11 December 2015

Mike's going to the beach

By Mike Smith

11th of December 2015

OK boys and girls...that is enough blogging for the year. Uncle Mike is knackered and the sea is calling him big time.

So I am going to wax down my dilapidated long-board and head for the beach. Time to take a break…to just forget about all the shit in this country and just soak up the only good thing that is left over, the beauty of South Africa’s nature.

But which Cape beach? So many to choose from. Nevertheless, if you are looking for me, I will be on one of them.

Have a nice Christmas, a Happy New Year and we will carry on the fight in 2016. See you soon.

Uncle Cracker out.

Big Bay Bloubergstrand

Fish Hoek Beach

The Strand
Bikini beach Gordon's Bay

What comes after Zuma? Another useless and incompetent Communist Cadre?

By Mike Smith

11th of December 2015

It looks like the whole of South Africa is gunning for Zuma now and the #Zumamustfall campaign is gaining momentum

The pseudo intellectual and Socialist Prof. Adam Habib of Wits University desperately called on the ANC to oust Zuma.

Habib calls for ANC to oust Zuma

Like I said so many times before, these are all signs of the coming revolution. The people losing their respect and fear of the dictator, the transfer of allegiance of the intellectuals, etc. are all things that must take place before you have the full blown revolution. The next major step will be the transfer of allegiance of the armed forces and police to the public.

That Zuma is a goner is a given. It is just a matter of time before the prolls will burn Nkandla to the ground and necklace him and his thieving slut wives.

So who is going to take his place? Speculation in the Mail and Guardian is that Zuma himself wants his ex wife Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma Chairperson of the African Union Commission to take over from him.

This quack is the one who, during her tenure as Health Minister under Mandela, destroyed our once proud public health system, wasted taxpayer’s money on the corrupt anti AIDS Sarafina II play and rolled out her useless (and poisonous) snake oil muti “Virodene” as an anti AIDS drug.

She also showed where her terrorist party’s priorities were when she banned smoking everywhere with new laws at a time when farm murders were increasing and nothing was done about it.

As Minister of Home Affairs under her former husband Jacob Zuma, she destroyed the efficiency of the department to such an extent that we went from waiting 6 weeks for an ID document to waiting twelve months!

I for one have been trying to get an unabridged birth certificate out of these incompetent idiots for the past 8 months. Now they tell me they have lost my application, I have to apply again. Useless, I tell you. And this is the woman the white liberals fawn over and want as the new president.

The other candidate is the darling of the Anglo American Rand Lords, billionaire BEE tycoon and champagne communist, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa who has a director seat on the Lonmin council. The arch racist Cecil John Rhodes’ Company.

Whether Ramaphosa will be a favourite with the Lumpenproletariat masses is debateable, seeing that he is a Venda and the man who ordered the police to “shoot to kill” at Marikana.

Blacks only acknowledge Zulus, Xhosas, and Sothos as South Africans. Tswanas, Vendas, Swazis and Shangaans are not really South Africans.

Do NOT be fooled. Ramaphosa is no capitalist. He is a hard-core Communist agent who infiltrated the Illuminati Capitalists. As a red Trade Unionist leader he gave these mine bosses hell. They thought they could buy him over so he could ensure them their supply of gold.

He is the one who ran circles around the idiotic Nats at the Codesa meetings where they negotiated our country away. Ramaphosa drove the Nat negotiators to the brink of insanity and two of them had to resign and be hospitalised from sheer exhaustion. Ramaphosa is an extremely intelligent and dangerous psychopath and anybody who have had the misfortune to cross his path knows it.

So as you can see, no matter who wins the race, the SACP has money on both horses.

After Zuma became president in 2007 a whole bunch of prominent and intellectual (cough, cough) Afrikaners fell over their feet to suck up to Zuma. Steve Hofmeyer, Dan Roodt, Pieter Mulder, et al went and had a braai with Zuma who sweet talked them and they fell for it.

I was so furious that I wrote an angry article about it called On trapping birds and kicking dogs

Dr Johann Wingard, an engineer and former Chairman of the Volkstaat’s Council publicly attacked me on Global Politician website for criticizing such a fine intellectual as Jacob Zuma who studied at “The University of Robben Island”.

I could only shake my head in disbelief that an intelligent white man like Dr Wingard would degrade his own qualifications by seeing a functionally illiterate and corrupt terrorist (amongst other things) like Jacob Zuma as his intellectual equal. No wonder the Afrikaners still do not have a Volkstaat with idiots like him at the helm of the steering committee. I wonder what he thinks of Zuma now?

In another article called ”It was just time for a change” I scolded those who were happy that Thabo Mbeki was gone and Zuma the new president. I ended by saying “Start thinking “Worst Case Scenario”…Bad, just got worse!”

Ja...they laughed at me. Called me names. Attacked me even.

Why do I feel like I was the only one who could see the wood for the trees?

What I could not believe was how these white people were rooting for what they perceived at the time as the “lesser of two black evils” instead of rooting for one of their own, a white leader. It was like they have given up altogether that there would never be a white leader in charge of SA again and were therefore going for the better of two Kaffirs. Disgusting.

If you want to choose. Choose “white” over “black” not “the better of two blacks”.

Now, eight years later after Zuma wrecked South Africa and the currency and turned the country into an effectively, totalitarian one party dictatorship, where are all those Afrikaners who attacked me and sang Jacob Zuma’s praises now? Where are the ones who said, “At least he is a man we can talk to, because at least he listens to us…”???

This is what Zuma sang about the Boers...and White South Africans praised him! Hey? Go figure.

Come together all the winners.

We’re going to shoot them

With the machine gun

They are going to run

We are going to shoot them

With the Machine gun

They are going to run

You are a Boer…?

We are going to hit them

And you are going to run

Shoot the Boer…

We are going to hit them

And you are going to run

We are going to shoot them

With the Machine gun

They are going to run

Shoot The Boer…

The cabinet will shoot them

With the machine gun

Shoot the Boer…

The Fall of Nhlanhla Nene

By Mike Smith
11th of December 2015

10 December 2015

Zuma appoints terrorist and “Yes man” as Finance Minister; Rand in Freefall

By Mike Smith

10th of December 2015

A few days ago, the major credit rating agencies downgraded South Africa to a hair breadth above junk status

How dare they say that the wonderful ANC and its corrupt Number One are mismanaging the New (improved) South Africa?

Nhlanhla Nene: "Eishh!! Hau!!"
To add insult to injury, Umsholozi Showerhead fired his useless Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene and appointed the MK terrorist and "gatgabba"  David van Rooyen as the new Finance Minister

Hey?...Talk about rejecting “Pisspot” to take “Kakpot”…

Van Rooyen is the former mayor of the West Rand, Merafong Municipality which is home to the richest gold mines in the world (Belonging to the Anglo American Rand Lords) including Western Deep Levels and Elandsrand mines.

The Rand Daily Mail called Van Rooyen, “an ANC back-bencher” and “a political junior who has no cabinet experience” and who “has no doubt been chosen because he is simply in no position to resist Zuma's many plans for what is left of South Africa's treasury.”

The UDM leader Bantu Holomisa said firing Nene and appointing Van Rooyen was no surprise seeing that “the country's leadership was both "morally corrupt and intellectually challenged".

Van Rooyen is so bad that even The EFF rejected this “unknown” finance minister saying Nene has been moved because he "refused illegal instructions from Zuma and his friends in both business and state owned enterprises".

Said the EFF:

"Nene refused to give South African Airways [SAA] guarantees and bailout when Zuma’s girlfriend and chairperson of the board (Dudu Myeni) requested it. Nene also refused to buy Zuma a new luxurious private jet and declined to grant Zuma’s staff exemptions from using expensive hotels and flying first class.”

"Above all, Nhlanhla Nene was reluctant to approve the country’s new nuclear deal which Zuma wanted expedited so he can benefit before his term as president ends. There can be no more shocking news coming out of South Africa to signify that we are a country in crisis, with no knowledge of what tomorrow holds."

The EFF cautioned that with President Jacob Zuma "you must either be corrupt or you fall out of favour with him".

The Afrikaans news called it “a blatant attack on South Africa’s stability” and “a shameless attack on one of the country’s most important institutions” .

The trough is empty, but the pigs still want to feed. They have now broken the lock on the cupboard with the emergency supplies. The last dam wall that held the flood of corrupt spending and the tsunami of open thievery back lies in tatters.

Oh well…Zuma did say the ANC comes first; not the country

08 December 2015

The Noble Savage destruction of our once pristine game reserves

By Mike Smith

8th of December 2015

If there is something that really gets my back up then it is the destruction of nature and mindless killing of defenseless animals.

Below follows a 10min Carte Blanche program on the destruction of the various LEDET run (Limpopo dept. of Economic, Development, Environment and Tourism)  game reserves in Limpopo. Maybe you can write to them at info@ledet.gov.za and ask them to explain.

They have an annual budget of R120 million of which 93% is paid on salaries and only 7% for operations costs. That leaves about R200,000 per year to run one of the 43 game reserves. But the catering budget is over R1 million.

It reminds me of the Africa Addio documentary about what happened after colonialism in Africa.

Here you can see the same kind of destruction meted out by the Noble Savages on our nature reserves…reserves that we paid for.

The Limpopo province manages 43 spectacular nature reserves. But, these pristine parks are in a state of rapid decay. Sources reveal that management is non-existent and infrastructure has collapsed with many state parks now closed to the public. Animals – some of which wander across from the Kruger Park - are being hunted to generate funds and acres of trees have fallen to the axes of commercial wood gatherers.

Who cares about animal lives when only black lives matter?

Watch the destructive power of the Noble Savage. Like a horde of scavenging locusts they destroy everything in their path. The combined destructive effect is worse than a thousand nuclear bombs.

Limpopo Parks destruction. A Carte Blanche exposé

07 December 2015

The SA Taxi mafia and their extortion rackets

By Mike Smith

7th of December 2015

I have often wondered why South Africa cannot have a well run and efficient public transport system like other countries have. We are one of the richest countries in the world as far as minerals are concerned and the ANC regime has money for bullshit like the Gautrain, why not a proper public transport system?

For anyone who has been to Paris and rode the Metro, the London Underground, the Hamburg S-Bahn or the New York sybway it is shocking to come to Cape Town or Johannesburg and find out that our only alternative is…The Kaffir Taxi.

Alternative transportation in South Africa
I mean in Cape Town the Metro trains and Golden Arrow busses are a joke. They are unsafe and you won’t find me or any self respecting white person riding a train late at night. So the only other thing to do if you went out to a restaurant or party is to drive drunk. This is a danger to oneself and others, but there is simply no alternative transport.

OK, there are a few metered taxis, but they are ridiculously expensive and the average person cannot afford them.

Eventually it all comes down to the government being afraid of the mighty taxi bosses and unions, like CATA and Codeta.

A few years ago when Golden Arrow did not increase their bus fees when the taxis did, they waged a war against the bus company, shooting and killing the drivers and setting the busses alight.

When the University of Cape Town (UCT) introduced a free bus service called the “Jammie Shuttle” for their students and staff between Wynberg and UCT, the Kaffir taxi bosses cried war and the university was forced to back down and compromise.

UCT Shuttle Suspended after Taxi Gun Threats

Jammie Shuttle destroyed in blaze

UCT Jammie Shuttle gives in to Taxi driver blackmail

These bastards are doing the same thing in Durban now where they sent out letters to the local residents to ban lift clubs.

Durban community to meet over taxi bosses advert threat

These Kaffir Taxis are a menace. They are mostly unroadworthy and responsible for most of the accidents and deaths on our roads, yet they are tolerated by the government and the police turn a blind eye to them simply because they are scared that the taxis will cause major blockages and disruptions of transport on the highways if confronted by the government. It is mafia extortion.

They should go. What this country needs is a proper first world public transport system and when those bastards and their jalopy taxis dare to block a road, just start up a few bulldozers and drive them in their Moer!

Zulu King nailed for speaking the truth about Apartheid

By Mike Smith

7th of December 2015

In this wonderful New (improved) South Africa you have “freedom of speech” inscribed and protected by the Bill of Rights of the constitution…which means you have the right to toe the official line coming from the ANC namely “Apartheid evil”; “ANC struggle Good”…bullshit

If you want to be attacked and experience a ton of bricks coming down upon you, just try to speak the truth. Like Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has just discovered.

His sin?

He said that the Apartheid economy was stronger and the army better than under the ANC.

Zulu King was reflecting on Apartheid, not defending it

Shitstorm as Twitter reacts to King’s Apartheid praise

Actually there is nothing the king said that we have not said on here before. For that we have been branded “racists”, and what not. Check the worry in my eye…

Nevertheless, King Goodwill Zwelithini praised the National Party, saying it “had built a powerful government with the strongest economy and army on the continent, but then came “this so-called democracy” of black people in “which black people started destroying the gains of the past”.

Adding history would judge black people harshly as they had failed to build on the successes of the Afrikaner regime.

Zwelithini also reportedly said the Afrikaners respected him very much. He said at the kwaKhethomthandayo Palace there were still medals which the apartheid government had awarded to his kingdom.

“He told the gathering that he learnt how to farm from the Afrikaners, who were good at it. He said the white farmers knew everything from the weather, to blending stock and ploughing crops, today he uses the skills he learnt from the white farmers.”

So now the blacks are calling him a sell-out, and others are saying he ought to sing the apartheid government’s praises as he was a beneficiary.

In his speech, Zwelithini continued to say black people “loved to use matches” to burn down infrastructure built during apartheid.

Of course the Zulu King is absolutely correct in everything he said, but he should be careful that he does not bite the red hand that feeds him. The ANC pays him a massive salary for his (and the Zulu nation’s) support and he has an almost unlimited credit line with them. Utterances like these could just shut the tap on his ass.

06 December 2015

Does South Africa belong to (only) the Khoi-San?

By Mike Smith

6th of December 2015

It is the age old debate. Who was here first? Who can claim the land?

There are many lies the ANC tell and blacks (and white liberals) believe about whites “stealing” what they call “their land”.

I thoroughly dealt with most of these lies in Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 32. Who does the land belong to?

In there I proved how the 1913 Land Act led to MORE land for blacks, not less and how the act was introduced to protect black land not steal it.

I also proved how blacks, mostly through the Zulu king Shaka’s genocidal “Defecane” created the homelands themselves, not the whites.

Most of these lies and beliefs come from Sol Plaatje, and ANC founder. In1914 he wrote a book called, “Native Life in South Africa”, full of anecdotal “evidence” of black dispossession in South Africa. Hardly any real evidence that would stand up in a court of law today. Those lies are ALL the ANC have. Any elementary research into the subject comes up with a completely different story.

The study called “South African territorial segregation: New Data on African farm purchases, 1913-1936 by two distinguished academics, Professors Feinberg and Horn, totally blows this theory about black land dispossession by whites apart. It is called:

A reference to this study can also be found at the following link, written by a black journalist called Jacob Dlamini of Bussiness Day, JACOB DLAMINI: Was Natives Land Act SA's original political sin?

Recently a black entrepreneur, Maynard Mamnyowa, caused a bit of a stir when he wrote a supporting article called ”Colonisation; Not Just a European Malady: Blacks Stole the Land Too!”

He bluntly calls these land lies, “a scapegoat for the ANC, a populist ticket for the EFF, and an excuse for bad governance and poor delivery from the government.”

He further states, “At a most elementary level, we must accept that, the notion that 40, 000 white people control 80% of the land in South Africa is false, improbable and impossible. The ‘non-racial’ state land audit, carried out by the office of South Africa’s Chief Surveyor-General and published in 2013 found that 79% of South Africa’s landmass was in private hands, not necessarily white, or black hands.”

“It found that this land was and is owned by individuals, companies and trusts and includes all urban real estate as well as agricultural and mining land in South Africa. It would be mathematically and practically impossible given such findings for ‘white people’ to own 80% of the land. Therefore, according to Mmuso Riba, the Chief Surveyor-General, “there is no basis” for the claim that whites own 80% of South Africa.”

He then goes on to explain the Defecane and how the Zulu’s stole other black’s lands and drove others of their land.

“It is important that we remember, that as black Africans, colonisation, expansion and domination was our way of life. The Zulu colonized and conquered more land in South Africa and beyond, and in brutal unrepentant fashion for that matter.”

“As the powerful Zulu war machine expanded the Zulu Empire would maim and kill most of the men and take the land, women and cattle (all seen as property) of surrounding lands.”

“Many of those who were conquered were taken into or sold into slavery. To anyone who opposed the Zulu Empire, retribution was harsh. Retaliation was almost genocidal in its brutality with infanticide a common practice.”

“Entire cultures, nations and tribes were to be destroyed or exterminated from the pages of history by the Zulu Impi.”

Now he has written a new article where he mentions the Khoi-San protest at parliament for recognition as the country’s first people

You can read it here: But the Khoi-San are not even the first South Africans

As he mentions, the oldest origins of the Khoi-San were found in East Africa in the regions of Kenya, Somali and Ethiopia, NOT South Africa.

The original humans who inhabited South Africa, Homo Ergaster, Homo Gautengensis and Homo Naledi died out and went extinct LONG ago and blacks made it VERY clear that they want nothing to do with Homo Naledi. Homo Naledi an attempt to connect blacks to baboons

So blacks and the Khoi-San all migrated down from Central and East Africa. Blacks were contemporary inhabitants (note, not settlers) of South Africa as whites. Blacks were pastoral nomads who never permanently settled any land until whites came along.

The Khoi-San were hunter-gatherers. A set of tools almost identical to that used by the modern San and dating to 44,000 BCE was discovered at Border cave in KwaZulu-Natal in 2012

See? 44,000 years in SA and they still use exactly the same stone-aged tools as back then. They never built a single road or made a single brick to build a proper house and settle. They haven’t tamed a single animal. They still live in grass huts and carry everything on their backs. They have in the past 44,000 never invented the wheel and therefore do not use a cart of any sort, even today. 44,000 years they sat on the biggest gold and diamond reserves in the world, but took a single ounce from the ground.

Compare that with what the whites have built here in the last 360 years. A beautiful first world country as if they wanted to stay here for a thousand years. Now you tell me…who does the land belong to?

03 December 2015

Tainted Heroes

By Mike Smith

3rd of December 2015

Afriforum is releasing a film next year called “Tainted Heroes”.

Our documentary about Apartheid South Africa is not “Anti ANC” - Afriforum

The trailer can be seen below. I am always glad when people who have lived through Apartheid tell the truth about it and counter the ANC’s lies that they were the only “good guys” and everyone who opposed them were the “Bad guys”, but in this case I have to ask, “Why did it take Afriforum so long?”

Today the names of these ANC Marxist terrorists are all over our signboards...towns, roads, airports even ships and airplanes named after this reprehensible scum and cowards painting them as “heroes”.

Bunch of psychopathic murderers of the innocent masquarading as a legitimate government. I hope I live long enough to watch them get some of their own medicine and get necklaced one by one.

01 December 2015

The ultimate "What if?" questions in the New (improved) Rainbow South Africa

By Mike Smith

1st of December 2015

The other day, the Indian editor of City Press newspaper released her new book that caused quite a stir. You can read her hatred of whites and especially White Males over here:

”What if there were no whites in South Africa?”...An extract from Ferial Haffajee’s new book

According to this liberal tramp, who in her own words is “a girl from Bosmont (Johannesburg) who grew up on chip rolls on pavements as lunch”, South Africa would have been a beautiful Utopia free of all racism and strife, were it not for the evil whites, and especially those evil white men, and especially those evil white AFRIKANER men, who came to South Africa and imposed all there racist genocidal ideas on the poor blacks of the country and by “Blacks” she includes herself and other Indians, coloureds including Malays, Chinese, all 23 black tribes, the San, the Griquas etc, because in her fucked up mind there are only “Evil Whites” and “Innocent Blacks”.

Absolute rubbish…nevertheless it is quite ironic for an Indian woman like herself to attempt to be on a morally higher ground than the “Racist Apartheid whites” of SA especially those “Racist Apartheid White Afrikaner Males” seeing that India is one of the most Racist Apartheid countries in the world with a vicious Varna, Caste system where she would NEVER have made it to newspaper editor, were she born there, especially not as a women. She would be barefoot in a Sari, probably pregnant with her tenth child and full of blue marks the way her chauvinistic husband panel-beated her.

The word “Varna” means “colour” or “class” and seeing that her parents were both sewing clothes for a living, she would be a ”Dalit” or what her Communist god, Karl Marx called a member of the “Lumpenproletariat” , so low that she would be excluded from the official four-fold Varna system and part of the unmentioned fifth Varna also called Panchama.

Instead she should be thankful that she was born in a first world country created by those very, hated and despised by her, Whites in which Indians phenomenally excelled in both education and wealth to far surpass their cousins on the sub continent and even many whites in South Africa, all because of Apartheid not despite of it.

At first when she took over City Press She complained that there were not enough black journalist there and too many whites

Then she appointed some black journalist who later accused HER of being racist because she was too critical of the corrupt black president Jacob Zuma and not critical enough of the DA.

Journalist accuse Haffajee of racism

I can tell her how South Africa would look like today if there were no Whites, no colonialism and no Apartheid. The Zulus were well on their way to become the only black tribe in SA in the early 1800’s seeing that King Shaka mass murdered about two million blacks and genocided tribe after tribe. Her beloved Mandela would never have been born, because the cowardly Xhosa nation would have been obliterated by the Zulu impi.

If there were no whites there would also not have been any Indians in SA, seeing that the White British brought the Indians to SA and probably saved the lives of many by doing so, including Haffejee’s family, because they killed about 10 million Indians in engineered famines.

You never read about it or know about it, because it is written out of almost all history books. The Bengal Famine: How the British engineered the worst genocide in human history for profit

Dr Dan Roodt of Praag.co.za, played Devil’s advocate and asked a counter question.

What if there were no blacks in South Africa?

Of course he is right in his hypothesis, seeing that we would have virtually no crime, only a few prisons, no burglar bars or 8foot electric fences, no armed response security on call 24/7, excellent education with a 100% pass mark, no rubbish in the streets, no farm murders, no Kaffir taxis, low taxes, excellent hospitals, winning sports teams chosen on merit not race, etc, etc....and most importantly, no racial discrimination or cultural conflicts.

He even went as far as suggesting we would have had one big Israeli Apartheid Wall stretching from the Atlantic along the Limpopo river to the Indian ocean separating us from the noble savagae.

Today we can only dream about the beauty of such Axenic Apartheid.

However, seeing that the learned Indian goose opened the debate and Dr Dan Roodt picked it up and ran with it, I would like to carry it further and let the reader express his/her view on how SA would have been like if...:

a) There were no whites in SA, and...
b) If there were no blacks in SA

Be objective and try to remember why we had blacks in SA in the first place and why they were not exterminated like the noble savagae in Australia, Canada and the US of A.

Then answer the ultimate question...

c) What if we ever get another chance at it?