29 February 2016

Über-liberal Athol Trollip gets his just deserts

Honestly...I am not a racist
By Mike Smith

29th of February 2016

What I always find so disturbing is how white liberals will go out of their way to trample on their fellow whites in order to kiss black ass. But every now and again, justice is served.

A few years ago I was a bit perturbed by the Da’s Athol Trollip who called Afrikaners "dumb Dutchmen" and “Nazis”

I mentioned how this utter liberal twat ignored that most of his party’s support came from Afrikaners. I also pointed out that these “Nazi” Afrikaners fought against Nazism in WWII, that they helped Israel develop nuclear weapons and helped Israel during the Yom Kipur war.

Trollip was unapologetic.

However, the wheel turned and Trollip got his just deserts.

You see, Trollip is a farm-boy from the Eastern Cape. He speaks three black languages including fluent Xhosa. He grew up on Mount Prospect farm near Bedford.

Now seven of his former workers who worked for Grand daddy Athol, daddy Douglas and baby Athol during Apartheid (1975 -2005 ) are saying that they were severely mistreated, called baboons and monkeys and paid far less than minimum wage.

Apparently Trollip used to frequently say to the blacks, “Wenze izinto zobumfene” (you acted like a baboon). They were also forced to address daddy Douglas Trollip as “Master”.

Apparently Trollip also paid a man (David Kota) that worked for him for 30 years and whom he called his “Righthand man” only R15,000 ($1000) as pension.

Workers accuse Athol Trollip of abuse and racism

Of course Trollip is denying everything and going to court.

Athol Trollip says it is all a smear campaign

Sure, I won’t be surprised if it is indeed a “dirty tricks” campaign of his ANC opponents.

However what struck me about this liberal twat was how upset he now is that the blacks are all stabbing him in the back.

“They are people I grew up with. They are people who loved me and who I loved. People who respected me and I respected them.”

Aaah…yes. Damascus moment, hey Trollip? Just tell me something…your lawyer…Is he Black or a “Dumb Dutchman”?

28 February 2016

A new wave of divestment could spell civil war in SA

By Mike Smith
29th of February 2016

Followers of this blog will know that this country is balancing on a knife’s edge. Watching the violence spread on our university campuses shows us that the ultimate tipping point is near.

Over the weekend, The ANC youth league and its alliance partners, the EFF and Afriforum had a meeting to stop the violence, however it resulted in more veiled threats, with some openly calling for a war in South Africa and the ANCYL saying Calls for war in SA are shortsighted

"I don't think we want to be in a situation where we turn the country into a bloodbath, and that is starting to come out, one way or another," the youth league's deputy chairperson in Gauteng, Vuyo Mhaga, said.

"There's beginning to be a serious tension in South Africa. It might be easier for people who might not have engaged in war, to actually say that."

"You remember there was an Arab Spring [in Egypt], and the reality of the matter is that that Arab Spring remains in a winter. There is still chaos.”

"So it's easier to say, 'let's go in flames'. The reality of the matter is that when South Africa is in flames, we are not sure how long it will take us to basically come back."

If you want to know how close we are to a full blown civil war, always follow the money and watch what the banks are doing.

Last time we saw Barclays disinvest from South Africa is when they sold their interests in SA to Anglo American Corporation in 1986 creating First National Bank. It kicked off a series of interesting events.

The Rand fell and exchange control was instituted.

At the time South Africa was in a State of Emergency with a bloody racial civil war a strong possibility.

The British government (MI6) and the Rand Lords of Anglo American-De Beers, Consolidated Goldfields, et al intervened and started organizing a series of meetings between the ANC and so called “Afrikaner Academics” in Dakar, Switzerland and near Somerset in England.

A palace revolution in the National Party saw President P.W. Botha ousted by the more liberal elements of his party and the traitor F.W. de Klerk replacing him.

Shortly afterwards, Mandela was freed along with thousands of other terrorists. South Africa erupted into chaos with a Civil War between Inkatha and the ANC.

Then suddenly in 1994 the war stopped. Investment came back. South Africa won the Rugby World Cup in 1995 and Barclays came back. Ten years ago they invested into ABSA…however, now that the ANC is again stuffing up the country and the Rand is falling, Barclays is pulling out again.

Experts are fearing that it could kick off another series of divestments from other companies. This will lead to massive job losses. Could this be the tipping point to civil war?

Exactly 30 years after Barclays’ last divestment, Barclays is set to announce a R120bn divestment from SA on tomorrow, Tuesday 1st of March 2016

Falling rand means Barclays to lose £400m on decade-long Absa investment

27 February 2016

Marelise van der Merwe wants to shoot whites in the head with her AK47

Marelise wants to kill white people with her AK47

By Mike Smith
27th of February 2016

There is something I have in common with LWB Marelise van der Merwe of the Daily Maverick. We are both angry that Table Bay Boulevard was renamed to “F.W. de Klerk Boulevard”. She is angry, because she sees him as a “racist” who was part of the National Party Apartheid regime, I am angry because I see him as a traitor to his people.

Daily Maveric: Op-Ed: A storm in a Boulevard

However that is where the commonality ends, because when you read her foaming-at-the-mouth diatribe, you can see how her liberal, tolerant, mask drops to reveal her hate filled white hating soul.

Dr Jamie Glasov describes her condition very well in his book, “United in hate: The Left’s romance with tyranny and terror”.

Deep inside of them they hate themselves and believe the world hates them too. They want to destroy themselves, kill themselves, but first they want to kill everyone else and destroy the world. It is a sick mental condition for which there is no cure, except a bullet to the brain. Problem is that they are too cowardly to blow their own brains out and we are too good to relieve them of their misery. So, unfortunately we are doomed, because before these cowards can do us a favour an relieve the world of their presence, we have to put up with their periodic petulant tantrums, verbal vomit and anti-white hatred.

LWB Marelise van der Merwe
Take a look at this video of Marelise van der Merwe busy poisoning the minds of young students.

I mean we could all be a bit thinner or prettier, but look at her ugly sweaty mug, her overweight frame, her unkempt dirty hair tied in a bun…It is not difficult to see why she hates herself.

Unfortunately she wants to spread her poison further, she is apparently busy writing a children’s novel. BWAHAHA...Seriously…I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

However, the ultra leftist Daily Maverick loves her and the more anti-white bile she kotches out the more they love her.

Nevertheless, Marelise van der Merwe is upset, because whites want to put De Klerk on a pedestal by naming a street after him, “so that we don’t feel so bad that we had to start sharing our toys”.

Look how she uses the “WE” as if she wants to include others into her sick mental state. And when people don’t want to listen to her, “WE need to stroke them a bit”.

See? Aggressive cow, nê? Wants to beat up people who don’t agree with her. So much for liberal “tolerance”, I suppose.

She carries on.

“Whites need to start growing up a little.”

“Whites were crazy”

“Whites were big bullies”

“Whites didn’t do enough”

“Whites didn’t feel sorry enough”

“Blah, blah, blah, Liberal rubbish, blah, blah, Fucking blah.”

But then she changes her tune from “WE” to “YOU” and starts spitting in our faces and prodding our chests with her fat index finger.

“Here’s a thought for you: you are damn lucky that land you’re sitting on wasn’t taken from you by force, the way it was taken from people of colour before you. You are damn lucky that the systemic violence of Apartheid didn't become an onslaught of indiscriminate violence in its aftermath. You are damn lucky that that brown person next to you smiled at you this morning, waved at you, spoke to you. You are damn lucky that an angry black person hasn’t just walked up to you and shot you in the head because they’ve had to read one more ignorant, racist comment on News24 and it just made them snap and do something crazy.”

Personally I think blacks were “Damn lucky” that we never chased them out of the country when we had the strongest army on the continent. They are also “Damn lucky” we never dropped nuclear bombs on Soweto and Khayalitsha.

Nevertheless, it is clear that somebody lit the fuse to Marelise’s tampon, because in her blinding rage she shows us what really goes on in her floskoppie:

“Because you know what? If the shoe were on the other foot, and it were me, I might have been angry enough to go crazy. I might have gone out there with my AK-47.”

See? She hates whites so much that she wants to shoot them in the head with an AK47’s.

Marelise van der Merwe and tree-hugging friend
THAT dear people is the true face of the white liberal tree-huggers. Always pretending to be these tolerant, morally superior to us beings, but in fact want to kill everyone who does not agree with their bullshit.

So blinded is she by her hatred of whites that she brushes off the thousands of whites killed by blacks and saying that the majority of (black) people are good, peaceful people.

To this LWB, the utter corruption. theft and mismanagemnt of the ANC government are just “Misdemeanors”… Rather we should thank them for not killing us…”it’s a damn privilege to live in the (relative) peace that we do, and you should thank those who forgive you for the grace they have given you.”

Dankie pappa ANC. Ingos’ kakulu. Ngyabonga uANC.

Thank you that you don’t torture me to death. Thank you that I am allowed to pay you my taxes. Thank you that you allow me to kiss your feet. I am so privileged that you allow me to be your slave.

Marelise van der Merwe ignores the fact that the majority white South Africans voted in a referendum in 1983 to allow Coloureds and Indians to share power instead of choosing the Deir Yassin option. She also ignores that the majority white South Africans voted in a referendum in 1992 to have peaceful negotiations to share power with blacks instead of simply annihilating them.

No, unless you were a white terrorist indiscriminately killing innocent people with bombs and necklaces during the struggle…”YOU did squat” to get rid of Apartheid. “Most of us sat on our bums getting manna from heaven for decades", says Marelise.

So now, says Marelise, it is time you start doing something…”We should be on our effing knees saying sorry. Not saying sorry – doing sorry. Making it better. Doing volunteer work. Raising a kid who needs a home. Putting someone through school and university who doesn’t have the funds for it because we benefited (are still benefiting) from the system that made their parents earn minimum wage.”

Unless you are willing to kiss the ANC's and EFF's butt as Madam Marelise instructs … “you’ll be lying in a bed of your own making when revolution comes.”

Actually it is a pity that “bangat” Looney Leftists at The Daily Maverick closed its online comments section but here you can let rip.

25 February 2016

Destruction of our once proud Air Force. The sad case of our missing planes and pilots

By Mike Smith

26th of February 2016

Living in South Africa can be very amusing sometimes when one has to deal with blacks. For instance their flatout denial of theft or stupidity whenever they are caught out having stolen or broken something. It is never them. The thing broke itself or a fairy Tokoloshe stole it, etc.

Take our illustrious Minister of Defence (and military Veterans) , Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, for instance. When asked in parliament why our pilots are being trained at huge costs in Russia and Cuba, she said that we have no planes for training, because The white pilots who were phased out due to Affirmative Action stole the planes and sold them to museums

See? You couldn’t make this shit up even if you tried.

When EFF member, Leigh-Ann Mathys, urged her to go and get the planes back, and even offered to help get them back, she suddenly did not know which museums have the planes.

So where are our planes?

In December 2010 Denel Aviation, Armscor and the South African Air Force (SAAF) jointly sold 12 Cheetahs to Ecuador for US$78.4 million

These Cheetah’s (still in excellent condition) were modified French Mirage III’s and based on the Israeli Kfir fighters. The modernisation by Denel (with Israeli assistance) consisted of a complete renovation of the airframe, implementation of fixed canards, two new weapon points on the wings, a new in-flight refuelling intake, new ejection seats and a more powerful engine. It also included more sophisticated avionics, radar and self protection. The SAAF started the withdrawal of the Cheetah aircraft in the late 1990’s.

What replaced them?

SA bought 26 Gripen fighter jets (17 single-seat Gripen Cs and nine two-seat Gripen Ds) from Sweden at a cost of R19 Billion. Three years ago Minister Mapisa-Nqakula announced that 12 Gripens were mothballed and in long term storage apparently due to a lack of money.

So where is the money?

Stolen of course. In the pockets of the ANC.

And the pilots?

A report in the Raport Newspaper says that four of only the handful of jet fighter pilots in the SAAF have resigned leaving the force with three times as many Gripens as qualified pilots for them. Another two test pilots based at AFB Overberg, home of the Test Flight and Development Centre (TFDC), have not had their contracts renewed. The report also has it that about 10 pilots from 2 Squadron at AFB Makhado have been selected for further training in Russia. Four pilots are already undergoing training in Cuba Pilots training in Russia and Cuba

In its 2010/2011 report, the Department of Defence said that due to underfunding, the number of flight hours per Gripen aircrew member was reduced from 224 to 110 per year. At present the SAAF can only muster six qualified Gripen pilots who only have 150 flying hours available across the whole Gripen squadron. The annual target for fighter flying hours was 250.

Defence analyst Helmoed-Römer Heitman noted the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) requires fighter pilots to log at least 20 flight hours per month (240 flight hours per year per fighter pilot) to remain qualified.

And the training planes in the Museums?

According to Captain Phil Parsons in an open letter quoted on "defenceWeb 25th of February 2016... See this link:


Before the Gripens, SA pilots trained on 1950 Harvards. A fleet of brand new Pilatus PC-7 Mk II trainers were introduced in the 90's and all the old Harvards were put up for auction. Most were bought by the Americans with only a few remaining in SA in the hands of private owners. If it wasn't for the Harvard Club attached to the SAAF museum “stealing” the aircraft, almost every last one would be in Florida or California.

Simply put, the second oldest Air Force in the world, once the pride of the South African nation, has been run into the ground.

Were Jesus and the ancient Israelites Black?

By Mike Smith

25th of February 2016

Every now and again we get a Afrocentric Black  Troll, a filthy Tokoloshe who slithers out from underneath his rock and comes on here to spread his poison and disinfo.

Recently we have had one Sello Puo who stated on This Thread that “The true Jews, are not white.The true Jews of Jesus times were not white. So you also adopted Christianity like others.“

and further..."I am not that kind that will be taught that Jesus was white for I know that the original Jews never looked anything like what you see today. They had brownish skin like brass. Even though they had long hair but was more like a wool."

I like guys like Sello. It always gives me a chance to unmask their lies and bullshit. So here goes.

Where does it come from?

Dr. Cain Hope Felder
The Satanic black moron  responsible for this Afrocentric hi-jacking of Jesus and other rubbish that the Israelites were black is Dr. Cain Hope Felder who wrote the "The Original African Heritage Study Bible" (Winston Publishing Company, 1993).

His first name says it all, but according to his idiotic lies and propaganda whites are not mentioned in the Bible and Adam, Moses, Abraham, Noah, etc, …even Jesus, were all black.

Truth is that the Bible is full of text that confirm the Israelites of old as whites.

Lev 10:6 Moses instructed his brother and sons not to let their hair hang loose. How can you let peppercorn hair of blacks “hang loose”?

2Samuel 14:26 Samson cut his long hair only once a year, and then only because it was so heavy. When he weighed it out, it came to five pounds! I want to see Kaffir peppercorns grow like that. What a joke.

Isiah 54:4 Translates blushing as “You won’t be put to shame”. However, the Afrikaans Bible (1983) that was translated from the original Hebrew and Greek states, “Wees nie bevrees nie, want jy sal nie beskaamd staan nie; en vrees geen skande nie, want jy sal nie nodig hê om te bloos nie; maar jy sal die skande van jou jonkheid vergeet en aan die smaad van jou weduweeskap nie meer dink nie.”


Jeremiah 6:15 Specifically says that blacks cannot blush. “Are they ashamed of their detestable conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush. So they will fall among the fallen; they will be brought down when I punish them," says the LORD.”

It is common sense that blacks cannot blush.

Song of Solomon 5:10

“My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.”

How does Jesus look?

Rev 1:13-14 tells us exactly how Jesus “The son of man” looks like. Blonde hair and blue eyes. “The hair on his head was white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire.”

But there are lots more evidence that the Israelites of old were white.

The English painter William Holman Hunt (1827-1910) did a lot of research before he painted “Christ and the two Marys” (see above). He even went to Israel and found the original descendants of the Israelites and he found many had blonde or red hair and blue or green eyes. Whenever he painted Jesus, he was White and had long hair.

Sir Leonard Woolley the archaeologist who excavated the ancient Sumerian city of Ur found that the people from there were typical Nordic type whites, Caucasians, with longish heads, indistinguishable from the whites of today.

Genesis 11:31 tells us that father Abraham and his entire family was from Ur.

Rev. Prof. A.H. Sayce Linguist and archeologist, who was professor at Oxford and could read and write about 20 different languages including many ancient languages, also found that the ancient Israelites were whites from Sumer, land between the Euphrates and the Tigris, where Eden, the REAL cradle of (white) mankind, was.

This is confirmed by Genesis 2:14. “The name of the third river is the Tigris; it runs along the east side of Ashur. And the fourth river is the Euphrates.”

Sir William Flinders Petrie Father of the systematic methodology of archeology and preservation of artifacts and the teacher of Howard Carter who discovered Tutankhamen’s grave, also found that the Egyptians and the Israelites were of a Caucasian Dynastic race who invaded Egypt from Sumer and found the first dynasty there.

Conclusion: You be the judge.

24 February 2016

No end in sight as violence escalates at SA universities

By Mike Smith

24th of February 2016

I see that after the Battle of Kovsies, and the humiliating defeat of the EFF shit-stirrers at the hands of the white students and Shimla supporters, the blacks are out for revenge.

Credo Mutwa explains this in his book “Indaba my children”.

Central to the Bantu Law is the obligation to take revenge when wronged. Failure to do so will upset the spirits of the ancestors who will take revenge on you if you don’t.

This is the reason why there are so many wars and so little peace in Africa.

Students vow to take revenge for Rugby fracas

A white male student was attacked outside his residence and chased into the building by a black mob, who then proceeded to stab all four of his tires flat. Why? He was white of course.

The blacks said, “they would beat any sign of a white student they would see on campus.”

On Tuesday 23rd of Feb, the UFS resses ran empty as white students evacuated them out of fear of violence

Statue of CR Swart
The statue of former white Prime Minister C.R. Swart was vandalized, broken down and dumped in a fish pond.

Black mobs also attacked the residences of “House Abraham Fischer” and the female res, “Madelief” with sticks and stones and students had to be escorted out by police.

The blacks said “They would kill any white child of a white man”.

Ju-marie Pretorius
On the fateful night of the Battle of Kovsies, Ju-marie Pretorius (22) who stood outside the gate, was hit in the face with a fist, kicked and then struck over the head by a cowardly black guy with a megaphone, who then ran away.

According to Max du Preez she deserved it . Who appointed her as gatekeeper? What was she thinking? In other words, this self hating white liberal condones black males punching white women in the face. I wonder what he would say if that was his daughter.

Watch the video here:

It is then that he hit me out of the blue over the head with a mega phone

The black protestors then burst onto the Rugby field and were properly defeated and chased away by mostly white players and spectators.

Jansen must fall.
University of the Free State vice chancellor, Professor Jonathan Jansen, was at the game, but instead of addressing the crowd, ran away as soon as the fight broke out.

”I have never in my life felt so terrified” said Jansen.

From his utterings, it is clear that Jansen already made up his mind that the black protestors were all friendly and innocent and the spectators who chased them off were all evil white racists. Ironically the Blacks are calling for his resignation, because of his inability to act.

The media was quick to show the White and Black students praying together and singing Kumbaya for calm and an end to the violence. However it was broken up by black protestors.

2 Corinthians 6:14

Meanwhile the SA Student Congress SASCO declared war on the “racist boerebond”

At the Durban University of Technology Students went on a rampage

The University of KwaZulu-Natal on Tuesday secured a final court order against protestors

At Rhodes University Students are accusing the police of fanning the flames of violence

This afternoon North West University also suspended classes due to violence

Last night at the University of Cape Town Protestors chucked raw sewage in th hallways and through the windows of five buildings

Where is it all going to end?

Educating Laura Shortridge about Apartheid

By Mike Smith

24th of February 2016

Most of my readers are familiar with the facts about Apartheid. However, some News24 columnist and reporters, I won’t call them journalists, because they are not worthy of the name, seem not to be. They are either completely ignorant about Apartheid or deliberately spreading rubbish liberal propaganda.

Take young Laura Shortridge for instance. I see she is using a black and white photo on News24 now to hide her ridiculously looking turquoise hair.

According to her, Apartheid is not something you just get over

I tend to agree. I am not over it yet either. I miss those times terribly.

…But according to Laura, “…There’s an ugly reality that we can’t just sweep under the rug: apartheid benefitted white South Africans at the cost of all others.”

O really? Whose reality is that Laura? Are you a planet Zuma inhabitant or a Hanson fan? Let us put it to the test.

Let us see who benefitted from Apartheid my dear.

Since 1970 the budget for black education was raised by about 30% per year every year. More than any other government department.

In the period 1955 -1984 the amount of black school students increased 31 times from 35,000 to 1,096 000.

65% of black South African children were at school compared to Egypt 64%, Nigeria 57%, Ghana52%, Tanzania50% and Ethiopia 29%.

Amongst the adults of South Africa, 71% could read and write (80% between the ages 12 and 22). Compare this to Kenya 47%, Egypt 38%, Nigeria 34% and Mozambique at 26%.

In South Africa, the whites built 15 new classrooms for blacks every working day, every year. At 40 children per class it meant space for an additional 600 black students every day!

In 1985 there were 42,000 Blacks at 5 universities in South Africa, about the same amount at the universities of the homelands (another 40,000 at another five).

In an article called “Die Afrikaner” 11 Feb 1987, the quarterly magazine called “Vox Africana Nr 29 4/87 stated that,

South Africa had 4,8 million whites and 18,2 million blacks in 1987. The whites paid 77% of the taxes and the blacks only 15%...despite this...56% of the government budget was spent on blacks.

During the time of Dr. Verwoerd. the living standards of Blacks were rising at 5,4% per year against that of the whites at 3,9% per year. In 1965 the economic growth of South Africa was the second highest in the world at 7,9%. The rate of inflation was a mere 2% per annum and the prime interest rate only 3% per annum. Domestic savings were so great that South Africa needed no foreign loans for normal economic expansion.

Even Lord Deedes admitted, “White South Africa grew to become the economic giant of the continent, the other members of the Commonwealth virtually sank into poverty.”

At the height of Apartheid in 1978 Soweto had 115 football fields, 3 Rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 Cricket fields, 2 Golf courses, 47 Tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 Bowling alleys, 81 Netball fields, 39 children play parks, and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses.

In addition to this, Soweto had 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 Technical Colleges, 8 clinics, 63 child day care centres, 11 Post Offices, and its own fruit and vegetable market.

There were 2300 registered companies that belonged to black businessmen, about 1000 private taxi companies. 3% of the 50,000 vehicle owners in 1978 were Mercedes Benz owners. Soweto alone had more cars, taxis, schools, churches and sport facilities than most independent countries in Africa. The Blacks of South Africa had more private vehicles than the entire white population of the USSR at the time.

Today Soweto has modern shopping malls like, Dobsonville Shopping Centre. In 2005 the Protea Gardens Mall opened. This was followed by the Baramall Shopping Centre and the Jabulani Shopping complex and the Maponya Mall. Experts say that Soweto has as much as 25% oversupply of retail space.

The biggest hospital in the world, Baragwanath with 3200 beds and at its peak during Apartheid with almost 8000 staff, had 23 operation theatres fitted out with the most modern medical equipment that existed in the world. Blacks were treated here, operated on...at full state costs to the white-taxpayers for unlimited periods. The budget of this hospital was and is higher than the yearly budget of most small member states of the United Nations.

Next door to Baragwanath is the St. John’s Eye Clinic. The clinic was world famous for the treatment of Glaucoma, Cataracts, traumatic eye injuries and rare tropical diseases.

Baragwanath in 1978 employed 450 medical doctors in full-time service. It treated 112 000 in-patients and 1.62 million out-patients per year. The children and infant death rate with 34.8 per 1000 was lower than Harlem in New York.

In 1982 alone, this hospital performed 898 heart operations of world quality.

Ironically...90% of the blood donors for this hospital were whites, who donated blood free of charge, totally voluntarily...to save black lives. (Quoted from The Citizen, 2 April 1987).

Whites have already given blacks their blood. What more do they want?

23 February 2016

Why SA has submarines

By Mike Smith

23rd of February 2016

There I was thinking we bought the 209 class Submarines from Germany for billions of Rands in order to protect our coastline and launch clandestine missions on foreign soil and maybe set off small teams of Special Forces Operators from 4-Recce at Langebaan to go blow up some refineries or locomotives in Angola or Mozambique.

Who would have thought that our subs are actually used to scare away the sharks in the rivers where people go for a swim.

They must have seriously dropped the standards of admission and training. What an embarrassment.

“When we have to communicate to people on the ground to make them understand why we need submarines, for for example, if…Can we take a risk of people going into the sea where the river by the sea is full of sharks? We can’t do that. Number one…The submarine he can provide a deterrence. For us to have the submarine…people, they globally understand that the South African Navy, or SA, SA, SAFrican in general…they know. They know their road. They know exactly why they do it.”

22 February 2016

What does it take for the Boers to fight back?

By Mike Smith

23rd of February 2016

Since the start of 2016 we have seen a relentless anti-white campaign launched by the ANC and supported by their poletzno idiots and apparatchiks in the media and academic institutions.

Afrikaans must go at all Afrikaans universities and make space for the satanic descendants of Ham. Slogans such as “Fuck white people” and “Kill all whites” are spray-painted on walls and T-shirts all over campuses.

Blacks at the universities are openly admitting that an extreme hatred of whites are fuelling the protests and the Communist Minister of Higher Education is not only nowhere to be seen and his silence deafening, he is actively fanning the flames of racial hatred against whites.

For the most part, the white students haven’t done anything about it.

That was until last night at an intervarsity Rugby match between the Port Elizabeth Madibaz playing the Freestate Shimlas at the Bloemfontein Campus.

Eighteen minutes into the game, Black university workers, dressed in EFF attire, stormed onto the field to protest and attack the players. The players hit back and within seconds hundreds of University of the Freestate supporters, mostly whites, stormed onto the field kicked and punched the protesting black workers and sent them scrambling for dear life. Play could only resume 50 min later. Shimlas won 46-19.

What took the boertjies so long?

See...you can take the boer’s language away and kaferize all his universities. You can swear at a Boer and even call for his killing through slogans everywhere. You can scold him for being a “racist”, etc...He will do absolutely nothing...But, NEVER, EVER come between a Boer and his Rugby. Then you will have war.

People just don’t know what Rugby means to a Boer. So allow me to explain.

I am a Boer descendant. My great, great granduncle was Jopie Fourie. My one grandfather was named after a Boer general. I visit the Voortrekker monument, a temple the Boers erected to their God, regularly and even have pictures of it hanging in my living room. It is to me a constant reminder of the covenant my people made with their God on that fateful day of 16 December 1838.

As far as I know, only one other nation, Israel, ever made a covenant with God.

I also remember the heroic people, who when their countries were threatened by the overwhelming odds of the British Empire, never hesitated to take up arms and defend their birthright, because they knew their God was with them. That is one half of it and whenever I think about the Boers, that is what I think about.

But in 1995 I saw a different Boer. A Boer who sold out his God and his birthright for a new god...Rugby.

When the reincarnation of Pontius Pilate came in the form of F.W. de Klerk and put the Volk before a choice, “Do you want to exist as a Christian nation, or shall I free the murderer Mandela so you can play Rugby?”...The nation almost unanimously shouted out, “Crucify Christ and Free Mandela!”

As the country burned down around them, the Boers were sitting five o’clock in the morning, beer in the hand in front of the box, watching Kepler Wessels swinging his willow stick against the Aussies.

Came 1995 the Volk cheered and had tears in their eyes when their new hero Francois Pienaar climbed onto the podium with their murdering saint Mandela and raised the William Webb Ellis Cup above his head. Forgotten was their covenant with their God of 16 December...Now they worshipped at the feet of Rugby. The murderer Mandela and their enemies were their friends.

The Boers seem to have forgotten that seventy years after the crucifixion of Christ, Jerusalem was razed to the ground.

Today as their country is burning around them, their universities being destroyed, their history criminalised and their language banned, all you hear from the Boers is a wailing and gnashing of teeth. You almost feel sorry for them and almost want to join them in sackcloth and ashes as their women are being raped, their children killed and their elderly tortured, but weep for them not, for they still have their beers to sooth the pain and their god Rugby to worship.

Tuks demonstration turns violent

By Mike Smith
22 of February 2016

Lesson learned...Never turn your back to a Kaffir. Cowardly bastards.

Watch: Black “Student” strikes white security guard from behind


20 February 2016

Beware the Communists hijacking of the revolution

Who are these people who are not even students
spreading racial hatred on campus?
By Mike Smith

20th of February 2016

Last year on the 10th of August I kicked off the “resistANCe” campaign with an article titled, How do we want South Africa to be after the ANC is gone?

Over the next two months I followed it up with various articles pointing people to the writings of Gene Sharp, Srđa Popović and Colonel Robert "Bob" Helvey of how to start and organize a successful revolution. The links to the CANVAS website and all their material can be seen in the right hand margin of my website.

It didn’t take long, about a month, before we saw those exact methods implemented by white and black students together on the university campuses with #FeesMustFall and on the streets of Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg with people calling for #ZumaMustFall and #ANCMustFall.

For the first time since the ANC came to power 22 years ago they saw a real threat to their misrule, theft and corruption regime in SA. For the first time…The ANC was scared. Really scared.

However the ANC should not be underestimated. They are after all Marxist revolutionaries themselves. As soon as the ANC were faced with a real threat to their rule and a very real revolution it was time for them to return to basics and deliberate amongst themselves. Their intelligence machine kicked in. The ANC seems to be aware of Clandestine meetings promoting regime change in South Africa being held regularly at the United States embassy in Pretoria

Gwede Mantashe, currently Secretary general of the ANC and former Chairman of the SA Communist Party said, “Those meetings in the American embassy are about nothing else other than mobilisation for regime change. We’re aware of a programme that takes young people to the United States for six weeks, bring them back and plant them everywhere in the campuses and everywhere.”

He said “regime change elements” which gripped countries like Libya and Egypt have crept into South Africa.

It was time for a counter attack.

Suddenly the ANC made R6.9bn [around $430m] available to students between October and January.

Since the start of this year they have launched a counter attack in the form of a ”Fight Racism” campaign

Seeing that they openly say that blacks cannot be racists, we all know who they are fighting against in their antiracist campaign. In fact anybody who is against the ANC is a “racist”.

The race card has always worked for them, so why abandon it now? It brought them to power and held them in power for 22 years. So obviously they were going to play it to get the masses behind them.

Also suddenly we started seeing the focus of the student revolutionaries at university change. Suddenly they were not against Zuma and the ANC anymore, but against whites and as always in the past, against Afrikaans.

Clearly the ANC is digging deep to stir up all those racial emotions amongst blacks about Sharpeville 1960 and the 1976 anti-Afrikaans riots. Blacks, who are not even students, are openly wearing T-shirts shouting “Fuck white people”, “Kill all whites” and spray painting “Kill all white people” and “Fuck white people” all over campuses.

What happened to#FeesMustFall??

Just three months since the first protests began, the movement has already fractured, with ideological divides and political factionalism leading to feelings of abandonment and betrayal of trust within the student group.

What now for #FeesMustFall?

The “Fallists” believe the SRC (student representative council) chose to stop protesting after caving in to pressure from their mother body, the ruling ANC.

Who are these blacks who are not even students stirring up racial hatred and trying to hijack the revolution? It is obvious that he ANC’s agents provocateur have infiltrated the student movements, bought them over and turned them against the whites.

On the one hand the ANC tells their supporters that Food security cannot be left in the hands of racist white farmers and the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) is “a racist farmers organisation”.

However when Grain South Africa warned MP’s in parliament that, because of the drought, Riots could start over expensive food and expensive maize will have to be imported, the Government suddenly made a Billion Rand package available to these very same “racist white farmers”

The Afrikaans journalist Charles Smith wrote a scathing attack against the Communists in “Beeld” of 18 February 2016, A revolution against Whites and Afrikaners exploded

As the campuses of the Universities of Cape Town and Pretoria burns and hatred against whites is boiling over , the Minister of Higher Education and General Secretary of the South African Communist Party, Blade Nzimande, is nowhere to be seen. Charles Smith reckons Blunt Blade is probably hiding in the boot of his Mercedes. I beg to differ. Blade is hard at work trying to hijack the revolution against the ANC and turning it against the whites.

At the same time, what are the academics at the burning universities doing? These cowardly Communist Apparatchiks and Poletzno idiots like Prof Wim de Villiers, Mathew Smorenburg and the Über-doose of Open Stellenbosch are attacking white Afrikaner girls.

To me it is clear that the ANC is not just going to accept the revolution against them and their president lying down. They are hard at work behind the scenes to counter the revolution. It is clear that they have some extremely skilled people on their side. People well versed and skilled in revolutionary strategy and tactics. They are damming and levying for all they are worth to steer the revolution in the direction they want it to go. Like skilled political Ju Jitsuka, they are using the force and energy of the revolution against the very revolutionaries to smash them.

We are just going to have to work harder to ground and pound them.

19 February 2016

DA’s Chief Whip roasts the ANC

By Mike Smith

19th of February 2016

I had to laugh when I saw this. Excellent to see the former hardcore libtards from Durban also waking up to the ANC’s misrule. John Steenhuisen is the Chief whip of the DA in parliament.

I love it where he quotes, “Lenin” to Minister Davies about 2:30 min into his speech.

Major military invasion exercise in Port Elizabeth

The invasion of King's Beach, Port Elizabeth

By Mike Smith

19th of February 2016

Why have military invasions on (traditionally) white beaches, through (traditionally) white residential suburbs and business areas in Port Elizabeth complete with massive traffic jams and battles over parking spaces?

People who watched it were not impressed saying, ““If this is as good as it gets, we can only be grateful that Lesotho and Swaziland don’t have navies.”

“SNEAKY ambushes, skirmishes and even battles over parking spaces dwarfed the spectacle of the National Defence Force’s underwhelming display of military might at Kings Beach in Port Elizabeth last night.”

“Billed as a “spectacular all-arms night of shooting capability demonstration”, the Armed Forces Day event failed to impress many of the thousands of people who battled massive traffic logjams and a lack of parking to attend.”

“The armed forces demonstrations will culminate in the main event on Sunday, when Marine Drive will be temporarily closed while President Jacob Zuma and cabinet ministers watch demonstrations.”

Thousands watch Mini war in PE

18 February 2016

ANC running scared. Parliament turned into virtual prison

By Mike Smith

18th of February 2016

How do you know you are living in a democracy?

Answer: Government fears the People; Not the other way around.

This is how it should be. I have said it many times. Stuff the ANC!! Who the hell do these terrorist scumbags and corrupt gangsters think they are to come and steal our tax money, break down our country and expect us to just STFU?

Why do we have to put up with their incompetence, their misrule, their cronyism and corruption?

Why did it take people 22 years to overcome their fear of these oxygen thieves? Why? I completely rejected them in 1996. After two years of misrule I could see straight through their thieving agenda. Sweep up racial hatred between whites and blacks so they tackle each other and never see who is carrying away the loot.

These thieving bastards have run amok, stole our country into bankruptcy and delivered absolutely nothing. Actually all they did in 21 years was stealing our precious oxygen.

Now for the first time in two decades our people are starting to show some backbone and going onto the streets. Now they are starting to demonstrate outside of parliament. The ANC is starting to KAK itself. Look at how they are barricading Parliament in Cape Town. Police everywhere and even soldiers!

If they aren't scared, then why all the razor wire?
Hey? Who gave the orders for that? Only the President is allowed to deploy the army.

Zuma turning parliament into Polsmoor Prison

Hey? This looks like a scene from those revolutionary third world countries and banana republics.

I love every moment of it. For years I have dreamt of this. I can hardly contain my excitement. Personally I want to see the ANC chased out of parliament like rabid dogs and kicked to death in the stinking pavement gutters they created. Every one of them. Their rotting corpses should be dragged through Adderley Street like that of Mussolini. The ones lucky to escape should be banned from SA forever or even better…hunted down in all four corners of the globe and put out of their misery.

In my opinion, the only thing that can still save them is if they start governing properly. A government that governs properly does not have to fear the people. However I am afraid it is about 22 years too late for that. They had their chance. People are simply sick and tired of them. Sick and tired of reading daily about their corruption, theft and misrule. Sick and tired of crime and cronyism. Sick and tired of the goddamn Zuptas.

So let Zuma build those razor wire barricades higher. Let him see how high the walls of parliament can go and if it can keep the people out. Let him get to feel the fear the rest of us had to live with the last 22 years. Soon not even his goons in the police and army will want to back him. They are not going to club and shoot their own family, their own mothers, sisters and daughters.

The time has come to show the ANC who REALLY rules this country...We The People.

17 February 2016

UCT burns

By Mike Smith
18th of February 2016

Yesterday the black rampage at the University of Cape Town continued. It was a full on chimpout by the university’s beloved Noble Savages they nursed all these years.

Historical art and pictures of white people were burned. Slogans screaming “Fuck white people” and “Fuck black exclusion” were spray painted all over campus. A Jammie-shuttle bus providing free transport for students was burned out along with cars. The Vice Chancelor, Max Price’s, office was fire bombed.

UCT protest chaos in pictures

Amongst the eight people arrested was the “underprivileged” son of millionaire Brian Molefe, CEO of Eskom. Itumeleng Molefe arrested at UCT

Brain Molefe’s salary and full remunerations are R15million a year

Itumeleng Molefe is a “born free” who never suffered under Apartheid. He went to the best schools, drives fancy cars, wears only brand name clothes and has never in his life experienced poverty. He stays in a private flat, What is he protesting about?

The ironic thing here is that the perpetrators are all privileged blacks, when in fact it should have been done by underprivileged whites.

“Fuck black exclusion”???

I had to laugh when I saw that. UCT has an extreme racist policy of WHITE EXCLUSION. If anything whites should be on the rampage seeing that they are fully in their right to protest unjust policies and laws that discriminate against them.

For example; to study medicine at the University of Cape Town (UCT), white and Indian students require at least a 78% average on their National Senior Certificate, a Chinese student 73%, a coloured student 64%...whereas black students only requires 59%.

Bar still raised for white students

But UCT is not the only university. In the four years from 2005 to 2009, all four universities in the Western Cape (UCT, UWC, CPUT and US) radically increased the percentage of black students accepted and decreased the percentage of white and coloured students admitted.

In certain professional programmes, including the MBChB degree, preference was given to coloured, African and Indian students. White students were then given the remaining available spots.

Not only that. Under the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) laws, Companies dealing with UCT are scored based on the quota of black ownership, senior managers, training, as well as suppliers. These scores then translate into their ability to compete for tenders.

Further, under the Affirmative Action (AA) laws, UCT operates a quota system policy for hiring and promotion of lecturers and admin staff. Positions will be left unfilled if the appropriate demographic candidate cannot be recruited, even if another qualified person is available.

So I am sorry if I sound a bit indifferent to the crisis at UCT. It is self created. They made their bed; They must lie on it.

They made the biggest mistake any authority can make when faced with protests: They caved in to #RhodesMustFall and therefore created expectations.

P.W. Botha made the same mistake when he created the Tri-cameral parliament by including Coloureds and Indians. What did it bring him? Protests in the townships, including coloured townships, INCREASED, not decreased.

When these #RhodesMustFall idiots tried the same at Oxford in England where people can study with a Rhodes scholarship for two years, the university authorities basically told them to “Piss Off!” and amazingly they did.

When you study revolutions everywhere, French, Russian, South African, Egyptian, etc...you will see that the moment the guys in authority make concessions, want to negotiate and give in to demands, they have lost. They raise expectations and the protests increase until everything is burned to the ground and anarchy reigns. Same with UCT.

UCT should never have started with any racist policies let alone cave in to black racists, but yes...liberals always know better. If UCT burns to the ground...check the worry in my eye.

Update: ”There is extreme hatred of whites” – UCT student

16 February 2016

Apology Blacks? You go first. Remembering the Bloukrans Massacre 16-17th of February 1838

By Mike Smith

17th of February 2016

I hope you slept well. I didn’t. Last night I woke up at 23h50. Ten to midnight. I don’t know why, but suddenly I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I decided to read a book, but the book that I wanted I could not find in my bookshelf. As I searched, a small Afrikans book that I got as a gift about four years ago, but that I have never read, fell out of the shelf.

The little book is called, “Teen die hele wêreld vry…” by Francois Richter.

The title, literally meaning, “Against the whole world free…”, obviously comes from the forth verse of the former national anthem of the Republic of South Africa “Die Stem van Suid Afrika” (The voice of SA) , a poem by C.J. Langenhoven about the beauty of South Africa and the history of our people who tamed it. The forth verse is a prayer asking God to help us to remember our heritage and teach it to our children. It ends with a promise that if we do that, it will be well with SA, because God reigns.

What is so peculiar is that the book fell open on page 104,105 and when I picked it up, I recognised the sub title on page 105, “Bloukrans” and the first sentence that starts with, “In the unholy night of 16 February 1838….”

I was stunned. Although I was at the Voortrekker monument six weeks ago with one of our readers, J.P. Viljoen and we looked at the relief works, I forgot about the Massacre at Bloukrans…

Did God wake me up ten to midnight, to remind me of what happened at Bloukrans, to tell me to remind others in South Africa that it might be ten to midnight for them and the same fate is about to befall them?

It certainly was a strange, strange case, that I cannot explain. I mean I am not actually religious.

Nevertheless, you can read the entire bitter and sad history of The unholy night of 17 February 1838 at Bloukrans here:

When you remember how well you slept last night, also remember what those pioneer Voortrekkers went through that night. Among the Voortrekkers, 41 men, 56 women and 185 children were killed. In addition another 250 coloured and Sotho servants that accompanied the Voortrekkers were brutally killed, bringing the casualties to about 534.

It was just horendous. Pregnant women gang raped and their wombs cut open, little babies taken by their feet and their heads smashed against the sides of the wagon wheels, the twelve year old Joanna van der Merwe was stabbed 21 times with an assegai, but survived.…On top of it 25,000 heads of cattle and hundreds of sheep were stolen.

Afterwards the Voortrekkers founded the town of “Weenen” (meaning weeping) there. The Afrikaans poet D.F. Malherbe wrote a poem called "Middernag" about it.

Today we and our children are told by the descendants of these Satanic and murderous blacks about supposed Apartheid atrocities and massacres, despite not a single mass grave that could ever be found. We are told that we stole the wealth of the blacks. Some even have the audacity to demand apologies and reparations!

Yet the truth is there for anyone to see and read history. Blacks are the ones who cowardly over and over massacred whites, not the other way around. They are the ones who stole our cattle and our wealth, not the other way around.

List of massacres in South Africa

They want any apology? They go first. Without that, there can never be any reconciliation. We will NEVER forget Bloukrans. In fact we are preparing so that it never happens to us again. We are preparing for the next Blood River.

Middernag - D.F. Malherbe

Dis donker, donker middernag:
nader kruip die Zoeloemag,
kruip swart adders om die laer,
opgeblaas al deur die gras;
en geen windjie wek die slapers-
slaap is soet na arbeidslas:
droombeeld laat ’n kindjie lag,
moederarms omhels dit sag.
Rondom, geklem in Kafferhand,
smag duisend assegaaie, want
hulle het al nege lange dae
in somerhitte dors gely.
O, is die Dood ook so innig-bly
as op warm lyf hy lê sy hande?
Aan haar hart druk moeder sag
haar kindjie en slaap – dis middernag!

Mbeki’s comeback and the liberal/racist paradox

Godwin's Law: Lose the argument; Use the "Nazi" or "Racist" invective

By Mike Smith

16th of February 2016

The other day, an Indian fellow from Durbs asked me what I thought of Thabo Mbeki’s recent open letter where he denied a political conspiracy against Zuma when he wanted to sack him to prevent him from becoming president and if I thought Mbeki would make a comeback.

Mbeki denies political conspiracy against Zuma

After the ANC’s power struggle at their 2007 Polokwane coference, I predicted that the firing of Mbeki and the choice of Zuma as ANC president would pave the way for the ANC’s decline

The ANC has been in decline ever since and their current support is at record lows.

My exact words were: “Mbeki’s biggest mistake was to try and keep two sides happy at the same time. He was trying to tow the Liberal, Capitalist West line while at the same time keeping the Communists at bay.”

The Stalinists Communists wanted their bloody revolution. Mbeki the Trotskyite believed in the Fabian Socialist way. Slicing the Salami slowly every day so that nobody sees your end goal and real agenda.

Mbeki was too slow for the Commies who feared a counter revolution from the Lumpenproletariat in the townships to whom they have made too many empty promises they knew they could not keep. That is why the SACP, the ANCYL (with Malema in those days), the ANC Women’s league all supported Zuma.

I said that Mbeki was doing a Zimbabwe in slow-motion. Zuma would fast track it. Look at how he passed the expropriation of property bill recently.

I even predicted that Zuma would become president two years later, which he did. I also predicted that he would become a dictator like Mugabe and ditch the very people who helped him to power. All of it came true. ANC MP’s feel Zuma threw them under the bus.

The ANC MP’s feel betrayed by Zuma

My exact words in 2007 were: “There is no doubt in my mind that after Zuma wins the presidency of the ANC, he will keep the ANC going for two years until he becomes president of South Africa. After that, he will discard the ANC and become a second Mugabe, and the SACP will finally have won.”

When conservative whites said that things could not get worse under Zuma than it was under Mbeki, I laughed. They said: It was time for a change

I said: “You aint seen nothing yet. Start thinking about contingencies; start thinking “Worst Case Scenario”…Bad, just got worse!”

At the time, I was more worried about Afrikaners who fell for Zuma’s sweet talking .

The FreedomFront Minus leader, Pieter Mulder had no shame to accept a position as deputy minister in Zuma’s cabinet. Other celebrities and prominent Afrikaners went and had a braai with Zuma. They thought they could talk to him.

Tja…I felt like the lone voice crying out in the wilderness.

The thing is…you have to let people be. They must learn from their mistakes.

Today I am exonerated. People have woken up. People are shouting out, “Zuma Must Fall” and “ANC Must Fall”. Banners are erected on buildings calling for the idiot to fall. The end of the ANC is nigh.

Liberals are even contemplating bringing Mbeki back. Max du Preez: Come Back Thabo! (Almost) all is forgiven

Prof. Pierre de Vos: Can Mbeki make a comeback?

Sunday Times: 'We need Mbeki's wisdom to rescue SA', says Mathews Phosa

Yes why not. As I told my Indian friend…I fully support Mbeki’s comeback. I am a secret admirer of Mbeki.

Back in the days when he was president, he and his health minister, Manto the Bantu , with their conspiracy theories, denialism and idiotic AIDS policies killed 300, 000 blacks every year.

Wit Wolf Barend Strydom killed eight blacks on Tuesday 15 of November 1988 with a 9mm Beretta and was called a racist and white supremacist.

Mbeki killed 800 every day with Garlic and Beetroot and liberals fawn over him. They think he is a hero.

Think about it…800 a day…With only garlic and beetroot. Bwha!!! Respect. I mean you have to admire the man.

No wonder liberals cheer for his comeback.

"Cause and effect"...the concept blacks don't get

By Mike Smith

16th of February 2016

The #RhodesMustFall brainless turd-tossers and inerudite poo-pitchers went on a rampage at UCT again.

This time they were upset about a lack of accommodation for students so erected a corrugated iron shack and porterloo at the campus whilst holding a braai and welcoming people to “Shackville”.

”Shackville” highlights UCT housing issue

A group of simian bi-peds, led by student activist Masoxole Mlandu cordoned off the area with red and white danger tape, with handmade signs warning, "Beware of Monkeys" and "This is the state of the nation".

Like Homo Naledi troglodytes the “students” sang and thumped on the shack to draw attention to their protest and then, in typical monkey fashion, scaled the walls to deface the statues of statesman, field marshal Jan Smuts as well as Auntie Fuller, one of the founding tannies of UCT and the first female student there ever.

“Students” tied some danger tape around Fuller's neck and connected it to a pillar to look like a noose. Mlandu said they could not live with the symbols of white colonial repression anymore.

I use the term “student” loosely, because a student is at university to LEARN. These Zaralleli bastard offspring of their satanic tree god who raped the four titted Ma, are definitely not at UCT to LEARN.

Allow me to explain.

According to university spokesman Elijah Moholola, An estimated 700 beds which are normally freed up in January, could not be released this year due to deferred exams.

Why were the exams deferred?

Because these same bastards, protested and went on a rampage at the university last year flinging turds at inanimate statues.

See? The first thing they should learn, and maybe UCT should teach them, is the elementary principle of “Cause and Effect”, because they don’t seem to grasp it.

It is the same with trains. They burn the trains down and then complain that the trains are late. They burn the schools down and then complain that they can’t get a job. They want to chase the farmers of the land and then complain that food prices are high. They want to shag indiscriminately and then complain about HIV/AIDS. They spend all their money on alcohol, dagga and useless bling and then complain that they are poor.

They vote for the criminally corrupt ANC terrorists to rule over them and then complain about high crime, corruption and unemployment.

On and on, I can go.

Doesn't understand why whites think he is stupid

12 February 2016

Zuma’s 2016 SONA Commie-speak deciphered

Extra big kfont. 11 lines per page
so he can read properly and not 
make a fool of himself as he usually does.

By Mike Smith
12th of February 2016

When I was watching the Number One’s State of the Nation last night I thought, “Goodness...my readers must be bored out of their wits trying to decipher that brabble”.

You guys at least have the choice to switch the TV off and go have a beer whilst watering the lawn. I, as a political and current affairs commentator have no choice, but to sit there and listen to this half witted idiot.

So I decided to decipher all that Commie-speak for you to make it a bit shorter and easier to understand.

Of course you can Read the entire SONA here if you can stomach it.

Here are some more pictures

However here is my version of what he REALLY said.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Comrades...uhh...Compatriots...Listen properly...

White people are the enemy.

Dont forget that...:

Whites kicked you out of District Six. Whites made you carry passes. Whites made you study Afrikaans. Whites forced blacks to fight in World War One. Whites killed our innocent MK activists. White people are racists. Never forget that.

We want to welcome some church leaders here, including the Archbishop of Cape Town, to show you that God supports the ANC.

We the ANC have governed well, but since I came to power, our economy is in tatters and we have no coocking clue how to fix it.

We are corrupt and mismanaged state owned companies like Eskom, Transnet, SAA, etc, but we are working on it not to be caught out so often anymore.

We fucked up the country’s infrastructure, but lo and behold, somehow, magically, the trains still move and the lights are still on. So no worries.

We stuffed up big time with the draconian Visa regulation, because we have no clue of how the international world works, so we killed tourism in SA, but don’t panic, because we collapsed the Rand so the tourists are still coming, because the country is cheap.

We have failed to create jobs for our black voters and failed to help them start small businesses, so we appeal to the Baases of the big white companies to fire more competent whites and appoint more of our incompetent blacks, because this is the only way we know how to create jobs.

Although our economy is stuffed as for as international economies are concerned, we are still the strongest economy in Africa and we intend to train more people in the banking and financial sector so they can steal more efficiently for us and not get caught. This is how we move South Africa forward.

We admit that we have stolen too much of the taxpayer’s money so we decided to cut down on (first class) overseas trips and the amount of family and friends we are allowed to take along on state costs (first class).

Further, the money is drying up, so we will cut down on the amount of money we spend on parties, food, alcohol and whores on all three levels of government (national, provincial and local) as well as in the judiciary.

It will be difficult for us, but once there is enough money again we can party on taxpayer’s costs as usual.

Coming back to Eskom. The lights are barely staying on and we pray that this will continue, but we have made plans to put some unsafe, out of date, Russian nuclear plants on your doorstep and get massive kickbacks from the contracts that will make the weapons scandal of the 90’s look like a Sunday picnic. Actually it is just a front to enrich some Uranium that we have so much of and build nuclear weapons that we will sell to our terrorist friends in Palestine, Iran and around the world, but nobody knows and nobody cares.

We are in cahoots with large international companies like VW, Nestlé, Samsung, Unilever, etc. We supply them cheap black labour at minimum wage, tax them nothing, keep the unions on a tight leash and they pay us plenty of buckshees and kickbacks.

The collectivisation of farms was a massive failure, but we will carry on stealing white farmer’s land and force them to hand over 50% of their farms to the black workers. Failure to do so will result in us expropriating such farms completely with no compensation. So they better wake up and stay awake.

We stuffed up the water and sanitation in this country. We failed to build any new dams or maintain infrastructure and now that we have a massive drought all over South Africa, we have no clue what to do about it. Nevertheless...Stuff the farmers. We won't help them. Food prices can rise. We don’t give a shit. KFC will never run out of chicken. Just sit tight and pray for rain or consult a Sangoma to do a rain ceremony.

Unfortunately we had to kill 38 miners at Marikana, but since then the natives have behaved themselves and the gold and platinum is flowing out of the country again. Our Anglo American Randlord friends in London and Washington should be satisfied by this, but we appeal to them to not fire anymore miners, because then we will have to do another Marikana.

We have more than 3000km coastline and it is a pity that we were so stupid in the past that we did not properly rape the oceans of South Africa yet, but we are working on it and making plans together with the Chinese and Dr. Iqbal Survé’s Sekunjalo so we can steal more perlemoen (abalone) and pretend we are farming it and protecting it. We want to properly destroy the seas just as we have done with the rest of the country.

Stuff the students at university. They are not getting any more money and we are not lowering fees.

Sorry about killing 300,000 blacks a year due to our stupid garlic and beetroot AIDS/HIV policies in the past. We fired Thabo and Manto and since then people are living eight years longer. You can now die at 62 and forfeit your pension. More money for us to steal.

We will rig and crook the local government elections which will be held after May.

We will come around and inspect local municipalities to make sure they are not stealing too much. Stealing is our job. i.e. National government which is us.

We stuffed up Pretoria. It is filthy and sewage is flowing through the streets. Stuff the residents and traders who complain. If they want us to fix it and clean it they must pay.

We give blacks free houses in the townships, but instead of occupying them, they either sell them or rent them out other people. So we will just build some more.

Further, we have failed to deliver services to the townships, because it costs too much money and then we won’t have enough money for us to steal. But we are listening to people’s complaints. Blah, blah, blah....

We also listened to foreign nationals in the kilometer long queues at Home Affairs unable to get papers. We asked them what they were doing in SA anyway? They said they were here to steal your jobs and women, so stuff them. They can wait all year in those queues. We don’t care.

We stuffed up the police services. The police are useless, incompetent, lazy and not well trained to do their jobs, but that is OK otherwise they could come and investigate us. We cannot have that. However, due to their incompetence, 75 of these dumb fucks got killed last year. We told them before to just “Shoot to kill”, but they don’t listen. So it is their problem if they get killed.

We will carry on supporting our genocidal dictatorial friends in the rest of Africa and we will use the South African Army as mercenaries and private security guards to protect our interests and projects to rape the continent and exploit the poor blacks in central Africa. We are very proud of our dumb fuck soldiers that they are obeying us so well and risking their lives for our wealth..

We are very happy about the BRICS Bank that will lend us billions that the taxpayers will have to pay back. We have made some deals with China to sell more mineral wealth to them for about $US10 billion. That is about one hundred, sixty thousand million, two and seheaventy…listen properly…billion six rand.

We are still being supported by and working closely together with those whites in Europe, America and Canada. Together with 2000 EU companies we are exploiting our black workers for their cheap labour and we will continue giving these big corporations tax cuts as long as we get our slice of the pie.

We want to congratulate all the black quota sports stars who qualified for the Olympics. Pity some whites made it too.

We want people to eat more KFC and McDonalds so they can die earlier and we can pocket their pensions. Therfore we have introduced a few more national pig-out days.

Our black Kwaito singers are basically useless so we are going to chuck more taxpayer’s money down a black hole to try and improve them through the Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa.

In order for us to achieve our objectives of totally stuffing up South Africa and robbing it into bankruptcy, we need to pull together and move faster. We need to “act decisively to remove domestic constraints to growth.” ....That means we need to get rid of these pesky whites who keep on catching us out when we steal or stuff up the country.

Let us work together to turn the situation around. It can be done.

I thank you.