30 September 2016

The Hlaudi and Faith love story

By Mike Smith
30th of September 2016

The Hlaudi Moetsoneng story and how he manages to stay in power at the SABC is just getting more bizarre by the day.

After the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) told this corrupt lying psycho to bugger off and vacate his position as Chief Operations Officer of the SABC he pitched up as “an ordinary employee” willing to scrub the toilets of Auckland Park. The next day the SABC board reappointed him in the same position as “Acting” COO for the next three months and a few days later as permanent COO again, the very same position the SCA told him to vacate.

Not only that. He got a bonus of R11.4 million (part of a total of R33 million bonus) and a pay hike from R3.8 mil per year to R4.2 million per year

SABC gives Hlaudi his old job back

After an outcry by the opposition parties, the media and public…the useless ANC in charge of the SABC (the State Broadcaster) said “it was the last straw” and that they wanted a parliamentary probe into his appointment and the fitness of the board to hold office.

ANC wants SABC board probed What utter rubbish! Who the hell are they trying to fool? The SABC along with ICASA falls directly under the authority of the Minister of Communications Faith Muthambi, the corrupt former mayor of Makhado (Louis Trichardt) . She is Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s boss.

She gave tenders to family members and a boyfriend and sold a luxury vehicle still owned by the municipality and pocketed the money. To top it all…she has a law degree.

Former Makhodo Mayor faces charges of fraud

Municipal manager suspended on fraud and nepotism charges

She is alleged to have appointed her cousin without following due process as a librarian at the municipality. Overpaying a company (R900,000) – reportedly owned by a boyfriend Stanley Radzilani – for a road construction project it failed to execute. Original contract was R4.5million he got R5.4million for work that was never done.

She was vehemently upset about all the charges and her suspension and denied that Stanley Radzilani was her boyfriend. Methinks it was a case of “The lady doth protest too much”.

She also awarded the previous SABC CEO, Frans Matlala, an R18 million golden handshake for terminating his five year contract after him serving just four months into the term. No reason was put forward.

Then the lying, thieving Hlaudi Motsoeneng was appointed after claiming he had a matric certificate which he didn’t have, of course.

Nevertheless…That is how it works in the criminally corrupt ANC. The lazier you are, the more incompetent you are, the more corrupt you are and the more you can steal…the better qualified you are for the job.

Hey…I mean…? Get fired as mayor for fraud and corruption and return as Minister of Communications in Zuma’s cabinet. Azania Mania at its best.

There is a lot of speculation about how Hlaudi Motsoeneng manages to stay in power and get money thrown at him. Some say his mother who abandoned him as a child is Zuma’s Sangoma (witchdoctor), but I think there is a simpler explanation. Maybe Minister Faith Muthambi and Hlaudi Motsoeneng should explain their romantic interest in each other to the people of South Africa.

Seriously it irks me tremendously to think that there are millions of honest people in South Africa; people, who go to work every day, grovel and grind and pay their taxes timeously and religiously and then scum like Hlaudi Motsoeneng, Faith Muthambi and Jacob Zuma just come along and steal their sweat.

Where is the justice in this country? How can the people of South Africa allow scum like this to hold office? Shouldn’t they be charging up the steps of the Union Buildings with pitchforks, pangas and necklaces?

28 September 2016

Raising expectations - How much will it cost the ANC this time to bribe off the revolution

By Mike Smith

28th of September 2016

As it was proven in revolution after revolution and as I have mentioned several times before, the worst mistake a dictatorial despotic regime can make is to raise expectation. The moment they do that it is the start of their own downfall.

P.W. Botha found that out when he created the Tricameral Parliament (leaving out the blacks) in 1983 and became “Executive President” (dictator) in 1984. On the 21 July 1985, PW Bothas declared a State of Emergency (complete with SABC censure of violent protests) to counter the violence in magisterial districts representing one-third of the country and tried to undo what he did in his now (in)famous “Rubicon Speech” on the 15th of August 1985.

The result was chaos and an unprecedented escalation of the “Struggle” revolution and the start of a violent campaign known as Operation Vula where the terrorist ANC went from 20% civilian targets to 80% civilian targets.

The government lost control of the Townships in the Vaal Triangle and the Eastern Cape and the ANC basically set up a parallel government and started a reign of terror with their necklaces, murders, violent intimidation, etc known in Marxist circles as “People’s War”.

Botha’s actual authoritarian, dictatorial reign only lasted five years (1984-1989) after he was deposed in a palace revolution from within his own party by treasonous conspirators, Pik Botha, FW de Klerk, Hernus Kriel, Kobie Coetzee, Neil Barnard and other members of the State Security Council.

They started the ball rolling to unconditionally hand the country over to the Marxist terrorist scum of the ANC, PAC and the SA Communist Party.

Today the once mighty National Party is no more. It morphed into the New National Party in 1997 and eventually joined the ANC in 2005 when its last leader and former NIA agent Marthinus “Kortbroek” van Schalkwyk took up a position in the ANC cabinet of Thabo Mbeki as Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism as reward for aligning the NNP with the ANC. With effect from 5 August 2005, all NNP members of parliament crossed the floor and became members of the ANC.

The ANC is now going down that same route.

Last year Minister of Higher Education and General Secretary of the South African Communist Party since 1998, Dr “Blunt” Blade Nzimande promised the students, after a bit of violence, that university fees would not increase, raising expectations that fees would NEVER increase ever again at all and would become free…along with free residence, free food, free transport, free pocket money, free…well, everything.

This year, Dr. Blade raised University fees by 8%, prompting even worse violence that we can see now in the #FeesMustFall protests in which the students are on a rampage burning books, halls and entire faculties.

According to the ANC the founding of three petrol bombs at WITS University residence is proof that the #FeesMustFall movement has been hijacked (not sure by whom) and is being turned militant. They would know seeing that the ANC are experts in revolution.

It will be interesting to see how the ANC will deal with it this time. Last time they simply bought off the leaders in the Student Representative Councils and Progressive Youth Alliance to the tune of R40,000 each after holding secret meetings with them.

How the ANC bribed the SRC and PYA members

If it is going to work this time will have to be seen. Like Oppenheimer once wrote in a letter about black miners: “The more you pay them the more they seem to want”.

Cape Flats Spine Road High School perpetuating the lies about Dead Terrorist Mandela

What they showed Obama, the Clintons and now school children

By Mike Smith
27th of September 2016

There are few things that get me laughing and my blood boiling at the same time, but one of them is the rubbish the ANC and the leftist clowns spew when they show you Mandela’s Robben Island prison, how he stayed there for 27 years, slept on a blanket on the floor like a dog after turning big rocks into little rocks all day long in the limestone quarry, how he was allowed only one visitor a year for 30 minutes, tada-yadda-ya-BULLSHIT!

They have now built a replica of this cell at the Spine Road High School on the Cape Flats to show the coloured kids from 14 different schools what a great martyr the dead terrorist was and how forgiving he was towards the whites who have imprisoned him for no reason whatsoever apart from the fact that he opposed Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela’s cell comes to Spine Road

Should rather be Spin Road if you ask me.

Of course the truth is a lot different. Nelson was no political prisoner and was not acknowledged so by Amnesty international. In Apartheid SA it was NOT a crime to oppose Aparthied. There were lots of people opposed to Apartheid. The parliament was full of leftist arseholes. The Voelvry movement. The end Conscription Campaign. Many journalists. None of them ever went to prison.

Mandela, however, was a terrorist who killed innocent people, black and white, including giving the order for the Church Street Bomb and the order to kill the Inkhata (Zulu) protestors at Shell House.

His treason trial was open to journalists of the world and even the leftist in parliament said he deserved the death penalty. What Mandela planned in Operation Mayebuye was the infiltration of 7000 Soviet trained terrorists and he was caught with tons of explosives and ammunition to, as the judge put it, “Blow up the entire Johannesburg.”

His prison cell on Robben Island looked a lot different to the crap they showed Barack Obama, the Clintons and Beyonce. He did not spend 27 years there. His last years he had a four bedroom home at Victor Verster prison complete with swimming pool, a (white) personal chef and white maids. His wife Winnie could sleep over and he was allowed unlimited visiting rights.

Just shows you to what pathetic depths of lies and bullshit the left will sink to. Rubish the whole lot of ‘em.

How Mandela's Robben Island cell really looked like. Notice the picture of Winnie Mandela

Mandela's real prison cell on Robben Island. Notice Picture of Winnie in the left corner

26 September 2016

Of rogues and snakes - The leftist media, the ANC spooks and the SARS smear campaigns

By Mike Smith
26th of September 2016

I make no secret of what I feel for anybody working for the ANC in the armed forces or police, especially white people.

Joiners, hensoppers and traitors, the lot of them, especially the ones who first worked for the Apartheid government and then changed sides overnight to join the ranks of the terrorist ANC scum. I always get a feeling of Schadenfreude when it eventually comes back to bite them in the buttocks.

Take the new book by former SARS group executive Johann van Loggerenberg – a former Apartheid police undercover agent - “ROGUE The inside story of SARS’s elite crime-busting unit.”

Book about SARS paints damaging view of media

Van Loggerenberg, who was an investigator at SARS for 16 years,  believes the ANC, The Hawks and the State Security Agency (SSA) used the media, in particular the Sunday Times, to disseminate their information in what appeared to be a planned and targeted attack and smear campaign on him and other people who were doing investigations at SARS.

Funny enough, the book came about after his own love affair with Belinda Walter, a Pretoria lawyer defending the scum in the illegal tabacco mafia he was investigating, crashed and she told the police he told her all the details about his investigations into people like Lolly Jackson, Julias Malema, Radovan Krejcir, Glen Agliotti and of course the illicit tobacco industry, which is a criminal offence.

Love affair rocks SARS

…It was a Godsend to the ANC who went for the jugular as their Machiavellian propaganda machine kicked in.

The bastards at the Sunday Times then ran more than 30 articles within less than two years on a so called “rogue unit” in SARS that supposedly spied on ANC scum who were stealing taxpayer’s money and who were in cahoots with various mafia groups. They also used Radio 702's John Robbie who interviewed Bilinda Walter and repeated all her rubish about a "Rogue Unit".

Van Loggerenberg writes that when he looks back at what happened, he thinks about apartheid-era stratcom (police strategic communications).

Stratcom allegedly paid journalists to plant or advance stories, placed journalists in media houses, issued leaks and rumours, and put together seemingly credible dossiers and stories – all aimed at discrediting someone.

Stratcom’s got nothing on the ANC, Boet…Remember that most of the ANC’s current spooks were trained by the East German Stasi and many were double agents working for the ANC and the Apartheid government at the same time like former defence minister Joe Modise.

Nevertheless, there had been dossiers and allegations claiming that Van Loggerenberg, the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, and former SARS deputy commissioner Ivan Pillay were racist, were opposed to President Jacob Zuma, had entered into unlawful tax settlements, spied on taxpayers, and intercepted communications all whilst “running a brothel”…

…JA, JA…no need to get carried away and overdo it now, boys.

Nevertheless…This is what happens when you discover the theft of Taxpayer’s money at SARS and it being run like a Mafia organization and in cahoots with other mafia organizations…You and your family will be character assassinated like you won’t believe.

Meanwhile it was discovered that the real thieves at SARS were SARS # 2 in command Jonas Mkwakwa and his girlfriend Kelly-Ann Elskie who is the mother of at least two of his children and who also works for SARS. However when his boss and the #1 at the South African Revenue Service (SARS) commissioner Tom Moyane received a damning report about the theft from a banking regulator detailing suspected fraud and money laundering relating to 75 cash deposits into the bank account of his second in command, he seemed to have sat on the report for three months. Now Moyane faces jail himself

Nevertheless, things at SARS are hotting up and getting interresting.

It is not just a can of worms; It is a whole chest of snakes that were opened and it is only a matter of time when the entire SARS house of cards comes tumbling down and we can see how these ANC scumbags and their goons have been stealing our taxpayer’s money. That is why I have no problem with anybody withholding taxes from these criminals and I will even encourage it.


Van Loggerenberg's version that the “rogue unit” never existed and was created to discredit the work they had been doing targeting organised crime was in some ways borne out when the Press Ombudsman ruled that the Sunday Times had violated the press code.

On April 3, the newspaper’s editor Bongani Siqoko published a full page article saying they were retracting some of the facts they published on Van Loggerenberg, Pillay, and the rogue unit.

But this is how propaganda works. Throw a lot of shit and hope some will stick. What use is a retraction? The damage has been done.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. A few years ago it was discovered that the ANC was driving “brown envelope journalism” when Cape Argus reporter Ashley Smith confessed that he took money from the ANC to write favourable articles

Between R10million and R53million of taxpayer’s money were blown on such bribes of journalists like Ashley Smith and Joe Aranes.

Nevertheless, Van Loggerenberg’s book paints a damaging picture of journalism and the media being used by State organizations to character assassinate opponents.

The head of the Journalism School at Stellenbosch University, Lizette Rabe, said journalists should at all costs guard against being used to further certain political aims.

“Always question why you are getting information,” Rabe said.

Rabe said it was vital for the media not to lose integrity and credibility.

A bit late for that, don’t you think Prof?

25 September 2016

Noble Savages gone nuts - Just another farm destroyed

By Mike Smith
26th of September 2016

If you have read Dr. Phillip du Toit’s book, “The Great South African Land Scandal”, then the story below is just another in a string of hundreds of farms, confiscated by the Government and handed to blacks who destroyed it.

Land reform model fizzles

Here are some excerpts:

Nelspruit (Mbombela) - A macadamia farming project by young farmers, which has been hailed by government as a model for land reform projects, is on the verge of collapse. In 2011 five aspirant Mpumalanga farmers acquired the 65-hectare farm worth R5.35 million.

But five years on, the business situated in Schagen, 30km from Mbombela, is collapsing – with the young farmers accusing provincial rural development and land reform officials of sabotaging their project by starving it of resources and support services.

[See? It is never their fault. Always someone else to be blamed. Always wanting everything handed to them free of charge.]

The Insimu Yami Cooperative … now faces liquidation by debtors. The electricity is already switched off due to non-payment of a whopping R2.8 million bill, and criminals are stealing from the property piece by piece…the bank may soon attach the farm because of the outstanding loan repayments.

“The value of the farm is depreciating. The trees are dry … Workers refuse to work without pay. We signed a contract with Spar to supply them with chicken, but all of that is gone,” Mondlane lamented.

[Tja…this is what happens when you allow the hyenas to take over the Pridelands.]

The spectacular rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of Hlaudi Motsoeneng

By Mike Smith
26th of September 2016

Like shit to a woolly blanket, that is how “acting” SABC Chief Operations Officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng is clinging to the broadcaster after the Supreme Court of Appeal, following the Public Protector’s scathing report exposing him as a lying thieving rogue, found his appointment unlawful.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela found in a report released in February 2014 that Motsoeneng lied about his qualifications when he applied for the post of COO, that he hiked his salary from R1.5 million to R2.4 million in one year, and that he purged senior staff.

The amazing thing is that the rest of the board, the ANC Youth League and the president himself are defending this lying, thieving sack of shit who awarded himself millions in “bonuses” he never earned.

Hlaudi’s R11.4 million bonus

“…a sum of R11.4 million was this week paid to Motsoeneng in two payments of R5.7 million as commission or a bonus for his handling of the controversial R500 million SABC deal with MultiChoice to create SABC channels on DStv. “And that’s not an accurate amount,” said a source. “What he was paid was R11.4 million after tax, not before tax.”

But that is only a third of it.

“Highly placed sources also revealed that this was not Motsoeneng’s entire commission package for the MultiChoice deal – which they said would total R33 million over three years.”

But still it is not all.

“A source said that it was fairly common knowledge within the SABC that Motsoeneng had also been promised a huge “bonus” for his work in allegedly winning back the right to broadcast Bafana Bafana matches on the public broadcaster. This was confirmed by board members, who were not willing to reveal the exact amount that the Bafana Bafana matches cost. City Press was led to believe the cost was in excess of R75 million.”

But how could this glorified herd boy from Thaba Bosiu who doesn’t even have matric get such a high position at the SABC?

An investigation showed That apparently his mommy, who abandoned him, is a powerful Sangoma with a great deal of influence on President Zuma, but the truth about his rise is that he is a psychopathic “gatkruiper” and praise singer of ANC politicians including the president Jacob Zuma.

It was allegedly because of this politician-friendly approach to journalism that Motsoeneng rose through the ranks at the SABC. He became the executive news producer at Lesedi FM, under Northern Cape regional editor James Barkhuizen.

Motsoeneng began butting heads with Barkhuizen, allegedly interfering with his decisions and openly challenging him.

“We would sit in news meetings and Motsoeneng would completely take over,” one former SABC employee said.

Former SABC journalist Ed Herbst wrote in themediaonline in February 2014, that it was Motsoeneng’s generally abusive relationship with Barkhuizen, which led to Barkhuizen leaving the SABC. Two years later, aged 46, Barkhuizen committed suicide. He had worked for the SABC for 24 years.

“Among the things that Barkhuizen was concerned about was Motsoeneng’s vehement objection to him covering a spate of fatal farm attacks against white farmers in the area, and the fact that Motsoeneng was going to broadcast, in its entirety, the inauguration ceremony of an ANC mayor in the region."

Hlaudi Motsoeneng is also the one who recently placed censorship on broadcasts of violent protests against the ANC.

The DA wants to go back to court now and federal executive chair James Selfe said on Sunday this was "a slap in the face of the rule of law".

More like taking a dump down the throat of the Supreme Court, but what do you expect from a terrorist mafia organization such as the ANC. They wipe their arse with the constitution and piss on the law. To the ANC the law is there for others, not for them. They are above the law. We saw it in 2009 when Jacob Zuma came to power and 783 cases of fraud an corruption against him was swept under the carpet.

23 September 2016

Don’t cry for me Brangelina

By Mike Smith

23rd of September 2016

Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes (Tomkat) did it, Britain and the European Union did it, The ANC and the SACP are working on it and now Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are also going to get a divorce.

And…No “Divorce” is not the name of the new mail-order child they ordered from Africa. This is serious. Since the news of Brangelina’s separation the poor emoticon with the broken heart has been getting a thorough workout amongst libtarded Sheeple and their smartphones. Not to mention the poor hash tag (#) symbol. I think the only one who sent the Smiley emoticon was Jennifer Aniston who added it after #Karmaisabitch.

I am not really a fan of any of the two equally dimwitted libtards, but seeing that their divorce is a Godsend for the useless ANC in the shape of “bread and circus” for the Sheeple and a major distraction from their usual theft, corruption and mismanagement I would like to comment.

First of all, I don’t know WHAT Brad Pitt saw in that bitch. The blow-job lips and oversized tits aside, she used to carry a vile of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck and has a dagger collection she has been accumulating since she was a teenager. The thing is totally screwed in her head. On top of it she is the epitome of LWB’s, skewed feminism and globalist humanism.

I think the only thing she ever did right was to have three kids of her own. The other three, Pax, Maddox and Zarah (Vietnam, Cambodia and Ethiopia respectively) were all adopted outside of her race.

Don’t think they are good parents. They have TWELVE nannies looking after the brood. According to the nannies, there is absolutely no control over the kids. They can do what they want, stay up as long as they want and watch anything they want. On top of it they smoke pot, abuse alcohol and use drugs. Typical liberals. Damn government should protect the kids and take them away.

I cannot understand how a white person can adopt a child from another race when there are so many white children in orphanages around the world?
Seriously what have Angelina and Brad Pitt ever done for white people?

22 September 2016

The silent genocide. Why South African doctors stopped delivering babies

By Mike Smith

22nd of September 2016

Four of the private gynecologists and obstetricians in the town of Worcester in the Western Cape have recently decided to simply stop delivering babies.

According to the South African Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (SASOG) about 50-80 obstetricians have left the profession last year.

The reason, they say is that they cannot afford the astronomical indemnity insurance anymore.

Why Worcester’s obstetricians stopped delivering babies

The insurer, the Medical Protection Society, hiked the cost of indemnity insurance from R180,000 per year to R650,000 per year. They are currently negotiating with SACOG about another increase and SACOG reckons that next year the insurance will be well over a million rand per annum.

The MPS said in the May edition of their magazine “Casebook” (Vol 24 issue 1) that the claims of clinical negligence against doctors rose by 27% between 2009 and 2015 and the size of the claims rose by 14%.

I'm an obstetrician. I work where you play
When one considers that 150 white doctors emigrate from SA per year and that due to the ANC’s racist quota system (that basically excludes whites from studying medicine) fewer and fewer doctors graduate in South Africa every year and the useless ANC replacing the shortfall with Cuban doctors or worse, “doctors” from the Congo, Ghana and Nigeria, where you can practically buy any qualification on a street corner, then it becomes clear why the indemnity insurance is so sky high.

The qualified white South African doctors are paying for the FUCK-UPS of the unqualified, unwashed Turd World charlatans, pretending to be doctors.

Almost half of South African medical doctors who graduated in the last 35 years have emigrated

“Over the past 35 years, between 44 per cent and 47 per cent of Wits medical graduates have left the country, 42 per cent of them to the United States, 16 per cent to Britain, 13 per cent to Australia, and 12 per cent to Canada.”

What are the repercussions for a white couple who wants to have a baby?

The medical aids only cover about R4,200 (non-negotiable) of the R12,000 costs per baby. The couple will have to go to a filthy state hospital and have a useless Cuban or Congolese shaman scratch around in the pregnant lady and have the baby delivered in a hospital where neonatal care is virtually nonexistent and babies die in droves due to unhygienic conditions

If the baby is lucky to survive it will probably be kidnapped or swapped like in the case of Baby Zephany.

The result is clear. Whites will just stop having babies in South Africa. They will have to emigrate to have children. Either that or say, “Stuff the doctor; I will take my chances and deliver at home in my own bed.”

Nothing wrong with that and it will probably be ten times cleaner than a state hospital. I was delivered at home albeit by a qualified doctor in the good old days of Apartheid. Nothing wrong with me. Fit as a fiddle.

Nevertheless, once again we can see the reverse Midas touch of the criminally corrupt and useless ANC’s mismanagement. Our white women are forced 200 years back into the time of the Great Trek where they had to give birth in ox wagons whilst crossing the Drakensberg mountains. Black women are forced back into their huts to give birth…And this they call “Progress”? Is this the New (improved) South Africa everyone wanted? It’s fucking genocide, it is.

20 September 2016

The ANC won't see 2019

By Mike Smith

20th of September 2016

I always said that the day the Communists withdraw from the ANC/COSATU/ SACP Troika it would put the nail into the coffin of the ANC. SA Communist Party considers going it alone in the Western Cape in 2019

The ANC are and have always been a bunch of idiots, charlatans and palookas. The Communists are the brains behind the ANC. The only reasons they survived so far were, because of the discipline and intelligence of the Communists. Without that they will crumble into insignificance.

Gwede Mantashe reminds me of that coloured guy in “Tolla is Tops” who gets a small trowel to go and plaster up all the cracks in the Sederberg mountains; Good luck with that.

To me it is clear…Poor ANC is on its last legs. They are faced with a dilemma; Get rid of Zuma and lose, or keep Zuma and lose. Either way they are royally stuffed. The recent local elections were just the start, a foretaste of their total abandonment. Finally their black supporters are starting to see them for who they really are; a bunch of corrupt, lying and thieving Marxist terrorist scum.

Currently, not a day goes by without another high-ranking ANC supporter abandoning Zuma. Like rats from a sinking ship. Not only are there divisions and cracks in the ANC about Zuma, but also in its Troika partners, COSATU and the SACP. The cracks are just getting more and more and bigger and bigger. I doubt it if the ANC will even see 2019.

Zuma is falling into the same trap as all dictators. He is surrounding himself with a few loyalists and pulling into a laager. Every day those loyalists get fewer and fewer. He simply cannot hold. Like Gene Sharp said, when his support pillars crumble away from underneath him, he won’t even have the power or authority to resign. Zuma will simply FALL. Along with him the ANC will go, because Zuma will drag the ANC down with him. What a glorious day that will be. Finally we will be able to close that chapter in our history.

Funny enough…the previous regime went the same way. Who would ever have thought that the once mighty NP would simply crumble away and cease to exist?

18 September 2016

The problem with a fence

The fence around the Oktoberfest 2016

By Mike Smith
18th of September 2016

Yesterday was the start of the 206th Oktoberfest in München, Bavaria. It is the world’s biggest National festival and for the first time in its history there is a fence around the Theresienwiese, cameras everywhere, the police out in full force and nobody is allowed to carry any back-packs.

No, ze Germans are NOT paranoid and it has absolutely nothing to do with “refugees”. They love refugees.

Ten, even five years ago when you went to Germany you could see women travel all alone by subway train at 2-3 in the morning and nobody bothered them.

When you told Germans that in South Africa people live behind six foot high walls with razor wire and electric fences on top, “Slamlock” gates inside the hallway and burglar bars all around are selling points for your home, their dogs are guard dogs and not pets, etc…they would look at you funny and say, “No vee Germans will never be able to live like zat”.

I remember how I told German people that I was not a fan of fences and never had a huge wall. My wife back then built a 4 foot Vibracrete wall just to keep the dog inside. Once I was able to let him sleep at the back, I took the front gate off and stowed it in the garage. I slept with my 9mm next to my head and woke up every two hours to patrol the house and look through all the windows.

This is of course fully normal in South Africa, but Europeans in general and Germans specifically frowned upon it…Until August last year when their Commie Mommy Merkel allowed three million terrorists and “rapefugees” to enter their country. Now the shops are all out of pepper-spray and tazers.

To crown it all…Yesterday the German Minister of Defence, the lying Belgian slut Dr. Ursula von der Leyen went on her knees in front of the Muslim soldiers in the “Bundeswehr” and personally gave each one a virtual blowjob thanking them for their efforts and promised them a bonus for dangerous postings. Tja…they apparently ran away from war to go to Germany to join the army. Go figure. You’ve got to be brain dead to believe and trust a politician.

Nevertheless fences and walls to keep the scum out are not new. Since the days of the Bible, cities like Jericho had massive walls. Didn’t keep the Jews out though. They blew on their “shofars” and the walls came crashing down. Today the Jews themselves have a 708km wall all around the West Bank.

The Romans built two walls across Britain; Hadrians Wall and the Antonine Wall. Didn’t keep the picting Scots or their head-kicked-in cousins, the Geordies, out. Today those same Brits want to build The Great Wall of Calais a 13ft high, one-mile long concrete barrier along the motorway to stop illegal African immigrants sneaking across the Channel. Of course the UK taxpayers will have to foot the £2million bill…most of them gladly, I think.

How that is going to help, one can only wonder, seeing that The Melilla Border Fence around the Spanish city of Melilla in Morocco and the Ceuta Border Fence around the Spanish city of Ceuta (also in Morocco), couldn’t stop the illegal sub-Saharan, sub-IQ scum. Every year several blacks die trying to get through the fence.

Not even natural obstacles like the Saharan desert, the Mediterranean Sea or the Pyrenean Mountains could stop the bastards from flocking into Europe where the white racist scum live. How is a mile long concrete wall in Calais going to stop them?

Nevertheless, building a fence or wall is a natural first instinct if you want to keep the unwanted and unwashed out. East Germans had a wall around West Berlin to prevent contamination from the “fascist, capitalistic scum”.The Indians have a 550km long wall along the “Line of Control” (or ceasefire line) with Pakistan. Recently Hungary erected a fence all along the Serbian border and Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the USA and Mexico.

Ironically most of these countries heavily criticized us South Africans when we erected fences along the Zimbabwean and Mozambiquen borders during Apartheid. Ironically the blacks were fighting to get away from their Black Socialist Utopias to get into the “Evil White Apartheid” country where the whites were “oppressing” the blacks.

In fact, veteran leftist journalist and Mega Anti-Apartheid activist, Allister Sparks, wrote in the prologue to his book “The Mind of South Africa – The story of the rise and fall of Apartheid”, that all South Africa’s problems started with a fence; A dense fence of bitter almonds planted by Dutch Governor Jan van Riebeeck in 1660, stretching 15km from Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to the mouth of the Liesbeeck River in Milnerton. Of course to keep the stinking, thieving Hottentots (Khoi-Khoi) out.

Today only a small section of the fence is still there in the Kirstenbosch Gardens. Last time I visited it (as part of a pilgrimage in January 2016), I saw many white people who flocked there and even asked the blacks and coloureds who worked there to show them where the fence was.

Our future northern border. A wall across Africa.
Today I am dreaming of a wall stretching across Africa from the mouth of the Kunene River on the Atlantic side to the mouth of the Zambezi on the Indian Ocean side. In fact I would get the Chinese in as consultants. At least they built a wall that is still standing after 3000 years.

Problem is that a fence or wall only attempts to hold the problem out; it never gets rid of the problem. Now if the problem was gone there would never be a necessity for a fence in the first place, would there?

Maybe the ancient Spartans had the right idea. Where Athens was a walled city with 150,000 people, Sparta, with only 60,000 people took pride in the fact that they never had any walls. They said they didn’t need any…their MEN were their walls. Oh how times have changed.

Nevertheless, let those Europeans build their fences and their walls. I always maintained that the day would come that they would beg us to show them how to introduce Apartheid. However, in my opinion, the strongest fence, the strongest wall, you can ever build is in your mind.

Useless AA coach, Useless AA players = Useless AA Springboks

By Mike Smith
18th of September 2016

Die Springboks het alweer verloor. Ag, maar hoe lekker kry ek nou.

40-10 or something my mate (a big Springbok fan) told me. I mean…who the fuck cares?

All relationships go through certain stages:

First you love her unconditionally…then you start seeing the flaws and want to change them. When you see that doesn’t work, you want to compromise and settle for less. Then disappointment goes over into dislike and later… blatant hatred. Eventually you leave, but still do an occasional checkup. Ultimately you reach the stage where you just don’t give a flying fuck who she is shagging at the Moment or not. Life simply moves on; you find someone else.

That is how it is with me, the Springboks and my new love; Women’s beach volleyball.

I was never good at Rugby. Played under 19E for my school. “Die Wynspan” het hulle ons genoem. But I loved the game. Back in the old days, when Uli Schmidt was the hooker, Morné du Plessis the eighth man, Tiaan Straus and Rob Louw on flank, Divan Serfontein the scrumhalf, Naas Botha the flyhalf, Danie Gerber centre and the Du Plessis brothers on the wings…Rugby was an intelligent man’s game. Just about every man in the team had a university education. Uli Schmidt and Divan Serfontein were medical doctors, Tiaan Straus a lawyer, Morné du Plessis a psychologist, etc. Back in those days we didn’t mind players of colour such as Errol Tobias and Chester Williams, because they were there on MERIT and not, because of the colour of their skin. They thoroughly deserved to be in the team.

O my…how it has all changed. A team of idiots, coached by an idiot. Bunch of palookas, man. What an embarrassment to all the great Springboks who once donned those jerseys in the past. And that idiot of a captain who looks like a gigantic baby. How can anybody take him seriously? Dok Craven en Frik du Preez draai in hulle grafte om.

And what is with this “Stampkar Rugby”? I thought the idea was to run past your opponent not into him. Maybe the idea should be to outsmart your opponents. Be so sneaky that it takes five of them to bring you down and you draw them in to create an opening for your mates in the backline.

Maybe in the old days running into and over your opponents worked for the Springboks, because the Afrikaners are genetically freaks and naturally bigger and stronger than the All Blacks, but those days are gone. Have you seen the All Blacks lately? Scientifically top fit, bigger and stronger than the Springboks. Physical domination is now on their side. Stampkar Rugby simply doesn’t work anymore. One All Black now takes down five Springboks, not the other way arround.

You can see the All Blacks know the game. They have studied it into the finest detail. They know how to operate on the edge of every rule. They know how to make the best out of every single centimeter of the field. They are masters at every aspect of the game. No wonder they make it look so easy.

Poor Springboks haven’t got a cooking clue. Running around like clowns more interested in their hairstyles than winning a game. But then who the fuck am I? I know nothing about Rugby. I played under 19E, remember?

I bet you the All Blacks are really proud of themselves. Like Mike Tyson being proud of beating up Robin Givens. Pat yourselves on the back All Blacks. Well done, mates! All those flour bombs worked. You are finally capable of beating the handicapped, dumbed down, cripple and useless Springboks. Finally they are worthy of playing the mighty All Blacks.

16 September 2016

Is Cape Town the most beautiful city in the world?

By Mike Smith
16th of September 2016

Recently in the UK Telegraph Travel awards Cape Town was voted the most beautiful City in the world next to Vancouver and Venice (2nd & 3rd) and if you look at the video below it is easy to see why. Personally I cannot understand how any White Person in South Africa can still stay or live in Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Johannesburg or Pretoria when you have such a beautiful Mother City available to you.

Now if only we can do something about that pathetic eyesore Khayeletisha, the ice cold sea water and that South Easterly wind...it would be the most beautiful place in the universe.

...And for building a City like this they want us to apologise.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/telegraph-travel-awards-2015-16-winners/

Why is Dudu Myeni not behind bars yet?

Dudu Myeni in her Banana costume.
Jeez what was she thinking?
By Mike Smith

16th of September 2016

Imagine you are the CEO of a company anywhere in the world and steal it into bankruptcy to the tune of a R4.67 billion loss in one year.

Not only will you be fired immediately, but you will be imprisoned.

Not in South Africa though…Dudu Myeni-Zuma (as Malema calls her) has just proved that.

According to the opposition DA, she ran South African Airways like a “Corporate warlord” bullying other board members due to her close proximity to Zuma. She has further showed a middle finger to her critics when she warned that things are not going to change next year, because SAA is going to make ANOTHER R4billion loss.

The advert Dudu placed in the newspaper
She refuses to take responsibility for her past seven years of mismanagement of SAA saying that it is not her fault, she inherited all the trouble. She is clearly above the law.

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan at first refused to bail her skank ass out, so she went and placed an advert in the newspaper shamelessly soliciting for a R16 billion bailout from private investors.

Gordhan must have crumbled under pressure from Zuma’s goons in The Hawks who are investigating his doings and screwing at SARS, because suddenly he made an about turn, gave her R5billion State Guarantees and reappointed her as Chairperson of SAA’s Board, saying the new SAA board had been given targets and that state guarantees to the airline would have to be repaid and were not bailouts.

What utter bollocks! That money is gone. Taxpayer’s money flushed down the black ANC toilet (again).

There is no accountability. The thefts just continues and even Gordhan himself said ”It is business as usual for the airline”

The mind boggles at how such blatant, open theft of public money can be allowed. This would not have been tolerated anywhere else in the world, but for some or other reason the world is turning a blind eye to this and not holding them responsible. Is it out of fear for being branded “racist” for criticizing the criminally corrupt ANC? Is it just seen by the libtards of the world as “kiddies allowed to stuff up so they can learn”? Are they seriously hoping that the ANC will improve and become just like them when you throw enough money at them and give them enough time?

All I know is that if Dudu Myeni tried this shit anywhere else in the world she would have been behind bars and the only reason she is not, is because she spreads her legs for Zuma.

Did the wannabe Venda King “pay-back-the-money” for Zuma?

Zuma getting some bullshit award from the
wannabe Venda King Toni Ramabulana

By Mike Smith

16th of September 2016

So apparently Msholozi Showerhead paid back the R7.8 Million he stole from the taxpayers to pay for his illegal upgrades on his Nkandla palace which actually cost somewhere between R248 million and R256 million, depending on which source you believe.

Of course the illiterate bastard stole much more, but the court ordered him to only pay back R7.8 million. Problem is that when (and IF) he paid that money back it was an admission of guilt. An admission that he stole that money. Why is he not in prison?

…So I can go to your house steal R248 from you and when I get caught and the court tells me to pay back R7.80 to you…all is forgiven?? Instead they gave him a brand new (Second) Jet.

What kind of bullshit justice is this? He should be behind bars.

Nevertheless, over the years I have developed a very good rule of thumb; Whatever the ANC says is a lie and whenever they say something, believe the opposite.

So I did not for one moment believe that Zuma paid back as much as one cent of that money. He was never going to and he never will and definitely not out of his own pocket.

Both the EFF and the DA have asked for proof of the payment, but with ravishing speed, MiniMe Edward Zuma came out to defend his daddy insulting anyone who asks uncomfortable questions.

Edward Zuma: “People who ask for proof of Daddy’s Nkandla repayment are retarded”

Apparently Zuma took out a home loan from the obscure little bank nobody has ever heard of namely VBS Mutual Bank. Funny enough, Zuma is going to crown Toni Ramabulana, who has shares in the bank, as the Venda King, when in fact his 24year old niece Masindi claims that she is the rightful heir to the throne seeing that she is the only child of the late chief Mphephu, but was overlooked, because she is a woman. In fact she filed a lawsuit in 2012 already to get the coronation stopped.

City Press previously reported that on July 20 a senior VBS Mutual Bank official met with Zuma's lawyer, Michael Hulley, to discuss the loan. Treasury had announced the R7.8m figure that Zuma had to pay back at the end of June.

The City Press article also stated that through Dyambeu Investment, VBS Mutual Bank had financed "black industrialists who formed part of the country's broadcast migration project for up to R550 million".
It is just horrendous the ammount of corruption involved everywhere Zuma goes.

12 September 2016

Will the real Hillary Clinton please stand up?

The Body Double left with the droopy nose and the real Hillary right

By Mike Smith
13th of September 2016
The story about Hillary Clinton’s medical problems and collapsing at the 9/11 memorial service is just getting stranger and stranger. A TV station reported that she died after the ceremony and evidence of her magical weight reduction (15kg in two hours) and her ring finger magically growing taller than her index finger are now surfacing.

WABC New York reports the breaking news of Hillary Clinton’s death

Teresa Barnwell earns big bucks as Hillary Clinton’s body double

The Hillary Clinton body double leaving Chelsea Clinton’s Apartment building

Did Hillary Clinton die after the 9/11 memorial ceremony and was replaced by a double?

The imposter's ring finger slightly longer than the index finger

The real Hillary with ring finger shorter than the index finger

How we lost air superiority in Angola

Where the ANC's Gupta friends pass through without going through
customs and passport control and where Sudanese Dictator Omar al-Bashir escaped through

By Mike Smith
13th of September 2016

We often get people on here who like to tell us how South Africa lost the so called “Battle of Cuito Cuanavale” because we lost air superiority.

I have explained before that this was a myth and total bullshit propaganda by the useless ANC after our white politicians betrayed the country and handed power over to them. South Africa had the Cheetah (Mirage), the new Rooivalk attack helicopter, and arguably the best pilots and airplane mechanics/technicians in the world.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is a video of the latest concept helicopter made in Angola, presented to the public at a military parade.

Novo helicóptero feito em Angola

…Then compare it with the Denel Rooivalk Helicopter and you be the judge of who won and who lost air superiority in Angola.

Also see here:

Thy myth of the Cuban/Angolan victory at Cuito Cuanavale

However...If you look at the South African Air Force today and compare it to the current  National Air Force of Angola I think the Angolans won't have any problems defeating our New SAAF Gripens in about ten seconds...all two of them standing pilotless on the runway at Waterkloof.

Zombie Hillary Clinton on the brink of death being pushed by the NWO to become president

By Mike Smith

12th of September 2016

To call Hillary Clinton a LWB is a severe understatement. This thing is a fanatical feminist lesbo and Commie Whore and I have ZERO time for this lying NWO witch in her pathetic Mao suits.

Nevertheless her campaign is fraught with incidents of Hillary having seizures, falling down, collapsing and basically on the verge of croaking. She is basically a drug-filled zombie being kept upright by her black doctor and his voodoo poison.

Check the worry in my eye. If it wasn’t for the fact that I dislike queuing, I would spit on her grave.

Their plans are seriously going haywire now. If she croaks, there won't be enough time to field another zombie. So they have got to keep her alive at all cost and try to fool the public.

Nevertheless you can see her collapsing here at Ground Zero. Quite an interesting video.

Useless SABC redefines “Useless”

The empty Orlando Stadium where the Thank You SABC concert took place

By Mike Smith

12th of September 2016

Every time the ANC touches something it turns to shit and just when you think it cannot possibly get any worse, they surprise you.

...like with their personal propaganda voice the SABC.

It wasn’t enough that they fucked up the broadcasting corporation by retardedly going 90% local…no they had to throw an expensive concert at the Orlando Stadium thanking the miserable twat of a CEO Hlaudi Motsoeneng for his utterly useless antics. They even had a “spectacular” song composed and sung by poet Mzwake Mbuli……and then nobody pitched.

The Kwaito/Kwela kak they call music is filled with singers chanting, “Hlaudi, Hlaudi, Hlaudi…” and “We applaud the monumental decision, 90% of South African Content, 90% of better life, 90% of poverty alleviation, 90...90…90%”…”Bravo Hlaudi Motsoeneng and your progressive team, Bravo”…”You all, deserve gold medals! Baie dankie, baie dankie, dankie baie, baie dankie!”

You can watch this crap here, but only if you can stomach it.

Five pictures from the FLOP “Thank You SABC” concert

10 September 2016

The road from REAART to TEAART is long and the one less traveled

By Mike Smith
10th of September 2016

I see a lot of right-thinking white South Africans criticizing liberals and blacks. For instance they complain about blacks to blacks and tell them they are useless, retarded, stinking, etc…but…What is the point? What do these whites actually hope to achieve?

Are they hoping blacks will improve? Are they hoping they will someday magically “come right” and become more like whites if they complain more to them?

At first such criticism and complaining would appear “racist”, but is it really? I mean it sounds a lot like what the liberals are trying to achieve by building schools, hospitals, etc for blacks.

At the end, in right and left, conservative and liberal thought the same faint hope of “improvement” can be detected; whether by education, money or insult, the goal is the same:

“If only they can be more like us, if only they can be educated to be more like us, everything will be OK and we will be able to live in peace together.”

This brings us to the contradiction and hypocrisy of the liberal who says that we are already all the same, but if we were, there would be no need to build schools and hospitals for blacks. There would be no need to throw money at them and educated them. Blacks would be able to do it all by themselves.

Whether they want to know it or not, the do-gooder-leftist, racial egalitarian and cultural relativist all have a definite and absolute starting point; We are not the same.

They then start to look for simplistic reasons WHY we are not the same and always seem to find the fault within themselves and other whites.

It is “US”. We, the whites, are the ones who enslaved blacks. We are the ones who colonized their lands. We are the ones who prevented them from evolving, getting educated, getting rich, etc, etc.

They also immediately block out any evidence to the contrary or evidence that in history whites were also enslaved by other whites, by blacks, by Arabs, etc. Whites also had their lands colonized by other whites, by the Mongols, the Tartars, the Huns, the Persians, the Arabs, etc.

Fact of the matter is that history shows that blacks were not the only victims and whites were not the only culprits.

However, the liberal mind is simplistic, weak and lazy. It doesn’t like to be exercised, nor challenged. It is constantly looking for the quickest simplest solution to its cognitive dissonance, but in doing so starts a downward spiral that leads to more contradiction, more dissonance and more hypocrisy.

The liberal suffers from reality blindness and truth deafness. When this is pointed out to him/her the hands are clasped over the ears or eyes and the head goes into the sand.

The result is that the liberal finds self-flagellation far easier than cognitive dissonance. Self-flagellation over the racial failure of blacks is at the same time the method and the symptom of a weak, simple and unthinking mind.

The liberal simply cannot see that if we were all indeed the same, we would all have had the same weapons, the same education, the same values, the same beliefs, etc and if we were all equally strong and intelligent, we would not have been able to conquer and enslave each other, neither would there have been any reason to do so and although all races were victims of colonization and slavery at one stage or another in history, the fact that one infantile race in particular, still sees itself in a liberated age as “eternally victimized”, “enslaved” and “colonized” and constantly bitch, moan, bellyache and gripe about it, shows its inferiority towards other races that do not do so.

In fact, conquest and colonization could be seen as liberating and progressive methods of the past that attempted to civilize and educate those who were not the same as us in order to make them “more like us”.

The trap that the recently enlightened and awoken right-thinker (REAART) often falls into is to think that he/she can somehow “cure” the unthinking liberal which leads to a contradiction in itself, because if he were really “enlightened” or “awoken” he would be able to see the folly of his ways and would not attempt to “cure” the liberal.

Likewise if the “liberal” was indeed capable of being “cured” he/she would have had the original mental capacity to be cured and would not have been a true liberal in the first place, but merely a sleeping, “not-yet-awoken” or “not-yet-enlightened” right-thinker.

Further, the REAART often enjoys holding up the mirror to blacks and pointing out their abominable culture, beliefs, superstitions and ways to them. The REAART might even insult their person or their cultural beliefs, but this is where the motive has to questioned, because what is the ultimate goal of it all? That they should “wake up” and become “more like us”?

The conclusion can only be that the REAART who does this and have as his/her motive the “wake up and become more like us” attitude is not yet fully “awoken” and “enlightened” and in fact still a liberal, for this is ultimately the same goal as the liberal who wants to “educate” and “uplift” the blacks i.e “become more like us”.

If the motive is to simply have fun and laugh at blacks and their ways, the REART is showing his simplistic and unthinking mind and is simply being silly for it would be akin to laughing at a snake for being a snake or a monkey for being a monkey. Blacks cannot help for what they are. They were simply born like that. Laughing at them is not going to turn them into anything else.

Some REAARTs might feel that their motives are to strengthen the camaraderie of the core or group of right-thinkers in order to prevent some from straying over to the dark side and at the same time attract others from the dark side, but if someone does go over to the dark side it is evidence that he/she was never one of us in the first place and would actually be doing us a favour to rid our gene pool of their defective genes.

Some REAARTs might feel that verbally attacking liberals and blacks is a method or tactic of self defence; a way of keeping them at bay, but this projects a certain innate fear of them being able to convince us, lead us astray or to kidnap us over to the dark side.

I must admit that even to the strongest of right-thinkers the urge to tell an annoying liberal or black to go away in an incestual, sexual manner sometimes become overwhelming, but truth is that the truly enlightened right-thinker is already covered by an impenetrable force field known as a “bullshit barrier” from which libtard and kaffir crap simply slides off.

In a perfect world the “truly enlightened and awoken right thinker” (TEAART) is simply a person at peace with himself to whom libtards and kaffirs become visually and audibly invisible; there is no need to attack or insult them. They simply are what they are and there is neither need nor point in trying to convince them, cure them or hold up a mirror to them. They simply do not exist in his world.

In a perfect world a blog like this would actually be superfluous.

However, we know that we do not live in a perfect world. For as long as we are alive and living in this world, the capstone of enlightenment will always be an unattainable goal, for the capstone of the pyramid is a tiny pyramid in itself and if you chop the tip of the capstone off you will have a tiny pyramid again and so on and so forth until it vanishes in your hand.

“Enlightenment” on earth is not a goal, but rather a journey taken by the few. True enlightenment can only be reached by coming ever closer to God and this can ultimately only be reached through the inevitable death.

Therefore becoming a REAART is not the end of a journey, but rather the start. The road from REAART to TEAART is long, difficult, but at the same time also pleasurable. The point is to always know exactly where on this road one is and the further one is, the more the light of truth glares out the evil of the dark side and those in the black abyss of lies, hypocrisy and bullshit become invisible.

“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.” Proverbs: 14:12

“Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.“ John 13:7

05 September 2016

Fifty years on, Verwoerd's legacy and success overshadows Mandela's Rainbow Nation Failure

By Mike Smith
5th of September 2016

You know that we all know that roughly 50 years ago in 1966 Dr. Hendrik French Verwoerd was assassinated with a dagger by a half-breed Greek/Coloured Communist “lone nutter”, Dimitri Tsavendas posing as a cleaner in parliament.

…But trust the liberal leftist media to remember, record and rejoice the exact minute when that first thrust was made into his heart from behind by the cowardly Tsavendas. 14:14.

50 years ago when the first dagger stab was in the heart of Dr. Verwoerd

I didn’t even know that they have his blood stained shirt and blazer on display to fawn over, but they do.

All I have is my own research of a wonderfully intelligent and remarkable man. The best leader South Africa ever had and probably will ever have.

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid box – Part 20- Dr. Verwoerd, Nationalist Visionary, “The most hated man in South Africa” and the success of Nationalism

I finished that article with the following words:

“But Dr Verwoerd does not need any statue of himself. By the time he died he built his own monument which is there for all to see: The Republic of South Africa…”

‘Nuff said.

If you notice his stab wounds and compare it to what Special Forces soldiers of the day were taught, then it becomes clear that the assassin was not taught by the KGB, but by the CIA or MI6.

Back in those days they believed that the best way to penetrate the heart was from the top by the shoulder, where the collarbone is and thrust the dagger diagonally inwards towards the heart hoping to sever the main arteries like the aorta and puncture the heart.

Of course this is totaly out of date today and probably the reason why Tsavendas had to stab so many times. The length of the blade had to be known to be sure.

Oh my God how we have come a long way. Today it is all an exact science. You cannot just hope you are going to hit a target, you have to be 100% certain.

 Fact of the matter is that Dimitri Tsavendas had professional training. He was not just a “lone nutter” like other “lone nutters” of the time namely “Lee Harvey Oswald” and “Sirhan Sirhan”.

However, any real specialist knows that to kill a sentry from behind is ONE MOVEMENT made up of three. I don’t think I have ever seen it described online.

So here goes in a stabbing assasination:

The type of weapons is very important. Forget all the Rambo Survival knives and bullshit. In the dark you cannot even find the sharp edge or the blunt edge.

The British Fairbairn-Sykes Comando knife.
Take your Rambo Bowie knife and shove it up your bottom. The British Fairbairn-Sykes is a double edged weapon to help you with the problem. It is also the emblem on the beret and flashes of several Special Forces including the SAS and the South African Recces.

My personal favourite is the Swiss army dagger known as the Böker About its Nazi history we will not go into detail. Let us just say that the Nazis had fantastic weapons, were very intelligent and one should not throw out the dagger with the bath water.

In all honesty, for me the Fairbairn-Sykes proved a bit short to do the job and light on the blade and heavy on the shaft. In fact it is supposed to be “so-balanced” , but I won’t run it down completely. It is a good knife; just not for me...albeit I have it sewed into the inside of my forecarmcof my favourite jacket.

Some online amateurs complain it was the bluntest knife they ever ordered. Of course the Fairbairn-Sykes was and still is delivered completely blunt to the operative.

Point is that if you don’t know how to sharpen your own knife you should not be an operative. Duh.

I am not an operative/operator .  Mine was handed to me already sharp by my grandfather, a Boer who fought on the side of the English in Abyssinia, North Africa and Italy against fascism and against the Nazis.

The Swiss Böker
 I still proudly wear all his medals on poppy day. It is what we do.. I will never forget the day when my granddad rocked up at our house in Hermanus in the Western Cape….There they were…All my grandfather’s WWII medals at the bottom of a wooden chest, covered with saws, planes and files.

I don't know what he thought...He gave it all to me at the age of ten.  Of course I don’t have any medals of my own today apart from my own Pro Patria that was posted to me eight months after I was on the border, as a “By the way thank you”.

Somehow my granddad wanted ME to have these medals and none of his own sons of which he had two.

Nevertheless where was I???

Cut all the bullshit and let us return to how we were taught in the army.

You want to learn what?.Killing people with a dagger from behind....And you want to learn that from a Ballie like me?

Remember this is one movement at the end of the day and you have to train this a thousand times before the muscle memory sets in and it becomes automatic. Not ONE, not THREE...ONE MOVEMENT!!!!

It is like tying a shoelace. In the beginning you have to remember every stroke. Today nobody even thinks about how to tie a shoelace; they simply do it.

The technique is like this for righties: Reverse for lefties. ….

You sneak up dead on to the sentry from behind.Clasp over his mouth and nose from the bottom of his jaw upwards with the left hand to smother any noise.

With your right foot you step into the back of his knee (die mik van sy knie) to bring him down. Sometimes you have to do it standing up from behind, but the principle remains the same.

Then you thrust the knife with surgical precision into his neck from the right side of his neck towards the left, exactly parallel to the ground and slightly in front of the vertebrae but behind the windpipe.

The Cresssi Sub Borg
The two sharp edges of your Fairbairn-Sykes should now be pointing forwards and backwards exactly in between the neck vertebrae and the windpipe/ carotid artery. With the knife holding right , now quickly thrust at least 90° forward on the handle, severing all arteries to the brain killing the opponent within 7-10 seconds…silently.

However, I do not take lives anymore, I rescue lives and as a qualified rescue diver, the knife that is my daily dive buddy today is the Cressi Sub Borg. Best diving knife in the world. Attached up-side down to the left of my BC on my inflation hose, it is always within reach. Cressi Sub Borg It is so handy that I have actually attached an exact replica to my 72hr bug out bag. Speaking of which…what was it I was trying to rescue again? Whites in South Africa, wasn’t it?

Message to Kaffir...You touch any of my family in South Africa...I will fare  into the streets tonight and by Six AM tommorrow morning there will be a thousand of you lying dead in the, streets. I dare you. Push me.

The day the ANC became above the law...and stayed above the law.

By Mike Smith
5th of September 2016

I believe that nothing in the world is as useless as saying Kaffirs are useless, but once again the Kafricans showed us that they are in fact Kafrican’ts, Kafricunts (or as one of our readers calls them “Kafrasites”) who cannot/ could not even occupy their own head office today.

This past week, with great fanfare and announcement, they set out to occupy the ANC headquarters (Luthuli House) which is a 12-floor building at 54 Sauer Street, Johannesburg, but probably got lost and tried (like the 20,000 idiotically brave IFP Impi’s on the 28th of March 1994) to occupy the former ANC headquarters, “Shell House” a 22 storey building at 1 Plein Street.

The ANC relocated there in 1997.

Nevertheless, I was hoping to see a repeat of The Shell House Massacre when 19 IFP members (Zulus), armed with “Traditional weapons” (a euphemism for hiding the fact that they have never evolved past the Spearchucking Age) were mowed down by the ANC’s goons (MK veterans) situated in safety on top of the roof armed with AK47’s.

On Thursday the 1st of June 1995, President of South Africa at the time, Nelson Mandela, a Xhosa (traditional enemies of the Zulus) and much revered god of the white liberals and Kafricunts alike, stood up in parliament and admitted that HE, the great Xhosa god of all the South African blacks, ordered the killing of the Zulu Impis.

Mandela to face police over killings at ANC head office

Basically, Mandela, Nobel Peace-Prize winner and mass murderer, challenged the world to arrest him. “Go ahead, do it” he said.

Who was going to arrest the Great Mandela? Nobody!

The limp wristed, liberal white doos of a police commissioner we had at the time, General George Fivas, cowered and backed off.

That day…was the signal to the ANC that they were above the law. That they could murder, rape, steal and do as they please…and boy did they take advantage…So good were they that half of their supporters don’t support them anymore.

Over the years a few incidents happened that tried to reverse the situation. On August 27, 2005, a fire broke out on the 6th floor of the building, primarily damaging the ANC's Political Education and Training Unit.

On the 12th February 2014 the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, planned a march on the building and the area was barricaded with coils of razor wire. The march was called off due to security concerns.

Today a bizarre thing happened when the ANC demonstrated against itself, but then backed off. The anti Zuma ANC faction called the #OccupyLuthuliHouse movement withdrew. Fearing another Marikana Massacre when the ANC (Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa specifically) ordered the killing of 34 black miners and wounded 78.

The ANC seems to be turning more and more against their own people.

But wasn’t that what I have always maintained? That the ANC has never given a flying hoot for the blacks of SA? They only used them as voting fodder to get to power so they could steal the country into bankruptcy. The ANC has never been and will never be interested in “The liberation of black people” or their well being. The ANC is only interested in one thing and that is to enrich themselves. They are a bunch of Tsotsis and thieves who think nothing of killing their own people and stealing them blind.

Case in point for instance is Joe Modise ("Bra Joe") co-founder and Commander in Chief of the terrorist organisation Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) at one stage. He was the biggest Apartheid era double agent and former Defence Minister under Mandela, who was responsible for the greatest theft of all times that we taxpayers are still paying for today, The Arms Scandal.

Joe Modise was nothing but a disgusting gangster who killed hundreds of blacks who stood in his way. A township Tsotsi and common criminal who ran a stolen car racket along with an arms and drugs smuggling racket between Zambia and South Africa. Those he didn’t kill himself he betrayed and had them killed by the Apartheid hit squads. Those Vlakplaas agents were the ones who gave him the nickname "Bra Joe".

"In it for myself and fuck everyone else" was Joe Modise's slogan and today we still see that same kind of attitude from other ANC politicians.

Funny that his MK veterans today were prepared to “Kill for Zuma”… MK veterans say they were following Zuma’s orders to defend the ANC at all costs

…Kill their own people, that is; Kill fellow blacks and ANC supporters to defend a corrupt and useless president…not the ANC, I must add.

Fact of the matter is…every day that we, black and white South Africans, back off and let this useless fuck govern a few seconds longer or further, we condone and rubberstamp his theft and corruption. Here is the uncomfortable truth; WE keep them in power with our silence and inaction.

What I would have like to see, were 50 million South Africans rocking up on the doorstep of Luthuli House today…or at least somebody with a .308 WinMag and a Mil-dot somewhere from inside the FNB building taking aim at Gwede Mantashe as he accepted the “Zuma must go” memorandum from the protesters

Same effect. One intelligent man can make the ANC just as scared as 50 million stupid men.

In fact, I think all Governing Parties all over the world should permanently have their head-offices covered by at least 50 snipers from different 3-D angles….Maybe then we will have proper governance. Don't you think?

I mean isn’t that what Zuma said? “Defending the ANC at all cost”?

What is then wrong with defending our constitutional freedoms “At all cost”?