23 January 2016

To liberals, savagery in South Africa is the fault of whites

By Mike Smith

23rd of January 2016

It never stops to amaze me how liberals can ignore the savage behavior of blacks in SA. They turn a complete blind eye to the daily reports of Muti murders, black babies thrown away by their mothers on garbage dumps and in pit toilets. Brutal farm murders and so called “exorcisms”.

Sinithemba Dlamini was 14 years old in 2012 when she became a little withdrawn. Her aunts and cousins accused her of being possessed by demons and worshipping the Devil. So they planned an exorcism.

Now it might be true that some Christian denominations also practice exorcisms, but they use holy water and a cross. Below you can read how it is done in a South African township.

They first hit the girl with a broom, then tortured her for three days in a bizarre ritual before she died after her intestines were pulled out through her vagina.

And then they still ask us why we had Apartheid? Liberals see it differently. It was Because of Apartheid that the blacks behave like this.

“The four women convicted for killing their 14-year-old relative by pulling her intestines through her vagina are not remorseful for their actions, the Durban High Court heard yesterday.”

Four Exorcism ritual killers unrepentant

You can read here how this bizarre ritual was conducted, to confuse and drive out the Devil.

Girl’s gruesome murder shock

Girl dies after exorcism attempt

This is also not an isolated incident.

He pulled my vagina from his pocket and licked it

Mapula Malemone, 29,told Pretoria News about her ordeal with her ex boyfriend:

She said the attack happened while she was asleep. Their three children – a boy, 8, and two girls aged 6 and 4 – were asleep next to her.

“I don’t know how or why he did this to me. I just woke up to hear my children and neighbours screaming out loud. I couldn’t even speak or move,” she told the Pretoria News.

“The next thing, he came back and pulled out my vagina from his pocket and told me he now had my ‘nice thing’ with him and then he licked it.

“Thereafter, he put it back in his pocket and went on to boil water, telling me he was going to kill me,” recalled Malemone.

An then there was Johannes Kana and the Anene Booysen murder

The victim was disemboweled with a blunt object, possibly by hand, leaving over a metre of her small intestines protruding from her vagina and anus.

These cases were all what they have done to their own people. Imagine what they would do to us when they get the chance. But liberals believe the other way around. They believe that WE are responsible for this kind of behaviour in blacks. If we don't call them "savages"they will somehow stop behaving like savages.

22 January 2016

Sick of "Racism” yet? Expect a lot more before the elections

By Mike Smith

22nd of January 2016

Three weeks into the New Year and I bet you are just like me “gatvol” of hearing “racism this”; “Racism that”, blah, blah, blah…Racism bollocks!

It started with Penny Sparrow (who incidentally does not exist) calling black beach goers monkeys, then the F.W. de Klerk foundation calling blacks worse racists than whites, then the ANC calling Zuma critics, “racists”, the DA saying there is no place for racists in their party and they do not need racist voters, DJ’s and TV personalities getting fired, DA and ANC laying charges of crimen injuria and racism against each other, ad nauseam, ad infinitum….And the sensationalist leftist liberal media fanning the flames of “racism”, because it is emotional and sells papers.

According to the ANC’s paid praise singers and brown envelope journalists

Only whites can be racists

Blacks have never been and can never be racists

Problem is…None of these idiots can even define “racism” . They simply do not know what it is, but There is racism under every rock

That was why I was so glad when I heard that the ANC are taking four people to court for alleged “racism”.

Finally we will know what the court says “racism” is, but first they will have to tell us what “Race” is, because these exact lefties who see racism everywhere claim that race does not exist and is just a social construct. In other words “race” only depends on where you grew up.

Then when they are finished defining race and racism they will have to spell out the criteria they will use to judge if someone is a “racist” or not. Which of the say 25 criteria must you fulfill to be classed as a “racist”. All? 60%? Half?

Then they will have to decide if “racism” is a crime or a mental condition. Should you be punished for being a “racist” or treated?

In my opinion, “Racism” is anything a white person says that a black person does not like.

But we know that the aim of the ANC is not to eradicate racism. They love it. It is what brought them to power and has kept them in power. The ANC can never let go of racism, because it is the only way they can get anybody to vote for them. Play on emotional fears of racial oppression so they can win the next election.

Nobody in his right mind can vote for such a corrupt, thieving, lying bunch of incompetent Kleptocrats such as the ANC. They cannot govern, they cannot even run a bath, let alone a country, but race cards they can play. They are experts in that.

Who do they think they are fooling? Only the White Liberal Twats whom they want to join them in their fight against “Racism”.

The racist blacks in the ANC with their rubbish they call, the “National Democratic Revolution”, “Second Transition”, “National Development Plan”…It is all just masked racism and revolution against Whites same like their Let’s declare war on racism nonsense.

Seeing that only whites can be racists in their eyes, it is a declaration of war against whites.

It is not the first time the ANC and their troika members declared war on whites...

Ronald Lamola, deputy president of the ANC Youth League, in a speech at the Durban University of Technology called for the expropriation of white land without compensation.

“We need an act as forceful as war to bring it back to the Africans,” Lomola said.

After two black female farmworkers falsely accused four white farmers of gang rape Cosatu boss Tony Ehrenreich, declared war on whites and urged black people to beat them up and smash them…The SAHRC found him not guilty of hate speech.

In an obvious reference to the Communist leader of China, Mao Zedong and his “Great Leap Forward” (in which 70 million people were cold-bloodedly, murdered)…Zuma called for a “Giant Leap Forward”…in order to snatch the economy from white owned hands.

Zuma calls for Giant Leap

This is the president of the country who continuously sings his song, “Umshimi Whami” (bring me my machine gun) an Dubula Ibhunu (Kill the Boers).

Where are all these white liberal journalists condemning this kind of hate speech and racism towards whites? Why do they not call the rape, torture and brutal murders of whites by blacks “Racism”? No, calling someone a monkey…that is “racism”. That is sensationalist. That is blown out of proportion.

I cannot stand these White Liberals Twats like Max du Preez, Gillian Schutte, Liz Cowan and that “I-wish-I-had-fought-Apartheid-but-I-didn’t” idiot Caryn Gootkin with their little invalidations...you know the types...The ones who say, “You whites are all racists, but not me. I am the only white person who is not a racist.”

'I wish I had fought apartheid' — a white South African's big regret

White SA has to wake up fast

Liz Cowan says: “Most whites in South Africa are racist. Even those who profess not to be racist are racist. Unless it is especially blatant most do not even recognize racism – especially in themselves.”

Followed by their “Validation CV”... "Look at all the work I've done for blacks. I fought Apartheid!, I wrote a thousand articles against racism. I met Mandela. I voted for Obama. I married a black person. My family died in the Holocaust, Blah, blah, blah...I'm one of the good ones! I can never be a racist".

Ja…Invalidation by Racial Denial. They all suffer from Amy Biehl Syndrome. “I am a liberal white. Blacks won’t do anything to me. They will just kill the racist whites. And it is good when they do.”

Idiots are so dof they don’t realise that the blacks are not interested in their bullshit, political beliefs. They are white, therefore they are racists. All whites are racists. Racists carry an automatic death sentence. They all deserve to die. Hatred is wrong, but justified in only one case, hating “racists” is always good. Lynch them. Burn them at the stake.

The only time a liberal supports guns is when a “racist” needs to be killed and a “racist” is anybody who disagrees with them…but they preach tolerance and open-mindedness.

Further, these hypocritical white liberals NEVER have any racist thoughts. When they drive down the road and a black taxi cuts them off they just say, “Oh you naughty black man.”

And on the odd occasion that they might catch themselves harnessing a slight racist thought, then they have to share it with the whole world and confess it in an article where they pull their intestines out about how bad and racist the system is, how bad and racist the world is that made them like this.

Yes it is never them…If you ask them where they get all this “racism” from, then apparently, it is “imbedded in our society”.

Liz Cowan reckons: “Racism is in our psyche and in our blood. Centuries of conditioning have genetically engineered us to be racist: to genuinely believe that we whites are superior.”

It never occurred to her that whites could have become racists from observing the inferior, the savage and primitive behavior of blacks. No the blacks are never to be blamed. They are all good. It is the evil whites who think they are superior that is the problem.

Like the "root kit" on a computer, racism is hidden and operating without our knowledge. But it is there...hiding...waiting to just jump on us and attack us around every corner. Funny how they are the only ones who can see all this “racism” under every bush and live in constant fear of it. It is also called Racial Paranoia.

But you can never engage them in intelligent debate or discussion, because then you have that “shut-down-and-blank-stare” when confronted with facts. It is called Racial-Narcolepsy. All liberal fruit loops suffer from it.

But who are the ones who REALLY think they are superior? Especially superior to the “racist” whites who think they are superior to the Noble savages?

See...Liberalism works like this: Only liberals are credible sources of information. A steadfast refusal to let facts get in the way of their presuppositions seems to be in the DNA of liberals, yet they think they are brighter than anyone else. No matter how plausible what you say may be, it will be ignored if you're not a liberal and agreeing with liberal views. All one needs to do to be wise, intelligent, compassionate, open minded, and sensitive is to be liberal.

I once discussed this with a LWB who called me “stupid”.

I told her that if she believes that I believe that I am superior to blacks, and she believes she is superior to me, then surely she must see herself as FAR superior to blacks.

She said she doesn’t. She sees blacks and me as equals.

But I said, well if you still see yourself as superior to me and I am equal to a black then you still see yourself as superior to blacks.

She said, “No stupid!! We are AAALLLL Equallllll…..”

So I said, well if we are all equal, then you must be stupid too, just like me.

Racial Narcoleptic stare again…Don’t confuse a lefty with facts and logic. They will bitterly resent you for it.

At the same time that these liberal fucktards see themselves as superior to everyone else, they also hate themselves.

These self hating white liberal idiots believe the world unfairly advantaged them. All whites (another generalization) in Western societies enjoy advantages that non-whites do not experience, as "an invisible package of unearned assets".

In their minds no white person ever became successful without exploiting some black person.

Says Liz Cowan: “We have to accept that our superior economic freedoms today (ie our superior access to resources) have come at the expense of our black compatriots and continue to do so.”

And they feel guilty…Oh my goodness, do they feel guilty. So they want you to feel guilty as well. They want you to flog yourself, confess and wash feet ala Vlok style.

It is called collective “White guilt” and collective “White privilege.”

Where does it all come from?

It comes from an American Marxist feminist who thankfully croaked last year, Peggy McIntosh. She wrote an essay in 1988 called “Unpacking the invisible knapsack”.

After studying and investigating “unacknowledged male privilege”, McIntosh came up with some bollocks that males should feel guilty for being able to stand and pee.

But she did not stop there. Suddenly she saw privilege everywhere. McIntosh described white privilege as “an invisible weightless knapsack of assurances, tools, maps, guides, codebooks, passports, visas, clothes, compass, emergency gear, and blank checks”.

After this rubbish she came up with, “advantage systems” in society, including heterosexual privilege, age advantage, and ethnic advantage.

Now that they feel guilty for being born white and privileged they want everyone else to feel guilty as well. So they incessantly pull out their intestines in article after article. Stinging society like an annoying Gadfly. And if you disagree with them or do not feel their guilt, then you are an insensitive “racist”.

Shelbey Steele, a conservative black writer said that “White Guilt” is the same as “Black Power”. Of course he is right, but I have another view.

Whenever you hear “Collective” as in “Collective white guilt” then you can be sure it has a Marxist origin. It comes from, Critical Race Theory and offshoot of Marxist Critical theory that comes from the Marxist Frankfurt School.

See? That is all the word “Racism” is. It is a tool used by Marxists to hammer any opposition into submission so they can push their agenda without opposition. It is the last card they can play when loosing the argument.

A person who feels guilty does not fight back. He accepts his punishment. And a nation who feels collective white guilt, will collectively not fight back and accept their punishment.

All forms of Socialism/Marxism must have a victim class and an exploiter class in order to grow and organize. If the ANC does get everyone equal and does away with “racism” then they won’t have these two classes anymore and will be voted out.

20 January 2016

The Grand Apartheid comeback in Europe

By Mike Smith
20th of January 2016

Sometimes prison is a good thing for people making mistakes…because once they come out of prison they normally have a far better understanding of their wives’ needs, because they will know exactly how it feels to be a woman and shafted like a bitch.

That is how I sometimes feel about Europe and their “refugee crisis”. It is their prison bitch experience. If they come through this, they will have a much better understanding of what we went through in South Africa when the whole world had sanctions against us and shafted us.

Sometimes I have to remain focused that these are our kith and kin and not expel a cry of Schadenfreude when I see how these Europeans are scattering around like chickens with their heads chopped off trying to deal with these sand niggers invading their countries. Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Amusing it definitely is.

Just the other day I mentioned how Apartheid was making a comeback and how the Germans are putting up signs and preventing raghead “refugees” from entering swimming halls.

Mike Smith: The return of Apartheid in Germany

Latest is Denmark who is introducing a language policy into their bars and nightclubs. If you cannot speak Danish, German or English you are not welcome. Their excuse is…”If you have a group of guests that comes in and displays threatening behavior, then it presents some security-related challenges if you cannot enter into a dialogue.”

Danish nightspots bar migrants by introducing ‘language controls’

See? They still think they can “enter into dialogue” with these camel jockeys and talk reason to them.

This comes after…“Women in the Danish cities of Thisted, Sonderborg and Haderslev reported they were groped and approached with inappropriate offers from foreign men.”

What is the difference to the South African situation?

Come, let us be honest for a change…In South Africa we tried to keep the kaffirs out of Stellenbosch University with an Afrikaans language policy and they called us “racists”. Now what are they going to call the Danes trying to keep the sand niggers out with a language policy?

The Danes are far worse than we ever were during Apartheid.

At the end of last year Denmark started tightening the screws on migrants. It aims to strip refugees of valuables, including cash and jewelry, to cover the costs the country bears in connection with housing them. The recently introduced bill would allow Danish authorities to claim individual items whose combined value exceeds 10,000 kroner (€1,340, $1,450).

Hey? All we did was ask them to carry a pass. For that we were called “racists”.

These are the same Danes who supported the ANC and Swapo's PLAN terrorists against us during the Apartheid years and the Border war. I remember getting hold of a PLAN ratpack once. They had better food than us! All courtesy of Denmark.

There was a reason why we had segregated busses
But coming back to Germany… In the Southern German town of Regensburg they want to introduce women only zones in busses and women only taxis with women drivers

You can read the English translation here

However…Yesterday the city council rejected the idea of women zones

Gender Apartheid? Isn’t that what they have in Muslim countries under Sharia Law? It is exactly what these Muslims want. Separate sections for women.

Nevertheless, we also had no-go buss zones for blacks. They had to sit in the back or on the second storey. For that we were called “racists”.

Now that Germany wants to introduce no-go zones for desert dwellers and whites on busses what are they going to call that?

Like my former SA Sucks colleague Grumbleguts said to me yesterday. “Mike, anytime now your phone is going to ring for help about how to introduce Apartheid in Europe”.

Green countries were the only ones
who signed Apartheid as a crime
Laugh…its coming. In 1973 when the UN declared Apartheid a “Crime against Humanity” it was only the Communist Countries in Asia, the Eastern Bloc, Africa and Latin America that voted for it. The Western democracies like the USA, Canada, the whole of Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, never acknowledged, neither signed nor ratified the ICSPCA that Apartheid was “a Crime against humanity”.

Why not? Simple. They wanted to keep a back door open. They knew that one day they might be in the same boat as we were in and might have to introduce those exact same policies we introduced and they were so hypocritically against. We whites in South Africa should have patented Apartheid. In the future it is going to be in huge demand and we could have received royalties from it.

Look, Europe is the mother continent of us whites, so I don’t particularly want it destroyed by Jihadi terrorists, but the problem I have with Europeans (and Canadians and Australians, etc. ) is that back in the days when we had Apartheid, they actively demonstrated en masse against us, boycotted our sports and proudly boycotted our exported fruit and wine, but now when you mention the racist BEE, Affirmative Action, racist sports quotas and …brutal Farm Murders, they just shrug their shoulders and change the subject. They are not interested in the plight or genocide of white South Africans at all.

So it becomes very hard for us to have solidarity and sympathy with them during this “refugee crisis”.

I have always maintained that the reason why I inform Europeans and the rest of the world about the plight of the White South Africans is not to get any support or money for them. I just want the world to take note of it now, because in the near future a massive race war will break out in South Africa and nature will take its course. It won’t be pretty.

The rightful owners of South Africa will take their country back and chase the Noble Savages and the pet monkeys of the Europeans all the way back to the equator. Then the Europeans mustn’t ask “why?”

So maybe it is a good thing that Europe is experiencing their prison moment with the sand niggers now so that they have more understanding for us when our big moment comes. What I mean is this...When that race war comes, they must just stay the fuck out of our way, because we need to clean house and settle the score. We stop at the equator.

19 January 2016

Media Manipulation and Psyops in Sowetan. Farmer tortures man to death

By Mike Smith

19 of January 2016

Here is an example from last year brought to ma attention about how Black newspapers fan the flames of hate towards whites with their psyops, but then two pages further talk about how whites do not do enough for reconciliation.

So if you see this heading on the front of a Black newspaper Farmer tortures man to death What do you think? What Mental Model is created in your brain?

Of course you will immediately form a Mental Model of an evil racist white “Boer” who tortured his innocent black worker to death.

However when you read the story (which appeared on page sixteen) you will see that the farmer was black (his name is Tigwinita Luwantu)and that this is a black on black incident…a fact conveniently omitted from the heading on the front page of the Sowetan. How many buy the newspaper and read the main story inside and how many only read the headline?

Those who do buy the paper for the story are probably expecting to read about their expected and already formed mental model only to discover they have been fooled, conned by the Sowetan into buying a newspaper for a sensationalized piece of bullshit story.

But this is how Psyops work. They want to constantly create these mental models of white racists torturing innocent blacks so they can sell their fish and chips wrappers to the masses for more sensationalized bullshit. On top of it…it sows racial divide and tension playing into the hands of their ANC masters.

The truth is this:

The black farmer, his black wife and their black friends, caught three men gathering wood and accused them of stealing a sheep. They locked them up in a cold room for 12 hours and systematically tortured them, beating them with knobkerries and a car fan belt and pouring boiling water on their private parts. When the black police arrived on the scene they joined in on the assault. One man later died from his injuries.

ANC women bare bottoms in protest

By Mike Smith

19th of January 2016

No?...Neither can I. So here is a lesson in Kaffir logic: Behave like monkeys; complain being called monkeys. Go figure.

This behavior is nothing new. We grew up with it in SA and have seen it many times. I once saw them protesting for jobs at a furniture factory…exactly the same. Another was a demo in Cape Town…exactly the same.

This is not the behavior of Stone Age savages. This is pre Stone Age. Things should go back to Uganda and crawl back up the trees.

I wonder who they are going to acuse of “racism” now seeing that this time it is not a white woman like Penny Sparrow who holds up the mirror to them, but a black journalist and a black camera man.

Article written by: RAPULA MOATSHE, Pretoria News.

ANC women bare bottoms in protest

“Some had unzipped their jeans, lifted their tops and undone their bras before turning away to expose their naked backsides in full view of our cameraman (Bongani Shiluban, Protoria News)”.

18 January 2016

Zuma must fall song

Cabins for those in the ANC cabinet

By Mike Smith

18th of January 2016

It was with interest that I noted that the world’s first public Masturbation booth was erected in New York City by London-based sex toy company Hot Octupuss.

In a press release, the company has announced the installment of a free masturbation booth–dubbed the GuyFi booth–on the corner of 28th St. and 5th Ave. in New York City, which will apparently be instrumental in helping stressed men get promotions at their jobs.

Mike’s little birdie in parliament tweeted that word on the street is that Thulas Nxesi, the Minister of Public Works already ordered 40 booths to be erected outside of parliament in Cape Town for all the Wankers in the ANC cabinet.

Further evidence that race is biological and NOT a social construct

By Mike Smith

18th of January 2016

One of my pet hates is hearing a deluded liberal twat utter the phrase ”Race is a social concept; not a scientific one”

I cringe every time I hear that. Electric shocks travel from my arsehole to my brain and back when I have to listen to bollocks like “there is only one human race and we are all brothers and sisters”.

Problem is, no amount of evidence can convince these liberal idiots, because they have a cognitive bias. Their minds are made up already. They only believe what they want to believe, ignore all evidence to the contrary and vilify anybody who believes differently to them, equating such people as flat-earthers, narrow-minded, etc.

They are so stupid that their own intolerance to other ideas makes THEM the narrow-minded hypocrites they are, but they cannot see it.

Basis for their belief is that the DNA of two humans chosen at random generally varies by less than 0.1 percent so can be ignored. This is less genetic variation than other types of hominids (such as chimpanzees and orangutans), leading some scientists to describe all humans as belong to the same race — the human race.

In other words we are all the same at birth. If there are differences between ethnic behaviour or achievement, then it must be the social environment they grew up in and surrounds them.

This is flawed, because people create their environment not the other way around. This 0.1% difference is the difference between civilised Europe and uncivilised Africa. How can anybody simply ignore it?

The DNA of dogs and wolves differ even less than that of humans and they can also interbreed, but nobody will argue that they are the same breed (race) or even the same species. There are marked differences in behaviour, none of it due to environment. For instance dogs are human friendly and wolves are human shy and will avoid eye contact with humans. This is even the same for wolves bred in captivity and used to humans. Wolves are also virtually un-trainable.

Of course this nurture theory is rubbish in humans as The Bell Curve for instance shows. The 25 years of research the authors put into the book is either ignored or rubbished by the liberal Social Science fraternity…who isn’t even real scientists, yet always seem to know better.

Same with books like IQ and the wealth of nations and A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History by Nicholas Wade, which appeared in 2014, that proves that race is indeed biological. It is backed up by the Human Genome Project.

However, Wade’s book is criticized by liberal reviewers, who state that “Wade goes beyond scientific consensus”. In other words, “Who is Wade to dare to think differently and come up with another theory than the establishment?”

If the consensus is that "Race does not exist" it does not exist. Argument closed.

You are not allowed to think out of the box or have a different idea than the consensus even if you are right and the consensus is wrong. Political Correctness is Intellectual Communism.

I kid you not. Sounds like the Inquisition who tried Galileo for saying the earth was not the centre of the solar system, the sun was. The earth is just another planet revolving around the sun. He was almost burned at the stake for proving something different to the consensus.

Any physical anthropologist can point out at a mere glance the biological difference between a white and a black person’s skeleton. Sickle Cell disease are only found in people with black genes. The heart pill BiDill only works in black people and has no effect whatsoever on whites. In September last year it has been discovered that White and black people have distinctive differences in fingerprints

Yet, try to get it in the thick skulls of race denying liberals that there are different species of humans…Good luck with that.

Scandals prove main stream sports are just opium for the masses.

By Mike Smith

18th of January 2016

Ah man, in the wake of the one sport scandal after the other I am so glad I don’t watch it anymore.

Match-fixing claims rock tennis

Apparently 16 top-50 players in the past decade, including Grand Slam champions, had been repeatedly suspected of fixing matches for betting syndicates.

Anyway, I stopped watching tennis for the sport back in the days of Björn Borg and John McEnroe. After that they enlarged the balls to make them heavier and the game slowed down so people could see longer volleys. Boring. The only reason to watch tennis after that was because of Russian sweeties like Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova.

I stopped watching cricket when Hansie Cronje was involved in match-fixing. Never watched a single game after that.

Now…The Weekend Argus in Cape Town revealed that four Proteas – players who have represented South Africa in one format or another – and four other domestic players were offered sums of up to R800,000 (£33,400) for one spot-fix.

South African cricket braces itself for more match-fixing revelations

As if that is not all Proteas spinner Aaron Phangiso was almost locked up in Dubai for being drunk and chimping out, fully clad in Proteas kit, on a flight from Mumbai to Johannesburg via Dubai. He insulted flight personel and other passengers and it was only the intervention of cricket bosses from SA who pleaded with Emirates that prevented the bastard from being locked up.

This is reportedly not the first time the Highveld Lions spinner has been involved in an alcohol-related incident. He was arrested for allegedly drunk driving in Soshanguve in April last year. Another Protea shock

Hey? What kind of role-model is this quota player for the youth? Amazing how they behave like monkeys and then complain about being called one.

No, stuff these mainstream sports. Tennis, cricket, football, boxing, Rugby...all corrupt.

I reiterate…the only sport worth watching nowadays is female beach volleyball. There you don’t have to worry if the match is fixed or not. You don’t care who wins or loses. In fact you fantasize about creating a scandal…

And if you were wondering who the lady in the pictures are…She is Maria Elisa Antonelli from Brazil.

17 January 2016

Those crazy things blacks do: Mubobobo muti and Bluetooth sex

By Mike Smith

18 of January 2016

Amongst the Shona people of Zimbabwe, a woman is not allowed to have sexual dreams, sexual fantasies or heaven forbid, wet dreams. If she notices a strong vaginal discharge in the morning then it was due to some evil man or wizard using Muti (black magic voodoo crap made from herbs and human organs harvested from children whilst still alive) to remotely fiddle with her or rape her in her sleep.

When she is awake she can then often identify the culprit who used “Bluetooth sex” on her.

Problem is that the poor men would be totally innocent and a lot of them have grown tired of these false accusations of remote rape and buggering over the years.

Man Caught Using Mubobobo In Church

65 yo man accused by 36yo daughter of using mubobobo on her

This led them to believe that a lot of these women are actually sexually starved and are using mubobobo Muti themselves to invite the men into their dreams so they can have sex with any man they like and how many they like.
Their believes have now been proven to be true:

Shock as married Zvishavane woman busted using mubobobo on men

Oh the horror!!! Imagine discovering you were the sexual fantasy of one sexually unsatisfied Esther Moyo in the picture below. EEUUWWWHHH

I bet you a gazillion Zim dollars that Grace Mugabe is using Mubobobo Muti as well.

16 January 2016

ANC monkeys rip ZUMA MUST FALL poster to pieces

By Mike Smith

16th of January 2016

The ZUMA MUST FALL sign in Cape Town has been ripped apart by ANC supporters whilst chanting like stone age savages in monkey chatter: “Zuma,Zuma, Zuma, Zuma, Zuma…”

Video below.

Mission accomplished: Zuma must fall poster torn apart by ANC

Yesterday Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Mzwandile Masina Called those who erected the sign “racists undermining democracy”…(what else?).

He said that the ANC’s patience was running out and that the anger of South Africans is building up to boiling point. ANC issues stern warning to “racists” in Cape Town over Zuma must fall sign

My message to him is this: "So let it…Let your anger reach boiling point, mate. Let your patience run out. Then you will see our patience run out and our anger reach boiling point. Then we can see whose patience run out the fastest and whose anger reaches boiling point the quickest. Come you useless fuck! Go for it. Make my day."

ANC MP Bongani Mkongi (Appointed to their Ethics Committee …what a joke) called for ANC supporters to burn the sign down together with the building and the people who live in it and who had nothing to do with the sign.

Said this foaming at the mouth ape, “They must burn to death as it is life for them to keep it that way."

DA takes ANC MP to task for statement on ZUMA MUST FALL billboard

This sign is what I mentioned last year about creating a dilemma for the dictatorship of the ANC. If they leave it they will be made more fun of. If they take it down, they show their insecurities and weakness and will be made even more fun of. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They played straight into the hands of the ResistANCe.

Now they are just going to get the piss pulled out of them ten times worse. People have lost all fear of these simian bi-peds. They are useless, lazy and as can be seen from the video…stupid. They can take one big sign down. Imagine ten thousand small signs all over Cape Town. All it takes is a hundred people to each put up a hundred stickers. How are they going to scramble to take all of that down? They will be scrubbing from morning till night and still not make headway…and look totally silly doing it.

Update: Look at these savage apes!

The return of Apartheid…In Germany

What's the difference?

Sign during Apartheid in South Africa 1986

Germany 2016

By Mike Smith

16th of January 2016

August 2015 will go down in history as the time when everything changed in Germany. It was the month that hundreds of thousands of so called “refugees” invaded the country under the blessing of their Communist chancellor Angela Merkel.

Young Merkel in her Communist Youth (FDJ) uniform

Back then, as Germans flocked and fell over their feet to go and help the Islamist scum into their country, I had some concerns which I wrote in an article. Mike Smith: Ten concerns about the Muslim invasion of Europe aka "The Refugee Crisis"

Ironically and funny enough…In 2010 Merkel said that Multiculturalism utterly failed . Also see, Merkel said German multicultural society has failed

But then…On the 5th of September 2015 as the hundreds of thousands of Islamists arrived in München Merkel declared: Wir schaffen das which means something like: „We will do this, we will make it. We can handle it”.

Now as the refugee crisis is spiraling out of control she again said: Multi-culturalism is a sham

She doesn’t seem to know what she wants. What she says in the morning differs from what she says in the evening. How can anybody take her seriously?

On New Year’s Eve, in the cities of Köln and Hamburg, these Islamist scum, once in the country and secured, went on the attack. In typical cowardly fashion they mass attacked hundreds of white German women. Hit them, groped them, robbed and raped them.

The German people were shocked. I wasn’t. To me it was just a matter of time before it would happen.

I have even predicted a bloody race war in Europe about this. It is coming.

Self-defence schools are flooded in Germany. Gun shops are sold out. On the television news the one shop owner said he used to previously sell about 60 Pepper Spray’s a year. Now he doesn’t sell less than a hundred per day.

In the mean time the Right-wing populist party, the AfD, (Alternative for Germany) is growing stronger day by day. Demonstrations and attacks agains refugee camps are the order of the day. In Bavaria the Germans have just re-released the once banned book, Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, in a critical edition, the first time since WWII.

The Germans are not so keen on Merkel and darling refugees anymore. In recent polls by ARD 52% of Germans are worried about the future of their country and 48% are against a further term for Merkel.

In Bornheim, near the former West German capital of Bonn, these Islamist scumbags have been banned from public swimming pools after groping of women.

German town bans male asylum seekers from pools "over the sexually offensive behaviour of some migrant men at the pool".

Banned for Refugees: Taboo zone swimming pool

Apparently the refugees get free passes to the pools to help integrate them into society. That is how they recognize them.

It is not the only city though. München is trying with posters in Arabic, Somali, Dari, Paschtu, English, French and pictures for “Analphabeten” (Illiterates) to teach this scum to respect women regardless what clothes they wear and not to swim with Burkas. They also don’t listen to female personel.

Information material reads:

Swimming rules
"No verbal or physical sexual harassment against women in any clothing!"

"No everyday clothes in the pool. Swimming trousers, swimsuits or bikinis must be made from swimming material."

"No matter what swimming clothes a woman wears, she is to be valued and respected."

"The instructions of the bath staff must be obeyed, whether man or woman."

"Be considerate. Especially to children and the elderly."

In South Africa, we know this kind of behaviour only too well. It is why we had Apartheid. It is why people say they behave like monkeys on the beach. But when we had separate swimming pools and beaches they called us “racists”.

All over Europe they are building walls and fences to keep the Non-European scum out. Putting posters up to educate these savages.

How many times have I said it before? The time will still come where these Europeans will beg us to show them how to introduce Apartheid, because once the scumbags are in…how do you get them out?

The mind boggles how any sane person could think that Islam will ever be compatible to European society and that one can integrate them.

In Christianity the central theme is a loving and forgiving God and respect and love towards others.

Central to Islam is the hatred of women, especially their sexuality. They are obsessed with it. They define women by their sexuality.

That is why they cover their women up in sheets and tent dresses. That is why women are not allowed to have passports, drive cars or leave the house without a male family member to watch her every day.

Mention this to Muslim men and they will say, they do it out of love and to protect their women.

Bullshit! The only thing they want to protect is their fucked-up, childish, fragile male ego. They are scared their women might leave them for the bigger better deal.

Ooh and don’t let a woman not be a virgin, then she is a whore. A Muslim man will lie to others that his wife was a virgin when he married her otherwise other men will think he is a loser who couldn’t get anything better and had to settle for damaged goods…in other words, a whore. A woman is not even allowed to enjoy sex with her husband, because if she does, she is a whore.

To them European women who wear skimpy dresses, bikinis and make-up are all whores and free game. They are asking to be molested and raped so why do they complain? Besides they eat pork and drink alcohol…They are there to be used and abused and be thrown away.

Problem is that when these sand niggers become the majority, they are going to insist on their Sharia laws. It is how democracy works. We have seen it all in South Africa. Thanks to democracy we now have a Marxist terrorist organization running our once beautiful country, destroying it and stealing it into bankruptcy.

Tja…to Europeans, Apartheid will start to look more and more attractive every day.

When we had Apartheid they called us “racists” and “backwards”. They said we were thirty years behind the rest of the world. Now they can see we were not thirty years behind. We were thirty years AHEAD. We were visionaries.

15 January 2016

Massive "Zuma Must Fall" banner goes up in Cape Town

By Mike Smith

15th of January 2016

Well done Cape Town. Now for Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Riemvasmaak and Putsonderwater. Turn it into “ANC MUST FALL”…Let’s get rid of these thieving and lying bastards!!

Massive “Zuma Must Fall” banner goes up in Cape Town

Have we all been had by the Penny Sparrow saga?

By Mike Smith

15th of January 2016

Does “Penny Sparrow” really exist? Front National doesn’t think so. This is what they say:

FNSA disputes Penny Sparrow’s identity – challenges DA, regional newspaper to reveal what they know

Front National on FB

• All available phone numbers, including Penny Sparrow’s cell phone number, work number and home number, were created on 30 November 2015 – exactly one month before the incident.

• There is no record of Penny Sparrow with SARS before 2011.

• The ID Number , 4712300016082 belonging to Penny Sparrow leads to a person employed by the South Coast Herald. “Penny Sparrow” herself claimed to work for South Coast Herald in 2008 and we found evidence that she was involved with this newspaper, as well as another, as far back as 2006.

Front National is asking for anybody who knows Penny Sparrow or knows if her estate agency in Scottborough really exists to come forward or send information

According to the Daily Mail Penny Sparrow was forced to go into hiding

That's it. She is gone. Disappeared. Nobody can get hold of her.

Mrs Sparrow identified Jawitz Properties as her employer on her Facebook profile, but the boss of the company denied she was still on the payroll. Was she ever? Or is this just a concocted story?

If she doesn’t exist, then who was the voice that appeared on Metro FM with DJ Phat Joe? Who was the voice interviewed on television? Funny that it was not a personal appearance, just a voice on the phone.

You can listen to her interview with eNCA here

She appears to be a natural English speaker, yet her apology she posted online (see below) is full of spelling and grammar mistakes and definitely not the same person who wrote the original "monkey" post. Not even Afrikaans speakers make so many mistakes. It typically appears as if it was written by a black person.

According to News24 she has a daughter called Charmaine Cowrie who fears for her mother’s life. Apparently Penny Sparrow is a diabetic and the incident made her very sick.

Business Day added no proof that Penny Sparrow actually exists, just saying that those who question her existence are conspiracy theorists BD: A Penny for your conspiracy thoughts

There are several questions from this:

Pictures of Durban beach front overrun by blacks on New Year’s day are nothing new and have been appearing online for at least ten years. Why suddenly the outcry of “racism” when it is election year and the useless ANC stands a good chance of losing?

Why did the Penny Sparrow “racism” saga come up right at the time when President Zuma came under fire for sacking the finance minister and causing the collapse of the Rand? Coincidence?

Penny Sparrow has been connected to the DA and Herschel Jawitz, a successful Jewish business man and capitalist from Johannesburg who won the entrepreneur of the year award. We know that there is no love lost between the Marxist ANC and Israel. The ANC hates capitalists and the DA (which they also believe is a Jewish creation and run by Jewish business people). Hitting several birds with one propaganda stone?

So far the DA could only state that, “they intend to suspend Penny Sparrow”. What is taking them so long? Is it because they couldn’t find such a person on their membership records?

The ultimate question is of course: “Is the Penny Sparrow saga an ANC propaganda creation to sow racial discontent prior to the local elections later this year?”

I wouldn’t be surprised. Even if it turns out to be a fictitious character and an ANC hoax, the damage has been done. It is how propaganda works. You throw heeps of mud in the hope that some will stick. What the ANC want people to believe is that whites, the DA the Jews...are all “Racist capitalists” who want to bring Apartheid back. This racial scaremongering is how they have come to power and managed to stay in power for so long.

Update: There is no (female) Sparrow registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board. www.eaab.org.za

The original post.

The Apology

14 January 2016

Houtkop education. 26 and still in Grade 11

By Mike Smith

14th of January 2016

Take a look at the state of our black schools.

This guy says he is repeating std 9 for the fifth time, has a beard and some grey hairs already.

22 and still in grade 11

However he is only the second oldest in his class. The oldest guy is 26.

Parents want the Department of Education to intervene at Homevale Secondary School in Kimberley to address the high failure rate.

One parent, Jacqueline Mathobi, said that her child had spent the past three years in Grade 10.

“The school never informed us that our children were not attending classes. How were we supposed to know what was going on?

“Now they are telling us that they have attitude problems, and are being kept back. We are fed up of buying the same school books and uniforms every year. The school offers extra classes and yet they still fail. The school is refusing to remark the examination papers.”

Our children are falling pregnant or turn to drugs and gangs because they are frustrated at remaining in the same grade for years.”

Maybe somebody should tell these munt parents that the primary educator of a child is the parent.

Signs of the times

By Mike Smith

12th of January 2016

Here you can see the ANC’s total disregard for the law.

Afriforum given until Friday to remove old street names in Pretoria

The City of Tshwane has given AfriForum until noon on Friday to remove the old street names from signs around the capital or face the consequences.

The civil rights organisation says its members placed the old names on roads in the capital because the city refused to comply with a court order to reinstate the old names.

The city has condemned AfriForum for its actions.

Spokesperson Blessing Manale said, “We are writing a letter to AfriForum, giving them until Friday midday to remove the old street names. Otherwise we are going to remove the old street names ourselves and actually submit a cost to AfriForum. We will also be mobilising our other supporters and NGOs.”

AAHHH yes…Mobilising our other supporters and NGOs. Going on the rampage when you don’t get your way. Fucking typical!!

I think Afriforum should leave the signs just like they are…and add some more…like that cardboard sign I saw in Kalk Bay during December tied with a string to a lamppost …”All I want for Christmas is a new president”.

Funny enough…nobody ever removed it. It hung there for weeks until - I think - the wind blew it off.

Here are some other signs I snapped around suburbs in Cape Town. I like the last one. Sent in by a female reader who photographed it in two women’s toilets in Somerset Mall near Somerset West. Won’t it be beautiful if the whole of Pretoria were full of these signs? Not to mention the other cities.



13 January 2016

Time to get out that special bottle of Champagne again

By Mike Smith
13th of January 2016

Apparently the son of Satan has suffered a heart attack whilst on holiday and is in a critical condition.

Mugabe suffered a heart attack

Why do whites despise blacks?

By Mike Smith

13th of January 2016

The other day, South African Nobel Laureate for Woodwork, Julias Malema, asked an interesting question.

Why do white people despise blacks?

Said the great learned gentleman, “Why do white people despise blacks? Why is it that they find it easy to look at us with disgust and undermine our humanity?”

He tried to answer his own question…”The explanation lies in the structural organization and material condition of black lives and in white privilege, he says. White people are brought up with the notion that blacks’ role is to work for whites.”

Even the libtard Max du Preez agreed with Malema

Notice the utter generalization…all whites despise all blacks.

I don’t think that is the case. I know lots of whites who absolutely love blacks…like Max du Preez for instance, but it shows you what goes on in the simplistic mind of Julius Malema.

However, I will not deny that some whites indeed do despise all blacks, but I also know a lot of blacks who utterly despise all whites…like Julius Malema for instance. To him the fact that “F.W. de Klerk took his oath as second deputy president to Nelson Mandela in Afrikaans showed that he is not apologetic. It was a sign of arrogance shown to the nation that he was not remorseful of white supremacy and its legacy.”

So let us assume that some whites do despise some blacks and let me then try to answer Malema about WHY, seeing that he asked.

Maybe it is because of their abominable practices under the excuse of “It’s my kultcha”, that is the cause. Practices such as Lobola (buying multiple wives with cows) or uKuthwala (old men raping young girls to make them their wives) or Ulwaluko (circumcision of boys with dirty blunt knives causing gangrene and their penises to rot off) or Ukweshwama (a bull being tortured and killed with bare hands by boys to prove they are men) or maybe it is Muti killings (human organs, genitals, fingers, tongues cut out of living children and sold for medicine) that causes the despising.

Maybe it is superstitious beliefs like the Tokoloshe or forefather worship animism

Or maybe it is simply the way they react at a party (especially when there is a buffet) or on the beach.

Or maybe it is just their utter slowness, lazyness and incompetence observed daily at work and especially at government institutions such as the Department of Home Affairs.

Maybe it is just the observations you make when you stand in the queue at an ATM or in the queue at a Pick & Pay.

Maybe it is like Malema says…because they prefer to live like rats amongst their own garbage and filth that one notices when driving past a township. It could even be that they smell funny.

Maybe it is their violent nature or their entitlement culture, their victim mentality and always blaming whites for their failures. Maybe it is their corrupt and thieving nature and their propensity to destroy and ruin everything including a once prosperous first world country.

There are many reasons, all rectifiable, but whatever the reasons are that whites despise blacks…You will notice that not once did I mention it is because of the colour of their skin.

12 January 2016

ANC wants to criminalise racism

By Mike Smith

12th of January 2016

The ANC wants to criminalize racism and the promotion of Apartheid.

“…Parliament to criminalize any act that perpetuates racism or glorifies apartheid.”

Specific law needed to criminalize racism and promotion of apartheid - Office of ANC Chief Whip

I would really like to see them try. It is about high time that they do. Honestly I will fully support them.

First they will have to tell us what “race” is. Then they will have to define what “racism” is. Then they should have a set of criteria against which they can judge you as a “racist”. What must you do or say to be a racist? Must you fulfil all the criteria or only some? Can you be just a little bit racist, say like 20% or do you only go to jail when you are a 70% racist?

This creates a problem, because the ANC and libtards in general have been telling us for decades now that race does not exist or that it is a “social construct” and only exists in the minds of racist whites. We are all the same. They can even scientifically prove to you that race does not exist.

How can you accuse people of “racism” when race does not exist? So if you then admit that race exists and that it is biological then YOU are the “racist” and will become punishable by your own created laws. Yet this is exactly what the ANC has done with their BEE and Affirmative Action based on racial classification.

Oh, God…the confusion. The conundrum. The cognitive dissonance…

They want to complain about people glorifying Apartheid...

In the decades prior to the official policy of apartheid,(which was started in 1948), the average life expectancy of African South Africans was only 38 years. However, during the last decade of the apartheid era, the average life expectancy of black South Africans had risen to 64 years...on a par with Europe's average life expectancy.

At the start of the year 1900, the number of black South Africans was found to be 3,5-million according to the British colonial government census. By 1954, the African population had soared to 8,5-million and by 1990, there were a full 35-million.

Was this a good thing or a bad thing? Depends on how you look at it. Should Apartheid be glorified or condemned? It certainly was good towards the Blacks. So the true racist should actually condemn Apartheid. If you promote or glorify Apartheid you support blacks. But hey...The ANC condemns Apartheid all the time...

Oh, God…the confusion. The conundrum. The cognitive dissonance…

Are you going to prosecute people for stating facts?

The TRC showed that in the 46 years of Apartheid only about 20,000 people died from political violence of which 14,000 was due to black on black violence. This includes SA Defence Force actions, for instance the 600 deaths at Kassinga in Angola during the war in 1978.

Max Coleman's authoritative book analyses all deaths due to political violence from 1948 to 1994 in South Africa and Namibia. This book's detailed analyses of the period June 1990 to July 1993 indicates a total of 8580 (92%) of the 9,325 violent deaths during the period June 1990 to July 1993 were caused by Africans killing Africans.

The security forces caused only 518 deaths (5.6%) throughout this period

Compare that with Communism that killed 100 million in the last century alone and how the ANC glorifies Communism...But that is not a criminal act.

Take some advice ANC…Better leave it alone, before it explodes in your face. It is like opening Pandora’s Box.

Farmer attacked in Parys. Two savages taken out by 40 farmers

Loedie vd Westhuizen shows his injuries.

By Mike Smith

12th of January 2016

Last Wednesday, two black men, Samuel Tjexa, 35 and Seun Tangasha [believed to be] 28 or 29 years old trespassed on the farm “Biesiesbult” of Loedie van der Westhuizen (72) a white widower who lives alone. They put a gun against the back of his head and demanded R20,000 from him. Apparently they had information about a large sum of money in a safe on the farm. Apparently Tjexa used to work for Loedie’s son and knew the old man.

He started to wrestle with one attacker, but was pistol whipped against the temple. Blood streamed from the wound. Fortunately he managed to press the panic button in the hallway and between 40 and 60 farmers in the district came to his rescue. The two attackers fled through the wheat fields where the farmers caught up with them and assaulted them.

When the police took the two bastards away, they were still alive, but later died in hospital.

The police arrested four farmers, including Loedie’s own son Gert “Boeta” van der Westhuizen and charged them with murder.

Afrikaans news: 40 farmers hit two attackers

Parys farmers arrested. Charged for murder

A family member said that the farmers in the area live in constant fear of their lives.

Several farmers and their loved ones have been brutally murdered in the area. In 2013, Annatjie van Rooyen (76) was locked in her refrigerator where she suffocated to death. Her husband Ernst (77), was also murdered.

In 2010 the 40 year old farmer, Johan Strydom was killed with an iron bar and towed behind his own Mazda pickup truck.

The irony here is how the ANC’s mouthpiece, the New Age newspaper, owned by Zuma’s friends the Guptas, are portraying the two bastards as innocent farm workers killed by racist white farmers and trying to link it to racist comments on social media.

Two farmworkers killed: Incident is thought to be racially motivated following social media comments

The fact that it was a racist attack by two blacks on a white farmer is not mentioned. Of course not. According to the SA media farm attacks by blacks on whites are NEVER racially motivated. It is just ordinary crime.

But let those farmers just defend themselves or each other, then it is a racist attack on innocent blacks.

Personally I am not one for vigilantism, but you do have the right to defend yourself and your loved ones and in the absence of police action to curb the spate of farm attacks and the government’s ongoing refusal to do something about it, I fully support these farmers who went on the offensive and dealt with these two bastards “op die boere manier” .

I am sorry, but if you put a gun against an innocent person’s head, you should not complain when you get the shit kicked out of you by his son and his mates.

I have always maintained...There is only one way to stop farm murders. Fight back!! These guys did the right thing. I salute each and every one who came to the help of Loedie van der Westhuizen and took out these two bastards. The world is a better place today.

I am glad they all got bail. There is no evidence against them. When the police arrived, most of the farmers drove away. The ones arrested were the ones who stayed. There is nothing that link them to the attack on the bastards.

At the bail hearing the police had their hands full to keep the farmers, the EFF and the ANC apart. A black guy threw a bottle and hit a white woman in her face. The farmers started throwing back and sang the old National anthem “Die Stem” and waved the flag of the Boer Republic of the ZAR, the Vierkleur.

Well done, manne. Staan saam . Fight back. Put the fear of God into these savages. Only then will you have peace.

Parys attack. Four farmers get bail

Stereotyping tourists in South Africa

By Mike Smith

12th of January 2016

You know…I fully agree and accept that two people can go on the same holiday and experience the same things, but afterwards have two completely different stories to tell, but sometimes one of them might have an already prejudiced and biased mindset that might cloud those experiences and cause hallucinations.

Take this self-hating LWB with the piss pot hairstyle Helen Walne for instance. Apparently she is an “award winning author”, but judging from the white-hating drivel she spews, she sounds more like a high school essayist who has read too many “Towards more picturesque speech” columns in the Reader’s Digest.

She recently wrote a vitriolic piece of verbal vomit about white tourist with euros, pounds and dollars crowding Her city and Her beaches.

You can read this pathetic piece of diatribe this wannabe hippy puked out over here. Dear tourists, I love you I really do

It never stops to amaze me how LWB’s like Helen Walne, who wear Havaiana sandals and eat muesli and yogurt for breakfast, never let a moment go by to stereotype whites and take a swipe at them, but are then quick to tell others not to stereotype blacks.

When you read her bollocks you can see how she stereotypes the Dutch tourist with the camper van and anyone with a Gauteng registration number is automatically a stupid, low-class white from Brakpan.

Wrote this clown…, “when you arrive, with your euros, pounds, dollars and whatever currency they have in Brakpan, we can’t even squeeze into the local KFC, let alone get a booking for Le Major Ouef-Rip de Cabo.”

And further…,”Then there are the beaches. After a three-day hike across the city’s most challenging mountain terrain (to avoid the cars), I arrived at Muizenberg to find every patch of sand taken up by small children wearing underpants and women romantically squeezing blackheads from man-backs.”

Now let me show you a picture I took in December of the KFC at the Cape Town V&A Waterfront and show you the REAL reason nobody can get in…it certainly is not your pound, euro or dollar-bringing white tourist, is it?

Stereotyping or the truth?
Then let me show you a picture I took at the Harmony Park beach (usualy a coloured beach) in the Strand.

As can be seen rows and rows of Golden Arrow busses with CA registrations bringing beachgoers from Khayelitsha. The Strand’s registration is CEY.

Monwabisi resort
Funny enough, when I drove down Baden Powell road on my way to Muizenberg, I saw that Monwabisi, and Strandfontein Pavilion, the Black beach parks next to Khayelitsha with full and excellent picnic facilities, ablutions and a tidal pool built courtesy of the former white Apartheid government for blacks…was completely empty. I was wondering why?

Why would blacks choose to go to the Strand and crowd the white and coloured beaches 30km away instead of going to their own beaches that are within walking distance of them? Is it because they know how their fellow blacks behave on the beaches? There was after all a reason why we had separate beaches during Apartheid. If we were really all the same and behaved all the same there would never have been a rationale for Apartheid at all.

Fortunately in the Strand the police and Law Enforcement officers were out in full force. Despite the many signs saying that no alcohol was allowed on the beaches, right in front of my eyes they confiscated cases of beer and bottles of whisky from black groups crowding the beach. Then they wonder why two people drowned at Melkbaai beach on that day.

Amazing to me was how these „poor blacks“ always seem to have money for expensive alcohol. The police was carrying away bottles of Glenfiddich whisky and Hennessy Cognac.

On my way to go and visit one of our regular readers in Fish Hoek, it took me three hours to get from Muizenberg to Fish Hoek. A distance of about 10km. Again…bus loads full of Khayelitsha visitors…I did not see a single white pound, euro, dollar-bringing tourist.

So I don't know which holiday period or area Helen Walne is talking about. Must be where she lives...in Cloud-Cukoo Land.

All I can say is thank God I grew up in the old South Africa in the era when we had those red and black signs that read, “Strand and see, slegs blankes”.

Fond memories. Those days you could still go to the beach and feel safe. You didn’t have to worry about your belongings being stolen whilst in the water. The beaches were clean. Now we have the New (improved) South Africa. Now it is all so much better, isn't it Helen?

10 January 2016

South Africans, please focus on the REAL issues in 2016

By Mike Smith

11th of January 2016

Last year ended with a blunder, a major stuff up by the President (yours not mine) when we saw three finance ministers in three days. The Rand plunged to an historical low of R16/$, yet Msholozi Showerhead said he made the correct decision to replace Nhlanhla Nene as Finance minister, saying the markets overreacted and people exaggerated the situation.

People overreacted to Nene’s sacking says Zuma

See? In his mind he never does anything wrong. He never says anything wrong. He is totally away with the fairies.

We haven’t recovered and probably never will. The Rand keeps falling to record lows and is now almost R17 to the dollar.

To put it into perspective: Four months ago, In August 2015 we were concerned when the Rand breached R13/$Now R20/$ is on the cards

“South Africa’s currency plunged 25 percent against the dollar last year, the worst performance after Brazil’s real among major peers tracked by Bloomberg.”

Economist Mike Schussler from Economists.co.za sketched a grim scenario for the South African economy should the rand lose 20% from its value against the greenback in 2016.

“If the rand should fall just another 20% over the next year then by the beginning of 2017 a dollar would cost R20. That R20/$ is on the cards so quickly is frightening for the country.”

The economy is in tatters. Destroyed by a moron of a president. The country is in the grips of a massive drought and will have to import maize to feed the masses at massive costs. The mines are closing one after the other and thousands of people are out of jobs. Matric results have fallen again and the ANC is stealing the country into bankruptcy…yet what are the people worried about…?

Social media dominated by Cliff, Sparrow racist name-calling and other trivial liberal bullshit

Who the hell cares who is a judge on Pop Idols and who not?

Hey? Where has the focus gone in this country? Is it just me or have South Africans lost track and are out of touch with the real issues facing this country?

Sometimes I feel like I can slap these sheeple back on track. Focus and save the country before it is too late, dammit.

Here is your focus for 2016…Get rid of Zuma, get rid of the thieving and corrupt ANC and get a real government in place…

And don’t forget that the Maceió Open Women’s Beach Volleyball tournament will be taking place in a few weeks time in Maceió, Brazil. Of course the highlight of the calendar will be the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil featuring 24 teams.