30 April 2017

Update to the lying, fake media and their fake Lichtenburg/Coligny story

By Mike Smith
1st of May 2017

Here is an update to the Lichtenburg chimpout that was apparently sparked by the death of a twelve year old boy, but like I pointed out a few days ago, started two weeks before already, because of ANC corruption, mismanagement and unfulfilled promises:

The original story can be found here: About the war in Lichtenburg

Here are some new articles:

Young Coligny victim still has to be identified

Coligny family identify body of 12yo boy - police

Nobody knew the boy. Nobody had a name for him. He was not missed by his parents at all who never claimed his body and police only found them 11 days later from a misspelled name on his shoes and showing pictures of him to residents in the area.

Here is a direct quote from the article above:

“The alleged murder of the boy, who authorities said was 12 years old, was apparently the reason for violent protests in the area last week when residents went on a rampage, burning and looting businesses.

Hey? Do you spot the bullshit?

1: Alleged murder? Facts? Who alleged what?

2: Who are these “Authorities” who said he was 12 years old if they had no ID, name or nobody knew him? Where did they get the age from?

3: “was apparently the reason for violent protests”….Apparently? According to whom?

4: They call him a “12yo victim”…victim of what? He jumped off a moving bakkie all by himself. A victim of his own stupidity maybe?

5: Look at how they describe the two accused as “appeared Scruffy”… Re they trying to influence people's perception of the accused? Racists are all dirty and scruffy, right?

Now there are more bullshit “allegations” and anecdotes of the farmer’s “alleged” history of racism saying the one bumped a black man off his bicycle and further…

"They (white people) have been killing us since 1976 and still call us monkeys" said Sunnyboy Gomone.

The white magistrate M L van Loggerenburg recused himself from the case saying he feared for the safety and security of the community of Coligny and that of his own family. He rather wanted a “neutral” judge to hear the case.

I thought all judges should be neutral and impartial. If not then they should not be in the job.

Is it because the judge knows that he is white and that the racist black lumpenproletariat outside his court is going to think he is impartial simply because he is white? What does the judge mean by “Neutral”? A black judge?

Surely race should not have anything to do with the neutrality and impartiality of a judge. Under the rule of law we are all equal before the law.

It is clear that the judge allowed himself to be intimidated by the masses demonstrating outside the court seeking mob justice and lynching waving placards saying: "No bail for farmers" and "No bail for boers."

Is his resignation from the case an admittance that the rule of law has broken down in South Africa and we now allow mobs to dictate to the courts?

Safety fears see magistrate recused from farmers' ‘killing' case in Coligny

Absolutely disgusting how the media carries on. No sources. No proof. No facts…Just allegations and rumours. I cannot believe they even call this rubbish “NEWS”. Then they wonder why nobody buys their Fake News fish & chips wrappers anymore.

27 April 2017

How the leftist media supports the ANC status quo through manipulation of news

Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma

By Mike Smith
27th of April 2017

It is enough that the lying leftist media tries to manipulate news and public opinion, but when they actually think that we are so stupid that we won’t notice, it becomes insulting.

Take the way they are setting us up for a continuation of the Communist hegemony and ANC status quo.

I mean...that Zuma has to go, is a fact as clear as day. His time is up and he must fuck off already. Even the media has accepted that fact. Problem comes in with the way they speculate about his successor.

We have been presented with a binary choice, The Butcher of Marikana, Cyril Ramaphosa...or Zuma’s former wife, Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma...the incompetent Sarafina idiot who stuffed up South Africa’s health services and the department of Home Affairs.

Like a choice between Shitpot and Pisspot.

I doubt it if Cyril Ramaphosa even stands a chance, because he is a Venda and it will be a cold day in hell that a Nguni (Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho) will vote for a Venda. They don’t even class Venda’s as real South Africans...just like with the Shangaans. Then there are the ghosts of the 40 odd black miners slaughtered at Marikana on his order that the blacks won’t forgive him for.

Nevertheless...Suddenly out of nowhere, all you read about in the paper is Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma giving speeches and campaigning to take over from Umsholozi Showerhead Zuma.

She is already enjoying VIP presidential protection with a three car blue light convoy that she is not entitled to, courtesy of the taxpayer’s stolen money.

Now for those who do not know the antics of this woman, please read what I wrote five years ago when she was named AU chief.

Mike Smith’s 2012 article: Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma named AU commission chair. When incompetence sticks like shit to a woolen blanket

THAT…dear reader is what the media holds up as the successor to Jacob Zuma. A woman who is a staunch supporter of the despotic dictator Robert Mugabe and the one whose “overhaul” of Home Affairs is the cause and reason that queues for ID’s and passports are stretching three blocks down the drag.

Like I said...the media have accepted the fact that Jacob Zuma must go...but what comes after Zuma?

Answer: More Zuma...and on the odd chance that Ramaphosa does get in...At least a continuation of more ANC.

Does the media think that a change in ANC leadership is going to make the ANC somehow less corrupt? What utter rubbish. We don’t want any more ANC. POINT!!! When Zuma goes, the ANC must go. They must take their shit and fuck off!!

What irks me even more is that the media does not even consider a moderate black libtard like Mumusi Maimane, what more to say a white libtard like Athol Trollip or a coloured like Patricia de Lille...

No! For heaven’s sake...if you want peace and stability Zuma’s successor must be black and he must be ANC.

Why? What for? Why not a white person? How can you claim to be “non-racial”, but then hold the black race as criteria for presidential succession?

It is as if these Media libtards allow themselves to be intimidated by the prospect of black ANC violence if Zuma goes, so they want to compromise with blacks with a candidate such as Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma...Keep the transition smooth. Don’t upset the Apple cart. Steal further.

Stuff that! I say SMASH the apple cart. Burn it down and stop the theft and the rot! For as long as the ANC is still around this country will NEVER see prosperity and progress. You want to replace one incompetent, corrupt idiot with another and call that “improvement”? How?

Besides, the other day she referred to the “Save SA” protesters as “rubbish” on Twitter and saying that they should rather join the ANC march against the land whites stole, then she deleted the Tweet and lied about it saying somebody posted a fake post from her account. Lying bitch Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma

No. Zuma must go and the ANC must go with him. We don’t want any of them anymore...nor his former squeeze. For me...23 years of stealing and mismanagement is enough!

26 April 2017

About the war in Lichtenburg

“According to his son, Omar, bin Laden would routinely hike from Tora Bora into neighboring Pakistan on walks that could take anywhere between seven and fourteen hours. “My brothers and I all loathed these grueling treks that seemed the most pleasant of outings to our father,” Omar bin Laden later recalled. Bin Laden told his sons they had to memorize every rock on the routes to Pakistan. “We never know when war will strike,” he instructed them. “We must know our way out of the mountains.” -
Quoted in Chapter I… “Out of the mountains; The Coming age of the Urban Guerilla” by Lt Col David Kilcullen

By Mike Smith
26th of April 2017

About 240 km west of Johannesburg is the Ditsobotla Local Municipality, an amalgamation of the former Lichtenburg, Coligny and Biesiesvlei municipalities. Lichtenburg is of course famous for its statue of Boer General Koos de la Rey.

Now for those not familiar with the ANC’s policies of amalgamation of municipalities, it is just a scheme to get white taxpayers in former white towns to subsidise and pay for the services provided to the ever growing black townships in the surrounds. They did the same in the Helderberg Municipality in the Cape for instance where the towns of Strand, Somerset West and Gordon’s Bay now have to subsidise Lwandle/Nomzama township. Incidentally under Apartheid this place was made up of a few hostels with less than a thousand people living there. Now it is almost the size of Khayalitsha and has 60,000 inhabitants.

Nevertheless, the problem with all these amalgamated municipalities is that once the ANC takes over, the mayor and his/her cronies start stealing the money and do not deliver the services paid for courtesy of the whites. Therefore you often see in the middle of these townships amongst the shacks a few palaces with luxury cars will spring up…all ANC criminal scum who enrich themselves by stealing money from blacks, that was originally stolen from whites.

So obviously the local plebs and Lumpenproleteriat will get upset, because they are not getting the roads and schools and municipal services such as running water, electricity rubbish removal etc…Hence we have often violent service delivery protests.

So two weeks ago another series of service delivery protests started in the black townships around Lichtenburg and Coligny. Last week 14 people were arrested for public violence during a service delivery protest in the area.

ENCA Malungelo Booi reported on television that 11 Million rand was paid to a black contractor for a new road however the new road was not completed. They also paid for a school to be built and residents were promised free houses. So obviously when these did not arrive community members went on the rampage in Lichtenburg on Monday calling for Ditsobotla Mayor Daniel Buthelezi to step down. They went into town and looted, supermarkets, bottle stores, furniture shops and burned down the houses of whites and set trucks alight. The town was destroyed and the media said it resembled a war zone.

White residents and farmers in the area armed themselves, blocked streets off and told women and children to stay home.

So you would think that it is quite clear why the bastards are upset…not so quick.

The next day the media reported that “the protesters are angry about the death of a 12-year-old child in a car accident last week. The circumstances surrounding the child's death is still unclear.”


Then all of a sudden the story has shifted that the 12 year old black boy was “beaten by a farmer” who caught the boy in his maize field. Apparently TWO people, 26 and 33 yo have been arrested, because “the incident is racist”. They will appear in court on Friday.

Aftermath of North West protests after 12 year old’s death

Obviously a bullshit story, but we will wait to see what happens…Nevertheless, just take a look how the lying bastards in the media now swung the entire story around. From ANC non-service delivery protests to protests because of white farmers killing innocent little black boy.

Hey? And then the Media wonders why the public think they are lying scumbags with no credibility.

Besides even if a boy was slapped by a farmer, you go to the police and lay a charge of assault and let the law takes it course. There is no justification for simian behaviour such as looting and burning.

Nevertheless…Expect more of this. Over the past 23 years we have seen thousands of white farmers killed and the reasons/excuses are always “Racist” farmers who treat their workers like shit, don’t pay them, abuse them…blah, blah blah. No proof. Just flames of rumours and allegations fanned by the lying media.

Whites must prepare themselves, because the ultimate onslaught is also going to be blamed on some fantasy “White Racist” false flag incident. Rape, torture, looting and genocide will all be “justified retribution” for some imaginary white racist incident. Watch this space.

However, whites will have to start thinking about offensive measures. In a state of war where the rule of law has broken down, a parallel system of control should be established to maintain order and safety.

Barricading towns and setting up booms in roads are fine, but they are all defensive measures. If you want the violence to stop permanently then you have to go on the offensive. You have to seize the initiative and once you have it, keep the pressure up. You have to patrol the enemy territory.

There should be no go zones…There should be clear and unambiguous sanctions (punishment and retribution) communicated to anyone thinking about crime or misconduct against innocent people. Here the ten to one rule should apply. For every house burned down, ten will be burned down in return. For every person killed, ten will be killed in return.

You find the same system from the favelas of Rio de Jeneiro to the towns of Afghanistan.

22 April 2017

A lesson from history: How Joe Slovo defeated P.W. Botha

By Mike Smith
22nd of April 2017


By now most South Africans who took part in the marches against Jacob Zuma on his birthday, probably realised that it had little effect. Zuma laughed it off and enjoyed his birthday with his (corrupt) family and friends.

So what went wrong?

Simple...A lack of proper planning, and of course...Semantics...People have not realised yet that “Peaceful Protest” does not mean the same as “Peaceful Procession”.

And that is what we saw. Peaceful marches, peaceful processions, but very little PROTEST.

Before the marches, the police warned people to not use violence. MK “veterans” pitched up to guard Luthuli House and threatened violence, and what did the people do? ...They obeyed. Exactly what the dictator wanted.

Reality check: You can have all the marches and processions in the world, but as long as you “obey”, you are not going to get rid of the dictator.

“Protest” means disobedience and defiance. It means pushing the envelope, calling his bluff and mass provocation. It means presenting the dictator with a “dilemma” not a “problem”, because problems are solved easily, but “dilemmas” have two or more bad outcomes and no good ones.

What you want to do is to get him into the position where, if he does not use violence the protests will lead to his fall. If he uses violence, it will also lead to his fall.

He is stuffed, no matter which way he goes and you need to do this every day, escalating and getting stronger and stronger until he falls.

“Non-violence” does not mean “passive” and “non-aggressive”. It does not mean “quiet” and “subservient”.

“Protest” means, that when you knock on the door and at first it is not heard, you knock harder and louder and when that is not heard either you start ringing the bell and hammering the door with your fist and when that is not heard you start kicking the goddamn door down!

...And when you are asked or told not to, you disobey and defy and get even louder.

You are not violent; you are not hurting anyone, but you are defiant, disobedient, aggressive and loud...because if the dictator does not want to listen to the voice of reason that his time is up and that he needs to go, the people need to get nose-to-nose in his face and the message needs to be shouted into his ear until his eardrum is on the brink of bursting!

But it is early days. People will still learn. How they want to learn depends...They can either reinvent the wheel and learn from their mistakes or they can learn from history.

It took the ANC of old a long time to learn. 25-30 years in fact. Maybe it will do us good to take a look at that.

Myth: Non-violent protest has never worked in Africa and will not work in South Africa.

I hear this a lot. It is of course rubbish. Arab Spring case in point.

Nine years ago in 2008, two years before the Arab Spring, I wrote an article called: How will World War IV be fought? in which I predicted that that people will fight civil wars with social networks, laptops and cell phones. As usual I took a lot of flak and ridicule for my ideas. Then the Arab Spring came and people networked on Facebook and Twitter and executed a cyber Blitzkrieg. One after the other Tunisia, Egypt, Libya…all African countries…started to fall.

“But those are Arab countries. It is not South Africa”, the critics maintained.”Black and white won’t stand together in South Africa”, they said…

They already have. There is no better example than South Africa during the 1980’s and how Apartheid fell.

It is a myth that only blacks were against Apartheid. Hundreds of white academics, church leaders, journalists and artists were all against Apartheid and shaped the minds of the white populace to give up the fight.

First mistake: The ANC chooses violence, terrorism and guerilla war

In the 1950’s seeing the Apartheid regime, standing as firm as a mountain of granite, through the eyes of a young black man like Nelson Mandela must have been very overwhelming. The possibility of ever overthrowing it probably seemed utterly hopeless and impossible.

Here you had a strong, developed first world country where everyone including blacks was upwardly mobile and enjoyed the highest living standards in the whole of Africa. Hardly a starving, bankrupt nation ripe for revolution.

You had the best, strongest and most motivated army as well as the most efficient, non-corrupt police force and security/intelligence agencies with the highest morale on the entire continent of Africa. On top of that you had a well armed civilian force…just about every white household had several firearms.

But then something happened.

New Year’s Day 1959 was a great day for the 40 year old Nelson Mandela. It filled him with a lot of hope for his people in South Africa. On that day the Cuban guerillas of the “26 July Army” under the Castro brothers Fidel and Raul and their mate Ché Guevara, finally forced the American puppet dictator Batista into exile and Castro turned Cuba into a Communist state on the doorstep of the USA.

Watching the smiling, victorious and cigar smoking Fidel Castro walking triumphantly through the streets of Havana, Mandela thought that THIS must be the way to go. An armed struggle, a guerilla war…for if Cuban guerillas could beat the mighty USA then surely the blacks in South Africa could beat the mighty Apartheid regime.

Mandela was not the only starry eyed Communist with delusions of grandeur at the time. Just about the entire SA Communist Party and the Black Nationalist ANC looked at the Cuban example and were convinced that a guerilla war was the only way to go, because for years they have looked for a solution of how to bring down the white Apartheid regime…

To these Communist revolutionaries in South Africa the Cuban example was the only way to go. So they abandoned peaceful means, formed Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) and adopted a violent armed struggle…It was probably the biggest mistake they ever made.

The outcomes of the armed struggle

Problem was that nobody ever told the MK revolutionaries in the ANC that a guerilla war only had about a 26% chance of success. With peaceful protests you have a 53% chance. More than double the odds.

So within a few years they were all in jail. Several received death sentences for high treason and acts of terrorism. The rest were hunted down and neutralized by the security agencies and by the 1980’s the ANC leader, Oliver Tambo admitted that the ANC was defeated and a spent force. The ANC was reduced from a strong political movement with an armed wing to a mere fax machine in Dares Salaam.

The ANC was terribly disappointed. Where did it all go so horribly wrong for them?

According to them they did everything right…They had funding to the tune of millions of dollars every year, they received the best revolutionary training in the USSR, East Germany and even learned from the Cubans in Cuba themselves. They had tons of weapons, ammunition, hand grenades, land mines, RPG-7’s, etc. They could melt into the civilian masses in the South African townships. They had sympathetic neighboring countries where they could launch their insurgencies from. They had allies in the form of SWAPO (PLAN), the MPLA, ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe, Frelimo in Mozambique, etc…Basically the ANC was spoiled. They had EVERYTHING you need to run a successful guerilla war or armed struggle, yet they still failed…

Not only that. What did they achieve? All they succeeded in doing was to unite and strengthen the Apartheid regime and make the whites more resilient. The National Party was winning election after election.

By the 1980’s the South African Defence Force was arguably one of the strongest armies in the world with an extremely high level of morale who have by then become experts and world leaders in counter insurgency. Armies from Israel and the USA were learning from the South Africans and adopting their tactics and training methods.

Despite an arms embargo against them, the South Africans were not only producing their own weapons, but exporting them. They had the Ratel infantry vehicle, the Buffel and Caspirs…They had the G5 and G7 howitzers. Best in the world. The Rooivalk helicopter was being developed as well as the Cheetah fighter planes. The South Africans had nuclear weapons, tested ballistic missiles at De Hoop and had a space program run at Houwteq between the mountains near Grabouw in the Western Cape.

In Angola, the combined forces of the mighty Communist empire of the USSR, GDR and Cuba, along with all their puppets such as SWAPO and the MPLA were properly and convincingly defeated in battle after battle.

Second Mistake: The ANC tries their hand at violence a bit harder

Despite all the defeats and setbacks over many years, the hardcore MK revolutionaries in the ANC still had hopes of a military victory. They thought better training would do it so the guerillas were sent to the USSR, GDR and Cuba for the best training.

They thought better and more weapons would do the trick…so shiploads full of state of the art weapons such as SAM 7 missiles and T-62 tanks from Russia arrived in Luanda along with MIG 23 fighter jets, Mil Mi-24 helicopters and pilots from Cuba.

When the African Guerillas still proved unsuccessful, the Communist countries got personally involved and took charge. Russia had about 1500 elite soldiers and paratroopers as officers, trainers and consultants in Angola. The GDR about 3000. Cuba about 50,000. Nothing helped. Not even Castro taking charge personally.

So they thought the problem was with the logistics. The railroads were repaired and improved. Brand new General Electric diesel locomotives were bought (all blown up by the SA Recce’s). Roads and bridges were repaired and improved…all to no avail.

The Communists could not even defeat a tiny force of about 3000 committed South Africans on the Namibian/Angolan border. How were they ever going to take the whole of South Africa with an armed white citizenry of about five million?

People who have a fanatical fixation on violent means are hard to convince and often they have to learn the hard way, but by 1983 it must have been clear to even the simplest of Communist idiots that an armed struggle as they envisioned it…would NEVER succeed against South Africa. More than 20 years of armed struggle and terrorist bombs brought the communists absolutely NOTHING.

It was time for a rethink.

The visit to Vietnam

During the time of the ANC’s armed struggle, another war was being fought by the West against communism…This time in Vietnam.

In the 1950’s during the First Indo China War, the communist nationals (Viet Minh) kicked the arses of their colonial masters, the French, including the mighty French Foreign Legion.

It culminated in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu which occurred in 1954 between Viet Minh forces under General Võ Nguyên Giáp and the French Union's French Far East Expeditionary Corps. About 4000 French soldiers were killed in battle and about 8300 POW’s died during Vietnamese forced marches and hell camps.

The Americans thought they could do better and invaded South Vietnam between 1960 and 1965...about the same time that Mandela was on trial for terrorism in South Africa.

In the minds of the Americans Vietnam was the domino that could not fall, because if it did the whole world would fall like dominoes to Communism. Today we know the results. 800,000 Western Allies, including 60,000 American soldiers, died.

By 1975 the Americans left Vietnam with their tails between their legs. Despite winning almost every battle, they lost the war. The domino eventually did fall. Ho Chi Minh and General Võ Nguyên Giáp had defeated the mighty USA. How did they do it?

In 1978 the ANC decided that if there was anybody to learn from then it was this man, General Võ Nguyên Giáp and his president, Ho Chi Minh. So with the funding from the USSR they set out to visit Vietnam. Over the next five years between 1978 and 1983 the ANC paid several visits to Vietnam and learned the strategy of “People’s War”.

Having learned the hard way that violence seldom has the desired effect, they were forced to keep an open mind, shut the hell up and listen.

It must have been very hard for blacks with a warrior mindset and culture to adopt strategies of non-violence. It was against all their instincts and even affected and threatened their manhood. In their culture the physically strongest dominate. Men make war! The strongest warrior is king. They had no time and place for this war of the coward. In their culture the warrior gets in the face of the other warrior, he doesn’t strike like a coward.

What the ANC learned about “People’s War”

Slowly they learned. The Vietnamese told them that for every dollar they had, only 20 cents were spent on the physical war and weapons in the jungle; 80 cents were spent on the war at home in the USA.

The Vietnamese told them that the guerillas in the jungle were not there to fight the war; they were just there to create the ILLUSION of a war; to draw and tap resources of the enemy. It was a deception. The goal was not to win, but to prolong the war. It only chucked sand in the eyes of the American generals, politicians and public.

The real war was taking place in the USA in the minds of the US citizens. In People’s War the real soldiers are not crew cut marines who wear camouflage uniforms, flak jackets and M16’s; they have long hair laced with flowers, they wear jeans, T shirts and a Peace Sign around their necks.

They don’t march through the jungles of Vietnam, they march through the concrete jungles of Washington DC and San Francisco. They don’t carry the Stars and Stripes; they burn it…and carry banners and signs of peace. They don’t sing the “Star spangled banner”; they sing “Imagine”, “Blowing in the wind” and “Give peace a chance”…They don’t salute each other with a military salute; they give the peace sign salute…They don’t show in the media how strong their own soldiers are; they show how strong and brutal the enemy soldiers are.

The principles of war

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a one-on-one Ju Jitsu fight or making war on a grand scale, the principles of battle are quite simple and universal.

There are several ways to defeat your opponent. If you are not strong enough to physically overpower him, you must find a way for him to give up the fight. He must lose his “will to fight”.

Ultimately you target the mind of your opponent. It is in the mind that the will to fight is lost and the opponent gives up the fight.

The soldier’s strong mind is only as strong as his weakest link, which are often his own emotions.

His mind can be strong enough to kill an enemy soldier, but he is still a human being who has loved ones he believes he is fighting for. To keep on fighting he needs their support, but when his girlfriend, his mother and his little sister tell him to stop fighting, he will consider it. When they turn their backs on him for fighting, he will doubt his reasons for carrying on fighting or the sense of it all. When they join the enemy in the fight against him, he will stop fighting, because he is not going to kill his own loved ones. No amount of order, threats or incentives from the best general is going to make him carry on the fight.

How to beat your opponent

You don’t need to physically beat him. You only need to take away his support. You conquer his mind and make him give up the fight.

You use cunning, deception, guilt and his own strength against him. You find out what his weakest link is and concentrate your strengths and attack his weaknesses. You take him from a place of his familiarity to a place of your familiarity.

Violent means by using tools such as bullets, bombs swords and knives are all quick and efficient ways to ultimately shut the brain down…but they are by far not the only means. Besides they are expensive, require manpower and training.

Of course there is a place and a time for violence too. Sometimes only violence can stop violence. When you are attacked by an irrational drug addict or a drunken bar brawler, it becomes extremely difficult to convince his mind to give up the fight. Therefore violence is sometimes necessary.

If the person is physically much stronger, aggressive and wielding a weapon, you might even have to kill him to get him to stop. For the rest…there is always a gentler way, because ultimately what you want to do is make his mind give up the will to fight. You can shut his brain down with a bullet, starve it of oxygen with a rear naked choke or use hundreds of other means, but ultimately it comes back to the same thing. His mind gives up the will to fight.

Think about the general in battle. You either defeat him by killing him personally, or isolating him from his support by cutting his supplies and communications to his men, killing his men or getting his men to run away and abandon him. Like the King in chess, he is defeated when he has no support, isolated and gives up the will to fight.

The ANC forced to rethink their strategy

By 1983 the ANC planted the Church street bomb. What did it achieve? It hardened the Apartheid regime of P.W. Botha some more and a major crackdown on ANC bases abroad was started.

At the same time, Botha consolidated the powers of prime minister and State president and became an executive president…a powerful dictator with nuclear abilities and commander in chief of the strongest army on the continent. He must have felt invincible.

In 1984 the ANC was frustrated and still not convinced about peaceful means. There was a strong increase in political violence and the assassination of black political opponents in Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP). This led to retaliations and the Apartheid regime training and equipping Inkatha which was run by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi of the Zulu people.

By 1985 the main strategists in the ANC, like Oliver Tambo and the former SACP leader Joe Slovo, a South African lawyer who held the rank of colonel in the KGB, were forced to face reality…they have wasted 25 years on a useless armed struggle.

There had to be another way.

Joe Slovo went back to his books such as “People’s War; People’s Army” by General Giap and “The great spring offensive” by General Nguyen Thong.

The penny finally drops

It was then that Joe Slovo sat down at a table with a piece of paper and drew a red line across it. In the top half above the red line he put PW Botha…the dictator he wanted to defeat. Below the line he put himself.

Around P.W. Botha he put all his pillars of strength. The army, the police, the intelligence agencies, the Stellenbosch academics and politicians in the Broederbond, the education system, the NG Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) and other churches, the business leaders, ABSA bankers, the farmers and mine owners who ran the economy, the artists, musicians, poets, writers and journalists in Naspers.

Slovo didn’t hold back. He put it all down on paper. He looked at the sports councils such as that of Rugby and Cricket, cultural organizations such as the FAK and ATKV, the white voters…everything and everyone that he could think of that kept P.W. Botha and the NP regime in power…and he went to work.

Joe SLovo realized that P.W. Botha and the NP were just like any other dictatorships. They relied on certain pillars of support in order to stay in power. Some pillars were stronger than others, but the strongest ones were only a handful of loyalists around him; a few generals and politicians in the State Security Council. They would probably be the last to fall. Another strong one was the uncorruptable and loyal police force.

He also realized that each major pillar was kept up by several smaller pillars. He then set to devise a plan to undermine each pillar, but not to destroy it, rather to pull it over to his side. At the same time he had to keep up the deception that there was “only” an armed struggle taking place. This kept the focus of the security forces away from the real battle…the battle for the minds of the white South Africans. He needed to find away to isolate Botha, remove his pillars of support and get people to abandon him.

Joe Slovo realised that actually a lot of the work was already done or in progress and he did not have to do much more. Just a few critical sections still needed to be addressed and organized.

Nevertheless, he realised that he could actually pull every single pillar out from underneath Botha and over to his side. When he had all the pillars on his side and P.W. Botha was standing alone on the opposite side of the red line, he realised that he had won. The Apartheid ideology would fall, the NP would crumble away and the bombastic dictator P.W. Botha would be reduced to nothing.

This is what Sun Tzu meant when he said, “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

Joe Slovo called his plan “Operation Vula”.

Operation Vula: An elaborate plan of deception

Some of the main actors and responsibilities:

Oliver Tambo and Joe Slovo controlled Operation Vula from Lusaka in Zambia. As his generals on the ground he chose Mac Maharaj, Siphiwe Nyanda and people like Pravin Gordhan, the recently sacked finance minister.

First Mac Maharaj had to be brushed up on his knowledge of revolution, urban warfare and insurrection so was sent again to Moscow, East Germany and Cuba for refresher courses. Then he and Nyanda were smuggled into South Africa across the Swaziland border and started their work.

Funding came from Baron Joel Joffe, South African lawyer from the ANC defence team at the Rivonia trial who now lived in England. $100,000.

Chief Communications officer was communist journalist, Janet Love, who would later become assistant GM of the Reserve Bank, Commissioner of the South African Human Rights Commission and currently National Director of the Legal Resources Centre (LRC).

Nyanda was put in charge of the Military committee. He and his officers, Charles Ndaba and Mbuso Tshabalala focused on military recruitment and training.

The political or “Non-violent” committee in Natal was run by the likes of Pravin Gordhan, Jabu Sithole and Mpho Scott.

Secret talks and persuading of P.W. Botha’s closest allies like Foreign Affairs Minister Pik Botha, Minister of Constitutional Development, Chris Heunis and Education Minister F.W. de Klerk as well as the persuading of the generals in the military, police and intelligence services, the academics and opposition party members were left to educated members such as Thabo Mbeki, Cyril Ramaphosa, Pallo Jordan, Aziz Pahad, etc.

Implementing the plan

On the surface Operation Vula had to look as if violence increased, but in effect, the emphasis was on non-violent means such as the defiance campaigns, the boycotts and the strikes.

For instance when Slovo realized that the whites were very pious and religious and their churches supported the state and rationalized and justified the state’s Apartheid ideology from the pulpit and the Bible, he did not set out to destroy the churches. He did not plant bombs in the churches. He did not assassinate their leaders…he worked on and co-opted the leaders such as Beyers Naudé, Johan Heyns, Albert Geyser…Bishop Tutu, Reverend Frank Chikane, Alex Boraine and Dr Alan Boesak, to name a few.

Slovo did the same co-opting of the white academics at Wits, UCT, Stellenbosch and RAU, the media, the musicians, etc.

For instance, the Voëlvry Movement was a group of liberal Afrikaans musicians organized against Apartheid. Afrikaner writers and poets like Andre P Brink, J.M Coetzee, Dalene Matthee and Breyten Breytenbach (to name a few) were all anti Apartheid activists working on the minds of the white South Africans.

Senior journalist in the media were co-opted and briefed on the “democratic” fairness and innocence of the ANC ideology. If only Apartheid was gone there would be no need for violence.

The farmers and mines were the backbone of the South African economy. South African agricultural products were some of the best in the world, yet their apples, oranges and wine were vilified on overseas markets as oppressive of blacks in SA.

The mines relied on cheap black labour. The unions were organised and united and the mines vilified overseas.The darling sports of the whites such as Rugby and Cricket and the Olympics had to be boycotted and whites vilified overseas. The strong army with its conscripts had to be undermined with the “End conscription campaign” and soldiers fighting Communist forces in Angola were vilified as brutes.

On the ground Bishop Desmond Tutu and Reverend Alan Boesak led the UDF and the MDM (Mass Democratic Movement) on campaigns of defiance; defying Apartheid laws by arriving at beaches, marching and picnicking and arriving at hospitals demanding blacks to be treated in white sections of hospitals.

Trade unions were organized into “Mass Action” demonstrations putting pressure on the mines and industry.

Turning the police against the dictator

During these demonstrations police could only look on. Every time they used violence, shotguns, batons and teargas, the foreign and local media were there to put them under the magnifying glass and film their brutality. Tutu demanded on camera that they apologized “for what they did to our children”…

It did not take long before the cracks started to show in the police. Just before the 6th of September 1989 elections the police cracked down on a riot in the coloured area of Mitchels Plain. A 30 year old coloured police Lieutenant, Gregory Rockman saw people from his own community, people he grew up with being beaten by the police. He commented that his police colleagues, many coloured, acted like “wild dogs with a killer instinct”.

He said the police ``feasted on the people`` with their whips, attacking nonviolent protesters indiscriminately.

Tutu sang his praises and the MDM called him a hero. Rockman loved the attention.

When the Apartheid government then announced that sjamboks (whips) would no longer be used to break up protest rallies, Rockman, was right back on foreign television claiming credit, ignoring orders to keep his mouth shut and putting his 12 year police career on the line. He then announced that he would be joining Cape Town`s mayor in a peaceful protest march to parliament that the regional police commander already has said he would block.

He also founded the new police union Popcru (Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union) and many other policemen joined him. The government couldn’t arrest him. The antiapartheid movement was demanding the resignation of Law and Order Minister Vlok and the removal of riot police from duty.

That was all it took to reduce the once mighty SAP to mere spectators of the revolution...one attention seeking policeman who broke rank and the whole force crumbled.

As in any revolution, the turning of the police is a major blow for the dictator. All they had to be shown was that life under the ANC would be paradise in comparison to life under the dictator.

The strongest pillars closest to the dictator

Joe Slovo studied P.W. Botha very well. He knew he was a crude and bombastic bully who often bragged about how he humiliated those under him.

For instance he once regaled a foreign visitor with the allegation that his press spokesman, Jack Viviers, was so obsequious that he would pull down his pants and sit on a block of ice if Botha told him to do so, an expression the president stole from Bhrezhnev, describing the servility of Soviet Minister Andrei Gromyko.

Working under P.W. Botha was not easy. He swore a lot, threatened those under him with beatings and physical violence, telling them how he would “donner” them.

Along came the nice, educated black gentlemen of the ANC and showed his “friends” in the Security Council a good time, laughing, “braai-ing” and drinking a few whiskies with them. All their fears were allayed. Under an ANC government they would not be prosecuted. They would maintain their positions in government. Their salaries would increase. The ANC were nice guys you could trust and have a good time with…

They fell for it…

Actually easy considering the authoritarian attitude of their hated boss, P.W. Botha. Slowly but surely, one by one they started looking for an excuse to get rid of him.

The 1989 election and the fall of the dictator

By 1989 the stress started to take its toll on P.W. Botha. On 18 January 1989, Botha (then aged 73) suffered a mild stroke.

On 2 February 1989, Botha resigned as leader of the National Party (NP) and wanted his finance minister Barend du Plessis to replace him. Instead, the NP's parliamentary caucus selected as leader education minister F W de Klerk. They told Botha it was better for his health, that he could stay on as President and have all the power, whilst F.W. de Klerk would do all the hard work. He did not oppose De Klerk’s election as party leader.

In March 1989, the NP elected F.W. de Klerk as state president and a group of Ministers led by F.W. de Klerk marched to his office and demanded Botha resign and vacate his office. Botha was livid and felt betrayed.

Botha’s former friends and colleagues in the Security Council who were already having secret meetings and parties with the ANC, wanted to push him out and said he should claim bad health due to his stroke, but Botha, like a typical dictator, refused to resign, saying defiantly in a television address that the constitution entitled him to remain in office until March 1990 and that he was even considering running for ANOTHER five-year term. He still could not see the writing on the wall.

They then used the media to make him appear senile and stupid. This was the same Naspers media that Botha bragged he controlled. He often joked how he not only told Naspers chief Ton Vosloo what to write, but also exactly how many lines.

At the end of March 1989 UN resolution 435 came into effect and the UN took control of Namibia. On that day, the 1st of April 1989 Botha and de Klerk reached a compromise: Botha would retire after the parliamentary elections in September, allowing de Klerk to take over as president.

However more and more of his ministers resigned and turned their backs on him joining De Klerk.

Eventually…four years after his disastrous defiant “Rubicon Speech” of 1985 and the introduction of Operation Vula, P.W. Botha was isolated and alone. He was in checkmate. Not a friend or ally in the world. He resigned on the 14th August 1989, three weeks before the September elections.

Useful idiot F.W. de Klerk was sworn in as State President on the same day.

P.W. Botha…The once mighty dictator who felt himself invincible, the commander in chief of the strongest military on the continent, a man who once had nuclear weapons at his finger tips, was reduced to a pathetic figure sitting on his couch with a crocheted blanket over his knees...staring blankly out of the window of his modest home in George….sulking and brooding for the rest of his life over conspiracy theories of who the traitor in his midst was.

For Joe Slovo, the Codesa negotiations and the ANC’s ascend to power was now just a formality.


What would have happened if Nelson Mandela never took the violent route and never formed uMkhonto we Sizwe? What would have happened if the ANC rather adopted the policies of “People’s War” and that of Non-violent resistance earlier?

Simple. They would have been in power 30 years earlier and with a lot less effort and bloodshed.

15 April 2017

The colonial propaganda firm paid by the ANC to racially divide South Africa

"If anyone is left looking gullible and ridiculous by these revelations it is the ANC’s Western liberal supporters and apologists." - James Myburgh

By Mike Smith
15th of April 2017

Some conspiracy theories are actually conspiracy facts and truly mind blowing. For instance...

Last Wednesday the controversial UK based Public Relations (read propaganda) firm Bell Pottinger, disassociated itself from the Gupta family.

Bell Pottinger walks away from the Guptas

The company was paid £100,000 a month (About R1.7 million) to polish the image of the Guptas and Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma, with a “deflection campaign” using social media. The Bell Pottinger plan reportedly involved using, among other things, “fake bloggers, commentators and, Twitter bots”, involved in a fake news campaign to support messages critical of white monopoly capital and be defensive of the Guptas.

It was a special bargain price, probably with a few free samoosas thrown in, because the company usually charges in excess of £150,000 a month.

The “Daily Maverick” discovered at least 106 fake Twitter profiles that automatically reTweeted Tweets that were pro Gupta and anti Madonsela (former Public Protector) . The report explains exactly how this was traced by the Daily Maverick and appeared in an article on the 10th of November 2016. You can read it here:

Paid Twitter: Manufacturing dissent, helping Guptas

Bell Pottinger also organised the radio interview on 702 between Atul Gupta and Stephen Grootes and were asked by President Zuma himself to create a media climate to push forward his chosen successor, his former wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

The arms deal facilitator Fana Hlongwane and Duduzane Zuma were the intermediaries who would eventually pay R24 million of stolen taxpayer’s money to Bell Pottinger to racially divide South Africa so that they could carry on stealing while ordinary South Africans were distracted and busy fighting each other over “racial issues”.

The entire 21 page report has now been leaked out and uploaded onto the internet. It can be seen here:

READ: Alleged full report of Bell Pottinger’s Gupta PR plan The person in charge was the 33 year old Victoria Geoghegan, educated at the University of Manchester. She has spent time in SA working for Investec and Richemont, the company of South African billionaire Johann Rupert who owns amongst others, Cartier, Dunhill, Van Cleef & Arpels and Montblanc.

She obviously used her knowledge of South Africans, their psyche and the racial issues amongst the people of South Africa, as well as the stupid SA libtard media against them to racially divide them further and let them focus on each other instead of her pay-masters in the ANC and the Gupta family so that they could carry on stealing to their hearts content.

The reason why Bell Pottinger quit the Guptas was because the young lady Victoria Geoghegan and other co-workers started receiving death threaths.

My readers will remember that about a year and a half ago, during the summer of December /January 2015/2016 there was a sudden major surge in “Racial incidents” reported in the media. The Penny Sparrow saga was a major one. It was all manufactured and fed to the libtard media who was only too happy to play along.

Another thing that emerged was the sudden appearance of the vague term “White Monopoly Capital” that was suddenly the enemy of the state, the blacks, the EFF and idiots like Andile Mngxitama and his Black First Land First Organisation, Mzwanele Manyi and his “Decolonisation” Foundation, and others.

Another one of these organisations is “Uncensored Opinion” run by Pinky Khoabane, a columnist of the Gupta owned newspaper “The New Age”. She has 16,400 followers on Twitter.

About the cartoonist Zapiro who drew several rape cartoons of rapist president Zuma raping the justice system and him and the Guptas raping South Africa she said...”Cartoonist Zapiro whose real name is Jonathan Shapiro needs to be raped, hopefully by a gang, to be able to understand the horror of rape and to get it into his skull that rape is not funny”.

The funding of these organisations and their idiotic leaders was all organised by Bell Pottinger.

Of course, Afrikaans speaking Dr. Johann Rupert is no idiot and discovered this conspiracy bullshit and campaign to discredit him as the God Father of the “Stellenbosch mafia”. He is of course the Chancellor of Stellenbosch University. He discovered that he apparently controlled the South African media and were actually running the country behind the scenes and found out that the same company that was doing his PR work for the last 18 years was also now working against him on the side of the Guptas and the Zumas, the people who REALLY captured the state. So he fired the unscrupulous Bell Pottinger. So did Investec.

Said Rupert... “And while they were still in the employment of Richemont, they started working for the Guptas. The very same person … Their total task was to deflect attention from state capture allegations involving the Guptas. Guess who they took as a target? A client of theirs … me!”

Tja...talk about a stab in the back of note.

Currently there is a massive campaign to name and shame Victoria Geoghegan and the people of Bell Pottinger Campaign to name and shame Bell Pottinger executives grows

This company will do anything for money. The firm also worked for F.W de Klerk and helped devise a strategy for former president De Klerk when the National Party planned its election campaign in 1994. Some other clients include Asma al-Asad, wife of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad and Augusto Pinochet, the former Chile dictator. They also helped murder convicted Oscar Pistorius secure teary-eyed interviews.

How Rupert was warned about Bell Pottinger

Interestingly enough, Bell Pottinger admitted to working on many African election campaigns like in Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia, etc doing speech writing, candidate presentation and other services. Most of these candidates were not funded by the parties , but by Third Party business interests.

The report states that one of these “Third Party Interests” is the South African Businessman and international arms dealer Ivor Ichikowitz ,born in Springs and owns the Paramount Group, an international arms dealing consortium who will sell to anybody.

Ivor Ichikowitz
Ivor Ichikowitz, another Bell Pottinger client, is a close ally of the ANC and Jacob Zuma and he provided the president with an aircraft to use for an ANC fundraising and business trip to Lebanon and Kazakhstan. Another flight by Zuma to the United States on an aircraft owned by Ichikowitz in 2011 caused considerable controversy when the cost (R 6.3 million) was questioned in parliament.

Twelve things you should know about Ivor Ichikowitz

International arms dealer and ANC funder Ivor Ichikowitz
The man who ran the Paramount Group Account at Bell Pottinger in London is an Afrikaner called Nico de Klerk who graduated from the University of the Free State and emigrated to the UK in 2006.

Villa di Ulignano in Tuscanny,
paid for courtesy of the SA taxpayers
Working for Bell Pottinger pays well. Victoria Geoghegan, recently got married at a lavish ceremony at the private Villa di Ulignano in Tuscanny that cost €17,000 a week to rent. Seems like 30 silver shekels go a long way.

Sunday Times Report: 'White monopoly capital' chosen distraction in PR strategy to clear Guptas


There are several things that stand out from this report.

1: The hypocrisy of the ANC and Zuma about “colonialism” being the evil origin of All South Africa’s problems, yet they have no problem to pay these colonial masters to polish their Gucci shoes.

2: They talk about “White Monopoly Capital” that needs to fall, but are selective to whom these “Whites” are, like Afrikaner Johann Rupert, but at the same time they are in bed with billionaire arms dealer Ivor Ichikowitz.

3: The ANC’s strategy of (Racially) Divide and Rule (Whilst we steal) is now exposed and clear. It is also clear that they will steal and waste millions of taxpayer’s money to implement and achieve that goal. It is a small price to pay for the billions they have stolen already and are still going to steal.

4: Blacks and white liberals who still support the ANC, Black First :Land First, and idiotic slogans and campaigns against “White Monopoly Capital” or “decolonisation” etc...have been taken for a ride by the ANC, the Guptas and a paid British Propaganda firm .

5: The racial divide in South Africa is today stronger than it ever was under Apartheid. It is now clear that this was a deliberate manufactured racial divide driven by the ANC and completely unnecessary. It has the potential to cause a violent racial civil war and genocide of whites in South Africa. It is arguably responsible for hundreds of racially motivated farm murders, rapes, tortures, hi-jackings and home invasions. The motive is clearly GREED by the ANC.

6: It affirms everything we have said on this blog over the past ten years. The ANC is not interested in peace or even reconciliation. They are not interested in good relations between the different races and people of South Africa. The ANC is not interested in nation building or uniting South Africans. A united South Africa is a threat to their Marxist hegemony over the diverse people of South Africa and a threat to their means to loot the state coffers freely into bankruptcy.

7: People of South Africa should realise the power that they have and what the totalitarian ANC and dictator Zuma fears the most. Once they realise that power, getting rid of the ANC and Zuma is a piece of cake.

14 April 2017

Cuba: Exposing the tyrannical regime the ANC is in love with

Fleeing a Socialist paradise:
Cuban refugees on their way to the USA 
By Mike Smith
14th of April 2017

On the 25th of November last year the great Marxist revolutionary Fidel Castro died. In South Africa, the ANC cried for weeks, about their great hero and friend.

A few days prior to that Donald Trump became the president of the USA on a Republican ticket and with a lot of anti illegal Hispanic rhetoric.

The most amazing thing that the liberals wanted to hide was that the State of Florida, where the demographics show 46% are Hispanic and only 29% white voted for Donald Trump.

In the capital of Miami, where 70% of the people are Hispanic (mostly Cuban) and only 19% white 34% voted for Trump. Even when one assumes that 100% of the whites in Miami voted for Trump it still leaves a huge percentage of Hispanics who voted against the Socialist (read Communist) Hillary Clinton.

I saw several interviews by the world media where Miami Cubans were asked who they would be voting for. Almost to a man they said for Trump. Why?

Since 1959 and the great Cuban revolution, more than 1.5 million people have fled the Marxist paradise of Cuba for Miami. More than 46,000 Cubans without visas attempted entry in the 2016 . The USA always had an open door policy towards these people and since 1995 Bill Clinton’s introduced the "wet-foot, dry-foot" policy of giving Cuban refugees residence permits and eventual citizenship...But a few days before Barack Obama stepped down as president of the USA, he cancelled this policy.

This is where the conundrum comes in, because when you ask the average world liberal, he/she will tell you that Trump is “anti-immigration” and Obama/Hillary are “pro-immigration”.

In other words Trump is a racist and the Obama/Hilarry multi-culti embracers. Why then would Obama block Cuban refugees as a last stab in the back before he resigned?

See, Obama is a Communist, just like Hillary is a Communist and allowing refugees in who are fleeing a Communist Utopia is bad PR for Communism. They would like you to believe that Communism is dead...like it is dead in North Korea, China and Vietnam.

Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro might be dead, but the Communist Castro regime carries on under his brother Raul Castro. Ob the 26th of July 2008, when Fidel was too old and sickly to carry on governing, his brother took over the reins. The dictator Fidel ruled Cuba from 1st of January 1959 until 2008. Almost 49 years. Forty nine years of HELL in which Cuba has distinguished itself as one of the worst, most monstrous human rights abusers in the world.

More than 500,000 people passed through the Communist Gulag death camps.

With a population of only 11 million, it gives Castro’s despotism the highest per capita political incarceration rate in the world. Torture is institutionalized. A myriad of human rights organisations such as the Red Cross and Amnesty International have documented the regime’s use of electric shocks, dark coffin sized isolation cells and beatings to punish “anti socialist elements”. Firing squads have carried out more than 15,000 executions. Family members who want to claim the body have to pay for the bullet first and are ordered not to cry at the funeral.

The Cuban barbarity is epitomised in the labour camp on the Isle of Pines under the “Camilo Cienfeugos Plan” where prisoners are forced to work naked, beaten with electric cables, have to cut grass with their teeth and sit in latrine trenches, neck deep in faeces and urine, for long periods of time. Some are forced to eat the shit and smile and make happy faces to the amusement of the guards.

In 1960 the 23 year old Cuban poet Armando Valladares Perez refused to write “I am with Fidel” on his desk and dared to raise issues of freedom under the new Castro Liberation Regime...He spent the next 22 years being tortured in prison. His book “Against all hope” stands as Cuba’s version of Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago”.

Describing his incarceration later, Valladares wrote:

"For me, it meant 8,000 days of hunger, of systematic beatings, of hard labor, of solitary confinement and solitude, 8,000 days of struggling to prove that I was a human being, 8,000 days of proving that my spirit could triumph over exhaustion and pain, 8,000 days of testing my religious convictions, my faith, of fighting the hate my atheist jailers were trying to instill in me with each bayonet thrust, fighting so that hate would not flourish in my heart, 8,000 days of struggling so that I would not become like them.”

Source: Armando Valladares: Human Rights Hero

Describing the great revolutionary Ché Guevara, Valaderes said, "He was a man full of hatred ... Che Guevara executed dozens and dozens of people who never once stood trial and were never declared guilty … In his own words, he said the following: "At the smallest of doubt we must execute." And that's what he did at the Sierra Maestra and the prison of Las Cabanas."

One of Valaderes’ prison friends, Roberto Lopez Chavez, a devote Christian, went on a hunger strike to protest the abuses in the camps. The guards witheld water from him and when he became delirious twisting on the floor begging for something to drink, the guards urinated in his mouth telling him that there was no God to help him. He died the next day.

So good are the Cuban Communists with torture that they even run torture camps for others. During the Vietnam War they ran the Cu Loc POW camp in Hanoi (aka “The Zoo”) torturing US soldiers and pilots captured by the Viet Cong.

Major James Kasler was tortured by Communist scum for six and a half years. You can read about his ordeal here: James Kasler torture . Kasler managed to survive. So did Air Force Colonel Edward Hubbard, but one who did not was Lt.Col Earl Cobeil. He was tortured to death.

The man in charge of the torture was the sadistic General Fernando Vecino Alegret (nicknamed “Fidel”) by the prisoners. He later became the Cuban Minister of Education. The Cuban government denied that he was ever in Vietnam saying he was in Angola.

Cuban General Lies Repeatedly About Torturing U.S. POWs

But it is not only in POW camps and political prisons where the Communist reign of terror is felt. Normal Cubans have their daily lives run by the CDR, The Committee for the Defence of the Cuban Revolution.

The CDR controls every city block and every farming unit. They know the affairs of every one and know exactly what every person and family is doing. Anything suspicious is reported. They control how food rations are distributed, where people are allowed to move, what they can study, where they can work and how they can spend their free time.

In Cuba ordinary people do not have human rights. They cannot move freely or travel outside of their own country. They cannot belong to religious or cultural organizations of their choice. There is no free expression. Radio, television, films and media are censored. There are no free political parties or independent unions.

The Castro regime also practices a vicious form of racism. Before Castro, blacks enjoyed upward social mobility and served in many government positions. In Castro’s Cuba 80% of the prison population is black, while the government hierarchy is 100% white.

Cuban Communism follows the usual Leninist and Stalinist model of “equality” that the ANC also practices in South Africa. Members of the Communist Nomenklatura live like kings and millionaires while the ordinary citizens live in utter poverty.

In Cuba the shelves in the stores are empty and food is tightly rationed. Teachers and doctors drive taxis or work as waiters for extra money to support their families.

Homosexuality is especially reviled by the totalitarian Castro Regime. There is no such thing as “gay rights” in Cuba and one can get a prison sentence of up to twenty years for homosexual behaviour. The regime brushes aside criticism of this saying that a place where homosexuals are all together must be like paradise to them.

Under the Cuban system of “Tourist Apartheid” ordinary Cubans are not allowed into the hotels designated for tourist or Communist Party functionaries and police wait inside every such hotel to arrest any unauthorized Cuban who dares to enter.

These hotels and restricted tourism of Cuba is a necessary “capitalist evil”, because the only thing that kept Cuban Communism from imploding long ago was the $5-Billion a year Soviet subsidy. Despite the Billions and the bit of tourism of today, Communist Cuba is one of the poorest nations in the world.

Castro’s personal belief was “Socialism or death”. Pre Castro, Cuba exported sugar, tobacco and beef in large numbers. Castro destroyed all of these industries. Today Cuba is a beggar nation and despite being geographically only 90 miles from Haiti, even Haitian refugees give the Socialist Paradise and Utopia of Cuba a miss.

Over the years a total of about 2 million people have fled Cuba in make shift rafts and inner tubes crossing shark-infested waters. Between 50,000 to 80,000 people have lost their lives like that. Not content with the sharks eating his fleeing citizens Castro sent helicopters to drop sand bags onto their rafts and gun them down.

One such incident was The Tugboat Massacre of July the 13, 1994.

On that faithful morning, around seventy men, women, and children stole an old wooden tugboat called the “13 de Marzo" (13th of March) and attempted to flee with it to the USA. Castro ordered his Coast Guard to repeatedly ram their boat and split it apart. When the people were in the water they circled them to create a whirlpool so they would drown and kept their heads under water with fire hoses. 41 people including ten children drowned. A few survivors who clung to a refrigeration box were told to swim back to land. Fortunately they were rescued by a Greek freighter and several US Coast Guard. You can see some of those who drowned here: Victims of the Tugboat Massacre

This is the Cuba and the regime that the ANC is in love with and want to duplicate in South Africa. Nelson Mandela awarded Fidel Castro South Africa's highest civilian award for foreigners, The Order of Good Hope. Jacob Zuma praised him as a great friend of blacks in their struggle against Apartheid.

In Cuba itself, nothing is named after Fidel Castro. It was his personal wish that no street, park or building should be named after him. There are no monuments to him.

Windhoek, Namibia
Despite this, the ANC named four streets after him (Pretoria, Cape Town, Ladysmith and Klerksdorp). The Department of Health in Limpopo Province was named “Fidel Castro Ruz House”. Also in Windhoek in Namibia there is a street and a school named after Castro.

The ANC drove our own engineers, doctors and nurses away and now employ Cubans (Communist Party members) in their place. The ANC destroyed our medical schools and now send black students to go and study medicine in Cuba.

You can read what I wrote about how these black students represent South Africa in Cuba with their regular simian behavior : South African medical students in Cuba making a name for themselves

This again shows the utter hypocrisy of the ANC. Outwardly they want to project an image of the champions of freedom and human rights, gay rights, etc…The claim to be against racial discrimination, but not in Cuba…

Behind the backs of the world’s liberals they are in love with the most despotic tyrants in the world of which the Castro regime is but one. Mugabe is another. The Butcher of Dafur, Sudan’s mass murdering president Omar al-Bashir, indicted by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, is another great friend of the ANC. In fact, when you look at all the ANC’s friends…they are criminals, thieves, mass murderers or tyrants. The ANC is utterly in love with tyrants.

People should take a close look at Cuba, because this is the eventual “Paradise” the ANC envisage for South Africa.

11 April 2017

What comes after the ANC? Revisiting our vision of tomorrow

"Non-violence is not to be used ever as the shield of the coward. It is the weapon of the brave." - Gandhi

By Mike Smith
11th of April 2017

Often when it comes to managing conflict it simply is a case of you not seeing an issue through the eyes of the other person and the other person does not see it through your eyes.

Sometimes during a frustrating, heated debate it is necessary to pause and reflect on what the other person has said and yesterday I had such a moment when some commentators expressed their views of why they are not going to demonstrate against Zuma and the misrule of the ANC on Wednesday; Zuma’s birthday.

Apparently they see the futility of it all, because the moment Zuma is gone he will just be replaced by his ex wife, another Zuma…or by some other ANC idiot…or worse, by the EFF idiots. So they reason, “What is the point of demonstrating when the country is going to go tits up anyway and the ANC will just remain in power? Better to prepare for the chaos.”

So in order to address these concerns it might be worth revisiting and recapping some older concepts we mentioned two years ago when I introduced my readers to Gene Sharp’s Strategic Non-violent Resistance techniques.

There WILL be chaos

First of all the chaos is inevitable. It is part of any revolution and yes, it is a very good idea to be prepared to weather the storm as best as we can.

However, we must start at how we want the country to be after the chaos. After the revolution.

What comes after the chaos? The importance of "Follow Through"

In his book “Blueprint for revolution” Srdja Popovic talks about the importance of “Follow through”.

See, it is not enough to just get rid of the dictator. You must follow through and you do not stop until you have the country you want to have.

This is a mistake the Egyptians made in the Arab Spring. Within a matter of three weeks at the beginning of 2011 the Egyptians got rid of their dictator Hosni Mubarak. Then suddenly everyone went home.

The job was done, the dictator was gone and now peace would follow...so they thought.

Unfortunately it gave rise to the Muslim Brotherhood and a worse autocratic President, Mohamed Morsi. In June 2013, they had another revolution.

This time it would last seven months. Relative peace returned with the election of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, but he is still trying to this day to put down the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist insurgency that started from the Sinai Peninsula and the economy is still in tatters.

Srdja Popovic warned the Egyptians. He trained them. He told them that they should “follow through” like the Serbs did in the Serbian revolution of 2000.

The overthrow of Slobodan Milošević occurred on 5 October 2000, but “Otpor!” did not stop there. That was not the end goal. It was not the “Goose Egg” yet.

They first made sure that the new government would be democratic and that the citizens were guaranteed individual freedoms before they stopped. They also warned the new government that if they ever deviated from the new constitution they would face another revolution.

Today Serbia is not perfect, but it is ten times better than under the dictator Slobodan Milošević. For the last 17 years they have had relative peace and prosperity, free and fair elections in a multiparty democracy and a sharp reduction in corruption and gangsterism. However, they have recently started demonstrating again against a rise in corruption and I am afraid that unless the current Serbian government curbs corruption there will be another revolution like in 2000.

So no…Have no illusions. The overthrow of the dictator alone is NOT going to bring lasting peace. You need to “follow through”. You only stop when you have the kind of government you want. A government that everyone can live with.

That is why I do not like the phrases, “Zuma must fall” or “The ANC must fall”. It symbolizes just a step in the revolution not the ultimate goal. Like the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in the USA. Occupying Wall Street was a mere tactic, not the ultimate strategy. There I much rather prefer, “Save South Africa”.

Revisiting “Our vision of Tomorrow” and what we want after the ANC is gone

In August 2015 I kicked off a campaign of information with an article called How do we want South Africa to be after the ANC is gone?

I made it clear that it might not be an ideal that I personally strive for or want, but if you only have R20 you cannot expect to eat an expensive steak. You will have to be realistic and settle for something less...or go hungry.

The article pulled almost 150 comments. I summurised them and the wishes for a post ANC South Africa in a follow-up article called Our vision of tomorrow - The Goose Egg Principle

From that research 35 points came out what ordinary South Africans wanted for this country.

They wanted simple things…like peace with our neigbours, good schools and education. Low crime. A society without fear and without burglar bars and alarms. A society where we can own our property and not constantly have to fear that a government is going to confiscate our land. We want less tax better distributed and not stolen, an accountable government that serves the people, decent health care, decent old age pensions. We want a country that we can be proud of and not shame ourselves for.

Funny enough, nobody mentioned a Springbok team that wins occasionally.

Main thing is that it is not perfect. No country is, but it is a country that we can at least live in. A country ten times better than the ANC's Rainbow Stuff-up.

Here I have to reiterate for the newcomers not familiar with my own personal views that this might not be my own personal ultimate wish for South Africa.

Those who have read my blog in the last ten years will know that I envisage a new “Great Trek” back to the Cape, declare independence for the Cape, regroup, build up and seize the initiative and once we have our enemies on the back foot and running we don’t stop until we reach the equator. My vision is Axenic Apartheid. A country free of any parasites stretching from Cape Agulhas in the South to at least the Kunene and Zambezi rivers in the north with the area inbetween that and the equator…“No-man’s Land”.

However as one reader said the other day…“If we want to live in this land, we must write a plan for the next 500 years.”

Problem is we are not going to reach the ideal in the next 20-30 years. What is it that we want now? What can we then build on for the next 500 to 1000 years? Gene Sharp calls this the Grande Strategy.

Then you have the interim strategy. THAT is our goal that we identified two years ago.

A theory of Strategy: Reverse Planning

Lt.Col Bob Helvey calls the strategy “Reverse Planning”. In a military sense it is known by the equation S= E+W+M (strategic formula of ends, ways, means).

The principle is that you start at your goal; your ”Goose Egg” that you drew on the map with your pen. Then you break it down into smaller achievable goals (the Ends) and look at the tactics you can use (the Ways) and the resources you have (the Means).

Like Gene Sharp says; “It is a technique of combat. It is a substitute for war”. It is war by other means. Just because you use different weapons does not mean that you fight less hard or strategize less.

The problem is that people hear “Strategic Non-violent Conflict” and they think it is for pussies and sissies. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like I said the other day…Lt.Col Bob Helvey is no less a soldier, because he swapped his rifles and grenades for non-violent means and weapons. He still fights just as hard and just as strategically against oppressive regimes as he did in the jungles of Burma, just with different means and different weapons. After a civil war of 70 years, (the longest in history) he realized there had to be a different way to get rid of a dictator. He became a disciple of Gene Sharp.

Who will take over from the ANC and bring in the reign of terror?

In October 2015 I drew up an entire map of how a revolution takes place based on the research I have done over many years studing many revolutions. You can see it here

You can see how the fall of the old regime is followed by a short honeymoon period, how the moderates rise, but are too busy trying to govern chaos and how the small group of dedicated radicals rise, overthrow the moderates and bring in the reign of terror.

After that the cool down period or “Thermidor” follows. Dr. Crane Brinton likened it to a person catching a flu.

It seems as if everyone is in agreement that the “moderates” who will come to power in SA will probably be the DA or coalition of DA, COPE, ACDP, etc…

However…it also seems that people have already decided that the “Radicals” that will rise and bring in the reign of terror will be the EFF.

It is when this happens that the Apathetic Fence Sitters believe they will rise and restore order and kick the radicals out and bring freedom and peace to SA.

What prevents US from being the radicals in the first place?

If we want to prevent the rise of the radicals then there is only one way and that is that WE have to be the radicals. WE have to bring in the reign of terror and cleanse the country of the traitors and parasites.

But, but, Mike…what about your “Non-violent Conflict”? Are you not now contradicting yourself?

No. Not at all. The revolution is NOT over when the dictator or the Old Regime has fallen. How many times do I have to say it?

Non-violent struggle is only a part of the revolution. It is a strategy to get rid of the dictator and old regime. After that comes a lot more.

The response of the regime WILL be violence. It is their only answer. There might even be deaths. Brutal, violent deaths. This is where discipline needs to be applied and where we should not retaliate and return the violence. We should use the regime’s violence against it.

I know that when peaceful people are attacked, the instinctive response is to retaliate with violence. I cannot emphasize more that this is exactly what should NOT be done. It will give the regime the excuse to use even more violence. The time for retaliation and our violence will come later during the reign of terror. Then you will get your retribution.

But Mike the ANC used violence during the 80’s and they won

True…The ANC did use violence and they did win. If they were more disciplined and used Non-violent struggle they would have won a lot sooner.

Mandela wasted 27 years in prison, because he was stupid and did not want to let go of violence. During this period the ANC was hunted down and violently defeated by the Apartheid government that reduced them to a fax machine in Dar es Salaam.

The turning point for the ANC came in 1983 when they visited Vietnam and learned the strategies of non-violent struggle and “People’s War” from General Giap.

What eventually won the war for the ANC were not their bombs and landmines and AK-47’s…It was the boycotts, the stay-aways, the sanctions, the co-opting of the churches, the defiance campaign with the peaceful marches on Apartheid beaches led by Bishop Tutu and Reverend Boesak. All textbook Gene Sharp stuff. Go look at his 198 methods of non-violent struggle. THAT is how the ANC eventually won.

The UDF and Inkhata were the moderates. The violence of the early 1990’s where the ANC murdered 20,500 Inkhata members was the rise of the radicals. The period from 1994 till now is the Dictatorship of the Majority. This is the status quo under all Communist regimes. They never get further than this.

Strategy choice: Taking lessons from the Boers, Gandhi and Syria.

After the apparent ease and speed of the Arab Spring revolution, the Syrians also thought that they could simply demonstrate en masse and wave their fists at the dictator Assad and he would step down. However, they were fooled, because they never saw the months of hard work that went in to prepare for the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt. They only saw the boxing match that lasted one or two rounds not the training and preparation beforehand.

Srdja Popovic trained them all. He recounts it in his book, “Blueprint for revolution”.

Usually when he trains revolutionaries from Tunisia, Libya, Maldives…wherever…He always get the same sentence; “Yes, Srdja, we hear what you are saying, but it won’t work in our country. Our situation is different. Our dictator is different. Our people are different…”

Same old, same old. Exactly the same here in South Africa and on this blog…”Yes, Mike…I hear what you are saying, but South Africa is different…”

The terrain might change. The tactics and weapons might be different, but the principles of war and therefore Non-Violent Struggle are universal. A dictator relies on obedience and pillars of support. If you defy him and disobey him and pull the pillars of support out from underneath him towards your side he will fall. The regime will collapse.

You don’t need firearms and bombs to do that. Besides he has far more bombs and rifles than you do. He has a lot more money, soldiers and resources than you do. That alone should tell you that Guerilla War is futile.

The Syrians told Srdja Popovic the same. They wanted to combine his Non-Violent Struggle with a Guerilla campaign. A two prong strategy.

The results can be seen today. Syria is a mess. Ruined. Chaos. Millions of people displaced. They used violence, which give the regime the excuse to use force. Then the rebels tried to get support from outside (America, Iraq, etc) and Assad brought in his allies (Russia and Hezbollah).

Do you really want moths and years of hardship carrying your house on your back? Because that is what your rucksack is. It is your entire house...all 20-30kg of it on your back. If you think it is a fun camping trip I have news for you. The novelty and fun wears off after about three days.

The Boers faced the British and chose a conventional war that they lost. General De la Rey warned Paul Kruger about this beforehand. Then they chose guerilla war and after some successes the British brought in their allies from across the entire British Empire and applied a scorched earth strategy. Again the Boers lost. Eventually 6000 Boer soldiers dead and 34,000 women and children died in concentration camps.

In 1900 the Indian barrister Mahatma Gandhi joined the British forces in South Africa as a medical ordinance. He saw firsthand the horrors of the Anglo Boer War and the futility of the Boer strategy. He knew from his own Indian history that guerilla warfare would not work against the British. In India they tried it many times in the 19th century.

Therefore in 1930 when he wanted the British out of India he adopted Strategic Non-violent defiance and disobedience.

He knew that standing up to a much stronger British army, police and all the soldiers of the British Empire would be futile and cause thousands if not millions of deaths.

He simply started disobeying and defying the British regime in every single way possible. Mass civil disobedience followed. How did the British respond? With violence and more laws.

They baton charged and clubbed the peaceful Indians. 80,000 people were thrown in jail including Gandhi himself for 9 months. The Indians just carried on defying, boycotting and disobeying all their stupid laws.

At the Qissa Khwani Bazaar British soldiers machine gunned a crowd of peaceful demonstrators killing 200-250 people. Some sources say up to 400 people were killed. Soldiers who refused to fire into the crowd were imprisoned for life and fined heavy penalties.

The beatings and the massacre were shown across the world. The British tried everything to provoke the Indians into more violence, but they refused. With every set of beatings the Indian crowds became bigger and stronger. They simply told the British to get out and go home. Their time in India was over. In 1947 the British left India forever.

About 400 people dead…As opposed to collectively 40,000 Boers, their wives and their children. Civil War, Guerilla War or Peaceful Non-Violent resistance? You tell me which works best?

What are the other options?

Negotiations, International intervention, Military Coup d’état? …Good luck with that.

Just ask yourself one last question…What is it that Jacob Zuma, the ANC and the Guptas prefer you to do?

Do they want you to sit at home and do nothing? Do they want you to clean your rifle and polish your bullets at home? Do they want you to sit at home and prepare your nifty Bug-Out Bag?

Sure. The last thing they want to see…the last thing they want you to do is demonstrate on the streets and wave your fist in their faces telling them to step down.

What is it going to take to convince the whites of SA? I don’t know. Probably nothing.

I rest my case.