30 January 2017

The cruelty of Chinese and African business: First or Rhino's, then our abalone and now our donkeys

By Mike Smith

30th of January 2017

Afrikaners love donkeys. In the Afrikaans language there is a folk song called “Die donkie is a wonderlike ding” (the donkey is a wonderful thing) and in Upington in the Northern Cape there is bronze statue and memorial to the noble donkey at the Kalahari-Oranje Museum where these beasts of burden are honoured in their role in the development of South Africa.

Incidentally I don’t know of Afrikaners ever erecting a statue to a black man and I have never heard a song called “die kaffer is ‘n wonderlike ding”…

Nevertheless…it always breaks my heart when I drive through rural South Africa and I see the blacks mistreating their donkeys. Poor things are so thin and starving and then being whipped to carry their stolen scrap metal to the dealers in town. You feel like you can take the whip from their hands and return the favour.

But let me show you the compassion of the Black African. It has emerged that police have found 18 dead donkeys SKINNED ALIVE on a plot of land near the Lesotho border. In fact the hunt is on for a total of 100 donkeys, but some sources suggested the number could be as high as 300 donkeys.

18 donkeys skinned alive

I mean farming and slaughtering an animal humanely in an abattoir is one thing, but please tell me what kind of sick fuck can skin an animal alive, listen to its pain and agony and then repeat it another 17 times?

This is not a one-off incident. The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has recently released multiple statements on donkeys being skinned alive in the Northern Cape, the Free State and Gauteng.

NSPCA farm animal unit manager Grace de Lange said a metal object is inserted into the donkeys’ necks to paralyse them and they are then skinned alive. “It is a long and painful death,” she said.

Donkey hide contains a gelatine which is claimed to be valued for medicinal purposes by the Chinese. The NSPCA statement said that, according to the China Daily Mail, the donkey skins have “anti-aging properties, able to treat insomnia and improve blood circulation”.

Australian MP worried that Melbourne could become like Johannesburg

By Mike Smith
30th of January 2017

A while ago, when blacks refused toll roads in SA, President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma told blacks not to think like blacks and that roads in Johannesburg are not some national road in Malawi…of course meaning their roads are inferior to ours.

Well for those who remember how the roads were under Apartheid, one can only frown upon Zuma’s statement seeing that SA roads were some of the best in the world. Just drive through Pretoria, Kroonstad or Piet Retief in Natal now and you will see how the roads have degenerated over the last 20 years.

As we know, it is not just the roads that have gone to the dogs under the ANC, everything has been stuffed up. The hospitals are a shadow of their former selves, the schools and the schooling system produces unemployable idiots. The universities are burning. The armed forces and police are a joke and crime has gone through the roof…to just name a few.

But don’t you dare criticize the ANC their mismanagement, their nepotism or their corruption, because then you will be branded a “racist”…Like the Australian opposition MP Matthew Guy found out recently when he compared the rising crime in Melbourne to that of crime infested Johannesburg saying that the Australian city could become the Johannesburg of the South Pacific.

Victorian Opposition leader’s comments unfortunate says South Africa’s ANC

What they actually wanted to say was that he shouldn’t think like a Kaffir.

The ANC said that Guy’s comments “seek to portray South Africa in a negative manner”…

Yip…Not the ANC…always someone else to blame. Never the ANC. Never their utter incompetence and criminal mismanagement. Shoot the messenger and the critic. That is how the ANC has ruled for the past 22 years. God only knows…there isn’t a nerve in my body or a hair on my head that that do not hate these fuckers with every fibre of its being.

Besides it is all true.

Fact check, Crime infested Johannesburg is not fake news

Nevertheless, we hope that the DA’s Herman Mashaba will be able to fix the fuck-up the ANC has left behind. It certainly can’t get worse. I just wish he would stop talking and actually do something.

I just find it ironic that the Australian MP said it, because a few years ago when white South Africans were fleeing the crime infested hell-hole there was an advert on TV apparently based on a real incident… It played off on an airplane where a white South African ran down the crime infested New (improved) South Africa and was overheard by a patronizing libtard Australian who then told him, that crime is everywhere and that he was out of line to run SA down, blah, blah… Do you remember it? I can’t find that video anymore. Maybe that South Africa was right after all.

29 January 2017

Cyber War, Fake news and inside the ANC’s Black Ops War Room

Paid by the ANC to spread fake news at Mandela's funeral

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2017

In 2008 when we still had the SA Sucks blog, I wrote an article called: How will World War IV be fought?

I can still remember how people criticized and laughed at me, because I said it will be mostly a war fought in cyber space.

Then came the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt in 2010 and people deposed their dictators with Twitter and Facebook. The world was stunned at the Cyber Blitzkrieg and the critics were suddenly silent.

Nevertheless, military and intelligent agencies sat up and had to take a new look at The role social media played in the Arab Spring

Maybe old Mike had a point after all. Well I can assure you that Cyber warfare is escalating big time:

British researchers claim they have uncovered massive Twitter Troll army

EU expands task force aimed at combating alleged Russian propaganda

East Stratcom: European Commission’s mysterious weapon against ‘Russian propaganda’

BBC unleashes frantic propaganda war against Russia and the USA

Even President Donald Trump is in a Twitter War with Mexico and the libtard media. Of course Trump is 100% correct. They are FAKE, FALSE and DISHONEST. Trump attacks media again in early morning Twitter blast

Everywhere the world is talking about “Fake News”, combating fake news, Trump spreading Fake News,etc… when in fact the MSM are the biggest distributors of Fake News.

In fact the reasons this blog exists are because the MSM in South Africa manipulate news, shut the comment sections down and downplay the truth about black on white violent crime in South Africa.

For more than ten years now we have regularly exposed how the MSM post stock pictures of white knife wielding males in ski masks next to stories of black gangs attacking whites or how they post stock photos of white babies next to stories of black mothers dumping their newborn babies down long-drop toilets or on the rubbish dump.

The moment there is an incident of a white person saying something that could be constituted as “racism” (usually speaking the truth) it is exploited over days and milked for every drop of libtard propaganda, yet when there are whites being tortured, raped and killed in their own homes by gangs of racist blacks, then it is downplayed as ordinary crime that black and white equally suffer under.

Look no further…there is your Fake News!

The internet and social media is a thorn in the side of the MSM.

Frankly, they are losing the Cyber War. The MSM have no chance. They are doing everything wrong. Unless they buck up, come right and start telling the truth for a change they are going to die a silent death and I will be the first to say “Good Riddance”.

People don’t believe their bullshit anymore and can find the truth within seconds with a few clicks on their smart phones.

In the 1970’s the MSM brought South Africa’s NP government to a fall with the “Information Scandal” that was in fact no scandal at all.

The Prime Minister B.J. Vorster, his Information Minister Connie Mulder and Secretary of the Department of Information, Dr Eschel Rhoodie were forced to resign after it was made known by the Rand Daily Mail (owned and funded by the Oppenheimer family of Anglo American/ De Beers) that they secretly used about R70 million of the defense budget to fight and counter a propaganda war on South Africa.

Of course the then Defense Minister P.W. Botha knew all about the secret funding and approved it, but lied about it and was probably the one who leaked the info to the media, because he is the one who benefitted the most by succeeding Vorster as PM.

Dr. Rhoodie was a highly intelligent man and a visionary. He knew back then already what needed to be done and how future wars would be fought and said that there is only one way to control the media and that is to own the media. That is why they started The Citizen, wanted to buy the Washington Star newspaper, and funded To the Point. This is nothing new. At the time the Dutch government for instance owned three newspapers.

However now in South Africa it has emerged that the ANC has spent R50 million of the taxpayer’s money on a covert “BlackOps” campaign known as “The War Room” to undermine opposition parties DA and EFF in the 2016 local government elections. I use "spent" but in fact the money is gone. Stolen and wasn't "spent" at all.

Inside the ANC’s BlackOps election campaign

For those who can remember the 2016 election campaign, there was a sudden unexplained rise in “racism” accusations against whites in the media and the ANC playing the Race Card on a daily basis.

Now it has emerged that they planted fake EFF posters with Julias Malema holding a rifle, used a seemingly independent news site called “The New South African” for propaganda, spread fake news, planted callers on talk radio station 702 and used so called 200 paid “influencers” (celebrities and others) and activists on Twitter and Face Book including posting several episodes of the television programme “The Right to Vote with Pearl Thusi” to YouTube.

In addition to the posters, the team planned to produce 25,000 “knock and drops” – news sheets delivered door-to-door, highlighting Malema’s “we are not fighting whites” statement at a June 16th rally.

Fake EFF poster planted by the ANC
The team, later known as the “Media Advisory Team”, would be led by activist Shaka Sisulu and was not to have any direct link to Luthuli House. ANC-linked businessman Joseph Nkadimeng was to source funds from private donors. In an interview with the Mail & Guardian’s investigative team of amaBhungane, ANC public relations expert Sihle Bolani, who claimed she is owed R2.2 million for work done as part of the campaign, described the campaign as effectively a “propaganda machine”.

Of course the ANC denies that the War Room ever existed. ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa, said that the M&G’s investigation has no basis and is based on malicious falsehoods and gossip.”

However the fuckheads in the ANC are so useless and greedy that through their mismanagement and stealing of the funding, the activists who were supposed to be paid for their work never got paid and are now running to the courts to try and get their money. This is what exposed all the ANC shenanigans.

On top of it…Everything they did with this BlackOps campaign is not only unethical it is totally illegal.

Said Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) spokesperson Kate Bapela: “In terms of the Municipal Electoral Act it is prohibited conduct to publish false information with the intention of influencing the conduct or outcome of an election.

Breaches of the electoral code of conduct are criminal offences – individuals can be sentenced up to 10 years in jail while political parties can be stripped of votes or deregistered. Further, as far as the funding of “The New South African” is concerned…it is a contravention of the Press Code for news organisations to take funding from political parties or to push a particular party’s agenda.

If the Vorster government was forced to resign in disgrace for far less in 1979… Why is the ANC still in power? Why are they not deregistered and behind bars?

Nevertheless now you know what we are all up against on this website and why we need you to unite and fight the ANC …We who do not even have 50 cents let alone R50 million. We don’t need it. All we need is the truth, because one ounce of TRUTH is worth ten times more than fifty million Rands of ANC lies.

28 January 2017

Whites resist land grabs in Pretoria

Scenes from the clashes between whites and blacks in Pretoria

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2017

On the 8th of January 2017, President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma made the whites gasp when he said that this year the ANC shall begin to utilize the Expropriation Bill and speed up land reform and land redistribution with greater speed and greater urgency , but when he added…”following the prescripts of the Constitution”…they relaxed again and a libtard sigh of relief went up.

What Zuma said about land expropriation

Well we know that the ANC wipe their backsides with the constitution and besides, Section Nine of the Constitution provides for something called “fair discrimination” and contains the Newspeak gem:

“Discrimination on one or more of the grounds listed in subsection (3) is unfair unless it is established that the discrimination is fair.”

Here is what it means: It is unfair to discriminate against anybody in South Africa unless he/she is white, then it is fair to discriminate.

The ANC has made it clear that The willing buyer; willing seller policy agreed upon at Codesa prior to 1994 is out opening the door for the Zimbabwe style land grabs.

The way the ANC does it is to just let blacks squat and erect shanty towns everywhere they want, driving whites out, unless of course the land belongs to any of the big mining companies such as Anglo American /De Beers.

Of course this is totally illegal and there are building laws. One cannot just grab land and erect any structure one wishes without any plans, but the ANC turns a blind eye.

The last two days this has come to a head in Booysens in Pretoria, when the whites resisted and clashes between whites and blacks took place. The media is of course largely downplaying this, so if anyone has more info, let us know.

Black and white clash over land in Pretoria

In my opinion it is just going to get worse. White people are sick and tired of these squatters. Sick and tired of the ANC government turning a blind eye and in fact encouraging land grabs. Unfortunately they have no other choice or solution, but to resist and fight back. The government is not going to help them. Even the most liberal of whites are now starting to organize and resist.

27 January 2017

The hypocrisy of the bi-polar Indian racists of South Africa

By Mike Smith
28th of January 2017

In 2002, Mbongeni Ngema, who wrote “Sarafina”, composed an inflammatory anti-Indian song called "Amandiya" which was critical of how the Indian people of Kwazulu Natal were treating its employees and paying them pittance. He even said that “...Whites were far better than Indians”...This song was banned by the high court in South Africa and later an age restriction of 18 was allowed for the song to be in circulation again.

Diwali , the Hindu festival of lights, is also celebrated amongst South Africa’s large Hindu community. Normally people shoot fireworks and crackers and the dogs go bezerk. For one white man from Durban it was a bit much and he voiced his opinion of Indians online, calling them “charros” and wanting them to “fuck off back to India”.

Cows are holy? Holy shit!
I have never seen the Indian community choking on their Bunny-chows and getting their chilli-pipped knickers in a knot so fast since the British introduced the term “Coolie-Creeper” into cricket…that beloved sport from the hated colonialists of our curry munching and cow kissing Desi’s of Durban...the Capital of India.

Man you should have seen these Kuthi’s and Kumars jumping up and down and ôl so hard the purple fur on their dashboards were lifting and their red push-buttons were falling off.

Needless to say the poor guy was nailed from all sides by the hypocritical Charras, who are the biggest racists in the world, Anger at Racist Diwali post and You cannot make these comments and say sorry afterwards

At the time of the global onslaught against Apartheid, there were many countries and nations with institutionalised systems of human rights abuses far worse than Apartheid such as India with its Varna caste system dividing society in four classes or “castes” of priests, warriors, traders and servants. The most beloved Hindu gods, Ram and Krishna, are dark yet if you look at their Bollywood movies for instance, their traditional notions of beauty are defined by how light their skin colour is.

Certain groups of people, now known as Dalits (literally means ‘divided’), were so low that they were historically excluded from the Varna system altogether, and are still ostracized as “untouchables” in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Ironically these nations were also historically and hypocritically some of Apartheid South Africa’s biggest critics at the UN General Assembly.

The term caste is not an Indian word. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is derived from the Portuguese casta, meaning "race, lineage, breed" and, originally, "‘pure or unmixed (stock or breed)".

The word Varna, when translated into Hindi, literally translates into colour. This caste system based on skin colour means that a person has no chances of upward mobility in the society, and he/she remains in the caste that he/she was born into.

Inside one’s own Varna there are further subdivisions called “Jati”.

The literal translation of the Hindi word Jati gives us the word “birth”. Both Varna and Jati are practiced in Indian society to this day.

But how do Indians treat Blacks in India? Read here how Indians outright admit how racist they are and how blacks confirm it.

Also here …Blacks live in constant fear of humiliations and beatings

“Around 30,000 Africans live in New Delhi, according to police, and they have told AFP of numerous humiliations they face, from insults in the street to housing discrimination and even violent attacks.”

But there is apparently a reason for this discrimination. First it is the white’s fault for ruling India for 250 years. Then it is the fault of the blacks themselves.

According to the Indians, “The way they eat, drink, live... Everything is different," said Inderjeet Singh, a real estate agent who has been in the neighbourhood for 15 years.

"People say they eat street dogs, families fear they cut their children into pieces and eat them," the 53-year-old said.

Well, Mr Singh…it is called Bush Meat in Africa. In west, central and east Africa, Blacks eat dogs, cats, lizards, monkeys, bats... whatever they can find. In Madagascar they even eat lemurs…because, I suppose, it is not like they are in a hurry to get away.

Throughout Africa the mixing and consumption of children’s body parts, especially the sexual organs, with herbs and animal parts for medicinal purposes is called “Muti” . Just Google Muti murders. Muti killings is a way of life in rural South Africa

But I am digressing…The Indian hypocrisy and obsession with race and skin colour borders on Bipolorism and Schizophrenia. Even the Times of India thinks so

On the one hand you have the leader Ghandi talking about “love and peace” and practicing “satyagraha”, but on the other hand you have the Ghandi getting upset about having to ride on the same train as “Kaffirs”…his words. Of course Nelson Mandela considered Mahatma Gandhi to be his ideological guru, as did Martin Luther King. The ANC even named a street after him, yet want the statue of Rhodes to fall.

Of course not all Indians are Hindu. A large amount are Muslim. These ones call the Hindus, “Malaun”…Arabic for 'accursed' or 'deprived of God's Mercy' and “Kaffirs”...anyone who is not a Muslim believer.

We South Africans joke that the only difference between a “tourist” and a “racist” is about two weeks. Ghandi spent 21 years in South Africa. Most of the current Indians of KZN are here for 157 years or seven generations already…Are they “racist” or simply South African? You be the judge.

26 January 2017

Eugenics, Natural Selection and some laws of Mother Nature

The Master Race. The result of 70 years of careful Nazi breeding

By Mike Smith
26th of January 2017

As my readers know, I am not a friend of any Nutzi doctrine and as I have said many times before…there is a huge difference between Nationalism and National Socialism. In fact I detest any form of socialism.

National Socialism (Nazism, Socialism for whites only) and International Socialism (Communism) are basically the same thing, and I always chuckle when simpletons try to convince me otherwise by saying that Hitler opposed Stalin’s Communism and that should be proof that they are opposites when in fact they are opposames and one can compare them to two pigs fighting for the top position at the same trough. Two sides of the same evil coin. Both are leftist ideologies and I cringe every time the media refers to them as Rightwing.

Just look at the similarities between Hitler and Stalin. Both were born in a foreign country to where they became leaders. Both totalitarian dictators who wanted to rule the world. Both had brutal secret police. Both scape-goated and prosecuted minorities and killed them in their millions. Both had death camps… and many more.

You can read previous thoughts about it over here:

Mike Smith: Understanding Nationalism

The myth of white nationalism and black nationalism

Like I said before, there is no such thing as a “white nation” or a “black nation”. There is a Scottish nation, an Afrikaner nation and a Zulu nation, but no “white nation”. It’s a myth. It’s bollocks.

The history of Europe is one long endless battle of whites fighting whites in 100 year and 30 years wars and that all culminated in the slaughters of WWI and WW2. The relative peace of the European Union era is also coming to an end with cracks getting bigger by the day and it is only a matter of time before it will all fall apart.

In fact this belief in and want of one “white nation” across the world can only lead to the destruction of white nations and cultures, because ultimately it will have only one language, one culture, one religion, etc…a boring world in which I don’t want to live.

What exactly that language and religion should be, how that culture should look like; etc has not been made clear yet by these neo-Nutzis and white supremacists.

If you leave it up to the retarded redneck bunch from the USA who hangout on websites like Stormfront, the language will probably be a Southern version of US English, the national food and drink will probably be moonshine and hamburgers and the national sport will be wife-swapping. They also fail to see that things like whisky and hamburgers came from other nations such as the Scotts and the Germans.

Then there are their beliefs in eugenics and the “Master Race”---that they had 70 years to create already and looking at all the piercings and tattoos these master racers carry, it can only be frowned upon. In fact these "Master Racers" look more like the "Untermenschen" they despise.

Whenever I read about this so called, “Master race” and “white supremacy”, I immediately ask myself, “Masters at what? Supreme in what?”…Because studies like The Bell Curve (Murray and Herrnstein) proved that whites are NOT the most intelligent (on average) and that Ashkenazi Jews and North East Asians (Japanese, Koreans, Chinese) outperform whites in just about all intelligence tests.

I have no problem accepting that. Just like I have no problem accepting that North American Negro slave descendents dominate the NBA, the NFL, 100 meter sprinting and boxing.

Why is it then a problem for blacks to accept that white nations, although on average less intelligent have produced more geniuses and that whites have more initiative, have a better work ethic, have achieved a higher level of culture, is better at management, can organize better, is better at big business, can run a country better and dominate sports like MMA (UFC), swimming, and field athletics?

Why is it also a problem for blacks to accept their superiority and supremacy in violent crime, non maintenance of illegitimate children, accepting social grants, etc? They are world champions in it and far superior than whites.

What The Bell Curve also proved was that whites are more diverse in thinking, interests and achievements than other races. They even look more diverse with different hair and eye colours as opposed to Asians and Blacks who basically…well, let’s be honest…look relatively all the same. Their art, their music, all look and sound the same.

Hitler and the White supremacist brigade also believed in Eugenics, taking the blond, blue eyed ones, mating and breeding them like cattle to produce an even better, stronger Master Race.

Now I have blue eyes myself, but simply put…Eugenics is a fuck-up. Total bollocks.

Instead of having blacks or Asians all looking alike you are going to end up with all blond, blue eyed robotic copies of each other and you will kill the diversity that made the white people of the world excel.

The simple fact that you want to CREATE a Master Race shows that a Master Race does not exist naturally. Nature has not produced any “Master Race” only different ones.

One white nation across the world will have to be an artificial creation and as experience has shown will be a monumental fuck-up like everything else where man tried to play God. Man interfering with Mother Nature is the equivalent of a four year old toddler prodding with a razor sharp knife around an electric socket.

A white Master Race is a pipe dream of dimwitted individuals who don’t even understand their own beliefs or their own people. In South Africa whites cannot stand together, in Europe the Belgians are opposed to each other (Flemish/Wallonians) in Canada the French against the English, Serb against Croat, the Irish against the rest of the world, etc. Good luck in trying to unite them into one white nation to rule the world.

Let me explain it in another way:

Domestic dogs are artificial creatures and are evidence of man interfering with nature. Domestic dogs do not exist in nature. God never made domestic dogs. There are wild dogs in Africa and wolves in Europe, but no natural domestic dogs.

If you remove all humans today, these dogs will interbreed; the species will become weak and eventually die out. The way nature intended it to be. Domestic dogs, even the strongest breeds are dependent on humans and cannot survive for long in the wild without humans.

Besides, ask any cattle farmer, horse breeder or game ranger. Eugenics is hard work. You have to separate siblings, artificially inseminate, keep careful family tree records, etc.

It is the same with a Blue Wildebeest and a Black Wildebeest (the one with the white tail). In nature they never interbreed, only in captivity and then it produces a weak offspring, susceptible to diseases, that quickly dies out. Rangers have to forcibly separate them. In Eugenics you have forced separation and forced integration by the breeders at selected times to get an unnatural result. Both are equally wrong.

Nature prefers natural selection. The fact that human races in modern times tend to interbreed could be proof of captivity under forced integration. However, this interbreeding is still relatively rare. Races still prefer their own kind.

That is why one should not worry about the few who mix their races. Those who choose to interbreed actually do their races a favour to remove their gene pools from the strong central cores of their respective races. They quickly find themselves lonely and ostracized by their communities. It is Mother Nature’s way of keeping things pure.

There is a big difference between Supremacism and Separatism. Separatism for one is natural. It is found and can be observed in nature all around you.

Contrary to Eugenics and Supremacism, Nationalism and Separatism are fairly simple. Stick as close to Mother Nature’s laws as possible. However if you ignore her laws or deviate from them you are going to come short.

Here are a few. Can you add more?:

Be proud of who you are and your achievements.

Look after and defend yourself.

Look after, defend and seek your own kind.

Trust your instincts.

Be willing and able to adapt.

Use camouflage and deception as predator or prey.

Stand out when selecting a mate naturally.

Eat naturally. Nothing artificial.

Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.

25 January 2017

Can Good be good to Evil?

By Mike Smith

25th of January 2017

Often Christians, Jews and Muslims claim that their religions are Monotheistic, i.e. believing in one creator God who created everything and is all good, all powerful and from which no evil can come, but in fact it is more dualistic in the form of Zoroastrianism, i.e believing in two opposing forces of good and evil, God and Satan, heaven and hell. In fact, modern versions of Christianity borrowed all those concepts including “Free Will” from Zoroastrianism which predates Christianity by at least 2000 years and entered the Western world about 500 BC. Mix this with a bit of the Trinity concept of Ancient Egypt (Osiris, Isis, Horus), Ancient Babylon (Nimrod, Tamuz, Simerimas) or Greece (Zeus, Apollo, Athena) and you have the recipe for…modern Christianity.

On a side note…BC stands for Before Christ. AD stands for “Anno Domini” (Latin for in the year of our Lord”), but the more politically correct terms used lately are masked as BCE (Before the Common Era) and CE (in the Common Era)…which Christians should reject, because these politically correct terms denies Christ as their Lord.

Nevertheless, in Zoroastrianism the creator god is called “Ahura Mazda” (not a model of the Japanese car maker) and the destructive god is called “Angra Mainyu”.

Basically Zorastrianism believes that you should do good deeds, have good thoughts and speak only good and truth and if you do the right things all good rewards will come to you and the world will be a better place.

However this is not what the Bible says.

Deuteronomy 6:4-5 (the first part of the Shema prayer of Judaism) we read about the Oneness of God. “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”

Later Jesus repeated this.

Now this is where it all becomes a bit confusing, because either God is ONE or he is not. Either he is all powerful, almighty, all seeing, all good…or he is not. So where does evil come from if no evil can come from God, but God created everything? He must have created evil as well…or at least what we perceive as evil, which is actually not…

So this is normally where the Dominee and Reverend start to do their mental gymnastics.

The answer must then be that EVERYTHING does come from ONE God. Even those things that we perceive as “Evil” do come from God and is part of his “Divine plan” that will all work out towards a good outcome in the end.

But this leaves us with some other problems, like the good and almighty God telling us to do things that Libtards will perceive as evil…as in 1 Samuel 15:3…”Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”

Certainly if God is all good and almighty, He would not have put these evil Amalekites there in the first place and even if Satan put them there, God doesn’t need our help to do his dirty work for him? He can just send a lightning bolt and smite them. So why does he then want us to go and commit genocide against these “evil” people he created, who are not really “evil”, because nothing “evil” can come from God? Is it just to test our faith in him, our obedience?

And then there is the question of Richard Dawkins: “If there is a “Grand designer” who designed the “Grand Designer”?

And then who was the designer of the designer of the designer, ad infinitum?

Like I said it is all terribly confusing and one can understand how the comedian George Carlin came to the conclusion that religion is all bullshit and maybe he is right, but have you tried to explain Atheism? It is even more confusing and more bullshit. I mean where does it all come from then and more importantly…what’s the point?

You would think that these wise dominees after studying theology for seven years at university would be able to explain all this bullshit to you, but they can’t. They cannot give you any answers, because religion is all illogical. Instead their strategy is to confuse you with even more bullshit so that you just give up in the end. You can actually read their eyes spelling out to you: “Shut the fuck up, just believe and donate a tenth of your salary…and come next Sunday so we can fill up your head with more bullshit and endless layers of guilt so you can keep on paying”.

However…these concepts of “good” and “evil” are not definitive absolutes. They seem very relative and flexible. Further how do you know what perfect is if you don’t have imperfect to compare it to? How do you know what good is unless you have evil to compare it to?

You will find that there are many forms of what people constitute as “good” and “evil” and often it is completely topsy-turvy. Just look at all the diametrically opposing views in religion and politics where everyone believes his/her view is good and the other person’s view is bad or evil. Or just treat people exactly the way they treat you and they will think you are Evil.

The lion eats the Impala. Big deal. I don’t think the lion is evil. The lion himself does not think he is evil, but the Impala will probably have a different opinion.

In the French revolution the Jacobins believed that all those heads they chopped off with the Guillotine were to do good and rid the world of the evil exploiting bourgeoisie. The Spanish inquisition honestly believed they were doing good by burning witches at the stake and ridding the world of evil. The conquistadors honestly believed they were doing good by killing entire satanically orientated civilizations such as the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs who were practicing human sacrifice. Mugabe honestly believed he was doing good by chasing the evil white colonists off their farms and out of the country and Isis honestly believe they are doing God’s good work by ridding the world of the evil Christian infidels.

Examples are legion. Take Apartheid for instance. The whites who voted for the NP and lived through Apartheid were not “evil” people and certainly did not perceive themselves as “evil”. They genuinely perceived themselves as good. The NP government could even justify it biblically yet the world perceived it as the most evil system in the entire universe.

These white South Africans during Apartheid went to church on Sunday, they went to Sunday school, they prayed at the dinner table, they prayed before they went to bed, they helped the poor blacks, they gave them clothes and food, built hospitals and schools for them, treated them in the hospitals completely free and even gave them their own countries to rule and subsidized them with millions of taxpayer’s money. These were good Christian people doing good Christian things…At least in their minds.

However…all this “goodness” was perceived by the blacks and libtards of the world as an “evil system of oppression” of the worst order.

And you know what? Maybe they were right. Maybe Apartheid, at least as it was practiced in the 1970’s and 1980’s, was evil, because any system that does good to evil instead of destroying evil, is evil in itself and needs to be destroyed.

Now the evil/angelic ANC is in charge, stealing, corrupting killing, etc. and they and their followers genuinely believe that they are the “good” ones. They even say that you should vote for the ANC, because God is on the side of the ANC. God put the ANC in charge and will ensure that the ANC rules until Jesus comes. Jacob Zuma compared himself, his betrayal and his suffering to that of Jesus and even recently said that the birth of the ANC was like the day that Jesus was born

On top of it, with the recent fires in the Western Cape, The blacks rejoiced that white farms were being burned down and saw it as God’s work seeing that fire and wind are God-given elements, the fires were retribution for the evil that whites did to blacks, which the whites believe was only good.

So what then about the fires destroying hundreds of shacks in the townships from time to time? Divine retribution for all the farm murders?

Funny also that all the targets of the fires just happened to be Afrikaans institutions such as the ATKV Goudini Spa, The Vergelegen farm, belonging to the Afrikaans billionaire Anton Rupert, the house of the Afrikaans poet Totius, the “Druk my niet” wine farm in Paarl…Coincidence? An act of God? You be the judge.

Not a single township burned down. The blacks certainly see this, as the article states, a sign that God exists…that he was destroying evil.

Now the question is this: Should you do good to evil? Should we love those who seek our destruction?

Jesus for one acknowledged that evil exists and that you should not do anything against it and actually assist it and pray for it.

In the Bible in Matthew 5:39 Jesus instructs his followers, “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

And in Matthew 5:44, Jesus further instructs his followers: “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

Now I have a big problem with that, because I cannot assist evil or do nothing against it. That would make me evil too. Maybe I am stupid and just don’t understand it all or maybe I am not a Christian, because I don’t agree.

Jesus says in verse 48 that we must be like God… “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

Does that mean that God does nothing to evil too? Does God turn the other cheek to evil? Does God assist evil (which will make Him evil as well)? Surely that cannot be true and if God wants you to do nothing against evil why did he then create evil in the first place? If he did not create evil he is not almighty and the creator of everything.

Ultimately God destroys evil, but why then make it in the first place. It is like spending a lot of time and energy building a sandcastle and destroying it afterwards. What’s the point? Fun?

Like I said…It is all MEGA confusing and you eventually get to the point where you just switch off the light and wait for God do to his thing. Destroy the evil bastards. Where you just say, “Prove to us, God, that you exist.”

God does not disappoint. He lets you ask questions and reason and use your brain and doubt and when your faith is at its lowest ebb he does something extraordinary…like what happened on the 16th of December 2016, the Day of the Vow where our ancestors promised God to remember the triumph of good over evil at Bloodriver for all eternity, which the ANC has renamed the Day of Reconciliation where they want us to embrace Evil as Good, because to them the 20,000 odd Zulus who came to kill the Voortrekkers that day in 1838 were actually doing good. They wanted to rid their land of the evil white man. Likewise for the Wenen/ Bloukrans Massacre where they smashed the heads of white babies against wagon wheels earlier that year…all meant to do good. Right?

Nevertheless…last 16 December Jacob Zuma delivered a speech in Gopane near Zeerust in the North West where he talked about how evil Apartheid was, how painful the past was for the blacks, how the evil Apartheid whites killed their poor innocent bomb-planting, necklacing terrorists, how the blacks should forgive the evil whites and we should all reconcile, etc, etc…and as the crowd cheered “Zuma, Zuma, Zuma!”…a sudden freak storm came out of nowhere, ripped the tent to shreds, blew it away and sent Zuma running for cover. Thirteen people were injured.

Zuma evacuated after Marquee collapses

Coincidence? I don’t think so. As far as I am concerned God sent a clear message to Zuma and the ANC to stick their reconciliation where the sun does not shine, because you can NEVER reconcile good with evil.

I remember sitting there, watching the spectacle thinking, “Hallelujah! There is a God in Heaven!”

And so dear people, my faith was restored.

Now coming back to Deuteronomy 6…what did God mean when he said: “ Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength” ?

It means that everything you do should be geared towards serving God and destroying evil. When you keep your body fit and in shape and train to become stronger in the gym, it is only to serve God better and destroy evil. If you train at the firing range it is to serve God better and destroy evil. The books you read, the education and knowledge you gather, is all to serve God better and destroy evil.

Therefore one should always carefully consider one’s actions and the ultimate consequences they will have, because even if they seem like acts of goodness and kindness at first, can ultimately support evil. That should never happen. One cannot save evil. One cannot change evil into good and any attempt to be good to evil makes one become evil oneself. Evil should be destroyed.

23 January 2017

The libtard media has left me ice cold in South Africa

By Mike Smith
23rd of January 2017

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but some of the things that made me very ecstatic the past few months were the MSM suicide of the Trump campaign and watching them fall on their own swords.

For as long as I have been blogging I have been against their fake news, twisting of the truth and manipulation of facts. I mean we have seen it in the Ukraine, we have seen it in Syria, we have seen it in the Brexit campaign, the Trump campaign and recently…we have seen it in the Eastern Cape with a smear campaign against whites with the caged pregnant farm worker, Linda Steenkamp.

Suddenly it was not just this one farmer…no, it was a frenzied and sickening generalization of the “racism” and “racist mindsets” of all whites…but people seemed a bit disinterested in their lies and bullshit.

This is becoming a common phenomenon. The more the media lies, concocts, blocks and censors, the more credibility they lose. The Western Media actually looks silly and childish in their pathetic desperate attempts to blacken Trump, Putin and Assad and get the sheeple to accept a World War with Russia. It is like they are trying every trick in the book, but nothing seems to work. The sheep have woken up and the robots are rebelling.

Now let’s return to the case of the silly young Eastern Cape farmer Johan Erasmus who gave Linda Steenkamp a lift to town on the back of his bakkie. We all make mistakes when we are young, so I won’t nail Johan too much.

The woman admitted that she wanted to sit on the back, because it was hot, although the farmer offered her to sit in the front, she insisted to sit at the back. However…the media went into top gear. On and on and on and on and on they so desperately tried to concoct a racist incident out of a non event and a good deed.

Now …giving a black farm worker a lift on the back of your bakkie is a very common thing in SA and probably happens ten thousand times per day every day all over South Africa. What made this incident apparently different is that Linda climbed onto the back and into the farmer’s sheep cage all by herself and someone photographed her and the assumption was made that the farmer is an evil cruel racist bastard.

Oh the hypocrisy and confirmation bias of the prejudiced libtards who see al whites as evil without gathering all the facts first.

Hell and damnation broke loose. Every single libtard climbed onto the bandwagon, including Helen Zille and Adriaan Basson, editor of the fish and chips wrapper, Beeld.

I sat at the back because it was hot, says pregnant woman photographed in cage

I was just giving her a lift - man explains caged woman on back of bakkie

Transporting woman in bakkie’s cage ‘extremely offensive’

Adriaan Basson, “Would you transport your pregnant sister in a cage?”

I mean the way they tried their best to milk this incident for every bit of racial propaganda they could was just sickening. Makes you wonder who the real racially obsessed idiots are.

However…what I found amusing was that when REAL racist attacks happen, such as black gangs attacking white farmers and their families, torturing them for hours, raping the women and eventually killing them…then the libtard media is completely quiet. You are lucky if the report can be read on page five of the newspaper. No outcry from Helen Zille or Adriaan Basson then, is there?

Ice cold and totally indifferent they are to the suffering and plight of the white farmers of South Africa. Now they come with shit like this and wonder why white people become cold and indifferent towards blacks. I will tell you why…It is because if you give them a lift you are racist and if you don’t give them a lift you are also racist. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t .

The only solution then is to not have anything to do with them. Don’t employ them. Don’t give them a lift. Don’t even glance in their direction. Don’t even piss on them if they are on fire. Have absolutely nothing to do with them. Let them become completely invisible. Be ice-cold like they are towards us…I mean it is not like thousands of black farm workers are demonstrating and speaking out against the murders of white farmers and their families, is it? Neither are the liberals.

22 January 2017

President Trump - The start of a new era

By Mike Smith
22 January 2017

When I saw the new American First Lady Melania Trump holding the Bible for her husband on Friday I immediately thanked the Lord that the evil Satanic witch Hillary Clinton  didn’t win the election. Can you imagine having to look at that thing for the next four years? Melania looked absolutely stunning in her powder blue Ralph Lauren outfit. What a symbol of class; just what the USA needed after eight years of having a tranny freekshow as presidential couple.

Nevertheless, America has a new president.

Donald Trump has come to exorcise the demons. Hallelujah!

Of course not everyone is as ecstatic as I am. The libtards are still licking their rabid wounds, foaming at the mouth and biting back at democracy. They are out in full force ever since Trump was DEMOCRATICALLY elected. The whorenalists in the Main Stream Media have been throwing mud, the CIA and MI6 has come up with unsubstantiated and bullshit sexual accusations of the worst perversion, the libtard actors, film makers and other Hollywood celebrities have shunned him. On his election day the Lumpenproletariat of the Looney Left went on a rampage in Washington and New York.

On Saturday the libtard feminazis of the world marched in Wellington, Washington and even in Cape Town against the new president...watching them I couldn’t help but wonder how “democratic” their marriages are. Imagine being married to a wailing siren of constant liberal bullshit enforcing her will through constant threats of violence and castration...That is what it is like being married to one of these anti-Trump LWB’s.

Don’t believe me? Just have a dispute over Trump with one of them and see...They are always the first to start hitting and shoving you. Of course the knightly tolerant White Western society has made them believe it is their right to get violent and hit their men...and they expect you to just soak up their petulant asocial behaviour and when you don’t, YOU are the brute. Go figure. I find it ironic and extremely hypocritical how they always claim to stand for democracy, tolerance and non violence, especially against women, but are themselves the most violent people on the planet. They would vote for mass murdering Stalin, I tell you.

Actually I don’t mind these anti-Trump idiots, because what Trump’s election and inauguration have done is to rip their masks off. Behind their rainbow, Kool-Aid masks can be seen Pure Evil. They are showing us all who and what they really are. These sore loser zombies are not interested in democracy unless, of course, THEY can win.

Like demonically possessed, petulant toddlers they puke their hatred and bile over Trump and will even strike a pact with the Devil if only he takes Donald Trump away.

However, Trump is standing fast. With a force field of righteousness their poison arrows are just bouncing off him and with an Excalibur of truth he has routed them all. What a glorious time to be alive.

I never thought I would still see the day that the wheel would turn 180° against the Looney Left. Not in my lifetime I thought...but it has. The 60 odd years, since the filthy, unwashed and unshaven Hippies introduced their Satanic “Free Love”, psychedelic drugs and tree-hugging bullshit, have now come to an end.

But make no mistake. A lot of work lies ahead. These leftist cockroaches have scattered when Trump switched the light back on, but we will have to hunt them down and mop them up.

In the next few weeks and months, expect them to still spread their lies, peddle their bullshit and throw their mud hoping that some will stick.

It is called Marxist Critical Theory. They will continue to criticise, puke bile and throw mud from morning till night just like Helen Suzman did for years in the South African parliament against the NP. This strategy was so effective that by 1983, the NP was so far left that the Conservative Party became the official opposition.

You will see that in the newspapers, media, films, etc NOTHING that Donald Trump will ever do will ever be right. Nothing will ever be enough. Therefore it will be our job to rally and unite behind our own leaders and behind Trump and swat these irritating shit flies buzzing in our ears every time we come across them. The time has come to step up to the plate and up the ante; the time has come to silence the libtard bullshit once and for all and lead in the age of reason and righteousness. Don’t just make America great again; Make the Whole World great again.

Brexit, Trump, the rise of the right all over Europe...it all will trigger an avalanche that will destroy the Looney Left and I must admit, I have not been so thrilled and rapturous since that terrorist Mandela croaked.

Trump’s speech

I listened to every single word that Trump said and could not find ANYTHING wrong with it. The left must please explain to me what is wrong with creating and keeping jobs in your own country? What is wrong with putting your own country first? A president who does not put his own country first should not be the president of his country! It is his JOB to put his own country first...but no...the left saw his speech as “too nationalistic”, even “a declaration of war against the world”...And then people still ask me why I call them the Loony Left. Bunch of sick clowns.

To Wall or not to Wall

As you know I am not a friend of building fences and walls; not around my own house, not around my own city, not on the Hungarian border and certainly not on the Mexican border.

As the East German Communist Gregor Gysi (Stasi codename “Notar”) said the other day, “The problem with people like Trump is that they think building a fence or a wall is going to make the problem go away when in fact the problem is still there looking at them from the other side of the wall.”

To an extent Gysi is right. Problem is that people like him believe that one should invite those on the other side of the wall in to destroy, steal, rape and murder what you have on your side of the wall. You cannot have that either. So what to do? How do you obtain true permanent peace with no walls?

I think we all know the answer to that question. We all know what needs to be done. The time has come to stop closing our eyes to the solution and just do it.