Then we can all return to normality.

  8. Anonymous8:04 am

    Hi Mike I have just watched the news and I need some answers. The black students are demanding a number of things but there are a few demands that I :am not clear about. Maybe you can clarify them for me.
    1).Was the ANC’s original promise of free education inclusive of a free university education or have the black students just decided that are entitled to it.
    2). They are demanding the abolishment of racism at the varsities. To what racism are they referring to? Are the referring to Black on white or white on black?
    3). Transformation. What the hell are they talking about with regards to such?
    Thanks mate.

    1. 1) The ANC will promise anything to come to power or stay in power. Of course it is all bullshit that they cannot deliver on. Now the chickens are catching up with them and coming home to roost.
      2) In their dictionary, "Racism" is a one way street. Blacks can never be racists.
      3) Transformation is Commie speak and means whites especially Afrikaners, should be kicked out and only blacks allowed in University.

      Kindly support them. There is no point in trying to dam up the river of history. Every chant, every demand and every step is closer to OUR freedom. It is about time this show of chaos gets on the road so we can restore order and take our country back.

  9. Anonymous8:10 am

    Have an ice cold one and a good game of pool for me you lucky so and so!

    1. Anonymous1:30 am

      Yes but it only happens once a month on pay day.

  10. Anonymous8:20 am


    Lets see.

    Zuma gave in, its Friday he could have said this yesterday but wanted this lot to enjoy the weekend to die down.

    Next week will tell.

    0% is not free.

    This has been simmering for a few months, this will not die down. I think it will just escalate to #ANC must go or #Zumamustgo.

    This has been mentioned but no one is rioting big time with it.

    If this happens where they say the ANC must go, then Im joining in tomorrow and will be swinging stones like phelemon and thandi.

    That rainbow nation idea sold to us would have worked, everyone to a degree would be getting on better in this country with out the ANC.

    It would be more neutral.

    1. Today is Saturday. The Revolution has been put on hold so the students can all worship their Rugby God first. Will continue after the Rugby.

    2. Anonymous5:06 am

      Ag Mike stop been so bloody jealous and go watch your womens volley ball and dont for to take a pill.

    3. Anonymous2:47 am

      @ anonymous womens volley ball... sounds like you a wanker man!

    4. Women's beach volleyball is my favourite game. You can keep your Rugby with it's quota players.

  11. Heard on the news tonight now that they got the 0% they wanted, they won't be stoping there, they will now be protesting for free education.

    Not all demands have been met yet, what about double medium education at Afrikaans Universaties? Statues still standing at Pukke?!

  12. Anonymous2:48 pm


    Off topic I know but Palestinian Imam shows towel heads how to stab Jews


  13. Anonymous4:37 pm

    And what's this so-called black debt thing all about?

  14. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Well Mike hope you aren't babalaas after too many beers, anyway if things go according to the graph, then zuma's 0% speech was just a time buying trick to get his loyal cadres and 121 battalion mobilised to protect Nkandla while his wives and kids stuff suitcases full of dollars just in case they have to flee the country with just the clothes on their backs. Zuma was taught revolution by the soviets and he remembers what happened to his buddy Gaddafi. It would be wise to take events serious, because history has forewarned us what may happen sooner than we expect. *So if possible stock up enough food, water, dog food, meds and toilet paper for at least one month
    if you live in the suburbs you might have to dig a longdrop in your garden because of service disruption
    *Stock up on Gas cylinders and batteries flashlights, first aid, pick/shovel, sledge hammer, handsaws, cable ties, *Do not cook outside or braai, smell will attract attention
    *Beef up perimeter security, be prepared to board up some windows, sliding doors
    and sandbag or barrier driveway
    *If trustworthy create close knit neighbourhood watch. try get two way radios or whistles, if enough neighbours set up road barriers and foot patrols
    *Equip yourselves with a riot stick/fighting staff, pepper spray, paint ball equip and if armed at least 600 rounds per weapon.
    I hope this is helpful.

    1. Anonymous1:16 am

      I can see that you are an amateur. 600 rounds is a saturday morning warm up session.

    2. Anonymous8:46 am

      Anon 1:16 Hey you know what you may be right but that's all I can afford at this time for my trusty heavy duty s/steel 6 shooter which I have owned for the past 20 years, anyway to late for me to trade in now for one of those new professional plastic wonder 9s and having to learn all those triple tap techniques. But if you don't mind me saying the look on faces is priceless when I'm hitting gongs 100m away so what you say about that punk

    3. Anonymous11:35 am

      Damb good shooting...

  15. Anonymous5:25 pm

    You got more than a flu bug addling your brain "Mr Perfect". Take a dose or two of rat poison and do the world and your mother a great big favour. Your old queen should have dosed you up with it a long time ago! Pity she didn't do it. The world would have been minus one more idiot.

    1. Well if you hate me so much then why are you commenting here? Simply leave.

    2. Anonymous4:06 am

      Look, I can think of many other and probably nicer things to do than writing and running a blog about the hartwrenching destruction of your country of birth by idiots.
      I think perhaps if it was me I might also throw the Doos- word around a bit, but yet perhaps we could all be a bit more tolerant.
      I noticed the other day someone insulting a woman on this blog to the effect that she is ugly. Why man? Nobody made themselves.
      At the same time I want to thank Mike for his efforts without trying to sound pious.
      Please don't call me a doos...

    3. They insult me that I am ugly. Also that I am a womaniser. Go figure. Cannot be that ugly when the women can't seem to stay away. Take it with a pinch of salt, a tot of rum and all in your stride.

    4. Anonymous1:18 pm

      You are only a successful womaniser if you can draw young, beautiful women worth fighting over. Not old ones or married ones who aren't interested or interesting. They should also be reasonably sane.

    5. Geez, it seems there are a bunch of Anon trolls doing their own little #Mike must fall. If it gets to hot in the kichen, take a hike Boet.
      You bring a new meaning to the word pathetic.

  16. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Very strange indeed because not once did I hear or see a demand for the inept ANC government to pull up their socks and improve it's abominable crime record and the political mismanagement and destruction of the country. It started off about the varsity fee increase and then suddenly escalated to a couple of other black racial demands as well. A third force was definitely involved from the beginning and it's called communism. I call it "Satanism".

  17. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Mankind never ever solved any countries political or racial problems. Diversity of cultures, differences in anatomy, intelligence and religion are only a meagre few of the major hurdles to overcome on the road to peace and prosperity. Total peace and prosperity is something that mankind will never achieve as long as they have the power to control, dictate and manipulate each other. The “My will be done” syndrome is a curse that exists upon this earth and it will eventually lead to be the phantom accomplice in the total self destruction of mankind upon this earth. Mother Nature is a mean heartless bitch and even more wicked than Winnie Mandela. Mother Nature is going to have the final say to whether mankind lives or dies on this planet in the near future. The politicians are just helping the extinction to come a little quicker.

  18. Anonymous1:06 am

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to join this "revolution"?


    1. So stay out. Don't join. Let the ANC stay in power. Don't come later and complain about another farm murder.

    2. Anonymous3:51 am

      Okay….. so let me see if I got this right. You want whites to help blacks to remove blacks from power in order to place other blacks into power who are using blacks and dumb whites to get power. How exactly is this different from what the whites who fought against apartheid did?

      Your claims about farm murders are nothing more than a red herring. You can in no way shape or form guarantee that the devil we don’t know will be better than the devil we do. The new devils chant the same slogans about killing whites and use the same threats. So you can join your black brethren against the ANC. I will sit back and be patient while you and your black comrades try and take care of the other blacks and their white comrades. The difference is the same

    3. Why do you want to sit back? Think about how nice it would be after the revolution when we can say, "WE...did it!"

      Et lux in tenebris lucet et tenebrae eam non conprehenderunt !

    4. Anonymous5:56 am

      “Why do you want to sit back?”
      Why should I join a revolution that by its very nature and outset is dysfunctional and where its conclusion is dangerous for me and mine?

      “Think about how nice it would be after the revolution when we can say, "WE...did it!"
      Is this some or other guarantee that after the presumed success of this black revolution that there will be no more farm attacks? Because I am still waiting for you to support that this revolution will stop farm murders. Wow…. Considering what you said [“So what if a hundred whites die in a revolution? Even a thousand”] that might actually be a great recruiting mantra for the fools who are so willing to die for a perpetual black revolution. Might want to throw in that you can sing your liberation songs over a beer whilst playing pool. Then again anyone who so callously views the loss of life for some or other political 'greater good' get their kicks from perpetual dysfunctional revolutions.

      “Et lux in tenebris lucet et tenebrae eam non conprehenderunt !”
      “Fraud lies hid in general expressions” [maxim of law]

    5. Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.

    6. Anonymous6:31 am

      I am sure Ad Hominems will rally and inspire the the fools to your dysfunctional revolution. However I am still waiting for you to explain how this revolution will stop the farm murders.

    7. What is the point of Revolution? It is a question Dr. Crane Brinton also wrestled with. Does it bring change or does it all stay the same as before? He likened the revolution to a person getting a fever. Is the patient stronger after the fever or weaker when he is back to normal again?

      It seems like you have not read my blog properly through yet. The farm murders will only stop when we go on the offensive. You can have farmwatch, you can have alarm systems, you can have security gates as much as you want. These are all defensive tactics. Defence is good and it helps to set up a proper offensive, but in any fight you have to take the initiative and go on the offence. The farm murders will only stop during OUR reign of terror when we go on the offensive and chase these ANC fuckers as far away from us as possible.

    8. Anonymous7:08 am

      No you missed what I wrote and thought that throwing in farm murders gives credence to your opinion. So I ask again .Why would anyone in their right mind want join THIS revolution? Taking into consideration the link I provided.

    9. Ag jirre God...is jy fokken onooslik of net plain simpel?

    10. Anonymous10:14 am

      Oh so back to ad hominems then. You do realise that those who use it can’t defend their points in a discussion.

      Do you think that this is the only opportunity that will present itself? The first domino has fallen a long time ago. So why should I partake now when I only need to wait for a later one more advantage to me to make a move? So I ask again. Why would anyone in their right mind want to join THIS revolution? Taking the link I provided into consideration?

      Oh and don’t take the Lords Name in vain.

    11. Anonymous1:22 pm

      When you read comments by people like Anonymous 10:14 AM you kind of wish the blacks would take them out, and not to a nice breakfast at Wimpy.

    12. Anonymous3:13 pm

      Anon 7:08 as the protests become the acceptable and cool thing to be doing against zumas corruption and misrule of govt at some point the thugs and looters take the opportunity to smash and grab like it happened in London 2011. the kaffir cant bear the thought that he is missing out on free stuff so as the lootings gain momentum everyone including the cops get in on the free lunch, it happened during the xenophobia violence and last Friday in Fort Hare. So the country goes from gradual decline to freefall, vital services start to shut down and violent mobs start to roam the land. This has happened in other countries why do you think it can not happen in South Africa.

    13. Anonymous10:40 pm

      @Anonymous 1:22. So you have a problem with me waiting to have blacks taking out other blacks, yet you think it good for blacks to take me out because I don’t want to help those same blacks who threaten to take out whites who don’t want to help them. Right …….seems you are a few eggs short of a full Wimpy breakfast.

      @Anonymous 3:13 “This has happened in other countries why do you think it cannot happen in South Africa.”
      I don’t recall arguing that it could not happen. My question is with regards to timing and circumstances and all I get is side stepping of the issue with a red herring as well as personal attacks. You see Mike is either ignorant of a very important issue when it comes to revolutions or he is deliberately withholding the information from those whom he is trying to rally to this cause. Because it will require something from him that I doubt he is willing to give. His “Revolution for Dummies” book that he like quoting also does not emphasise this dreaded fact .

    14. So what "Fact" am I ignorant of? Why don't you enlighten us all instead of just trolling here.

    15. Anonymous2:49 am

      And since when is asking a legitimate question regarding the topic at hand trolling?

      Well then as you requested I will enlighten you all. You said “Support the revolution. Get the show on the road. So what if a hundred whites die in a revolution? Even a thousand.” and “I will do everything in my power to prevent elections in 2019.” Seeing as your avatar is a dog and you are itching for this specific Red October “revolution” it would be more fitting to say to you “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war”. I hope to see you on the news paper front pages and news coverage fighting the ‘good fight ‘with the blacks in the front lines with your friends and your family beside you on the receiving end of what the government and police can dish out. Even if it means that your loved ones are permanently injured or killed.”He who has the risk has the dominion or advantage” [maxim of law]. How much are you really willing to risk and sacrifice to get your advantage for THIS ”revolution”?

      And seeing as my posts are seen as "trolling", the last thing I will say here is this.”God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

    16. You have not answered the question. What fact am I ignorant of?

    17. Anonymous8:08 am

      @Anon 1:22
      When I read comments like yours I kinda hope that anyone would take YOU OUT, you seem to be a real jingo!

  19. Anonymous1:47 am

    Mike, why are you ignoring the racial undertone regarding this?
    "By Wits het honderde studente saamgedrom en begin sing “Dubula Dubula” (Skiet, skiet.) Honderde studente het met stokke en klippe daar byeengekom. Talle ander militante haatspraak uitlatings teen blankes, koloniale en wittes is by ander kampusse gehoor."
    Some of your family members are involved, and as you have always said, the noble savages are not to be trusted...

    1. I am not ignoring anything. Look at the pictures of the students I have posted. See how many whites are amongst them? Why are you ignoring that?

      Support the revolution. Get the show on the road. So what if a hundred whites die in a revolution? Even a thousand. It is still less than how many will die in a Civil War. Think about the ANglo Boer War where 34,000 white women and children died along with 4000 Boer soldiers. Think about the 80,000 whites that have died in the last 21 years of ANC rule.

      I take it you DON'T want to join the revolution. Then you want the status quo. You want the ANC to stay in power. You want them to kill another 80,000 whites in the NEXT 21 years. Tell me...whose side are you actually on???

      No man. Start to think. The sooner we have a full blown revolution, chaos in SA and blood filling the streets like Marx said, the sooner we can restore order and take our country back.

    2. Anonymous2:58 am

      South Africa will go down the drain exactly the same way as every other former white ruled country has done in Africa and the western world will just stand by and do nothing about it. Revolution after revolution and massacre after massacre will take place until there is no other alternative but for the civilians in desperation to flee to anywhere else where there is a chance of survival and safety. The ANC was and is the “beginning of the end of South Africa” and the next black government in power will not be any better. In fact they are more likely to much worse than their predecessors as we have seen the same pattern of events shown right throughout the continent of Africa. The black death/plague is running unchecked and is now also on the move to contaminate and transmit the same death and destruction to the rest of the world. South Africa is a goner and is already beyond retrieving make no mistake about that. One thing that you can definitely give the blacks credit for is that they sure know how to wreck a good country. Next on their list is the UK and Europe and thereafter it will be America.

    3. Anonymous7:40 am

      Right mate but the question is where will we go from here?

    4. Anonymous8:56 am

      NOWHERE mate! Where is there to go? We will have to stick right here and go it alone. Even though Europe and the UK have openly welcomed the African blacks and the other foreign refugees into their countries you can bet your bottom dollar they will slam the door shut right in our faces. They will have some feeble excuse regardless of the fact that our forefathers originally came from there. They know that they deliberately played the “Judas” role in the whole set up and that they betrayed us and knowingly forced us into this political mess and the black on white genocide in the first place. They won’t have any shame for their desertion and the sanctions that followed. Neither will they have any sympathy for us now. Unfortunately for them they haven’t received their thirty pieces of silver yet. So white skins are not good enough for them and they prefer to kiss black arses instead. Don’t expect any help or sympathy from them.

    5. Mike said So what if a hundred whites die in a revolution? Even a thousand.
      Be honest, Mike, would you sacrifice your daughter?

    6. Sacrifice? People are free to take part in anything, even a revolution and I will encourage my mother, my daughter, my sister, my cat and my dog to take part if that means we get rid of the ANC.

    7. Sorry Mike but here i dont agree with you! I have respect for alot of things you say, but this not one of them.

      Hulle het nie die Boertjies nodig om n revolusie te begin nie en soos baie fotos ook wys staan ons kinders op die voor ry. Daai swartes sal nie twee keer dink om ons kinders te offer vir hul revolusie nie.

      Die revolusie gaan vanself kom...swart teen swart en dan moet ons kinders nie naby wees nie!

    8. Anonymous5:59 am

      Ek verstaan Mike se punt, maar ek stem ook nie met hom saam nie. Los die kaffirs, moet nie met hulle k@k betrokke raak nie, kom weg van hulle af. Ons wil nie net van die anc ontslae raak nie, ons wil van al die kom swart fokkers ontslae raak. Die tyd sal kom wanneer die tyd reg is, moet nie die vrugte ryp druk nie.

    9. Jy hoef nie. Die vrug is klaar ryp. Pluk hom.

    10. Boer Seun3:02 am

      Mike ...Jou moeder is altyd eerste
      Goed om te weet jys nog steeds 'n mama's boi

    11. Daai Antie sal hulle moer!

  20. Somewhere in the very near future the anc will fall and the new world order will be right there to jump in, restore order and "bring peace" after the revolution...wham bam thank you mam...mission accomplished....or so they think.

  21. Anonymous4:26 am

    Considering that the Revolution will put a party (such as EFF) that is even more racist and radical than the ANC into power, this is not one of your brightest ideas.

    1. Take the blue pill. Go back to sleep.

    2. Who said the eff is going to rule?? They are going to assist in bringing about the revolution, something BIG is going to happen next year that is going to chance everything and there will be no elections in 2019....

    3. I will do everything in my power to prevent elections in 2019.

      I want the ANC gone by then. Relegated to the dustbin of political history.

    4. Believe me, you wont have to do anything to try and prevent 2019 elections. Keep your eye on elections next year!

    5. Anonymous10:07 am

      Anonymous4:26 AM. Nope EFF is not "more racist than the ANC". The EFF is just less diplomatic about their racism and fail to hide it as well. Big difference.

    6. Anonymous10:21 am

      One thing one needs to be very careful of is a power vacuum. Beware of the power vacuum and be very wary of any UN attempt to intervene, Case in Point: In most cases the Arab Spring was hijacked by other forces supported by "certain Western governments" and their intelligence agencies. Example - The hijacking of the Libyan Spring by CIA backed Al Qaida/ Islamic-State terrorists to use as a ground force as they bombed the Libyan military into dust. Resolution 1973 only called for "A no Fly Zone" to be established to Ostensibly protect Libyan civilians from Aerial bombing by the Libyan Airforce. Instead it was used to support CIA backed terrorists and look at Libya today.

    7. Anonymous6:01 pm

      A good comment. We don't need a power vacuum here and should try to avoid it from ever happening. However the United Nations is now just a disguised communist organization and formerly backed the ANC to the hilt. It will be interesting to see where there allegiance lies this time round. Especially with communist China and it's satellite terrorist groups within country watching.

    8. Anonymous11:53 pm

      @Siener Fan
      I am not really much of a fan of -- all the so called interpreters
      IF one uses logic and intelligence to work stuff out then a lot of it makes sense.
      ie Events in SA ( the "fight-back" Mike talks about ) can only happen IF the rest of the World ( all the normal meddlers ) are out of the picture.
      In other words this will be a "home-grown" revolution without the usual "inputs" from the shit-stirrers.
      In such a scenario I do believe African whites in Southern Africa have a chance.
      It depends on how much planning and preparation there has been.
      IF a "Siener" scenario comes about then all this fancy revolutionary nonsense of Mikes ( Art of War ) is incidental.
      Let me give you an example ( even in puking one learns )
      While the Springboks were taking their leisure ( and praying ) the Victorians were on the field five minutes early to test their play under wet rainy conditions.
      To paraphrase Napoleon -- G D is on the side of the best prepared

    9. I dont expect any one to believe in the prophecies like I do, but some past events lined up with Siener's prophecies and how arrogant and hard headed do one want to be to the not at least look and consider future prophecies?

      Could man have so little faith in the Almighty to think that He would not send us warnings of coming events? If the Almighty loves us so much why then would He not me able to warn us ahead of time...where is the faith?

      Just last night a warning came through that the student protests are push from the nwo and therefore the government condones whats happening. The protests are the beginning of the revolution and the aim is to push the whites to start the war in order to anounse SA to be in a state of national emergency. All white men and boys between the ages of 16 an 65 will be arrested and taken to fema camps. If this does not work an attack on blacks by whites will be orchistated to lead in the war. Matter of weeks not months

  22. Another interesting thing you may want to look into Mike is FB blocking out posts on the protests the last for days. I noticed its always the same posts apearing, friends with their newborns...happy posts. Normally I have friends sharing my posts...and i had alot of links on my profile as the protests unfold...last 4 days, no shares, no likes, no comments! Some other page now said they noticed the same thing. I think Facebook deliberatly blocked out these type of posts the last 4 days!

    1. I wouldn't know. I am not on FaceCrook. Just don't have time for that kind of thing.

    2. Just thought you'd find it interesting that the government blocking out propoganda from reaching the world.

    3. Anonymous1:27 pm

      Actually you probably are pictured somewhere on FaceCrook. There is always some doos waving a camera at a family get together with the express aim of posting the pictures in the public domain.

  23. Anonymous11:31 am

    I really apprreciate what Mike has been saying. My question would be: what would be the next step in this revolution? I am overseas but eager to come back.Thank you Mike.

    1. Anonymous4:44 am

      Well if you do come back here make sure you have an automatic weapon for self protection. Things are still going to get mighty hot around here and these kind of things can move in some very strange directions. They are very unpredictable in the beginning.

    2. Anonymous9:26 pm

      ....And make sure you know how to use it!

    3. Anonymous4:05 am

      I am also in the UK and wanted to come back. To what?? the SA I grew up in is dead and buried...never to live again. Watch and listen to this speech. The message is clear. They will take the land and the economy. Nothing will stop this swarm now. And Mugarbage runs the AU which is preparing a 50k strong army to defend against uprising in AU countries.Whites have no chance. Listen carefully now https://www.enca.com/media/video/live-student-leadership-briefing-over-feesmustfall?playlist=107

    4. Anonymous5:39 am

      @anon 4:05 it is not dead or buried, are you mad? It lives within us son and it will rise again, and when it does, it will be bigger and better and stronger than before.

    5. Anonymous11:17 am


      Lol 50k army! Lol have you ever seen a strong black army, two shots and its like they drop all their weapons + run.

      50+ mercenaries from SA stopped bokoharam in their tracks in about 2 weeks, what the UN + AU + Nigerian army had failed to do for 3+ years.

      And here is one thing which not too many whites realize, there are probably 5-10 million blacks in this country who would stand up for whites or work with them, probably 90% of the colored population and Indian population would work with them - there alone you have about 30-40% of the population why?

      They know if anything happens to the security of the whites everyone including blacks, coloreds, Indians, whites, EVERYONE will be effected.

      If any attack occurs, it will be by a small army or group of blacks.

      Who booed Zuma off the stage at Mandelas funeral? Not the whites but the blacks! Who cheered for FW De Klerk, not the whites but the blacks!

      They know as surly as we know what would happen if they started on the whites, they are not doff. The jabs and noise we hear is from politicians who use the race card, there are many blacks I believe who would stand more staunchly with whites than many whites would stand for whites and coloreds!

      The whole necklacing thing was started because many didnt want to be part of the "struggle back then" they were scared into it and threatened much like unions supporters threaten anyone who dare show up.

      Mugabe supporting Russia is out, he just doesnt know it. How long is that baboon going to last? The blacks here, I have heard them debate Julius Malema on TV all say Zimbabwe is a disaster and look at him like an idiot.

      I dont doubt there will be an attack but it will not be organised in broad day light, it will be a surprise attack. The largest support base now of the DA is black, they want to just live, get jobs and be safe like us.

      The shit stirrers are always a few.

      If you think the SA is dead then so be it, there are British I know who tell me the same about the UK - they tell me the UK they knew is dead, the libs, the dems have stuffed it up, the EU has ruined the UK, the cant find jobs, they have no benefits, they being invaded by muslims - I hear+see the same shit in all countries but to be honest I think those countries actually have it worse than we do, wait time will tell when the present catches up with them.

      We have crime, they have Muslims who hate infidels. SA has its problems sure, it has super high crime which Is why I say join this revolution, all of this is courtesy of the ANCs mismanagement of SA!

    6. Anonymous1:26 pm

      @ anon 4:05 am : Well, I would like to contribute my bit to save SA. Living in the UK it is like to be in a coma..or a "walking dead"..lol

  24. Different topic: Xenephobic attacks emerging in Lebowakgomo 56km outside of Pietersburg in the Limpopo.

  25. Anonymous10:24 am

    Liberal conundrum, he he he: http://i61.tinypic.com/119uhig.jpg

  26. Anonymous10:46 am

    At least Heyneke Meyer can join the sports Minister Mbalula Fikile and drown their sorrows with a dozen Heineken with that fat frog Gert C Ooshuizen.Well done to the All BLacks.

    1. Did you just mention that ANC racist quota game? I could swear you just did.
      Somebody please tell me he didn't just mention that game. I feel like I am going to puke.

    2. Anonymous4:33 pm

      Anon 10:46

      Sies man, skande! Skande om oor rugby afgod te praat terwyl ons soos vliee dood gemaak word.

  27. Anonymous12:20 am

    You bloody dutchmen created this rugby god in the first place.

    1. Anonymous1:42 am

      Anon 12:20
      Rugby was is a British sport. :)

    2. Sshhh, don't tell him!

    3. Anonymous4:24 am

      You still around little chap? Shame! Your safest place is in the corner with a dunce cap on your head. This blog is about reality and your tantrums and sarcasm don't work here. give it up little chappie before you have a nervous breakdown! You are definitely a born loser!

    4. Anonymous5:34 am

      Yeah! Send Mike your name and he can give you a signed award for "Cry baby of the Month". That should make your little ego bubble swell like a balloon.

    5. Anonymous5:52 am

      Anon 4:24 am Oh no not you again Sir with your little Chap and Good day to you Sir expressions,just hope you are still reading Sarah Maid of Albions blog and commenting on there still.

    6. Anonymous9:00 am

      Anonymous5:52 AM
      Well that's how I got to know and read Mike's contribution to it. Something you will never ever be able to achieve. An ignoramus like you is not worth pissing on!

    7. Anonymous9:49 am

      Anonymous 5:52 AM

    8. Anonymous10:26 am

      Bloody agent!!!

    9. Anonymous9:12 pm

      JAMES BOND is the name Sir ... End of story and a very good day to you to Sir!

    10. Anonymous1:11 am

      Anon 9.00 am you should piss into a cup and drink it,it make you feel a lot better.

    11. Anonymous4:49 am

      I am not that way inclined and would never take such foolish advice from an idiot even though they may profess to be a fundi/partaker on/in such an unorthodox habit. I actually feel sorry for you and your diminished state of mind. Get some help you need it.

    12. Making my day seriously3:13 am

      whoever you are anonymous , you rock!!!
      Keep Jesus always in your heart!!

  28. When does the Female Beach Volleyball season start?

  29. Anon 12:20 There are no "bloody dutchmen" here. There are only South Africans or Afrikaners as Boere Ninja says, be they English or Afrikaans speaking we are all "Boere" united in a common cause - to get rid of the baboons who are raping and pillaging our country and restore law and order and respect.

  30. Anonymous7:13 am

    I would like to pose a question to you Mike. I agree a revolution is brewing (well, more than just brewing). And yes, these 'protests' is the ANC's own bird coming home to roost.
    What do you make of a suggestion earlier this year, and supported by Gwede Mantashe, to possibly bring back conscription?
    Timing was rather interesting, given that only a few months later we have mass student protests.
    This notion, or idea, about 'conscription' was brought up as a possible way to reduce unemployment in the youth. I interpret this as being 'get young, uneducated blacks into the military'.
    In applying some basic logic, one can see that SA is going through 'peaks and troughs' of crime and protesting. If you take a careful look, the frequency of these events are drawing closer together. The amount of time from one big 'event' to the next is reducing. This is, to me, a clear warning sign that control of the masses is being lost. The ANC is slowly starting to lose its grip. Well, the loss of control is now speeding up.
    Thanks for some interesting insights. Nice to come across a blog that calls a spade a spade.

  31. Anonymous8:07 am


    Here is why I agree with Mike & say join in, stoke the flames and get this veld fire raging.

    1st Of all this is about students being promised what the ANC had promised years ago and like all dictators in Africa, they failed on their promises.

    But if you recall the original promises made pre/post 94 were not just promises to the masses, they were promises made to ALL SOUTH AFRICANS regardless of race!

    We as whites were included in this "free+fair" South Africa! So if we do not join in, then we could potentially be fetching the bill twice like usual and be excluded from "free education"

    We also want promises delivered to us & its a lot better to join blacks who want to better themselves for South Africa than just for the sake of joining some revolution.

    When 94 rolled in I was very much for everyone working together and to a degree I am still for each nation doing their own thing in SA but working to a common goal while respecting each others natural history, cultures & languages.

    The reality of what the ANC introduced post 94 was much different though which changed my mind - who knows perhaps this will change my mind when its done as well - I am flexible in mind, if you are too rigid you cannot evolve, if you fight the way you fought the last battle you will always lose, this is one of the mistakes the Nazis made in WW2.

    If the blacks here want to better themselves with free education which we are all entitled to considering how much these terrorist scum bags have stolen! To be honest with the hundreds of billions stolen since 1994 all whites, all blacks, coloreds/indians could have had free housing, better border control and on and on I could go and you know what im talking about.

    The enemy of your enemy is your friend. These blacks are not the blacks of 94, sure I say that tongue and cheek a leopard cannot change its spots but leopards do adapt - those living in different regions adapt both their fur, bodies to the environment.

    We live in a world where todays blacks can access all kinds of info at the push of a button, these black students want a better life, they are not burning shit to be wild savages, they want education and if they want education & are willing to go this far to demand free education - then I shall stand by them!

    Remember this was promised to them! They did not just wake up and demand this. So I see more protests coming from people demanding on all promises! Go join these blacks - I surly will.

    They want to better themselves and by so doing exposing the ANC & eventually getting them out.

    What happens afterwards we will see but sitting back is no option, we should be joining them & filling their minds with the truth " this is the reason we did not want the ANC in power and it was not just whites it was also the IFP, because they are corrupt"

    I am opposed to anyone just rioting and burning shit for the sake of demands but when people do the same rioting for knowledge, education then I see some form of oomph in them & everyone deserves the right to better themselves.

  32. Anonymous8:07 am


    Join in! What else have you got to lose! At least you have tons of blacks now seeing the ANC for what they are, this is a good thing! The more enemies of the ANC and the more "allies" we have the better.

    Bring the ANC to its knees like Dave brought Goliath that heathen, ungodly, God defiant beast to his knees. What comes afterwards I dont know but with the ANC out we know the masses will be divided, the blacks in Limpopo turning on different tribes already I see - in the news this past week.

    We need to break the unity that the ANC created. The ANC were able to unite different tribes and unite them as one nation in SA which the world saw as "black south Africans" which we know does not exist!

    Whites are the majority because the Zulu is the largest tribe now but when you take the 7 million total white South Africans including those overseas we are the majority.

    Break the alliance, splinter them, scatter them, let them in fight but be part of it!

    A divided South Africa, A divided black south Africa, A united white South Africa is what we need. Split them up!

    We have lost everything since 1994 all through the ANC! I say the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


    Join in support them, the fast we splinter SA, the faster we get what we want - and please please stop with this bullshit "dutchmen, english shit" If you want a future in South Africa you are an Afrikaner plain and simple.

    Afrikaner is a way of life and not a language. You have tons of blacks who can speak Afrikaans, are they Afrikaners?

    First get the country back, get law and order back then if you want to bicker about soutpeels, rooineks, dutchies, then do so until then shut the fuck up and unite - we should punish anyone who sows division at this point in time among our people- we cant afford a division among whites.& I have never met a pure Afrikaner or a pure English South African! They dont exist! Only in the minds of those who want to alienate their people while we get massacred.

    If you are going to bitch, complain and not join in - then dont join in but dont complain about the way the country is going & how your language / history is under threat...

  33. Anonymous8:46 am

    Well this is an unfair and unequal hypocrisy and not a fair and equal democracy so the conscription will be only for the blacks. So it would probably end up being just as worthless as our present police farce. Furthermore they will have to be paid with taxpayers money and who can guarantee that they will faithfully support the ANC. Whites don't want any part of the ANC and their hypocrisy so the blacks will be training but we know how two faced the blacks can be. The ANC hierarchy knows that and I am sure they wouldn't take the risk of mistakenly training and arming the conscripts who could/would betray them in favour of the EFF.

  34. Anonymous10:24 am

    Frans Cronjé: ANC weet goed waarheen hy op pad is met land
    Deur Frans Cronjé Sondag 25 Oktober 2015 04:40

    Ten spyte van al die chaos bly die ANC vasbeslote om sy revolusie te voltooi.
    By hul onlangse beleidskonferensie het pres. Jacob Zuma dit reguit gestel dat dit die doel van sy party is om in Suid-Afrika ’n kommunistiese diktatuur te skep as die onvermydelike slotsom tot sy Sowjet-geïnspireerde Nasionaal-Demokratiese Revolusie (NDR).
    Selfs betogers wat die afgelope week die deure van die parlement wou afbreek, sal nie genoeg wees om die party se koers te verander nie.
    My kollega dr. Anthea Jeffery het die volgende oor die NDR geskryf: “Die NDR bied, volgens die SAKP, die ‘reguitste’ pad na ’n sosialistiese en dan kommunistiese toekoms vir Suid-Afrika. Oor die algemeen glo die ANC dat hy nou genoeg beheer oor die polisie, leër, staatsdiens, regbank, media, sakeondernemings en ander meningsvormers het om te kan voortgaan met radikale ‘ekonomiese’ transformasie in hierdie tweede fase van die NDR.”
    Wat ons verstom, is dat baie ontleders dit ontken. Hulle glo eenvoudig nie die woorde wat hulle van die ANC hoor nie. Die onweerlegbare bewyse van die kommunistiese aanslag kan nietemin oral om ons gesien word.
    Die aanvalle op die media en voorgestelde mediatribunaal is reg uit die kommunistiese handboek.
    Die bemagtigingsbeleid word gebruik om die outonomie van die private sektor te vernietig en die sakegemeenskap tot volkome afhanklikheid van die regerende party te dwing – presies soos in enige kommunistiese gemeenskap.
    Die mosie om private skole te vernietig en die magte van skoolbeheerliggame te beperk is daarop gemik om ons kinders se siele te versmoor en hulle tot verstandlose eenvormigheid te fatsoeneer.
    Die aanvalle op die regbank is ’n poging om enige beheer oor die mag van die staat te verhoed.
    Elke enkele voorbeeld van die regering se voorgestelde “grondhervormingsbeleid” is gerig op die beëindiging van private eiendomsregte en om die hulpbehoewende landelike gemeenskappe totaal afhanklik van die regerende party te maak, soos die geval in die Sowjetunie was.
    Waarom word die ANC nie geglo nie?
    Ons het al dikwels gehoor dat die regering nie sulke dinge sal doen nie weens die ekonomiese skade wat dit in Suid-Afrika sal aanrig. Dit is naïef. Die ekonomiese skade sal eenvoudig voorgehou word as bewys van die “private sektor se weerstand teen transformasie”, op grond waarvan al hoe meer mag aan die staat toegesê sal moet word om dit te beheer.
    Uiteindelik sal die staat so magtig wees dat wanneer gewone mense besef hoe hulle gemanipuleer is, daar niks sal wees wat hulle kan doen om dit te weerstaan nie. Kyk net hoe rustig het ANC-leiers die afgelope week in die parlement gesit en hande klap, selfs al het die minister van finansies vir hulle verduidelik hoe die ekonomie tot niet gaan, en die oorverdowende knal van skokgranate buite die deure hoorbaar was. Die ekonomiese agteruitgang van Suid-Afrika kwel hulle glad nie.
    Ander mense sê die ANC verstaan eenvoudig nie watter skade hulle veroorsaak nie. Hulle weet, met ander woorde, nie van beter nie. Maar dit is weer eens naïef. Hul beleid is gesofistikeerd en met groot bedrewenheid geïmplementeer. Kyk maar net na die mag wat hulle oor sakeondernemings, boere, joernaliste en regters het.
    Moenie daaraan twyfel dat die ANC presies weet wat hulle doen nie.
    Hulle is deskundiges met waarmee hulle besig is en hulle weet presies waarheen hulle op pad is.

    1. Anonymous11:38 pm

      Why not put in the link to where the article is ?


      Wonder what Mr Smith has to say ?
      I suppose he is one of those that thinks that the ANC is useless and Zuma stoopid
      The "sabbateans" have no hand in it ?

    2. The only one I think who is “stoopid”(sic) is you. You must be new to this blog. This is not the first time Frans Cronjé came up with such an article. A while ago he wrote one called “Is the red terror back?”

      I commented on it. In fact for the last ten years or so I have dedicated myself to waking up people to the fact that the ANC wants a Communist Dictatorship modeled on the former East German GDR. I wrote about it extensively.

      Totalitarian Tip-Toeing to a GDR model for SA

      The ANC’s totalitarian tiptoeing goes on a gallop as the Second Phase of the NDR is sped up
      People like you and Frans Cronjé are only waking up now. Fucking bunch of Johnny-come-lately trolls. BTW I saw that article and when I read it I thought…”Doos skrik nou eers wakker”.

      Where was he 8-10 years ago when I was saying all of this that he is waking up to now? Accusing people like me of being “Rêssist” and an “Afro-pessimist”.

    3. Anonymous6:18 am

      Ag no man -- perhaps narcissist ?
      Anyway better to wake up now rather than never ?
      Forward to the future ......

  35. Anonymous10:42 am

    I am just wandering if there is another ingredient to this protest slop. During the 70s and 80s the anc received most of its finances from the soviet bloc which kinda allied them with zapu/zipra (Rhodesia bush war) where as the azapo, along with mugabes zanla received most of its backing from China. During the 80s Mugabe waged a war with zapu defeating them to become dictator, and I believe anc and azapo also had feuds. I just happen to see a lot of t shirts worn by protesters that remind me of those old azapo ones. I am just wandering if their is any connection?

  36. Anonymous1:47 am

    "Sacrifice? People are free to take part in anything, even a revolution and I will encourage my mother, my daughter, my sister, my cat and my dog to take part if that means we get rid of the ANC."

    @ Mike, keyboard De la Rey, I believe you.

    I know you would do so because those people who love you most doesn´t matter to you. They are just tools to you which you like to use for feeling yourself powerful and alive.
    You manipulate others into self-destructive actions for duping delight. You are out to deceive people who trust you most. You need this blog to polish your fake image just to overcome that terrible feeling of emptiness and being a lost creature.

    Why don´t you dump your worthless garbage in Hamburg and go back to SA to lead this "revolution"?

    1. Ladies and Gentleman. Meet Agnes Römer. A narcissistic bitch I used to shag a few years ago, still following me and stalking me. She didn’t want to leave her rich hubby Siggi so I got myself another girlfriend and she flipped out. I guess it is OK for this hypocritical slag to be married and have a younger lover, but not for the lover to have another girlfriend. So she went and created a false FaceBook site as if it was me (which I had FB deleted) slandering and libeling me.
      Well fortunately I don’t play with skank ass bitches like her and she got the fright of her life when the police came knocking on her door. I sat the German police and Interpol on her case. The criminal case against her is still open. I suppose I should contact the Police in Brandenburg again and send Interpol my updated file.
      Hi Agnes. Why don’t you tell them how you worked as a translator for the East German Stasi? At least that is the official story…Actually I think you were a paid Stasi IM…(prostitute).
      Or tell them how you bought me useless books and CD’s I never even opened. They are still in the plastic. Is that the garbage you are referring to I should come and dump on your doorstep? Go fuck yourself you stupid cow. You are just missing my dick and how I used to shag you 5-6 times a day. Don’t worry, EVERYONE knows by now. Even your local policeman.

    2. Anonymous4:19 am

      Mr Smith how does anybody know if there is any truth to this, you peddle your brainwashing bullshit to people and you think every one is going to believe you.Take a pill and go back to sleep you are an attention seeker.

    3. No Agnes. YOU are the attentions seeker. You are the loser. You are the one who has never achieved anything in your life. You are the one who has no friends and trawl rightwing websites sites every day. Sitting in your golden cocoon in Groß Schönebeck. As a typical narcissist you always blame others for exactly what you are and what you do. I never knew what a narcissist was until you accused me of being one and I looked it up and studied them. You are such a pathetic little false creature. How many plastic surgeries have you had to date? I know of at least three. False hair, false chin, false eyes, and false ears even…everything about you is FALSE…but you always accuse others of being false. I cannot believe I was ever involved with you. It is fucking embarrassing. After four years you are still stalking me. Stay the fuck away from me you sick and twisted psycho whore.
      You keep Stasi files on everybody so you can use it against them later. Sent my entire family and friends links to bullshit made up FB sites. People I haven’t seen for 20 years, but told you about from my youth…Fortunately they were so kind to take screen shots of your libel before you could remove it. You even copied the papers from your husband’s briefcase so you can use it to blackmail him for tax evasion. I still have those documents. Remember how you gave it all to me to read? You stole €10,000 from your husband’s safe along with his 9mm pistol for which you have another criminal charge against you. Then you accuse others of theft. Fuck off! Verpiß dich du Schlampe!
      How about I post the case numbers to the criminal charges I have against you and the public can phone themselves and find out if it is all true…Hey? Just tell me how far you wanna go bitch. As you know, I am a bit crazy…Got a few kinks from the war you know…

    4. Anonymous6:13 am

      Seems we have found Mr Smiths "Achilles Heel" ?
      Destroys some sound information though -- just like "DR" Philip du Toit
      Is this now your out and swan song Mr Smith ?
      ALWAYS hard for the Doctor to take his OWN medicine .........
      Not so ?

  37. Uhm...is this a political blog turning porn blog? Honestly i dont care who shagged who, how many times a day...and this is actually quite private.

    I like a guy that will show respect even after he's done and dusted with the one he now brag to his friends as being a whore....because frankly if you sleep with a married mans wife, you are just as much of a whore as you make her out to be.

    And Agnes dont for one minute think I'm standing up for you!

    Demmit...this shit has got nothing to do with me or anyone else!

    1. Anonymous6:02 am

      Agreed! However there has been a nasty sarcastic little "know it all little so and so" bugging the blog members for some time now. Methinks the best is to ignore and continue like before. Nothing like a woman scorned and nothing like an enraged. man who is victimized by it.

    2. @ Siener Fan. You must be a woman. A man can NEVER be a whore. EVER. Besides I am single. To me ALL women are free game. I shag who and what I want. She is the one who was cheating on her husband not me.

    3. Oh Mike....you still old school....NEVER? You sound like the blacks that can NEVER be a racist. EVER.

      Ja, to you ALL woman are free game, wonder what the married men around here think of that, but I guess you dont really care, now do you...

      Ohhhhh, I see...because I am a woman...I dont know anything?

    4. So you are a "Siener Fan"....tell me, do you also avoid walking under ladders?

    5. Honestly Mike....dont be an asshole...I've been commenting on this thread for a few days, now all of a sudden you want to bully me about Siener, now that you know my gender??? Ladders are about superstition.....Siener is about faith....BIG DIFFERENCE.

    6. Oh look...a black cat just crossed my path.

    7. Good 4 you uncle Mike!

    8. Anonymous12:51 am

      Siener Fan, you take the piss, you get the piss taken. Simple! Roll with it and take it in your stride, don't force anything. Let the waters flow, don't try and change the rivers. Build around them so that we all can benefit from the life giver....water. You can just sommer just call me Mr. Lee. :)

  38. I was willing to let her go and forget about her, but her psycho stalking pissed me off too much. You have no idea who this woman is. Her best "friend" is Jani Allen, the alcoholic coalburner who shagged Eugene Terreblanche, Dr. Mongosuthu Buthelezi, and the American CIA agent Inkatha Freedom Party's Mario Ambrosini.

    1. Anonymous2:58 am

      When Jani Allen was younger she was a model and a pretty good looking gal at that. But her insatiable craving for men and sex has led to her ultimate downfall. She lost control of it in her life and now she looks like an ugly skinny witch and her mind is completely warped as well.

  39. Anonymous8:50 am

    Keep the shirt on Mike! It happens to the best of us sometime in life. Chuck it out of your mind, roll the sleeves up and let’s get on with the revolution and “Resistance fight”!

  40. Anonymous2:55 pm

    HEHE these people are coming out of the woodwork now Mike, almost like rats sensing the ship is about to sink. Mimimimimimimimi

    Fucking cunts!

    1. Yes, sometimes you have to set the grass on fire to smoke out the snakes.

    2. Anonymous1:45 am

      Just like the fiery revolution
      Not ONLY snakes come out !

  41. Anonymous6:23 am


    Blogging during your psychotic events just shows your extreme paranoia and undermines your credibility.

    BTW what is your method of collecting information about people who are not in touch with you? Computer hacking? Troyan planting? Surveillance? Dream interpretation?

    1. Agnes Römer again. The attention whore who believes the government is spraying us with chemtrails, hacking her computer and have bugs in her bedroom. HAHAHA. Talk about paranoia...one of the tell tale signs of a narcissist psycho.

      No bitch, I collect no info. That is your forté. Files on everybody, even your husband Sigi. Copying all his documents from his briefcase while he sleeps to blackmail him for tax evasion. What a psycho whore you are. Everything I ever told you about my friends and family you kept in files to use against me if ever I left you skank ass. Then you went and created false FB sites slandering me and sent all these people links to the site. Hey? What kind of psycho trash does something like that?

      You are so stupid that you don't even realise how you give yourself away like using "Troyan"...it is "Trojan" in English just as it is in German. Pathetic attempt at translation.

      I can smell your skank ass a mile away. You are so stupid that you don't realise how much bullshit I fed you. It is an old trick to find out where the breech is amongst people you cannot trust. You feed different people different bullshit and when it comes back to you, you know exactly who the source of the bullshit is. Fucking amateur.

      Piss off Agnes. Jan told me that you are lurking around on his blog again as ("S...") Does he know all the shit you and Jani talked about him and how you laugh behind his back calling him "Lady Lampie", etc?

      Don't worry I told him all the gory details of how I used to shag you silly even sent him some nice pics of of you ;-) The same ones I sent to the police and Interpol. They all know the truth. Told me how you lied and all your bullshit. Rather you stay very far from me BITCH , because it is going to get very ugly soon. You fucked with the wrong guy once too many.

  42. Anonymous6:03 am

    @”Mike Smith”, self-deluded “knight in service of the Afrikaners”
    Why don´t you tell your crowd that you cheated on your dying wife with her niece in your wife´s house? …that you abandoned her and you only had read about her death in the local newspaper? …that your late wife changed her last will for this reason and disinherited you? …that you hadn´t had a pot to piss in when you came to Hamburg? Tell them that your sister did not speak to you for 5 years because of that… and she posted this story publicly on FB!
    Tell them what a consciousless, heartless brute you are… a woman beater! Come on and tell the truth before you try to character assassinate others, you lying bastard son of a bitch! You have a special place prepared for you in hell. Be sure about it.

    1. 1) Cheated on dying wife with niece.
      So where do you get that rubbish from? I had a five year relationship with my wife’s 18yo niece (I was 33) AFTER her death. I was even engaged to her. Then she got pregnant after three years and had a baby and made me believe it was mine for 15 months. When I discovered it was not my baby I kicked her ass out on the same day. See why I have a problem taking women seriously?
      2) Abandoned wife and only read about her death in the local paper?
      Jesus Christ…Where do you get all this CRAP from? Which local paper did I read about her death? My wife decided to spend her last days at my sister’s house and called her to come and fetch her. Mainly to get away from her family that were like vultures in our house every day carrying her clothes off before she was dead. My wife didn’t work. She wore very expensive clothes, which is a testimony about how well I looked after her. She drove a Mercedes Benz. Unlike you, married to a rich husband and have to drive a Polo. She had only the best medical care. In her last days she was looked after by my sister and the Hospice. Due to the long distance and work I could only visit her twice a week. Normally on a Tuesday and weekends. Somebody had to pay the bills. The moment she died on a Tuesday morning, my brother in law informed me at work. It was about 10H00. I went home to arrange the funeral together with my family.

    2. 3)That my late wife changed her last will for this reason and disinherited me?
      My wife and I were married in community of property and we had a very simple will. If I died she inherited everything. If she died I inherited everything. If we both died together our daughter would get everything in a trust. On her death bed, whilst taking 10ml of morphine every four hrs she read an article in the Huisgenoot Magazine about how to change your will. She asked my sister to get her a lawyer to change her will so that she could leave her half of the estate to our daughter in a trust. The lawyer could see that she was delirious and wanted a doctor’s signature first. The female oncologist who gave the signature was also a personal friend of my wife. Cut a long story short, I paid out half of the estate into my daughter’s trust. My wife didn’t disinherit anybody. She just wanted the best for her daughter.
      4) That I didn’t have a pot to piss in?
      Oh really. My investments and property is nobody’s business. Least of all yours. Let’s just say, I am not a poor man. I certainly have a lot more than you who is a parasite living off your rich husband money. Having to shag him every now and again for a pittance. What does that make you? Personally you have nothing, is nothing and will die nothing. You are a loser Agnes. You have achieved absolutely fuckall in life. You sit at home and trawl people’s FB sites and gather info on them and their friends to make up bullshit stories to put up in the internet and stalk them. Why? Because you are a psycho bitch.

    3. 5) My sister did not speak to me for five years, posted the story publicly on FB?
      Utter rubbish. The spark of the fallout was YOU who trawled her FB site and discovered a conversation between her and an American woman about how I did not visit my sister in hospital when she was lying there from leukemia. It was utter lies seeing that I went to my sister every Tuesday evening when I went to Ju Jitsu and even rubbed and massaged her feet. I confronted her with the lies and other bullshit that they talked. Eventually I had a fall out with my sister mostly about our childhood and eventually about how my daughter’s trust was being administered. I was the one who broke off contact with her for about a year. Not the other way around. We cleared the air and are big friends today. In fact we were spending our last four Christmases together. We are Adults. Unlike you and your son Attila who don’t want to speak to you. Giving your daughter Rita money for a holiday to Holland and then wanting it all back again, because she wanted to take her Muslim boyfriend along. You are such a racist and anti-semite. Jan told me how you infiltrated his website as “Spectator”. You’ve got no shame, after all the bullshit you spoke behind his back with Jani Allen. Does Jani Allen know how you sent all her private conversations to me? Even two unpublished chapters of her new book? This is the type of psycho bitch you are. Don’t worry I still have it all.
      6) …A woman beater…
      Where did I beat you? I don’t hit shit, because it splatters in my face. I think I slapped two women in my entire life after they went hysterical….Sorry three…One I had to knock out in the water on a scuba lesson after she almost drowned both of us. As a practitioner of Ju Jitsu most of the time I protect them. But I do roll around with girls on the mat all the time, but that is mostly for fun. I like it when they pull me into their guard. However I teach them how to defend themselves against attacks from brutes. As a parent I never even spanked my daughter. EVER. But I did make sure she learned Ju Jitsu.


    4. 7) Come on tell the truth….blah, blah…son of a bitch…blah, blah.
      Showing your true colours now aren’t you Agnes. I have been telling the truth. You are the one spreading the lies around. You even tell people I am a coloured. Hehehe. Anybody who wants to know anything about me can contact me personally via phone, email or meet me in person. I will tell them all they want to know. It is no secret. I just do not believe in washing laundry in the open. But seeing that you started it…I will show them exactly who and what you are. Your little game is backfiring on your ass bigtime.
      8) Special place in hell…
      Nice…see you there. BTW…how are the Chemtrails? Any new pictures? BWHAHAHAHA!!

    5. Come Bitch, you want to play some more? Give it to me. You have already played all your aces and all your trumps. You have revealed your entire strategy. You have fuckall left. Now my turn starts. Now you will see who you fucked with. I am coming for your ass. Sleep well.

  43. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Mike I don't know what this crazy woman is on about. When we dated you were the kindest guy and always the perfect gentleman, opening the car door and buying me flowers. I so miss that. Just forget her. She is not worth it

    1. Thanks Baby. For four years she worshipped me. Couldn’t get enough of me. Then when I saw she didn’t want to leave Siggi for financial reasons and I got myself another girlfriend, she turned total Psycho. Overnight she went from lovey-dovey to becoming a stalking monster. You can see. She is still stalking me, even though there are two police cases against her. She is going to end up in prison soon. She is the female version of Sideshow Bob who wants to kill Bart Simpson all the time.
      Now she calls me…a “consciousless, heartless brute”
      I couldn’t have been THAT heartless…I mean I fucked her out of sympathy after all. Mainly , because she was crying to me that her limp-dicked husband haven’t done his duties for ten years. He had to get circumcised at the age of 65, because his foreskin grew closed from not getting enough…HAHAHAHA. That is the truth.

      She goes and tells people I am ugly. Hehehe. Yea well, Maybe I am not a Justin Bieber look-alike. Quite proud of it too. What can I say, I lived a tough life. Have scars around my eyes, my head and had my nose broken twice. But I still have enough to pull an ugly fat bitch anytime. Besides a man just needs to be one degree prettier than the Devil and he can pull any chick.

      I don’t know why I ever got involved with this psycho freak. It is fucking embarrassing. First time I saw her naked I almost puked. She has a long scar across her belly where she had a tummy tuck. She had the fat sucked out from her fat ass at least three times that I know of. She has scars behind her ears where the plastic surgery didn’t heal properly and had to go to an acupuncturist. I still have all the pictures she sent me after the surgery, with her blue and purple marks. Looked like her husband “moered” her after one of his drunken binges.
      Fortunately I could rely on my Martial Arts training and oriental breathing techniques that gave me the ability to focus on the only good part on her. The big tits. It is the only original part on her body and the only reason why I could get it up. The rest of her is all fake. From the fake hair colour to the fake ass. On top of it she wears way too much perfume. Maybe she thinks the more perfume she puts on the prettier she will get. All it does is make her stink more.

      My training was the only thing that allowed me to be able to shag her. It was like the morphine drip you get at the hospital after back surgery. When you need a dose of morphine, you hit the button.

    2. Anonymous4:33 am

      So can we now talk about David Duke the wife swapper -- who you dissed not so long ago.
      It appears Crows roost close to home ...
      At least your "ex" is not a Satanic Priestess

      Anyway whatever -- no such thing as a "free-shag"

      NOW lets get on with the serious stuff ...

    3. Ex? That is giving her an honorary position...almost an honorary doctorate. As if she was my girlfriend. Way to high for what she was in my life. She was just a fuck on the side when I was too lazy to wank. Never took the thing seriously.

      Maybe you should speak to her about David Duke. She is a big fan. She is the one who bought me all his books.

  44. Anonymous6:47 am

    Sjoe Mike...personal hey...
    Sounds like a load of bullshit ...to cover up the real story .
    But if what you say is true...Mr Smith I can now see your harboured heart...

    Though at some stage I did think of you as a classy person with morals and values.
    The way you speak of women and the way you insult others, so harsh hey.I know people in general are always picking on you ( me included lol ) but geez

    its like you on about this and that and there's never peace within you.I think even if you had your perfect white dream and white society you will never be happy or satisfied.

    You do realize at the end of the day a bad attitude will stink.
    You don't even respect yourself, so why would you be so for others..
    you beat around a personality and blog.You need a change of heart, its the only way you going to deal with your hatred for ANC, BLACKS AND WHATEVER ELSE.

    Micah 6:8
    What does the Lord require of you ? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

    1. I am the guy your mother warned you about. Hehehe

      No...I am quite a humorous guy in a very happy relationship. I just get furious when a psycho bitch stalks me for four years non stop. Maybe you would too.