30 March 2017

All hail Dictator Zuma

By Mike Smith
31st of March 2017

July last year, Zuma told people that if he could have his way he would like to be dictator for six months and straighten South Africa out.

If I were a dictator for six months South Africa would be straight

Part of his plan was to arrest all homeless and jobless people and send them back to school.

Well…now he has his chance. With his putsch last night and the firing of ten Ministers (Including finance minister Gordhan) , ten Deputy ministers and his challenge to South Africans to see if they can stop him, he effectively declared himself president for life and dictator of South Africa.

That is right, not just the Finance Minister…all his critics and those of his Indian friends…And why not? I mean if your Gupta bosses insist that you start swinging the axe so they can get to the taxpayer’s money, you might just as well do a proper job. If you are going to swing the machete do it all in one go and cut ALL the deadwood out, right?

Zuma has now surrounded himself with his Zulu loyalists, yes-men, cronies, gat-gabbas and puppets and managed to secure the keys to the purse of South Africa. If you thought theft and robbery of the state coffers were bad before…wait until you see what is coming now. He now also has the support to confiscate land and possession as he pleases. Nobody is going to stop him seeing that his big mate and utter racist Fuckface Mbalula is now Police Minister after he fucked up Sport and Bongani Mkongi the man who wanted to burn the building down with the inhabitants inside who flew the “Zuma must fall” banner in Cape Town, is now deputy police minister.

Zuma names 10 new ministers, 10 new deputies

Zuma to ANC members: “Remove me if you dare”

Zuma wants to amend the constitution to allow land grabs

The Rand is already in free fall and economic junk status is looming.

Junk status on the cards after Zuma’s night of the long knives

Of course Zuma is right. Nobody can remove him except the people of South Africa…and it is going to take a bloody revolution funded by our international banking friends, to do so. Any banker reading this...contact me.

Of course afterwards they want to be paid back, so somebody is going to have to sign over the gold and other mineral rights. I am so desperate to see this idiot gone that I can almost give the Devil a blowjob for it.

Why Brexit is not the final solution for the UK or Europe

Lord Kerr
"In my view, immigration is the thing that keeps this country running. We native Brits are so bloody stupid that we need an injection of intelligent people, young people from outside who come in and wake us up from time to time."

- Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, speaking at an event organised by the Institute for Government

By Mike Smith

30th of March 2017

Yesterday, the British Prime minster set the process of Brexit into action by invoking of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which means they have about two years to negotiate their exit from the EU and either scrap EU laws in the UK or absorb them into existing British law. Two years sound like a long time, but in reality there is a huge amount of work to be done to unscramble and undo 43 years of bullshit EU treaties.

Ironically the clause was drafted by the pro NWO, pro One World Government arsehole, the Scottish Lord Kerr of Kinlochard who does not support a Brexit and is pro immigration...and his native Scotland wants out of the British Union to rejoin the European Union.

Typical! It is a mess.

But people tend to forget why the Brits voted for the Brexit. It was the only way they could seal their borders and keep masses of Rapefugees and Islamic terrorists from streaming into their country.

So in effect the absurd policies of the libtards of Europe and the One Worlders were the cause for Brexit.

Anyway, according to Lord Kerr, the Brits can still reverse the process halfway through the two years of negotiations. Good luck with that!

Although I am a nationalist who is pro Brexit I do not believe it is the final solution for the UK or Europe and most of why I am pro Brexit is because it is anti NWO and anti One World Government.

In reality what the UK is doing is like this:

Imagine you have a nice house in a nice neighbourhood in a nice town and suddenly all your neighbours decide it is a good idea to allow a bunch of low life Kaffirs in to come and live in their yards and in their homes and tell you, you should do the same and that it is good for you.

Then suddenly the bastards start to rape and assault their hosts, start to stab and kill them and terrorising them in the streets...And they all tell you that it is just temporary, you should allow MORE of them in and the problem will go away...

Yet all proof and evidence show that the situation is just getting worse and worse.

So what can you do? You can close your doors and gates; you can build a wall and a moat around your home, but the problem is not going to go away especially not when your stupid neighbours keep on inviting more and more of the bastards into town.

Now with your moat around you, you are stuck on your little island, but it is only a matter of time before the hordes will cross that narrow moat and the problem is again on your doorstep. You have run out of space to run to.

So there is only one thing to do. You have to lead the way. You have to bring these idiot neighbours of you to their senses and show them how to drive these bastards out of town and back to where they came from. Basically...Europe needs a new Charles Martel.

In 732 After two decades of Islamic conquest, Europe stood to be overrun by the evil forces of the Umayyad Caliphate that stretched from Spain and Morocco across Syria and Iraq to the borders of India. Basically what ISIS wants today.

At the Battle of Tours on the 10th of October 732, the armies of Charles Martel prevented them from conquering France. It was a turning point for the battle of Christianity against the evil forces of Islam which eventually led to their final expulsion from Europe in 1492.

Yet in modern times they have slipped in again... This time led in by the treacherous Satanic forces of liberalism in Europe. The time for a brave new leader, a new Charles Martel, is now. Brexit is just a temporary solution.

29 March 2017

Zuma’s last hours before “checkmate”

By Mike Smith

29th of March 2017

The writing was on the wall for Zuma last year on the day the top four banks in SA closed the accounts of his Indian puppet masters the Guptas and they fled “sak-en-pak” to Dubai.

Till this day there is no real explanation from the banks as to why they closed Oakbay accounts, apart from “dubious transactions” we heard of in the media coming from the Public Protector’s report on State Capture. The EFF came closer to the truth when they claimed that Zuma is the money smuggler for the Guptas and have smuggled billions of stolen taxpayer’s money out of the country for the Guptas…for a fee of course.

Problem is that these banks have their own puppet masters in Britain and the USA and they don’t like competition when it comes to ripping South Africans off.

I can only imagine that a conversation between these big bankers would go something like this:

Rotschild: “Say Rocky old chap, what do you think of these Gupta coolies stealing taxpayer’s money down in good old SA?”

Rockefeller: “Say what Rothy? Stealing money from South African taxpayers?? …But that is OUR job!!! We cannot have that. We have to do something. Do they have accounts with us? Close their damn accounts. Let us show them who is the boss.”

Sounds farfetched? Not so. Even the libtard media has now exposed the conspiracy and handbag war between the international bankers (ANC calls them “White Monopoly Capital”) and the Zupta fraternity.

Zuma vs Pravin. Is it checkmate?

Apparently the conspiracy is called “Operation Checkmate” and the intelligence community is well aware of it.

This is the reason why the useless President (yours not mine) Zuma ordered Finance Minister Pravin Gordon and his sidekick Jonas back to SA from their overseas trip. They were about to go and speak to the “White Monopoly Capital” about how to get rid of Zuma and his Gupta cronies and Zuma wanted to prevent the talks at all cost. Maybe he hasn’t heard of Skype yet.

People in crisis go into panic and do funny things. You will often see a soldier who panics in a crisis situation that he will run out from behind cover straight into a hail of bullets. Zuma is doing the same.

Nevertheless, just the fact that Standard Bank and Citibank are involved already tells you a lot. It is quite a well known fact that Citibank is a CIA front and Standard Bank the British MI6 equivalent. Former CEO of Citibank John M Deutch was also CIA director under Bill Clinton in 1995-1996.

The Crimes of Citibank – more CIA connections

Nora Slatkin, the former executive director of the C.I.A., notified the agency that she was considering a position at Citibank while she was still monitoring the Deutch case inside the agency, records of the agency show.

NY Times - Former C.I.A. Director Helped Official Monitoring Inquiry of Him to Find a New Job

Nevertheless, they are pushing Zuma into a corner. He has two options; Flee to some socialist banana republic (probably Sudan with his big mate Omar al-Bashir) or fight like a demon as a dictator.
We are in for "People's War" part two.

He has already showed that he has no problem to deploy the army for Parliament. So he will pull out all the stops. MK Vets, Narysec youth brigade, ANC Youth League, ANC women’s league, etc to keep him in power and in typical Africoon Dictator Style he won’t care how many people die in a race war or what happens to the Rand and the economy.

Unfortunately for him, he is going to lose. He has saddled up a horse he can’t ride. He will now learn how the world really works and he will learn a lesson that these mighty men in the world are extremely vindictive and will destroy him and not only will he be kicked to the curb, they will come after him until only a blood stain against the wall remains. They will destroy his entire extended family and those of the Guptas…

Just ask the Boers what happened to them when they stood up against these guys. They will come after you for decades and they don’t care how long it takes…they will destroy you until nothing is left. Boers are still suffering today.

Just look at Apartheid and the NATS. They held out quite Long. 40 Years. South Africa was practically self sufficient. All those sports boycotts and economic sanctions had hardly any effect on the economy or the Rand…Until September 1985 when Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank called in all the short term loans after PW Botha’s disasterous Rubicon Speech. The NATS saw the writing on the wall. There was no way they could do business anywhere in the world after that. They had no other way, but to toe the line and do as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds said.

The eventual handover to the ANC was just a simple formality after a small palace revolution where bombastic PW Botha was replaced by Fuck Wit de Klerk. CODESA was a farce. The “Democratic” elections were rigged. In KZN more people voted than were living there. In the Cape ANC supporters were bused in from the Eastern Cape, many with two, three or even four ID documents. Large scale intimidation of UDM and Inkatha supporters were reported, yet Pink Frikkie de Klerk declared the election “free, fare and democratic”…Ja right.

Zuma’s days are numbered. He just doesn’t know it yet. He thinks he is clever and mighty. Poor idiot. I won’t call it “checkmate”, because chess is what the stupid Communists play...The West plays Monopoly.

25 March 2017

At five to Midnight how much closer are we to a solution for South Africa?

By Mike Smith
26th of March 2017

After blogging for ten years and more than 2000 articles, it seems like some people still do not get what this blog is all about.

You get the odd idiot coming on here calling people “Wusses”, defeatists, etc and looking for action asking when we are going to use our weapons and start shooting….blah, blah…suck my nana.

I must admit sometimes such idiots make me desponded. It makes me feel like why do I still bother? Often I just tell them to fuck off, but I guess I feel the same way about such people as some readers do about Kaffirs (white or black), because when you challenge these anonymous trolls…these brave, none-WUSS, action-seeking cowboy people with their “know-it-all-can-do-it better-than-you” attitudes, to show us other WUSSES how it's done, lead the way so to say…then nothing seems to be forthcoming.

Which brings me back to the point of this blog they so hate. I never claimed to be a De la Rey or Messianic Saviour or mystical guru with all the answers. I have said many times that I do not have all the answers. All I want is for people to think about the answers. That is the crux of this blog.

See…many years ago I met former President Thabo Mbeki. I shook hands with him and spoke to him for a while. He probably won't remember me today, but later in a speech he said we South Africans should work hard, talk to each other and find solutions for our country.

I am not sure if he really meant what he said, because I see the ANC as the biggest problem with no solutions for the country.

Be that as it may…What Thabo said is exactly what I am doing with my blog. Here is a platform where people can come and talk. Call it a Think Tank for the common South African. Here I present my ideas, my solutions, my answers, my views and my concerns openly and honestly for scrutiny.

I know that not everyone will agree with me, my views or my ideas and that is OK, so the forum is open for them to step up and say so! Take my ideas apart as much as you like and put your own ideas forward. Let us do the same with all ideas.

However, what detracts are personal attacks. We can really do without that, but the worst are those who want the blog to close down. Those who do not WANT a solution for the country. Those who want to see people shoot each other whilst they sit back and munch popcorn. Or simply out of petty jealousy, because if THEY cannot come up with a solution then nobody else should either.

My blog is kind of an open challenge. Put your ideas forward and say what YOU think we should do and what the solution for lasting peace and prosperity in South Africa is. Let us analyze it, criticize it, turn it around, look at it from all sides, discuss some more and let us weigh the ideas up.

My ideas are simple and by now you all know them: We have tried Apartheid and it did not work. It led to lots of violence and a minor race war. We have tried Multiculturalism and an integrated society and it is even worse than Apartheid...and any fool can see that if we carry on like this, it will lead to a MASSIVE, inevitable race war. A trainwreck of epic proportions.

So what the fuck now??? What do we do now? What is the next step?

Oh I know...Let us call each other "wusses", "cunts" and "homos" and see if that helps. Let us ask people when they are going to start shooting and fetch the popcorn.

My answer for the ultimate solution is Axenic Apartheid. Complete and utter separation. Not the half baked Apartheid we had before; not federalism...Axenic Apartheid. Complete and utter separation with completely, uncontaminated societies. Now if anybody has a better idea, another idea, an improved idea or whatever then say so! By all means challenge me. Let us debate it. Feel free…I am all ears!

However…I know that a lot of people do not share my views or solution for South Africa or might even be frozenly shocked…so, because they are cognitively challenged and mentally stunted and cannot come up with any better idea, their only solutions seem to be to call other people “Wusses” and wanting others (never themselves) to start shooting.

Yawn…but OK…It is fine. Now ask yourself how much closer are we to a solution for South Africa?

Now unless you are blind, deaf and illiterate, any fool can see the inevitable train wreck coming in South Africa and it is not going to be pretty, because the ANC's solution is to confiscate everything whites own and chase them out of the country. So what are you going to do in the mean time? Sit on your arse and do nothing?

I tell you what I am doing...while all the detractors and mudslinging anonymous trolls are busy thinking and trying to come up with a better idea than mine, I am watching the clock and tapping my foot and I can see time is running out for South Africa…So yes, I am seriously sorry. I am indeed busy preparing myself, my extended family and my friends for the Mother of all trainwrecks and I suggest those anonymous, poo-flinging “wusses” who still do not have a solution, do the same.

24 March 2017

Dear President Zuma; Please suck my reconciliation dick

By Mike Smith
24th of March 2017

Every time this dumb fuck of a president (yours not mine) opens his gob I cringe, because when he lets us know what goes on in that stupid head of his, it just fucks up my day. Seriously, I have been wondering for a long time now what size boot his gums take, because I would really like to give him a present for his birthday.

According to Umsholozi Showerhead (uNumber Whan)…blacks have been trying to reconcile with whites since 1994, but whites have been slapping the hand away.

“During a Human Rights Day commemoration in Durban on Monday, speaking in Zulu, Zuma said it was still difficult for the majority of white people to extend a hand of reconciliation to black people. White South Africans have not reciprocated black people’s attempts to reconcile South Africans across racial lines, says President Jacob Zuma.”

Zuma’s reconciliation appeal to whites

Ja…evil whites, angelic blacks, blah,blah, fuckin’ blah!

In fact it is just the other way around. I for one also had some young and naive liberal hopes back then in 1994. I was a bit sceptical, but I thought, “Why not? Let us take hands and maybe we can build this country together and make it bigger and better than it ever was”, but the disappointment set in very quickly.

Blacks with Thabo Mbeki at the head and Mandela posing for pictures showed that they were not interested in reconciliation of any kind. They were out for RETRIBUTION.

Retribution against the whites for preventing them for so long from stealing the country into bankruptcy, that is.

First they came up with the witch-hunt on whites in their own version of the Nuremburg trials with the bullshit and farcical TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) aka the “Des and Alex show”.

They actually paid blacks R30,000 each to come and tell their sob stories of how they “suffered” under Apartheid. None of the “victims” were taken under cross-examination and their lies were told and believed without question or opposition. Still only 20,000 “victims” came out to collect the money. At the time the country had a black population of 40 million. So less than 0,05% claimed, after being handsomely paid, to have been so-called “victims” of Apartheid. Sorry , but a cloud called “Bullshit” drifted past my brain.

Then came the racist discrimination of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment, racial quotas in sport, racial quotas in university entry basically excluding white children from studying at their own universities.

Then came the renaming of the cricket team to the Proteas and the constant shifting of the Springbok Rugby emblem and the racist interferences with the team and management selections.

Then came the closing of RAU, the Rand Afrikaans University, the destruction of all five Afrikaans Universities with Stellenbosch the last to fall. The assault on Afrikaans schools such as Laerskool Mikro in Kuilsrivier.

Then came the destruction of our two former Boer Republics/Provinces known as the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.

Then came the changing of our city names, our street names, our airport and harbour names, the renaming of our dams, the destruction and removal of our monuments and setting statues (e.g. CR Swart at Freestate University) alight and throwing statues with poo (e.g. Rhodes at UCT) or paint, like those of Queen Victoria and her Grandson King George V. The Hospital named after him is now called King Dinizulu hospital.

Then our suburbs like Hout Bay, Muizenberg and Milnerton destroyed by the influx of black squatters.

Then there was the destruction of our radio and television stations and programmes, the destruction or hijacking of our newspapers, magazines and other media by blacks.

Then came the re-evaluation of our properties so that we were taxed three times more, then the raising of electricity fees, television fees, the raising of personal income tax so that people can hardly cope anymore and the blatant theft of our tax money by the corrupt Black ANC.

Not only did the ANC rename our hospitals, schools, universities, dams, they completely destroyed them.

White’s history has been vilified and demonised. Jan van Riebeeck has been scapegoated as the father of all South Africa’s problems and the Anglo/Boer War now takes up only a page and a half in the Matric history book...the rest replaced by ANC “struggle” history.

Then you’ve got the race obsessed president himself, singing “Dubula iBhunu” (Kill the Whites)...and “uMshini Whami” (Bring me my machine gun) calling whites “scared cowards” (amagwala) and “raping dogs” (Ziyarapa lezinja). On top of it he constantly preaches that whites are colonists, should go back to Europe and wants white people’s land to be confiscated without compensation.

Then we haven’t even touched on the thousands of white farmers and their families brutally assaulted, raped and tortured for hours before they were killed by blacks. Those are just the farmers; you also have the whites being robbed, raped and killed in the cities and towns and their cars hijacked by blacks and the drivers murdered. All murders that the ANC ignores and the local blacks NEVER condemn.

The list is almost endless...and this is what that rocks-for-brains President calls “RECONCILLIATION”??? Fuck him and his reconciliation!

Ever since the ANC came to power they have been at war with South Africans as a whole, but especially the 9% white minority. The useless ANC is not interested in reconciliation with whites in South Africa, ever. All they are interested in is how much they can steal. The most despicable, filthy scum this country has ever seen. Zuma can take his “reconciliation” and shove it up his AIDS infested, rotting and stinking arse. I believe in axenic Apartheid not reconciliation. I’m preparing for war. The ANC proved that it is inevitable and long overdue.

23 March 2017

What is in your Spur Burger?

By Mike Smith
24th of March 2017

Apparently according to one “Smanga Mphephetse Ndukuzabafo” that brown colour of the Spur marinade has an interesting origin…and that creamy looking Salad Sauce…hmmm, LEKKER!!! All specially for white patrons courtesy of their black workers.

News24 – Claims of faeces and semen in Spur/Wimpy food

Spur/Wimpy pursue legal action after racist threats

Stellenbosch University study shows donkey, water buffalo and goat meat are being sold as beef burgers and sausages in South Africa. Over two-thirds of 139 countrywide tested samples contained species not declared.

Donkey meat found in South African burgers

Water Buffalo? We don’t have Water Buffulo in SA...Where does the meat come from? IOL News - Donkey, horse and water buffalo meat from India and Brazil mixed with patties in South Africa

Take note they also mention chicken. Not sure what goes in the nuggets and sold as “chicken”.

Problem is that The ANC is fully aware of this. The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Tina Joemat-Pettersson, responded to questions from the DA in parliament.

And those Burger Kings in Cape Town? News24 - Burger King admits to using horsemeat

Patties and sausages labeled beef and mutton contain pork, chicken and goat.

The Great South African meat label scandal

And then they sell all this as “Halaal”…???

The Westminster attack - Why my conscience is clean

By Mike Smith
23rd of March 2017

My conscience is clean. I support Trump. I did not recently vote for Mark Rutte. I did not assist any “refugees” into Europe...

...but I bet you the mayor of London Sadiq-head Khan feels a right doos today…

Winged words from Sadiq-head Khan

And Merkel. “Wir schaffen das”…
The power of positive thought.
Two years after the refugee stream
into Europe, we can still handle it.
We will make it.

Tja, right…Good luck with that!

Five people have died, including a policeman and the attacker. The attacker is not known yet, at least not openly… Scotland Yard is keeping it very quiet.

Tellegraph – Westminster terror attack. Everything we know so far

London Attack what we know so far

Hate preacher Abu Izzadeen – formally know as Trevor Brooks – was falsely named as the attacker in early reports. According to the Mail Online, senior security sources and Izzadeen’s lawyer both denied he could be the attacker. The show later carried confirmation from Izzadeen’s brother that he was still in jail.

Eyewitnesses described seeing an Asian man in his 40s carrying a knife.

Muslim hate preacher incorrectly named as London terror attacker ‘still in prison’

However pictures taken at the scene has an uncanny resemblance to Abu Izzadeen. You be the judge. Maybe another cover-up in the making.

Abu Izadeen. They say it is not him.
Looks a lot like Abu Izadeen

22 March 2017

Spur needs a taste of reality

By Mike Smith
22nd of March 2017

So I take it by now you are familiar with That Spur incident

I see the Spur has now apologized to the black “victim”, Lebohang Mabuya, who started all the shit and offered her assistance and counseling, etc, etc.

Good…It is just that I have not heard that they are going to offer the white child victim of the black bully councelling.

In fact, I have never heard that the Spur ever offered counseling to the white victims of black farm attacks, seeing that the white farmers provide 100% of the food the Spur sells.

The Spur, without having all the facts, one-sidedly banned the white man from ALL the Spurs in the country.

So apparently what happened is that the man saw his daughter being hit over the head by a black child and intervened, grabbed the black bully and confronted the black woman who could not control her brood. She told him that he could go and fuck himself, so the argument escalated with threats, accusations of racism, etc…blah, blah, blah.

So here is my take:

1: Why go to the Spur in the first place? It is a kak restaurant, kak food and it is not cheap. It got rid of its white waiters and waitresses long ago, at least at my local ones and practices racist BEE and Affirmative Action. That alone is enough reason to boycott the Spur. Why any self respecting white person would go there is beyond me, but when you do, don’t cry when you get an outcome like this. When you sleep with the dogs expect the fleas to bite you.

2: If you are going to hit someone, do it and get it over and done with. Don’t make bullshit idol threats.

3: Teach your children that nobody has the right to assault them and when they are being assaulted that they have the right to defend themselves. Punch his fucking lights out if he touches you.

I could never get it how parents, especially MOTHERS could teach their sons not to fight. Even shame them for fighting and telling them that it is only a “Skollie” who fights, etc. Yet when he grows up, the women expect him to now magically be a soldier, a man and a protector of his wife and family. I think when it comes to raising kids about self defence and fighting the mothers should STFU and let the fathers do their thing.

4: None of the Spur staff members attempted to deescalate the incident. The Spur is jumping to conclusions without having all the facts. The Spur was clearly incompetent, hypocritical, biased and prejeduced in this incident.


Boycott the Spur. Simple as that. In the words of Lebohang Mabuya..."They can go and fuck themselves."

Putting the edge on self defence in South Africa – Part 4 – Risk and Resource Assessment

By Mike Smith
22nd of March 2017

Part of the self defence mindset is to create habits that become second nature. One such technique, as we have seen is called “Situational Awareness”.

Another one that forms part of situational awareness is called “Risk and Resource Assessment”. It is a continuous never ending process of scanning your environment for possible dangers, escape routes, cover, protection and weapons.

Sounds simple and easy, however very few people do this habitually. Most people supplant or suppress the thought of combat and a possible survival situation. Combat is the last thing they WANT to think of.

Having the right state of mind

A martial arts instructor can teach you a lot of self defence techniques, but all of them are useless without the right state of mind.

This state of mind nobody can give you, teach you or help you with. It is a very personal thing and as we have seen so far, surviving a life threatening attack is mostly a mental state and attitude.

It is a state of mind where you have chosen a long time ago that you are not going to be a victim. You are not going to die. You are not going to allow others to walk over you or injure you. You are not going to let evil get away with it.

You are going to fight back with everything you’ve got to the bitter end and by all means and…no matter how bad it gets; you can always make a plan.

In survival look for weapons – Unarmed combat is an absolute last resort

There are many situations where you should NOT use a weapon, but rather an unarmed restraining technique such as when you are slapped by a drunk in a bar. You cannot now plant a bullet between his eyes or smash his face in with an ashtray. However, when your life is threatened it is a different story.

The ancient Samurai had about 52 weapons that they had to master and the Katana (long sword) was probably the main one. The Samurai also practiced an unarmed combat system called Ju Jitsu (literally “The gentle art”). In Brazil it is spelled “Jiu Jitsu”.

Ju Jitsu was always a last resort for when the Samurai has lost his sword and lost his other weapons in battle.

A lot of these weapons “arts” have remained and are practiced as sports and recreation today and have become “ways” (Japanese word is “do”)...For instance the art of bow shooting, Kyūjitsu became the way of the bow Kyūdō. The art of sword fighting, Kenjitsu, became the way of the sword, Kendo and Ju Jitsu, the gentle art, became Judo, the gentle way.

Nevertheless, when it comes to unarmed combat in a life threatening situation, then any form of unarmed combat is, was always and should always be a last resort.

However, most Martial Arts and self defence courses teach this concept in reverse. You start off with unarmed combat and only later when you are highly skilled do you practice weapons. Weapon arts should be studied FIRST or in parallel with unarmed combat so that you can see where the unarmed technique comes from.

Besides it is simple common sense. Why break your fist against someone’s head when you can use an ashtray? Why use a Nukite (spear hand strike) when you can jab his throat with your cell phone or a pen?

Resource Assessment

You do not have to carry a lot of weapons around with you. All you need to do is scout your area for weapons. When you go into a restaurant see the possibility of converting anything and everything into a weapon. A plate, a glass, a flower vase. In the street look for rocks, bricks, pipes, anything that can be used as a weapon.

Also look for defensive item, such as wrapping a jacket or table cloth around your arm to block knife or panga shots.

Also study your environment. Is it narrow or broad? Is it inside or outside? Is it raining or does the sun shine? How can I position myself so that the sun blinds him?

In a restaurant never sit with your back to the door and always make sure where the possible escape routes are and how you can get out in a hurry, for instance throwing a chair through the window to get out. Make sure where you or your wife can hide in case bullets start to fly.

Classification of weapons

Firearms and exploding weapons we know, but you don’t always have a firearm or a few hand grenades ready. Besides you have weapons everywhere and they are far more than just clubbing or stabbing weapons.

Stabbing/cutting weapons (scissors, screwdrivers, knives, bottles, spades, garden forks, pens, a saw, a glass, pool cue)

1. Clubbing weapons (broom, spade, umbrella, wheel spanner, rock, pipe, piece of wood, bottles, etc)

2. Ramming weapons (trolley, bicycle, pram, wheelbarrow, chair, etc)
3. Blinding weapons (flashlight, sand, fire extinguisher, bleach, acid, pepper spray, hot tea or coffee...)
4. Throwing weapons (just about any object can be thrown as a distraction or direct assault)
5. Electrocution (Tazer, bare wires plugged into a socket, etc.)
Anything is a weapon
6. Fire (flares, fuels like petrol, diesel or Zippo fluid, gasses, spray cans, etc)
7. Slipping/stepping weapons (oil on the floor, ball bearings, broken glass, caltrops, thorns, even blood is very slippery)
8. Choking/suffocation weapons (towel, rope, scarf, electro cord, belt, collar on shirt or jacket, plastic bag, smoke, chemical fumes, etc)
9. Animals ( Don’t forget that your dog is your best friend, but also a weapon. Other loose animals are also dangerous, such as snakes, scorpions, spiders, bees, ants, rats, even stampeding cattle, elephants or buffalo, etc. Throw a snake or a spider on your attacker and see what he does.)
10. Defensive weapons (jacket, towel or tablecloth wrapped around the arm, dustbin lid, briefcase, notepad, handbag...all can be used to block blows. Also a wet cloth can be used to escape from smoke, but water will aggravate the effects of teargas. It burns your skin and eyes more. )

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your terrain and weapons

Ever tried to wield a baseball bat in a shower or toilet cubicle? Ever tried to throw a rock inside there?

Some weapons require lots of space to be effective. If you are being attacked by someone wielding such a weapon, you don’t want to give him space. Box him in. Take him out of his comfort zone and neutralize his ability to attack. If you know he can kick well but cannot grapple and fight on the ground, take him there. If you know he cannot swim, go into the pool with him. If you know he cannot shoot well in the dark, switch the lights off. Break the lamp. If you know he is scared of heights, escape to a terrain where he will not be able to follow. If you know he is superstitious, use his fears against him. I already mentioned the sun. Position yourself so that the sun is towards your back. If it is raining don’t fight on a slippery surface.


Know the limitations and restrictions your clothing sets on you and dress accordingly. Tight jeans won’t allow you to run or move fast or kick high. Heavy boots will slow down your kicking. High heels will compromise balance. Tight skirt or dress will restrict movement. A big belt buckle can be used as a weapon. A loose jacket with pockets can be used to conceal weapons.


You should develop a habit of constantly scouting your environment for possible risks and resources. Think worst case scenario and ask yourself, “What if...?”

“Where will I go? What will I do? What can I use to defend myself? What can I use to attack?”

That means these four things...“Go, Do, Defend and Attack”, should always be going through your mind doesn’t matter if you are in the church, restaurant, in your car at the traffic light, shopping at Pick&Pay or at a kiddies party. Look around, always think: “What if...?” Where will I go? What will I do? What can I use to defend myself? What can I use to attack?

The resources (mental and physical) determine the tactics used and the outcome to be achieved.

In the beginning it is a bit difficult and your mind will try to block all these negative thoughts, but force your mind to think and eventually you will see it will become all automatic. Eventually you won’t even notice that you are subconsciously doing it all the time.

20 March 2017

David Rockefeller dies - Let us all drink to the death of a clown

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2017

Guess who joined Mandela in Hell?

Billionaire banker dies age 101

All together now...!!!

Why black farmworkers are killed by blacks

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2017

Here is a video explaining why farm attackers kill black farm workers too…It is because they are seen as “House Negroes” who warn the master when the slaves are revolting in the plantation and coming for him.

EFF – Why black farmworkers should be killed

The West sets it sights on Iran…and possibly South Africa

US soldiers north of Mosul

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2017

I read with interest an article on RT that the US is amassing troops and warships on the Iranian border to secure their oil interests, because there is no way they can allow some “Rogue nation” from the “Axis of evil” to threaten or hold them at ransom with oil.

The West’s sights are now clearly set on Iran

How this is going to impact South Africa will be very interesting indeed, seeing that South Africa wants to sell missiles to Iran

“South Africa has applied to the United Nations Security Council to sell missiles worth R1.5 billion to Iran.”

At least they are trying to go the legal route.

Knowing the US foreign policy of “the friend of my enemy is my enemy” and how quickly friends can become enemies or vice versa, I won’t be surprised if the US will soon be stirring a regime change in South Africa ala Arab Spring or even preparing for an invasion.

18 March 2017

Putting the edge on self defence in South Africa - Part 3 – Revisiting the basics of Situational Awareness

By Mike Smith
18th of March 2017

I have in the past briefly mentioned the Jeff Cooper Colour Codes when it comes to situational awareness.

Mike Smith - A lesson in situational awareness – Never leave your house in Code White

It is important to notice that this model is not perfect and other people have added more colours or used different colours and wording in the past. Lt Col. Dave Grossman speaks of a “Condition Gray” and omits “Condition (Code) Orange” in his book “On Combat”, chapter four.

In fact originally Jeff Cooper never used a “Condition Black”, because the argument is that Situational Awareness stops when you enter the realm of the fight for survival and you only act instinctively.

However, as we will see later, this is not always the case. Instinctive actions can be trained. Further, the trained fighter still has and needs to have an acute sense of awareness of his situation at all times and especially when he/she is on the losing end.

Fighting is not luck or magic and it certainly is not a guessing game. It is an art. A science. Not for no reason did Sun Tzu and Machiavelli call their respective books, “The Art of War”.

Strategy and techniques we can cover later.

Positioning is everything

For now, you need to know that the trained fighter/soldier needs to know exactly what stage of the fight and what position he finds himself in, in order to know what to do. He needs to know exactly which stage, and position his antagonist finds himself in, what his plans are, what he is going to do next, etc. so that he can neutralize him with the highest efficiency and optimum utilization of resources, human and other.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters borrowed the hierarchy of positions from Brazilian (Gracie) Jiu Jitsu.

How to act in stage red and black will follow later. However, there is no magic formula, but by careful analyses and study of the physiological and psychological aspects of a conflict situation it is possible to know exactly where you are, what is happening to yourself, to others and to your antagonist in battle so that you can know what to do. It all starts with…Situational Awareness.

A definition of Situational Awareness

A mental state of awareness of yourself and your environment in order to know what to do.

Situational Awareness is not static, but dynamic

Situational Awareness is not a binary (“On” –“Off”) thing. It is not like a pitch dark room where you suddenly switch the light on brightly. Rather it is like a dimmer switch that you use and you can increase or decrease the amount of light. Strange as it might sound…Your Situational Awareness "light" goes in reverse; from White to Black with yellow, orange and red flowing into each other in-between.

The Jeff-Cooper Model of Situational Awareness

Whether you are in single battle for survival on the streets, driving a car, flying a plane or in a combat situation in war, the principles of Situational Awareness remain the same.

It should be used and trained every second of every day and become a natural part of your life to the point where it is automatic, subconscious and you hardly notice that you are actively applying it.

Below follows the Jeff Cooper Colour Code system of Situational Awareness as applied to Civilians in South Africa and I use a female example, but it can be modified to fit males just the same. The amount of applications of the principles of this system is almost infinite. You can use it from driving a car to sailing a warship; from self defence to military combat. In fact this knowledge was previously only taught to police and military personnel, but in my opinion South Africa is in a state of war and therefore every citizen should be able to defend him/herself against attack.

One can hardly ever be in
this stage in South Africa
One is almost always in
this stage in South Africa
Criminals often use distraction to attack you from the rear.
Have someone cover your rear or position
your back against a wall if the threat increases.

Tunnel vision (aka "Focus Lock" as in a camera) sets in,
but also tunnel hearing
There are no rules and no second or third places in the street.
Your aim is to survive through speed, intelligence and brutal efficiency

17 March 2017

Zille and Maimane were right. Colonialism is always wrong

By Mike Smith

17th of March 2017

I have never thought much of LWB Helen Zille, but after she ordered the ghostbusters to drive out ghosts from her Leeuwenhof home in 2009 and wanted men (only men not women) who are HIV positive and have multiple sexual partners to be charged with murder, I knew the auntie was completely cuckoos.

Mike Smith 2011 – Is Helen Zille going cuckoos

Zille ordered and paid for a ghost buster to remove the ghosts from her Leeuwenhof home

Everything that comes out of her stupid gob is a reflection of what is going on her fluffy, “My-Little-Pony” head where her beloved Nobel Savages ride on white unicorns through rainbow coloured streets and of course they can do no wrong.

She sees herself as princess Celestia with her unicorn pony called “Twilight Sparkle” who feels obliged to teach the bronies of Ponyville about the magic of friendship.

One hardly knows where to start with her latests rubbish. First she tweeted that Colonialism was not all bad, “For those claiming legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water etc.”

Then the kaffirs in the EEF called her A cold-hearted racist

So she crawled on her knees to suck their dicks and said…. “I apologise unreservedly for a tweet that may have come across as a defence of colonialism. It was not.”

Then her boss, Mumusi Maimane tweeted, “Let’s make this clear: Colonialism like Apartheid, was a system of oppression and subjugation. I (sic) can never be justified”.

Maimane said: "We received a number of complaints and I find Zille's tweet indefensible."

"The DA is party that is committed to redressing the wrongs of the past. We want to build a united South Africa – one nation, with one future," added Phumzile Van Damme.

Zille is now likely to face disciplinary action and a probe from the party.

There were other DA members who also distanced themselves from Zille’s tweets such as Mbali Ntuli who said, "It was ONLY negative!! Colonialism=development argument is trash as those subjugated can attest to.”

"It's like saying Nazism was good for German democracy and their advancements in technology," added Ntuli.

Aaah yes…Funny how she wrote in the language of the colonialists and how she is able to read today seeing that she learned it from the descendants of the colonialists who taught her people how to read and write their own languages like Xhosa and Zulu who are incidently the BIGGEST colonialists in the country.

That is right. The term “Bantu” is a scientific term referring to the Kaffirs who migrated from the Niger Delta area into South Africa and who forced the San and the Khoi-Khoi out. Kaffirs are NOT indigenous to South Africa. There the Afrikaners have more claim to being indigenous than any of the black tribes and this was even acknowledged by Zuma in 2009 when he said, the Afrikaners are "the only white tribe in a black continent or outside of Europe which is truly African", and said that "of all the white groups that are in South Africa, it is only the Afrikaners that are truly South Africans in the true sense of the word."

Zuma: Afrikaners are true South Africans

Some blacks don’t like the term “Bantu” and prefer to call themselves “Africans”, but the people who named the continent were the Roman Colonialists. What did the Kaffir call Africa?

Blacks didn’t even have a name for the continent they lived on, because they had no idea that they were living on a continent at all. The concept of “continents” is “colonialists”.

When the colonialists arrived the blacks were carrying their shit around, because they haven’t even invented the wheel yet. They had no written language. They had no concept of property ownership and definitely none of all those progressive libtard creations like, “human rights”, “workers’ unions”, “the rule of law”, “social grants”, etc…They had no schools, no universities, not even a single shop. There was no serious medicine let alone hospitals, old age homes, prisons, or mental institutions.

And then they believe this bollocks that the blacks all lived in peace and prosperity before the white man came. You just have to read up on the Mfecane/Difaqane of the Zulus to see how brutally they murdered each other out. The diaries of the Voortrekker Pioneers and the countless missionaries tell tales of horror of how blacks were starving in their thousands and turned to cannibalism eating their own children. Colonialism and Apartheid put an end to it.

The reasons why the Voortrekkers found the Highveld of the Freestate and Transvaal so empty are, because nothing grows there in winter and blacks did not have the colonial technology at the time to grow and stock up feed to properly overwinter and because the added Difaqane killed them all off.

Yes, so maybe Colonialism and Apartheid were wrong…depends on which perspective you take. Maybe Zille and Maimane are both right…COLONIALISM IS ALWAYS WRONG.

First of all the Bantus should not have colonized South Africa and killed of the Khoi-San. Maybe the white colonialists should not have stopped the blacks from killing themselves in their millions and maybe the white colonialists should NEVER have fed them or taught them to read and write. We certainly would not have had the problems we have today.

And further...I just find it a tad ironic and hypocritical that the DA, the ANC and the EFF always seem to blame the "Colonialists" of Britain, Portugal, France or the Netherlands, but I have never heard them complain about the Communist Chinese colonising Tibet or Africa for that matter. I have never heard them speak up against their former Communist Masters of the former USSR colonising Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, the Ukraine, or Afghanistan for that matter. Why is that? Is it because you as the puppet dare not criticise the hand of the puppet master up your arse?

So I have to conclude that I must apologise to Helen Zille and Mumusi Maimane…They are right. Apartheid WAS only wrong. Colonialism is ALWAYS wrong and seeing that they are both descendents of Colonialists and Mumusi Maimane is married to white English speaking descendent of the British Colonialists…when are they leaving?

Oh...and please take all your Bantu colonialists along and drop them off at the equator where they came from.

16 March 2017

Why the Dutch election came too early

By Make Smith
17th of March 2017

Yesterday there was a sigh of relief that could be heard all the way from the Netherlands to the liberal halls of Berlin, Washington, Ottawa and Canberra.

Libtards around the world were shit scared that Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom would win the general election and that it would start a Rightwing Revolution across Europe especially with the French presidential and German federal elections just a few months away (April and September respectively).

Yesterday these leftist activists and useful idiots of the Communists assembled in The Hague and celebrated and thanked the Dutch People for a “victory” whilst mocking Geert Wilders. “Mark Rutte stopped the Domino effect”, they said. He stopped the wave of rightwing populism. The Satanic European Union was saved and their temples in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg City still stand.

One can only wonder what they would have done if Mark Rutte lost. Probably riot in the streets and go on a rampage like after the Trump win, because libtards only believe in democracy when THEY can win.

Nevertheless Mark Rutte’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (libtards) lost eight seats. Out of the 150 seats they now only occupy 33. Geert Wilders’ Party, the Party for Freedom (Nationalists) gained five seats and now has 20 seats.

What was of major concern was the nest of Green Communists vipers who won 14 seats, an increase of ten seats.

Nevertheless, if I was Mark Rutte I would not be too happy. Geert Wilders already vowed that he was not going to give Rutte any rest and is going to make the world very hot for him. In my opinion Rutte will have to do a lot of hard work to stop the domino effect of his party losing.

I have news for Rutte and the Libtards who think they can stop the march of the Right. Problem is that the Left overplayed their hand when they assassinated the beloved Austrian Nationalist leader Jörg Haider in 2008. Austria saw a massive surge to the right and the Rightwing Christian Democrats of the Austrian People's Party are almost 50/50 in Government now. Likewise in Hungary the Rightwing Christian Democratic union of Fidesz–KDNP rules the roost and in 2016 they rejected the EU’s bullshit rapefugee quota system in a referendum. In Poland in 2015 the Rightwing Christian Democrats of the “Law and Justice” (PiS) party won.

So how long can little Dutch Boy Mark Rutte keep his finger in the dike?

I tell you what. He should thank Father Time, because this election came just a little bit too early. If the Dutch election was held twelve months later, he would be crying for his mommy now.

As for Geert Wilders and the PVV…maybe it is a good thing to have come second this time. It prevents you from resting on your laurels. Keeps you sharp and on your toes. Ensures that you step up the fight.

Nevertheless, these Dutch libtards are slow. They are stupid, that is why they learn so slowly. All they need are some more insults from the Ottoman Sultan (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan), some more Muslim rapes of their young girls and some more terrorist attacks… and they will all come over to the Right eventually. You will see all of this in the next few months so pay attention.

30 years ago these Dutch Libtards of the Dutch Anti Apartheid Movement like Connie Braam, Claas de Jonge, et al told us South Africans we were slow. We were backwards. We were “verkrampt”. We were “racists”…Tja…and now? What have I always said? The day will still come where they will beg us South Africans to show them how to introduce Apartheid.

14 March 2017

The “Ons roep die Baas” chronicles…Thyssenk(o)rupp(t) to bail out the SA Navy’s sinking skuitjies

By Mike Smith
14th of March 2017

I have always maintained that liberals are just socialists who do not understand socialism. They don't understand what it truly is. That is why Lenin called them “useful idiots”.

Socialism is just a tool, a plan or strategy to steal everything from hardworking people and to enslave them for as long as possible so you can milk them dry. Let others work hard and you steal it all.

When you understand this basic principle, then it is fairly simple to understand why the world’s biggest capitalists like the Ford Foundation, the Rockefellars, the Rothschild’s, et al support Socialists all over the world and why they were behind the end of Apartheid and bringing the corrupt Marxist ANC to power. It is all about the money. Just follow the MONEY. It always ends up back at these mega corporations and banks.

Let us look at how this principle works at the hand of a recent incident.

A few days ago in Rostock in the former (DDR) East Germany, Denel has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) covering the support of the South African Navy’s three submarines and four frigates.

Denel partnering with TKMS on upgrading SA Navy’s frigates and submarines

So let me explain to you what happened here.

After Apartheid was gone and the ANC came to power…in the late 1990’s, the corrupt gangsters masquerading as a legitimate government, the useless ANC, stole BILLIONS from the South African taxpayers to buy weapons from mega corporations overseas and receive kickbacks on it, in what is known as the great South African arms deal scandal

Officially the number stolen was R30 Billion (about $4.8 billion at the time) but other sources reckon it was at least double that.

Part of this deal was the acquisition of four MEKO class frigates and three 209 Class submarines from Germany through the engineering and steel giant ThyssenKrupp, nicknamed in South Africa, Thyssenk(o)rupp(t)

Of course ThyssenKrupp has a very dark history of not only dealing with the Nazi’s and building up their war machine, but actively sponsoring them. Between 1933 and 1945 they donated 60 Million Reichmarks to the Nazis every year.

From 1940 to 1945 more than 100,000 forced labourers and prisoners of war worked as slaves in the 81 factories of ThyssenKrupp making everything from Tiger Tanks to the trains that transported the Jews to the concentration camps.

Business with Hitler – How ThyssenKrupp built up and sponsored the Nazis using slave labour

After the war, the court in Nuremberg was very lenient on the Krupps, because those behind the court was also the big money powers of the Capitalist countries deviding up the spoils of war. Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach took one for the team and were convicted of slavery and plundering, but did no time due to health reasons (he suffered several strokes). Of course their excuse for the slavery is that this actually saved some Jews from being killed.

For his effort and the death of 20 million Russian soldiers against the Nazis, Stalin got Eastern Europe and half of Germany.

Today the Krupps are still operating, still using slaves and still corrupt to the core…and it is all legal in Germany, because under German law, companies can be as corrupt as they want and bribe as much as they want as long as they don’t do it in Germany itself.

So how fitting then that such a company would do business with the Afro-Nazis of the ANC and rip the South African taxpayer’s off. The South African taxpayers are just their new slaves under a different name.

All of their shenanigans came out when the current mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille, blew the whistle in parliament that she had evidence of three payments by warship supplier Thyssen-Krupp on 29 January 1999, each of R500,000, to the ANC, to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and to the Community Development Foundation, a Mozambique charity associated with Mandela's wife, Graça Machel.

Der Spiegel revealed that German investigators in Düsseldorf investigated allegations of $25m-worth of bribes paid to South African politicians, officials and middlemen by ThyssenKrupp.

British and German investigators suspected that bribes of over one billion rand were eventually paid to facilitate the deal. Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, Tony Yengeni, Schabir Shaik and his brother Chippy Shaik as well as then Defense Minister Joe Modise’s advisor, Fana Hlongwane were mentioned.

Source: The Guardian-Bright hopes betrayed

Source: Mail & Guardian. Arms deal: Who got R1 Billion in payoffs?

Nevertheless the Navy’s rigates and subs were delivered and part of the deal was that ThyssenKrupp had to reinvest some of their money into South Africa, but when they came out to South Africa in 2005/2006 with a swollen wallet to dish out the loot, they found that nobody wanted to touch their filthy money.

Of course by then the “Arms Deal” was well known as the “Arms Scandal” and companies were scared that they would later be accused of benefiting from kickbacks of the arms deal, because the full extent of the Arms Scandal has never come to light.

So back then…in discussions with the Navy and the ANC regime, it was decided that they would build a fifth frigate.

SA Navy to buy fifth frigate

SA still mulling fifth frigate

However, in the meantime the ANC, through their abominable racist policies of BEE and kAffirmative Action, ruined the once proud SA Navy.

For instance, my favourite female Admiral and former MK mattress in Angola, Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala, was fired for defrauding the Navy out of laptops and assaulting a subordinate guard who wanted to search her car.

You would think that someone on an admiral’s salary would be able to buy a laptop and not steal it, but then you don’t know the mentality of such a common kaffir.

Navy admiral quits after laptop fraud

She then went to the EFF for a while and then the UDM, but also resigned September 2016 from them after a fallout with UDM leader, General Bantu Holomisa. She got another defence posting and is currently National Youth Service coordinator at the Department of Defence.

Of course the case of Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala is just one example of the scum the Navy brought in. There are hundreds of examples. What irks me the most is that when you speak to the white guys who are still in the SA Navy then you constantly hear apologetic bullshit such as that “The MK ones are not so bad; it is the APLA ones that are useless...”

Be it as it may, the SA NAVY is FUCKED!

During Apartheid the dockyard used to have some excellently skilled personnel. The electricians, welders, fitters and turners, etc were some of the best I have ever come across in my life. The engineers and other technical personnel on the ships were world class.

Where are they today? All gone. Emigrated or found jobs somewhere else without any problem like all highly skilled people do. Many have crossed over to the Merchant Navy, work in industry or started their own businesses. The ones left in the SA Navy are the dregs and useless ones. The scum who still kiss ANC ass and suck ANC dick.

The SA Navy hardly has enough skilled personnel to man even ONE frigate. Let alone the other three or a fifth one. They have no people to run the dockyard or dry-dock ships. There is no one left to do upgrades and planned maintenance on their vessels. They cannot recruit any people; because there is no money in the budget...I mean you cannot give money that the ANC can steal to the Navy or train personnel, can you?

So what did they do? They went to Denel/Armscor to help them run the dockyard, but because Denel is also suffering the same skills shortages, they have now gone a full circle back to the original builders of the frigates, our German friends...ThyssenK(o)rupp(t)

ThyssenKrupp engineers and technicians must now be flown in to do maintenance on the Navy vessels, do drydocks and upgrades, etc…And I can assure you that at R14 to the Euro…The Germans don’t come cheap.

Of course it would be far cheaper and better for South Africa to recruit the former workers and technical staff with attractive packages or train new ones, but to get the Navy back to its former glory will take at least ten years to train people up and allow them to gain the necessary experience. I am afraid that this depth of knowledge and experience is lost forever. Ruined by the illustrious ANC. You will never get these people back to come and work for the ANC.

However the ANC are not in the least interested in restoring the Navy to its former glory or to train up and skill people. All they are interested in is how much money they can steal through kickbacks and blatant corruption and, because it worked so well the last time…they have approached ThyssenK(o)rupp(t) again.

And when the vessels are old and need to be scrapped, you start the whole process, the whole cycle of corruption, again. No one knows how long this contract is for, because the media is all quiet about it, but to these mega industrialists and foreign banking scum, the ANC is the gift that keeps on giving. They are the ones keeping the white taxpayers enslaved and paying their taxes. The keepers and guardians of the white tax cows.

Classical “Problem-reaction-solution”.

The ANC create the problem, there is an outcry that something must be done and then they offer the solution and appear as the heroes.

12 March 2017

Woman tortured on South African farm in modern crucifixion ritual

Nicci Simpson

By Mike Smith
12th of March 2017

According to the Afrikaans Newspaper in an article “Here laat ek maklik gaan” (Lord , let me go easily) this woman was tortured with an electric drill, a knife and a plastic bag in a modern day crucifixion ritual. The Democratic Alliance named her as Nicci Simpson (64, but according to other reports 60). The bastards also killed three of her dogs. Police confirmed one dog killed.

Simpson sustained serious injuries to her feet, knees, and hands, and several ribs were broken.

This has all the hallmarks of the Mau Mau terrorist attacks of Kenya but look how the media downplays it as a simple robbery and call these TERRORISTS “robbers”. What did they steal? A cell phone, a firearm and a vehicle that they drove 300m (another report says 1km) and then abandoned.

The cell phone for intelligence gathering about who her friends are and where they can attack next and the firearm for killing more farmers, but why leave the most expensive piece, the vehicle behind?

What the media did not say is that she was under attack before in 2013 when she fired off warning shots at arsonists after four blacks killed her neighbour, farmer Hannes de Wet (52). Her farm is in the Kalbasfontein area, which is about half way between Fochville, Westonarea and Vereeniging.

Take note, despite being vigilant, having three dogs, a firearm and previous experience with farm attackers and arsonists, this woman was still surprised by her attackers.

As I have mentioned many times before. You can have as many alarms, as many advanced warning systems, as many dogs as possible…they are all Defensive methods. Defense is good and you might survive the battle, but it does not win the war. If you want to truly eradicate crime and farm murders, you need to go on the Offensive. You need to patrol and hunt the fuckers down. You are not dealing with “robbers”. You are dealing with a terrorist insurgency.

Now it depends on which side of the fight you are on at which stage, because if you are trying to simply survive, good defense is good and it might be a good tactic to prolong the fight to tire the opponent out (who wants to finish you off as quickly as possible), but once you have seized the initiative and go on the offense, you need to be as quick and as brutal as possible so that he does not tire you out.

New Miniseries by Mike Smith – How to counter the Crime Insurgency in South Africa

How to fight the Crime Insurgency in South Africa - Part One – A new look at crime

How to fight the Crime Insurgency in South Africa - Part Two – A closer look at an insurgency

How to fight the Crime Insurgency in South Africa - Part Three - Adopt what is useful; Discard what does not work

How to fight the Crime Insurgency in South Africa - Part Four – Fighting back

Nevertheless…If anybody has any more information please let us know.

Robbers tortured woman with drill in farm attack

Woman in critical condition after suspected farm attack

Farm attack woman stabbed, tortured with electric drill

Censorbugbear – Farmer Nicci Simpson fires off warning shots to scare off arsonists torching Fochville farms

09 March 2017

Putting the edge on self defence in South Africa - Part 2 - The psychology of your attacker


If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. Sun Tzu – The Art of War.

By Mike Smith
10th of March 2017

Psychopathic Resentment - Why your attacker hates you even though you have done nothing to him

When one looks at the veracity of violence against the victims of crime in South Africa, then one notices an intense hatred of the victim by the perpetrators. Innocent people are not simply robbed, but often, and in most cases, severely beaten and tortured for hours or even days as in the recent case of the 79 year old Trevor Rees where his attackers came back a day later to beat and kick the defenceless, tied up farmer some more.

This violence and hatred is not only aimed at the person or persons being robbed at the time, but extends to their children, parents and even their pets, maids, gardeners and farm workers. Even young children (like little Willemientjie Potgieter, 2yo at the time) are tortured or shot like beings less than dogs. It is clear that his attack is not just against you, but against society as a whole.

To normal people this kind of violence is incomprehensible and cannot be understood, because in their minds they have done absolutely nothing to their attacker/s, they cannot understand why and how someone can hate them so much when they didn’t even personally know their attacker/s and vice versa.

However, in the mind of your attacker he knows you intimately and you know him. In fact he does not see himself as an attacker and you as the victim. In the inverted universe in the mind of your attacker, he is the innocent victim and YOU are the evil attacker.

He can justify every single attack, every action, by blaming you. In his mind he has suffered his entire life under your constant attacks. Everything you have done in your life or is currently doing is, because you want to stick it to him and put him down.

Your success is a constant reminder of his own failure and inferiority. Any outward sign of your prosperity is a personal affront against him.

When you study hard to get an education to better yourself, you only do it, because you want to show him how dumb and stupid he is, for not getting an education. You are insulting his intelligence or lack thereof. When you send your children to school, care for your children; buy them gifts, etc...you are only doing it, because you want to show him what a bad parent or person he is.

When you get and hold down a good job, you want to stick it to him and show him how useless he is and how much better you are than him, because he is jobless and cannot find a real job.

When you are wearing nice clothes and drive a nice car, you are taunting him with your superiority. You think you are better than him.

When you live in a nice house and have a nice garden you did not get it through hard work, you have it because you somehow exploited him or his forefathers and now you are showing off how much you have stolen from him or how you have exploited him and his forefathers.

Just your mere presence, you being alive and living a normal life is a visible reminder of his inferiority and his situation. You are the mirror in which he looks and he does not like what he sees, but instead of using the mirror to improve and better himself, he resents it. He wants to destroy it, because that is an easier solution than bettering himself.

When there is no real reason and no evidence of you injuring him or being bad to him (you don’t even know him and he doesn’t know you) he will invent it. He needs to justify his actions to himself so that he can always remain innocent in his mind and it is always easier to rob and kill someone who deserves it.

Therefore the attacker believes that his indignation is justified and righteous. Beating you up, raping you, torturing you, stealing from you and killing you is not a crime in his mind. It is tit for tat. It is retribution and payback for you putting him down his entire miserable life. Not just you, but your entire community and society that you belong to. He wants to balance the scales and at the same time teach you a lesson. Stealing from you, robbing you, robbing your house, etc are merely secondary attempts to balance the scales and not that important to him.

That is why we often see very few material things stolen in farm attacks or farm murders. Often only a cell phone or some insignificant object is taken. To the victims and other normal people this makes no sense. “How can a person kill someone just for a cell phone?”, they ask...but what they don’t understand is that in the mind of the attacker, the cell phone is just a prize, a trophy for his righteous effort to settle the score and return the balance to the scales...at least temporarily. It's a restoration of justice. He thinks, "You were putting me down. Now guess what? I'm going to put you down. You've got all that. I'm going to take it away." ”You think you’re big, I am so small, but look what I can do to you”, robbers taunt dad whilst kicking him in the face

Now you take a person like that, make him the president of your country and allow him to surround himself with other criminal psychopaths who vote for him, support him and keep him in power and you can start to comprehend who your attacker REALLY is.

The person attacking you in your home at the end of the day is just an extended member of this psychopathic criminal gang.

Proper knowledge of your attacker’s psychology already helps you to avoid him and deal with him.

The attacker

Your attacker is essentially a lazy, opportunistic and psychopathic, coward. He is not a predator. Instead he is a common scavenger. This does not mean that he is weak or less dangerous. Neither is he stupid nor exceptionally clever. He is extremely CUNNING and therefore extremely dangerous.

Further it is important to realize that the person attacking you is first of all NOT a reasonable person. Reasonable people do not attack other people.

Reasonable people study hard and work hard for their money; they don’t steal, rob, intimidate, hi-jack, torture and kill people for money.

Reasonable men court and date women; they do not rape.

Your attacker finds all of this too much effort, too costly, too time consuming.... He wants to get the maximum amount of loot with the least amount of effort. Therefore he is constantly scouting for possible victims and possible opportunities and if a chance presents itself he will attack. He will also form alliances and surround himself with other likeminded psychopaths and gang up against victims.

Therefore you cannot have a reasonable discussion with your attacker. If anything, you need to TELL him, ORDER him, or physically impose your will on him. Like a spoiled and out of control five year old child you need to show him where the borders are and what the consequences are when he steps out of those borders.

How your attacker chooses his victims

Criminals do not choose their victims randomly. They are always looking for weaknesses, distractions and fears. The reason why he appears so successful is, because he preys on the weak in the herd, not the strongest.

Your attacker’s mind does not work the same way as yours or as that of a normal reasonable person. As we have said...he might not be super intelligent, but he is also not super dumb. However, he uses every bit of intelligence that he can muster in a criminal way for criminal goals. He thinks about taking advantage of victims in every conceivable way possible...every second of every day. This makes him extremely dangerous, especially, because he knows that his victims do not think like him and are most of the time not prepared for his actions and that is all he needs; He simply needs you to be unprepared.

As a coward your attacker will not attack you when there are lots of people or witnesses around. He will wait until you are alone. Your attacker will not attack or face you from the front. He will attack you from behind and when you are not looking or paying attention. He will not show his face, he will be masked. Your attacker will not come empty handed, he will have a weapon.

Your attacker will seldom come alone, most of the time he has backup from a gang of attackers. Your attacker will not come during the day, he will come at night.

The attacker is not interested in a fair fight and will never keep to ethical sportsmanlike behaviour. He will be cowardly, brutal and kick you when you are down or hit you from behind and he has no problem doing it to a woman, a child or an older defenceless person.

Your attacker relies on terror and the element of surprise.

As we will see with “Situational Awareness”, the attacker wants to take you from code white to code black instantly. In his book “1984” George Orwell writes, “The object of terrorism is to terrorize”.

Your attacker wants you to freeze up when surprised with an act of terror.

Don’t let him ever surprise you. Good situational awareness will prevent this and will ensure that you always know exactly which state of alertness you are in.

Your attacker does not want you to make a lot of noise and draw attention. He wants to attack, but does not want to BE attacked. That is why he will try to clasp over your mouth, suffocate you or incapacitate you. The attacker does not want the police or any other help to arrive while he is busy, so he will isolate you and he will try to make it as quick as possible...unless he is sure that you are extremely well isolated, then he will rape you or torture you for hours.

Most importantly…Your attacker does not want you to fight back. He wants you to be an easy victim. He wants certainty of success without having to work too hard.

Do not simply hand over the loot Conventional “wisdom” and bullshit self defence instructors will tell you that the sooner you hand over the loot the sooner the robber will be out of your face. However, literally thousands of cases in South African farm attacks and home invasions have shown that this is seldom the case. People are still beaten, tortured, raped and killed even AFTER they have handed over the loot. These beatings and tortures carry on for hours or days.

Simply put, do not simply hand over the loot and...fight back. Don’t make it easy for him. Do everything possible to make it as difficult as possible for him and make him work as hard as possible. Your attacker hates hard work and does not want to hang around until other people come and help you or until the police arrive. When it takes too long or when it is too much effort, he will give up the fight and run away.

Guerilla Survival in Self Defence - Surviving an attack as a strategy to win

You do not need to be strong or exceptionally well skilled to survive an attack. You are not necessarily looking at knocking him out, you are first and foremost looking to SURVIVE.

Think about the Battle of Blood River. The Voortrekkers were not attacking, they were defending. They were not looking for retribution for the Bloukrans Massacre. They simply wanted to SURVIVE. The fact that they dealt a knockout blow to their attackers was a way of making sure the attacker does not stand up again and carry on attacking them.

One of the first things a Jiu Jitsu martial artist learns as a white belt is how to survive.

As a white belt he has very few skills and very little experience, so he needs to be able to survive for as long as possible. This skill of survival he takes throughout his life. If you can tire your opponent, survive and outlast your opponent long enough, he will give up the fight and you can beat him.

This is exactly the same principle the guerrilla fighter applies. He knows he is weaker and not as well equipped as his opponent, but if he can survive long enough so that the opponent gives up the fight, he will win. We have seen this in Vietnam with the French and the Americans and in Afghanistan with the Russians. This is also the strategy the ANC and SWAPO used in Namibia and South Africa and why they are currently in power. They simply outlasted their much stronger opponents and waited for them to give up the fight.

Prevention is better than cure

Most self defence courses will show you some flashy moves that do not work in a real self defence situation and skip the most important part; the part of how to prevent such a situation altogether.

The best self defence is to avoid a situation where you might have to defend yourself.

Self defence starts a long time before the attack. It starts in your mind. Do not be naïve. Do not believe that all people only mean you good. Realise that there are evil psychopathic people in this world who will rob and kill you if presented with the opportunity to do so. Never give them that opportunity.

It is further very important not to become so paranoid that you stop living and enjoying life. If you do that, your attacker has won.

Do not isolate yourself. Have plenty of people around. Don’t flash wads of cash. Don’t show expensive equipment like cell phones, cameras, jewellery, etc. Make sure you always have good situational awareness. Have an advanced warning system, even if it is just a dog.

If you are under attack, make a lot of noise. Scream, blow a whistle and bang on something, whatever. Tell people to call the police. Rip your attacker’s mask off and most importantly, viciously FIGHT BACK with everything you’ve got!

Fighting back buys you time and time is what your attacker does not have. Your attacker will run away before he runs out of time…When he starts to doubt if he will be successful, he will give up the fight and you will survive.

Thy myth of the skimpily dressed woman

Conventional wisdom holds that women who dress provocatively are inviting rapists and putting themselves at risk. However, this is not true. Think about all the elderly women and babies being raped in South Africa. None of them wore skimpy clothes. Or dressed provocatively. Rapist go for weaknesses, not for sexiness. They go for the one who fights back the least.

Research (Predators: Who They Are and How to Stop Them, by Gregory M. Cooper, Michael R. King, and Thomas McHoes as well as Betty Grayson and Morris I. Stein 1984) shows that it is rather women with passive, submissive personalities who are most likely to be raped—and that they tend to wear body-concealing clothing, such as high necklines, long pants and sleeves, and multiple layers.

Rapist are looking for weaknesses and can accurately identify submissive women just by their style of dress, their appearance and the way they walk and carry themselves. Rapist, like other attackers, go for the weakest in the herd. If you slump and appear submissive, you appear weak.

There is a very good reason why some people often get picked upon and constantly attacked whilst others NEVER get attacked. It is called Confident Assertiveness as opposed to Submissiveness.

In other words, show that you are alert and not prepared to be anyone’s victim. Show that you know your rights and are not going to be easily exploitable and that you are willing to put up a tremendous fight if attacked.

Make Hicks Law work for you

Simply put, Hicks Law states that the more choices you have the longer it is going to be before you take a decision.

Later on we will see how this can be a problem for you, but Hick’s Law works both ways and…it is related to IQ.

If you can activate your attacker’s, lazy, cowardly, psychopathic and criminal cognitive system and keep it occupied for long enough, you can avoid being attacked.

Be confident. Never show weakness; Never show fear

Think about a dangerous dog sizing you up and looking for signs of fear and weakness before he attacks. Don’t show him weakness. Don’t run away.

In a similar way, the attacker will size up his victim looking for signs of fear, distractions and weaknesses; It is your job to keep him guessing. In the mean time you size up his facial expressions and read the facial cues.

As long as you can make him doubt his chances of success he will not attack. If his victim looks, bigger, stronger, faster, fitter, or simply Paraat (An Afrikaans word meaning Military-like, disciplined attentiveness; from Latin “Paratus” –“Ready”)…he will not attack.

That means don’t show that you are distracted. Don’t show that you are looking at your cell phone, don’t pull the map out and stare inattentively at it. Don’t walk around with earphones on or plugged in. Don’t take photographs and not pay attention.

Appearing drunk is also a sign of weakness that can be exploited. Attackers like to beat up on drunk people and rape drunk women. When you are drunk, you are easy prey. You are easy to knock down and rob and worse, raped.

You do not have to be big or strong. You only need to show that you are Paraat, aware, confident and in a state of readiness and show it in the way you carry yourself and the way you look. Never show arrogance, but also never show fear. When your attacker sees, “It is not worth the effort” he is not going to attack.

When you are walking down the road and there is a group of possible attackers standing against a wall where you have to pass, remember that passing them will just take a few seconds. That is all you need. Their minds will start to compute their chances of success straight away. You just have to make them doubt their chances of success just for a few seconds until you are passed and you will be OK. This can be achieved with assertive confidence.

On the other hand, if you stop, show fear and start to back pedal or run away, you will signal that they will have a good chance of success and they will come for you. You don’t need to say anything. You don’t need to show any weapons (yet). In fact showing a weapon at this stage will give them clarity on exactly what you have to offer and what their chances of success are. You want them to doubt; to guess…to be in a state of uncertainty. This is what assertive confidence or Paraatheid does.

They must wonder why you are so confident. They must think you have all this confidence because you have many options and possibly concealed weapons. Options they are maybe not aware of and cannot see. Maybe you have seen a policeman up ahead. Maybe you see witnesses or a CCTV camera that they cannot see. Maybe you are a trained martial artist. Whatever it is, keep them guessing about your nonchalant confidence. By the time they figure it out you are passed and gone.

Home invasions and hijackings

When it comes to your home, don’t count on walls, safety gates, burglar bars and alarms to keep your attacker away. None of these are certain deterrents. If a person wants to get into your home he is going to get in.

However, you can make it as difficult as possible for him...and you can make him doubt his chances of success by being clever and using subterfuge and deception.

Criminals have admitted that they are NOT deterred by burglar bars but avoid homes where small dogs make a lot of noise. When they see a pair of large male Wellington boots or a large motorcycle in front of the entrance door, they will avoid the home. In my backyard I’ve always had a punching bag hanging in the tree, visible from the road. For women living alone this could be a good strategy. Let them think there is a big trained guy living there.

When you stop at a traffic light, always make sure you can still see the wheels of the car in front of you. This will give you enough distance for a quick getaway. If you cannot see the wheels touch the tarmac, you are too close. When there are criminal elements keep the gears engaged and your foot on the clutch.

OK I know...It is not good for the release bearing and it might not be safe, but it might save you from getting hijacked.

Don’t fiddle with your radio or the GPS. Don’t talk on your cell phone, and don’t wear ear phones. These are all signs of distractions and exactly what your attacker is looking for. Don’t have your handbag on the front seat. Put it in the boot.


Understand the psychopathic nature of your attacker. Get into his mind and it will be a lot easier for you to defend yourself. Your main aim is to SURVIVE. Try to avoid the self defence situation altogether, but when attacked, fight back viciously and resist with everything you’ve got. Do not simply hand over the loot. It is no guarantee that you will be safe and you might still be beaten tortured, raped or killed. Thousands of examples can be taken from daily self defence and survival situations in South Africa. Your best chance of survival is to fight back. The moment you start fighting back and lending severe resistance, the clock is ticking for your attacker until help or the police arrive. You want the attack to stop. Make your attacker run out of time and he will run away.