25 May 2017

Spur on its knees. Putting up a brave face

By Mike Smith
25th of May 2017

Who said whites cannot stand together?

The Daily Maverick is reporting the Spur franchise is making record losses and has to offer rescue packages to the hardest hit franchisees who might have to lay off staff or close.

A Taste for Strife: How a right-wing boycott has lost Spur millions and counting

Of course I am referring to the incident in March 2017 at the Texamo Spur at the Glen Shopping Centre, east of Johannesburg, where a white child complained to her father that she was bullied by a black child which led to a heated argument between the man and the foster mother of the black child, Lebohang Mabuya.

I reported on it here and called for the Spur to be boycotted. Spur needs a taste of reality

Front Nasionaal called for a boycott on the 21st of March 2017

The reasons for my call to a boycott was that Spur supports racist policies such as BEE and Affirmative Action and got rid of their white waiters/waitresses. With this incident nobody intervened despite having four managers on the premises at the time. Their only concern was to prevent othor patrons from leaving.

Further…Afterwards Spur unilaterally decided who the aggressor was without having all the facts and evidence and outright banned the white man. They also issued a statement in which they vilified the white man, apologized one-sidedly to the black woman and offered her a free meal. Spur CEO Pierre van Tonder also said they planned to offer Mabuya and her family trauma counselling and any other support where possible. No councelling offered to the white child that was bullied.

They further distributed a picture across all Spur branches through its internal communication portal and banned him. Said Pierre van Tonder, CEO of Spur on Radio 702: …” This gentleman's picture will be up in Spurs and he will be asked to leave, should he arrive at any of our establishments."

Radio 702: Spur CEO: Man's pic will be up at restaurants and he is not welcome

They twisted the story and still refuse to release the full video to the public claiming that their version of the story is the correct one and people should simply trust them.

Eyewitnesses said that the woman swore at the man before the subsequent exchanges were captured on film and that the black child did indeed hit the white child in the face.

Of course the one-sided hypocritical media of South Africa played along and kept pushing the one-sided version of Spur and Lebohang Mabuya.

Funny enough, all Front Nasionaal is calling for is an apology and equal treatment of both parties. Spur, however refuses to admit that they were biased in their handling of the issue and stick to their original story.

To add insult to injury they created a straw man and lightning deflector of intolerance to violence against women and children. On top of it, Mark Farrelly, Chief Operating Officer of Spur, basically made the Spur boycotters off as rightwing, racist scum when he said the boycott is largely restricted to areas that “would previously have voted for the Conservative Party”.

Not sure what was wrong with the Conservative Party, seeing that it was a fully legitimate party and the official opposition against the NP for a while. Seems like when you have any other view than the Libtard view you are leprous yet they talk about rightwingers being “intollerant”.

Nevertheless, Farrelly further insulted the intelligence of Spur Boycotters and “believes that much of the anger from certain sectors of the white Afrikaner population is based on the circulation of fake news and misconceptions about the incident.”

Well, I can assure him that most of my readers who are Spur Boycotters are actually English speaking. They are hugely mistaken if they think only Afrikaners are rightwing.

Nevertheless on the 23rd of May The Herald newspaper from Port Elizabeth/Uitenhage reported that Spur is losing millions. Beef with Spur cuts diner’s appetite

However the idiots at Spur refuse to acknowledge the righteous anger of the white community who now feels vilified and alienated over their handling of the incident and they are downplaying the boycott.

Spur Boycott affecting a minority of our branches - COO in areas with "certain demographical characteristics".

Spur's Afrikaner hating, Conservative hating, COO,
Libtard Mark Farrelly
In other words in scummy, poor White Afrikaner areas, right? Funny enough…I always thought PE/Uitenhage area was more English.

Nevertheless...On Tuesday, CEO of trade union Solidarity Dirk Hermann wrote an excellent open letter to Farrelly that was published on Maroela Media: Dear Mark: 'I’ve lost my appetite for Spur'

Hermann said white people were tired of political correctness at their expense and of being bullied every time they voiced an opinion. He also mentions that Spur alienated their former loyal white clients who supported them for decades, because there is a new market now. A new black middle class who they are catering for and therefore they are not worried about the white clients they are losing. The message is that whites don’t count to them anymore.

So it seems as if Spur is doing a fantastic job of alienating more and more whites with their attitude. I just feel sorry for the other poor franchisees and their workers who had nothing to do with the original incident, but are now suffering because of the attitudes of their bosses at head office. Nevertheless, the Spur CEO and head office have nailed their colours to the mast and these franchisees stick to that brand. They shouldn’t then complain that whites are shunning their brand.

Ban all Spur products!
Therefore I want to renew the call for the Spur boycott, but I want to extend it to ALL Spur products such as their sauces, spices and other condiments that you can buy in the supermarkets. Let it rot on the shelves. Throw it out of your fridge. Break the bottles. Send us the pics and we will post it.

…And I hope Wimpy is paying attention, because they are next.

Also read my follow up: What is in your Spur Burger?

Also read: Black drive-thru worker ‘smeared period blood on burger of customer with a bad attitude’ …I mean, you never know…Probably been happening at Spur for decades.

23 May 2017

“Tainted Heroes“ - The full documentary

By Mike Smith
23rd of May 2017

Take a bowl of popcorn and watch this shocking film. Watch how the Marxist ANC mass murdered thousands of blacks in South Africa. Their war was not so much against Apartheid. It was against black organizations and black individuals they viewed as rivals. Much of the real history of the ANC and its bloody “struggle” has remained carefully hidden from the public to this day.

New American: New Film Exposes Takeover of South Africa by Communist Terrorists

“The film shatters many of the ANC myths and lies. Some of the most shocking testimony in the film comes from black victims of the ANC, as well as from ANC operatives who participated in the atrocities against both white and black civilians. Others shown in the film describe the brutal and deliberate murder of their families — including young children — by the ANC's terrorist wing. Indeed, one former ANC operative interviewed and shown in the film describes how the ANC made a conscious decision to target even the wives and children of South African farmers for extermination. “

Warning: Not for the sensitive.

How Zuma plans to radically rob the Government Employees Pension Fund

By Mike Smith
23rd of May 2017

Three months ago Senior Business Consultant, Pietman Roos, wrote an article analyzing Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Adress in which he made his “Nine Point Plan” known.


In it he points out what Zuma is planning with his “Radical Economic Transformation”...It is nothing but a scheme to rob the Government Employees Pension Fund.

Zuma was so scared that people would see through his plan that he deployed 400 soldiers outside of parliament. Alas...the sheep didn’t notice a thing. So the plan is going ahead. Every South African who is currently working for the government, in a government parastatal or has ever worked for the government will soon find out that their pensions are totally worthless. Robbed and carried away by the thieving Marxist scum in the ANC, just like Mugabe did in Zimboonia.

See, it will work like this:

The Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) invests its money in parastatals and companies doing business with Government.

The GEPF assets total R825 billion and some spare change as at 30 December 2016 – making it the single biggest fund in South Africa.

The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) aka (Dept of Finance, Malusi Gigaba & Associates) is the biggest manager at 86% of the fund, but the GEPF uses almost 20 fund managers in total. PIC is wholly owned by the South African government.

Zuma promised in his SONA to crack down on all these companies to have more BEE and to de-concentrate their ownership. This will result in a loss of shareholder value, and by extension, severe losses to GEPF beneficiaries.

Zuma is going to do it all legally of course:

President Zuma cited the following policy developments in the SONA:

• New regulations making it compulsory for big contractors to subcontract 30 percent of business to black owned enterprises have been finalised and were gazetted on the 20 January 2017

• A provision to criminalize cartels and collusion which came into effect on 1 May 2016

• The Department of Economic Development (DED) will bring legislation to Cabinet that will seek to amend the Competition Act. It will amongst others, address the need to have a more inclusive economy and to de-concentrate the high levels of ownership and control we see in many sectors

• Continuation of the Black Industrialists programme

• Pursue direct state involvement in mining. The Mining Company of South Africa Bill will be presented to Cabinet and Parliament during 2017

The Government Employees Pension Fund is also used to bail out failed government parastatals such as Eskom and SAA. It is a guaranteed fund, which means if the money is gone, taxpayers will be held responsible for the losses.

In other words, Zuma, Gigaba and the Guptas will run these businesses into the ground, bankrupt them, steal the government employees’ pensions to bail them out.... and you and I will have to pay for it. I won't be surprised if they used the GEPF to fund their nuclear deal with Russia.

Challenging some popular theories on human migration

Out of Africa - The bullshit story we are all familiar with

By Mike Smith
23rd of May 2017

Debunking the “Out of Africa” Theory

Conventional theory is that Whites and Asians all originated from blacks of Africa and somehow managed to get their distinctive skin colours and eye features after they exited Africa.

How people can still believe this rubbish and teach it in the schools are beyond me.

An examination of over 5,000 teeth from early human ancestors shows that many of the first Europeans probably came from Asia, not from Africa.

Scientific American: Is the “Out of Africa theory” out?

Ötzi stumps out of Africa theory Bacteria found in the stomach of the famous 5,300 year old Ice Man shows that Whites could not have come from Africa.

Australian, Swedish, Russian, German and Danish studies all show that DNA evidence debunks the “Out of Africa” theory and that Homo Sapiens Sapiens ancestor probably comes from Australia.

See...Nobody can explain how Australian Aborigines, who had the most primitive of primitive tools 70,000 years ago could build boats in Africa that could cross hundreds of miles of ocean and how these people could navigate to Australia together with their dogs and on top of it leave all their African genes behind, because believe it or not, there is no African in Abo.

As early as a few decades ago the Australians didn’t even class Abo’s as humans. What changed? Libtard brainwashing and propaganda, is what happened.

As such, a very recent paper on Y-chromosomes released in 2012, (Re-Examing the “Out of Africa” Theory and the Origin of Europeoids (Caucasians) in the Light of DNA Genealogy written by Anatole A. Klyosov and Igor L. Rozhanski) only confirms the denial of any African ancestry in Australia, and strongly supports the existence of a “common ancestor” who “would not necessarily be in Africa. In fact, it was never proven that he lived in Africa.

Start of Quote:

“The researchers are adamant that their extensive study “offers evidence to re-examine the validity of the Out-of-Africa concept”. They see no genetic proof substantiating an African precedence in the Homo sapien tree, and maintain that “a more plausible interpretation might have been that both current Africans and non-Africans descended separately from a more ancient common ancestor, thus forming a proverbial fork”.

End of quote:

You see? DNA evidence proves that Homo Kafricanus are a completely different species altogether.

Bantu Migration
But giving them the prefix of “Homo” is actually wrong.

Are they even human? Mrs Ples, and the Taung Child are Australipothecus africanus, a sub-species of Gorilla, not human.

Blacks are descendants from Australipothecus (aka Paranthropus) Robustus. Paranthropus in Greek means “Para” – Beside…..”Anthropos” – Human.

Paranthropus is associated with stone tools both in southern and eastern Africa. Hand fossils from Swartkrans, South Africa, indicate that the hand of Paranthropus robustus was adapted for precision grasping and tool use. Evidence from Swartkrans also shows that they used fire.

So what is next…are troops of chimps now going to come and lay claim to South Africa? Maybe if we make a baboon and his troop president he will do a better job than Zuma and the ANC. Definitely can't be worse.

Coin from Carthage
Then you get the Afrocentric idiots who want to say that General Hannibal Barca of Carthage was black or that the Egyptians were black. Of course utter rubbish. It is like saying General De La Rey was black because he came from Africa.

Another Carthage coin
Carthage was a Phoenician colony and the Phoenicians were WHITE. Just do a Google Image search on Phoenician and Carthage coins and see for yourself how these people looked like. Look at their sharp thin noses sticking out in front of their lips. With blacks the lips protrude out in front of the nose.

So where do whites come from?

Often Black South Africans tell white South Africans to go back to Europe but themselves do not want to go back to central Africa. Nevertheless there is a flaw in their reasoning.

Whites, Caucasians, Indo European, Indo-Germanic, whatever you want to call them are all Aryans from northern Iran area. There were two groups:

The settled ones were the Parthian Empire and the more nomadic ones were the Scythians

Who were these people?

We know a great deal about their physical appearance; they were long-headed giants (over two metres tall) with blond hair and blue eyes and recently, a large number of their mummified corpses were discovered in western China; these mummies, which are extremely well-preserved in the arid conditions of the Taklamakan desert, are now on display at the museums of Khotan, Urumchi, and Turfan in Sinkiang; they are dressed in
Scythian costume, i.e., leather tunic and trousers, and are usually displayed in the sitting position, exactly as described by Herodotus; what is extra ordinary apart from their northern European features, however, is their gigantic heights, well over two metres as they are now, in spite of the natural shrinkage expected during the past thousands of years.

Head of a blonde Scythian
Scythians were not just blood-thirsty barbarians (they used to drink the blood of their first victim on the battlefield and practiced scalping and decapitation of victims).

This can be seen in their elaborate golden artwork. Scythian gold came from the Altai district and from frequent raids on Greek and Persian cities. Gold was sewn into their garments in the form of plates, fashioned into belts, broaches, necklaces, torques, scabbards, helmets, earrings, and ornaments, and worked into their weapons. The Scythians had an eye for design, especially depictions of griffins, lions, wolves, stags, leopards, eagles and – the Scythians’ favourite motif – animals in deadly combat.

Scythian artwork

Mummy of a blonde haired Scythian chief with tattoos.
Herodotus testified that the Scythians wore tattoos as a sign of their nobility. A Scythian without tattoos showed that he was of low station. The existence of Scythian tattoos was confirmed in 1948, when a Russian archaeologist uncovered the frozen body of a Scythian chieftain.

Settling the Americas: The Bering Strait Crossing Theory vs Solutrean hypothesis

For decades, anthropologists had suggested that people entered North America from Siberia via the Bering land bridge, then spread south into the U.S. and Mexico via a corridor that opened up between the melting ice sheets in what is now Alberta and B.C. about 13,000 years ago.

At least this is the story I was told in school and what they still teach the kids today.

Debunking the Bering Straits Crossing Theory

Vine Deloria Jr.
The Native American Professor of Political Science Vine Deloria Jr who died in 2005 took apart the entire Bering Strait Hypothesis in his book Red Earth, White Lies: Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact

Some of the evidence against it is the absence of historical record in American Indian folklore; the absence of significant numbers of artefacts on either side of the Strait; the fact that there was a giant ice barrier that isolated Alaska from the rest of North America during the last Ice Age; that there were mainly mountain ranges in the way, and it is very unrealistic to believe that the animals that supposedly migrated into North America from Asia would have bothered leaving their comfy homes and travelled across mountain ranges to live in a strange land with strange food; that the Bering Strait bridge would only have been possible if there was a drop of at least 200 feet of the world's sea level. Also, he points out an interesting fact - that only 2% of Eskimos live in Siberia, so it's more realistic to assume the Inuit travelled from East to West rather than from West to East.

Of course he was heavily criticised for his views...until evidence surfaced last year in May 2016.

A study was published in Science Advances Journal on May 13, 2016 Pre-Clovis occupation 14,550 years ago at the Page-Ladson site, Florida, and the peopling of the Americas that debunked the Bering Strait hypothesis.

S. David Webb, a paleontologist then at the University of Florida and James Dunbar from Aucilla Research Institute found stone tools and mastodon bones together underwater in the Aucilla River near Tallahassee, and proved conclusively that “people butchered or scavenged a mastodon… at least 1,500 years earlier than previously suspected.” This discovery places ancient Indians in Florida before passage to the Americas from Asia through the Bering Land Bridge was ice-free.

The Solutrean Hypothesis

The Solutrean Hypothesis

The, Solutrean hypothesis first proposed in 1998 by Archaeologists Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution and Bruce Bradley of the University of Exeter, is a hypothesis about the settlement of the Americas that claims that people from Europe may have been among the earliest settlers of the Americas.

The Solutrean Culture was found in the area of modern day France and Spain about 20,000 years BC.

The reason for their Hypothesis is that the tools (including sewing needles with an eye and fishing hooks) as well as arrow and spear points (Clovis point) found amongst North American people resemble that of Europeans and not Asians. Lithic or stone tool antecedents of Clovis points have not been found in northeast Asia and no Clovis sites have been found in Alaska or Yukon.

The Solutrean Hypothesis contrasts with the mainstream archaeological orthodoxy that the North American continent was first populated by people from Asia, either by the Bering land bridge at least 13,500 years ago, or by maritime travel along the Pacific coast, or by both.

Clovis projectile tips
The Solutrean hypothesis builds on similarities between the Solutrean industry and the later Clovis culture / Clovis points of North America, and suggests that people with Solutrean tool-technology crossed the Ice Age Atlantic by moving along the pack ice edge, using survival skills similar to those of modern Eskimo people. The migrants arrived in northeastern North America and served as the donor culture for what eventually developed into Clovis tool-making technology.

Clovis points were first discovered near the city of Clovis, New Mexico, and have since been found over most of North America and as far south as Venezuela. Major sites are Anzick site ( Montana); the Blackwater Draw site (New Mexico); the Colby site (Wyoming); the Gault site (Texas); the Simon site (Idaho); the East Wenatchee Clovis Site (Washington); Clovis points have also been found northwest of Dallas, Texas. But as we have seen… No Clovis sites have been found in Alaska or Yukon.

New research sinks Bering Strait land bridge theory

Further… DNA evidence taken from pollen, plant and animal sources in the lakes in British Columbia and Alberta were consolidated in a new study by Danish, Canadian and American scientists and shows that migrating across the Bering Straits would have been impossible, as there wasn't enough food and vegetation growing in the ice free corridor to support humans until long after people were living south of the ice sheets.

CBCNews: Popular theory on how humans populated North America can't be right, study shows

Read the full study here: Nature article: Postglacial viability and colonization in North America’s ice-free corridor

Update; 24th of May 2017.

This must be such a massive blow to libtards and blacks

TimesLive: Humans 'not out of Africa after all'

“The history of human evolution might have to be rewritten - new discoveries suggested that Europe, not Africa, was the birthplace of mankind.”

New York Post: Fossil discovery delivers blow to ‘Out of Africa’ theory

The creature, known as Graecopithecus freybergi and nicknamed “El Graeco,” may be the oldest known member of the human lineage that began after a split from the branch that led to chimpanzees, our closest cousins.

Newsweek: First Human Ancestor Came from Europe Not Africa, 7.2 Million-year-old Fossils Indicate

The “out of Africa” theory—promoted by the leftist establishment in its mania to prove racial equality—has been thoroughly disproven with the news that the oldest homid fossils have been found in Europe, not Africa.

Out of Africa theory dies

UK Telegraph: Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find

20 May 2017

Our future Macro Boer Republic

By Mike Smith
21st of May 2017

Special thanks to one of our readers who made a graphic interpretation of our vision. From now on this picture will replace the colonial ones on the side bar.

Take note that our Northern borders will be the Kunene, the Okavango and the Zambezi rivers.

19 May 2017

Ignorance is bliss when it comes to European superiority

By Mike Smith
19th of May 2017

Define “superior”.

I believe black Americans are superior to whites when it comes to basketball, 100 m sprinting and boxing. Few people will have a problem acknowledging that.

Why do blacks have a problem acknowledging that whites are intellectually superior to blacks and on average 30 IQ points higher than sub Saharan blacks?

In fact there are lots of things that blacks are superior in over whites; Rap, break dancing, crime, joblessness, laziness, gangsterism, female and infant abandonment, ....Blacks are far superior than whites.

Having said that I do not believe that Whites are superior intellectually in everything, because IQ scores have shown that North East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) are on average 5 IQ points higher than whites and that Ashkenazi Jews are on average highest in the world 15 IQ points higher than White Europeans.

Some things about a human being can be improved, such as culture, values and beliefs, but IQ will remain the same. It is inherited.

Problem is...what value system and or culture is the best and most superior in the eyes of whom?

If we can all agree on that, then surely we should all aspire to this superior value system and culture, whatever it is. Why can we not pick one and all become like that?

Let us say the Arab or American culture is the best and highest, then, why are we not all aspiring to it? If the Chinese culture is far superior, then why are we not all trying to be like them?

The reason why I am asking is, because the Europeans seem to think that their culture and value system is the best and that these illegal immigrants they call “refugees” should adopt their leading culture, or as the Germans call it...the “Leitkultur” a term introduced in 1998 by the German-Arab sociologist Prof Bassam Tibi.

Of course Tibi is a Muslim, but he also coined another term, called "Euro-arrogance" and said that Europeans are the inventors of racism and European imperialism and colonisation disrupted and deformed other cultures...conveniently forgetting of course that Muslims colonised everything from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, large parts of Russia, Syria, North Africa, Spain, Greece and Italy...Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years. However, according to Tibi, that was all OK and good colonisation seeing that it was not driven by “racism”. The only colonisation ever driven by “racism” was European imperialism, therefore it was bad.

In 1995 he was decorated by the President of Germany, Roman Herzog, with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, (Bundesverdientskreuz), First Class.

The problem is that Muslims in France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, etc are NOT integrating and not interested to EVER integrate. Thilo Sarrazin wrote a book about it.

To the Europeans this is unacceptable, but also a mystery. They cannot believe that these people are shunning their superior white western European culture and values. European culture is so great, why wouldn’t anyone and everyone fight to be a European?

Try as they might, the Europeans are finding out that after three generations of living in Europe, many of the Turks and Arabs can hardly speak German, Dutch or French.

What the Europeans do not understand is that Muslims see them as filthy and weak.

First of all, Europeans eat pork. They love pork. To a Muslim this is the most disgusting thing anyone can do. To them a pig is a filthy, disgusting animal. Calling someone a pig is the biggest insult to a Muslim. If you eat a pig; You are a pig.

Muslims despise alcohol. Europeans love it. Beer and wine is part of their culture. Imagine Germany or Belgium without beer. Imagine France, Spain or Italy without wine. Even Germany has vast wine regions and a wine drinking culture. However, for a Muslim, next to pork, alcohol is the most disgusting thing one can consume.

Then we talk about dress code. When I was about 22, I made the mistake of walking through the streets of Adana in Turkey with a “Manga” shorts, T shirt and flip flops. My two South African friends had the same clothes on. It was hot. Unbeknown to us, we were seen as gay. Men would follow us and feel our legs up from behind and came on to us. The first time the one touched my thigh I thought it was an accident, the second time I wanted to punch the fucker. We only found out much later what it meant in Muslim countries when a man walked in shorts.

You are gay and free game. Muslim men do not walk in shorts.

Now imagine what Muslims think of German men in Lederhosen.

European men love it when their women wear mini’s and high heels and have beautiful long hair. A European man feels proud to walk with such a woman...

...Not a Muslim. Such a woman is an utter slut and deserves to be gang-raped. To Muslims the hair of a woman is part of her private parts. It is like her cookie or titties and only the husband is allowed to see it. To a Muslim it is unthinkable to let a woman dress like European women. European men who allow their women to dress like that, and God forbid leave the house alone or go to work like that, must the most softest of sissies you can imagine.

Lastly, Muslims are quick to point out that they believe Jesus was a prophet, (Nabi Isah = Prophet Jesus). However, Muslims despise Christians. They cannot comprehend the Trinity of God. It is completely unthinkable how stupid Christians are to believe that God can be three Gods in one. Christianity is a disgusting false religion that should be destroyed.

Problem is the European libtards will never get it. They honestly believe they are good people. They keep on helping Muslims, supporting Muslims. They believe in “tollerance”. They keep filling their cities up with people who despise them, their religious beliefs and their culture, yet believe if we are all tolerant to each other we can all live happily side by side. They simply cannot understand how somebody can hate Europeans. Therefore they don’t believe it is true. They believe, just be nice and kind to Muslims and when they see what a good person you are they are going to love you and want to be like you. Totally naive.

18 May 2017

How to spot Fake News in the Fake South African media

By Mike Smith

19th of May 2017

About 18 months ago two burly white Afrikaans males followed a taxi with four young coloured passengers home after they enjoyed a night out at a night club in Cape Town.

One of the coloured passengers was a bright university student and he was the main target of the two white Afrikaners, who accused him of starting trouble at the night club. A case of mistaken identity. He was not the guy. The other three passengers were a brother and sister pair and a girl friend.

Nevertheless, the two white Afrikaner males then blocked the taxi in when it entered a Cul de Sac and laid into the defenceless coloured victim in what the judge later called a "brutal and merciless" assault. They only went for his head. Punched and kicked him into a coma. He later died in hospital.

Said the Judge: “It seems the main aim of the accused was to kick and beat the deceased incessantly on the head and nowhere else on the body."

A pathologist who examined the young coloured student’s body said he had a brain injury usually only seen in people killed in car accidents.
They also assaulted the other passengers and the driver when they tried to intervene.

This was a disgusting utterly racist crime and usually something like this would be in the South African media for weeks, being milked for every drop of anti white racist propaganda value possible...yet it hardly made headlines. Why?

See...The whole story I just told above was Fake News. I reversed the races of the perpetrators and the victim. The two killers were actually coloureds and the victim was a young white Afrikaans student at Stellenbosch University. THAT is why it didn’t make any headlines. THAT is why the media won’t call it a “Racist Crime” and won’t show the faces of the perpetrators or mention their race except in a small tabloid on page six.

Two to be sentenced for fatal assault on Maties graduate

The two killers with their lawyers: Juane Jacobs, 37 (back) and Brent Henry, 40 (front)

The victim, Carl Schoombie (27)

Mayor spends almost R2 million on KFC

By Mike Smith

18th of May 2017

I honestly do not know why the DA calls this "shocking expenses”...it is just usual, normal typical...Fucking typical !

Emfuleni Local Municipality Mayor Simon Mofokeng, who is a member of the African National Congress (ANC), has been accused by the Democratic Alliance (DA) of spending nearly two million rand on KFC, Nandos and hotel bills during his previous stint at the helm of Sedibeng District Municipality.

Mayor spent R1.7m on KFC and hotels

That is not all…”Mayor Mofokeng's claims for luxury hotel stays and his appetite for fast food, was in addition to strange fuel claims which were submitted for his private car, as well as claims for car hire – despite him having an official mayoral vehicle.”

"It is shameful that Mayor Mofokeng, a senior ANC leader, continues to dine in the lap of luxury, when so many in the municipality go hungry. It is high time that Mayor Mofokeng is fired by the ANC."

17 May 2017

Mandela's Rogue Police Unit of MK terrs and the can of worms

André Lincoln

By Mike Smith
17th of May 2017

One of the first things I noticed about the New (Improved) South Africa in 1994 was the sudden influx of drug dealing criminals and mafia elements from the darkest corners of the world. You had the Russian mafia (Yuri “The Russian” Ulianitski), Italian mafia (Vito Palazzolo, Glen Agliotti) , the Serbian mafia (Darko Savic – one of the world’s most wanted drug smugglers), The Czech Mafia (Radovan Krejcir), The Palestinians (Badih Chaaban), the Israelis (Shay Musli), the Indians and Pakistanis, Chinese triads, Nigerians, etc, ….In fact by 2001 Steve Tshwete, Safety and Security Minister, said 400 gangs, mainly of foreign origin, had been identified operating in South Africa.

Crime gangs gather to exploit South Africa’s lawlessness

Case of Czech Gangster Reveals South Africa’s Dark Criminal Underworld

Top Israeli mob boss arrested in South Africa faces extradition

When you start to dig you see that the names are all connected and the same names keep on popping up. Of course they would work closely together with Western Cape gangsters such as Rashaad Staggie and Apartheid double agents such as Cyril Beeka, who together with his staff at Pro Security were the foot soldiers doing the dirty work for the foreigners and it wasn’t long before these criminals had the Police and ANC politicians in their pockets.

It is quite common knowledge that the German fraudster Jürgen Harksen had the whole of Wynberg copshop in his pocket, but although he stole millions from South African investors, he was small fry. Glenn Agliotti was the best friend of Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi. Selebi and his wife would go shopping together with Agliotti and pick Viton handbags and expensive shit and Agliotti would pay for everything.

Crime skyrocketed in South Africa, people started complaining and what did the ANC do? They simply put a moratorium on crime statistics. Covered it up.

Said Charles Nqakula, Minister for Safety and Security (2002-2008), in Parliament to South Africans who complained about crime: “They can continue to whinge until they're blue in the face, they can continue to be as negative as they want to or they can simply leave this country."

In 2007, National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi was criticised for responding to concern about South Africa's rising crime rate with: "What's all the fuss about crime?"

It was during these initial troubled times that then President Nelson Mandela was worried about State Capture by criminal syndicates and therefore decided to set up a task team inside the police who would answer to him directly.

Enters André Lincoln…The man who is currently suing the Minister of police for wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution.

Prior to 1994, Lincoln was deputy head of the intelligence agency for the now ruling African National Congress, but was then integrated into the new police structures of post-apartheid South Africa.

In 1996 Nelson Mandala gave Police Commissioner General George Fivaz a hand written note that he wrote in a sealed envelope to set up the Presidential Investigation Task Unit and launch "Operation Intrigue".

André Lincoln’s job was to investigate police officers involved in money laundering, drug smuggling, and other mafia activities as well as ANC ministers and politicians involved with Vito Palazollo, the alleged sixth most powerful member of the Italian Mafia at the time.

George Fivaz
However the Police Commissioner at the time, General George Fivaz, a real gentleman and old school Apartheid era policeman, was not happy about the arrangement between Mandela and Lincoln.

First of all, he knew the ANC terrorists intimately and he knew about their criminal activities, the Spoilers gang, Defence Minister Joe Modise (Apartheid double agent) and his stolen car and drug running rackets between Zambia and SA, etc.

Secondly, André Lincoln was very inexperienced at the time. On top of that, none of the men on Andrè Lincoln’s team had proper police training or passed through a police college at the time.

There were other concerns as well. Their funding was secret and covert. They could bypass superiors in the chain of command and even the Police Commissioner himself and answer directly to Mandela only. It went against any normal police protocol and chain of command.

This shows us that Mandela had no idea how the police worked and that he did not trust Fivaz and rather relied on his own man, whom others like then Deputy President Thabo Mbeki told him, assured him was a good man.

Nevertheless General George Fivaz appointed his own little task team under former police investigator Director (Brigadier) Leonard Knipe of Murder and Robbery Squad to keep an eye on Mandela’s Presidential Investigative Task Unit. The goal was to see whether the unit was complying with rules and regulations, and using state resources efficiently and, as General Fivaz anticipated, the unit quickly turned rogue.

Members were said to be booking out sentenced prisoners on false statements, living in safe houses with their families, renting vehicles, and giving police cars to informants to roam the streets.

General George Fivaz, now retired, testified in court a few days ago that, "It came out that the unit is extremely ineffective and there are serious allegations of misconduct that could also mean criminal conduct."

Charges were brought against Lincoln and his unit in a trail that would last ten years and see all the charges dropped.

Lincoln’s trial is over, but he wants revenge. For ten years he has been planning the day he was going to get his own back and nail the ones who prosecuted him.

Lincoln is claiming damages for what he calls malicious prosecution when he was charged with fraud, theft and drunk driving during the time when he was commander of the presidential investigations task unit. Of the 47 charges brought against him, 30 were dismissed by the regional court. On appeal to the high court, the remaining 17 on which he was convicted and sentenced to nine years, were also dismissed.

He is making some really wild accusations such as that Apartheid security police lured youths to their slaughter

He said that police officers removed evidence from the scenes of government-ordered crimes committed in the 1980s. Lincoln believes Knipe was part of a group of police officers that "cleaned" crime scenes, including after the killing of seven anti-apartheid activists in Gugulethu in 1986, and the bombing of Community House in Salt River in 1987.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission however found Knipe not guilty of any wrongdoing in both the bombing and killing of the seven. The only reason he was at the scene was because he heard about it on the radio and it was his duty to respond.

Lincoln testified that Club 35, a group of 35 high-ranking policemen, had played a role in the investigations against him and in his prosecution.

He said Senior Superintendent (Colonel) Peter Rossouw, who was the chairman of Club 35, influenced witnesses to testify in a manner incriminating to him. He said Rossouw and then police director Leonard Knipe “put pressure on witnesses” to make false statements against him.

Advocate Craig Webster, for the Police Minister, argued that the club was a social club and was not influential.

André Lincoln’s lawyer Johan Nortje said in one investigation in collaboration with the American Secret Service, dubbed Operation Donna, they found a printing press in the national police office at police headquarters in Pretoria which printed counterfeit US dollars as well as "all sorts of documentation" such as matric certificates, university degrees and drivers licences mostly printed for various generals within SAPS. Simon Nothnagel, attached to the police's commercial crime unit, was allegedly involved in this counterfeit US dollar and certificate operation.

Another allegation was that the ANC “had financial difficulty” and in an attempt to fund the 1999 election campaign, “the ANC sold drugs”.

Claim ANC sold drugs to fund 1999 election campaign

Details of a plot to assassinate Mandela during his inauguration was also revealed.

A handcrafted sniper rifle was found under the desk of a senior police officer in Pretoria, and was allegedly going to be used to kill Mandela during his inauguration. But, Lincoln said they had to turn to the high court in Pretoria to obtain a search and seizure warrant for the national police office. He alleges fellow senior police officers realised he had gathered intelligence on their plans, including one to murder Mandela, so they framed him.

General Fivaz had a different version:

Fivaz on Monday called the testimony a "blatant lie".

He also said it was a fallacy that a rifle was found inside the police head office. It was also misleading to say the investigation was stifled.

The gun had been an exhibit in police custody, "sort of illegally booked out for an operation," he said.

"It was recovered by some police official in a police safe house somewhere in Johannesburg, and that is very far away from the police head office."

An investigation followed and the case was submitted to the National Prosecuting Authority for a decision.

"At the time, he [the prosecuting official] regarded the whole saga as smoke and mirrors. He was not at all convinced there was a proper case."

Continued Fivaz:

"Every time I spoke to the late president Mandela about an assassination, he was very amazed about it and his reply everytime to me was: 'But George, how on earth will somebody assassinate me? I am the popular choice of the nation'."

"He was not at all interested in this type of thing. I got the impression that he doesn’t believe it."

Prosecutor Andre Bouwers, who prosecuted Andre Lincoln 17 years ago, said he had enough evidence to mount a successful prosecution against Lincoln.

“We had good dockets to take the matter to court,” said Bouwers. Bouwers further testified that: “Lincoln being framed was an allegation made from day one. Everyone was shouting it, so we were aware, but it just made us more careful.

“We made sure that we had a case and the evidence we had was proper on every single count.”

There was enough evidence against Lincoln

Lincoln took the stand and told the court he had 23 years of police service under his belt. He is currently working as the cluster commander for Wynberg, and is a Major-General.

Some further reading:

Mandela was amazed that someone would want to assassinate him, Fivaz

Fivaz never gave Lincoln clear mandate

Mandela’s top cop back in court

Court rejects absolution bid in ex Mandela cop case

Presidential unit was 'running like a rogue unit'

16 May 2017

'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness"

By Mike Smith

16th of May 2017

Following Rian Malan’s excellent article about the black hooliganism, looting and burning in Coligny came a stream of Simian apologists such as this claptrap by Feminazi Wits Media studies Prof Nicki Falkof who sharpened her propaganda and coal burning skills in the UK: Coligny story sparks fear lurking in my lizard brain - 'they' are out to get 'us'

Brags Prof. Fokkof. “I am an academic who specialises in analysing the politics of race and fear in the media. This sort of thing is my bread and butter.” However she admitted to not having a cooking clue as to what happened in Coligny, unlike Rian Malan who actually went there and interviewed the people: “I have no idea what happened in Coligny, said Prof Fokkop.

Yet it was enough for her to accuse Malan of spreading “politics of fear”and “polarising”black and white.

Continues Prof Feltcher Belcher Fucktard: “In my department we try to teach our students to be thoughtful, critical consumers of the media, to understand that most news necessarily contains some sort of bias, and to engage their thinking selves rather than being swept away in the hyperboles that some segments of the press indulge in.”

Allow me to briefly answer this libtard bitch:

Oh do fuck off you silly tart , teaching people “to be thoughtful, critical consumers of the media”, is what WE do on this website. What you do is to teach them confirmation bias. To pre-program them to discard facts contradicting your libtard view that all is well in the Rainbow nation and that blacks are always innocent and whites are always racist. With your rubbish rant you set the example of how to character assassinate and attack a fellow journalist who dared to tell the truth (albeit with a leftist slant) about what truly happened in Coligny.

Another such idiotic response was from Sisonke “The donkey” Msimang

His traitor’s heart: Rian Malan and his fictional Coligny I mean…take it from hence it comes. Sisonke lives in Australia where she is the Project Director of Perth's “Centre for Stories”.

Say no more. Doubt it if she has ever been to Coligny and besides she is extremely racially biased towards whites; ALL whites. 'The first thing that strikes me about Australia is how racist this place is', says Sisonke Msimang and Xenophobia: Out of the (South African) frying pan and into the (Australian) fire

Normally, any sane person would dismiss such rubbish, but Rian Malan felt he had to answer these two idiots.

Rian Malan to Sisonke The Donkey: Yes, I am Paranoid Of course Malan is 100% correct when he mentioned the anti white rhetoric and hate speech coming from black leaders and analyzing the black on white violence, the farm murders, etc. But then Malan said something that made me sit up straight:

“So yes, I am Paranoid. Most mornings I wake up feeling like a Jew trapped in Nazi Germany circa 1938, trying to convince myself that most Germans are nice people and the extremist cannot possibly mean what they say…”

Now where have I heard those (almost) exact words before, I asked myself… Aah yes…Ten years ago on South Africa Sucks, the Uhuru Guru wrote an article called “In South Africa every night is Kristalnacht”.

Unfortunately we don’t have that article anymore, but back then we were also criticized for telling the truth, just like Malan is doing now. We were called backward racists. Ten years later, events in South Africa exonerated us and proved that we, “racists”, were right all along. They even copy our words, like the Sunday Times stole my 2011 article Blacks should compensate Whites for giving them South Africa
Said Uhuru Guru to me, “Yeah Mike, and then they call themselves “Thought Leaders”…
Yeah right…More like thought followers and catch-uppers if you ask me. We were leading thoughts more than ten years ago already.

Like I quoted Uhuru Guru's favourite saying by Oscar Wilde in the title: — 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.'
You heard it first on SA Sucks.

11 May 2017

The "get set" position of whites in South Africa

By Mike Smith

11th of May 2017

"On your marks; Get set;..."

Apparently…The day after President Jacob Zuma's cabinet reshuffle, inquiries about emigration shot up by 250%, said Stuart James, a director at consultancy firm Intergate Immigration.

Rich plot their escape from South Africa

South Africa's super-rich are adding dual citizenship to their shopping lists. The majority of the people are entrepreneurs. They're successful, but they are very concerned about the political stability of the country. Clients are mostly white family men in their 40s who "want their plan B, in case they need it".

”I am not fleeing South Africa”, says Shoprite former CEO

Spur founder, Allen Ambor bows out after 40 years, sells his stake in the company …Said Spur CEO Pierre van Tonder: “At the end of the day, he is not leaving Spur or going anywhere.”

Of course…Just getting his shit sorted for Plan-B…Just in case…, but they are still in denial about the racial issues of South Africa and choosing the side of the Blacks spreading fake news and biased information about racial incidents.

Read: Spur apologises for ‘that’ incident, announces national action plan to prevent it from happening again

Many whites will be forced to leave South Africa – F.W. de Klerk

10 May 2017

Putting your faith in the good nature of Blacks

By Mike Smith

11th of May 2017

The other day, Rian Malan wrote an excellent, albeit very sad and depressing article called Coligny: The shape of things to come

It was about the racial war in Coligny and the ongoing implosion of the libtard pipedream, the once revered and praised “Rainbow Nation” Utopia of South Africa.

It stirred up many emotions in me. It sickened me to my core. The thing that got me the most, that honestly hurt me and which was like a slap in my face was the mindset of these libtard white people in Coligny.

Malan mentioned how a crowd of blacks (“protesters”) came towards the CBD to loot the shops and burn down white businesses and white homes…how the whites were warned by the police and told that they have only five policemen in town and won’t be able to stop the crowd…and what did the whites do? Malan mentioned the “Apprehensive” whites were taking cell phone videos…

I mean…You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me, mate. Cell phone videos? De fuck, man?

Nevertheless it got worse:

The looting spread. Bottle stores and shops were openly looted. Three houses were set alight and six white girls who were trapped in a ransacked hotel had to be rescued by the armed farm patrol.

The next paragraph I will quote verbatim for the record, because this had to be the most shocking part.

“As word spread on social media, Afrikaners for hundreds of kilometers around began to mobilise and roll into Coligny to save their brethren. Some were armed, and ordentelike citizens didn’t like the look of them. As one put it, “The last thing we needed at that point was trigger-happy right-wingers shooting people in the streets,” so local Afrikaners set up roadblocks and politely asked strangers to go home, which was pretty brave, considering that night was falling and there was still no sign of strong police reinforcements. Many thought they’d be protected by God. Some put their faith in the essentially good nature of their black neighbours. “

Hey? Say what? Whites from the surrounding areas came to help the people of Coligny in their hour of distress and what do the nice, “ordentlike” Colignyites do??? They don’t like the sight of their helpers. Call them “trigger-happy right-wingers”. They set up road blocks and told strangers who came to help them to go away!!! Night was falling; the town was looted, wrecked and burning. The media said it resembled a war zone and there were still no police to help them, yet they refused the help they were getting, because it was not the right kind of help. They naively put their faith in the “good nature” of their black neighbours.

What is this? The result of inbreeding or what? How can you witness with your own eyes the looting, the destruction, the burning, the terrorising of your own white people by hordes of your black neigbours...and still put your faith in the “Good Nature” of your black neigbours?

Fuck me...I am shocked. Speechless. Totally flabbergasted. Ohne Worte.

But it got worse.

Nothing shocked me more than the episode with an apparent libtard auntie called Diana Swart. Again I quote Malan:

“Diana Swart, a vivacious woman who used to manage the town’s multi-racial under-21 rugby team and make dresses for black girls who wanted to look beautiful at Coligny High School’s multi-racial matric ball. After dark, she sat under a tree outside her house, watching shadowy figures carrying looted TVs and beer crates back to the township. “My sons wanted to get me out,” she says, “but I wasn’t scared. I never thought anyone would harm me.” She was wrong. When the sun came up, her house was surrounded by a mob that threatened her with knives and then burned her house down, with her beloved dogs trapped inside.”

Numb! Like a deer staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck denying what is happening. Shocked into disbelief. If they came towards her with pangas and chopped her up she would still be denying that it was happening to her. Putting her faith in the “Good Nature of blacks”.

Then at the funeral of the dead boy, Matlhomola Mosweu:

…Supra Mahumapelo, ANC premier of the North West and an important ally of President Jacob Zuma said, “I have a problem with white superiority in this country. White people continue to control the land and the banks. We are going to call all the white people and tell them they are visitors in this country.”

Take note of that…”ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE”…

In the minds of these blacks; if you are white you are a racist and you do not belong in Africa. But these libtards of Coligny still don’t get it. Next time the panga wielding hordes come with their petrol bombs to loot, burn and kill… They will again be putting their faith in the “Good Nature of blacks”.

After the knowledge of history of the 19th century Kaffir wars, the massacre at Blouwkranz/Weenen, the murder of Piet Retief, The Battle of Blood River, The Battle of Isandlwana, 4000 farm murders, 70,000 whites murdered since 1994 under the ANC regime, daily hijackings, robberies, home invasions, rapes, whites being tortured for hours before brutally killed, etc...You would think that whites would have long lost their beliefs and faith in “the Good Nature of blacks”…Not so.

Makes you wonder why you still bother, doesn’t it?

Let us say things happen like Rian Malan anticipated...the start of things to come...and tomorrow the white suburbs in Johannesburg and Pretoria are invaded by hordes of blacks...Are you going to rush there and help them? How many Diana Swart’s will there be? How many white people in these white suburbs will set up road blocks and turn white people away who want to come and help them? How many of these white people will again be putting their faith in the “Good Nature of blacks”.

Putting your faith in the good nature of Blacks is not a strategy for survival; It is suicide

09 May 2017

The Elite behind Socialism

By Mike Smith
10th of May 2017

Further to my previous post…

Socialism is a stepping stone towards full blown Communism. The path starts with the destruction of the Capitalist society and the introduction of Socialism, followed by the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, followed by full blown Communism.

Understanding this path will tell you exactly at what place a society is in on their way to Communism and what the ultimate goal of the world's elite bankers are...World wide enslavement of the human race under a Communist yoke.

Socialism claims to be “progressive” when in fact it is a brake on progression. The large governments and over taxation association with Social Democracies in Sweden and Denmark for instance are actually wasting their wealth created by relative free market policies of a Capitalist economy, not dividing it or creating it. Without this brake these countries could be far richer and there should be no need for taxation whatsoever. Denmark with 5 million people for instance can produce enough food for 45 million. Their farmers are paid subsidies from the government NOT to produce. Just a small example of the undemocratic European Union socialist policies putting a break on true free market progression.

Couple that to first class citrus fruit, grapes, apples and other deciduous fruits from South Africa at a third of European prices along with top quality wine, beef, mutton and wool from South Africa and you can understand why South Africa was a thorn in the side of the Dutch, the Danes and the Swedes and why they wanted the Nationalist government in SA destroyed and supported the Marxist ANC.

Despite a personal income tax of 57% and VAT of 25% The Danes still produce in excess. Same with the Swedes where taxation is similar. Reason being that these countries were for the most part of the past 100 years homogeneous societies, with a strong sense of group and national identity. The same with Japan and why Japan is so rich.

The result of the extreme taxation in Sweden and Denmark is that people cannot afford to have more children. It keeps the white population down.

Basically the sheep in Sweden and Denmark are producing so much wool that you need faster and more efficient ways of fleecing them. That is why the “refugees” were introduced. It creates social problems and chaos that need to solved. But to have refugees in the first place you need to make war…a war you don’t want to win, but that lasts indefinitely so that you can produce a steady stream of refugees and social problems and if you do not have any enemies you create them (ISIS, Al Qaida, etc)…People demand something must be done.

Money needs to be spent, more tax, more imprisonment…Always follow the money trail to find out who is driving these Socialist policies and who are the high priests of war. The end destination is always, without fail, the Satanic, Sabbatean Rothschild bankers in the US, Britain and France. The exact people who are currently openly behind the French President Macron.

The picture I took of the display at the Kimberley diamond museum.
Click for a bigger view.
They are so brazen they don't even hide it anymore.  
Two years ago when I went to the Kimberley diamond museum there was a display in the one cabinet and it was also openly mentioned in the film that they show to the tourist that the funders behind Cecil John Rhodes were the Rothschilds.

That is why it always saddens me when I see and hear Boertjies and Souties squabble about the Anglo/Boer War.
When are they going to realize who the real common enemy is?

If you look at the ANC and follow the money that funded them, it always leads back to the Rotschilds. If you look at the main players behind the destruction of Apartheid, it leads back to the Rotschilds.

Ultimately if you want to concentrate your force you should identify who the enemy is and aim for his weakest spot. Like Von Clausewitz said:

“The first and most important rule to observe...is to use our entire forces with the utmost energy. The second rule is to concentrate our power as much as possible against that section where the chief blows are to be delivered and to incur disadvantages elsewhere, so that our chances of success may increase at the decisive point. The third rule is never to waste time. Unless important advantages are to be gained from hesitation, it is necessary to set to work at once. By this speed a hundred enemy measures are nipped in the bud, and public opinion is won most rapidly. Finally, the fourth rule is to follow up our successes with the utmost energy. Only pursuit of the beaten enemy gives the fruits of victory.”

08 May 2017

Macron, the Elite and the Socialist strategy

By Mike Smith
8th of May 2017

France has a new yuppy president, the Rothschild agent and Jesuit, Emmanuel Macron. Not sure if the split/splintered Left in France is celebrating today or simply feeling relieved that their Nemesis, the Nationalist Marine le Pen, did not win, because during the last few days I haven’t seen these libtard snakes so worried since Hillary lost to Trump.

It will be interesting to see what Macron has install for France, because his “En Marche” during the run-up to the election reminded me of the terrier chasing the bus; now that he caught the bus, what is he going to do with it?

See the point is that the idiots who voted for Macron did not know what they were voting for. One would have liked to see them vote for Macron because of what he had to offer, what he stood for, but Macron has no plan, no policies and no vision. He doesn’t even have a party, just a movement...but he doesn’t need any plan, vision or party either. His only job was to stop Le Pen at any and all cost. Money was no problem, because for that job, he received record amounts of funding in record limits of time from his Rothschild masters. It was his most important job to date, even more important than the $11.9 Billion takeover of Pfizer’s baby food section by Nestlé that he oversaw in 2012 for the Rothschilds.

Nevertheless...Sometimes to expose the snakes you need to set the veldt on fire and smoke the bastards out. Hats off to Le Pen who did a brilliant job of doing just that. They are now so openly brazen about it that there is no more hiding who the puppet masters of Macron are.

This brings us to the age old conundrum of the super rich banker monopoly capitalists (not to be confused with true free market Laissez-faire capitalism) being at the same time the biggest socialists. Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Rothschilds...all the same...All capitalists with a Socialist agenda. What is behind it?

The hypocritical Libtard Socialists always want to pose as the champions of the poor, the oppressed and the common man, yet Macron is everything but an ideal example of a poor-boy from the worker’s class. Both parents were doctors, his father a professor of neurology. Macron had only the best education at elite Jesuit schools and his wife, who is 25 years older than him was his former French literature teacher who molested him when he was just 15, exposing what goes on at these Satanic Jesuit schools. Incidentally Robert Mugabe is also a product of these elite Jesuit schools.

To prevent a scandal over his affair with his teacher he left the school or Lycée La Providence in Amiens and eventually did his equivalent of A-levels (Matric Higher Grade) at Lycée Henri-IV and then read Philosophy at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Science Po) where he did his Masters on Machiavelli and Hegel. In 2008 at the age of 31 Macron became an employ of Rotchilkd & Co. as an investment banker and two years later he became a partner. In 2012 he gave up his position at the Rothschilds to become President Hollande’s economic advisor and Finance Minister (2014).

It was no surprise then, for me at least, when in 2016 it came out that Macron held tax back and had secret accounts from Switzerland to the Cayman Islands. Macron, then the darling minister in Hollande’s parliament, suddenly experienced the French people demanding his resignation which he handed in on the 30th of August 2016. Michel Sapin succeeded him. Macron’s political movement “En Marche” (Forward) that he founded in April 2016 was about a year old when he became President elect of France. The mind boggles at how quickly he had such phenomenal success, but it was not only due the record millions spent on him by the elite bankers, but also their propaganda machine in the form of their MSM that kicked into top gear and tried everything to make Macron look like a saviour angelic knight that would save and defend France and Le Pen as the evil witch that would lead it to destruction.

Nevertheless, it is sad to see the 2/3 majority French people who voted, not for Macron, but rather against Le Pen, fell for it and were so naive, ignorant and dare I say a tad arrogant to vote for Macron. How many were true European French and how many naturalised from North and Central Africa are unknown.

However...To understand this phenomenon one has to understand the French psyche.

See, the French people are very sophisticated, diplomatic and proud of their high European culture. The French language is known as the diplomatic language of the world. When a Russian, a German and a Spanish diplomat meet for talks the Lingua Franca will be French, not English.

Therefore the French people think that they are dealing with rational diplomatic people and that they can simply show the Islamists how much better their high culture is and they think they can simply reason and talk to these Islamist and African cannibal scum and convince them to adopt this wonderful French culture and integrate into French society...

The German Socialist, Thilo Sarrazin, wrote exactly the same thing in his book “Deutschland schafft sich ab” ("Germany abolishes itself") in 2010. His problem was not so much with the masses of Islamist illegal immigrants, but rather with the fact that they did not want to integrate.

This brings us to the questions...”Why do you want them to integrate into European culture? Do you see European culture better than theirs?”

First of all this attitude is rather racist and condescending, because socialists, cultural relativists and racial egalitarians like Macron and Sarrazin see their culture as better than that of the Islamist or African illegal immigrant. If they truly saw it as “equal” and the one not better than the other, like they profess they stand for, then why do they not adopt the Islamist culture?

Secondly what they do not grasp is that the Islamist and African parasite is not interested in adopting a single part of the French or European culture, but rather want to see it destroyed and abolished. Demographics are taking care of that rapidly.

Along came Marine Le Pen and told the French people the uncomfortable truth and gave them the solution in brotherly (or sisterly) frankness. Too frank maybe. Unfortunately there is no nice way of dealing with this terrorist scum. You have to throw them out of your country and close the borders. There is no other way and while you are at it, nail these Socialist elitist bastards who allowed them in, in the first place! That is what Le Pen stood for.

But unfortunately it is too much to contemplate for the sophisticated and diplomatic French people...at least for the two thirds majority who voted against Le Pen. So now when the next terrorist plants a bomb, shoots people with an AK-47 in a football stadium or drives a truck down the promenade in Nice, they should not ask why, because their President that they voted for and his elitist banking masters love this kind of chaos.

People have not realised that when one understands the strategy of Socialism that it is not a conundrum at all anymore why the world’s biggest “Capitalists” are also pushing the Socialist Agenda.

Socialism is not about solving any social problems, rather to create as many as possible.

It works like this: Normal people want order in society and will demand something to be done when there are problems, but with solving problems you either have to be “NOT NICE” or willing to “SPEND LOTS OF MONEY.

However, the money must come from somewhere. The poor does not have any money and it will be a cold day in hell before a greedy, rich elitist banker will share any of his money or pay a cent in taxes. In fact if you are rich and you pay taxes, you are stupid and don’t know about offshore accounts, trust funds and how to get around taxes, as Macron showed us in 2016.

However most middle and working class people are fluffy little sheep who do not want too much nastiness so they will rather willingly pay money to those elitist promising them the solutions that they have created in the first place than to be “Not Nice”.

Further, the elitist bankers found that there was never a shortage of feel-good, useful idiots called “Liberals” and “Social democrats” from the ranks of those constantly trying to fix society such as the academics, feminists and those in the clergy that they could use to drive their agenda. These arrogant intellectuals think they are very clever and treat those with differing opinions on the right with contempt and disdain, but in truth they are the ignorant and stupid.

Truth is that Socialism is no feel-good Red Robin Hood. Socialism does not take money from the rich to give to the poor. It is the elite fleecing the middle class. It is not the friend of the hardworking worker class or the poor. Socialism is a Scapegoat strategy of the elite to steal and extort money from the hardworking and productive people whom they blame for all societies’ ills and problems under the pretense of helping the down and out poor and society as a whole, but when you follow the money the money always ends up in the banks of these elitist behind the likes of Macron and the few cents that fall out of their pockets end up with the genuinely poor.

Therefore Socialism can never get rid of the poor and can never uplift the poor, because if there are no more poor people, there is no need for Socialism anymore and the Socialists politicians will be without a job.

Genuine upliftment of the poor can only come through genuine free market Laissez-faire capitalism, but of course this is the last thing the elite Socialist want.

He knows this, that is why he constantly needs to reinvent a victim class and a new scapegoat to blame.

When you want to beat a dog it is easy to find a stick, but you need a reason to beat him so you have to find a victim that the dog was attacking. In South Africa the victim is the innocent Noble Savage and the evil attacking dog the white person. “Racism” is simply the stick.

The socialist thrives on inequality and division. The moment society becomes too equal the Socialist invents a new victim and a new aggressor to blame and if there are no Marie Antoinettes, no racial difference then there are gender differences or whatever difference…does not matter. Divisions will be created where they don’t exist.

Like they did in Scandinavian countries where you had just about everyone rich and equal and the new flavor was feminism until the rapefugees arrived.

Feminism is just a variant on the strategy. You just tell the women that they are victims of their men. That the men occupy all the good jobs, have all the money…that the women are just sex slaves to the men who drink lots of alcohol and become aggressive. Women are just babymaking machines and their wombs exploited by their males…And soon you have gender “inequality”…men turning to more alcohol, families breaking apart. Men shunning their feminist women…these women turning to other races different to their men…Chaos and division everywhere…Socialist paradise.

Socialists do not mend or heal society. They do not unite society…they constantly look for cracks that they can drive a wedge into to create inequality and chaos as much as possible. Then they offer a solution that will cost money and provide an excuse to take it from the hardworking and productive workers through taxation. Socialism is a scam. An extortion racket run by the elite Monopoly Capitalists and Bankers who back the likes of Macron, Hillary and the ANC. Socialism is their strategy for theft.

Those tree hugging greenies and libtards who genuinely believe in the feel good bullshit of liberalism and socialism…those who worship their savior god Mandela and who believe the junk of a Rainbow Nation and holding hands with terrorist scum like the ANC or Islamists for that matter are just useful idiots and sheep. They are completely blind to the theft going on above them. In fact they think the wolves fleecing them are knitting nice jerseys and pullovers for the other little sheep… How simply wrong they are.

Marine Le Pen did a good job of trying to wake them up and shake them up. Nowadays with the internet and social media it has improved. Exposing the Socialist agenda and those behind it should be the task of every right-thinking person in the world.

One thing I have learned from the Springboks and the All Blacks is that sometimes it is OK to be number two, because it makes you work harder and keeps you on your toes. For the one at the top, there is only one way and that is down. If you relax and make a stuff up, history tends to be unforgiving.

Personally I think Macron should not get too comfy and cushy in his new position, because he basically has one shot at it. If he makes a stuff up, he will pay the price, because then the road to the top is clear for Le Pen.