28 March 2016

Is this the alternative to Orania?

The alternative?

By Mike Smith
28th of March 2016

While the ANC is stealing billions and billions of taxpayer’s money, ruining the country, and crime is skyrocketing, lots of whites are becoming more and more despondent. In their attempts to find solutions for the tragedy and crime ridden hellhole South Africa has become, they
are building their walls higher and get more armed response security.

Some saw the answer in coalescing in the whites only Orania or Kleinfontein. However successful Orania is, it has simply not attracted large amounts of people.

What is the alternative?

Douw Steyn with wife Carolyn
Take the eccentric Afrikaans billionaire Douw Steyn’s idea for instance…

First he offered President Thabo Mbeki a Billion Rand to stop crime with high tec drones, helicopters satellite equipment, etc, but after Mbeki declined it he offered the same amount to Zuma in 2009, who also declined it.

Said Steyn: "Mbeki told me that I had got it wrong. He said: 'We don't have a problem with crime in this country. The problem is, we have a perception of crime'.

He is also known as having made several donations to the ANC. Nothing helped. It did not make them rule better.

So he decided to build his own city. Steyn City. Free of crime and where children can play in the streets without fearing to be run over by minibus taxis.

Steyn, now 64 years old, grew up in Johannesburg and went to the university in Potchefstroom. He launched Auto & General Insurance in 1985, and moved to the UK in 1992 where he replicated the model with Budget Insurance, car rental and ComparetheMarket insurance. His mother company, “BGL” employs 2,400 people at its Cambridgeshire HQ plus offices in Sunderland and Coventry. Douw Steyn is behind the fake Russian meerkat, Aleksandr Orlov, in the Comparethemarket Meerkats advertisements in the UK. He also owns the 25,000 acre Shambala game reserve in the Waterberg mountains.

Upon his release from prison in 1990 Nelson Mandela’s was Steyn guest for several months in his home in Sandhurst where Mandela proof-read and finished his autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom.”

In 2000, Steyn converted his home into a 26-suite hotel, the five star “The Saxon Boutique Hotel” in Sandhurst Johannesburg, where wealthy international stars including Oprah Winfrey stay when they visit SA.

Nelson Mandela, US president Bill Clinton and former SA president FW de Klerk attended Dow Steyn’s 50th birthday party.

When Steyn appeared in court after two of his ex girlfriends had a catfight he cut his sleeves and trouser legs off with a knife and poured water over his head, because “it was too hot“ in court.

In 2013 Mandela’s widow Graça attended his wedding to Carolyn, a charity worker.

Steyn's house in London
In 2014 he bought the ten bedroom, £62 million London mansion, in Belgravia which used to belong to billionaire Wall Street investment banker Bruce Wasserstein, who died in 2009. This house is just a stone’s throw from Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich’s home and practically in the centre between several countries’ embassies.

He has about 13 cars (he thinks), several boats and helicopters. His personal fortune is estimated at about £600 Million (R13 Billion).

His house, Palazzo Steyn, stands on a 2 hectare property between Johannesburg and Pretoria, and is surrounded by a ruined aqueduct from which water plunges into a lake below.

It is South Africa’s biggest and most expensive house (worth R250 million), with seven bedroom suites, a wine cellar and a marble garage with space for 33 cars.

It makes President Zuma’s house at Nkandla look like a township dwelling.

Mr Steyn's house lies at the centre of what he hopes will become Steyn City, a luxury country 'lifestyle estate' built on 2000 hectares of land north of Dainfern and will be four times the size of Monaco.

The marble garage with space for 33 cars
Around him he is building 11,000 homes, a private hospital, two private schools from grade 1 to 12, shops and office parks. The property is being 50% developed and 50% woodland with more than 200.000 indigenous trees with a 26-mile pedestrian walkways, 9 individual workout stations, skateboard tracks, running and cycling tracks around and through it. It has children play parks, picnic areas, horse stables and an 18 hole golf course designed by Jack Niklaus. It has its own petrol stations where people can tank up themselves, a water reservoir capable of storing 30 mega liters and it has state of the art electronic security and security guards with dogs who patrol the area. A plot is about R2million. The average house costs around R20million

The costs? So far it has only cost R6 billion. Less than a tenth the ANC stole with the arms-deal scandal alone.

South African Billionaire Douw Steyn builds his own city

Steyn City

However there is already opposition to his plans. The poor township of Diepsloot is on his doorstep.

Why Steyn City is not the answer for Johannesburg

What is it that Dow Steyn is actually building? A personal Utopia? Is it a longing back to the time when he was a child and children could safely play in the streets? Is it just a return back to Apartheid or an example of how the entire South Africa could have looked like if only the ANC governed properly instead of stealing the country into bankruptcy? Whatever it is, I take my hat off to him. In a country where the ANC is just breaking down or building monstrosities like Nkandla, at least his building something spectacular.

Can evil be cured by money or education?

By Mike Smith
28th of March 2016

Usually superficial liberals find Apartheid abominable without ever asking themselves what the reasons for Apartheid were, because in their minds blacks are the same as whites, just with more melanin in their skins.

As I have mentioned before, there are many reasons Why whites despise blacks of which none have to do with the colour of their skin.

However, one of the biggest reasons for me is their belief in the power of Muti and how they obtain it and consume it. All you have to do is Google “Muti Murders” and see how they kill albinos and children for their body parts which they cut out/off whilst the victims are still alive.

Last week a white man found his 72 year old mother in law, Marie Saddler, stabbed to death in her Germiston home. Elderly woman’s ears nose and eyelashes cut off

After torturing her to death, they stole her purse and two cell phones. Of course the MSM did not report the races of the victim or the perpetrators.

Also see here: Censorbugbear: Murder: hatecrime: Mrs Marie Saddler 72, ears, nose, eyelashes cut off; stabbed to death

But it is not just albinos, children and elderly whites who suffer having their pody parts cut off whilst still alive, in Phoenix, Durban a dog had to be put down because his tongue was cut out and he couldn’t eat or drink water anymore.

Dog found with tongue cut out

Now look at this report:

 Police says witchdoctors and soothsayers fuel sexual offences in Malawi

These witchdoctors tell their customers/clients they should rape their daughters, parents or relatives in order to become rich.

“Malawi police spokesperson, Nicholas Gondwa, said more than 1 300 men were arrested for defilement and incest crimes last year.”

“The rate of sexual offences is scary,” Gondwa said.

Now the liberal’s answer to all of this is…”Education” and “Throw money at the problem”.

However, we who have lived in Africa know that no amount of education will ever remedy this evil spawn of Satan. Look at Mugabe who was raised by Catholics and who has seven degrees including Masters in Law and Science.

We know that no matter how educated these creatures are, they NEVER relinquish their superstitious beliefs in the Tokoloshe, forefather spirits and the power of Muti. However, when you say it you will be accused of “racism” by the liberal idiots and PC brigade.

But listen what a black female journalist had to say after watching her own black  Bible friend casting out demons in cockroaches:

Columnist Sellina Nkowani, writing for local paper, The Nation, recently branded Malawi "a superstitious nation".

“Malawi is a very superstitious nation… Malawian – educated or uneducated, well-travelled or not are superstitious. The only difference between those in the village and those living in air-conditioned houses in cities, is that the former believes in witchcraft while the latter believes in demons.”

I mean…what kind of creatures are these? And they ask us why we had Apartheid.

26 March 2016

Zumas take on the Ruperts

By Mike Smith

26th of March 2016

Just yesterday I mentioned how the ANC Youth League’s leader Ronald Lamola said that if the ANC’s NEC does not want to recall Zuma, then society should rise up and remove him. They even picketed outside of the hotel in Irene, Pretoria where the NEC gathered with signs that read, “Save the soul of the ANC” and “We want Zuma out”.

But after billionaire and Super-Afrikaner Johann Rupert, called for Zuma to step down for the sake of the children, the ANC Youth League’s KwaZulu-Natal provincial secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo Slammed Rupert’s call for Zuma to resign calling him a “racist imperialist who wants to continue looting the resources of our country”.

Sabelo also claimed that Rupert was funding the opposition Democratic Alliance.

How do you explain this two sided behaviour of the ANCYL? It seems to be OK if THEY call for Zuma to resign, but when a white man does it he is suddenly “a racist imperialist”.

Maybe the Youth League is just factionally divided, stupid, confused…or all of the above.

However, we have seen both the EFF and Cope calling for the arrest of Zuma and the Guptas . Two weeks ago COPE laid charges of corruption and treason against Zuma and the Guptas at the Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria.

Are they “racist imperialists” too?

We have also seen that finally The Hawks will investigate the Guptas and Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma after DA leader Mmusi Maimane and MP David Maynier laid corruption charges against brothers Atul and Ajay Gupta as well as Zuma's son Duduzane at the Cape Town police station last Thursday.

Are they “racist imperialists” too?

However, in a counter attack Jacob Zuma’s oldest son Edward Zuma opened charge of corruption against Johann Rupert

Foaming at the mouth, Edward has labelled the luxury goods mogul "an arrogant white racist who has been looting unabated".

"Whiteness is on steroids these days. For him to call for President Zuma's resignation is a confirmation of what we have always known: that he and others have been funding the opposition‚ plotting and orchestrating conditions favourable for the defeat of our National Democratic Revolution‚" he said.

Edward said he agreed with the criticism that "we spend more time criticising black business and less time disrupting the accumulation path of real white monopoly capital".

"This should renew our efforts and commitment to transform the colonial apartheid ownership patterns. Rupert Must Fall! I'm disgusted by his arrogance‚" he said.

He also wants Public Protector Thuli Madonsela to investigate other ANC leaders and opposition parties “who have ties with wealthy families in this country”.

Meanwhile deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa (who said white control of the economy must end) has denied meeting with business people including Rupert‚ Maria Ramos and Trevor Manuel following the appointment of Van Rooyen and the subsequent appointment of Gordhan as Minister of Finance.

To tell you the truth, I think Daddy Zuma, Mini-me Eddie Zuma and uncle Caril Ramaphosa are getting a little bit too big for their shoes. If anyone is racist and arrogant it is them. They might be rich, but they are not THAT rich. They should be very careful who they go up against. Does Eddie Zuma really want to go up against Rupert and the Rothschilds? Maybe he’s got more balls than brains. I hope he doesn’t complain when they wipe the floor with him.

25 March 2016

The Butcher of Marikana and his anti-white hate-speech

By Mike Smith
25th of March 2016

According to billionaire Cyril Ramaphosa aka “The Butcher of Marikana” Whites have owned the South African economy for far too long

He promised black business that government will spend R24billion on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) in the coming years. He also admitted that “the government is obsessed, hell bent and fanatical about it”.

This is what he said:

“For far too long this economy has been owned and controlled by white people. That must come to end. For far too long, this economy has been managed by white people. That must come to an end. Those who don’t like this idea - tough for you. That is how we are proceeding,” he said.

Now to put it into perspective, just replace “white people” above with “Jews” and it will sound like a black Hitler speaking.

It is blatant hate speech against an already oppressed white minority who make up 9% of the country.

Ramaphosa's uppity slaves shot dead by his goons
According to Forbes, Ramaphosa is worth $US 675 million. Before 1994 he was a poor trade unionist. How did he get all that money? How did his brother-in-law Patrice Motsepe and friend Tokyo Sexwale become billionaires overnight?

They did not work hard for it likeHerman Mashaba who owns “Black like me” who became rich during Apartheid selling products like hair straightener and skin creams to make blacks look more like whites. Mashaba, who admitted that he hated whites and were deeply suspicious of them, started his business together with a white Afrikaner pharmacist Johann Kriel who came up with a perm lotion that substantially reduced the normal production time which meant they could produce quality hair products in a factory 20 times smaller than the opposition.

No Ramaphosa, Motsepe, Sexwale and others were given shares and directorships by traditionally white companies.

You can read the shocking truth and origins of BEE here: Fools Gold. The story of BEE

None of these blacks have grown rich by creating entirely new businesses. All they did was steal and take over businesses started by whites through legalized theft backed by the Employment Equity Act of 1998 and the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment “BBBEE” act of 2003.

"See? These hands are clean"
Ramaphosa, a Champagne Communist, sits on boards of Coca Cola, SAB Miller, Bidvest, Standard Bank, Mondi, MTN, many more and of course…Lonmin, the owners of the Marikana mine where he ordered the police to slaughter 34 miners who complained about the $300 a month slave wage they earn.

BEE and BBBEE has nothing to do with empowering blacks. It is all about disempowering whites. People like Ramaphosa are not scared of the rightwing. Ramaphosa knows that there are still a few companies owned by whites and there are still a few white businessmen and billionaires with enough clout like Johann Rupert who could raise a counter revolution against the ANC. This is what they are scared of.

That is why the ANC regime is so obsessed, hell bent and fanatical about BBBEE.

Heaven help us when this guy ever becomes president.

Your time is up Zuma

By Mike Smith
25th of March 2016

Good music video. I agree. The people are coming for you Mr. Zuma. Your time is up.

Watching the pillars of support crumbling away from underneath the ANC

By Mike Smith

25th of March 2016

My readers will remember how I mentioned the development of a revolution in some articles last year and how one can recognize certain “milestones” being reached in order to judge how far one is from revolution.

For instance, there is the turning of the academics and the media against the state. All along student and other protests get worse, internal strife and divisions in the ruling party will increase…etc.

Over the last few months we have seen many of these milestones being reached. One pillar of support after the other was crumbling away from underneath dictator Zuma…and it spelled nothing good for the ANC which itself is losing support by the day scandal after scandal.

That is why I laughed when I read that Zuma told the ANC that they should tell him to his face if he should step down rather than stab him in the back

As if he has a choice.

As I have pointed out in the past, Gene Sharp said that when these pillars of support are eroded away from underneath the dictator he doesn’t even have the power to resign. He simply falls!

Denis Goldberg with his god Mandela
Nevertheless…it was therefore not surprising to see how the ANC’s struggle hero and arch Communist scumbag Denis Goldberg called on Zuma to step down.

”Step down”: Dennis Goldberg tells Zuma

Denis Goldberg is of course a big cannon amongst the Communists. After the Apartheid government banned the SA Communist Party, Denis Goldberg founded the Congress of Democrats, an organization of about 200 white Communists and around 500 useful idiots and apparatchiks that supported the ANC.

When the ANC formed their armed terrorist wing Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Goldberg joined them as technical officer. Goldberg was arrested by the Apartheid Security police and at the Rivonia trial, he was convicted of high treason and sabotage and sentenced to four life terms that he partially served in the Pretoria Central prison in solitary confinement. Goldberg was released by P.W. Botha in 1985 after serving 22 years. In 2009 the ANC honoured him with the Order of Luthuli (silver) for his service to fullfil their Marxist dream of a Communist Utopia in SA. He is still a member of the SACP which is in a Troika with the ANC and COSATU Trade Unions.

For him to withdraw his support from Zuma is catastrophic for the dictator.

For a long time the ANCYL was one of Zuma’s biggest supporters.

However now we see that they have become another pillar of support crumbling away from underneath the dictator. The ANC Youth League also called for Zuma’s resignation saying that if the NEC does not want to remove him then society should remove him. In other words, the ANCYL is calling for a revolution against their own party leader and president they helped to bring to power.

Johann Rupert
The withdrawal of support from the business community came when Super-Afrikaner, billionaire and drinking buddy of the Rothschilds, Johann Rupert, told Zuma to resign for the sake of the future of the children of the country. ”Resign for the kid’s sake”: Johann Rupert

As if Rupert gives a flying toss about any of the children of South Africa. All he cares about is his business interests. He is just worried that the Rand will fall to R30 to the dollar and his billions will shrink.

Zuma said that Rupert specially flew in from London to depose him after his disastrous sacking of Finance Minister Nene and appointment of Van Rooyen. Rupert denies it saying he flew in for a graduation ceremony at the University of Stellenbosch of which he is chancellor. Ja, right.

However, Rupert called on other business leaders and told them to be prepared to “become unpopular”.

He was shortly thereafter joined by a chorus of Super-Afrikaners such as Dr. Michael Jordaan, CEO of Montegray Capital and former boss of FNB, and Russel Loubser, former head of the JSE.

Johann and Gaynor with god Mandela
Others who supported Rupert were Bobby Godsell, former boss of Anglo Gold Ashanti and currently chairman of Business Leadership SA and Cas Goovadia MD of the Banking Association of South Africa.

Top Business leaders say JZ must fall

Interesting to note was that many black business leaders remained neutral, but others like Sandile Zungu of the Black Business Council said that Zuma’s fall will cause division in the ANC and that would not be good for the country’s economy. I wonder why not? Maybe the start of a revolution or civil war?

Sandile Zungu

However, this brings us to the point why Zuma has NOT fallen yet.

Like I have said many times before, the ANC all have dirt on each other and if the one opens its mouth it will be like opening Pandora’s Box, because then all will open their mouths and cause an avalanche of skeletons falling out of the closets.

Bathabile Dlamini, South Africa’s Minister of Social Development, and also President of ANC Women’s league made the following comment in New York on March 19 2016 when she was there on an official visit:

Bathabile Dlamini
“Even that family (Guptas), if people feel it has to be brought to book, structures must do that, the officials must call them and talk to them and give them a marching order not through shouting outside because all of us in the NEC have our small skeletons and we don’t want to take all skeletons out because hell will break loose.”

ANC members must raise issues within structures: Dlamini

You see? This is how all Marxists maintain discipline in their ranks. Everyone knows of everyone else’s skeletons.

Professor Mcebisi Ndletyana wrote an interesting article explaining what is actually goin on in the ANC ranks at the moment.

SA Governing ANC buys itself time as the unraveling begins

Mcebisi Jonas
In it he explained that The Guptas threatened to expose Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Mcebisi Jonas who claimed that they offered him the job of Finance minister. Of course the Guptas have dirt on everyone in the ANC and then some. As far back as 2013 it emerged that The DA’s Helen Zille accepted a R300,000 donation from the Guptas

See? Corrupt to the core, all of them. Scum of the earth. Not only did the Guptas capture the state, they also captured the opposition. They run the show.

Nevertheless when we look at the development of the revolution and the crumbling of the pillars of support from underneath the dictator then we know that the turning point comes when the armed forces (police, army, etc) join the opposition. So far that has not happened yet. Therefore Zuma still feels secure.

Until now:

The MK generals and veterans wrote an open letter to Zuma in which they said that the “recent events” have “saddened and outraged” them and they called on Zuma to step down.

MK generals and veterans call for Zuma to step down

They also welcomed the steps taken to get Pravin Gordon appointed as finance minister. So basically they are supporting big business to get rid of Zuma.

This is quite significant, because as we know, all Marxist dictatorships have their own private armies, because they do not trust the normal armed forces. The normal armed forces serve the people, not the regime and although they club a few demonstrators in the beginning, will eventually join the people to depose the dictator.

That is why you normally see that the ANC regime will not spend any money on the regular army or police. To the ANC our regular army is just a group of mercenaries they hire out to their dictator buddies in central Africa to bolster their tyrannical regimes. Or they use them as private security guards to guard their private oil and mining interests in central Africa.

They rather spend their money on the “Green Bombers” like Mugabe did or “Umkhonto we Sizwe” and “Narysec” in South Africa. Those are the ANC’s REAL soldiers. They are literally spending billions on them while the armed forces wither away. Once you understand how the Marxist minds in the ANC work and how they fear a counter revolution it all becomes clear.

So when you see MK and Narysec turn against their corrupt masters in the ANC, then you know the end is nigh. Not just Zuma, but the entire ANC will fall. It is just a matter of time.

We are truly living in interesting times. Very interesting to see the pillars of support being eroded from inside by the termites. Interresting to watch the ANC stumble from scandal to scandal doing the bulkhead shuffle like a drunk Kaffir in the dark on a sinking ship in stormy waters.

23 March 2016

Zuma wants reconciliation. He can have this...

By Mike Smith

23rd of March 2016

According to Msholozi Showerhead, the leader of Planet Zupta, “White South Africans have not reciprocated black people’s attempts to reconcile South Africans across racial lines.”

Zuma’s appeal to white South Africans

Continued the Great Number One, Numzana Zuma…“It seems it is only black people’s responsibility to reconcile. We need to discuss this and deal with it head on.”

So let us then deal with it head on.

You see Mr. Zuma…I can only speak for myself and with me any and all attempts at reconciliation ended around 1996 when your party set up the TRC also known as the “Des and Alex show” where you paid 20,000 black “victims of Apartheid” R30,000 each to come and spin a few yarns in front of the cameras in a Communist show trial and blatant one-sided witch hunt on whites, especially Afrikaners, that reminded of the Nuremburg trials after WWII.

None of these people were ever taken under cross questioning. Their bullshit anecdotal evidence would never have survived a simple court of law and 4000 ANC terrorists were granted amnesty by De Klerk so never needed to appear in the first place to tell how they bombed, killed and maimed innocent people, many of whom were blacks. The few who did appear were granted amnesty before their full stories could come out and the evidence of ANC, APLA atrocities were swept under the carpet. All of this, you ANC bastards paraded as the “truth”.

So pardon me if I have to break it to you, Mr. Zuma, but your Truth and Reconciliation Commission did not tell the truth and did not cause any reconciliation. All it did was cause resentment on both sides and divide the people of South Africa further along racial lines.

Further, when the whites wanted to help you run the country in a unitary government, your predecessor, Thabo Mbeki, slapped the hand of help away, kicked the whites in the teeth and instead of working together actively worked out the competent and efficient whites in the civil service with your racist Affirmative Action.

You did the same with private businesses by instituting draconian BEE laws. You actively worked whites out of their own businesses, stole their farms with expropriation laws, stuffed their sports up by introducing racial quotas so that people who are fifth or six best in their positions get appointed over more deserving whites and coloureds. On top of it you deny white school leavers an education or trade through racial quotas at Universities, colleges, apprenticeships, etc.

Black criminals are raping, robbing, torturing and murdering whites in their homes and on their farms. Their homes have become virtual prisons. About 1,2 million whites have fled the country and our now living overseas in self-imposed exile.

You and your party, Mr. President, have destroyed everything whites have built in this country. You have destroyed the army, the police force, the navy, the air force, the SAA, hospitals, the electricity networks, the water and sanitation infrastructure and the roads. The towns and cities have been reduced to rubbish dumps. Now you are coming after our schools and universities.

You and your useless Marxist regime have stolen old people’s pension funds in Transnet. You have stolen trillions of taxpayer’s money to enrich yourselves through cronyism and nepotism in state tenders.

Sorry Mr. President, but you, your party and your idiotic voters are scum. Wonder no more why I am not interested in ever reconciling with you or any of you lot. All I want is to see you gone; dumped in the rubbish bin of history. Your party’s misrule will go down as the darkest period of South African history and your presidency as the worst. So with all respect, Mr. Zuma, take your “reconciliation” and stick it where the son doesn’t shine.

And as for your stupid comment about bloggers, cartoonist and satirists being "racists"...You can count on a lot more from me.

Have a nice day.

22 March 2016

Forced Integration Vs Forced Segregation. Which is wrong?

By Mike Smith
22 of March 2016

Europe is in trouble. Deep trouble. Not only are we seeing an increase in terror shootings and bomb attacks since West European countries opened their borders to so called “refugees”, but in countries like Germany, Sweden and Denmark, sexual attacks on women have now become a daily occurrence.

In Germany, young girls are ambushed inside water slides of swimming pools and gang raped. Muslim refugees are telling women they attack that they are just there for sex and the Muslim refugees are demanding that Germany ban all alcohol or sex attacks will continue but to make things worse, there is a conspiracy of silence amongst the police, the government and the media who try to cover up the severity of the attacks and the orders came from the very top. Chancellor Merkel herself.

It is not only Germany...

Swedish police were warned not to give descriptions of the perpetrators lest they were accused of being racist

Nevertheless… Germany is a nation in denial and cannot handle the truth about these refugees

Instead of closing their borders and arresting their treacherous Communist Chancellor, they keep on helping these “rapefugees” and putting them up in tented camps. The useless feminized German men look on and do nothing as their wives and sisters are being raped To these Arab refugees it is all a “Rape Game” called “Taharrush” (meaning “harassment” in Arabic) …a kind of sex hooliganism or rape flashmob where hundreds of men encircle a woman, grope and rape her. It is part of their culture and to them it is great fun.

Only in the East and South of Germany there has been some minor resistance to the refugees, but those who resist are branded as “racists”.

According to Rainer Wendt, the head of the German police union (Deutschen Polizeigewerkschaft, DPolG), “Every police officer knows he has to meet a particular political expectation. It is better to keep quiet [about migrant crime] because you cannot go wrong.”

I guess it is easier to turn a blind eye and close your ears when your daughter or wife is gang raped by these scumbags than to speak up or do something about it, even when you are a policeman.

When you speak to Europeans, especially Germans, you hear that they either have no solution to the problem or won’t speak their minds for fear of being branded “Nazis”.

“Integration!”, they scream. These Rapefugees should integrate and learn the language and the culture. Learn to respect European women even if they publicly dress in miniskirts and bathing costumes. They should follow the “Leitkultur” (dominant culture). And the left is throwing billions of Euros at the problem.

But when you challenge Germans about their yearly holiday to the Spanish island of Mallorca you get blank stares.

Let me explain. Every year Germans stream in their thousands to Mallorca to behave like pigs, drink German beer, eat German food, party to German music and expect the local Spanish to be able to speak German…There is no following of the Spanish “Leitkultur” of Mallorca. Germans don’t integrate either. In fact, German culture has become the “Leitkultur” of Mallorca. Why should it be any different when the Arabs come to Europe? It is just a question of demographics and time and the “Leitkultur” in Europe will be Arabic.

Besides, this leftist belief of “Integration is the answer” is utterly racist and morally corrupt, but leftists cannot see it.

It is quite common for human beings to want others to be a little bit more like them. In relationships as well as society out there the belief is that, “If only they were a little bit more like us, we could accept them”.

That is why liberals will go out of their way to educate black Africans, donate clothes to them and teach them Christianity. They want the blacks to be more like them.

But why? Why are white liberals not willing to change themselves to be more like blacks? Is there something wrong with the way blacks are that they need to be changed into whites with black skin, but not the other way around?

Liberals have this sense of superiority, an assimilationist logic, that when blacks are eventually educated like them, wear the same clothes as them and practice the same religion as them, that blacks will also BE like them and we can then all hold hands and sing Kumbaya together, despite all evidence to the contrary.

People naturally separate.

In the Netherlands they talk about “verzuiling” in which society forms certain religious/cultural pillars and eventually the pillars do not have much contact with each other. In Austria they call it the “Proporz” (proportionality) doctrine. In France it is called “laïcité” (social secularism).

You can see it in South Africa. Blacks, whites, coloureds and Indians form social groups based on religious and cultural similarities. You see it in Germany with the Turks and Germans. You see it in Belgium with the Dutch and Walonians. This is natural nationalism. Forced integration is against this natural phenomenon. Therefore individual freedoms are protected in constitutions in the forms of the Freedom of Association, the Freedom of Religion, etc.

If forced segregation or separation is as wrong as a forced divorce, then forced integration is as wrong as a forced marriage and therefore evil.

This begs the question, “Is forced segregation (Apartheid, Jim Crow laws of the South, Israel/Palestine) then really and always wrong?”.

Hopefully when two people want to divorce, they can come to an agreement, respect each other’s rights and part ways peacefully, but what does a couple do when one party WANTS a divorce and the other refuses? Is it morally correct to cling on to someone who does not want to be with you? No, and besides that person has a legal and constitutional right to be alone if he/she so wishes. In such a case the court can and will grant a forced divorce.

In fact, trying to hold onto someone who wants to be alone is forced integration. It is in every aspect morally, ethically and legally wrong.

Like I said, forced integration is like a forced marriage? No court, at least not in the Western world, would ever grant one party the right to forcefully marry someone who does not want to be married. There are no exceptions.

So as can be seen…where forced segregation can morally and legally be justified through the individual rights of the person/people, this forced integration involuntarily being shoved down the throats of Europeans, whites in South Africa and especially the university residences can NEVER be justified.

Saturn pays Helen Suzman a visit

By Mike Smith

22 of March 2016

The French journalist Jacques Mallet du Pan once said, "A l'exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants" (Like Saturn, the revolution devours its own children).

Du Pan was obviously referring to the Greek Titan Cronus (Roman: Saturn) who overthrew his own father and feared that his children might overthrow him so he devoured them one after the other.

Therefore it is not really ironic to see the liberals who supported and assisted the ANC to overthrow Apartheid to be devoured by their very own creation today.

Comes to mind the likes of Max du Preez, Helen Zille and Allister Sparks being called racists by their darling ANC.

Another one is that LWB Helen Suzman who worshipped Mandela and frequently visited him in prison. She was by his side the day he signed the new SA constitution in 1996. It must have been the highlight of her miserable life.

For 36 years she tirelessly used her tactics of Marxist Critical Theory in the SA parliament where according to her, the white NP did everything wrong and the angelic black terrorists in the ANC did everything right.

Whenever the NP did something good to the blacks, built them schools, hospitals, houses, etc it was never enough. They should do more. Should do better. On and on this witch dug at the NP.

How they could never see through her tactics is beyond my comprehension. They must have been complete political dunces and judging from their eventual capitulation to the ANC, I am sure they were. They should have silenced her a long time ago.

Instead they tapped her phone. Her answer was to blow a Rugby whistle into the phone every time she answered.

However Helen Suzman’s love affair with the ANC started to crumble when her beloved Mandela praised Muammar Qaddafi who was almost Hitlerian in his anti-semitism and once called on the Arab world to wage continuous war on Israel. Of course Suzman was originally a Lithuanian Jew.

The ANC and the SACP hated her guts even more than the NP. They blamed her for not backing sanctions against SA, called her “an agent of colonialism” and “part of the system”.

Nevertheless, this ignorant cow and lover of terrorists was eventually awarded 27 honorary doctorates from universities around the world and was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In a British interview in 2004Helen Suzman criticized the ANC’s version of democracy and said that it was better under Apartheid

After her death, the Helen Suzman Foundation which scrutinises elections, voter choice and the conduct of political parties in South Africa, Zimbabwe and other African countries carried on her work. However they went a little bit too far.

Three days after the Helen Suzman Foundation and Freedom Under Law launched an urgent application in the Pretoria high court calling for the suspension of Hawks head, Lieutenant-General Mthandazo Berning Ntlemeza, the Foundation's offices were raided in an armed apartheid military-style operation on Sunday afternoon.

Documents and computers seized in armed, apartheid military-style robbery at Helen Suzman Foundation offices

Notice how the ultra leftist “Daily Maverick" just could not resist taking a sideswipe at Apartheid, which obviously had nothing to do with the raid.

I wonder if sick tit Helen Suzman would spin in her grave if she knew what her beloved ANC did to the country, namely turn it into an East German Stasi state, or whether she would rejoice. Afterall, it is what she wanted. It was her biggest wish.

All I can say is, “Carry on Saturn. Chomp away, mate. Eat them all!”

21 March 2016

Zuma's survival (yet again)

Not scared. Zuma arriving at the NEC meeting with 15 body guards

By Mike Smith

21st of March 2016

The repulsive snake, Jacob “Inyoka” Zuma, has once again managed to slither out of the grip of the long arm of the law.

Despite strong allegations that Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas, Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula, Minister of Mineral Resources Ngoako Ramatlhodi and former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor being offered top government jobs by brothers Ajay, Atul and Rajesh Gupta, Zuma survived the ANC’s three day National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting at the Saint Georges Hotel in Irene, Pretoria.

Instead of spending millions on a useless mock enquiry into the allegations that would come up with zero evidence anyway, like it always does, the ANC outright reaffirmed faith in Zuma and showed the public and the opposition parties the middle finger.

ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe, called the allegations “Reckless journalism” and wants proof of the allegations before he will act, but personally took charge of the situation in the ANC and said all info and questions should come past him. It is just a safety measure to prevent Zuma from overshooting his mouth and shooting himself in the foot again.

Nevertheless…The message is clear. Zuma is still their man and he is still untouchable. He will survive at least his term…unless…

As I have always said and wish to reiterate, because it cannot be said enough, “Zuma and the ANC feel ZERO for this country and or any of its people. They are simply in this game for the money. “

The only way to get Zuma and his cronies out of power is to march to parliament and the union buildings and physically arrest their arses.

Zuma has survived South Africa for now, but the question is, “Can South Africa survive Zuma?”

South Africa will face junk status by the end of the year

Zuma and his cronies getting the license to steal further

18 March 2016

De Klerk turns 80

By Mike Smith
18th of March 2016

Today is the 80th birthday of the greatest “Joiner” and traitor this country has ever seen, F. W. (Fuck Wit) de Klerk. Born 18th of March 1936.

The Afrikaans media reported an article by theology Prof. Emeritus. Amie van Wyk of the North West University and old student friend of F.W. about what moved him to sell out his people and his country.

What moved F.W. de Klerk?

The former theology professor rambles on that it wasn’t the political pressure from overseas, the sanctions or the fall of the Berlin Wall that moved F.W. to capitulate, but that he struggled within himself with questions of “justice, peace and nabourly love”…of which the most important reason was “justice” which he learned from his professor L.J. du Plessis at the University of Potchefstroom.


Nevertheless, the professor goes on to speculate that De Klerk was maybe also moved by his Calvinistic religious convictions. Ja…the same convictions that moved him to shag his Greek friend’s wife.

Again. Bullshit! The liberal professor is glad that we went away from what he calls, “a dictatorship of the minority”, but regrets the fact that we find ourselves today in “a dictatorship of the majority”.

Obviously he does not hold his old friend responsible for the thousands of white people killed and what happened to South Africa under that “dictatorship of the majority”.

So what moved F.W. de Klerk?

I covered it in detail in Chapter 31 of Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box. De Klerk’s liberal conversion and the mindset of treason

I actually mailed it to the F.W. de Klerk foundation and asked them to respond or correct anything I said. Till this day I had no response.

So let me explain in a condensed version again what moved the traitor De Klerk.

We have seen that there are several reasons why people become traitors or cross over to the other side. The main reasons are represented by the acronym M.I.C.E… Money, Ideology, Coercion and Ego or any combination of the above.

De Klerk is a so called “Dopper”, a member of the ultra conservative Boer Church the Gereformeerde Kerk. In fact he is a descendant of a thoroughbred Boer family on both mother and father sides. One of the core beliefs of the Dopper Church is that God personally intervenes in the lives of people and that when one prays long and hard enough God will show one the way…show one which course to take. They believe that one can get a calling from God. In Afrikaans it is called a “Roeping”.

Dominee Pieter Bingle, personal friend of De Klerk and fellow member of the Afrikanerbond afdeling Leeuwenhof in Cape Town, told F.W. De Klerk to stop listening to the people and his advisers who were all “false prophets”. He told De Klerk that he was standing in the Council Chamber of the Lord; that he was an instrument of God. He told De Klerk that he who stands in the Council Chamber of the Lord will be aggressive enough to tackle problems and challenges fearlessly.

So religious fanaticism played a role in this betrayal…“To save all the people of South Africa.”

However, F.W. and his wife Marike, who was actually more conservative than him, had three adopted children. His one son, Willem, a total loser, had a weakness for coloured girls. He went from one coloured nightclub to the next, nailing coloured girls like a sosatie and on top of it making them all pregnant. There was Erica Adams, Nicole Norodien and Desire Joseph, just to mention a few.

F.W. de Klerk became the proud grandfather of a string of coloured children. How could he then defend Apartheid or carry on to be the president of an Apartheid state? All F.W. de Klerk’s superior education as a lawyer, his conservative convictions, his Ultra Conservative religious beliefs that he raised his children on all came to naught when his youngest boy came home with a coloured girl and evinced a weakness for Cape Coloured beauties.

Elita’s role

De Klerk was so totally besotted by his Greek friend, Tony Georgiades’s wife Elita, whom he was shagging on the side, that he left the entire CODESA negotiations to junior ministers like Roelf Meyer who was totally out of his depth when it came to negotiating with skilled Communists like Cyril Ramaphosa. In the end he just didn't care what happened to South Africa.

The money.

He obtained half of the Nobel Prize which is about $1,4 million dollars. So F.W: got about $700,000 officially. P.W. Botha said that De Klerk was offered about $3 million, because the same amount was offered to him. We also know that De Klerk had a wine and olive farm called “Wildepaardejacht” that he went on the market for R35million and that he shortly afterwards bought a mansion in Fresnaye for R20 million. We also know that De klerk was involved with secret negotiations organized by the British MI6 and sponsored by the mining company Consolidated Goldfields. If F.W. de Klerk indeed took any of the money it would be interesting to find out if it was declared and whether he paid taxes on it.

former director of the SA Reserve Bank, Stephen Goodson said that De Klerk stole R12 billion from the public

F.W. was coerced

De Klerk had many skeletons in his closet. He personally ordered several Apartheid era murders, but later denied that the word “eliminate” meant “to kill”. His former embittered wife Marike was busy working on her third book and was about to reveal all about F.W. de Klerk. Marike was brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances at her Bloubergstrand sea view apartment at the Dolphin Beach complex on the fourth of December 2001.


When one reads Albert Blake’s book “Boereverraaier” then one sees that almost all these traitors tried to justify their treason by stating bullshit ethical excuses like trying to save lives of women and children in the concentration camps, by bringing the war to an earlier end, etc, but once one digs a bit deeper, one sees that ultimately they all did it for the money.

In the case of De Klerk it was a case of his own religious fanaticism and narcissistic ego where he thought God personally singled him out to save South Africa, but also his weakness for his Greek mistress and idiocy to be led by his penis instead of his brain.

Further, he could no longer justify his conservative political views, because of his son’s interracial relationships.

On top of it he was manipulated by international agents using a “carrot and stick” approach, coercing him on the one side and rewarding him on the other. Instead of being a firm principled leader, F.W. de Klerk had feet of clay. Eventually he buckled, took the money and took the easy way out.

Although Justice dictates that a rotten traitor should be put up against the nearest wall and shot, today F.W.’s biggest punishment is to sit and watch South Africa slip into the abyss along with his "Yes" voters. My only wish is to live long enough to see him and his Greek slut dragged out onto the streets of Cape Town and given the Mussolini treatment. That day I will personally go and lay a flower on Marike’s grave in the Rebecca Street Cemetery in Pretoria West.

De Klerk: “My hande is skoon

15 March 2016

Reminding the Looney Left that the Right was always right

By Mike Smith

15th of March 2016

Lo and behold. The Überliberal twat Max du Preez ‘s eyes have opened. At least a little bit. Finally Max admits that South Africa is burning

Twee-en-twintig jaar…twenty two flippen years it took him to realize he was in a pot and there was a flame under his arse getting hotter every day.

Ja, Max…Agteros kom ook in die kraal.

This country has been burning since his verraaier-maatjie F.W. de Klerk unbanned the ANC and the SACP and it hasn’t stopped burning since, but nobody is as blind as a Max who doesn’t want to see.

Says Maxie, “Three ratings agencies are presently watching our economy and politics like vultures and are wondering whether it’s time to downgrade South Africa to junk status.”

And, “It would mean investors would shy away, it would mean an even weaker rand, higher inflation, higher interest rates, weaker growth and more unemployment.”

And more still, “It would not be alarmist to say that South Africa has already started to burn.”

Ja, Boet…that revolution you said would never come is on your doorstep now. Zuma’s solution is to set his goons in the Hawks on the Finance Minister who is at least trying to prevent a downgrade. Don’t get your hopes up, because the Finance Minister you are praising is a Communist to the core. He is part of the agenda.

According to veteran journalist Allister Sparks, The ANC is with its back against the wall and won’t last until the second coming. He foresees a return to a government of national unity.

He called Zuma an incompetent and disastrous leader but was proud of what the country achieved since 1994.

Ja, well…Sparks is old. What can I say? I mean…what exactly is it that the country “achieved” since 1994? Year on year it has just gotten worse. We have “achieved” the status of crime capital, rape capital, AIDS capital, corruption capital, etc. of the world. Mutual racial antagonism is worse now than ever before. We achieved nothing. We have gone backwards in every respect.

Nevertheless he recalled a meeting he had with Dr. H.F. Verwoerd in a hotel room once when he was only 19 years old and Verwoerd told him, “Look here son, there is never going to be peace in this country unless the black man has his own land.”

Sparks says, “I immediately thought it was nonsense. It could never work”.

But last year Sparks created a shit storm when he said Verwoerd was one of smartest people he ever knew. See what I mean? First the dementia comes and then the Alzheimers. Terrible disease.

Today we see the ANC are passing expropriation laws to get ALL the land and the EFF wants to take it by force. Maybe Verwoerd was right.

Let me remind these leftist butt-lickers like Max du Preez and Allister Sparks about something else:

When the rightwing said blacks will never be able to run South Africa you laughed and said they were ridiculous. When the rightwing said that the blacks will destroy this country you laughed some more and said they were stupid. When the rightwing said the ANC will dump this country in a racial civil war you scoffed and laughed even more and said the right didn’t know what they were talking about.

Now today that the country is tilting over the abyss of junk status, the infra structure crumbling, the schools and hospital destroyed, the state coffers stolen into bankruptcy and racist violence at universities threatening to spill over to the rest of civil society…who was right Max? Tell us Allister, who was right?

When good people stop doing nothing, the corrupt government starts sweating

By Mike Smith

15th of March 2016

So what do you do when your country is losing one credit rating after the other? What do you do when your Marxist terrorist government (all former jail birds and common criminals) are corrupt and involved in kickback scandals, cronyism and inflated government contracts and tenders?

Well when you are black and in South Africa, you viciously defend the president and accuse those who blew the whistle of being “Racists” simply because your corrupt president (yours not mine) has the same skin colour as you and his critics are a tad lighter.

But not if you are from Brazil. Then you do the right thing. You go into the streets with pitchforks and scythes and you chase these bastards to hell and gone.

This past weekend Three Million Brazilian protestors went fared into streets and demanded the impeachment of their corrupt Marxist slut of a president Dilma Rousseff

She is not even fully Brazillian. She is half Bulgarian. Her father was a full blown Bulgarian Communist. She is the female version of Zuma; a former terrorist, a convicted criminal, utterly corrupt and stupid. She also instituted the “Bolsa Familia” scheme similar to South Africa’s “Allpay” Social grants, but like all Socialists, she ran out of other people’s money and now the people had their expectations raised and she cannot deliver and is "Estou Frito". Sounds familiar doesn’t it. It is a recipe for revolution. Well, I suppose she can always go pick coconuts on a slope.

Nevertheless…How glorious would it not be if we could see three million South Africans on the streets of our major cities ousting the ANC scum and demanding their impeachment? How even more glorious would it not be if those brave three million souls were all white and demanding they be put up against the nearest wall? Three million might even be too many. I think a tenth of that would suffice.

14 March 2016

The Soweto GT vs Commie engineering

By Mike Smith

14th of March 2016

Meet Moses…no not the one who built the Ark, the one who built the Car. Moses Ngobeni of Limpopo.

Homemade car ready to hit the road

Fact is he owned an Audi TT and a BMW and out of that, with a dash of Nissan and a smack of Toyota, he started to create this monstrosity only three years ago.

Full marks to Moses. I am really proud of him. At least it looks ten times better than the stinking two-stroke 600cc 19 KW Trabant the useless East German Communists could come up with and it took less than half the time to build than a Trabi. Poor East Germans had to order and wait ten years to get one and had to specify on the form if they would be picking it up in the morning or the afternoon, because the car dealer had to know if he should order the plumber for 10:00 or 15:00.

Believe it or not, today you still find idiots who defend that system.

Anyway...our combat divers used to take great joy in blowing their ships up in the harbours of Angola whenever they brought "tractors" and "machinery parts" to their SWAPO mates.

The Massive Melbourne Chimpout

By Mike Smith

14th of March 2016

Ahh yes. Cultural enrichment. Australian Anti-Apartheid demonstrations coming home to roost. When our blacks were running amok and planting bombs in shopping centres and restaurants, Australians were telling us that WE were wrong. They already have their Abbos on reserves, but had a lot to say about our Bantustans. They will still be begging us to show them how to introduce Apartheid. Watch.

The armed Sudanese Islamist gang “Apex” went on a riot and punched people and destroyed cars and property on and arround Federation Sqaure. Police said that earlier reports about a rival gang were false. It was just the one gang.

I just always ask myself, “Why does Australia make it so difficult for white South Africans to emigrate there, but so easy for these militant black Sudanese Islamists?”

Violent black gang in massive Melbourne chimpout

11 March 2016

Boer traitors and how to deal with them

By Mike Smith

11th of March 2016

You know…When you read Albert Blake’s book “Boereverraaier” about Boers shooting traitors during the Anglo-Boer War, then you will see that towards the middle of the war, already 40% of Boers were either “Hensoppers” (those who swore an oath of neutrality to the Queen) or downright “Joiners” (those who swore full allegiance to the Queen and actively joined the British army raping Boer women on farms, murdering old Boers on their farms, stealing and plundering the Boer farms, etc.)

It is a part of history people like to forget. Better to remember the “Bitterenders” who fought the British to a standstill.

However, there are many recorded incidents where brother turned against brother, like General Piet de Wet, brother of General Christiaan de Wet who joined the British and killed Boers.

Then there was the woman who was called to say good bye to her four brothers and her husband who would shortly face a Boer firing squad for treason. Her last tearful words to her husband were, “Ek het jou gesê jy moet dit nie doen nie.” (I told you don’t do it.).

Then there was the absurd case of the one Boer judge who sent Boer traitors to the firing squad only to join the British himself a few months later.

Then there was the case of the 29 year old teacher who faced a firing squad, half of which was made up of young men whom he had taught a few years before at school.

Or how about the young Boer soldier who found his best friend from childhood amongst the dead of the enemy, a Joiner.

The young Boer wife and her daughter who were chased 1000 yards out of their home in their pyjamas in the middle of the night in a freezing winter by her own brother, a joiner. They almost freezed to death. He was cornered the next day by her husband and shot between the eyes begging his brother in law for mercy.

Boer against Boer, every day. As Blake mentioned…towards the end of the war, the Anglo Boer War resembled more and more a civil war of Boer against Boer than Boer against Brit.

Nevertheless, getting rid of traitors is not always easy. It is uncomfortable, but it is necessary, because a few decades down the line, the offspring of those treacherous bastards will betray your children, just like you were betrayed once. Those traitors after the war will poison the minds of the young for generations to come. So you have to put them up against a wall and shoot them as early as possible. And don’t bury them. Let the vultures feast on their miserable carcasses.

Terblanche Delport
Take this idiot for instance. Terblanche Delport, a junior lecturer in philosophy at UNISA, who said that, “The only choice for white Afrikaners is to wait for their death and when that takes too long, then to commit suicide, because they do not belong in Africa. It is the only way to get rid of white rule and white supremacy in the country.”

White Afrikaans lecturer says Afrikaners should die out

He was one of the speakers at a conference on Afrikaner identity at Wits University.

On the question of whether he would kill himself, Delport said no. He enjoys his life and is not prepared to kill himself. (Yet)

Because, as Dr Jamie Glasov wrote in “United in hate: The left’s romance with tyranny and terror”, these sicko leftist pricks hate themselves so much that they want to kill themselves, but they want all other people to kill themselves first. Delport is a classical example.

“Whe whites should be prepared to quietly go into extinction, without having children, so that white rule can come to an end…or fall on our swords.” Said this joiner.

Ja Boetie…Your day will come.

10 March 2016

Is Afrikaner self determination still a viable option?

Take your pic of independent country for white South Africans:

Or this?

By Mike Smith

10th of March 2016

I recently received several comments and suggestions about an independent Afrikaner homeland.

I addressed this problem several times before and will now try to condense my findings.

The constitution is written in such a way that Afrikaners or whites in SA will forever be chasing their tails about a Volkstaat.

For the ANC to grant us independence we need to share a common cultural and language heritage (not race). Further, one part of the constitution cannot be used to contradict another part. So, even if self-determination is guaranteed in the constitution, we need to be able to satisfy all the criteria of non-racialism, non-sexism, etc before we can even think along the lines of self-determination for Afrikaners,

So what is the Afrikaner culture?

Are all Afrikaners Christians? No. They belong to different churches, some are even atheists, etc. Do they listen to the same music? No, Some like Rock. Some like opera. Some like Steve and Juanita. Do they all speak the same Afrikaans? No, you have different dialects. Do they have the same history, heritage? No, West Coast, Namibia, Transvaal, Freestate, Natal, all have different histories. Do they all play (or like) Rugby, No. Do they all eat braaivleis or biltong? No, many are vegetarian. Do they all live in the same area? No, spread out from Namibia down to the Cape and north again to Beitbridge. From the West Coast to the east coast. On and on I can go.

So please tell me, WHAT IS AN AFRIKANER?

Now Eugene Terreblanche once said that when you ask that question, you are not one, but that is simplistic and probably the reason why he never managed to get a Volkstaat for the Afrikaners.

On 24 March1999, Thabo Mbeki released his “Report on the question of the Afrikaners”.

In that speech, Mbeki defined the Afrikaners out of existence, quoting amongst other Afrikaner race traitors, political analyst, Harold Pakendorf as saying:

” To have a debate about Afrikaners seems almost absurd. Which Afrikaners? Who is an Afrikaner? Who will speak on their behalf? Hopefully, there will never be a debate about Afrikaners again. They are not separate enough from the rest of South Africa to be discussed as such.”

” The surest sign that all is well with Afrikaners is the existence of the Afrikaner Eenheidsbeweging - the Afrikaner unity movement that unites almost no Afrikaners and represents even fewer. And that is how it ought to be - there simply is no organisation or political party that can be said to represent what Afrikaners want. They are divided, spread out over a whole range of organisations, churches and political parties.”

And so dear people died the dream of the Afrikaners to have their own homeland.

Basically Mbeki said there are no Afrikaners and even if there were, they have no leaders and no representative body speaking on their behalf.

Sadly Mbeki was right.

There are more than fifty so called Afrikaner organisations, and some of them like the Afrikanerbond and Solidarity, are made up of heavyweight intelligentsia, yet none of these organisations claim to speak for, or on behalf of the Afrikaners and none of them support a homeland for the Afrikaners. They all believe that Afrikaners should find their niche in the New (improved) South Africa. The truth is that Afrikaners and other Whites are finding their niches in Australia, England and Europe.

But on Thursday, 02 April 2009, President Jacob Zuma said: “Of all the white groups that are in South Africa, it is only the Afrikaners that are truly South Africans in the true sense of the word.”

Ironically, opposition parties condemned Zuma’s statement, with the DA saying that Zuma revealed an ethnically and racially “blinkered” world view in conflict with the Constitution.

If you look at what Zuma said, you will notice that he firstly acknowledged that the Afrikaners exist as a group and then proceeded to define Afrikaners as White Afrikaans-speaking South Africans.

The significance of what Zuma said is huge for the independence of the Afrikaner people. With that one sentence Zuma showed Mbeki’s 1999 Report the finger and defined the Afrikaners as a specific group of people in South Africa.

I for one have in the meantime abandoned the idea of an Afrikaner homeland in SA. To me THE WHOLE OF SOUTH AFRICA is our homeland. The homeland of all the whites who were born here and whose forefathers built this country. Problem is that SA is occupied, infested by those who claim to be indigenous, but are not.

We can talk and debate. We can protest peacefully, but will that ever get us independence from the ANC regime or the approval of the world?

Debating and peaceful protesting should not be abandoned. These are highly effective and powerful tools, but knowing the lessons from African history, the African’s inability to deal with complex scenarios inevitably leads him to the only solution he knows: Violence.

Ultimately the violence will be inevitable. We will have to be prepared for it. People will die. We cannot escape that. The more I look at it the more I am convinced that simply knocking on the ANC door is not going to get them to listen. You will have to kick the goddamn door down. You will have to climb onto their chests with a baseball bat and MAKE them listen and at the same time be able to role with a few blows yourself.

Inevitably, the whites of South Africa (and maybe other minorities) must be willing to do what the Israelis did in 1948 and draw the borders as they advance forward. They must do what the Israelis did at Deir Yassin, Shatila and Sabra to rid their country of the Marxists ANC scum and its supporters.

For more information read some previous posts on the subject:

Afrikaner Volkstaat: What comes after the talking? More talking?

All it takes are a few good men and an idea

The significance of Zuma’s April 2009 speech for the independence of the Afrikaners

Time to revisit the “Ghastly alternative”

08 March 2016

The new "scorched earth" destruction of South Africa

By Mike Smith

8th of March 2016

Like rats from a burning, sinking ship, Millionaires from SA are leaving in droves . 950 Dollar millionaires left South Africa last year, up from 600 in 2014. “It said the exodus was similar to that of the very wealthy who fled Zimbabwe before it s economy collapsed.”

But the useless ANC regime is not worried. The government wants rich South Africans to pay tax on assets shifted abroad secretly. Colen Garrow, an economics analyst at Lefika Securities said that, instead of clamping down on these transgressions, the government should ask what policy mistakes it had made that caused the wealthy to flee.

“The top reasons for leaving included worries about their children's safety and future, crime - in particular rape and hijacking - the quality of the education system and broad-based black economic empowerment.”

“Leon Isaacson, Global Migration SA's managing director, said immigration lawyers had noticed a spike in people wanting to leave South Africa over the past few months who cited "political and economic uncertainty".

Now think about the knock on effect. All those domestic workers and gardeners out of work. Most of these millionaires were business people. They are closing their businesses down. More blacks out of work. If each of these 950 millionaires who left last year and the 600 who left the year before, employed on average just ten people, that would be about 15,000 people without work now. These are 15,000 less tax cows for the ANC to pay their debts to the international banks. 15,000 people that will have to be supported with grants by the rest of us paying taxes.

This is then 15,000 people with less money to spend on the remaining businesses. The economy suffers. The currency falls. More people emigrate. It is a downward spiral on its way to Zimbabwe junk status.

But the useless ANC regime is not worried. Their New (Old) Communist Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhand said, A ratings downgrade will not be the end of the world

Burning down the factories that employ them
He said it took many years to get to the edge of junk status and it will still take a while before we are really in the dwang. In other words: “Carry on stealing ANC…the pot is not empty yet. Skêp hom die pap!”

As the people of South Africa are praying that Zuma should call off his goons in the Hawks just to prevent Gordhan from resigning and plummeting SA in an economic crisis of epic proportions, Protestors are burning down the last remaining factories that employed them and dashing their own hopes of finding employment by burning their universities down

TUT students proudly filming their handiwork
Pics: Factories torched in iSithebi north of Durban

Stealing, killing, burning…All’s well in the New (improved) South Africa. Why is it that nobody can see the common denominator here?

The man responsible for it all