30 August 2016

Playing Monopoly in Europe

By Mike Smith
30th of August 2016

A few days ago there was an Attempt on Angela Merkel’s life in Prague in the Czech Republic when a man tried to ram her motorcade with a black Mercedes during a state visit.

Although the British and Russian press covered the story, there is a total blackout about it in the leftist German MSM. Only a few bloggers picked it up.

Merkel faced noisy anti-Islam protestors in Prague who disapproved of her refugee and open border politics.

The other day the anti-immigration youth movement known as the “Identitäre Bewegung” (Identity movement) had a peaceful demonstration at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The “Morgenpost” newspaper of Dresden and Chemnitz in Saxony were caught out that they Photoshopped the peaceful demo and added Nazi flags and some dark scaly characters into the pictures which were later again removed.

Every day the German newspapers report that the amount of refugees streaming over the borders are getting less and that in the next year it will “dwindle” to only 400,000, about a third of the previous year.

However, what they are not saying is that the refugees do not even have to come to Germany… The German government flies them in with airplanes landing during the night when everyone is in bed.

The truth about Merkel’s mass refugees being flown in with charter flights during the night

To fool the German public more, they are being smuggled during the summer holiday break and in between Turkish and other Near East passengers. The Cologne-Bonn airport reported on the 8th of August an increase of 185,000 passengers in comparison to the same month last year; an increase of 18%.

On top of it the German Government has a program which allows those Muslims already in the country to automatically bring their family members in and those then, THEIR closest family members, etc, ad infinitum.

In the meantime 130,000 refugees have slipped away under the radar in Germany and are unaccounted for…And they wonder where the terrorist attacks come from.

The secret night flights: How the German government secretly smuggle in thousands of Syrian refugees without their citizens knowing it

Lying Merkel: Germany’s Secret Night Refugee Flights

The Germans are living in fear. The shops are all out of pepper spray and tazing devices. People are openly admitting on television that they are sleeping with pepper spray next to their beds. The government has warned people to stock up food and water for ten days…Shit is about to hit the fan bigtime.

It becomes obvious to the simplest of minds that there are some clear cut objectives here…dare I say a conspiracy. Let me show you how it is going to be in the short European future. It goes like this:

Lend money to the fanatical Islamists and cause the rise of ISIS (think where all those fancy Toyota Bakkies come from with all those fancy weapons on top?).

This will cause a flood of Muslim refugees into Europe and these Muslims will go on a rampage doing what they have always done for hundreds of years; Rape and pillage.

Let the Europeans now spend all their money trying to deal with the problem and let it cause an economic meltdown.

Let the Europeans get so pissed off that they start a crusade against the Arab world for which they now have no money. Now switch sides, stop funding ISIS and lend money to the Europeans. Let them take over all the oil under Arab control.

Call in all debts and take over all the oil fields and if the Europeans have no more money to pay back, take compensation in the form of controlling shares in all their factories, banks and businesses.

Final result: Total control of all of Europe, all of the oil in the Middle East and couple that with the control you already have over all the gold and diamonds and other minerals in South Africa…and you will have full control of the world. Declare a Single World Government, a single global police force and a worldwide enslaved populace.

Where did we see this before?

The Rothchilds, Rockefellars and Warburgs (CFR, RIIA) funding and lending money to Hitler and building him up taking control of Europe.

Once he was strong, they provoked a war and switched sides. Hitler tried to seize the Baku oil fields in Russia/ Azerbaijan and now found that his former funders were funding his enemies (Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt). Eventually he ran out of resources. No more oil, no more military adventures. Defeat.

After the war, Britain had to pay back all the money Churchill borrowed from the international bankers to defeat Hitler. Money they did not have.

Overnight went all their colonies and their accompanying mineral rights. Churchill sold away the British Empire.

Stubborn idiot white South Africans thought they were special and could hold out against the greed of the “Hoggenheimer” Randlords and International bankers.

Suddenly the same machine kicked in. Starting the funding of white South Africa and lending them money to build schools, houses and hospitals for all the blacks.

Then you give them weapons and provoke a war in Angola. Now stop funding them, stop giving them weapons and switch sides funding their black enemies and giving THEM weapons after you have convinced them of bullshit idealistic crap such as Ubuntu and Communism.

Let your world mass media vilify the “racist” whites. Drive them into a corner and let them hand over power to the Blacks.

Once the blacks are in charge, they have to repay the money lent to them to get to power…which you know they won’t have.

Take control of their gold, platinum, copper, gold, iron ore and other vital minerals. Drive the whites out and take control of all their banks, businesses and factories. Drive the whites off their farms and take control of their food. Take control of all their fishing rights. Now you have control of the entire food supply for the entire Africa and the uppity once get starved to death.

Take control of their beloved sports such as Rugby and cricket. Break their spirit, their morale and their hope and they will never fight back.

…And so I can go on. It doesn’t matter what ideology is in charge; Communism or Capitalism. It doesn't matter which race; black or white...The name of the game is Full Control.

Throughout history you see the same pattern over and over again. First fund the one side and build them up. Then turn against them and fund the other side. Once they have destroyed each other lend them more money to build themselves up again. When they cannot pay back, take control of their resources and enslave them.

Always the same pattern. Always the same role-players and the same names behind the scenes popping up. Not a conspiracy theory...a Conspiracy fact.

At the end of the day we are all in the same boat. Victims of a Satanic Cult seeking control. The name of the game is Monopoly and the ultimate prize is full control of the entire world and an enslaved human race.

But all is not lost. These bastards are always operating in the dark, because they are scared that we are going to find out what they are up to. That is their biggest fear: Discovering the conspiracy and the role-players in it. That is why the media in Germany, South Africa and the world in general try to hide what is really going on, because the day we discover our own strength, see how pathetically few and weak these bastards are and start fighting back, is the day they will lose all control. To them, this equals Hell. For us, it will be almost heaven.

27 August 2016

Pienk Frikkie De Klerk’s new “Centre of Diversity” and what it actually means

”You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”
-- Inigo Montoya, “The Princess Bride”

By Mike Smith
27th of August 2016

Sorry to disappoint you, but arch traitor Pink Frikkie has not croaked yet. Together with the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation, he has just launched the Centre for Diversity.

De Klerk launches Centre for Diversity to encourage race relations

He had a lot to say last night. Probably too many brandies and cokes already. According to Pink Frikkie on Friday Many white South Africans will be forced to leave the country, because of BEE and AA policies

Apparently he is also Very critical of Jacob Zuma because “the African National Congress has not upheld former president and ANC stalwart Nelson Mandela's legacy but is instead promoting racism.”

What legacy of Mandela might that be? Mandela was a convicted terrorist and an idiot as president. He was a racist who couldn’t stand being in the company of whites for longer than 15 minutes. He used to get all jittery and aggressive when there were too many whites around him and had no problem to voice his disapproval and wanted them to leave. The newspapers never mentioned this.

However, De Klerk said…Equal respect and dignity are under threat in the New South Africa

What is the aim of his new Centre for Diversity?

“The centre should consider encouraging white South Africans to understand the depth of the hurt apartheid policies had caused to non-whites.”

You see the plan? Race relations in the country are only going to improve if whites pull out their intestines about how bad they were to the blacks and how evil Apartheid was.

I don’t know why, but every time I hear De Klerk speak, I get a pain in my butt and the word “Doos” drifts past my brain.

When he speaks you can actually hear the effects of what years and years of alcohol abuse does to the human brain. There was a time that I just wanted the senile thing to shut the fuck up and die, but now I think keeping him alive and letting him watch the fruits of his treason is a better and more apt punishment. Although I would still like to see him put up against a wall and face a firing squad, I think a bullet to the brain would be far too humane for a piece of shit like him. He needs to die slowly and in agony. I hope he lives long enough to see the country go tits up and burn down along with his FW de Klerk Foundation in Durbanville and his new Centre for Diversity. I hope he sees the results of his wonderful “Diversity” that he helped to bring about through treason.

What do people understand under “Diversity”? One would think that it is different races living alongside each other in peace, harmony and “good neighbourliness”, but hang on…Wasn’t that the vision of Dr HF Verwoerd? Wasn’t that Apartheid?

We tried it and apparently it didn’t work? Now we have the New "Diverse" South Africa and it is also not working. De Klerk seems to be critical of it. So what now? What is this “Diversity” he strives for?

If a black family lives next to a white family you still have Apartheid. The area is just smaller, but you still have a fence between you and them. So what should it be? Take the fences away? Or should we have children with a string of different coloured women like his useless loser son Willem? What is “Diversity”?

Let us explore and start with a “Diversity” of ideas.

I disagree with De Klerk that race relations will improve when whites pull out their intestines about Apartheid. In my opinion race relations will only improve when one or the other becomes extinct in South Africa. Either blacks have to go completely or whites will have to go completely, because as long as the two share the same country there will never be peace and only bad race relations. The evidence is abundantly all around. There will NEVER be equality, tolerance and respect for each other. It is a useless pipe dream.

Now do you think that is what De Klerk and his liberal idiots want to hear? Would they have tolerance for my diverse opinion? Like hell they have. To liberals “Diversity” means conformity; conforming to their opinion and theirs only. It means "people who agree with me." ..and if you do insist on having a different opponion; “You are a racist”.

In Libspeak, “Diversity” means the exclusion of white, heterosexual Christians, especially white males. “Equality” means preferential treatment for darker races, “Tollerance” means the approval and endorsement of perverse, deviant lifestyles and “Democracy” means Marxism.

That is the bottom line. Liberals use code words to mean something completely different to what normal people understand under those words.

“Diversity” to a liberal means all becoming the same godless, one race; a mixed, coloured, homosexual race.

In short, “Diversity” is a paradox to a liberal that actually means the absence of “Diversity”.

It is clear that Libtards have no idea of what the word actually means and they should not even try to understand it, because they are incapable of it. They are incapable of clear and logical thought.

Take it from me: De Klerk’s “Centre of Diversity” is just another “Centre of Liberal Bullshit” to undermine the whites of South Africa and keep them enslaved.

Cicero, in deciding whether a person was guilty or not, always asked the question, "Cui Bono?" (Who profits?) ...just follow the money and you will get to the truth eventually.

So what do you think; How I am doing so far, Boss?

24 August 2016

What are South Africans most obsessed about?

By Mike Smith

24th of August 2016

What do you think South Africans are most obsessed about?

I mean you would think that in a country with an unemployment rate amongst the youth of 50% people would be obsessed about getting an education and finding a decent job.

You would think that in a country with an idiot as president running a kleptocracy people would be obsessed about organising a change of government...

No: You are wrong.

And that, dear reader, is why South Africa will never come right. People have their priorities screwed up.

I just hate it when the media use "South Africans" when they refer to these creatures...as if they are including the Whites as well and we are all the same.
Punani Fruit

23 August 2016

Is the West preparing for the Apocalypse?

By Mike Smith

23rd of August 2016

Yesterday the German government announced an official strategy of “Civil Protection” (Zivilschutz) in a 69 page document and warned their people to stock up on two liters of water per person for 5 days and food for ten days in case of a worst case scenario, massive terrorist attacks, war, whatever...in general, a “national emergency”.

German version: German Government warns its citizens to stock up for the Apocalypse

BBC: Germans told to stockpile food and water for Civil Defence

Immediately followed the head-shaking leftist, making the strategy off as alarmist “Panic Makery” (Panikmache) and irresponsible of the government.

The leftist debate about hamster buying and panic-makery

In my opinion, live by this rule of thumb: “Whatever the left says is bullshit and should be discarded”.

However when you speak to the Germans they make jokes about the warning saying their fridges are full of beer and the meat is stil grazing in the field, so they are sorted.

So this would be my strategy: You don’t need to stock up on food and water. You just need to make a list of all those leftists who laughed and find out where they keep their food and water. When the shit hits the fan; that is where you go.

No seriously, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Have a “bug-out” rucksack packed for three days. Have some ammunition and fuel and think of worst case scenarios, because it is not just about a civil war or nuclear war situation; You can have severe hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes or a meteorite hitting the earth.

But there is nothing wrong with being prepared and having a plan. Remember that an electromagnetic impulse coming from a nuclear device exploded in the atmosphere can burn out all silicone chips in all computers, so your cell phone might not work and neither will your GPS and car. There are chips in everything. Roads will be congested. You will probably find that you will get further with a bicycle.

This warning from the German government did not come as a surprise to me. However one has to ask: “What do they know that we don’t?”

You see…for years the Western governments have told their people that things were getting better. In 2007 they had 170,000 troops in Iraq. Al Qaida was a non entity and well defeated. Troop withdrawal started and completed by December 2011.

But then the Arab Spring, which started a year earlier in December 2010 with the fall of Tunisia, followed by Egypt, Yemen and Lybia (2011), started going badly wrong in Syria in 2012.

The Americans were hardly out of Iraq or Nouri al-Maliki, the American puppet Prime Minister (and a Shia-Muslim), started to arrest the leftovers from Sadam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party (mostly Sunnis’) including vice president Tariq al-Hashimi who fled to Turkey.

Maliki did his utmost to limit the power of both Kurds and Sunnis. Maliki worked to further centralize governance and amassed greater controls and power—from militarily to legislative—for his party. Instead of strengthening and securing Iraq, Maliki's actions have led to a rise in both Kurdish nationalism and Sunni insurgency, which has resulted in civil war and the effective failure of the Iraqi state.

All these Sunni’s that were purged from the Iraqi Army, Police and Civil Service suddenly found themselves without a job and started turning to crime and joining the leftovers of Al-Qaida or vice versa. However these were high ranking officers and even generals who brought structure and discipline to terrorist ranks and suddenly in 2014, ISIS/ISIL burst onto the scene almost out of nowhere.

It was clear that these were not the old Al-Qaida anymore. These guys had tanks, armed vehicles and state of the art weaponry. They were organised... and on the 29th June 2014 declared a Caliphate known as “The Islamic State” or IS.

The ISIS tentacles started to spread all over the globe and you now have satellite organisations in places like Morocco, Mali, Libya, Nigeria, to Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines.

In 2014 a Civil War started in the Ukraine due to the eastern part who did not want to join the Western part in the European Union and NATO and wanted to remain Russian, resulting in a referendum on the Crimea and Russia annexing the Crimea on 18 March 2014.

As the situation in Syria turned for the worse, Bashar al-Assad asked the Russians for help to defeat the rebels and insurgents. America and France were bombing ISIS in north eastern Syria and in 2015 millions of refugees started streaming into Europe. Under this blanket of refugees, ISIS smuggled in thousands of terrorists who are now sleepers in European countries from where they launch terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Germany.

Currently we see the Turkish dictator Erdogan consolidating more and more power, divorcing the West, having an affair with Putin and wanting to reinstate the Ottoman Empire.

It doesn’t take much to realize that the world is a far worse place now than what it was before 11 September 2001 and strategists have no real answer as to what to do.

David Kilcullen, the Australian born Counter Insurgency strategist and expert admits defeat in his book, “Blood Year: Terror and the Islamic state”.

He was one of the main people who devised the West’s strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan and now says that he was wrong. All that WHAM (Winning Hearts and Minds) didn’t work. He calls for a new strategy that he calls, “Disaggregation”…But if he was wrong before, who will trust him to implement another strategy now?

What is “disaggregation”? Basically he wants to turn terrorism into a non-entity by splitting the terrorists up into individual parts, where they are so insignificant that hardly anybody notices any of them. Deny the terrorists the attention they crave by denying them their support.

But hang on a minute…Isn’t that what we did in South Africa? By the end of the 1980’s the ANC was defeated and nothing more than a fax machine in Dares Salaam. Hardly anybody in SA knew anything about them, their leaders or could care less. It was the Black Conscience Movement that was doing everything not the ANC. There was no reason for the leftist liberals in politics and academia (Van Zyl Slabbert and Prof Willie Esterhuyse to name a few) to go and talk to the ANC in Dakar. FW de Klerk allowed thousands of the scumbags back in the country and blew new life into them. The result we see today.

In January of 2015 I wrote a miniseries about how to counter the Crime insurgency in South Africa. I said forget about WHAM. Fight back. Be brutal and be quick. Nobody ever listens to a South African.

Nevertheless, the world is a rapidly, changing place and off late it has become clear to anybody, not just the German government, that big trouble is looming in the near future. Armageddon might be closer than you think and buying a few bottles of extra water and some extra cans of Ravioli won’t hurt.

All I know is...I am ready for the worst case scenario.

Mike's fridge is stocked

Bug out bags are ready

18 August 2016

What Libtards don't understand: Blacks like to be blacks

By Mike Smith

17 th of August 2016

One thing that fascinates libtard tourists to South Africa is how blacks live in shacks in townships next to affluent white areas.

If you tell them that blacks prefer it that way, then they look at you as if you are stupid. How can any human being WANT to live in a shack?

I know it sounds strange to libtards, but it is the truth as the Lonmin Spokesperson said:

Miners want to live in shacks not houses: Lonmin Spokesperson

Said Sue Vey: "We have learnt our employees don't want houses. They want to go back to their home countries and province... They choose to live in informal settlements,"


About 20 years ago in 1996 I once asked a group of educated Xhosas why they don’t go and live in a white area and put their children in white schools away from township violence and drugs. I mean they all had the money to do so and were all driving BMW’s and were educated.

They looked at each other and laughed. So I asked them why they were laughing? They proceeded to tell me that they prefer to stay in the township amongst their own people. They like their culture and way of life.

So I asked them why they cannot do that in a white area? They said to me, “Mike, believe us…you don’t want us to live next door to you.”

I said why not? I mean they seemed to be fairly nice guys and educated.

They said, “Mike…in the township we start drinking on Thursday night, because Friday nobody really works and goes home half day. Friday night we slaughter a goat in our back yard and then braai it. Then the REAL drinking starts. Then the music gets LOUD, really LOUD. The method of braai is also different to how white people braai. A chunk of meat is just briefly scorched in an open fire, not grilled over coals. Once everyone is drunk, you just take a bitch and shag her behind the shack. Her consent is optional. The drinking does not stop until all the alcohol is finished, normally on a Monday morning at about 03:00 AM when everyone goes to sleep to be ready for work at 08:00. During the weekend, fights break out; people get “moered”, stabbed, axed and shot. This is township life. We like it like this. Can you see, Mike, why we say you don’t want us as your neighbour?”

I said: “Well, now that you put it that way, I think it is better if you stay where you are and I stay where I am.”

They all nodded their heads in agreement. That conversation, I will never forget. It was one of the things that cured me of liberalism.

But you tell this story to libtards from overseas, they don’t believe you. They believe blacks are just like whites. They believe blacks in SA are poor and only live in shacks, because they cannot afford anything better.

You tell them that these blacks living in shacks have a house or two in Transkei and a RDP house in the township that they rent out for extra money (some have several houses they got for free) they don’t believe you. To a libtard…It just cannot be that a black would rather rent his free houses out and go live in a shack himself.

All I can say is: This is Africa. Leave them alone.

Libtards then protest and say. “No, you should educate them. Teach them to save their money and not spend it on alcohol and dagga. Give them more money” …etc.etc.

Why? Because libtards always want blacks to be like them. They believe they can change blacks into copies of themselves, but just with black skin. What they don’t get is that blacks don’t want to be like them and actually resent their attempts at changing them.

It might come as a surprise to most people that Blacks of South Africa during Apartheid had an immense respect for President Paul Kruger and Dr. H.F. Verwoerd whom they worshipped as gods, but they had no respect for the liberal Jan Smuts.

Blacks never know where they stand with liberals whom they perceive as being nice in front of them, but try to undermine them and stab them in their backs.

In Credo Mutwa’s books, “Indaba, my children” and “My People” he says that Blacks basically reject liberalism and do not trust liberals, which also corresponds to and was affirmed by my own interviews with blacks. (“Indaba my children” – Chapter: “The religion and beliefs of the Bantu – II”, page 624)

Wrote Mutwa about the blacks offering their assistance to Paul Kruger to fight the British:

“It is only one of the many stories told about the President of the Transvaal Republic, Paul Kruger, who was worshipped by the Bantu of the Transvaal. And when I say worshipped, I mean literally worshipped – as people worship a god. The irony of it all is that had President Kruger known that the Bantu worshipped him like a god (and they did so until recently in the Lichtenburg area), he could have won the Boer War. He had only to give the Bantu the slightest signal and they would have attacked the British troops whole heartedly.” (“Indaba my children” – Chapter: “The religion and beliefs of the Bantu – II”, page 610.)

Wrote Mutwa about Dr. Verwoerd:

“If a chief visits a place and immediately after his departure rain falls, he is regarded as being beloved of the rain-gods and he must be worshipped. This honour befell the Prime Minister of South Africa, Dr. HF Verwoerd. Good and unusual rains fell in Ovamboland immediately after he had paid the Ovambos a visit. This is a very dry region in South West Africa (Namibia) and the Ovambos immediately nicknamed Dr. Verwoerd their “Rain Father” and they started carving busts of him in their particular style.” (“Indaba my children” – Chapter: “The religion and beliefs of the Bantu – II”, page 657)

Wrote Mutwa about Smuts:

“It will surprise many people outside South Africa to hear that General Smuts, great statesman though he was, was not particularly well liked by the Bantu, while Dr. Malan and Dr. Verwoerd, and the other leaders of their government have had the Bantus’ respect. This is because General Smuts was never straight with us – he never had a clear-cut policy which we could understand, he never gave us anything to hope and live for – while the present government, for all its faults, is at least doing something definite to help us.” (“My people”, Chapter 18 – Apartheid, page 329)

It is only when the ANC and their Communist junk propaganda took hold of the minds of the African that they started to hate the whites.

17 August 2016

How NOT to try and cure race relations in SA

By Mike Smith

17 th of August 2016

According to UNISA chancellor and former judge Bernard Ngoepe Race relations in South Africa are so bad that it could lead to civil war

I fully agree with the honourable and learned judge. Race relations in the country are now far worse than they were under Apartheid.

I would just like to know what did all that BULLSHIT at the TRC or Truth and Reconciliation Council (that he was part of) help? Werent they supposed to have fixed relations between black and white and make us all hold hands and sing Kumbaya together?

Not to mention the millions Ngoepe, Tutu and Dr. Alex Boraine got and the other millions wasted on a “tranedal” spectacle also known as “The Des and Alex Show”.

You would think that somebody who failed at reconciliation between races in South Africa would STFU and STFD, but not our learned judge. No he has a new absurd and shallow method to stop “racism” and that is to criminalise it. In other words take out the clauses of “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Expression” from the constitution and throw anybody in prison that offends a black person.

Nobody is happier than me about this law. I cannot wait for it. Finally we will see a definition of “Race” in order to define “Racism”, because for years the Libtards have told us that race does not exist and is only a social construct.

However racism never stopped the ANC of using it against the 9% minority whites in South Africa (and the coloureds and the Indians). In fact, 70% of the Western Cape’s people are white or coloured and are paying 90% of the taxes, but they are racially discriminated against through BEE, AA, racial quotas in university entry and sports, etc by an ANC central government. High time that the Western Cape declares independence.

Nevertheless, I know and can see that this is not what the judge meant by racism, because in his mind only blacks can be racially discriminated against and can be victims of “racism”.

In fact the 80% blacks in the country need draconian laws to protect them against the 9% whites that might offend them...or is it the other way around?

Maybe the judge’s words actually mean that it is better to stick the 9% racist whites in prison or concentration camps to protect them than to have a civil war and let them be massacred by panga-weilding blacks, because in the absurd Azania mania, taking racial offence is a valid excuse to kill someone.

Law academic Joel Modiri, from the University of Pretoria, said racism could be seen as a psychological issue which required reconciliation, but it could also be about structural and power inequalities and addressing a conflict created by "the very arrival of whites in this country".

He said: "What kind of freedom is this that blacks need protection from whites?"

See? These new anti-racism laws and bills will be a one way street. They are only there to protect blacks against white racism and not the other way around. To blacks “Freedom” and “Liberation” does not mean the same as for us. As long as there is any trace of a white person in the country the blacks will never have “Freedom”. They will never have their “Uhuru”.

“The gaze that the colonized subject casts at the colonist's sector is a look of lust, a look of envy Dreams of possession. Every type of possession: of sitting at the colonist's table and sleeping in his bed, preferably with his wife.” Franz Fanon, Wretched of the Earth.

Nevertheless it will be interesting to see this law in action; which offensive words they will banish. You cannot ban words without banning the entire language. If you ban “Kaffir”, people will invent new words such as “nog-nog”, “spear chucker”, “papvreter”, “Marmite Monster”, etc. Eventually you have to ban the entire language. Good luck with that.

16 August 2016

What qualifies a man to be president?

By Mike Smith
16 th of August 2016

According to Obama’s dick-sucking Vice President Joe Biden Donald Trump is not fit to be president and in fact "totally, thoroughly unqualified" to be president, calling him a dangerous voice on national security and foreign policy and even stating that Trump would have loved Stalin.

So I was wondering…considering our illustrious Communist scumbag, Msholozi Showerhead…what qualifies one to be the president of a country?

If it is the ability to read and comprehend numbers, the current New South African president (yours not mine) fails miserably? What about having at least a high school diploma? No, Zuma fails again. He only has standard one.

So how about not being corrupt? It might be a good start, but Zuma has 783 cases of fraud and corruption pending against him, apart from Nkandla, the Guptas and the oil deal in the DRC of course.

How about being of upstanding character? I would say that philandering and raping your friend’s HIV positive daughter is not really upstanding behavior.

How about trying to be the president of ALL the people in the country and not just the president of the majority? How about trying not to sing hate songs of killing farmers and other minorities? How about not bragging about how you used to beat up gays when you were younger? How about not encouraging young women to go for virginity tests?

How about having a basic idea of a Western democracy and not saying, "You have more rights because you're a majority; you have less rights because you're a minority. That's how democracy works".

Seems like the only thing that qualifies Zuma for the presidency is the fact that he is a convicted terrorist that spent ten years on Robben Island and was on the CIA’s most dangerous terrorist list until 2008.

In other words…he has “Struggle Credentials”.

Personally I think the best qualification for president is the ability to “Get the job done” as in The Raccoon Analogy which says that if you have an infestation in your basement (raccoons, rats, cockroaches…) you don’t care if the exterminator wears a toupee. You don’t care if his wife is a dumb blonde bimbo. You don’t care if he is obnoxious and swears. You want the infestation gone and he is the man who is going to take care of it. He is the man who will “get the job done”.

Problem is that in South Africa, “The Job” means different things to whites and blacks.

Blacks just want free shit. Free houses, free electricity, free water, free T-shirts, free KFC, free etc, etc, etc…

The ANC want their votes and if they are too useless to deliver good governance… The ANC will pay R50 and a bottle of booze for a vote

But the ANC voters who want the free stuff are still the moderates.

For the more extreme blacks and voters of the EFF such as in Rustenburg, I suppose “Getting the job done” means chasing all the whites out of the country and stealing all their property. To them, Kiddi Amin, Julias Malema is the presidential man.

On the other hand, most Whites just want good clean government, doesn’t matter if the president is black, white purple, whatsoever. They want the Springboks to win, doesn’t matter if they are pink, blue or silver.

But the other whites in South Africa need a homegrown version of Donald Trump; a man with balls that can get rid of the infestation. A man that can get the job done…Problem is that even if such a man exists and you can find him, he won’t have any followers. South African men rather pay big bucks to go to Mighty Men concerts to pray and hope for better days…That is their version of “Getting the job done”.

12 August 2016

Running is just a matter of distance

By Mike Smith
12th of August 2016

As you know and as my blog statistics show, about half my readers and commentators are from South Africa and about half are emigrants. A small amount spends their time or divides their time between the two.

Lately the accusations have been flying. Those whites in SA accused the emigrants of being “cowards” and “runners” and the emigrants accusing the ones who stayed behind as “stupid” losers who could not emigrate or were not worthy to be accepted by other countries.

So now what I want to know is this:

What is the difference between somebody who runs to Australia, Canada, UK….and someone who runs to the Cape or Prieska? Isn't the one just running further than the other? I mean the aim is the same…to put as much distance between yourself and the Kaffirs as possible.

What is the difference between someone putting the Indian Ocean between him and the Kaffirs and someone putting the Karoo between him and the Kaffirs? What is the difference between someone building a moerse eight foot high wall (with electric wire on top) to protect himself and his family and separate from the Kaffirs or someone who emigrates to protect his family and seperates from the Kaffirs? It is just the thickness of the wall; it is just a matter of distance.

I mean let’s say the Big Fight starts in Johannesburg like Siener van Rensburg prophesized. It is only about a nine to twelve hour flight away from Perth or London to Johannesburg. It takes longer than that to drive to Johannesburg from the Cape. Does it then matter where the person lives; Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, London; Perth or Amsterdam…?

Main thing is that he is there when the big fight breaks out. That is all that matter to me, because I can already see a lot of people whom I know who are so called “stayers” who will lock their gates and doors and hide like babies under their beds whilst others who are “runners” will be running towards the Big Fight when it comes. So who will be of more use to me on the day when it matters?

And that is the problem I have with most people like the Suidlanders, Preppers and those who have chosen to stay. They all seem to have a “running away plan” and have their “Bug-out Bags” backed for three days of running away from the Kaffirs, but in the mean time they stay and pay taxes and extortion to the Kaffirs and accuse those who have emigrated as “cowards” and “runners”.

As far as I know I am the only South African who has a “Bug-IN Bag” packed and ready to run TOWARDS the fight the day it breaks out. I mean my broader strategy is open to all. I said I will stop at the equator. The tactical detail I will not discuss and divulge here, but I am working on it and refining it every day.

Surely you must have heard of attack as the best form of defence? Statistics have shown (“On killing” and “On Combat” by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman) that in all wars and battles those who run away are the ones who die in battle. Most of those who die in battle have shots in their backs. Those who attack and fight aggressively, even against overwhelming odds, stand a far better chance of survival. So strategically and tactically it simply makes sense to attack. The shape of the attack does not have to be head on. There are many ways and forms of attack.

However we should be careful that we do not fall into the trap of dividing ourselves in an “US” and “THEM” scenario or groups. The British had great success with it against the Boers in the Second Anglo Boer War. We shouldn’t let it happen again.

Main thing is that you start NOW preparing yourself physically and mentally for that day that the Second Blood River comes. The Voortrekkers were also runners who ran away from British rule in the Cape, but that day, when it mattered, the Boers didn’t run.

And so it will be for us from all over South Africa and from all over the world, “we few we happy few we band of brothers” who will run there and make an effort to get there at any price, because we don’t want to miss out on our St. Crispens day, our Battle of Blood River, for all the gold in the world.

He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say 'To-morrow is Saint Crispian.'
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
And say 'These wounds I had on Crispian's day.'
Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day.
Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words-
Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb'red.

This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;

And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.

10 August 2016

Sorting out the ANC's post election priorities

By Mike Smith
11th of August 2016

You know what I like about the ANC? They always have their priorities straight and sorted out.

South Africa is getting new car license plates

An official unemployment rate of 27%, in reality closer to 50%, and all they are worried about are new license plates…and renaming streets after their dead Communist terrorists. Brilliant!

Well, to be fair, Pretoria is DA now and the DA renamed streets in Cape Town…so maybe the DA don’t have their priorities straight either and we have nothing better to look forward to.

Nevertheless...Maybe I am just wrong. Maybe the ANC know exactly what their priorities are. Three days ago the British press reported, the ANC veteran coward who ran away from their hell camps and turned thieving corrupt bastard and Zupta crony, Kebby Maphatsoe, warned South Africa's white minority that they face 'uprising' and Zimbabwe-style land grab

Nothing new. They lost 9% in the election mainly to the EFF and now they blame the 9% whites in the country. It is not their own misrule, corruption, open theft, cronyism, lies and general inability to deliver on their promises…No…9% whites own 99% of all the land and occupy 99% of all their jobs and historically stole 99% of all their cattle and 99% of all their mudhuts and 99% of all their spears and 99% of their loin cloths they wore and 99% of all the other wealth they possessed.

Hell man, these racist whites with their evil colonialism and Apartheid stole 99% of their soles.

You know, I was actually looking forward to the time after the elections just so that the ANC’s blatant anti-white racist campaign and blame game could come to an end, but it seems as if it only kicked into high gear now.

It should be clear to the simplest of minds that out of the 9% (4 million) whites a quarter is children and another quarter is old people. Further, according to the BBC BBC: 400,000 whites live in shacks and Wendy houses in South Africa

It is statistically impossible that the whites can occupy all this land and all these jobs the ANC accuses them of, but it doesn’t matter how many facts, statistics and graphs you produce…it doesn’t matter how much you try to rebut the ANC lies with truth and logic, it will never be enough.

Do 40,000 whites own 80% of SA? The claim is incorrect

Blacks own 50% of all the land in SA not 13%

The distribution of land in South Africa: An overview

The fact and the reality is that the blacks LOVE to believe these lies. It feeds their hatred of whites and they love to hate… and therefore the ANC is so good at it. In fact it is the only thing the ANC is good at; fanning the flames of anti-white hatred.

Sometimes I find it unbelievable how much energy the ANC waste to find a scapegoat to blame for their own inadequacies and failures. Amazing how much energy they put into spreading their lies and hatred of whites. If only the ANC put so much energy into sorting out crime and governing properly; governing cleanly without corruption, without theft and appointed civil servants and sport teams on merit not on skin colour, they would probably find that 99% of whites would vote for them. No it is too difficult, too much effort to be normal and not corrupt. It is too difficult and too much effort NOT to steal, rape and murder. Too much effort to restrain and hold down that inner beast…and with the little bit of energy they have left…they change street names and number plates. The mind boggles.

Sometimes I just wish the ANC would stop talking and blaming and just be honest. They should stop trying to bullshit and just do what they want to do. We know the agenda. Who do they think they are fooling?

You know what? I am not a racist. I don’t like blacks to hate. I like to see blacks happy and smiling. So I fully support the ANC. When it comes to priorities you identify what is the most difficult thing to do and you tackle that first. Sort it out.

The ANC should just go out and take all the white farms, all the white homes, all the white jobs, all the white cars, all the white mines and all the white businesses, all the white banks and chase out all the whites from the country…and see if that will improve the lives of blacks and makes them smile, because the way it stands at the moment is that, as long as there is one white person in the country, occupying one job that a black could have, holding on to one grain of sand that should be in the possession of a black person…there will never be peace in the country. It is only when that last white person goes that blacks will stop hating and start smiling and be happy.

LWB Helen Zille says white men rape just as much as black men

By Mike Smith

10th of August 2016

On women’s day, Helen Zille said that Rape Culture is not a race thing

...the word "bollocks" drifting past my brain again...

Just the other day I mentioned a few examples of how a black savage raped his wife with a can of pilchards, how a 53 yo black man raped an 11 yo girl (Ukutwala, just Google it), gave her ten rand to keep quiet about it, and how several black women from Khayalitsha township acknowledged and confirmed what Judge Mable Jansen said that that a rape culture does indeed exists amongst blacks.

Mike Smith: Rape culture? What rape culture?

Now remember that this LWB Helen Zille is fluent in Xhosa and knows the Xhosa culture inside out. She knows about Ukutwala. How can she be so ignorant as to this theme of “Black Rape Culture”? Either she is sticking her head up her arse and pretending it doesn’t exist or she is deliberately lying. Which is it?

Said Zille. "We need to tackle rape culture head on. This is not a race thing: Patriarchal culture does not affect only certain races. It affects everyone."

Cough, cough, Bullshit!

OK. I hear you Helen. Now why don’t you put your money where your liberal lying gob is?

Let us put your theory to the test. Why don’t you strip naked (God, the un-wanting mental model forming…) and walk through Khayelitsha at 22h00 and then through Constantia and Waterkloof and then after you have been gang raped by your beloved Noble Savagiae come back to tell us and educate us on “Rape Culture” being equal amongst all races? OK?

07 August 2016

The post 2016 Election reality check.

By Mike Smith
8th of August 2016

It is Blue Monday (a good one) for the DA after their election wins in Cape Town, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. In PE they were out in full force and celebrated like mad over the weekend.

Thousands gather at DA’s thank you rally

The DA should not make too much of their “success”, because if you compare the 2011 results to the 2016 results you will see that the DA increased their voting percentage only by 3% (24%-27%). The ANC lost 9% on voting percentage (63% to 54%).

So who received the majority of ANC votes? Not the DA, but the EFF. Remember that in 2011 the EFF didn’t even exist yet and did not take part in the elections. In 2016 they received slightly over 8% of the votes.

The DA only scored an outright majority in Cape Town with 66,6% (Three sixes? Coincidence? Who actually won in CT?).

They only narrowly won in some of the major cities such as PE (46%) and Pretoria (43%) but failed to obtain 50%... which means they now have to form coalitions with some minority parties.

On the other hand, the ANC won Durban outright with 56%, East London with 59% and Bloemfontein with 57% and in Johannesburg the ANC won with 45% beating the DA by 6%.

However, judging from the leftist media in SA, it is as if their DA-rling, won an outright majority across the country. Who do they think they are fooling?

The ANC is still firmly in power and when you add the EFF’s 8% to the 54% of the ANC then the ANC hardly lost a vote, because all the EFF is, is a more radical version of the Marxist ANC. Be honest; does the ANC seem worried to you? I don't think they are worried at all.

Like I said back then when the ANC kicked Malema out of the ANC Youth League and he started the EFF; his firing was a promotion not a demotion. He just tipped the dialectic scale more towards the ANC.

The DA should also not misunderstand their victory in Cape Town and get too cozy and secure in their position. The blacks who voted for them there are NOT DA supporters. They are still fully ANC supporters who just wanted to teach the ANC a lesson.

A few years ago I spoke to some disgruntled Xhosas in Cape Town who told me that if the ANC does not deliver they will punish them like they did by voting the DA into power in Cape Town.

The DA is not in charge in Cape Town because the blacks love them and their policies; No, the blacks still love the ANC, but the ANC has been a bit naughty in their eyes by not delivering quickly enough so they needed a spanking. That is all it was.

The DA’s win in Cape Town and the 8% the EFF got across SA are warning signs to the ANC from their own regular voters that unless they start giving the blacks what they want, they WILL vote them out across the country…however they won’t go to the DA. They will go to the EFF.

Nevertheless the DA did a fairly good job of governing Cape Town and the Western Cape. The mistake they make is that they think the blacks love them and admire them for it. No, the blacks actually resent them for it, because it holds a mirror up to them and shows them that blacks cannot govern. The Blacks still see the DA as a white party and the ANC as a black party although both have multiracial memberships.

If the ANC can sort out their infighting and start delivering free houses, cushy high-paying jobs, free land, free electricity, free everything to the blacks at a faster rate, they can actually retake Cape Town and the Western Cape at the drop of a hat.

It will be interesting to see what the DA’s strategy is going to be, because they believe that clean and transparent governance is enough and blacks will vote for them when they carry on governing like that.

I am afraid they are out of touch with black voters. Blacks actually do not mind corruption. As Credo Mutwa wrote in his books, corruption is part of their culture.

Blacks don’t mind a corrupt ANC government stealing all the tax money. Their only concern is that they are not getting any of it. The ANC is greedy and wants to steal everything for themselves and not share with the common blacks as in the customary Ubuntu way. That is why the blacks are disgruntled and frustrated. The ANC promised them all the free stuff and now cannot deliver, because there simply is not enough to go around for everyone.

It is actually quite simple. There are 50 million blacks and there are only four million whites left to steal from. The pizza-pie is only so big and if everyone in the ANC takes a slice there is nothing left for the common black man in the street.

Frustration is going to boil over some or other time and the blacks are going to run out of patience waiting for the “Red Robin Hood” ANC to dish out the loot. The only thing they can do then, is to take matters into their own hands and take what they can take, before the ANC takes it all.

05 August 2016

The 2016 Election feedback

By Mike Smith
5th of August 2016

The voting farce is over, the counts almost finished and time to analyse the results.

To all of those who voted for the Cape Party, even if your votes were lost, thrown away or simply ignored and not counted by the corrupt IEC (ANC puppets)... thank you. Thank you for showing the rest of South Africa that a few thousand thinking and sane people are still alive in this Godforsaken Azania Mania and may you and the Cape Party go from strength to strength. You are true geniuses; the visionaries we need. In a future Cape Republic you will all get minister, deputy minister, directors general and other top management posts.

To the rest of you...You have proven yourselves to be mediocre voting fodder for the Marxist ANC and the Socialist DA. Bunch of lemmings and ‘Useful Idiots’ as Lenin called you lot.

To those who voted for the ANC...I hope you stop all your “Service Delivery Protests” now.

You had the chance to make a difference and make a definitive change. You had the opportunity to vote those who never deliver out of power and the DA in, but you didn’t. You had the examples of the Western Cape and Cape Town specifically to see who the lesser of two evils is and who governs better.

You...fuckwits that you are...still went out and voted for the utterly useless, corrupt and thieving ANC. You must love getting fucked over day by day. Please do not complain now when they don’t deliver. Don’t complain when you don’t have water, electricity and sewage systems. Don’t complain when your barely literate, ANC educated, children cannot find jobs. Don’t complain that your hospitals are falling apart and your babies are dying. Don’t complain that your RDP houses are falling apart. Just sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and enjoy the corruption and theft you endorsed you miserable retards.

To those who are among the 24,3% who voted for the ANC in the Cape Town Metro, more than half a million of you maggots, please pack your shit and leave the Cape. Go back to your well run ANC Eastern Cape. You have shown and proved that you hate the Cape and cannot appreciate a well run, clean-audits-all-around province. You are not worthy of Cape Town. You are Persona Non Grata in the Western Cape. Suka wena! Just go.

To those of you who voted for the EFF...well, you cannot legally be held responsible for your actions. Your fuckwit leader gave you a piece of his mind and you decided to hold on to it and actually voted for him. You must have the collective IQ of a deep sea tube worm. What were you thinking? What would you have done if you won? Make him president and pull a Zimbabwe?

Can somebody please, please  show this idiot how to wear a beret properly?