28 February 2017

Saying Goodbye to the Left

By Mike Smith
28th of February 2017

I’ve had a funny feeling towards libtards lately. Not sure what it is, because empathy, it is not...it is more a “facepalm” feeling of helplessness when you watch them fuck-up. It is like watching a bear climb up an electric pylon...ever higher; You know what is going to happen. You can see it coming a mile away and although you know it is not going to help, you still shout, you warn, but alas all you can do is wait for the flash, the smoke and watch the bear tumble to the ground. Facepalm headshaking moment.

Such a moment I had over the weekend when I saw the left from Tinsel Town in their yearly vainglorious circle jerk aka the Oscars...and they couldn’t even read the card with the correct winner properly. Face Palm, shaking head. I mean this is the stuff Zuma does, “Seventy Leventy” style and they wonder why nobody takes them seriously anymore.

Watching the Oscars and the repetitive, boring yakkity yak of leftist bullshit and anti Trump “political statements”, I thought to myself, “What a bunch of pathetic clowns...”

They elicited by me a spontaneous thought similar to watching the cadaveric spasms of a nest of dying flea-infested rats.

They have lost touch with reality. The world has passed them by during their La-la-land complacency. Like the bob on a gigantic pendulum the world has reached the amplitude of its left leaning period and is now starting to swing to the right with a mighty destructive force and like the tiny flees on a sixties hippie, the just awoken left is desperately trying to cling to the weight; desperately trying to hold it back...one can almost feel sorry for them, because they are just going to be dragged along and smashed together with all their bullshit ideals, experiments and other houses of cards like “multiculturalism”, “political correctness”, “cultural relativism”, “ racial egalitarianism” and of course...that evil empire of the Union of Soviet Socialist European Republics.

The European Union is falling apart, the Rainbow Nation at the tip of Africa is falling apart…where are the libtards going to run to?

Nevertheless, for the moment they are still screaming and kicking, but it has a negative effect. Instead of sympathy they just get scorn. Instead of being taken seriously people laugh in their faces.

People see their infantile tirades against President Trump daily on television, hear them on the radio, see the shit they write in the biased, leftist newspapers and the revulsion for the nauseating, lying left’s behaviour is growing by the day. They are being ignored and shunned like a spoiled and squealing four year old with soiled pants.

Everything Trump has said about the media so far is true. They are indeed a bunch of lying, manipulating and dishonest scumbags. Nobody trusts them anymore. Daily people point out their dishonesty, leftist bias and hypocrisy. Problem is they still think they can get away with it and why not? They have been getting away with it for the last five, six decades. Now that they have become the stale victims of their own unprincipled behaviour, they want to cry.

However watching them stuff up more and more every day is actually tragic and comical at the same time. It is like you wanted to help them and give them advice, but alas...the bear just keeps on climbing.

Of course they are now looking for the evil Boogie Man

“It is Putin”, they shout…”Steve Bannon”, “Robert Mercer”, “Breitbart”, yakkiti-yak…yeah, yeah…whatever.

For years when the right pointed to the very real left wing agenda in politics, the media and the academia, they called us “conspiracy theorists”. Now who are the conspiracy theorists?

At least ours were not theories, but facts. Today we are still waiting for their "facts" about Russian intervention, blah, blah....

We, on the other hand,  refuted all their junk and bullshit theories with hard and undeniable facts. Blogs like mine had to fight tooth and nail against the daily stream of billionaire funded leftist psyops with no budget of our own and just sacrificing our time and personal lives. Now, finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel; a light radiating and emanating from the burning corpses of the malign leftist media and raving prevaricators of the leftist academic world.

All I can say is I hope they cherish their phony pictures and articles from over the years. I hope they bathe themselves in the former glory of their lies and I truly hope they had the time of their lives, because the world is changing rapidly and it’s not going to be gentle on them. As Shakespeare said in Troilus and Cressida: “I couldn't be more glad to see the back of them, good riddance I say. Goodbye and good riddance!”

23 February 2017

The reverse gear mind of the progressive libtard

By Mike Smith
23rd of February 2017

About three weeks ago on the 30th of January the leftist South African government and general leftist libtards and usufull idiots from across the racial and religious spectrum of the fucked up leftist Rainbow Utopia, added their screeching voices to the international outrage over President Donald Trump’s executive order that banned travellers and immigrants from seven Muslim countries from entering the US.

SA ire at US travel ban

Yet again the Left the world over conveniently suffered from historical amnesia and forgot how they used to put travel bans on their own citizens in countries like East Germany, Cuba, North Korea, etc and are still maintaining those travel bans to this day.

Under the Hukou system of Communist China, people cannot even travel freely from the farm to the city and need government permission to do so.

They complain about Trump building a wall, but forget their own Berlin Wall they erected. Anybody trying to migrate from the Socialist Utopia of East Germany was summarily shot and in Berlin there is a memorial to these poor souls whose only wish of escaping the epitome of leftist junk rule, was met with a death sentence at the Wall. Victims of the Berlin Wall Memorial

In the Muslim countries that Trump mentioned, there are draconian travel bans on women. Women aren’t even allowed to own passports, drive a car or go to the shops without the permission of a man.

Our very own ANC government chooses to forget how they put travel bans on their supporters and prevented their own members from escaping their hell camps like Quatro in Angola, but choose to remember the pass laws of Apartheid that required blacks to carry travel documentation so one could distinguish between our own blacks and foreign blacks, basically to protect the jobs of our own blacks.

However the left will never admit to these facts, because if they do there hypocritical bullshit fantasy world will come crashing down.. Worse is that they choose to completely ignore it, because as Dr. Jamie Glasov says in his book, “United in Hate”, “the left never looks back”. All their mistakes, all their genocides are brushed over and excused with, “It’s in the past, we are talking about now.”

Be it as it may, the Left still continuously and hypocritically denies what is ACTUALLY happening in these totalitarian societies they so worship.

On the one hand they will pose as the champions of gay rights and women’s rights, but will ally themselves with the barbaric deniers of these rights such as the Castro regime and extremist Muslim societies the world over. Castro literally murdered thousands of gays.

In 1965, the Castro regime established prison work camps known as Military Units to Aid Production (UMAP), where homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other “undesirable” peoples deemed out of line with the Communist ideology were forcefully sent. There were thought to be 200 such camps across Cuba until their abolition in 1968. Reports from those who experienced the era say that police would also round people up on the streets, targeting men who looked “effeminate” or like “hippies”. This is how Fidel Castro persecuted gay people

Yet when Castro died, the left were in mourning for weeks over their tyrannical father-god, the South African ANC regime, named no less than four streets (Pretoria, Cape Town, Ladysmith and Klerksdorp) as well as the Limpopo Health Department after him. There is also a street and a school in Windhoek, Namibia named after him.

The left also prefer to ignore the hundred thousand Cubans in Miami who fled Castro’s regime and all voted for Trump, not for the Satanic Communist whore Hillary Clinton.

One can also see this leftist hypocrisy with the current wave of Xenophobic violence in South Africa where local blacks (as in 2008 and 2010) are driving out, beating and killing foreign blacks from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Somalia, etc.

Just a month after white Cape Town women marched against Trump …The only people who marched against the xenophobic violence in South Africa were the black foreigners and victims on the receiving end of the wrath of their fellow black Africans from South Africa.

Where are all the white South African Libtards with their pink beanies now marching against the current black on black xenophobia we have seen the last few days?

In fact tomorrow on Friday the 24th of February, these immigrant hating Kaffirs from South African are planning a march against illegal black immigrants from the rest of Africa, yet they have no problem with the illegal black immigration of blacks into Europe…and the silence of the Left is deafening. Planned black against black immigrant march condemned by Institute for Justice and Reconciliation

These libtards with their constant hypocrisy and double standards make me sick.

It is sometimes very difficult for ordinary people to grasp the mindset of the average Libtard like the “pink pussy cap” wearing LWB’s who are against Trumps travel ban, but with their silence, condone the xenophobia of the South African Noble Savage…or how they can one moment support and fight for human rights in their own societies, but support rival societies where these human rights get trampled on like in Europe where they support the flooding of their own societies by the rival and evil extremist Muslim societies.

How does one understand libtards clapping hands and rejoicing when the planes flew into the World Trade Centres? Whichever conspiracy theory you believe in or not and who actually did it, the Left essentially rejoiced the destruction of their own society.

How does one explain thousands of white European libtards inviting in, smuggling in, feeding and clothing the very extremist societies who want to destroy them, rape their women and slit their throats in the name of their god and his prophet?

Or how does one understand the likes of Helen Zille, Nadine Gordimer and Helen Suzman...how they could be against the system of Apartheid in their own country, but never mentioned the gender Apartheid in Arab countries or the abominable caste system of India?

At the root of the LWB’s affinity to these destroyers of their own societies are a terrible self hatred and a desire to destroy themselves. A lusting for her own self extinction.

These insecure, character-flawed Liberal White Bitches, Feminazis, Leftist Useful Idiots (I include the limp wristed male bitches here) are tortured daily by feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

They feel as if they do not fit into their own societies and cannot contribute to their own societies. In fact they simply feel USELESS, because they ARE useless. They feel as if their own societies hate them. So they withdraw themselves and start acting indignant towards their own societies. This leads to a downward spiral where their societies shun them and they become even more antagonistic toward their own people, ad infinitum.

Because they are failed individuals who failed to rise to the challenges of secular modernity, they start to live in a fantasy world, a fantasy Utopia where there are no social ills, no individuality and where they have many “friends” who accept them and with whom they hold hands, sing Kumbaya all day and hug trees… but in reality they have no real personal friendships and the few friends they do have are only so, because they share a common bond of uselessness, the same feelings of rejection and antagonism to their societies.

They become convinced that it is incumbent upon society, and not them, to imbue their miserable lives with purpose and instead of looking at their own inadequacies and inabilities to deal with the complexities and opportunities of a white western capitalist democratic system, they see this society as “evil” for not accepting them.

They are normally from a materialistic and privileged background and suffer from guilt feelings and undeservedness and look for a “faith” to redeem themselves and in which they can repay their Karmic debt, but the libtard “progressive” religion is an earthly one that resembles a mutated carbon copy of the Judeo Christian imagery. Socialism’s secular Utopian vision, writes Jamie Glasov, “includes a fall from an ideal collective brotherhood, followed by a journey through a valley of oppression and injustice and then ultimately a road to redemption.”

To counteract the humiliation of his alienation and rejection, the libtard develops a God complex and an attitude of moral superiority. He knows something that ordinary human beings do not. He is above normal human desires and affairs. He becomes the self appointed moral antennae of the human race.

Like a modern day Jesus the libtard identifies with the imaginary poor in his own society, the suffering of the downtrodden victims of the Western capitalist system and they somehow become his personal business. HE is their saviour. Yet at the same time he is utterly indifferent and completely blind to the real suffering of victims of the tyrannical regimes he so glorifies.

Another major irritation for the anger filled and permanently gloomy Libtard is the presence of “Happy people”. No matter how comfortable and joyful life in a free society might truly be, he rationalizes and convinces himself that they are victims of Western society’s brainwashing. In other words they only “think” they are happy, but in reality they are not. They are suffering from a false consciousness instilled in them by the evil Western World and they can only be liberated from this mental enslavement by the revolution and rebellion against society the libtard has appointed himself to lead.

Leftist claim to be champions of social justice, but it is a selective social justice where they keep their own societies to a higher standard than that of the Noble Savages they so love.

Where the rival society is always good, their own society is always bad and responsible for all kinds of wrongs such as women’s rights, homophobia, gender inequality, environmental indifference, etc. but not because they really give a damn about these social justice issues...because they don’t; as we have seen, these are normally FAR worse in the rival African or Muslim societies they support, but because the rival society wants to destroy the society that does not accept them. They simply worship all the adversarial cultures their own societies disapprove of and fears.

To them the tyrannical extremist regimes or societies that wants to destroy their “evil” society is not just the lesser of two evils, they are outright heroes that can do no wrong. In fact the evil they do is what attracted the libtard in the first place. It is the exact evil he/she wants to meet out against the society that alienated him, the society he now hates, but is too cowardly to do himself.

Ultimately these Leftist libtards have a death wish. They hate themselves and want to destroy themselves, but before doing so they want to take revenge on the society that rejected them and made them such hateful beings.

This brings us to another contradiction and the hypocrisy of the leftist or idiotic libtard who always talk about “Love” and “Peace”, but are filled with hate and wage relentless war on anyone not agreeing with them.

As their leftist hero and god Ché Guevara said, “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate” and “My friends are only my friends as long as they agree with me”.

In fact Libtards are convinced that they love humanity as a whole, but it is an imagined love at a distance with imaginary friends, because in reality they are unable to form any meaningful love bonds on a personal level.

The other day way had St Valentines Day. A day where couples celebrate their personal love for each other…A day that LWB extraordinaire and militant feminazi Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues) turned into V-Day - Violence against women day…A day of gross generalization and a mass indictment of and hatred towards men.

In an interview with William Plummer of “People” said Ensler about her fucked-up childhood and retreat into her own fantasy world where she had a vegetable fetish and created a fantasy characters with intimate relations to an eggplant…”I was very sad, very angry, very defiant. I was the girl with the dirty hair. I didn’t fit in anywhere.”Source

Of course Ensler’s biggest fan is that Communist whore and Black Panther mattress, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda who states in her biography, “My life so far” that as a child, she suffered from a poor self image and lack of confidence in her appearance. Her mother committed suicide on her 42nd birthday by slitting her own throat. Jane Fonda was only 12 at the time.

Instead of individual love between couples, leftist promote a beastly “Free Love” and sexual orgies and follow the ideals of the mother of the 60’s sexual revolution, the bisexual Margeret Mead who saw the promiscuous sexual attitude of the Polynesian Noble Savage (who also practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice) as the ideal and not the conservative White Western Christian way.

But even that view was flawed. Her bullshit book “Coming of Age in Samoa” (1928) which she wrote when she was only 24, became the Hippy Bible, but is based on almost pure fantasy as the New Zealand anthropologist Derek Freeman pointed out.

Mead had very little understanding of Samoan culture and she couldn’t even spell the Samoan words correctly. Freeman’s research stretched over four decades. He taught at the University of Samoa and Samoans themselves who have read Mead’s book, dismissed it as rubbish and a misrepresentation of their culture. He also interviewed the women she originally interviewed who admitted they were just pulling her leg and having fun with her naiveté about their culture, but when he tried to publish his finding in 1971, his manuscript was rejected by leftist American publishers. For decades afterwards and to this day these leftists try to discredit his work and push Margeret Mead’s idealistic fantasies to the fore.

Yet at the same time the Western Leftists ignore the puritanical sexual repression and outright war on sexuality in the totalitarian societies they so glorify. In Stalinist Russia sexual pleasure was portrayed as unsocialist and counterrevolutionary. Mao Tse-tung introduced the unisex “Mao suit” and Islamist societies cover their people in layers of cloth.

It is an artificial and unnatural enforced sameness with the imperative to erase attractions between private citizens. Normal sexual human beings are reduced to obedient desexualised robots.

However it does not help to point these things out to the libtard. To the Leftist idiot, this denial of the truth and dismissal of presented facts become a life and death struggle. Everything is at stake when his political or social reality is confronted. If he admits that he was wrong, admits the truth, he will admit that his entire life was wasted on bullshit beliefs. He has no other choice but to keep on lying to himself, keep on denying and keep on dismissing.

Nevertheless the manner in which the Libtard pseudo “intellectuals” idealize the Noble Savage is a crucial lens through which to observe how the libtard is not “progressive” at all, but backwards.

They long and dream of the reversal of civilisation and a return to the stone age. They long back for the purity and innocence of childhood and becoming a child again where they will be taken care of by a father-god who has everything under control and can make all the decisions for them. Ultimately they long for a submission to a tyrant father-god who has power to destroy the evil monsters under their beds, their evil societies that have alienated and caused them so much pain, torment and suffering. A father-god that can reverse the love between two individuals and the sexual act that gave birth to their miserable lives and finally remove their souls, erase them again and relieve them from the pain of living a life in an evil world they did not want to be in and a life they did not want to live in the first place.

17 February 2017

Just a rational thought on rationality

By Mike Smith
17th of February 2017

I can fully understand how two rational people can have two different opinions about a subject. I mean people have different upbringings, different religions and value systems, different levels of education; they have read different books, seen different places and experienced different things. So naturally they are going to have different opinions.

Now when two such rational, logical people meet, keep open minds and exchange their ideas and share their experiences with each other, surely the point will come where they will have the same shared mental model and agree on the logic and the rationality.

The prerequisite is the logical, analytical, and rational open mind and the willingness to see it from the other person’s perspective. So when all these factors come together, two rational people will disregard the illogical and irrational and what will remain will be the truth and therefore there can be no other alternative than a mutual agreement.

Based on the new knowledge, the irrefutable evidence and the proof the rational person MUST change his point of view. If he refuses, he is lying to himself and being irrational.

However, we know that with the leftists libtards, it does not work like that.

One of the first things you notice when dealing with a libtard is the “hands-over-the-ears-eyes-wide-shut-head-in-the-sand” phenomenon.

No matter how much evidence and proof you put in front of the libtard, he/she refuses like a stubborn donkey to see the light.

Take me at the age of 19 for instance. Based on my upbringing, my value system, my limited education and a fair dose of youthful naiveté…I was a liberal, but as I educated myself, travelled, spoke to people and made some discoveries and experiences, my points of view changed.

As I have mentioned before… I, at one stage, converted to Islam for an entire year, because in my youthful naiveté, I also believed the bullshit propaganda that Islam is a religion of peace.

However I completely indulged myself into Islam, studied everything I could find about it and went to the Mosque during Maghrib every single day where I listened to the Imam’s, the Maulanas, etc.

One of the first things I discovered was why Muslims are Muslims. It is because 99% of Muslims know next to nothing about their own religion. They never read the Quran, the Sunnah or Hadith, the Kitabs, etc…So therefore they are mostly ignorant and simply believe what they get told stands in there (which is mostly made up by the Imams).

Now I sat there on the carpets of various mosques all over the world and listened how these Imams NEVER told us about the beauty and peacefulness of Islam. All I heard day after day was what scum Christians are for eating pork and drinking wine and how evil Jews are.

This goes out into their daily lives where they will smile to Christians, but in their hearts there is total disgust for the filthy scummy Christians. Oh yeah and Christian women are all whores who love getting raped and should never be married.

Like I said I managed to hold out for a year when I realized that Islam was not for me. Once I discovered what the religion was all about from the inside and I have seen and lived the evidence, I as a rational, logical person had no other choice, but to reject it.

What I cannot understand is the following:

There is so much evidence out there. In Germany they dish out the Quran free on the street. All people have to do is read it.

The oppression of women in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, etc is quite common knowledge. The public beheadings and amputations by sword in these countries are common knowledge and can be seen on YouTube. The attacks of Muslims on Christians on Madrid trains in 2004, in Paris November 2015, the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January of the same year, the truck attacks in Nice and Berlin and the more than 1000 white Christian women, sexually attacked in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 are all REAL incidents. It is not “Fake News”.

However, despite all this evidence, you still have thousands of White Europeans, especially women, who welcome these people in...WHY?

Look at the television and see how white people demonstrate against President Trump and welcome these Islamists into the USA after he banned them for their own safety. They never demonstrate against the cruelty and inhumanity of Islam, yet their placards tell of how racist and inhumane Trump is.
Sorry...I cannot for the hell of me understand it. How can any rational, logical person, after seeing all this evidence, still want these people into their countries? Look at Europe and how white Europeans after everything that has happened in the past 15 years or so, still welcome these people in. The only conclusion one can come to is that these people are not rational, logical beings. They need to be locked up for their own safety and that of others.

You have the same thing in Germany for instance when it comes to the topic of the former GDR/DDR (Former Communist East Germany). You mention to them and point out their own experiences to them, yet there are still people who defend it. Seemingly intelligent people.

You say to them, “But look how you had to queue up for three hours to get strawberries and bananas, look how you had to wait ten/twelve years for a two-stroke shit Trabant car, how the government decided what you study where, how the state decided what music you could listen too and what dance you should dance to which tune (the Lipsi dance), how the jails were full of ideological enemies of the state, how thousands of people tried to flee East Germany, how the Stasi watched and listened to every single person’s most private and personal life…How can you still defend such a system?”

Then the answer comes, “Yes, but…It wasn’t all that bad. We had fun too. We had jobs, we had friends, we knew how to get bye...”

They had such a great time in the GDR that some of them want to rebuild the wall and border themselves off from the evil cold West.

And these are supposed to be rational and intelligent people? I don’t think so.

The Great South African War between the ANC and the Banking Cartel

By Mike Smith
17th of February 2017

One of the things that have always puzzled me was how the biggest Capitalists in the world could support the biggest Marxists.

Take Christian, White, Western orientated Apartheid South Africa for instance. Some of our biggest ANC supporters during Apartheid were the Western banks. Further…the biggest white western capitalist and democratic nations, who were supposedly in a “Cold War” with the Communists, were supporting our Marxist enemies against us.

With all the sanctions and boycotts against us we could deal, but Apartheid was only broken in 1985 once the banks like Chase Manhattan (David Rockefeller) and City Bank (CIA Front) stopped loans to South African companies and started calling in all short term loans.

Barclays disinvested and sold their shares to the Oppenheimers (Anglo American Corporation & De Beers) who then founded First National Bank whose original Logo of a Camel Thorn tree (Vachellia erioloba) against an African sunset hid a subliminal map of Africa, a rabbit (symbol of liberation) and an AK47. They changed the logo several times after people saw through their bullshit.

Nevertheless…Hardly was Apartheid gone or these banks fell over their feet to perversely please and pleasure their new Communist masters. ABSA, the former Broederbond Bank who has Broederbond owned Pierneef paintings hanging in its head office, appointed one ANC Communist and terrorist after the other to its management and got into bed with the Socialist grant system of the ANC called “AllPay”.

FNB sponsored the Homecoming Revolution, glorifying what a sterling job the ANC was doing and that those whites who have fled the de facto failed Black Communist one party state of SA should return and if the didn’t…well of course they must be “racists” then.

These banks like ABSA made fortunes out of the ANC’s theft and exploitation of the white taxpayers.

But then came the shock in 2012 that the ANC would change over the R10billion/month grants distributed to 17 million lazy and useless blacks from ABSA to American Net1 UEPS and their Cash Paymaster Services on 1 April 2017.

Till date nobody knows how the grants will be paid and everyone is expecting a disastrous meltdown when 17 million black South Africans on the dole are not going to get their money. I mean the first of April 2017 is only a month and a half away…There are going to be a lot of pissed off black April fools.

Of course the CEO of Net1, Serge Belamant, is a fraudster who faked his PhD and Net1 got the deal through fraudulent and corrupt empowerment dealings with the ANC

Nevertheless it was just one of the things that pissed ABSA bank off about the ANC. Another was the fact that the ANC’s pornographic bedfellows, the Guptas, were using ABSA (amongst others) as its personal washing machine to cleanse their dirty, slimy money.

Then in mid 2016, the four major banks in SA shunned the Guptas, and the ANC flew into a raging fit. Suddenly all you heard coming from the ANC was “White Monopoly Capital” this and “White Monopoly Capital” that….and a lot of threats by the ANC to destroy the Banks.

A salvo was fired across the bow of ABSA when the new Public Protector and ANC mattress, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, reported that ABSA had benefitted from an unlawful apartheid-era bailout from the SA Reserve Bank when it bought Bankorp in 1992 and demanded that they pay back R2.25 Billion to the current ANC government.

Like that was going to happen…

On the 26th of January 2017 hundreds of blacks from the filthy ANC Youth League stormed into and occupied ABSA bank in Durban to stink it out. Typical strong-arm, intimidation bullshit from the ANC.

The arrogant ANC then followed it up with allegations that the SA banks were all colluding with foreign banks (Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Rothschilds, etc) to fix the Rand currency. Probably true…

Standard Bank‚ Absa face prosecution‚ huge fines over price fixing allegations

Sixteen local and international banks face collusion fines

Bank price fixers must be punished for their 'unbridled greed‚' says National Treasury

ANC challenges 'monopolistic behaviour' of banks

Make no mistake, I am no friend of these banksters and former bedfellows of the ANC and the Guptas after how they helped to bring the Marxist terrorist ANC to power. As Richard Poplack said, “Since 2007, almost all of the big-name financial institutions in this country allegedly huddled together to rig the currency rate – so that they got richer, and South Africans got fucked.”

You just have to add up all your bank costs and commissions when changing foreign currency into Rands at ABSA or Bidvest and you will know just HOW you got fucked by the banks and agree with Poplack.

However, the relationships between the ANC and the Banks have soured. The love affair is over…There is not a shred of love lost between them and the ANC anymore. Problem is that the ANC, arrogant pricks that they are, think that they can win this battle. They are in for a big surprise.

DA spokesman on economic development, Michael Cardo, summed it up when he said:

“The fact is that there is a cabal of ANC ministers in the Cabinet‚ clustered around the Gupta-lackey‚ Mosebenzi Zwane‚ that wants to do battle with the banks‚ regardless of the economic fallout.”

What it means is that the ANC wants to destroy the banks and steal all the money and they don’t care if the country goes bankrupt or who dies of hunger when millions of blacks will be starving.

I am just worried what happens to the whites in this battle, because the African saying is that when two elephants go head to head it is the grass that suffers.

Personally, I don’t think the ANC will survive this battle. Going up against the World Banking Cartel is never a good idea. The Nats learned that lesson too.

I just wish some enterprising and entrepreneurial White South African would approach the banks with a REAL viable and long term solution….a business plan for the next 200 years if you like…

Oh look!…In fact I just happen to have exactly such a plan ready…In quite a lot of detail mind you. It involves a push to the equator and an ANC free Greater South Africa stretching to the banks of the Kunene and the Zambezi…I mean lots of diamonds and minerals in this area… Any banker wants to see my plan? Speak to me. I’m your man.

16 February 2017

Turning the tables on the champions of Fake News

Media manipulating a picture: The picture of Trump's crowd
taken much earlier than Obama's crowd and selling it
off as both taken at noon.
By Mike Smith
16th of February 2017

Fake News is not new. During Apartheid we grew up with international media manipulation; showing sleeping blacks in Joubert Park with whites walking past and selling to the world as dead black corpses and uncaring whites just walking past not giving a shit about poor dead people…throwing sweets in dustbins and letting black kids dig it out photographing them, etc…

Many years ago when I started activism against the ANC’s mismanagement I was interviewed by a young white libtard journalist of an Afrikaans newspaper and the article she published was completely out of context and reflected more her own ideas of what should be done in South Africa than my ideas and what I actually said.

I didn’t cry foul. Just took it on the chin, but when I got to the part where she called me gay, I decided to call them up. I made it quite clear that I didn’t mind gays that much (as long as they didn’t came on to me) but that I was actually hetero…VERY hetero. Proudly hetero…

They published a tiny correction on page two the next day, but the damage was done. The fake news was thrown and some stuck. I remember how I cut out that correction and how I kept it for eternity just in case I need it someday…Now I couldn’t give a flying toss.

Nevertheless, it gave me a good insight into how journalists can twist people’s words, leave important sections out, quote only what they want to quote, show only half of a picture…and outright LIE.

I was quite resentful after that experience. Never trusted a single MSM article after that ever again and never will. My own experience made me start to hate the lying bastards in the MSM who spread their liberal bullshit and poison in the world every day.

Those who have read my blog for many years will know how I have exposed their propaganda many times. How they will post a stock picture of a white man with a knife and a balaclava over his face when the crime was committed by a black man. How they would post pictures of white babies when in fact it was a black mother killing a black baby, etc…It was just sickening to watch how these prestitutes and whorenalists would carry on. In fact they are one of the main reasons why THIS blog exists. If only they told the truth, there would be no reason to comment at all.

However, what they did further, (News24, IOL, etc) was to close their comments section down to further manipulate public opinion. But as their bullshit and manipulation grew, so did the blogs and Tweets.

Suddenly they found themselves on the backfoot. So last year, 2016…they invented a new phrase: “Fake News”.

The definition of “Fake News” is: The truth the MSM does not want you to know.

See? The MSM wants to have the Monopoly on fake news…but the tables have turned and it could not have happened to a better bunch of NWO call girls than the bunch of MSM harlots in the South African media.

Now they want to cry foul How fake news works as political machinery to tarnish the integrity of journalists

Can a parasitic piece of lying lice shit have any “integrity”?

Look at this gem from their first lesson at journalist Kindergarten, “Apparently, lying is not illegal, if you haven’t taken an oath.”

Ja well...they know it better than anyone else.

There is the classic recent case of manipulation where President Trump was inaugurated and they showed the picture from early in the morning when not a lot of people were there yet and showed how few people came to Trump’s inauguration compared to Obama. Lying bastards changed the time on the picture.

Now you can read the article I have posted the link to and see how they insist and are adamant that “the news from the journalists was accurate”….Ja, ja...whatever. Bollocks!

But the best one is their advice on how to curb Fake News...”Don’t believe everything on the internet and on social media. Rather check with the traditional media, other tested sources.”

“Tested sources”... Yeah right, we tested you lot all right...and found you wanting.

Nevertheless, I will let the SA media and the ANC’s Guptastic and Zoomtific New Age and ANN7 fight it out for championship title of Masters of Fake News in the Run up to the ANC’s elective conference in December 2017.

My readers know where to find the truth.

We will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER forget Bloukrans

“Dis bloed, dis mensebloed!
Dis die lewensbloed wat hierdie oord
Se bossie-wortels voed!”

C. Louis Leipoldt (Afrikaans Poet)
The Bloukrans Monument

By Mike Smith

16th of February 2017

For those who do not know the history, here is a start:

The Bloukrans (Weenen) massacre of 16/17 February 2017

On the side of the Voortrekkers, 41 men, 56 women and 185 children as well as about 250 coloured and Sotho workers were killed.

Let it be a lesson for all eternity. In South Africa, as long as you have these bastards around you will never be able to relax, never be able to sleep properly.

Stuff reconciliation. It is time to take a Second Vow. Onthou Bloukrans. Onthou Bloedrivier. Onthou die Kerkstraat bom.

Bloukrans and Moordspruit: The Greatest nightmare in the History of South Africa, 16th of February 1838

One of my previous posts about Weenen

15 February 2017

Demented Wigger rejected by her beloved shitskins

Anita Ronge

By Mike Smith
15th of February 2017

One of the most boring statements I always hear from the Kaffir community is that “Whites should integrate into the new South Africa or Fuck-Off back to Europe”.

I mean you always hear how whites are accused of “racism” and not wanting to integrate, blah, blah, boring blah.

What exactly blacks mean with “integrate” is not clear, because every time some liberal twat attempts to “integrate” he or she is slagged off by the black community.

We have seen this with Auntie Helen Zille, her sidekick Athol Trollip and even with their Communist God, Ronnie Kasrils.

Ironically it seems as if the more they do for blacks, the more they try to integrate and the more they try to Kaffirize themselves…the more they get accused of “Racism”.

So why not just admit it like on Alcoholics Anonymous? “Hello, my name is Mike. I am a racist.”

Chorus from fellow racists: “Helloooo Mikeeee”.

Anita Ronge aka Kasi Mlungu
Take the strange case of Afrikaans FHM bird and wigger Anita Ronge also known as “DJ The DutchAz” aka “Kasi Mlungu”.

According to her she is a "black person trapped in white skin".

Kasi Mlungu is proudly black

Poor thing is a perfect example of a deluded Libtard with a severe case of identity crisis and a tad of schizophrenia thrown in.

Problem is that blacks despise her Wannabe Blackness: Kasi Mlungu gets thrashed for making money off black culture

Blacks are saying…"Black people are jailed, shot at, caged, placed in coffins for being black," but Kasi Mlungu "tweets to earn the same respect,".

See? If you are black and you have not been jailed, shot at, caged, placed in coffins, etc…you are not black…which is about 99% of blacks in South Africa.

Anita does point out a very important thing at the end of the one article where she says; "What is wrong with me adopting African culture, something that is ours, that is local and proudly South African?

Foh Shizzle my Nizzle
"If you look at a lot of the people who were commenting they would have pictures of Beyoncé and that is appropriation of Western culture. If you can adopt Western culture, why can't I adopt African culture?" she asked.

Anita doesn’t get it. Blacks are the most racist pieces of shit alive.

It is OK for them to adopt white western clothes, cars, cell phone technology and computers…but boy do you as a white person just dares to adopt a single crumb of their blackness then you are “stealing their dignity.”

It is like they own their blackness through their birthright, but you don’t own your whiteness through your birthright. They are entitled to whatever is yours, but you cannot get anything from them.

Not that I want to. Like I said: I want nothing from them. To me they have become invisible a long time ago.

Tja...Once you go black...The white man don't want you back.
I also reject white idiots like Anita Ronge. She nailed her colours to the mast. She must now fuckoff to the township and go live there amongst the filth and savagery. Don’t come back. Enjoy.

Homo Sacer - Should we privately outlaw farm murderers?

By Mike Smith
15th of February 2017

End of last year the cowardly scumbag Svetoslav Stoykov kicked an unsuspecting German woman in the back down a flight of stairs in a Berlin train station. She broke her arm and had to be treated in hospital.

Svetoslav Stoykov kicks woman down stairs

At first the leftist media were out in full force and without a shred of evidence made sure they got the first blow in by blaming it on “rightwingers” kicking a Syrian refugee out of hatred, because she was wearing a headscarf.

Turned out the woman was German and the “headscarf” was a hoodie from her jacket and although the media called him a Bulgarian, technically correct, because he carried a Bulgarian passport, he is actually an ethnic Gypsy and NOT a Bulgarian. He lived in the Gypsy ghetto of Maksuda in Varna, Bulgaria with his parents-in-law. He is married with three sons between ten and six and has several criminal violations on his record in Bulgaria.

Normal Bulgarians were disgusted when they found out that the German media referred to this cowardly piece of trash as Bulgarian. You can see the video below.

Nevertheless, the police couldn’t find the perpetrator at first, because he fled to France to stay with relatives in Nice and it looked like the story would just die and wither away…as usual.

However, one man would not let go. The bodyguard, security specialist and former kickboxing champion Michael Kuhr who worked with Charlize Theron, Lady Gaga, Sean Penn, etc. was determined that this bastard should be found and opened a bounty on the head of Svetoslav Stoykov.

Now, it has to be said that Germany is a "constitutional and legal state" in the sense of Emanuel Kant’s “Rechtsstaat” where the constitution and the rule of law rein supreme and Michael Kuhr is a big proponent of close cooperation with the police and against vigilantism, but in this case it had the desired effect.

Suddenly every single German was on the lookout for Svetoslav Stoykov and it was just a matter of time before he was found. A few weeks later he was returning to Berlin on a bus with his wife and complained about other people’s cell phones threatening to kick them down the stairs like he kicked the girl in Berlin, but didn’t know that the bus driver was a Bulgarian who understood every word. The bus driver quietly alerted the police and Stoykov was arrested when he stepped off the bus. He didn’t resist.

Nevertheless, it made me think about our situation in South Africa and all the farm murders. How would it be if someone started a bounty pool where we can all chip into and every time a white farmer or his wife are attacked, tortured and murdered we declare the bastards outlaws and set a bounty on their heads…Dead or alive…doesn’t matter.

In a historical sense, being Outlawed meant that anybody anywhere could hunt the bastards down and shoot them like dogs. In Roman Law it is known as Homo sacer ...it was considered worse than a death penalty, because from that day onwards that you are outlawed you will not know rest and peace until the day you die.

Now imagine if we extend Homo Sacer to corrupt politicians…Wouldn’t that bring an immediate stop to corruption? Just a thought.

Nevertheless, we live in a country where the law-abiding citizens live in constant fear and the murdering, criminal scum walk free. I would say it is about time we turn the tables.

14 February 2017

Giant statue of Zuma to be erected

By Mike Smith

14th of February 2017

It has come to my attention that the useless ANC wants to erect a giant statue of Jacob Zuma in Groot Marico in the Western Transvaal.

Now I know that Jacob Zuma is a “Groot”…, but a “Groot Wat”?

As usual the ANC cannot come up with any new things. They have no initiative. There is already a giant statue of Zuma made from red Verona marble at the Eberhard Karls University, in Tübingen, Germany.

You can see it over here: Pi-Chacán

Romanian “protests”- the revolution the left is wishing away

THIS is how you get rid of a corrupt government

By Mike Smith

14th of February 2017

End of last year the Romanian people voted for the Social Democrats (they must have rocks for brains) and hardly were these leftist assholes sworn in or protests erupted from the very people who voted them into power who now want them out again.

The reason was that the new Grindeanu government (headed by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu) wanted to pass some laws that would effectively put government officials above prosecution for corruption and decriminalizing certain acts of corruption. Further, those already under investigation for corruption would be pardoned and the reason for it…that the prisons are overfull.

Now I have another (far better) solution for corrupt politicians than a stinking prison, but it involves a blindfold a white wall and a firing squad. Prison is far too easy and gentle for these scumbags.

Nevertheless it resulted in a serious of daily/nightly protests which I have been following since it started in January, because as you know I am a keen student of revolutions and especially Gene Sharp’s techniques of non-violent revolution.

What we have been seeing are protests growing daily and getting louder and louder. It started with about 5000 protestors and within a week it grew to 600,000. All textbook Gene Sharp stuff.

The effect was that the government already withdrew the proposed legislation, tried “Rent-a-crowd” counter demonstrations and is now calling out a referendum, all to stem the tide of revolution that the leftist world media are not recognizing as a revolution…yet. They hope it is going to wither away by not giving it any media coverage, but Social media is on the side of the protestors. Last time these amounts of demonstrators were seen in Romania was in 1989 when the Hungarian minority in Romania initiated the revolution that got rid of the Communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu. Not even his hated brutal secret police the Securitate could protect him. Like so many of these scumbags him and his whore wife Elena tried to flee from the rooftop with a helicopter but were caught, tried by a drumhead court-martial and shot like dogs.

For 42 years the Romanian people tolerated brutal Communist rule and all it took was a Hungarian Reformed Church Minister, László Tőkés, to wake Romanians up about their human rights and all hell broke loose.

Bear in mind that the Hungarian minority only makes up 1.2 million of about 20 million people in Romania.

And then they say one man…a minority…cannot start a revolution. Bullshit.

Now imagine the glorious day when we will be able to watch how Zuma and his wives try to flee from the rooftops of Nakandla or Luthuli House and get the Ceaușescu treatment.

13 February 2017

The sickening corruption with the ANC’s land games

Corrupt scumbag Gugile stiNkwinti

By Mike Smith
13th of February 2017

It is just bloody horrendous you know…the way the disgusting ANC carries on stealing taxpayer’s money, stealing productive farms in the name of “Land restitution”, etc…

I cringe every time I have to use that word so loved by the ANC, “restitution”, because the definition of “restitution” is “the restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner” as if whites stole their farms from blacks.

What utter rubbish especially when one considers that the real thieves are the ANC.

Take the case of the Bekendvlei Farm in Northern Transvaal near Nylstroom (I have decided that from 2017 I would refuse to use any new Kaffir names for any of our streets, towns, airports and provinces and when I do…asseblief tree my aan.)

That fugly ANC Land Reform Minister, Gugile Nkwinti, bought a 7000 ha white owned farm that had no land claim on it with R97 million of the taxpayer’s money and “restituted” it to his two buddies in the ANC who had no ancestral claim to the land whatsoever…and asked a R2 million bribe for it to boot…sorry, "facilitation fee" as he shamelessly admitted.

His two mates Errol Velile Present and Moses Boshomane then ran the farm into the ground, sold 3,000 cattle, worth almost R18-million as well as sold all the machinery and tractors back to the dealers and never paid the 31 black workers for five months despite getting an additional R30-million for machinery, salaries and construction from the department of Land Reform which they claimed had to be used for “reconstruction” on a perfectly well run and profitable and beautiful farm.

Further…Despite having an agreement with the farm’s former white owner to serve as a mentor, these thieving bastards appointed the farm’s truck driver, a certain “Doctor Bavu”, as a mentor, despite the man's "lack of understanding and experience" in farming and made him a co-signatory for the recapitalisation funding bank account and made him sign check after check without him having a cooking clue what he was signing and what the money was used for.

Hey? Exploiting innocent black ignorance. These scumbags simply have no morals whatsoever. They will steal food from their own grandmothers.

This just shows how theseANC fat cats and unscrupulous bastards would steal money from poor black farm workers on minimum wage and use them to steal and defraud the taxpayers out of more money. To them it doesn’t matter if the farm workers go hungry or the entire country go hungry due to farms being destroyed. All they are interested in is enriching themselves

After auditors Deloitte recommended criminal charges being brought the department suddenly put the farm under new management in 2014 and it has now been returned to its former glory after it was virtually destroyed and robbed into bankruptcy... The farm now breeds livestock that include cattle, goats and sheep and grows various vegetables. It also has a game farm that runs impala, kudu and other game. It won an award for best supplier to a fruit and vegetable producer in December.

As for Gugile stiNkwinti and his cronies...Scot free of course.

10 February 2017

Zuma’s SONA 2017 – A summary of ANC fuck-ups and incompetence

By Mike Smith

10th of February 2017

As you know, every year I have to sit through Umsholozi Showerhead’s bullshit and hold back the involuntary retching contractions as my esophageal sphincter gags and on every sentence the idiot utters trying to prevent me from emesitically exploding all over my TV screen.

Shit job, but somebody has to do it.

Read the full SONA 2017 here

Again as usual it is not what the President (yours not mine) said and promised, but reading between the lines of Commie Speak and that matters.

If you ignore the petulant and clown like shenanigans of the EFF pissing about the house, everything Mr. Joculator Supreme said is just a summary of ANC fuckups and a bunch of empty promises to fix it.

What you need to ask is how did we get to this stage in the first place?

Take the maths and science problem of our kids in the schools.

The WEF’s Global Information Technology Report 2015 ranked SA’s mathematics and science education quality lower than Angola, the Dominican Republic, and Mozambique.

South African mathematics, science education ranked worst in the world

South Africa also finished close to last – 139 out of 143 countries – when looking at the overall quality of its education system.

There…Apartheid education totally exonerated.

To think that the black children rioted against Apartheid education; an education system comparable to the best in the world that delivered world class doctors, engineers, architects, etc, etc…But now? The worst education system in the world courtesy of the ANC and nobody is rioting? WTF?

No…Zuma promised to fix it, fix what they fucked up in the first place and you actually have idiots believing that he can and are going to. They must have rocks for brains if they think the ANC is capable of fixing anything. In fact I cringe every time Zuma or the ANC mention that they are going to fix something, because it would be better if they rather sat on their hands and touched nothing. Everything they touch is always a monumental fuckup.

The entire health system is a disaster. This past week the whole western world heard of the mental health scandal in South Africa when almost 100 patients died, because the ANC contracted their care out to BEE idiots who had no proper facilities or the necessary know-how to care for such people, but cashed billions.

…But hey…don’t worry…Zuma is going to fix it! National Health Insurance is their flagship project that is aimed at moving South Africa towards Universal Health Coverage. The NHI will be implemented in a 14 year period in three phases.

The last few hospitals will go bankrupt and the few remaining doctors and nurses will emigrate. That is how the ANC will “Fix” the health care they stuffed up.

Like he is going to fix the crime and corruption. Like he is going to fix the drought. Empty rhetoric and promises.

The ANC has a “Water Leaks Programme”.

Burst pipes and free flowing water in the townships are causing the drought. The dams are empty…Enters “Job creation” ANC style:

“Ten thousand unemployed youth are being trained as plumbers, artisans and water agents. More will be recruited this year to reach the total of fifteen thousand.”

Meanwhile in the white suburbs the people aren’t even allowed to water their lawns or wash their cars.

The Navy in Simons Town is in a mess. The technical staff and the engineers who kept the vessels afloat are long gone. Resigned. Pushed out to make way for incompetent BEE and Kaffirmative Action idiots. The Naval dockyard is a shadow of its former self. So now they want to get the technical staff from Denel to come and fix their vessels and other stuff-ups, obviously at great cost. They want the 50 odd Denel scientists and engineers working at IMT to bail them out. The Navy has no long term strategy to cope with the shortage of technical staff. It takes about ten years to train ONE Chief Engineer. These guys do not simply fall out of the sky. Where are they going to get them from? I’ll tell you where. Those big palm trees on the Cape Parade…they will send some Munt to go shake those trees and streams of engineers will fall out.

Zuma is going to help the farmers. He said R2.5bn was made available for the provision of livestock feed, water infrastructure, drilling, equipping and refurbishment of boreholes, auction sales and other interventions.

Perfectly well run productive farms of whites that the ANC took over and gave to blacks who ruined it.

R500m would also be made available to distressed farmers to manage their credit facilities and support with soft loans.

Tja…a bottomless black pit of incompetence, racking up debt and throwing the taxpayer’s money down it.

7 million blacks now have electricity that they don’t pay for and are fully subsidized by the white taxpayers.

One set of promises you can hold him to is his “Nine point plan” …”to reignite growth so that the economy can create much-needed jobs.”

No Communist piece of shit has ever grown or created anything. All they can do is destroy. They cannot and have never created jobs. In ANC vocabulary it means taking jobs from competent hard working whites, Indians and coloureds and giving it to incompetent lazy blacks.

According to Zuma, “White households earn at least five times more than black households, according to Statistics SA.”

And this is where the more clear cut Commie speak came out with bollocks like, “Political freedom alone is incomplete without economic emancipation”….and …” It is inconceivable for liberation to have meaning without a return of the wealth of the country to the people as a whole”.

Of course “The People” means the Communists and ANC scum. “Economic emancipation” means taking the last cent from whites. “Liberation” means the last white person has left the country. The REAL people (blacks) are just there as expendable puppets to help them steal everything.

Continues Zuma… “To allow the existing economic forces to retain their interests intact is to feed the roots of racial supremacy and exploitation, and does not represent even the shadow of liberation” ….and they want to “de-racialise the ownership of the mining industry.”

There you have it…Pure Commie Speak for “Rich whites will have to give up their shit or we take it by force”…because “De-racialisation” always means getting rid of the white race.

Here is more, “It is therefore a fundamental feature of our strategy that victory must embrace more than formal political democracy; and our drive towards national emancipation must include economic emancipation.”

Say what??? “Embrace more than formal political democracy”??? “start a new chapter of radical socio-economic transformation”…???

In Commie Speak this means, “Fuck democracy and the constitution, we will use force to take what we want.”

On the Land issue… They are going to use the Expropriation Act and the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Act to steal more white land without compensation.

What is most upsetting is the pathetically cowardly farmers and their 50-50 programme BULLSHIT. The farmers think that they can hang on to half by giving away half instead of losing everything. They are going to lose everything in any case. Noseriously these farmers must have rocks for brains.

Said Zuma…“Going forward, government will continue to implement other programmes such as the Strengthening of Relatives Rights programme, also known as the 50-50 programme. In this programme, the farm workers join together into a legal entity and together with the farm owner a new company is established and the workers and the owner become joint owners.”

This is what the Commies do. They want half of what you’ve got, but are never willing to give up half of what they’ve got. Once they have your half, they want half of what you’ve got left and then half of that, and so on until they have everything…at which point you as the white person become useless and expendable. Then they kill you. Not only will you lose your land, your possessions, the shirt on your back, but also your life. You cannot appease these bastards. You have to fight them tooth and nail.

The rest you can summarize by saying that crime will remain high, due to the ANC not knowing what they are doing and how to curb it, the students will not be helped and the army will continue to be the ANC’s mercenaries on loan to despotic Marxist dictatorships in the rest of Africa. They will also continue to support Communist China and the terrorist Hamas organization in Palestine.

However he went on to say in Monkey Chatter… “Siyagcizelela ukuthi abantu abanebala elimhlophe bangabantu, bafana nabo bonke abantu ezweni. Akuphele ukubahlukumeza. Aziphele nezinkolelo ezingekho ngabo.”… That means that White people are also People and also belong in South Africa and should not be harassed.

Thank you Mr. President. Thank you so very fucking much. We whites kiss your feet. Xxx

And obviously he couldn’t resist giving one last flog to that dead Apartheid horse refereeing to its memory as “The nightmare of Apartheid”….

Tja, Mr. President…you can say what you want, but during Apartheid the Nats at least knew how to run a country.

BTW…did you notice how they rounded the big numbers off for him this time…R349m…R779m…after he made a total buffoon of himself the last time with his “seventy-leventy” speech. Fucking Moron. He can take his reconciliation and stuff it up his arse. I am looking fwd to the rest of the year giving the ANC more stick than ever before.

07 February 2017

Brutal farm attacks over the weekend

The average South African white journalist when he
hears about Farm Attacks by blacks on whites

By Mike Smith
7th of February 2017

In Underberg (Natal) a gang of black “farm attackers” rammed a 79yo white farmer’s house with his tractor, kicked down his door, beat him to a pulp and left him tied up and bloodied on his bedroom floor…and because it was so much fun they returned a day later and beat him again.

Underberg farmer robbed‚ beaten in two-day ordeal after attackers use tractor to ram house

Trevor Rees was tortured from Friday night over the weekend and only found by workers, security and paramedics on Monday morning. His hands still tied behind his back with electric wire and blood everywhere.

No arrests have been made, but the police are investigating…Yeah right they are.

The media reports further, “The attack on Rees is the second violent farm robbery in the area in less than a week. Last week farmer Gavin Carter was gunned down in his home by three men in an apparent robbery on his farm West Ilsley.”

“Violent farm robbery”…that is what these whorenalists call it…two violent farm robberies.

Now let us hypothetically turn this around. Let us say a gang of white men attacked a black man’s house in the middle of the night, beat and tortured the old black man over two days, kicked the shit out of him just for fun whilst his hands were tied behind his back…What do you think the media would have called it then?

Here is another incident over the weekend Wet matches save white couple from being burned alive by black attacker

Lourie and Celia van der Merwe (both 60) were attacked in their sleep by a black man who broke in by the back door.

He cowardly clubbed them both over the head and in the face whilst they were still asleep. Celia suffered a brain hemorrhage as he clubbed her on the head, broke her jaw, fractured her face, knocked several teeth out and stabbed her in the face. The bastard also stabbed Lourie four times. He then ordered Celia to tie up her husband, poured chemicals in his eyes and petrol over him and ordered his wife to set her own husband alight. When she refused he tried to do it himself, but luckily the matches were wet. Celia managed to escape through the garage door and Louri managed to make it to the kitchen. When the bastard attacked him again he kicked him down the stairs and he ran away. He stole a cell phone and R200 (about $14)

Just ordinary crime. Nothing to worry about. Turn around and sleep further. Nothing unusual for South Africa anymore. It is hardly news anymore when blacks attack whites…but just let it be the other way around.

05 February 2017

Bantu migration and settlement of South Africa according to the Bantu

A San picture of the Bantu crossing the Zambezi coming across horses and Arabs in long robes and whites with strange helmets. In the extended version long haired women can be seen dancing in a stone fortress. Click for bigger view.

By Mike Smith
5th of February 2017

The ignorance of the modern South African black

There is something that irks all white South Africans tremendously and that is when they get told by blacks, “You are not African, get out of South Africa. Go back to Europe”, etc.

“OK…I am from planet earth. Do you also want me to leave the planet? How much do you want to take for yourself?”

Of course this is hate speech of the worst order seeing that it is totally unconstitutional. Section 20 of the Bill of Rights says quite clearly, “No citizen may be deprived of citizenship”, yet white South Africans are subjected to it on a daily basis and nothing gets done.

We also see it on this blog with comments from blacks on a daily basis. There is no argument coming from them, there is no solution to the challenges of South Africa other than the idiotic and boring mantra, “You are not African, Get out of South Africa.”

Apart from that, it is the most idiotic ignorant argument that anybody can come up with. It is so stupid and retarded that you just want to slap the fucker.

It somehow anachronistically suggests that all whites in South Africa were not born in South Africa, but arrived a couple of weeks ago and should now go back after they have “braaied” a bit of meat, watched some Rugby and drank some beers, because now they have overstayed their little “holiday” camping in the backyard of blacks.

Not only that, they should fall on their knees and thank the blacks for the wonderful African sun and good time they had.

Blacks love to point out that because the Khoi and the San were in South Africa (before them, but not the first), the Bantu can lay claim to South Africa. Of course the San-Bushmen with their much smaller stature, yellow-brown skin, flat faces and epicanthic eyelids like Asians are not related to the Bantu whatsoever.

Khoi and San are genetically divergent from other human beings and NOT related to the Bantu

In the childish brainwashed minds of modern black South Africans they were all born in SA and own the entire country, because their ancestors lived here since God created the earth and whites have no claim nor right to be in the country of their birth and in which their white ancestors have lived for at least 15 generations.

All the cities, the dams, the bridges, the electricity, the roads, the ports, the airports, the schools, the hospitals, etc…were all here long before the whites came here to holiday.

And to think…these damn whites had the audacity to push the poor blacks out of their wonderful gardened homes with manicured lawns in the suburbs, convert their soccer stadiums to Rugby stadiums and practically stole everything they’ve got from blacks and that is the reason why blacks are poor, live in shacks in townships on the fringes of the now white suburbs that were originally the homes of the blacks.

What makes it worse is that the ignorant self-flagellating white libtards of Europe believe this rubbish too. It would actually have been laughable if it wasn’t so pathetically tragic and serious. Result of years and years of leftist propaganda and bullshit.

Telling white South Africans to go back to Europe is like telling white Americans they are Europeans and should go back to Europe…or Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders for that matter. Or telling Mexicans and Cubans they should go back to Spain and Brazilians they should go back to Portugal.

Problem is, how far do you want to go back? Should the South and North American Indians go back over the Bering Straits as one hypothesis states? Or should they backtrack along the pack ice to Greenland and Europe as the Solutrean Hypothesis states?

Which little island did all the Polynesians originally come from before they spread over the entire pacific? Should we dislodge India at the Himalaya’s and glue it back onto East Africa? How about gluing back Madagascar to Africa or gluing South America to Africa? Come let us glue Gondwanaland and Laurasia back together and fill up the Seuz Canal to rejoin Africa with Asia then we can see we all come from one continent.

Where on that one continent we need to go and find our origins is not so clear, because the Bible (which is from Jewish origin) says we all come from the area between the Tigris and the Euphrates, but paleoanthropologist and libtard god Prof. Phillip Tobias (incidentally was a Jew whose ancestors were from Asia and came via Germany) believed that we all come from apes who lived in the Sterkfontein Caves in what is now, South Africa, although other versions claim from Kenya. Nevertheless, officially we all went from the South to the North when all evidence proints to the contrary.

The “Out of Africa” theory

The “Out of Africa Theory” (which is just that…a theory) has been debunked many times, yet Prof Tobias was nominated three times for a Nobel Prize by his fellow libtards and his bullshit theories are still being peddled all over the world today. Genetic study challenges theory that modern humans came from just one place in Africa

According to the Bantu themselves, they came from the region of the Congo, crossed the Zambezi en masse and moved into South Africa where they went on a genocidal rampage killing off the Khoi and the San people and heroically chased out Arab slave traders.

The Bantu Migration into South Africa according to the Bantu

The abominable story of their creation and migration is told by Credo Mutwa in his book, “Indaba my Children, African folktales”.

You can read what I wrote about it over here:

Creation according to the Bantu Part One

Creation according to the Bantu Part Two

Of course Mutwa is not the only source telling us of the Bantu migration south. The story is heard all over Southern Africa from Namibia to Malawi , Zimbabwe and I have even heard it in Northern Mozambique. Credo Mutwa calls it “The journey to Asazi”.

The story of how the Bantu tribes migrated into South Africa and genocided the Khoi and San people and stole their land is also documented by the San (Bushmen) paintings found all over Southern Africa. I also mentioned it in this article:

So who stole land from whom?

I also mentioned before how Credo Mutwa wrote that white people called the “Ma-Iti” (The Strange Ones) (Phoenecians) sailed up the Zambezi River formed settlements looking for gold and enslaved blacks to dig for gold.

They also sailed up the Orange River and one can see the evidence of rowing ships with rudders and sails in San rock paintings on the banks of the Orange River and the so called “White Lady of the Brandberg” in Namibia depicting whites on the hunt together with blacks. There is also evidence that the Phoenicians repaired their vessels in Pinelands and Langebaan Lagoon and planted wheat crops inland in 604 B.C.

The Ancient European settlements of Southern Africa

The Bantu crosses the Zambezi River

A figure with long blonde hair and a dagger crossing a bridge in a fight scene
with Arabs. Bantu never used bow and arrows.
Credo Mutwa described the mass crossing of the Zambezi by the Bantu on page 496 of “Indaba my Children”.

From page 508 onwards Mutwa describes how the Nguni leader Malandela with his two sons, “Zulu” and “Qwabe” led the three Bantu tribes of the Nguni, Mambo and Xhosa across the Zambezi River.

According to Mutwa about five million people crossed the Zambezi on triangular rafts, dug-out canoes and a floating bridge over a period of six lunar months. Only 50 people drowned when their raft capsized whilst two men fought over a young girl. The livestock were forced to swim across.

San paintings of Phoenician sailing vessels in Southern Africa
When they got to Eastern Mashonaland they fought a war against his first wife, the Albino slave trading queen Muxakaza of the fortified stone city of Zima-Mbje, where she lived in opulence and splendor from selling blacks into slavery to the Arabi.

Over ten days the blacks demolished the city, killed everyone inside, cursed it and made sure nobody would ever live within its walls ever again. No stone was left on top of another.

He also mentioned on page 498 how the San (bushmen) and the blacks cooperated to destroy the Hottentots, because the Hottentots sided with the Ma-ITi or “Strange Ones” (White people) and later with the Arabi or “Feared Ones” (Arabics) to sell blacks into slavery.

The coming of the Strange Ones depicted by Credo Mutwa.
Notice the San drawings of the Phoenician galley.
This is why the blacks hate the coloureds so much and why they take full credit and are proud of wiping the Hottentots off the face of the earth.

On page 208, Mutwa writes, “…the despised Lawu people, whom you know as the Hottentots – the people whom we hate worse than the plague and the people whom we are proud to have wiped off from the face of the earth – the Lawu Hottentots.”

After destruction of the slave dealing city of Zima-Mbje the blacks placed a curse on it and cursed the Hottentots. They see the smallpox epidemics of the 18th century Cape that wiped out the remnants of the Hottentots as divine retribution.

The remains of  queen Muxakaza's fortified
stone city of Zima-Mbje (Place of the golden lion) and
the correct spelling of "Zimbabwe".
Known today as the Great Zimbabwean ruins.
The Nguni also see the Venda’s as the descendants of hundreds of slaves who broke away at this time and seeked refuge in the Drakensberg mountains. Now you can understand why the Bantu have such a big problem with a Venda like Cyril Ramaphosa becoming the President of South Africa. A descendent of a slave as President? Never.

Mutwa also described a piece of rock art presented to him by Dr. A.S. Brink of the Institute for the Study of Man in Africa which came from a cave in Mtoko (Mutoko, Eastern Mashonaland, Zimbabwe) depicting Arabs in headscarves and long robes inside a fortress of stone, horses and soldiers with plumed helmets (see above). In the upper left hand corner can also be seen women with long hair and long dresses dancing in a fortress made of stone.

There are also other paintings with pictures of people with white faces, red hair and long white robes, those with steel mail and boats of Phoenecian design, those with long curved swords and slender swords with hilts and people wearing strange helmets.

The Bantu also speak of another tribe depicted in rock paintings with tails growing from the top of their heads, the so-called “Mehatla-Ditlohong” (Chinese).

Western history books make a lot out of Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer who arrived in Africa in 1498 on an expedition to find a sea route to Asia, but what is not well known, is that Zheng He, a eunuch administrator and diplomat during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in Imperial China, arrived on the East African coast several decades earlier than Vasco da Gama.

Zheng He’s maritime travels took place from 1405 to 1433 and it is documented that in 1418 he led a vast fleet of no less than 62 ships ferrying 37,000 soldiers across the Indian Ocean (“Western Ocean”). 15th Century Chinese coins found in Kenya confirm that the Chinese were in East Africa at the time

Ancient Chinese contact with Africa goes back at least three centuries before Christ

Credo Mutwa wrote at the bottom of page 498: “All these paintings prove beyond any doubt that these strange people (whites) had once dominated vast areas of Africa.”

Crossing the Limpopo

Credo Mutwa also describes on page 515 how the Bantu was very reluctant to cross the Limpopo River, because they saw the land beyond as “a great bottomless precipice marking the edge of the world. Crossing the river was not only a clear invitation to trouble; it was sacrilege as well, because The Holy legends say that God does not want anyone near the edge of the world.”

The blacks called the land beyond the Limpopo River “Ningizimu” Literally meaning “Many cannibals” (isiZulu) or as Mutwa says, “Where many ten-eyed cannibals dwell”, because blacks believed that , “The legends say there is nothing beyond the Limpopoma except a great emptiness in which winged cannibals, each with ten eyes, fly about like vultures in search of carrion.” (page516).

The leaders of the Bantu tribes had to trick their people to cross the Limpopo with large bats they said were not bats but demons chasing them. What followed was a human and cattle stampede that lasted three days and in which many people, especially old ones were trampled to death. Even a Hippo on the river bank was trampled to death.

That is how the Bantu entered into what is today called South Africa.

Of course there were “people” in the area already, the so called “Ngwane tribe” (or bakaNgwane) who came down East Africa and lived on the banks of the Tembe River near modern day Maputo, capital of Mozambique.

These people would later become the Swazi nation, but the Bantu did not class them as human, but as apes.

Says Credo Mutwa: “One moon later (after crossing the Limpopo) we entered the land of a people who were still so savage that they dwelt in trees like monkeys and hunted with stone and bone-tipped spears. In future years the Nguni came to adopt the whole tribe and they in turn adopted the Nguni culture and language. Henceforth they called themselves the Swazis, or Ngwane people.”

This is of course were the name of the Swazi Bantustan “KaNgwane” came from. There are claims that the Swazi’s entered the area of Swaziland around 1600, but there is no proof of this. Their first settlements were along the Pongola River around 1750 under their leader Dlamini III, father of Ngwane III (1745 – 1780) the first king of Modern Swaziland.

Credo Mutwa says that “The Swazis prefer people to believe that they are an offshoot of the Nguni, but this is not true”. They are East Africans who later adopted the Nguni Language and culture.

“We fought many battles with the cunning tree dwellers before we managed to tame them.”

Till this day, Mutwa says, if you want to severely upset a Swazi, call him a “raw-flesh-eating tree dweller”…just be at a safe distance.

It was only after another month that the Nguni reached the Pongola River and crossed it, the land of what would become Zulu-land. They praised their gods for leading them to this land where they could live in peace and prosperity for many generations.

The introduction of Maize and Tobacco

Credo Mutwa also described how the Bantus encountered the Portuguese and traded a beautiful half cast woman one of the chief storyteller Lumukanda’s concubines named Lulama-Maneruana for ears of corn and tobacco. Her mother was black and her father Arabic and the Portuguese captain fell in love with her. The Portuguese also showed the Bantu how to plant and cultivate these plants and how to make products such as corn flour and tobacco snuff. Maize replaced sorghum as the staple diet of the Bantu.

Today, maize or corn is known as Mielies in Afrikaans or Mealies in South African English. These words are derived from the Portuguese word for maize, milho.

Of course the word Maize comes from the Spanish word Maiz which comes from the Taino Indians of the Caribean who called it Mahiz. The Zulu word for it is umbilo. Tabacco is known as ugwayi and till this day Zulus are known by their nickname “Izitengisa-Gwayi” (tabacco sellers).

The first Bantu settlements and the birth of the Zulu Nation

The first Nguni and Mambo settlements took place in the area north of the Tugela River. However the Xhosa tribe trekked further south. At this stage there was no Zulu nation yet; only small tribes like the Hlubi, the Lala, the Tembu and many others.

The Nguni leader Malandela erected the first Royal Kraal (8000 huts) and called it “Pelindaba” which means “End of the story” signifying the end of the Bantu migration and the start of their settlement. Pelindaba is today the name of one of South Africa’s nuclear research centres.

The chief Malandela was stabbed to death at a feast by a young girl called Pindisa in a revenge attack. Joint ruling of the Nguni was left to his two sons, Zulu and Qwabe who quickly started to quarrel over a woman.

The older Qwabe wanted to kill Zulu so he fled with some followers into the Nkandla forest and started trading with other tribes in mealies and tobacco. They called themselves the amaZulu. The people of Zulu.

However it was King Shaka Zulu (1787-1828) who would unify the tribes and give birth to what is known today as the Zulu Kingdom.

Today the luxury Estate of the Zulu President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, is also called “Nkandla”.

In 1825 The Zulu King Shaka, in an agreement with the British to help him stay in power and prevent a revolt, allowed the British to establish the port of Port Natal (Durban).

The Voortrekkers established the Republic of Natalia in 1839 after the defeat of the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River and founded its capital Pietermaritzburg.

Continued tension between the Voortrekkers and the Zulus prompted the governor of the Cape Colony to dispatch a force under Captain Charlton Smith to establish British rule in Natal, for fear of losing British control in Port Natal.

The force arrived on 4 May 1842 and built a fortification that was later to be The Old Fort.

On the night of 23/24 May 1842 the British attacked the Voortrekker camp at Congella. The attack failed, and the British had to withdraw to their camp which was put under siege.

A local trader Dick King and his servant Ndongeni were able to escape the blockade and rode to Grahamstown, a distance of 600 km (372.82 mi) in fourteen days to raise reinforcements. The reinforcements arrived in Durban 20 days later; the Voortrekkers retreated, and the siege was lifted. Fierce conflict with the Zulu population led to the evacuation of Durban, and eventually the Boer/Afrikaners accepted British annexation in 1844 under military pressure.


As we have seen, according to their own legends and oral history, the Bantus are NOT indigenous to South Africa and neither are the Khoi and San. They were at best contemporary settlers of the region of South Africa together with the whites and that white settlement of Southern Africa is much older than official history would like to admit.

The article that appeared in "The digging stick" August 1993