14 November 2016

Time for a holiday

By Mike Smith

14th of November 2016

So Boys and girls...It is that time of the year again. Time for Uncle Mike to have a break from the daily grind of blogging and to go and relax at the beach and clean the head with a couple  of beers. No more blogging for the rest of the year for me.

I hope you enjoyed my blog the past year and will check it out again in the New Year when I return with more hard hitting articles to nail the useless ANC. Mike signing out. See you in 2017.

12 November 2016

Brian Molefe, the scandals and why he REALLY resigned

Corrupt scumbag Brian Molefe
By Mike Smith
12th of November 2016

Following the former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s State Capture report into corrupt ANC officials and their dealings and wheelings with the Gupta family, Eskom’s CEO Brian Molefe did the honourably thing, publicly cried some more crocodile tears and resigned.

Brian Molefe resigns from Eskom; denies wrongdoing

Amazingly the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) reckoned it was a setback for black excellence

Can somebody please explain to me how in the world it is possible that anybody can praise this corrupt scumbag and see him as a symbol of “Black Excellence”, an oxymoron if ever I have seen one?

The destruction of Eskom, load shedding, corrupt dealings between Eskom and the Guptas…Transnet and the Guptas…all on Molefe’s watch and they call that “Black excellence”? They must be condoning corruption.

Recently it has emerged that Molefe and Ajay Gupta, the eldest of three Gupta brothers, made 58 telephone calls to one another between August 2015 and March 2016. Molefe virtually camped out at the Gupta’s Saxonwold Shebeen. What were these calls and visits all about?

Let me explain to you what this bastard did in simple terms by means of a few examples, because everywhere you look, everywhere you start to scratch, you find a can of Gupta and Zuma worms. They are corrupt to the core.

How electricity prices went up and production down
under the ANC
The Guptas and Duduzane Zuma, son of Il Presedente Jacob “Msholozi” Zuma, together has a company called “Tegeta Exploration and Resources” that owns a coal mine called Brakfontein Colliery near Delmas in Mpumalanga which they run extremely dangerously, unsafe and like a typical “Coollie” shop.

Eskom holds a monopoly on electricity in South Africa. So when they hike prices, we have no other choice but to shut the fuck up and pay. Brian Molefe raised electricity tariffs to unaffordable levels and then prepaid the Guptas R650 million of your money for substandard coal Eskom did not need so that the Guptas could purchase all the shares in Optimum Coal Holdings (OCH), a company owned hitherto by mining giant Glencore in order to become the sole supplier of coal to Eskom’s power stations.

How electricity prices escalated and production fell since 2008

The lying scumbag Molefe then went and told the public: “We are just asking for money to deal with the issue of load shedding.”

Eskom needs tariff increase because load shedding is expensive: CEO

Now remember that Sanco calls this: “Black excellence” and sees Molefe as a savior and “The man who ended loadshedding”…

Iqbal Sharma
This is of course just the tip of the iceberg. In 2014, whilst CEO of Transnet Brian Molefe and the chairman of the Transnet board Iqbal Sharma (nephew of now dead ANC mattress Fatima Meer) , awarded contracts to the tune of R50 billion with four international manufacturing companies (China South Rail, Canada’s Bombardier, US General Electric and China North Rail) to build 1,064 locomotives.

Transnet Tender Scheme
According to the state procurement policy these foreign companies are required to source up to 60% of their locomotive components from South African subcontractors.

Of course, Iqbal Sharma got his position at Transnet due to the Gupta’s string pulling, because the Gupta’s and Duduzane Zuma’s company “Westdawn Investments” owns “Craysure Investments” that owns 25% of Boksburg, Gauteng engineering firm “VR Lasers” that was sub contracted to oversee the local manufacturing part of the trains. Salim Essa, another Gupta business associate, took 75% share.

Corporate records show that VR Laser is registered to the same Grayston, Sandton, office park where other Gupta businesses are based. VR Laser’s only three directors are Essa, Pushpaveni Govender, who is also a director of other Gupta companies, and Kamal Singhala, a 25-year-old nephew of the Guptas who gives his address as the family’s Saxonwold compound.

Gupta’s VR Laser holds 49% share in Denel Asia
Transnet bosses R50 Billion double game

Denel, who has the state as its only shareholder, launched its Gupta joint venture, Denel Asia, without approval from the finance and public enterprises ministers (Pravin Gordhan and Lynne Brown respectively) as required.

Not only that. All whistleblowers and Transnet employees who questioned these dodgy tender deals were threatened and intimidated and “Mafia style” investigations by a “forensic team” under Transnet’s bosses was used to dig up dirt on them. They even tried to gag newspapers reporting on their criminal dealings

But it doesn’t stop there. Transnet contracted Neotel to the tune of R2-Billion to supply them with routers and other equipment. Neotel contracted a “letterbox company” called Homix to supply the equipment at R66 million in kickbacks. A further R25-million was agreed but not yet paid.

Homix "head office"
Homix’s “headoffice” turned out to be an empty, boxy little home with a blue front door in Mayfair West, Johannesburg. A year’s rent – about R45 000 – was paid upfront. Neighbours said: An “Indian gentleman” came in perhaps twice a week after hours, “two months at a stretch”.

This Indian man turned out to be Ashok Narayan, who claimed to be Homix’s Chief Executive Officer, a 2013 LinkedIn profile, (now offline) identified him as the then managing director of Sahara Systems, a business owned by the influential Gupta family. Of course the Guptas have distanced themselves from their association with Narayan – and from Homix, but a Mail & Guardian investigation showed that Narayan is claiming to be managing director of a Dubai company, the Marketing Quotient, since April 2014. It appears to do sales for Etisalat, one of two mobile phone providers in the United Arab Emirates.

Transnet has awarded two more large projects – closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems worth R835-million – to Neotel without tender and while Neotel was interacting with Homix. The CCTV’s were to be used in the harbours of South Africa.

Brian Molefe, the chief executive at the time, approved the “confinement” of this contract to Neotel in May 2014.

Neotel’s board commissioned an investigation into the payments after the company’s auditors (Deloitte) blew the whistle to it in April 2015. In August, its CEO and CFO took special leave and resigned.

Kickback scandal engulfs Transnet

Transnet kickback scandal widens

Where did all the Transnet money come from that they throw around and siphon off to Gupta companies? White railway worker’s pension fund of course. That is why former Railway worker’s wives are starving and living on bread and water today.

Now The DA wants to lay charges against Molefe

The EFF called Molefe a “mythomaniac” (a person who lies or makes up stories) and called for the entire Eskom board to be sacked because his conduct would not have been possible without consent from the board.

However…I say blindfold the bastards and put them up against a wall.Molefe first!!

Watch the scumbag cry: “I never got the chance to answer” – Brian Molefe.

10 November 2016

When you decolonise ballet...

...You end up with this

By Mike Smith

10th of November 2016

After 82 years of partnership, Cape Town City Ballet has been booted out of its University of Cape Town premises because ballet is "Eurocentric and colonial".

Cape town ballet too colonial

These bastards literally intimidated and threw the people out on the street. The ballet company’s executive director, Elizabeth Triegaardt, no longer has an office and works at a table in the foyer of Artscape.

According to Triegaardt, the call to push the dancers out — almost half of whom are people of colour — was made by students in the contemporary and African dance streams.

Ironically, saids Triegaardt, it was she who insisted during her 22 years as head of the department on including contemporary and African dance as options for majors.

Oh yes. African dancing so much superior to ballet…

These blacks always claim white people cannot dance yet they stole their Gum Boot dance from the German Schuhplattler. I would like to see them decolonize their Gum Boot dance seeing that the gum boot was introduced by Wellington during the colonial era.

Compare the Gum Boot dance with the Shuhplattler and then look at the absolute sophistication of ballet and you tell me who can dance and who cannot. White man…never forget who you are.

Where they stole the Gum Boot Dance from.

09 November 2016

Trump won. Are we going to see the wall now?

By Mike Smith

9th of November 2016

Trump is the new president. Well, all I can say is, “The best man won”.

In fact I slept like a baby last night. Didn’t bother me in the least who would become president of the US of A. I knew nothing much is going to change. The NWO agenda will just carry on as usual. It doesn’t matter who is the illusionary puppet leader, the ones pulling the strings are still the same. With Trump the agenda will just be driven a bit slower than with Hillary.

Interesting was to see, the whole time that Trump was in the lead, how the world’s libtard journalists were squirming and squealing. For months now they drove a blatantly open hate campaign against him, tried every dirty trick in the book and were so blatantly Hillary biased that it made me want to puke, but now the Americans showed them that their campaign backfired. The harder they tried to nail Trump, the more support he got. I wonder why these libtard losers do not just all move to Mexico now.

I would like to see if he sticks to his promise and build a wall with Mexico. If that is such a good idea is debatable. Build a wall and keep the liberals and the rest of the Looney Left out in Mexico.

Speaking of walls…has it ever kept anybody out? As far as history and my personal experience and observations are concerned…NEVER. In fact I think a wall is a bad idea and I will tell you why.

See…a wall is an illusion of security. It is a symbol of fear. Those on the inside of the wall is afraid of those on the outside.

South Africa’s first wall/fence was erected in 1657 by Jan van Riebeeck who built a Bitter Almond hedge from where Kirstenbosch Gardens are today to the mouth of the Liesbeeck river in Milnerton. Did it keep the Natives out. Never.

Did the double electrified fence on the border between South Africa’s Kruger Park and Mozambique keep millions of blacks out who were fighting to get into evil Apartheid South Africa to escape their Socialist paradise? Never.

Does any of the 8 foot high walls in South Africa keep any black burglars out? Forget it.

Walls were tried by many Civilizations. The Chinese built an eight thousand km long wall to keep the northern barbarians (Mongels) out. Did that help? No. The same with the Roman walls across Britain and to the north of the Empire with the European Babarians tribes. The same with the Greek city states. The only ones who never built a wall were the Spartans. They said they didn’t need one; their young men were the bricks in their wall.

See the Spartans understood a fundamental principle and that is that walls do not keep people out; PEOPLE keep people out.

Currently the Germans in the Bavarian town of Neuperlach near M√ľnchen are erecting a 4-Meter high wall to keep the Rapefugees at bay . The wall will be taller than the Berlin Wall which was only 3,6 meters high. I just smiled. Apartheid coming to Europe fast.

However, my main concern is that a wall further signals something else. It signals an unwillingness to fight. It signals a level of sophistication and civilization where you have become soft. It signals that you would rather put your trust in a dead inanimate object such as a wall to protect what is dear to you than in yourself and your fellow brothers.

The same with armed response. It shows that you are too soft and lazy to train and fight to protect what is yours so you rather put your trust in mercenaries. Mercenaries were the downfall of the Roman Empire.

When I had my first house in the early 1990’s the front yard was open to the pavement. My wife later on erected a four foot wall just to keep the two Bullmastiffs from tearing the vagrant muntus apart. When a blonde female rep from ADT came to offer me armed response I told her to take a hike, because I believed they were part of the problem and in cahoots with the criminals. Sure enough two weeks later I had an attempted breaking that ended with me chasing the fuckers across the river firing a few shots at their arses.

However, in the mid 1990’s, around me people started to erect higher and higher walls. More and more security. Electric fences. Burglar bars. Safety gates. Armed response…I thought they were going mad.

The amazing thing was that crime in our area went UP! The burglaries increased. When the one guy’s wife got raped we formed a neighbourhood watch and started to patrol the streets at night two by two. Only then did crime stop and I mean completely stop. We never had another burglary there for ten years.

There is something very intimidating to a munt who is suddenly surrounded by ten white guys kicking the shit out of him. Word got out that we were “Crazy Boere”. Every time they told their stories the “Boere” become more, bigger and more brutal. Never underestimate the power of the bush telegraph.

There was a time that I also contemplated building a wall across Africa from the mouth of the Kunene to the mouth of the Zambezi, but I have changed my mind. Far better will be the following…

All along the border will be FOB's (Forward Operating Bases)every 40 km's supported by MOB's (Main Operating Bases) 50km behind them and about 200 km distance between them.

River banks will be cleared and bermed. Ground surveillance Radars (such as the Squire from Thales) and TIR’s (Thermal Imaging Radars, Netvision360°) will be set up. Arial patrols will be done by UAV (drones) such as the German KZO from Rheinmetall and obviously by helicopter.

The borders will be patrolled by motorized infantry with Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV's) such as Ratels and IMV’s such as Caspirs, Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) such as Land cruisers, Jeeps and Toyota bakkies will also be deployed together with horse mounted infantry (Cavalry, Dragoons), Motorbike squads, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's, quad bikes) with trailers to carry equipment, and General Infantry doing day and night patrols on the ground. All will be kitted out with thermal imaging equipment.

Main thing is…No prisoners will be taken. Bonuses will be paid per insurgent shot. Bodies will be impaled along the border to serve as deterrent.

THAT is how you keep the fuckers out…not with a wall.

08 November 2016

Why I love Malema

By Mike Smith
8th of November 2016

Following fuckhead Julianne Malema’s genocidal rant outside the court in Newcastle about slaughtering whites and her girlfriend Mbuyiseni Ndlozi’s echoing thereof several parties want them prosecuted and Malema’s gob muzzled.

F.W. de Klerk Foundation wants a meeting with the SA Human Rights Commision over Malema’s hate speech

Afriforum upset with Malema’s ‘opinion that black people own the fish in the sea‚ mountains‚ big five‚ trees’, etc

DA‚ FF Plus‚ condemn Malema's 'hate speech' comments

Why? …I mean why do they want to silence Malema?

Let the man speak! Let us see and hear exactly what is on his mind and on the minds of his supporters.

Even better…Let us see how many blacks condemn what he said, because up until know I have not seen or heard a single black person condemn him. The silence of the blacks is deafening.

Personally, I love Malema. Every time his mouth boils over with his hatred of whites, it cures at least another 100 liberals who come over to our side. The man should be working for us. He is not the enemy of the right wing. He is our friend;our canony. Let him speak some more. I can hardly wait for his next speech.

07 November 2016

Malema's declaration of war on whites

By Mike Smith
7th of November 2016

Malema appeared in the Newcastle court on charges of inciting land grabs and violence against whites, walks out and incites the exact same land grabs and violence against whites

Speaking outside the court on Monday‚ Malema said the charges brought against him were laid because he had disturbed the peace of white people.

”We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now”-Malema

Which means he is going to call for it in the future when the time is right.

"The prosecution of people who are demanding the land affects us directly because we want the land‚ so the land must be returned to the hands of the people‚" said Malema.

And the people are? Only Blacks. Whites aren’t people.

"This is our continent it belongs to us. We want our land. It must come with everything. The land comes with the sea. The sea belongs to us. The fish in the sea belongs to us. The land comes with the trees. The trees belong to us. That includes dagga. It belongs to us. We want it back.”

"We want everything that comes with the land…The minerals‚ gold‚ diamonds‚ platinum‚ coals everything that comes with land belongs to us."

"We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now… The rightful owners of the land are black people. No white person is a rightful owner of the land here in South Africa and whole of the African continent‚" he said.

OK so let me get this right. The continent does not belong to whites who were born in Africa. The land was stolen from blacks by whites. The whites own all the land and the blacks want it all back. Any white person who has bought land, paid for it, inherited it, etc is by default a criminal simply because of the colour of his/her skin.

That is right, that money you paid for your bond over twenty years was all for nothing. Blacks want your land. You didn’t pay for it. You stole it.

Malema said while the call for President Jacob Zuma to step down was gathering momentum‚ he was not the main target. The main enemy‚ he said‚ was "monopoly capital" (read whites) which has continued to benefit from the land while black people struggled across the country.

Malema has identified his enemy, he has warned his enemy that they are going to be driven out of their homes and off their land and will be slaughtered in the future.

I would say it is a declaration of war against whites and I would say it is open season on them…However, Malema should be careful, because sometimes you get the bear, but sometimes the bear get’s you first.

Just listen to this rabid dog foaming at the mouth with his anti-white rhetoric...

Is the SACP about to ditch the ANC and go it alone?

By Mike Smith
7th of November 2016

The pillars of support are crumbling more and more every day. Zuma and the ANC have become such an embarrassment to their Allies in Cosatu and the SA Communist Party that the SACP is seriously considering a divorce and fielding their own candidates against the ANC in the 2019 elections. The SACP complained that they were being co-opted and treated as “second-class” ANC members.

That is how all divorces come about. Doesn’t matter if you are divorcing your cell phone company, your insurance company, your bank, your car mechanic, your employer, your country, your wife or your political allies…the moment you feel not valued as a person anymore, you are going to go.

In a recent SACP discussion document, how “dangerously sick” large parts of ANC have become. They mention “Guptarisation” of the state, endemic corruption, visible divisions in national leadership, parasitic looting, brazen manipulation of internal elections, the systematic, money-driven factionalism and the ANC’s insistence on keeping a “deeply flawed” President Jacob Zuma as its public face.

Zuma is also directly blamed for the “sobering” outcome of the August 3 local elections in which the ANC lost control of the Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay metros, and saw support plummet to 54%.

The document also speaks of a “climate of extreme recklessness” in many parastatals, in government and in the ANC. These include the SAA crisis, digital migration, nuclear energy and Minister of Bling-Bling Mosebenzi Zwane’s “task team” on banks that had blacklisted the Gupta family. The paper says there has been little willingness or capacity to deal with corruption, factionalism, growing social distance from our mass base and the “sins of incumbency”.

SACP general secretary and Minister of Higher Stupidity, Dr. Blunt Blade Nzimande has labelled the politically connected Gupta family as "parasites", and has called for their influence to be defeated. Parasites like Guptas should be defeated

Nzimande said "enough is enough".

"We are today drawing a red line and we call upon the people of South Africa, especially the workers and the poor, to stop this rot and abuse of state organs for purposes of serving narrow accumulation agendas."

He also called on Cosatu to turn against the ANC.

Problem is that the SACP were the bastards who defended and backed Zuma in 2007 when he faced corruption charges ahead of the 2007 ANC Polokwane elective conference. I bet you they are kicking themselves now.

06 November 2016

Zuma assembling his horde for the final battle

By Mike Smith
6th of November 2016

Apparently, those in the know say President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma is no stranger to rice water, weak soup, stale bread and dropping the soap in communal showers and in fact frequently did so willingly when he spent 10 years in prison.

He admitted it at a rally in eDumbe Local Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal.

“Even if I am arrested today, I am used to it. I was in jail for 10 years, so you cannot scare me,” he said. Zuma says he is not scared to go to jail

Black journalist Mondli Makhanya, former editor of the Sunday Times and currently editor of City Press reckons The end is nigh for Zuma and he is desperately running out of options. Either he resigns, negotiates an exit or he fights to the bitter end.

Zuma and the ANC run out of road as bad news piles up

However, Zuma is not listening to good advice, because he knows he cannot resign. Instead he is preparing for the mother of all fights. He is a Zulu, a warrior, he wants to fight.

Former president Thabo Mbeki pleaded with him to listen to the more than a hundred ANC veterans who wrote an open letter to him.

Others who feel sorry for him like Albert Luthuli’s daughter wants an exit plan for Zuma Of course he is too thick to realize she is trying to help him.

Instead Zuma answered the veterans with arrogance and lashed them saying that when you write a letter you address it to a person, not the whole world. Zuma is not exactly the sharpest pencil in the box. He doesn’t know when to fight and when not.

What Zuma does know is that he still has a few fellow corrupt supporters who are backing him. He is currently rallying their support and preparing his army of scumbags.

Nomvula Mokonyane
One of his generals is the Minister of Dirty Water and Diarrhea, Nomvula Mokonyane, who is a key Zuma ally and a member of the ANC’s national executive committee (NEC).

Of course Nomvula Mokonyane was herself investigated by Public Protector Thuli Madonsela and the Hawks about how Engineering consultants LTE- consulting, Blackhead Consulting and construction company Khato Civils received water and sanitation contracts worth over R4 Billion. She and the heads of these companies are close friends and whilst they are sitting on golden toilet seats, blacks across the country have to make do with bucket toilets

See here: Noose tightens around Nomvula Mokonyane

Nomvula Mokonyane told the Natal rally that Zuma’s conscience would not guide him, as secretary-general Gwede Mantashe suggested this week, because he, like she, has no conscience.

Goofy. Better than
the ANC?
City Press reckons that South Africa would fare better if it were run by Walt Disney’s Goofy character than by Zuma ...certainly cannot be worse. However they reckon the ANC is not going to get rid of him. All the scandals from the Guptas and their guests landing at Waterkloof air force base, the Nkandla scandal, the State Capture report, etc. will not be enough for the ANC to fire Zuma.

ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte confirmed this and insisted that President Jacob Zuma will not step down and that the party will not force him to go.

In other words, Zuma is not going to resign. Forget it. If you want to get rid of Zuma you have to arrest him or physically take/kick him out.

Nevertheless, Zuma has some junior officers in his impi as well in the form of the paranoid dimwits in the ANC Youth League who are also behind him.

Njabulo Nzuza
Their secretary-general Njabulo Nzuza told City Press: “Anyone who says the president will not last until December (2017) says so because they are plotting something. They are having secret meetings to make that happen.”

Njabulo Nzuza was very disrespectful of the ANC veterans. He said “that the old guard of the liberation movement fought merely to share toilets with whites and drink whisky with them”.

Ironically‚ Njabulo Nzuza who cries “racism” at every opportunity, has himself set his mission as wanting to live with the very whites he disparages inside expensive golf estates.

Collen "Oros" Maine
Further…Youth league president Collen Maine, who called for Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association members to take up arms in defence of Zuma, and who is recorded in Madonsela’s report as having refused to comply with the investigation, agreed: “They must come; we will be there waiting for them.”…and called Advocate Thuli Madonsela a liar and called for her to be disbarred.

Idiot Collen Maine also known as "Oros" after the "Oros Man" should rather stick to fighting with his wife, because in December 2014 Collen Maine’s wife Kelebogile Puso (whose second name is ironically "Patience") smashed all the glass windows of his love nest with rocks and a steel pipe after she found him in bed with another woman. Guess she ran out of her second name. Kelebogile is also not a saint – as she’s been going out on dinner dates with some white guy.

Collen Maine in broken love nest mess

Maine and his wife Kelebogile , bought a R5.4 million property east of Pretoria last October, six weeks after he was elected league president and The Guptas pays his R140,000 a month bond

Documented proof that the Guptas backed Oros’ bond

Staunch President Jacob Zuma defender and one arm bandit, Kebby Maphatsoe who is also Deputy Minister of Terrorists, called the veterans "empty tins", "irrelevant" and "without struggle credentials".

Coward Kebby Maphatsoe
"The one arm bandit"

As I reported the other day, married grandfather Kebby Maphatsoe was caught naked with his “blessee” skelmpie and nobody seems to know where he actually fought during the anti-Apartheid Struggle. Although he is the MK Military Veterans Association chairperson Everyone knows he was never in MK

Kebby admits he ran away from MK camp

Convicted fraudster Bathabile Dlamini
Nevertheless…Another loyal backer of Zuma is the ANC Women's League president Bathabile Dlamini. Despite the fact that she is forever chewing her own teeth, she is as thieving and corrupt as Zuma. In October of 2006, Dlamini was convicted and fined after she pleaded guilty to fraud involving an amount of R254,000. Dlamini was one of 14 ANC MPs who were convicted and fined after pleading guilty to theft and fraud charges stemming from abuse of parliamentary travel vouchers.

Minister of Grants and Freeshit, Bathabile Dlamini, who has stayed at the luxury Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks (Kwazulu-Natal) 31 times, living it up on all the money she stole despite her handsome ANC paycheck, believes that a black family of five can survive on R753 per month

Over the years Zuma made sure people become depended on him. These sick, corrupt bastards who are still backing Zuma, has no choice but to back him in his fight, because if he goes, not only will they go and become poor beggers, but will also be marched off to prison with him.

Shaun Abrahams
He has further selected his goons in the police and Hawks very carefully. They are not going to arrest their boss. Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor admits that the entire state capture report will come to nought if remedial action was left to politicised arms of the state.

She is right. Currently there is no sign that Zuma’s loyal lapdog Shaun Abrahams, whose mommy calls him "Pikkewyntjie” (little penguin), is going to resign or be fired from the NPA. Finance minister Pravin Gordhan will be charged again before Christmas

How Shaun's mommy sees him
Another one of Zuma’s backers, North West provincial secretary Dakota Legoete, went on the attack and said that new Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane should “expand her scope of investigations in relation to the state capture to include the economic atrocities and state looting that happened prior to the 1994 democratic dispensation.

Yes, why not? I would love to see those old National Party traitors like F.W. de Klerk, Pik Botha, Roelf Meyer, Kortbroek van Schalkwyk, etc. share a cell with Zuma and his criminal cronies. I think F.W. will become very understanding of his Greek wife’s needs, because he will understand exactly what it means to be a Greek wife.

Jokes aside…Zuma is holding on for dear life and even trying to fight back with an army of idiots and corrupt scumbags. However, it doesn’t matter what Zuma does, he is stuffed.

In my opinion, Zuma has only ONE OPTION. If he stays in SA he is going to go to jail. It is just a matter of time. His only OPTION therefore is to skip the country. Go to Sudan on a diplomatic visit and ask his mass murdering buddy Omar al-Bashir for asylum.

05 November 2016

Guy Fawkes Day 2016 - The revolution is near

By Mike Smith
5th of November 2016

Remember, remember!
    The fifth of November,
    The Gunpowder treason and plot;
    I know of no reason
    Why the Gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot!




04 November 2016

SANDF idiots: The most ill-disciplined army in the world

By Mike Smith

4th of November 2016

We know the SANDF idiots are ill disciplined and revolting, but this shows exactly what has become of one of the best armies in the world under the ANC. It is not even a shadow of the old SADF and should not even be mentioned in the same breath…so my apologies.

Just take a look at these pathetic boons and then think about what chance they will stand against a dedicated, committed and well trained white guerilla force; A guerilla force trained by former SADF REAL soldiers. Shame; one can almost feels sorry for them.

I remember General Magnus Malan back then when the ANC suggested at Codesa that MK, APLA, etc. should be integrated into the SANDF and the police...He almost broke out in full laughter and told them, "Show me your army and I will show you mine."

Tja...how times have changed.

SANDF “soldiers” dump furniture at Port Elizabeth City Hall

02 November 2016

The ANC face to face with the full might of the NWO

“There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates to some extent in the way the Radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

Dr. Carol Quigley, in his book "Tragedy and Hope"

By Mike Smith
2nd of November 2016

In a socialist NWO paradise like South Africa the ruling clan, the ANC in our case, is kept in check by a fake opposition (DA) and toothless so-called Chapter Nine Institutions (Pink Frikkie’s “checks and balances”) like the Public Protector, SA Human Rights Commission, Commission for gender equality, etc.

However it should be made clear that their primary job is not to defeat the ANC (like a real opposition), but to whip the ANC back on track of the NWO agenda whenever they step out of it. These opposition parties and Chapter Nines are not directly in cahoots with the ANC nor really working with them, but they are by their actions helping to keep the ANC in power and on the straight and narrow. Their fake outcries and reports are actually warnings to the ANC when they are busy fucking up too much, giving them a chance to correct themselves.

However, nobody is indispensable and when the ANC becomes too greedy, steals too much and like a stubborn, stupid donkey, does not want to listen and does not react to a positive stimulus like top jobs or a negative stimulus such as a whip, it should be taken out. This is what you are witnessing now. The decision has already been made. Zuma and his ANC cronies must go. It is too late for him to still try and listen. He and his supporters will be made examples of in order to keep the next president and the rest of the ANC that remains in check. If they also refuse to toe the line, they will also be taken out.

What is this NWO agenda? What is the ANC’s role or job in South Africa?

The ANC’s primary job is to supply a steady stream of cheap labour (slaves) to the mines belonging to the Anglo American establishment and the supporting industries serving the NWO agenda.

These slaves are both black and white. They need to be educated, transported, fed, immunized and healed, etc. First it was the job of the English under Smuts and his idea of “holism”, but Smuts proved to be too soft to keep the slaves in check.

With Smuts we saw the phenomenon that the Satanic Globalist NWO has no problem getting rid of their own loyal puppets when they become useless and expendable. The NWO is not perfect and often makes mistake and learns through experiments and trial and error. However the ultimate Agenda never changes.

Prime Minister Jan Smuts crushed the Rand rebellion with 20,000 troops, artillery, tanks, and bomber aircraft killing 200 members. By this time the rebels had dug trenches across Fordsburg Square in Johannesburg and the air force tried to bomb, but missed and hit a local church. However the army's bombardment finally overran them.

It was a Pyric Victory. Smuts was replaced by the Afrikaners of the National Party. It was the job of the old NP to manage the slaves with a different style. Apartheid. Keep the peace, keep the status quo and keep the minerals flowing to the Anglo American, NWO machine.

However, the moment the mighty NP endangered this process and in fact became a real threat to the supply of cheap labour, digging the vital minerals for the NWO machine, they became redundant and had to be replaced.

The blacks under the ANC were now to manage this process, but because they were too incompetent, they had to be coached along and supported by white middle management showing them the ropes. That is why you have so many white deputy ministers and Directors General in the ANC.

Nevertheless, these slaves (black and white) need to be happy. They need the illusion of freedom and prosperity. That is why they are fed a constant stream of “Simunye, we are one” feel good liberal bullshit. That is why the Springboks had to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup. That is why they are told they are “free” when in fact they are enslaved under a socialist yoke. Liberalism is just a strategy of the NOW to keep the slaves from discovering the chains holding them down. Nobody really believes that liberal bullshit.

However, the ANC lost the plot. Their greed got the better of them. Their stealing and mismanagement were tolerated to a point, but the moment it became so severe that it endangered the supply of slaves and therefore the supply of vital minerals; they had to be whipped back on track.

Problem is that a lot of people do not know how the NWO system works. They don’t know about Cecil John Rhode’s Round Table network and Lord Alfred Milner’s Kindergarten. They don’t know how the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, etc. runs the world and their roles in South Africa.

After World War One the vultures of the world congregated in France in January of 1919 to cut up and divide German and Ottoman possessions in what is known as the ‘Paris Peace Conference of 1919’.

The main aim of this conference was to establish the first attempt at world government known as the League of Nations, supposedly to stop any future wars.

However the result was the Treaty of Versailles, that nailed Germany so hard that it caused another World War.

The man who led the delegation of British and American experts at the conference was Lionel Curtis (Round Table, Kindergarten, RIIA). His mate Jan Smuts was also there.

One of the other outcomes of the Paris Peace Conference was that South Africa was mandated by the League of Nations to administer the German colony of South West Africa (Namibia).

However, one of the more important events at this conference was the meeting that founded both the British ‘Think Tank’ known as The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House (RIIA, CH) and its American equivalent, The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).

Both the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs find their origins in a meeting, convened by Lionel Curtis, of the American and British delegates to the Paris Peace Conference on the 30th of May 1919 at the ‘Hotel Majestic’ in Paris.

They decided to establish ‘Think Tanks’ in London and New York , bringing high-level government officials and academics together with lawyers, bankers, and industrialists who would dedicate themselves to the scientific study of international affairs through the methods of expert analysis and debate with the ultimate goals of engineering and establishing an Anglo-American, Anglophile, One World Government…and, of course… world peace.

The inaugural meeting of the RIIA was held on the 5th of July 1920 chaired by Nobel Peace Prize winner (1937) Lord Robert Cecil, a friend of Smuts and one of the Founding fathers of the League of Nations.

Lord Robert Cecil was another Nazi sympathizer and appeaser (just like Curtis) and opposed Nazi disarmament.

On the 10th of July 1996, Nelson Mandela delivered a speech before the RIIA/ Chatham House called “South Africa: Opportunity for business”.

The CFR was officially founded on July 29, 1921 and its first Chairman was corporate lawyer and American Imperialist and arch racist, Elihu Root, who had served as Secretary of State under President Theodore Roosevelt and instrumental in spreading US control over Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines. He was also opposed to, and actively limited, Japanese immigration to the USA.

Elihu Root served as first President of the “Carnegie Endowment for International Peace”, from when Scottish American Industrialist Andrew Carnegie (one of the world’s richest people ever) founded it in 1910 until 1925.

Carnegie was a friend of spiritualist and Newspaper Editor, William T. Stead, a member of the Round Table’s inner circle and a man who believed in “Government by Journalism”.

Carnegie claimed to be a champion of evolutionary thought particularly the work of Herbert Spencer, even declaring Spencer his teacher several times.

Spencerian evolution held that those unfit to sustain themselves must be allowed to perish. Survival of the fittest, but only more hard-core. Wonder how that would go down in black Africa with its starving millions.

On Saturday the 24th of July 1965, the Chicago Tribune ran an article written by William Fulton, UN Correspondent, saying that the Western Delegations to the UN “expressed shock and incredulity” about a detailed UN invasion plan of South Africa published by the tax exempted peaceful “Carnegie Endowment for International Peace” foundation.

Titled “Apartheid and United Nations Collective Measures” the 30 day Blitzkrieg plan was in the form of a 170 page book with elaborate detail of an Air, Naval and 93,000 man ground force invasion of South Africa that would cost US$94, 537,000.

They even worked out the casualties on both sides and the amount of wounded.

They first considered a six month long naval and air blockade but the cost of $165,672,000 showed them that a direct invasion would be cheaper and doable. The plan carried the approval of U Thant the UN Secretary General and Alex Quaison-Sackey of Ghana, General Assembly president.

The invasion idea was later dropped and made place for an elaborate case of treason and handing South Africa over to the Marxist ANC by peaceful means.

It is rather ironic that at the time of leftist racists like Rhodes, Milner, Curtiss, Kerr, Smuts, Andrews, Carnegie and Ghandi their policies and views on race were considered liberal and progressive. They were the pioneers and creators of the artificial country called “The Union of South Africa”, the British Commonwealth, the League of Nations, the United Nations and the idea of the One World Socialist Government...These utter racists and British jingoists were the original globalists and the biggest critics of “racist” Apartheid.

Further, it is quite amusing how these “World State”, “One World Government” proponents always claimed that “Peace” and “Heaven” would come of their efforts, but in reality all it brought was more war, suffering and death?

The system they so bitterly opposed, the Apartheid system, was the only one in South Africa so far that created relatively, true, long-lasting peace.

Nevertheless, all these NGO’s, Chapter Nine organisations and media conglomerates and think tanks in South Africa are all parts of the NWO machine that kept the ANC in power for the last 22 years. Now that the ANC has outgrown its usefulness, got too greedy and too big for its shoes and are unable to control the slaves, their support will be taken away from underneath them. They overstepped the line. They tried to capture South Africa with the help of the Guptas.

That was the moment they came face to face with the wrath of the NWO machine. The top banks closed the Gupta accounts. The top mines refused to do any business with them.

The ANC is currently finding out how small they and the Guptas actually are in the bigger scheme of things. They think they can prevent their collapse and fall. They can’t. That is why the ANC summoned the Nelson Mandela Foundation to Luthuli House for a chat over a cup of tea after the NM Foundation called for the resignation of their leadership.

The ANC is imploding; all their pillars of support are busy crumbling away from underneath them like the 101 ANC stalwarts who penned a letter backing Finance Minister Gorhan, arch enemy of Jacob Zuma

The National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) has also called on President Jacob Zuma to resign . Nehawu is one of the biggest unions in COSATU, ally of the ANC. Analysts and experts are saying that More unions could follow

The fake opposition DA is about to march to the Pretoria Magistrate's Court today in a bid to have the state capture report released and made public

The EFF has vowed to shut down the whole of Pretoria in their march

The NWO’s love affair with the ANC has run sour. The decision has been made. The ANC must pack their bags and go. Their days are numbered.